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Cosmic Queries – Innovating, with Bill Nye

2019-12-20 | 🔗

In honor of Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday, Bill Nye and Chuck Nice answer Cosmic Queries about inventions, innovations and scientific discovery, from sewers, to artificial intelligence, to the future of energy, to the exploration of Mars, and more.

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Photo Credit:Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton, by Charles Jervas.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, from the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming. All is based and start with science. Welcome, welcome to start chart radio, I'm building, I guess toasting. This is a special edition shock. As for honouring Sir Isaac Newton, whose birthday quickly approaches it was born on December, twenty fifth, sixteen forty two as wreck in Britain So we took your questions about inventions, inventors, inventress ease and scientific discoveries Isaac I'm here, I'm here by the way with czech nice. Thank you
the man you and I It was clear, this day as reckoned in Britain in Britain, but it was the fourth of January in ITALY, yes and That's because it's like you know it's it's a timezone thing right. You know little like right now. I hope we can lay right now it may be. What what time is it here? Currently, one thirty, and so you know it's it's not that central die right. So what happened is the say what you will about the Vatican, the catholic church. They had some outstanding astronomers right and they realize that, if you add a leap day, before years indefinitely or adding too much time right. And you may recall that so out of hand, did it get the Pope Gregory the third
Tina declared the fifth of October to be followed by the fifteenth of October. I remember that well was a while ago, Zulu I'll go, but I remember that just like it was the Uno fifteen. Seventy two guys like you was the other thing is just imagine. This went down so you're a tenant and the landlord says you owe me read today. No, I don't. I know you ll run, for we can have no notes, as rightly Pope, set its thinking of the conflict some serious, but if you are, on the other hand, if you're a farmer agriculturalists- and you start doing everything a week in a half late, because it's yours, looking at the calendar, then things are, must stop lawyer and be trouble if you dont harvest, when its harvest time it later on corn out there, yes or you planted too late. Even worse is so. The pope was so powerful? How powerful was he he threw? at ten days,
and then they had this brilliant thing that they just deep thoughts about we were talking about this before the show and of those of you who, on hip to this hypnotists. It's amazing the year twenty. Sixteen this year was a leap year. Yes, as was twenty two ok, twenty four thousand a leap here: nineteen hundred nautilus you're, not only be eighteen hundred, not only you're, not a lean hundred, not only beer. They agree on this century, not believe me I note which is wacky but they re all day. Their scheme is that a few are not divisible by the number four hundred evenly your assent. Then you don't get to believe you. Ok so the crazy so the because your adding a little too much time about eleven eleven minutes too much time every four years The time has charged at up. So the new adjustment? My understanding is, will be around three thousand eighty, something
to take a meeting and what will be the solution then, and three thousand anything to have an extra day was a new year's day day and new year's day day. Depart of January, not hard December to a day day, that's actually dead, that's kind of cool I'll, be very cool. Buddy adding! I know you have kids, but getting either of us, even your children to the year three thousand. Eighty is a challenge in the way things are going now, I've been getting any of us to the EU. Three thousand eighty may be able to get us even to twenty. Twenty will be. Maybe it's what you're saying exactly so are chalk, as is traditional, is anyway would say what you will uphold. Gregory the thirteenth had this. Had this really good astronomers, very good, astronomical staff
and he made a decision is stuck with it and we're all with it, but in Britain, because of their they just had their own breakfas ranks at tax and other, so that this was the prerequisite brow but they ve, never lie there s your logic of bricks, seven astronomical astronomical arms, seventy nautical miles from Britain to the mainland, but they still think of themselves. As this other thing, even now so was until seventeen fifty six that the these guys and girls agreed to go along with the gregorian counter, just think, a hundred years of not having the same calendar, how you gonna do business with him like who's, gonna, break a major next Tuesday. What happened to you has Riah what happened I waited day. Check is good for two weeks. I always tell everybody. I believe that Isaac Newton's mother believed the rising Newton was being born on Christmas day. Right,
I mean just so I like to call it Newton s eye. Newton's Birthdays Newton Rush as very happy. We don't have. There is no dispute about the deities in their offspring and what continent that started on right his or her ancestry. No, it's just Newton S for onto us this day or not a child is born there's a lot of child born right now, but we have. This is cosmic queries, yes, Is it over here in the cosmos you're here in the cosmos and we're gonna, take queries, queries and you are the query asylum. The query is that we are the way I want that we receive the queer. You are a guy who asked the question and a clear. Is that the clear with the queries and what we do is happily married? Three children, yet you know how you ve been method that is right or even let merriment everybody else be. This is a merry for eighteen.
There is a real nineteen seal. Congratulations, I think so. Then the only they will gradually says to me, your wife, a little stress condolences, maybe the old joke, which I'm still charmed by nineteen years, been married nineteen years, some of them happy. So but what you know, what that's all mahars. I think that is the situation I so we are so here we go. We have a queries as they have been gleaned from all over the internet, no matter what it is: Twitter, Facebook and our areas incarnations, electric media, the kids, kids with her with their information and phone machines or websites right, so it on and by the way thanks. The first thing that We always do when we have a cosmic query is red query from one of our patriotic patrons and yes, hatred on entry on one of the social outlets. That is the social outlet where you can support us directly and by doing so
to give you priority during our cosmic queries, yes can be bought, were worth every penny right and if you want to support as directly as well make sure you check out star talk all access, dot com where you can get access exclusive. Everything everything! That's you are absolutely right. The term is the term access God. That is why you are bill. Neither science got move onto our first one, which means, let's start net, some french ski server unscathed from ski says, there's dear doctrine. I, what is your opinion on the advancement of a I technologies? Is it hopeful or worrying? Why lit from AIDS where do you come down on the whole, augment it intelligent more for it you everybody. What do you do or say? I don't know what you do out there, but if you travel at all you, I go to an airport
and you go. You go from check in to the terminal on a train at the train. As your driver has no driver got ended, determines how much talk to give to the electric motors, depending on how many people on board how much they weigh on which their luggage ways right. I did not know that her admit it slows down appropriately soon enough Lee so that, no matter how many people are how few people on board it works. I set my coffee make her to come on by itself right and it's all good about the future is the coffee then I have been. Thirdly, I have a thermostat debate that keeps crack of how I said it. I said it this way, Monday through Friday s at it that way on Saturday and Sunday, because you may or may not be home as much and I might.
Up later on Sundays. I have a little routine where I get up later, I was include certain radio broadcasts are yeah press on, and so it keeps trophy we do coffee. When we go, we do care, we do hooray, okay, so well, it does. Is it keeps track of all that and it anticipates what I'm gonna do the next weekend in the weekend after that? Ok, so that Artificial intelligence is its making decisions in the US for you in the future so what has happened in the past okay and we're all gonna be more and more willing to let go of setting the thermostat kind of things every day? Okay? So now with that in mind and kind of as an addendum to next question, how do you bill about augmented intelligence with respect to decision making when it comes to perhaps endeavour that involves human life, for instance, or is it a I driving a car, more fully
really now who is worse driving cars in human beings in you guys, like all of you, like all of you listening I'm an above average driver. Yes, I know we all are. Everybody can drive Gimme a break but give me Craig, be or a k E. The thing is humor you did there. You see that guy come over here it is not good at it. I think, will be very happy to let go of it, which were already doing multi tat. Gateway? This is to say, people are texting like crazy, while their driving- wouldn't it be better if they were just drive, they were just texting inside and the machine we're doing the driving and the machine. We're keeping track of the other vehicles and agreeing on who goes first through the intersection and who gets to cut him. One of whom you know- and you know it's funny, but I've had just read an article that said the the pinnacle of
we'll be when every single car has it, because all the cars will actually communicate with one another. So it's not right right, like termites yeah, absolute, that's. Why I'm everyone thought of that? That's a great example mites apparently have rudimentary algorithms built into their termite a call brains, and function are able to go back and forth through their passages. Their galleries build a big man and do their termite things destroy your house, everything without top down management. That's right! They everybody carries out their task as as directive by their place in that in that little column org. So this should be doable and people. We have mobile phones which hand our calls from cell to sell. We mobilise right. So what We can get cars, do the same thing. Safety systems have to be built in yes right, going highway speeds, things could go horribly wrong very quickly. They always gonna. Have one person's dislike, not gonna. Tell me how to drive I'm gonna override this is well. I think that all go away.
Same way. In the same way, here in the big city of New York, the earth, the towns or nice, they named twice once in awhile, there's a subway passenger who just wants to pushes waited for all. This is true, but what happens, is all the people around them just sort of don't let him ok so I think what will happen is automatic. Driving systems will take into account the crazy person and then they'll be requirement. They'll be recreational driving. You know what that since, besides there's recreational horse bearing which, with that was the chief means of transportation, and now it's a recreate but you're right, recreational driving, it makes sense if all the cars are in communication. The a whole day says that, tell me out a dry and
disables his ay, I driving all the other cars will go here. We got a whole out here. Got my own Reiser man. That's a man! Let's do this guy's name do it is certainly not an eye in driving. Is that's something, but I just seems very reasonable. You one thing that's great, so much brain energy and concentration to operate a motor vehicle. We can work we can design systems that will do it for us that we have created there ass. They don't come from the automatic, made a driving skies, so cool and added. I attended to tee great answer bill and thank you rather more. Why you're out there? This is starch, argued very, very much encourage you, of course, to watch STAR Trek Enjoy STAR Trek. Ternata black star talk will start on both turn. Allowed the new bill nigh saves the world show show about artificial intelligence, which I think will change your life please before we go any further says we have done with our first question. Please tell us
I'll be nice if the world were always I'm gonna be on Netflix in the spring? That's the only number they'll give us for an elite is less bring in. There thirteen of Roman they're, all pretty great, I mean I put my heart and soul into a mere excellent writing staff, amazing crew. So As the saying goes, it's got a chance. Ass? It were my saves, the world's got it I had to tell you there's already already: a buzz about people are asking about. Molly should be glad there buzzing man or government and has the guy. Let's go to our question. This is That's right, you who says hey Bill What would you say is the most significant invention, slash discovery. Please limit it to this decade lust far and crisis coming to us from at some clever? I think we're gonna call crisper, I think, will be the most significant invention or discover your technique
to think hard about. The crisper is an acronym. I know the p is Poland roaming, that's where we're able to replace individual genes so a guy, like you has some kooky heart condition. You gotta take some kooky hard pills. Yes, I do what we would do your offspring may have inherited this gene right. This is true, also have sprung from you off so we could then in future window, when your grandkids go to be conceived. We can turn that off. We couldn't per turn that off and then the question is: can you make super super people right? Could you have super chucks that could do super basketball thing. As the scary thought, as it is a project that was gonna, basketball was my dad are you in the council and by the way, did it ever scare me people? We are those genes in their supercharged. Genes. Are they in their? Could you activate them and then Would we suddenly have a surfeit of an extra whole bunch of vat
skilled lefthanded handed relief pitchers. Would they like just show up at the want, left in a really pitcher kid, so they do so they'll make millions of dollars or euros and they won't have to work anymore. Maybe that's what happened to demanding family in you say, the Father, oh yes, I didn't remember, realize I had a thing ass. They made me. Maybe that'll gene manipulation going away this. The acronym is crisper and if I were more prepared, I would be able to travel with off, but no man now you guys have lent its a genetic modification that we all imagine so then you could have this. The term which is imperfect, but his cot on his designer babies, where you'd have kids that you have Given certain attributes, and especially you ve- enable them org disabled, whatever genetic defect or perceived chief defect, they would have. That would be amazing. Actually, I know some people with designer babies, because I know quite a few girls with the name.
With a child them Chanel, Sir, get I get it we got a minute and a half years. This is gonna. Be brilliant. Here knows that I have to tell you: ok, in a minute. You can do this Carl deemed All says this for deep space travel protection and rubbed tomorrow's can a miniature magneto sphere be created to protect the occupants in the spacecraft, so our world is predicted protected by mass magnetic sphere right so Kim, can we do the same with us a ship. Maybe, but you need a lot of electricity. Oh ok make the earth's magnetic field is huge, because it has a huge amount of Irian spinning spreading, so not analytically, blaming, maybe cheaper and easier would be to have a layer of water around the ship. Furthermore, her husband been speculated that the risk is really that high.
This is your chance of getting cancer. Three percent can guarantee that you'd get cancer. Ninety seven times more likely than everybody else. I'd live with those, I suppose I was actually the astronaut people they're, pretty motivated, let's run for five marathons a week kind of people right and so people speculate at the risk. Isn't that high? It's interesting thing, the people love talk about in, My people on both sides. We can never go to Mars because radiation we have to go to Mars, because radiation is not a problem and we'll be back after this and start talking cosmic, whereas with Jack nice and build. I talk to you in a moment have got no secret. I'm gonna considers singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one. And where to get out of hearing there, go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support.
Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying. This is a start, Welcome back. Welcome back bill lie here would shut their eyes on star talk and I'm I'm the guest host. Stakes are made, I'm the gas toes, our guys in the cosmic queries or where we take your inquiries ass from anywhere in the cosmos. That's right anywhere in the anywhere in the cosmos
you can get on the best internet, and send it in and enough english characters or roman characters arranged in english language? We will do our best for you that's right. Because, in the end, its all zeros and one's anyway is is troubling but empower hey. Here's Shane Hansen from Facebook who says there's a bill. My question is what invention, from outside. Of science has made a large impact with in science, has an inch built to serve a different purpose. There are, then science been used to advance signed. It's in new avenues of thought or discussion. Shane Hansen from Blyth Bridge Alberta, Canada, Pierre Bill Nye, the science guy, is what made science spun from me growing up. I still excited when ever I see an episode. Thank you so much wow
very sweet was very and heartfelt right. Are you? Yes? I mean this operating. What is outages appeals for that? I think I take it for my work outside of science, so I guess It was what he said and is: has there been kind of- that wasn't a scientific endeavour that led to a great scientific discovery. Well then, in nuclear weapons, wow, that's, the answer I won't, even though you are right that makes trying to understand the inside of Adam Right to uncle caught nuclear power. Unclear pale better. You thank you get some of the energy right here, I think is. Nineteen percent of the Energy and New York has made nuclear. Are we? Yes? As a matter
there. We ve just found out that term. The power plant, which is not very far from where we are is not protected, is not adequately protected. I'm shocked, so everybody not changing the certainly look of its nuclear industry. Just hasn't been that great at safety What is that about? I mean Series: are they d get in a hurry and plus two bits to seemed like such a great idea? Dig this stuff up right fish in it, Make electricity, put it back in the ground. What could go wrong? Exact goes wrong. That aside,. What invention came from outside of Simon depends. You can try one of x ray you call it what you call invention whenever you want to exclude, but to me than free hosting that going as their been like some I dont know, crazy, cooking discovery.
Led to is something in the medical world economy like we found, thereby cooking the bark of a certain tree cures. This particular ale, no that's than we were able to distil their essence and taken make uphill outrage. Something like that. Willow bark became aspirin get out here. The right number, but is that I forgot about where the willow bark investigators and investigate receives? Were they not? doing science Yeah, you know I'm level, then I would, I would assume they were have web codes and business cards. Aided said science person on, I was a long time ago. Throb and it worked in the other people say: what's the greatest invention. I almost always reply sewers. You you note. We ve had this conversation bed, we'll get into that as I have to get in all the way and that we will get all the way, because I have somebody, I don't want to steal it from them, but the last time we had a conversation, you told me sewers and at it I was
I was pleased with the average you ve ever gasping, flannel casting a flat, and I gotta tell you when I heard your at explanation: that's. Why was I wholly crap? That makes sorry. I really did it again. People harmony is natural freedom that doesn't even at this stage is AIDS is pulled. Happened happens like that enough with the so they re, but yet from outside of science is willow. Barred from outside of science is fire making from outside of science sick dynamic side says inside of science. Time keeping talked about earlier on keeping the size coffee, making shipping or silencing, say they whales to wish so true now want a cup of coffee. There's no there's not you! I really recommend. If you guys out, there are going to start a radio show or podcast I I recommend you ever coffee bar- is not
extraordinary strident. Does not an extraordinary idea to simple thing, bright eyes, very common, very common lead on here, was saying good question. Would it really get to an end but there is a tough one. I dont know why, because their relatives have woods outside of size. Everything assigns we think about it. So at three percent is really what we're saying recent everything sites. Ok, here we go grab road, says, there's how MR, what three, key inventions. Do we need for a manned mission tomorrow? which could be a human mission. Did, I have to be guys mean if I'm going out into space for four hundred days right your great work and guide short, but I wouldn't mind having some. I am see a ok. You can
we need to feel down pick yourself article around as right. You can get yourself gleam baby. Haven't you me and have a good meal can do whatever you feel? wonder there. You have it so with that in mind, I don't know why this person shows three key inventions out. This is what they I just rhythm bill has what three key inventors do? We need to take to to send some more some some astronauts. To Moscow the planetary society, as you may know. Yes, we did an analysis last spring I don't really need any new technologies new inventions. We just need to improve your literally expand
the technologies. We already have. Ok in the expansion hilarious reference I was making was to the inflatable abbot at ah ha, so you have existing rockets, you good in orbit. You get the then you for some more rockets up to get enough fuel and you fly to Mars in a big inflatable, habitat. Orbit Mars and all. This could be done with existing technologies if it was just decided to be done. So the analysis we do, the planters society was twenty thirty three array. Of a certain age charge desire, You remember the APOLLO program and action, such orbiting. The moon first, yes, APOLLO. Eight nineteen sixty eight orbiting, the moon, and that was the precursor. That's, where I figured out trajectories, made sure the retro Rockets retro and rocked and took the floor.
This picture of earth rise, the eve of Isaac, Newton birthday, nineteen sixty eight hours from a bill Anders may call that what a moon orbit insertion. What does that lunar Orban Winner Orbit insertion Right Africa space people? so we could do the same thing and Mars and twenty thirty three. Without increasing the United States, National ISIS Base Administration NASA budget. If you got international partners, if you got motivated Mcdonnell Douglas Robbie, no Lockheed Martin thinks they could do it and twenty twenty eight, which would be to martian orbits sooner and we're off let's go the things you need is people placed for people to live, for this journey, need great big rockets and you need to decide to do it and the big the biggest problems or political yeah I mean You know that The argument will combat high.
Says about Mars. When we don't have NASA period, talking about when all the federal moment out a federal budget is so. Why would last zero? So what you are? I know many of you are half of everybody. You mean voted the other way from how you did from the way you did, but it's very reasonable. What that, with the president, elect when taxes are cut, the federal. Why have less money right programmes will be caught in one of the things it's gonna be cut. First, will be earth science and then how far is it from earth science to deep space? exploration and how far is it from and then in general will be short term gains where infrastructure gets invested in but then they'll be inflation, and that- the inflation and will put further pressure on the space for NATO,
there are some people that Europe, Economic, some some people feel like that is actually necessary, because the idea behind smaller government is starved, the government and by star, The government you cause proliferation of private sector activity, and so where NASA will not be able to do what they are supposed to do. You have private sector entities that will step into that vacuum and fight. The way to make money sending a spacecraft mars we'll see, a maiden vermin you may first there's it'd, be right right because it is there any real profit in setting up the mile you're talkin see there is no almost certainly there is no business case for going to MAR right. I'm going to make money going to Mars, you could sell tickets buddy you're off by
factor of ten million dollars the cost of it compared to what people would pay so we'll see. Clearly, clearly governments or the only are the only entities that, for any reason to do stuff, like this file lunar x prize, is a way to do it but you're, going back to a place. People have already been- and I remind us in dear boy of Columbus or Magellan or Francis Drake, Or Henry Hudson, these people were these explores, went around on the government. Dime, yes, or before they had euro, the government pay, so the government pound rock right, they did their thing, Lewis and Clark. Government employees- after they did the mapping? Then you build a continental railroad. Transcontinental railroad. They don't you go
start, building a railroad and started cutting through the forest without knowing where the rivers are going to be using its not how it is. In this case it is something that my parents mentioned countless times as I was growing up- ok Common sense is not that common. You can't count on it. So we'll see what happens out their hats day. Go there, you go, So, let's move onto our next to overcome but now I just got to thinking about the future of the economic world, and I got choked him yeah paled up right. So in recent history who sent me That's not somebody's name in recent history that some unusual may be. It is an area in recent history. Lead on this is Bert, or will I like your name Bert Bert Ward? Well,
from Facebook says this in recent history, the last one hundred years or so what has been the most important invention or break through that has not had a direct military national security application. Thank you. Maybe genetically modified crops? Google, but don't we the military with food when we do so then we ve, please everybody else with food too, so they're just loved into that group. The military who want him, unlike the like my mashed potatoes, but I think it has a cynical quality to it that query doesnt, that's because what he is saying is basically, unless we're making something to destroy one another. We really don't tend to hear an advancements. Here's an example from my own experience in honour of this really do it for you Bert I lived in the Pacific Northwest for a long time. We
the proud that is the hypothermia capital of the world. Air is so moist any time a year. There's so much moisture near it just the heat out of you at the moist, Eric and water can Darcy twenty five times stronger more strongly than air. That's why waking technology is so important. We had this state of the art technology at first was Phillotson, which this ten cloth. They call it this waxed cotton cloth. Then moisture will pass through it. I haven't, ever fills hat from the eighteen hundred xy technology. Now we have gone, x and the derivative products all right so when I went to do this, nice guy show in a Navy airplane noise was cool
we did the Navy training a swimmer on the poor with boots on. I wore a flight suit. You know I was just so cool, but then the Navy had this very primitive. Keep warm technology when you have to parachute out of your fighter plane over the middle of the ocean again get in a rubber raft and hope somebody find you right. It was all this very heavy wall. Now. The Navy has Gore right so, which came First Bert, I say the moisture. Waking technology came first, that's what I say: well there you have it that's pretty whom man jamming there I'm workin on, because that same teflon. Stuff is used to insulate wires in aircraft because when it burns it doesn't make very much poisonous smoke wow It isn't one thing it something else. This tat, the
the dangerous place. That's what we're learning here! People words Roger Great, isn't much safer than they used to be added for sure when you live in the developed world anyway, if you live in a war zone bit of a drag yeah, this is true You know what, since, since you bought up the show, when I ask you which showed the show this is the show this is one show by this design, I save the world or guys web illnesses world and the fact that you get to do others. Cool stuff was the cause. They knew that Well, you're, never going to say your favorite thing, then you're gonna think I didn't know who enjoy the other things, but now around me in the eye, until we know the phantom, the F aid, in Hornet fighter, attire cornered airplane was pretty freaking girl. That's really cool is the blue angels, yet at the fly upside down they fly. This way in the blue angels recently had difficulty
in those days was fantastic. Before? I really you guys less than a meter less than three feet from the other plain at four hundred, not crazy insane and, as I always say, when you wait a minute, are those guys actually just flying that way or is it like computers? Oh no, no, no, they take great pride. That's our duty, they're, just re battle, even where G suits the unintended on, have suits that inflate to keep them awake, right, lift weights and stay so fit. Taken hold the blood in their brains ice with that
truck nice, and I will be right back pay we'd like to give a patriotic shot out to the following patriarch patrons Michael CASA, Cobbett and Michel Danica guys. Thank you so much for supporting us on patriotic and helping us make our way across the cosmos, and if you would like your very own, patriotic shot out. Good, Adrian dot. Com slashed start talk, radio and support us free space inside it down to earth. You need to start. I welcome back time bill and I guess toasting on star talk My queries, We are, of course,
with the remarkable and exciting doktor chart nice. Thank you here. We take your enquiries from anywhere in the cosmos you could be in orbit around Saturn. If you, get your query on the electric internet machine roughly in English, we will do your question door, but you can be proximate Centauri someplace everywhere around parchment centurion when we're we're here? For you, man, ego, You go to tee person, proximate, be cool, assured us, give us one short care. We go here we go. This is Sheldon, know that itself, children, we actually touched upon this earlier in the show I already know the answer to it, but I am going to give us. He already know already know the answer, because you- and I have actually talk about this before- the Says bill: your opinion. What has
the most important invention ever well shark, give it to us, and it is sewers as bill says as high opinion raised his opinion and please I I love this conversation because I have to tell you for some ever heard. You say that, like while, just you wouldn't have cities and without cities you wouldn't have this show and by that I mean people have to collaborate to make these extraordinary advances in science and technology once in a while theirs alone, inventor out in Utah or Idaho, who invents television fire, He finds this example, but Even he benefited from cities in factories, near cities where people went to work and work together to do extraordinary thanks. If you're going to have people in cities. You got to have waste management. Absolutely, and that's that's why I mentioned sores help and there are subtle. There seems straightforward, but
you got a plan form. You can't just build a city men. They must go back and put it. Let's go back and put us with source. You gotta start with this or work. Your way up has, as we know, if you ve ever been India you'll find out. Why that we have important what bilges? That's really is really hard for always developed world. No man is so nice. I love that answer and sewage is something that you take for granted until you don't have informing you take for granted, turns doesnt work, holidays and, through the good think, stopped up and so on, and so this stuff is straightforward The ancient Romans had it sewers and and water management technology, but you got to? Have you got a plan for you to take it into account, has got to be an important thing to you and your society at Udel. So there you have it Sheldon it sewers baby. So keep your mind out of em and remit.
Or to appreciate them. Ok, my Jimmie Dale poem Archonidas MIKE Mike, like the question I care burden, says Mister Nigh on the topic of climate change. What problems do we face that? Could possibly be solved by new inventions or refining old tech. Knowledge of this is the so called softball question. Thank him right. Yes, yes, so here's what we're gonna do we want to play ride: renewable electricity to everyone in the world, reliable, renewable electricity. They want clean water for everyone, the world and we want access to the internet or whatever the future of electronic information sharing and now. What is that? It was important to understand that the other two, but why access to the internet coups in every seems like a luxury, no democratize, everything, So what we want to do we have when I was a kid
three billion people in the world, now their seven and a half billion people world by twenty fifty they'll be nine or maybe even ten billion people in the world where we have these people are gonna, be girls and women. Yes, sir, If we want to the press, the quality of life for girls and women. We need to provide education and the way to get education to everywhere in the world is through the internet. Social. So that's what we want to do so here's the thing of it here is the key from me in the engineering community We have the technology today We have the wind and the sun, and your journal a little bit of tidal energy to run the whole place renewable. Just decided to do it. And I believe this is not star talk. This is a different website check out the solutions. Project, dot, org and their civil engineers have done an analysis showing how this would be done in each state
Over a hundred and thirty countries around the world, the energies there we have to Europe and distributed in a new way and not that radically new just better way and then instead of having few who concentrated power plants we would have hundreds of thousands of distributed, and maybe millions of distributed, energy sources So, for example, I'm my beloved state of Iowa? Yes, Ninety nine percent of the world's popcorn has produced no eyes. That is worth that right there. That's the worthy of respect as ok they get. Of their energy electricity from the wind, twenty five percent of electricity from the wind and that's right now, right now, competing against subsidized fossil fuels. Right now, Texas gets ten percent of its energy from the electricity from the wind. So what Oh people, we can do this, do it so we want
advanced existing technologies, and if you want to get rich- and I hope you do invent the better battery- does I have to be radically new catastrophically, different existing batteries just has to be better as not overheat, has the store more energy, has to be lighter weight and be great you can make it out of inexpensive materials. Carbon intimidate magnesium. These get out there do that get rich. You go so now. Let's piggy back on that thought right. There doubt Dalton Howard wants to know this. May I please have your take on the new diamond batteries or if they I recommend that the carbon I mean I don't. How does it work or not die and in general, not that cheap but if they are made out of his first certain applications
Imagine you know how many hearing aid batteries are out there, there's a zillion and their remote control, your television television if they were tiny or more efficient, her batteries made of carbon level. If a fabulous thing they haven't, we seemed quite a bit of abandonment and battery technology. I mean when you look at the shock, you look at Tesla when you look at so here we are as an have to be radically new. Extravagantly totally different is better, is better. Let's go your point right. Answering your point, agreeing with you charge you, girls and chalk churchyard or some day. Let's, let's hear from her Alister Gray Alister says Bill parent patents.
Often used by governments and other bodies to show how innovative or how well they are doing as an economic metric cure. But due to nefarious groups, you run the risk of your idea being copied for having litigious troll suing you just for creating the patent. In the first place, our patent still relevant in today's world of inventors and innovator. Are you kidding me? What's his name, isn't as ours too, Mr Allister, Dude Alistair did patents are vital. Whenever you could suppose you write a song. It becomes a brazilian sour, do want it useful. Bring it to the world right. How do you gonna make your living no patents? Intellectual property is very, very important. Controls are a problem the difficulty of getting a patent is a problem in a way, but if you're out there- and you have a great idea- and you want to patent it- and I do not get any royalty from this organization, but start with legal zoom dot. Com really is
routine paperwork, to help you find out. Then you have two years to get it done for real. Ok, so, but everybody If you have that great an idea the thing to have as a business plan? Don't you patent and expect the world to come to your knock on wood door. You got to figure it out how you're going to take advantage of it. How somebody else is going to take advantage of you Its business is what we do were humans, as is our thing here. K kids did hey I'm checking the clock. Yes, thinking about I'm thinking about sparks spot, thunderstorm under storms and tremendous amounts of energy and rising columns of air tempest, it seems land static, electricity discharging itself to the grounds a lot like a mail from with lightning riding around your lightning hit me
I've been here, we go bill. Let's start with diverse lightning round question from Aaron South Gram who says hey Do you have an idea for NASA recent space poop challenge now the good and we're moving somebody does you want to recover the water and isolate the bacteria? That's what you wanted to get there you go and since, since he caught the Spaceboat challenge, I gotta use this lightning, MRS Edwina, at Vienna, lightning round notification maybe go through thoughtfully, he's a rubber chicken Roberts. It can. People with electronic, so lonely, as exaggerates amazing, are those movements so trackers Numa outs, it just air of passing through diaphragm pneumatic pneumatic. Without pneumatic means having to with breathless breath right because, like when you have
pneumonia array of pulmonary premonitions, very other known for James Peters was, and others who are the top scientists credit it for non scientists, credit for scientific discoveries. Are there any top scientific it discovers that did not come from a scientist. There must be, but all over the are right there. You would have who's the coffee maker Molitor boom. She wasn't strictly scientists, you, girls, pretty great as your answer, James here's another lighting round from Crow, Neva, ok, front of a ok. Is there a commentary with inventors? Do you think the world would be better or worse if inventing were inherent human traits across the entire species? I e, if everyone We were asked to come up with a cure for cancer. Do you tat? We,
have a better chance of coming up with the pure, no We now want to exert everybody is an inventor, everybody solves little problems all day, but solving so, I think you have to know a lot about medicine and stuff. It takes a few minutes in medical school. There you go awry Julian Ajib, Garcia, says I'm curious bill. We seem to know where we are in our galaxy and where the centre of our galaxy is, but do we know where the centre of our universe, ass? Yes, there you go off that way. It's over. There is no it's in the plain of the of the milky way off a long way off. Beloved that late when words Neil we're actually eurozone or foreign you girl. Yet we said what we visit that will now Allan POE. Lascaux says this. Mr nine up in the lead:
fifty years or so technological advances have been proved right. He's the is this due to reverse engineering of? Oh god, alien technology ass, he told me he totally alien technology. Humans have never had a single idea of their own. All came from outer space Alan. They humans are so stupid. Yes, they can't think of anything in the let alone make a right angle to make a pyramid. Someone could never never that, as he found three four and five things unless some alien some alien landed and instructed right. Ok, James Culture says: there's hey what inventions would you like to see in the future? Are there any scientific discoveries that keep you up at night? Yes, I want to fight life on another world. Now that's an invention, but I
blighted and Mabel that they're, probably gonna, be some inventions involved in creating a robotic rover can go to Mars, go up the recurring slope, linear the string, Rsl's k and sniff around because everywhere there's moisture on earth, we find something alive is their moisture. I mean there is moisture. Mars is there's something alive. There were array and now near the India or China. We, we are thirty seconds that hit others had already seconds. Let me put my own personal addendum on that last question: do you think the discovery extra terrestrial life will come says to descend into chaos or bring us all together. Ring is altogether really s, ok, to discover any other discovery in medicine, When we realise that we are not alone in the cosmos, it will bring us together. We will realise that our world is that much more special in astonishing and if we find, if we can
There is absolutely nothing else alive anywhere that would be even more profound. Carry on this has been star talk, I'm bill. Now, your hosting I'm here with citizens of the world short nice change the world keep looking up. People wish you could listen star talk commercial, free, joint start talking for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com last star talk radio
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