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2017-09-29 | 🔗
The astrophysicist is in! Join Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice as they answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries on the possibility of life in the universe, space dust, relativity, inter-galactic space war, reliable news sources and more!NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/cosmic-queries-office-hours/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now. This is startup cosmic queries. Addition, this particular edition, I'm kind of tired of name the mother things, I think, maybe chuck my coat. The idea came up. Maybe we should call these office hours sours incidental academic. Flavour back in a red on ok, but what this experiment cosmic queries. Office hours of the showers, yes withdrew their right jack and I have a beer
always have been Aruba for nine days. Yes, my friend I was in a room for nine glory, is worrying mice tat hand that thank you. I've been working on this time for nine days and forty and but I have to tell you after nine, he's in Aruba, not mean this in an unpatriotic way at all. I hate America. What no I'm joking, please hasn't. B we got some. We do have some nice beaches. I've been to a few nice speeches here and in the states, but I gotta tell you that Eagle Beach when they, call it? The second nice is being in the world and not lie in the sand, just the right click legs of each without hating America, with that like the beach without hating hammer. But the increases, my love for the beats when I actually juxtaposing against by hate my own country, which, by the way people do not write me, I love this country.
Is the best country on the face of the earth. Even when I don't agree with what this country doing I still love it. Okay, so, and all of you need to take a lesson from that UK people write you a better. We were right to be like people right, people get very upset. They feel as though some, how we're being political one the show- and you know I write them back because I know for a fact where it's? U or bill nigh, and I've met. Many of your colleagues that you especially you and bill, you are now seeking a political and you are not seeking to deliver a political message ever is always about critical thought. It is always about the truth. It is always about the science. That is what all, and it's always about educating people or getting people to become curious for themselves so that they go find out for themselves the network yet, and so
like it really pisses me off people write and say I like to show before you guys got our political. Because you don't agree with the science so it reminds me of the the moniker that Harry Truman had become Gimme Harry. Well, how why it was getting people how then he said given the truth right. They think it's right like that given the truth, they think is have a question for me. What it s idea of ours are open. Office hours are now open, like Charlie Brown, when he used to go, see, Lucy and see that The reason we are out for our design over I so yeah. We ve got our queries from all across the internet and we always start with a patriarch patron question as we are that low. Yes, we quickly no shame in this game, but who could give us some money
I'll ever get over this fact. Ok, it was through money. If you support to show you get your question first right, you give us some of the front of the line. We we Bree your science, or that was too much chuck down at night? I hear without this is call you ll come from patriots who says the yoke and good name. That's pretty good name, any spelled it fanatically for me. So you know what you didn't have no, you need help, It's not you! It's like! Don't after this one up, they drank tigers name is pronounced, Kyle YO come, and I said to the different: my name is pronounced Carl Yokohama from Tennessee three ok and then he says it seems statistically impossible for life not to exist elsewhere in the universe. But I try to consider all the possibilities to keep an open mind if we were able to look through out all the visible cosmos planets by planet and fair no life at all, given our current understanding,
the universe. What might be our best scientific explanation for why we would be alone that so far Let me reaffirm the statistical unlikelihood of that before it comment on what happens. If it's true, I keep in mind that if If only began yesterday on earth, it would have taken four and a half billion years for that to happen, ok a lot of time, but I wouldn't make it would be pretty clear that whatever it is, we call life was hard to happen again. Nature was struggling billions of years right, but that's not what actually happened. We have ingredients of life on earth, hydrogen oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, other and they're all here on earth, as they are everywhere, in the universe practically everywhere else in the universe. These are the most common ingredients out there, one for one
number one agree in the universe: hydrogen, ok, more elements in life on earth is hydrogen. Number two in the universe of helium, but its chemicals in our can't use it right. So pathetic, you breathe it by its great for parties, a brief apartment, but you know interact with a camera, a Youtube video, so next in the universe is oxygen right. It's the next most abundant element in life on earth. Oxygen and hydrogen come together as water right. Ok and you We also find hydrogen and oxygen other molecules, but were mostly bordered by weight. Next is carbon we're carbon based life right and silken carbon is next in order in life, it is next in order in the euro so these ingredients for life on earth are everywhere and so the right to pay, for this is actually the universe itself. Universe itself, ok, universe of now so you have the ingredients now you need conditions right. Ok, so whatever, where the conditions on the early earth. We have to ask
the unique in the galaxy or the approximately repeated elsewhere? our current catalogues, we we have rising through one or two dozen planets, the Goldilocks zone of their hosts star right, as are we on earth they have all the base ingredients in the tiny little blip of the Euro We have explored in search for planets. We found one or two dozen it's in there Goldilocks zone scenario, How long would it take so look on earth and the evidence rape and recent evidence shows we have possible signatures of life on earth. As early as four point two billion years ago, worth only me if one and a half billion years ago, right so blessed, pull that increase our very recent data, maybe it'll, be overturned before that the best evidence puts it at three point: eight to forbid. In the years. That means earth was for, like a half a billion years. Then there was life. Then something happened, something here.
By its there? It is ingredients the the time, This is the conditions and it's not billions years. It's half a billion years right, so over much challenge. We have creating life in the laboratory from simple organic Molly, Nature manage to do it all by itself. Ragged, so hence statistical unlikelihood have it, but if we around and search every single planet in the galaxy. Realistic than the whole universe. Guess we can travel between galaxy. We know how do they get right? We ain't there yet, but our galaxy still and there's no other life that would force us to look back to earth and ask: was there some truly unusual happened on earth are our is an odd now location of our planet, the mass of our planet, the fact water. The fact that none of that is so we have to find something that was
unusual, to enable it happened here and then have it happened. Nowhere else, alien dna which have Miguel, the entire supposition that wasn't even if this whole question right means came from somewhere else right exactly right, but don't, but then, if we can manage, we finally have the funny aliens rightly says: why said in a gaze, the supposition of the entire class, with exact I had so that would show signs within turned to wondering what would be sorry. You need glee, have to be a one in a billion were, however, many put no planets are out there We have to be so rare if that were to happen, one in that many planets right because lifesavers, you know ten billion by heavy. In ten billion chance of something happening right on earth and lead, but The same thing is, like you said, all of those planets have the same building blocks us that we do yes, yes. What could I do One thing be that we don't that's contact with science,
to turn to then try to answer that question alike: gotcha, absolutely gotcha, that's all so we were to set right so you'd have to isolate that. One difference is very hard to come up with a sigh idea about how and why something is when you only have one example and right so it's kind of like we the scientists, goes into the laboratory and he's looking for the recipe for superhuman strength, and then all of a sudden, a small dog, enters the laboratory and lacks over all the ingredients, and they come together in a little slurry and start sparkling and he falls down slips in it and then it gets up and he says superhero. Here you go. That's all, That's one point: one million three hundred a brilliant: that's that and may I add that, that is how the power of girls were made. So does it away? So you know to power progress which I love
you're gonna love me. Some power of girls do not know their origins during the origin. Snoring, I didn't happen. I still love the palpably areas. I have. I have a daughter younger, die, there's the father. Yes, scientists, It's in the lab, using displacement in the lab. Ok, he's trying to mix these ingredients to create the perfect children. Really the perfect girls and so he met just together sugar spies, and everything nice k and as stirs it there's an accident in the lab and chemical exe where's incidents ingredient there there's an explosion right outcome, three adorable little girls ran with supersaver tat. I had no idea chemical ex apart uncle x. Is the Pollack? That's it that's. What does your scenario we? That is, why Harry that's very cool right? Well, you have a buddy car. That's issue here. Just limit is air because we know where to go in with that as of tomorrow. So
As will there be something that will compel scientists to say. Oh God, did it ok? Well, yes, this is a fundamental like many religions would assert that earth is. Purpose of the universe and and life on earth. Human life on earth is the object of God's affection right we're in the universe. Okay, so I can tell you that would do that I don't know how quickly anyone would start thinking that, but what I can say is that if life Earthward divinely created ok, and somehow we are forced to that conclusion, ok It does not force us to any their divine conclusion right. Ok right did right outward be the extent of what you could conclude exactly because you would be able to now isolate the fact that this is indeed a creation. However, what you cannot
who is in far from that creation, the intentions of that create torrent or all the tracks that people have put forth right. That accord to their respective religions was divinely revealed exactly. You must behave this way and we're on this day and eat eaters, food and don't eat that food and treat each other this way and not the other way. All of this is sort of the packaging of model, religion, ancient religions, as well as modern religions that are not required. By the scientist who might be who might lie and there is in fact earth is the only place with life in the universe right Once again, as a scientist, what you would do now is, you would have to Now I need definitive proof that I am supposed to act. This way, or eat reassuring in other parts of eminently ever I meet other evidence. Drugs are not of the evidence has actually said. Yes, we are. This. Is the Then we are dead, the the
ingredient acts. Criminal acts, ethical acts is God by you'd, have to also add the fact right also add the academic type by posted this during the Superbowl, where, if the football field as a timeline of the universe, right, we one go line, is the big bang? and modern day is the other go line. Then the thickness the width, the thickness of a blade of turf in a far in the far end zone vehicles, the time from Caveman to modern day wholly crap okay, so if, according to the Catholic Church, which accepts evolution but asserts that at some point, God breed read the soul. He did something to remain in that make us humans distinct from other primates. That would have happened somewhere in the net blade of grass, with the rest of my point is, if you're gonna say the creator, the universe and created humans in his image, which is what one?
fine and Christianity, its it would kind of hard to account and where the only life in the universe CEPT such be hard to say what what what but other stuff for what will what's weren't you, the whole rested a timeline right. If really all this was created for us Why do we miss out on four built on? And thirteen fourteen year younger sister right. Why why? we wait so Long These would be sensible. Question to philosophers would ask right. And then what and the answer would be because he hasn't there is no time for him, and so it's no big deal, no matter how long you got the answer already at the answer is there is no time for God, because he is from everlasting to everlasting. Therefore, time and space was exist within him he does not have to worry about time or space, because all those things exist inside catechism, had on a programme of no others
got the explanation that will be the exponential LLC, but what I would say you can flip it and say if Europe which requires that human life is the only life and is the purpose of creation right and we find other life will to abandon your religion right now? That's a very good! Quite right! That's it! That's just flips the table. What is that due to the person who believe or you find an alien species smarter than we are right? You can just completely manipulate us and put us in a suit for their entertain. The day now become God. Well, so, depending on what powers they exhibit, if you don't have the powers dear God, in your religion, assert, then, can't then directly say that their God or if they look really different from us right, we're not gonna guys Amis right right as varied, but that you that's funny. Right. So just I just to be fair in that right: net rotisserie there. That's your daddy
That's good stuff man, that's almost a whole segment on that. Why now we do you know what, because what it was really good. I mean because car that's great question and quite frankly, I found a fastened because of you had your preacher had on lesser. These are the things that people do people think about this stuff. I know all the time and two great pair for the most part there's a lot of people who this becomes. Confusing, then that confusion leads to anger, really really of conflict. And you are so certain of your religious belief, site and so certain that everyone else is wrong in their religious wheat and then you take arms against them and see. I believe that that comes out of just the opposite. To be honest, it comes out of the opposite sentiment, If you know, for a fact, you have the truth, then You can rest easy in that true, we should be able to you, think right so and then get you fear nothing contributors ate up.
The last two minutes so that we can we get another coy about what you teach the question. What can I get so that's? What we do we will tease question, and so this is Michael Range from Twitter would like to know. What's the deal with suppressed does is it does? Is it gas? Is it rocks? What's the deal question yeah we will get to, we come back to start cosmic queries office hours. Gentlemen, have tallow secret for you, I'm gonna, consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support, Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free, you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
We're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying we're back on start talking. You didn't otherwise know by now also serve as the director of Europe's cities. Hayden planetarium, which is part of American Museum of Natural history, Chuck nice tweeting at Chuck, nice comic, Sarah, thank you. Nice is a so this is. This is cosmic queries offers our office hours just wanna rebranded will finance their flies, was loath to sign. But they re read office hours when made the doktor is in a good doctor. So, let's
back to our queries in the form of wheat. We question everyone at the end of the last thing I wasn't and it was from Michael Ranger and he says still deal with spreads does is it does? Is it robs? What's? The deal is really Jerry's. I've earlier is coming to us in the form of Michael Rangers, so dust in the universe has very specific meaning if you good clouds between the stars. These are the things that make up some of the most beautiful photographs that you ve ever seen from space. Via the Hubble telescope. So those gas clouds summer swept off from stars. Others are Lord nurseries, ready to hatch new born stars deep within so gets it so the we call it the interstellar medium and it can be no gash estate right, which is good Adams and gas molecules, hydrogen nitrogen
oxygen, this sort of thing they can make molecules in the form of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide which makes a molecule with itself too, we caught tat stuck up hydrogen Constance. Taking itself was not the only one nitrogen binds with itself to make into oxygen. So do not alone in this. So if the gas caught a stance and it'll be pockets of it with aren't you ll come together. Make really big molecules. Ok, really really really big things: and we have place we're really really big molecules come together that it behaves differently in the transmission of light from behind it to infer it absorbs light in a way that turns the like red, and so we caught reddening red eyes turned red called reddening writing rats, so so when it becomes large enough to do that. Do we then call it dust? That's all so when it gets ok
so these clumps of molecules that come together once they do the huge huge there right once they do ass. They do that. That's when it's done. You have enough for that to effect the objects of the cloud right, then we call that dust at and it reddened stars behind them, and so we used to. I think that certain stars were only read because were behind these gas clouds, and then we learned about this phenomenon twentyth century by the way, so relatively modern discovery, given the history astronomy, and so when we say I say we are stardust it is a figuratively and literally true thing, because you knock it off. Porn stars and planets. Until these molecules, these Adams become molecules, the molecules become dust and out of this dust cloud, you condensed the planets I say, but now the little bit over Lucy Goosey their cause
Typically, when you form a planet, stuff heats up again right and you can get so hot that breaks a part all the dust molecules, because he will destroy big molecule right. So so it's When I say we are stardust, the dust didn't stay intact before it became us than a b supremely poetically, true right, but nonetheless, that the gas clouds that make star systems they start out is done and so that's, why I feel comfortable saying that so they wanna take me to the limit of thinking their full explanation right. You just did yes, so the dust its of is is really on a molecular level. It's not the dust tat. We Think of when we see does way smaller. It's not! That does that. We see like when you on when a shit. The light, is coming through a window in your home. You see these little part particulates floating Amelia smaller than that much smaller than right. In the end, its molecules, its molecules coming, gathered and, by the way, your ways them.
He'll stick together. They don't involve complete up atomic electronic bonds. Ok, when two Adams come together, their sharing or exchanging electrons bright. So that's an electronic bond and then when you get really big, you can have molecules attached together, just use it. Shapes fit right because there's something about I believe we fit together like this girl, so: there are other ways that you can stick molecules together. That's when that begins to happen. That's when you get when you did. Yes phenomena, man, it's so pool all right knew there was so much in dust by the way in the very early universe before we made before Stars made. The heavy elements like carbon, nitrogen oxide in the universe, is born with hydrogen and helium, primarily and all the rest came later in stars.
In the early universe, when they had gas clouds that would not have been dust cause. You know, all those other Adams to build up and make dust data really universe, tends to be rather dust. Free, nice. So we were much cleaner, has claimed back in the day very vigorously born, as will freshly born, got that new universe, smell, very poor quest, Michael Ranger around let's go. Let's move on six hours are open office hours are still open the universe right here we go. At tunnel maroon wants to know this. That's what name by the way for can hate your parents as it wants to know this says. Does time expand? the same way for the same reason as space. So that's a great western. Yes,
Look time is a coordinate right, only the core, It's a stretching out. Why can't die in time? Why not so we don't have evidence of this. It would have a kind of cool if that were the case Kay. We just don't have evidence of it And so what would the evidence be when we, the outer space. We see things not as they are, but as they once were k it takes time for light to reach. That's the way my wife looks at me as I once and baby. Not, please don't ever see me as I am so so oh it means, if there's anything that was affected. I time being compressed and the past relative to today It wouldn't manifest in the physical phenomena that we observe. Ok, ok, Maybe things would happen faster right time is compressed. Get
One second today is stretched out. One second back, then, is tight right if you want to, but it could yet when I put it that way that went so you look back there. No things are not happening faster, rakings or not. Everything is still work then, the way it works now. Ok, closer we ve got into this is a reach. Paper that I happened to be Co. Author on will lead author of whom ended up guinea Nobel Prize flat as the which was a piece of a much larger research project that he did. His name is Brian Schmidt, so he headed a team that discovered that the universe was expanding. Faster than it should have that it should be, and that was that the co discovery of Dark energy right, accelerating accelerating in this paper, was early work that all came gather in his big project to study would explode stars are doing nearby and far away. So what we have in that paper, the very first measurement ever isn't explode STAR, far away and inefficient
putting star nearby. Ok, they should, according to other Britain, other route? For other reasons be, exactly the same in how fast they get bright and how fast they become dim again. Star blew up measure this right, which is a regular star, got bright. Then it's getting dimmer again. Ok, we know what that should look like because we ve model did ok so now we look at the one far away and it doesn't match. We say how come it doesn't match. Oh my gosh different kind of exploding star, then you folk, Einstein's, general theory. Relativity show that, since that light has been travelling long ago, the universe, has expanded so that time intervals of when stuff happened has stretched out over that time. In the time it took to reach us
If you take that what we called light curve invoke ice, I ain't relativity on it did so, she's to what it means to be, and then it matches exactly the nearby exploding star in others. The universe really is expanding and the tick Clark, stretched out, while it is moving through the expanding universe. That's how holier credits wow. Ok, that's insane. That's. What's throwing down? That's was going down, but the event itself, We have no reason to presume it happened at any different rate than nearby. Everything we understand about an expanding universe says this is what will happen? to that signal on route right and that's why you need relativity to apply today, in other have no handle on the you wouldn't be able to sit right right. Why be mysterious things going on exactly? Oh, my,
That's amazing that we were quite proud of it. Resolve the first I've now just a routine saying that what it when an understatement, Aliona, we will quite proud low enough. It's a routine thing on the edge of the light curve doesn't fit. Let's see what did needs to be four at that distance. Then you do that it fits exact, it's practically every single time just fits exactly wow that is really you know you could you could assert the Time was different then, and it didn't change on route here. Ok, ok but I would then say. I would say because the universe is expanding. We expect that to happen. So and when it does happen, when I've been looking for other explanations, that's you We did that in science you be well yeah, you know,
do you never go from any place. You go anywhere. You like regular stay right there, just look at for other different things that it could be, and it could be when which you have is a perfectly fine measures. Already. Weren't works, experimentally an theoretically generally. When you have that agreement, you move on loud man. I was a great question can get the tonneau determine their own. That was a really what you apologize to details. Mother, I'm I'm sorry Miss Catana, Moran, looked quickly because you have a simple boring names is truly everyone else has to have. So you have to do you don't mess of reading your name will MRS Moreau, your science is quite profound and we appreciate their question right. Let's get to a jet jet who some g Where do they say what they did is tweeting tweeting to us from the fury at the way at jet, the fury at the fury of the fury? How cool is that? Do you think
If, in the past, scientists weren't always portrayed as evil, the public would be like, anti science? Yes- and I mean like in the movies and television the scientists is always the bad guys next week good luck say that for the lightning reality, so so, first of all this just word not, I don't think that's the biggest problem with the portrayal of scientists historically really because there were may be. A third of those scientists were not evil. Looking co opted by an evil genius or an evil near, do good dewar near dweller in new, dare do think. I know, for example, and in the old Superman Television Series, great There is always some scientists that was helping. The criminal do their work, but with didn't really want to that's true, a lot of times, the scientist was an unwilling cartoon, unwilling participant through that was
in the case in back to the future. That is true, you're the the libyan terrorist wanted die to make a bomb. Out of the Potomac right, and he just wanted the money for his research, so he double cross them exactly with academic, as any good scientists should do with if you're given money to make a bomb terrorist right who after that is, of course, our man that is correct, denounced little. He didn't want to make a bomb right yeah, so I'm making get out of here you made assumes escaped with it, but that was a little bit more for self preservation that suit to get out of here, but Del. Even after that it was I I don't wanna make weapons anymore, you're gonna, do something go with this power source, I discovered exactly so, So so my issue portrayal scientist is not that they were more than half the time shown is evil or evil genius. It's ok! It's that we'll never shown to be completely human. In all emotion,
dimensions as true they're, very one dimensional characterise and it was like doc. We're all gonna end or not, and you go behind the lab table and they got the lab code on the wire hair and they say well, it did leave they interact of the thing without giving it an english stock, and if someone else translated- and that's all you see that that's all you say so rightly say you come in and you leave the first. First, attempt to flesh out doctors that I know of that I have seen was in CSI: ok, which portrayed scientific glee literate trained people as beautiful people, you might want to be yeah. I was going to say yet and there were all hot good. Looking good look, a right, smart right, be they have fully fleshed out characters. They fall in love jail. See they have kids they married divorce. Then they become real people like any other character. That story
Others have been sharing with us that for me, the transition that was most important right, the now make an even more happy who cares and that will now now you see more developed scientific characters in every ever everything everything. Yes, what's that cool man. This is very, very cool whether you go at a time in that statement at the jet fury, there's a question so writer answer we come back, will do more of the office hours segment of cosmic wearing, start startalk Cosmic Cosmic Neil Degrasse Tyson, is the office hours addition, which is just what we ve called
plasma, queries, Perry, Borri or latin gumbo. That was a good one. Galactic number not only We should take a fan vote to see what a carpet that idea led into the gumbo, but office hours is so natural and so minorities to hold office hours when was teaching. So is there any site it's like selling lemonade right, you not chasing after people ranchers there, that's funny either show up or you don't Youtube? I didn't know you taught to what I didn't no the course I did so. For years and years, that's gonna be weird. There are people out there who is like that. Guy used to be my tea. Yes, there that there's a larger set. There were out there four classes that I,
the aid for a teaching assistant academy, while your graduate student right and this thousands of students from that error, then afterwards then teach you I taught in astronomy- and some very must have been very good and I'll. Tell you why, because with the notoriety that you now hold, which has fame for for doing bad things, I don't know it's and ass. It has no regard these areas. We take something from notorious, I'm tellin! You, according to three vocabulary, word apparent sources. You are these can famous scientists of all time from three different, separate sources: you're this you're, the second most famous scientists in all of scientific history. Ok, the first and it is our lives like Copernicus and now in Galilee. Does your scientists are win? An einstein and fine men came to see even hawking can see. Yet you Democritus we're talking about America. They'll, hear me see you
all those people you just message you got read to know how to bring in a random said. I gotta tell you in a random flickered tv, so also too, in a random sampling. What's going to happen is whatever is the first person? since your head right, who going to say. Ok, I understand what you're saying like oh Einstein. Clearly I get it, but now, if you just want to stop somebody on the street the person Papa to their head. Is the person that their most familiar with most interfering right? And so, according to the to the surveys, its Carl Sagan you and then Stephen Hawking, yeah yeah sounds good for Carl Sagan than boys been dead for twenty years, and it is these till you gonna go, and you know what its exact goes to show the power of media Adele, because most p,
no Carl Sagan, because they know him from seeing him on television and seeing and wandered tonight. We seen him billions and billions of be who you you saw what I'm saying, as you have mortal eyes the turtle nobody work better. But what I'm saying is you have to have been a really great teacher and the reason is with being As notable as you are there, there would be a plethora of people on the internet guy yeah I had the guy's a teacher. It's I'm sorry he's fragrance thought you understand me. I would have no way come back in your fairy. There's no way you could be as ever present
in this it with the media presence that you have and have been a bad teacher, because it would be too many opportunities for people to go and social media to go on all different kinds of platforms and say I had that dude as a teacher he's not one and that's not out there at all. You had to be great. Ok. Well, that's the fight for those brilliant deductions. Still saying notorious means. You are famous for doing something: bad, ok, I know what those from will thank you for No, no! No! No! No! No! I'm sort of writing comes from notorious correct them, so tat now you're right, but now so That's great! You used to be a teacher they're, probably five or six thousand students out there who, in my former students, call a greater their homework in their exams and everything area that is so No, you didn't London's. I did not know tat. I wondered if I wonder if these people like kept their papers now I've got a plus
we are the grass tastes and I don't know that I signed them right away. You know you can sell cars at the map, see my preacher sign mine, but it was with a note. This please come and see me sorry about the programme must be done about just where the principal immediately, office hours? When I hear we got here, we go Jessica, Schaffner from Facebook and justice as this house. The average consumer of news, no, which sources are the most reliable, taking a step further, how can we find sources that are unbiased and reliable? So now. The only reason I ask that is because, as a sigh enters I'm but you have a a disciplined as I'll call it. For all information, because I know all scientists do so word yet,
yet so so aright. There's no way escaping this cake. If you want, to be if you want to be insulated from complete charlatans out there get reading websites that are either outright fake websites. They think are true, but if you knew anything the physical universe, he would know that they were not there's no other way around this science, literacy, isn't it calculation the claims made by others where they would be exploiting your ignorance of the laws of nature again two in their favour writing case. So so so your education, your base of education matters here, but of course many people, the catch. Twenty, two you wanna get educated from right, exactly okay, so so
in the days when you learn via books. They were editors at pub king houses and publishing houses had integrity. A bad stuff Zander right and you had to get through a copy editor. Content, editor final, editor, the editor in chief all early writings had these kinds of filters and I would take it on my pc, purposely taken to colleagues of mine who who give it a fresh look. I'm writing about science if it's their expertise, and I'm stepping a little bit out of my expertise they might have insights that I dont have so have to recognise the possibility that you could be wrong right. All timescale only then do you then seek out support. Your conflicting information that you then have to sift through all so I would say, short of curricula in the school system? Having A new branch called how to be
two net savvy. Why that's something we need right, which has not Their school system still views us as empty vessels. Were they pray open your head worrying information and understood? back up and say no go, go forth. A fourth go forth. Young Frankenstein I'll get Reagan. Steam steam never gets older, I heard the Duma steamed, so women you keep it out, but I'm going to stay ahead up and said you go forth so so in there The curriculum has to have added elements that debt Basically it is a bs detector right, baloney sandwich detective in there. You invoke you say all right, does. This website have something to gain by having me read their content.
They try to sell me something. Are they did that generally people who are highly educated art Less susceptible to things that would exploit ignorance when you're educated, less ignorance right. That's why there's a wider base from which to weigh exact a wider base of information from which to work you little better protected. So if you're gonna choose a website, I would lean towards. I would lean towards Don t. Do you websites, many universities? Whole courses are online. Look at that whole courses are online now on all manner of topics, get stuff, ok and Now. I dont know if you can be a don t. Do you obviously which stands for education side and then not be at an end? snow institution right, I don't know but check the track. Institutions right
especially the big ones. You see Berkeley MIT right, just a universal California system, the you don't university Minnesota, universes Chicago these, which places tend to have a lot of courses in a lot of professors were eager to put their stuff online at you I've brushed up on many a topic by looking at somebody's course, curriculum loud that they were teaching. So That is a great eggs. Never even consider that would be content then stay with the EU. Then look at political commentary, their bright look at the political science classes, Cavell be more likely to compare. Contrast right rather than try to get you to do one thing or another right. Ok, so You might say, oh, but wait a minute academic. Is a bastion of liberal whatever you might say that, but confuse, confuse knowing what is true with that which
but to be true conflicting with your political philosophy right. These are two different issues. Zactly, ok oh just want to make that clear. Ok, Lightning, royalist joy when you ok here we go next after dark. Comes up It usually dot, Org work right, ok, zooms are not works, for example, and things like that. Ok, that's fine outlets! I hit with lightning round Harry Bailey coming us too from Twitter, how ill prepared is earth foreign intergalactic spray swore such as India Ventures? What I'm pissed off the veto? my day superheroes would stop the crimson. In the street right make your life safer, exact, now doll just fighting each other? Just why why? Why come on earth to fight each other for somebody they implanted of you know best.
Because we have a better special effects. Now got a habit. We can't get a data had just fight in the street there, but now we can knock down whole building and that's what I was coming to me why you find in my city, you never see the vendors fight in Iowa love them and knocked down level they destroyed for corn field since crazy, like nobody Have you fight on some other damn planet? We do it in a Mojave desert, but stay at my street, so you got New York, so no, I will not prepared with direct them to the fightings fight somewhere. So I've been the siberian Tundra, whatever right. So not we're not prepared for this now carried out, go athlete fish from face. I would like to know if you can ask and eighty and extraterrestrial intelligence just three questions. What would they be one
Please help us save us from ourselves. Ok, that's question one one question too, pull out a periodic table of elements and a few other picked a graphic. Aspects of our scientific discovery, gay and say how does this man with what you guys are found in this universe, because if they speak any language, it's gonna be science and mass, not french or English even though the Bible was written in English right, if they so wish, your point of communication. We need to be something mathematical or scientific. Ok, contrary to what was part of the story message in the film arrival right within needed, an answer,
logical linguists is like nobody had, it would go down yeah. Ok, they flew eagerness patient floating over your thing right without what did getting hieroglyphics? That's ain't gonna be Eirik right. Science at work there right now, let's get that, let's get that figure at third question might be have they figured out the origin. Life and the end the origin of the meat was around before the universal. Nice is our biggest outstanding questions answered. I would do all right, I take him allege that became a bitter ass. We say what have you are lunch Ro Bar and see what more their more. What more they'll did. John, you guess what one. Last question: ok, guys Data be Ex nine wants to know this. Is sufficiently advanced. Tat is indistinguishable indistinct well from magic. What future tech will look
like magic to us today. That's too. So I can't answer that. But what I will answer is: let us take your smartphone, ok, ok, today, smartphone was magic eleven years ago. That's pretty true, you're! Ok, that's why why Oh, my gosh, you could do that if I grandma's house could work, it's got cheaply s in it for right my law might go? You have all Beethoven symphonies right there, the entire or every religious text in the world. Right there we take tumor spacious, delete it right. People would, I think, but what I would show Isaac Newton and what would make his head explode. So that is, I think, the best example that we have today that in our own lifetimes would. Been viewed as magic, just complete outright magic. Another one is, have you seen the extremely thin flat, but curved panel tv? Oh god? Yes, it's, like oh yeah,
like the sixteenth of an inch, I've got a beautiful, you look behind, you say: wizard ruin and I'm tellin us with how we work hard and had a hard Mohammed so ten years ago, that would have magic as we're lifting hundred pound fly panels trying to connect them onto ray of mounting brackets right so So I'd like thinking what today was magic ten years ago and there's a lot so yeah. I just, I think investments in sigh tech will keep that go on in my death bed. One of the things I will regret was not being alive just another ten years more to see what the neck
the next thing will be with the next thing will be sunk. We gotta call it acquits, ear, awry idea that check nice to have you man, always a pleasure. Thank you right take to come back from a rubber vacation of nine days. Wanna do it makes them you gotta, do not call in your next year. Next ruby, I come back to deal with it. Honey never come in how you ve been watching, perhaps but more actually listening to start our cosmic queries office hours, should I be your host Neil Degrasse Tyson until next time keep your head up wish. You could listen to startalk commercial, free, join Startalk Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio,
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