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Cosmic Queries: Gravity

2014-11-09 | 🔗
The pull of gravity (the force, not the movie) is irresistible as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Leighann Lord grapple with weighty fan questions about matter and the curvature of spacetime.Read more and listen to the full episode at http://www.startalkradio.net/show/cosmic-queries-gravity/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free. Versus filled with secrete cinemas trees, this with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what These are to be added to mean the brakes that you couldn't do, Graham or South, faster Brenda get lab point of applying pressure.
You start out radio, I'm your host LEO the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, also the director, you're cities Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural history ready, and the big apple I've got with me. Co host luridly him back to start. I hear good to be back, get enough of you here now. Where are you you know? Call you don't write, you don't text. I do tweet, but, me, which we know you're there. I guess you're so busy with their millions of followers Union billions followers. So this is a cosmetic queries edition of start up. And you know how you know the drill I have not seen any. These questions have not theirs solicited by our social media. Folk and a topic is
stop and then everyone sending their questions, and they know that it's gonna come to me, but I haven't seen them. So I don't know the answer is no golden your next week. I will be very candid. If I don't know how I, for I will say I don't know about here- is the answer. I think it should be, if that's the case, and so that just start right out well, you know the subject is gravity and I had a chance to briefly look through some of these questions and nobody reverie, not the movie, not willingly images, morality as physics rights reality. As a fourth look, I know a few things about grab feel comfortable in this particular cosmic queries, our good good because of all questions that I look that not one of them is what is gravity works good?
I'm not the idea about yes and really intricate stuff into my none. It does need more basic. Will you could start with one? What is gravity? Yes, that at that I'm opening the field, the yes or no cost privileges? I am and I'm putting my question out their first. What is gravity have no idea next question: why there's a difference? We can describe gravity we can say what it does to other things: became We can measure it predict with it, but we start asking like what it is. I Didn't I ask a deeper question that are meant to you know you were meant to ask a question: secondly, our life, so What is it? I think Einstein in an einsteinian answer, we say gravity is the curvature of space and time and it matter and energy cool curve. The fabric of space tat. Is that correct. The curvature of space time and we we
corporate that as a force of gravity, that's probably the best answer I can give to a what is gravity question. Why is there gravity that's the best I can do they. I think that that's a good start and I can also say that Einstein noted that the great matter tells space how to curve space tells matter how to move that again, then a beautiful it is now. I want to give that a commissioner in matter matter and energy equal curve. The fabric of space is the curvature. The tells other how to move in? curvature space itself, and so I Stein juxtapose those in a poetic phrase where he said matter tell space out a curve space tell they get their matter. I would manage space out a curve. Space tells matter how to move. Is beautiful night that
security, beautiful beautiful. The sounds like the opening to dance lesson how we get so there's your those your cause privileges. Thank you. First Oh man, up that warmed up the horror and now some more intense questions, even this from Boston Rodriguez around ten and it is- can, I add, before he began. Yes, that you know it s major physics in college and in graduate school, my Phd in Astrophysics, but there's a course. I never took I regret it was all too hard for me at the time- it's probably so too hard for me, I rely on the porch and I rely on others who familiar in these areas. To tell me what is and what isn't. I've never take a great taken, a gradual course in field theory and graduate field
Europe is the full analysis of the forces of nature at their deepest and most mathematical levels and I read about them, but I've never calculated with them. Ok, so if any these questions go there I'll just say I'd. I didn't I didn't take that class. Well, something you and I haven't common because, with my degree in journalism and creative writing, I too did not take field theory pursued. Yes, Roston Rodriguez? The question is what is gravity fun the mentally made up of. Is it a result? some quantum phenomena, or is there any Particle responsible for gravity. How fast the gravitational waves, apple through space and what decides the limit of that speed lot of questions. I love it when people, because that sounds like they do, they were burning.
There are many, couldn't get a sleeping at labour, get em off his chest pacing! I love it so so gravity before quantum by them. Einsteinian gravity was conceived before quantum mechanics was discovered, so I started gravities nineteen, Sixteen, this is where matter space and objects. Respond to that curvature. That's what we call gravity when Quantum physics Kay and where everything was accountable as a particle wave duality. If you have something that our gravity waves Einstein predicts the existence of gravity ways than there ought to be a particle counterpart to that gravity wave than we think we'll call gravitons the same way any part. Any matter at all will have a wave version of it from a quarter, mechanical point of view, soap, a gravity waves were predicted to move at the speed of light and honest equations, and if you have a good,
but on the proper gator gravity of gravity that would also move at the speed of light so there you have it, but now we ve never detail grab it on where we will or directly have we detect nor have we directly detected gravity ways but have top people working on it. Is this why the laser Interflora metric gravitational waves observatory short into why go is a multi location observatory that uses high technology lay There is an error. Ometer is where it did. It knows the distances between two points and long tunnels, accurate to like the width of the nucleus of an atom, So that if a gravity wave comes across at it, so I age wriggles the space between these two measured points, it will measure, it will know it, and that will be. Would we
the first detection of gravity wave passing across. So what makes gravity ways when gravity changes somewhere in the galaxy. So if you have stars oriented collide, then there's a ripple in gravitational waves continuum that out there and that's what you were then see if it's a star plunges into a black hole, these are stir balances in the gravitational field and those disturbances. Are the gravity waves they get measured. So we get top people working. We ve never measure them, but they predicted to exist not only from ice times special grab, general theory of relativity his their gravity, but also from quantum physics. So we can detect, put not measure that I understand we can detect the existence of gravity. Ok, but rather torn the propagated to know that that is a particle gravity wave that tells us when something got disturbed in the universe. Those have yet to be directly detected. We have it
actually detected gravitational energy by two pulsars orbiting one another have such high gravities at their surfaces you ordered him near one another that their that sir. Stem is unstable, radiates gravitational energy, and, if you're rating rotational every than the system's orbits closer today, it did yesterday and as it keeps doing at the orbit closer, from closer, they eventually just collide. The measurement of by every pulse, giving up the gravitational ghost led to a Nobel Prize in Physics, Joe Taylor and So House Russell House was one of the Bronx High School sciences, Nobel Laureates Nicias, that's as many as country of Spain by the way and attic? That's that's crazy.
And I am now feel more prepared for that category on jeopardy would also have a question from Christian broke. Some fear, as the gravity is a side effect of the multi dimensional geometry space. But I have also heard of a gravity particle which we just talk about. Is it possible that could be both? If not what is the more likely candidate for explaining gravity in Irving it yeah, I think so. Big challenge now, but, as I understand what is going on in behind us in theory, door, which has occurred, clothes. They try to open it, and then you can not a string theory, no idea what they're doing behind their life? Really trust is a cat and box and ran a whole different experience, but there's more people and you you know you give em the room to think, and so I like that, give them to think well well, because they're not actually very expensive. They ease rooms where people
Thank you back rooms, rooms, a cheap, your brand geographic up, thrown a pair, a pencil in a laptop and had the strength, theorists and let him go to town any problems with it, so it so in the world washing their there's gravity comes out of some the calculations as I've come to understand. So that's a good thing because we know gravity exists and as a minute You want your theory to explain. At least but you already know, but then come up with predictions too. Then test tested even more deeply. So here's a point There is no reason to think that gravity does not also have a corn manifestation of itself because everything else has acquired manifestation of itself. I have a quantum. Yes, you do, but is very average doubt because your macroscopic entity global call me average. I'm sorry
Certainly I called you macroscopic macroscopic entity. That was the name calling that I engaged in so sure how to respond, and we know from small them. How manner matter matter manifest in small and small size is that they can. It will serve as a wave as a particle depending on how you measure it and on the score stances under which you conduct the experiment. So it's not it's a very human thing, too it is this is it that is an appalling. Is it not a planet? Is it? Is it less willing or Great taste is a candy. These are sort of false dichotomy. Something can be done. But our language forces us forces us to are that it fit into one word or another. Ok, here's what we're not recognising! As that is not the fault of the object or the concept, is a defect in our language. Our thoughts follow language. We have trouble thinking of things that more than one category we, I think,
Orson most and they all knew you were sitting cultural elements. Are you gay or you not gay? Where are you are you not are you this? Are you deaf marmalade me me me? Are you and it's like chill out just let it let you know just let things be what they are. Allow there to be a spectrum in all that you see so says that doesn't necessarily just mean and broadening of language, but a broadening of the the the human mind thing, I think, Once you learn language, the language shapes how you think more than your thought shape. What language does it takes a very creative person? to start inventing words for thought tat they had for which no words applied. There's an age after which he thought of the word Ikey your thoughts or construct from the vocabulary available to you and you have to be very creative to have a thought for which there Oval cavalry to account and when you do that
are you invent new words in Shakespeare, put tons of words into the english language? Then the man had thoughts beyond all or a good start. Just saying I dont know how I feel an there comes the experts. Patients are finding that were the objectivity, that's not what people do they find a word that exists, quaint, a donation force it into the words that exist and then a patent manifestation of their thought. So so I think most of the world comes in flavors and not just is air your black or white or up or down, and so is a swamp. Even gravity swear quantum physics So our way more philosophical, but I like like that. I have a question which I think is it. You almost touched on from Daniel This gives me from Ghana ones. How closely related. Is the Higgs pose onto gravity what a further understood? of the Higgs give us a more give us more incitants gravity. I dont know any direct connection between
pigs, both on and gravity, what's interesting about particle physics. Is that nobody is essentially irrelevant to everything. That's going on down there. It is as irrelevant to particle physics as gravity is irrelevant to most insects using insects. For all of the wall across on the ceiling. Annoyingly Sonia right, you do sake, YO, there's gravity. You should be following you! be so others erupted at different. Hi scales in the universe, different manifestations The laws of physics will predominate so for an surface tension of liquid metal there's more than anything, that's why you have that the gene spider. He was seated. Jesus colleges aspire rescue it walks on Warner. I thought because it down, noncombatants me to love was a thirty Thirty eight. While these arguments about what constitutes a day- and you know I was just about weekend so that we can walk
What are any sable if I try to walk on water, if I'm not Jesus, I will fall through the surface of the water, because the insect is responding to the surface tension of the water which if arrives the forces of gravity entirely entirely, that's why it's so the world of the insect his very different from the world of us, and that's why you can't take an insect and make a human eyes version of it and have it have any success, doing It was as an inside. So alongside my movies, get that wrong. One hundred percent of a giant sunshiny, Siders, there's a reason why there are no giant spiders they have never really thick rhinoceros legs we call them a rhinoceros, you can't you can't just scale it up the laws of physics, the same laws of physics, but it manifest differently depending your scale see. I was gonna. Ask that. Does that mean insects have a different physics?
like to do other things. A little lab cultures different different. You no results that we get there lab scientists would probably would not. You have discovered gravity. Rear. Yes, so now you're particle responding to your positive charge or negative chart naval electromagnetic forces, which are forty orders of magnitude. Stronger than gravity forty orders of made forty powers of ten stronger so. In other words, you take an electronic proton and say While their mass right, how much are they attract each other gravitationally? You calculate that right down that number. Now you do your equation for how much they have at one another, because they are of opposite electrical charge right down that number do electrical charge. Force of attraction is too, so the fortieth power stronger than gravity of Europe's article, you would never discover the gravity exists. She had an experiment that can measure to the accuracy of the precision of
but he powers of ten, then that is happening I am not so so I don't see any- can actually think there could be some subtle particle physics correspondence. The live don't know. But generally, when you talk about particles and particle physics, you not thinking about then large scale, gravitational phenomenon. Moving on here we have. Are we have so many questions are being asked. This one is from Ben Bonafont and it says if you deep space and there were no stars or planets or spaceships around or spaceships just through and spaceships fathom what items of small mass, accelerate towards you noticeably or with the gravitational force, be too small you. What asking is, if I'm alone in Space- and nothing is competing with me for my
rotational traction. Would I start seeing everything drift towards me. The answer is yes everything, drifts of gravity- doesn't stop and want my force of gravity as a human being is not very large, doesn't matter the little paperclip that cut it out of my pocket of their digital start drifting towards me and says that its it'll be slow and not very interesting, but yes, since the acute single guy that walks into the bar everything and start to gravitate towards or the single woman, because This is the bar analogy bars or the cosmos trying to keep up a real fundamental be so this is the Europe we are coming book. Everything I learned about the Cosmos from the boy but brought tears. The committee was Liane walks into about the cosmos and according to we- and we will come back for the next seven year, more questions aren't you have requested. This starts operator will be right, back
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breathing space inside it down to earth, you're listening to start we're back start talk. Radio, you know we're on the net on the internet, start on radio them You can download archival shows there everything they could find Itunes we're all over the place. What's the other one stitches, and such a really very cool and start talk- has a twitter yeah. I I interact with it a very under direct. Yes, you guys tweet, I between now and eyeing snakes. I add you guys, and your only has been unleashed- Thirdly, when might have told him, will you please do is mutation
and he doesn't know that everything people you know people kind of ease Elk, will you be tweeting like cosmic? No, I caught suppose I could, but and I'll just be your new stores. They went they wanted to current events in the universe, but this now, but I do current events in the euro. We we get somebody to in the cosmos. Anything I'd like ours is immune to current events, but it's really just when I've random, crazy So just put a now on page Jenny, we are a cause queries edition of start up. Yes, man. Today's topic is gravity gravity and I have not seen these questions. Are you haven't heard from our social media and I'd love to hear them? So I don't know the answer. I'm just gonna come on. Tell you, ok go! I have a question and I love this person's name. It's fits, omit fits, I'm sorry, Fritz omit fits wow. I will have to assume its real cast. Our families doesn't lie to us, no they're, pretty cool. Ok, it's omit Fritz or make that either
Gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces. He knew the member from the western. When I told you, how will the man is on the case, yes for you'd do happen here, Hooker door, you, since the weakest of the four fundamental forces, is not just the weakest the stupidly. We can force stupidly when is not just weaker. It's not like we're weaker than I am because I can bench press two hundred in you, Bench Press a hundred. Now it is here we can because I can bring about two hundred and you can't lift anything Well, maybe gravity is smart enough to get people to do the workforce. Maybe that's! What's going on, all I will say the four fundamental
horses sounds like a raccoon from the seventh of what is known as you can see them covered out, dress the sank back. Then people used to address the same temptations, the Supreme Soviet, so that there is a motel grief in the sixties. That was never never never down. You never were fundamental forces lover. So what's it was the question? Ok, even though He is the weakest. The four fundamental forces does it act on a lot scale than say the weak nuclear force, in other words, is gravity the only forest. Supplanted orbiting a sun or to the other fundamental, horses, have a large Roland, so you soon, as everybody knows, what the other fundamental forces, while yeah I shouldn't. I would like to mention that, but for the purposes of baby, a co host to Sir, we got gravity that with which we are most familiar, the next most familiar for.
To us humans is the electromagnetic force. That's what hold your flesh together. I think of that. Makes magnets repel and stick that's why we have material objects in the world and other force is the weak nuclear for and another force is the force within the nucleus of the atom that holds particles together, like protons calls them together. Even or to proteins are the same charge would want to do what they like charges towards what they did. Make charges hang out again, an opposite charges. Attract like charges repel on. Finding of updating central, I would like to be with someone who had similar interests now that the opposite is opposite. Charges attract like charge of repair to cram to protons into a nucleus. You need something. Make that happen, because they want to
tell each other awesomely and sir. We need a really strong forced to do that. It's called the strong nuclear force cell The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, electro magnetic leg electromagnetic. Course of undermining forests and then gravity, which you say what disdain nobody funny with the weak hurt him electromagnetism beak system at worse, but if you say electromagnetism, it sound like a a political or cultural movement there's vegetarianism I'm into electromagnetism, that's which has started movement. We other lettre magnetism, yes, and our opening adds electromagnetic sitting. The four fundamental, so those are the four fundamental forces and to them actually in the nineteen seventies, were merged into one. There were learn to be different, of the same coin, if you, if you go back into I temperature high high density to those forces.
Come together and they become one and the name of their forces electroweak force. So let Romania To this end, the weak nuclear force are met. Decisions are the same for so technically there's only three fourths of forces in the universe budget, but this merging together, Steepling together forces that is sent people on a path to try to merge all the forces there saying if it worked for two of them before we know, Electromagnetism there's electricity and there was magnetism and research in the nineties. Centuries and that these are directly what they said they sit back, the tourism in electricity were discovered Bob. Faraday and others to be the same phenomenon, but just measured in different ways. So handsome came to electromagnetism so electromagnetism word merged with the weekly force here that electroweak force there you have it so really only have three forces, so I'd have to say that
the question now is: what do you remember? The postal was ok, does it act on a larger scale about every week, nuclear forest or, in other words, is granted the only force that keeps a planet orbiting, the sun or other fundamental forces have a large role. Yes, the strong and weak nuclear forces have very short range. The short nuclear forest drops off, separately as you move. You go too far away from the nucleus and has no does not manifest at all. You can describe the force that you can describe the strength worse as it as as you move away and bid goes to zero very quickly, so so you don't have a universe of planets, guided by the strongly force. So now have asked the electromagnetism If the matter were not neutral, he would never but its gravity and its presence if a planet eight of negative charges and started orbit? It was made of positive charges.
You would never even know the gravity existed. That's how overwhelming the electromagnetic force would be operations of matter in the universe it just It happens. That matter does not like, staying separately charged, it will do all it and two recombine If China is with positive charges business? Why we have lightning strikes thousands of strikes and was at every minute by the big account of all the lately lightning discharges in the world. I forgot the number, but somehow Regional is going on all the time balancing, dismiss this. This going out of of equilibrium between positive and negative charges. It does not like staying out of out of balance, so whole planets, Wilma just exist as a negative charge thing it's gonna find a part of the charge. Merge you ve got a neutral planet it'll. Do that instantly. Do you realize you could take
electrons the negative charged particles out of once EC centimeter of the nose corner the spatial special, something we used to use to Tunisia, such as I've? I've heard tell what for our younger blisters out there. This is how the United States used to get orbit. If you took out the negative charges, put it at the base of the launch pad, which means that cubic centimeter at the Tipp of the shuttle, is entirely positive charge. Now. Ok, you remove. The negative charges from their positive put it at the base of the space shuttle ignite. Solid Rock boosters and the main engine it will not be able to take off cassettes. Misanthropy hits the tree the forest, so those negative impositive charges will overwhelm strength of those of those rocket engines, so you can put
What are you? Those low jack knows that logic about you, you locked it by your? U prevented any one from steel you cannot stop the punishment. Is anybody out there working on those cars, economic logic, further spatial, because there is such a hive fanciful Item, I'm on American, seeing you no regular market. How can I doubt this to my hand, I just six out of the front fender counted on the back and my car's, not unlike the here that wherever and picture the especial on blocks the special support locks. Were someone stole the hubcaps, or rather I love? They couldn't drive it away, so they could always strip it down. So so anyhow that so what would have why you did that is they would immediately reconnect with one another through electrical current smooth? through the space shuttle or a lightning struck could bring them together and then a eyes it and then it would take off so.
The only reason why gravity dominates the universe is because electromagnetism finds itself news. Nearly all the time, the recent. Otherwise, you will even- gravity, existed and be dominated by electromagnetic course. Maybe Grammy's not so we get, which leads me to wonder, is there's some force. Forty orders of magnitude weaker than gravity, thick not manifest in our lives, because we are swamped by the force of gravity itself. I lay awake at night, now so alive there tonight, that's my job so that you will lose sleep based. Cause I did. I wish I had The questions, ok from DEN currency, Then Mr Thyssen himself, what is called the great a tractor? Does its force affect us and if so, how? I love that
the great attractive, I haven't been up on the latest research on the great attractive, but I was around when it was discovered and the great attractive if you out into the universe, beyond our own galaxy, we live in the milky way and there's the drama, the galaxy and galaxies and avert a cluster of that's what it what's defines. The your clustered it's a bunch of other galaxies there and theirs the general expansion of the universe, which we measure in the speech signatures of these galaxies. We got that yeah, The EU can also measure other movements of these gaps. He's by secondary methods. And when you do this, this research showed that there is a whole field of galaxies. All with an extra bit of motion in one particular direction was called the great a tractor. Ok, it was mysterious and so handsome and had this mysterious name We called the great you, no sun, God or great Galaxy through the game,
great a, and so I know it doesn't affect us at all. I mean with it just Duff moving in the universe. According to the gravitational fields in which they are, we are on earth moving in invitations field of the sun. The sun is moving dragging the entire solar system with it in the gravitational field established by the galaxy, the galaxy and a drama or moving within our own mutual gravitational field we will win They collide any drama, and the milky way are moving within a general gravitational field of the Virgo super cluster of galaxies and just recently larger system of galaxies was discovered, of which the Virgo Super cluster is just a part dear. No,
killing more insignificant every day. That's my job that the job of the cosmic perspective is to convey to all of us that we, a small part of a much larger universe. What I love the visual in cosmos due the last minute. The last hour of the last day of the calendar lass camels? Well, I'm not I'm not even here you know you don't even harrier urine been thought up. You shot really. You sneak I'm gone. I have a question. I will. This question: is it mine, it's from Mary Kathleen who is from Newark Delaware, yea, Delaware, early women have to first names. Usually the guys I thought Jesse James at does you wanna national accounts, but your account. Now there are one million two hundred and seventy five thousand five hundred, and
who are free from there. We got a pseudo self America lean. Why is the milky way going to collide with the Andromeda Galaxy she wants to know? Why is she knew we were just gonna have his garage and well. We re turns out where we are falling towards one another, so that kind of everyone love, love at first sight. We problem probably been falling towards one another from the very earliest times in the universe, and this makes it the and we think it was meant to be, and by the way, it'll be a spectacular train wreck. But we will survive it for sure. Unless there is a line and we the solar system, unless there is a sort of a fly by looting of our planet's the stars are so far. Away from one another that they just pass through. Our stars of our galaxy will pass through the stars of the other What won't pastor one another are huge gas clouds were stars are born if one gas cloud collides with another.
They will stick together like to harden marshmallows passing in the night and when they stick, they will ignite huge ways of start up of the birth of stars. And so colliding galaxies tend to be regions of heavy duty births of this star formation bursts of stars and the rest of the stars were to slide back and forth achieve a new equilibrium in a larger galaxy. That would be need of a new name because they too galaxies from which a came. Did exist. No longer I pray I do urge, while also yes, so what we ve been that way. Since the beginning, and we're close enough to one another that the expansion of the universe is not interfering with the fact that we are falling and then draw just one of the few galaxies where we have motion towards one another. Instead of all the rest of the girl he's out there that are far away where the and at expanding universe overrides any law.
Motion they might have with their neighbour got it. You got it the homework. We have a few seconds left in the segment? Well, she had another partner, a questionable had its gravity override the expansion of the universal she's lying on the case. Earlier, look a gravity wouldn't unless Europe, close to one another with extreme of gravity. Strong in when you're close, you feel the force of gravity to be very high and- and when you are abound system planets, orbiting stars orbiting a gouty jealousy orbiting one another? Then expansion of the universe, we're not override you, and so that's why mere I think you don't have to worry about the expansion you'll have to think about the expansion of the universe when you describing their motion relative to one another. So as an
Excellent question we listening to start talks. Cosmic queries, I'm with landlord on, will be right back The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal start. I we're back starts work. Radio, we need you stand up.
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Right. I haven't seen the questions I have sent a Mammy and by the way, in this segment, if we don't get through, all we switch over to the lightning around as this warning you are present. Ok, can we have a bell just for the purpose of the girl I had ever question from Luke, Dickinson or Dickinson does gravity. Pell Anti Matter does grab exist. Those give me those anti gravity exist and where are the hover boards? That's funny because people born in the era of back to the future. They wanted overboard. I'm old enough to have seen the eighteen sixties. I want the flying cars last He noted down scale you that's what that means that what that was long, it was brought to the future. Thank you think they know. I don't believe that they downgraded their expectations. They just have something else that look all that they could do and what the kids today, what exactly
they didn't they found scale. Dont want older, blame nobody thinks of flying cars, to go joy, writing and then they think of them so that they would have less traffic. But anyone. Taking over how our board is. Group is ready, just rock the off the slopes. Yeah, ok, so couple things gravity attracts anything the way the equations of gravity work when Anti matter was first predict and then discovered by. The physicists got that before the sigh five people got hold of it. Just so, you know said migratory anti matter is real. We ve had it since what the for these nineteen thirties when, as predicted and then discover, and So we we gotta that where we got down one where you now and in the movie it what the damned brown stuff movie angels and demons there.
Can apparently has some vile of anti matter and it was rare and that we get that all the time we this like this, not either. I would destroy the world and they ve been the church had to control it dad. He could call me up call it on obtaining or something I don't know about even say on obtaining em you that will send me into an hour long ranch. You do not have time that another show, it is so so so all I'm saying is: if you run the equations of gravity. They are such that it does not matter. What's the thing is thus falling or even what its masses It will fall at the same rate as anything else. That's why heavy things for the same rate to earth has light things. Do because the mass of the object divide out from the equation. That. Tells you how how earth
tracks things to it. So it's a bit of fascinating feature of the mathematics of every any equations that describe it? And if you want to get super geek, did. I do you. Are you ready for this I'm not saying I'm ready, but I want to do with any before argue ready. This geeks only ok. Everyone else cover your ears, the only people ready where I met. Ok, Isaac, Newton equation for the force of gravity is mass of the four. What first at times the mass, the second object, divided by the distance between them, squared that gives you the force of gravity between those two massively Ok, I'm one times, em too divided by the day it's between their centres. Squared guy got that got it for us. One of those masses is earth. The other one is the mass of you ok, I'm not out of the force of gravity tat is your weight. That's how much you that equation. Give you your weight. How do you wait. You can either
remove mass from the earth or remove mass from your body help help. Plausible, was that first thought first, because I'm having a difficult time with options do so that is gravitational mass. Now I want to ask how so by? I will that object accelerate me, so this a second equation. Weak, attributing Newton S, people's army for because a mass times acceleration everybody should learn that in high school. Even if not physics, class physical science class ethical airmail So I want to know what my acceleration will be in the presence of the gravity I take em, our squared set it equal to em times and the third is the acceleration I experienced in the face of their grant, but I haven't am on both sides of the equation: guess who's m. That is that's your em
you're am is on the right hand, side and, on the left hand, side of that same equation and in algebra they cancel each other cancel each other out, so the acceleration of gravity on earth depends only. We only the mass of the earth and the distance when a centre of you in the center of the earth and has nothing you with your mass. That's why everything for the same rate as light things. So if you, but with Anti Matter Aunt Amy there goes and one sided equation and in the other sided equation and cancels out, it doesn't matter. So, even if something had anti gravity, it's gonna be accelerated to the object at the same rate as everything else, as long as long as it has a mass that shows up on both even Anti Mass, even Amazon negative number, whatever? That means its negative the council's on. Both sides got it there. You have it,
me and girl twice my size, both get shoved off the top of the building or hit ground at the same time. Basically, unless she's really large and then shall have more air, resistance and she'll, be the chill show she'll have a terminal velocity. I viewed if you get shovel, offer twelve rebuilding everything can help. You I must get me a donor, So did I just eight half of that segment? Talking giving you that one answer and we already like, we only have like seven minutes left. I'm afraid we know it is time for the lightning round? Little guy around here, Mary GO: ok, lightning! Well, let yourself you three questions, I will give you sound bite answers which are contains so many interests in, because any time interviewed on the evening news, they can't listen to elect
There's no time now. I gotta give a thirty second reply and it's all they want, and I give him more going to edit it to that. So here, a hand you pre edited morsels of cosmic com four questions. You had better go question from Jason: carry yes! What? What can we achieve? What the new propulsion technologies that would come from the hyper hypothetical element? Z equals forty five that possesses entire gravity, anti gravity properties, the I've you have, if you actually have anti gravity propulsion device, it would always have to be sorted out one of you somehow right and then you'll be falling towards it, but then you, have to be constantly moving this thing for you, too far towards it site, you run into the problem of the sailboat, where a person brings an electric fan onto the sailboat to blow air into the billows sail to move forward and gay.
Nature doesn't work that way, because the fan has a recoil forests plus. Where would you plug it in your cell? But but if you could battery operating the fan, the recoil forests, that exactly will cancel anything it's doing to your sale. So You try to travel with some anti gravity attraction device in front of you. I don't know how you would keep moving it in front of you that takes the same, energy would have taken beautiful towards it. In the first place, you end up going nowhere, so I dont fully no, how you would make an anti gravity element, pull you. Across the galaxy. Much less to them. Where do we go Alexander be color, cowskin, rising ground reaffirm our I'd. How realistic is the idea of grab a gravity gun that was fast? I will. We must use the idea of a gravity. Guy dont know forgive my ignorance. I wouldn't know what do you want a gravity gun to do? What were what would it well
what would it do to you? I don't know make you feel heavier. I dont mind Youtube aiming at someone. They could become so heavy their muscles, can't move their body and a sluggish in place. When you go come so maybe gravity gun. Had I got the gravity gun pigs both on fields in it, and I aim they expose on grants. Mass two particles there are that good? That's what it is! It's a break called God particle cause. It's it's there. A particle. This embargo, you'd want to be you grant the Higgs field grants. Ass to other particles. Higgs gun, we had influenced the man of what it is you pointed out and you can make basically have them have no mass at all. We have so much. They can't even lift their own weapon. There you go there. We go.
I think, we're a long way from such a wiki answers. This question remains peace, and then you will have to kill the person with the gravity gun last item Jacob, Martin complainants access and we were able to create and accumulate and planned in plain terms with very flat. If we were to able we're able to create and accumulate enough of an extremely heavy material, something like element, one and eighteen, but heavier? Could we create a gravitational for strong enough to affect tides, orbits, etc? Good himself. Just because you have a heavy element, Does it mean when you make a solid object out of that element that that these heavy o, because as the element decides how close to its neighbour it's going to exist in whatever it is let us that you have constructed so that in fact, the densest elements on the periodical are not at the heavy and kind of in the middle. Like my favorite dense element Ask me a cubic foot osmium cubic foot just take a cubic.
Ask me and would make the world's best paper rate. It weighs about one thousand eight hundred pounds in certain ways more than than small cars, twenty a cubic foot, so we do have heavy things. What matters here is not what the masses, but what? What Yes, mass matters intensity matters, but for stuff that's going to fit in your lab. No, you're, not the gravity is not going to have that effect. You have to a lot of it and do we have enough material. You know how much total gold has ever been. My all this very dense as well. Much densher them lead if academics better analogy to something be heavy them lead. Does you so I gotta get to lead foot when you drive, and I see that the Gulf foot doesn't want of worth a lot oh he's heavier than lead. So gold gold is the total amount of gold ever mind in history. The world would fill a barn
this that's it. So you don't have that much of these rare elements to try to create so much of it too then try to affect tides. Where do the gravitational things to the earth give up on that one that would I didn't internet fast, damn from human is left Michael Jesus Shores. Ok, two minutes left gets a writer. I gotta go this one. I love this one is this from Twitter, how close to my business tourism No! No! I don't wanna hear their wigwams. I was another page, its Dave Steel, Dave Underscore Steel, ok and the question is: how close does my girlfriend have to be so that her force of gravity is equally force of gravity of the closest star science and roaming. I'd have to calculate that, but I can tell you we have done this calculation. I will end on this because there are more people are following with what I'm about to tell you. Ok, we have done that I have done and others have done the calculation.
For the gravity of the obstetrician who birthday you and it's on you and when you do the math, the gravitational forest. The obstetrician on view that and new feeders who just emerged is greater than the gravity general force on you by the planet, Mars, ok, but no one talks about in Astro logical circles. The effects of this after Tricia and new on your personality or on your sex life or social life or financial I've. No, I not of an suppose. You were born with the open window and Mars was in the skies that you felt the light of Mars about that. But then what does the water s edge of the birthing lamps relative to the brightness of Mars? Compare and then you realize the folly of such proclamation,
current rejecting logic where people just one feelings, sometimes logic wins the day? That's all the time we have landlord. Thank you think for me and my co host. You boundless to start talk, radio, what human heart, by a grant from the Alfred Peace alone Foundation, I'm the underground station your host, as always bidding you to keep looking Science is locked down my old doktor organs, which you could listen. Mr talk, commercial, free joint start talking. For as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slap star, talk, radio,
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