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Cosmic Queries: Potpourri Vol. 2

2017-05-26 | 🔗
Neil Tyson and first-time co-host Eddie Brill answer a potpourri of fan-submitted Cosmic Queries. Topics include alien communication, gravity assist, electromagnetism; "Blade Runner," "Interstellar" & "Arrival;" independent thinking, junk science, and more!NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now. This is start on. I'm your host, Neil, the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, and this is going to be a cosmic queries. Potpourri addition and I have a guest co host today, the one the only Eddie Brill Eddie, yes, dude, it's good to see it might be for each year. From like the the comedy firmament, I mean you, you go back you everywhere. You know everybody and, I said delight and a pleasure and honour to have you as my cut
for this very very nice of you- I've been at this game since I was in college and Emerson in nineteen seventies and has just been You know started me one of the kids in the class which cut up in class and they say what HU, a comedian, and then you get them out of Moldova funny stuff back with you. You know I was very shy. As a kid knows, a good student. I was actually a science in Math guy nice in school, and but you know, my stepfather died very young tonight, no, my stepmom that is our show and opposite. I really likes to short and I went sort of to do like broadcast end and I got some laughs at it. My kind of like that
and little by little I went to school to study, George Journalism and the first friends I met were Stephen Right and Denis Larry and Mario can tone. We formed a comedy group and then I stopped math and science. I stopped journalism meat we could have. We could have understood the the unified feel theory by today by today, except that you left you left yes, so it's my fault. You know comedies very mathematical, the writing of calmly. The writing of music is very mathematical, and I just liked getting laughs and I liked being creative much more than not much more in a different sense, but this so to summarizes comedy is a serious. Business is very true. So you ve got questions for me. I wish I haven't seen you ever. They were called from our internet base, its work, and I was like knowing who they come from, but something you know when Chuck does this, he can never pronounced their names.
And people write an incorrect, em and complain and laugh when I understand like the first, when I saw her the guy, I love that he used this name. It's J, J, Hinkel High, Miss Schmidt, talk, We don't want a play on words, and maybe his name is Billy Hinkel or not really. But here it really came out me because his name is so long and I worked hard to rob to memorize it, but he said suppose we mean aliens. How do we go about asking them which creatures from their planet taste good? So this guy not only is as a good night. Good question good question. Be a little odd. A little odd. I think. If aliens come to earth, that means their technology is vastly superior to ours. And it means there smarter than we are. They will be asking who among us, we will not have that power over them to even dare to ask such a question. They it'll be by
their grace of their will that they do not eat us and only enslave us or only put us in their zoo of creature, that they found in their journeys across the galaxy while there might be some of us had their snack bar? you know that might be of us did of us get really case we'll find out it's like to, the story of human hunting and gathering it for us is really just trial and error and the stuff it'll kill you you if you eat something and it killed. You gonna your genes to profit to the next generation, who would think the same way? so: evolution has a by natural selection has a way of tuning what it is the taste good and what it is. That does not that's interesting. What what do you think of those five planets that we Is it exciting in a way about lemme? Masking mostly, is it a place that we want to go to
yeah it was seven planets, seventy of which were anyway, don't really care for their three and the Goldilocks zone. So yeah, if you, if you are hedge emanistic, if you are you feel a bit of conqueror in you, yet others say I d, Are these lands in the name of the empire right because important humans do that for, for millennia, assured, It's not an interesting thing to do if no one's there and its a hostile environment and you would die if you tried to pitch tent who'd, how wanted any its you'll never find out of their tasty, records back. Let me get it while you might be hungry by then there's a friend of mine the a fan of fish, but it has a strong objection to ugly fiscal. You been areas before I did some ugly Jude but ugly fish, and so was what she said was is that your neighbours is Denise Gamble, as she said, you know, if you gonna be,
You gotta be ugly at least be tasty. Have some redeeming features about you? Otherwise is no point you ever having been born when it goes back to J J, Hinkel Homer permit going well, you know maybe it'll take the ugliest Anita, because we at least we're tasty. I would say with some other people right. What we have here is Kyle tooth. What would a truly invincible an immortal, immortal superhero experience as the universe reaches its final moments. Oh I like that interesting. I love that. So let me and people are viewed in otherwise. No. What the final moments of the universe will be. We are one way, expansion trip one way. I look at me a lunch. I have no. We call that the developing accretion disk. We have other vocation.
Thirty four, when your when your belt lot in the belt size is growing. So what we have is an expanding universe, that's getting cooler and cooler. You can measure the temperature of the university right now. It's three degrees on the absolute temperature scale is already very cool. Tat space is called. That's why I, but it still getting colder. So you know in a bit a few more billion years, we're gonna to drop another degree a trillion years. You start getting into the fractions of a degree. You start approaching absolute zero and so the death of the universe will an absolutely cold universe that has reached zero degrees. Now here's the problem, I don't mind if it just zero degrees, but what about the stuff? That's in the universe. Might you still have stars Oh, they will use up all their fuel and then Albert out and what happens to them? Then they will cool and come.
Two equilibrium with the cold temperature of the universe? What happens to orbits, there's energy contain an orbit. Orbits will decay and will lapse into one mass into the center all motion, all processes will cease. You're, an invincible superhero, but you require food, You need some place to get your energy, I don't care where all energy Vomiting in the universe, wines down, so even the sensible, superhero, hooting, presumably needs energy for their sustenance. Wind down and you will find them seated and dead in the corner, because I've got no energy to do anything anymore yeah. I guess there would be a hierarchy of hierarchy of of how people would die.
Zack what you know. That would be good if a superhero does mean you're, gonna live long, you'd be a mediocre superhero. You know that I got you no ice cream man prettier than it. Actually that might actually work in your favour. Yet so younger depends. On how sensitive you are to the flow of energy into your body. You'll be the first to die off if you didn't have that by the way. This scenario is what's they play out in zombie stories right, so zombies are dangerous. Because, though, each year or eat your brains, but don't eat the brains of the people who are running the power stations though eat the brain and the people are running. The farms so slowly there's the dismantling civilization and what we'd so take for granted that provides a sustenance is the one by One gets taken out if the farms go away than the cows go away now, there's no vegetation for them to eat, so your state goes away. First
Then all the vegetables go away and then you go away and then, as an earth wines down in but if you had a superhero they had infinite energy, then the around forever But there will be no one to save right or nothing to eat metal. When you are growing up. Did you have a superhero that you I wanted to be or idea? I did a little embarrassing But I do not. I get it I can take it. I wanted to be mighty mouse. Ah, here I come to save them. I just thought you can seeing opera and save a damsel and distress that was just. I just thought that was that was awesome enacting and I didn't think too hard about how little says not, must really tiny, and how do you actually lift up big buildings right, but back then I wasn't analyzing. The physics of it today the I would say: no, the mouse is not lifting the building, no matter how biggest We have to work out pretty hard work limit. A building for me was not superhero borders. More like I love the idea of the three wishes and to be the
any always ass. The third question to be- and I need two more questions than I do to reach Irene more wishes, and then I can infinite Tis, no gloomily, that's wised went to comedy infinitesimally one. It would be able to be able to have the favor of infinitely. Isn't it hasn't resigning rife in ITALY would be as many more as you need. That's why I need you here? Ok, I got your back. You did. I answer rant on that one day we save my front and back and now here's a question and a more unpicking this one out of a few, because a lot of them are asking the same general general idea for periods income from anywhere right unless smelly Popery this movement paper with his odd but because of our society. I know what we're going through. How can ordinary people distinguish true facts from alternative facts, especially if true ones- and I like this part of it- are not appealing. Oh yeah, yeah there's like four questions.
And have to be. I know them. That's an and, of course, the quite topical so that the way to answer that as I can see, what we do. A scientist ransacked by the way there are things that I can tell you that completely defy common sense. And I'm telling you their true, and I I might expect you to believe me, but if you dont I'd, have to, though go then find the evidence for it. So, for example, for me to say that particles pop in and out of existence you sign. It doesn't make any sense. Well, I've said many times the universe is under no obligation, to make sense to you. Especially when you're probing places regions, conditions of the universe at fall outside of your physical five senses than what's next rule in those environment is not natural in your life. So we have to be open to things that don't sit into what you expect to happen. So now what about truth? This is why I ain't one of the great powers of science is. There are certain things that are
people in this world, the laws of physics, the laws of optics, the laws of the quantum quantum physics, certain laws of chemicals biology. This is why knowing science is so important because it gives you a foul additional landscape, on which other people are trying to plant facts or false fact. And but I know how things are and how they operate, because I studied that you I'm gonna tell me something that is inconsistent with something I know to be true in the universe. Maybe the new discovery, and I want to know about it. Maybe it's not maybe it's fake news, maybe it's just a mistake. But I am now empowered to ask questions about it. You come to me with crystals, you wanna rub together and it can bring here he'll elements, so you have these crystals twice. Do I complete
we discounted knowing the physics I know I could, but that's equally as intellectually lazy as embracing everything you say what's harder is to pose the question and to know how to pose the question in this. We will not talk this in school, how to be curious about the natural world servicing. What are these crystals made of? Where did you find them? Are there manufactured, are they natural? What elements do they he'll? What is the evidence that the heel, these elements? How quickly does it he'll it? What is the mechanism and by the I'm you ve done the person's ran away they if their shores since they won't have believable answers to those questions, and in that way you can figure it out What is true and what is not simply by an intelligent sequence of questions that you pose upon it, because a lot of people will, you know, say. While this is fake news or if they don't agree with it,
and not just the president or his people, but a lot of people do then our society, and this is why the pot last part the question. It was really kind of cool for me, even if the true ones are not appealing, oh, yes, we ve got get over that. What exactly are the other many facts that are just the reality of the world? You can ask yourself the question. I think if you had the choice to know a truth that was unpleasant or instead you know a series of truth. There were unpleasant or lead a delusional life thinking, something that's true that isn't what would you choose, this kind of like the matrix rang, a red pillar, the blue pearl
I'd. Thinkin I value reality. I don't know I am I am in comedy. I will talk about this elopement earlier before we started and come to. The truth is the is the foundation and reality the foundations. Will you go from there and, in addition to that, its united upon casting in Finland of all places called we are not, Please you and I loved it, and it really changed my thinking in committee and had a park here saying I'm not here to please you to ask here that gets. The truth is the best way to be. Is a committee, because, if you have your perspective, you dont have to George Carlin taught me that he said it day can argue with your perspective, cause it's authentically right. That's the word its on venting. Where, if you I mean you don't have to agree, but if I you know, don't take you for granted,
or treat you poorly. Then, if I do treat you poorly of him being a responsible, but it's a comedian. This is how I feel you know like I talk about like. I don't believe this a devil, because I don't. I believe it where it's a fear based society and doing it having a devil would be. You know it's just foolish. I mean you know I'm not saying: there's no devil, there could be. I'm saying I dont believe. There's one and I believe, take three one of these people say: I know there ain't no haven't, but I pray there ain't, no, how right creator and know how do you know how I love was wet, and here I just saw them and they didn't have David Clayton Thomas unfortunately occur, but the fact is his fur for me as Ike are so I don't believe the devil, and so, if God create everything, why would you make a devil? He let go. I made this beautiful planet, with trees and mountains and ducks and and James Brown. But there is not enough. My light. Let me create some as so be who's gonna go against them. Thing, I've ever created and just to piss them, often when a force, four, where red jumpsuit, you know with a tale of horror
Is it always does and but you know ass a kid. I was taught that sex with the devil's work- and, I said, look- I know you ve had sex before, but it's fantastic so, but I believe There is a God, oh God, created sex, because what are we young or having sex, wrote the young so the w right on, go, oh god, because we're thanking the manufacturer in order for the governance. So back to the point that you know the truth, that should be the foundation and reality being the foundation. It's really picking up our comedy, but it's the same thing in science, the same thing, and rightly so, once in fact you're not fun, if you have not basing it on something, that's real? Otherwise, you you don't have me at all right. We have no common ground on which you can then take me unless you're so outraged this, because there are no rules in comedy if you're, just outrageous. That could be funny and consistent, but the best comics, the Carlton's, the Lily Tomlins, the priors. They were based in reality, so so
filling out a few seconds left in the segment. Ok, so limited round that out saying at the end of the day, it's It's not only. How much do you know about. Physical World, I also know, is something consistent with something else is a photo of me. Where I'm on stage- and it shows me holding up my middle finger. That's ok a new picture me doing that get out. It's just ask what I can Don't let me assert that my vocabulary, sufficiently large, that that will never be something I need to do, and so So this is a doctorate photo. I held my from just might index finger and someone flitted with the middle finger, and that's that but became a meme, and saying you should ask yourself is there. A way is is what this thing is consistent with all my expectations of what it is or use you so duped by others telling you what to think and how
I think that just feeding you anything you want- and this is a shout out for being an independent thinker of what ever pundit wants to have you say or think. It's beautiful! That's why we all want that's where we all want. We gotta take a bite You were listening to possibly watching star talk, cosmic queries with my: yes could have got no secret for you I'm gonna to consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one: and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free, you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here another commercial on star talk ever again, you will definitely not have to hear me sing if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying We're back where I got my dear sobered Eddie Brill Eddied bit around the block. Three ray over the river and through the woods, uremic grandma. So would you gonna projects now? What do you do when they got tons of things ever podcast called the break with any brilliant? I'm talking all Ellis comics like Noisy Esben, American. Stephen right and on and on and on its cause. You know all these people here, they're all come out for you come out for you. The Anna have a ton of great comets coming in. For that, so you got a sound clatter. I tunes and though the break with any browser breaks the break. RO, very nice and renounce about their childhood and that in their house. Well, who was the funniest than having? How would they
You know you're missing an opportunity to be a psychoanalyst and find out what is troubling these people who are professional comedian right and the truth is that we can come up with that. So we got question form a guy who I do and there, Sir there's some great questions and, like I said, a lot of them have to do with the fact. Checking and always got us up. Here's something different from Amanda good. Are their resources or resources management? Where are you from within the scientific community that we can use to help refute junk science, in public for less name kind of saying on a third, but I like this one, because you know there's a lot of people typing on Facebook and typing here. So let me just car I would junk? Science is its. It has a broad definition, but when it most commonly rears its head. It is something that looks smells like tastes like science, but it's not science and
We know when something is not science when, for example, your controls on the experiment were not properly conducted when you have certain funders that could influence what the outcome is and thereby have you abrogate your responsibilities as the dispassionate researcher there There are cases where there is only one result. And no secondary confirmation of that one result. Yet people gravitate to that when we look at the result they wanted. Only to find out that later, subsequent studies show that it was false, but they got suppressed in the media because they don't want to hear that risk all of this is science. There is not the service of advancing our understanding of the world, and so is there a tool kit too
to bear what you do, is you listen to that one result and then do some homework? There's some colleagues we'll scollard. You know bugging you yeah yeah, I did then TAT is a separate branch of Google. Is it's just I Google scholar, it'll, take you write their type in a topic or researchers name and it will find every published. So Tippit paper associated with that person and- say, there's more than one that you that one name shows up in more than one field you just add another key word to tighten down the list and you'll find out. Are these poor? the review journals or not or are the articles, and they wrote for the local thing and is being passed off as official science that you want to then hold office. Something that was a collaboration in an academic setting with peer review journals, So now there's no easy tool kit, it's always hard to show.
That of that tenacity and combined with the third of knowledge. We really want to get a free. They get it for free is like. Oh, my gosh. I wonder if that's true, that's it and combined with a third of knowledge that what we really want to get a free then get it for free is like. Oh, my gosh. I wonder if that's true That's an amazing result. Let me check. Even That is true. Nobody base might been pivot my life on what the person just said, which a lot of people do. When they find out that it's not true, sometimes I'll, even hold onto it, because they don't want to upset the foundation they ve created that false founded. What's this, I that this is our susceptibility in modern times, as I have said many times for the good thing about science. True, whether or not you believe in it, so that's one of the distinct features of science relative to practically anything else. We engage in politics and religion. Cultural had hegemony
and in all these other branches of human existence, you can develop a sort of a a full. Sophie of where you are better than others. Practically every religion says this right right that weird correct anyone else's fault essentially every religion says that said automobile said there a few exceptions, and so so that That means you are living in a belief system that rejects what does not agree with it and accepts what does that is not the way to find the actual truth so the world. So, if you're not interested in the truths, that's a different kind of country, but if you care about the truth, these are the foundations of the advance of civilization. If we, as we come to know it, you could you be a garden and all the flowers are why color, because it's it's basically is that same feeling in that same thing, and it has nothing to do with the color, but it's all the same color it it's not as beautiful as a garden and has different flowers in different colors in it
you ve been beautiful. While I was saying, oh, that's vs worth a garden, then you know it's funny where I was talking about about the truth. Is that that's basically in comedy and when to kid, I love playing cards are family. We didn't have a lot of money, so we play games all the time you had a lot of fun and we are talking about games, would be there's really I'm wondering play poker, repartee, no or anything. You lost money, good! Every penny poker was okay. We would wondering about the royalty her in the deck of cards. We know the king is the queen is, but that has then has existence based in historical truth. Yes but who the hell is the Jack. I don't ever member really about Jack Jack other than the Jackal Trade right, that's the one jack, but he's a different jack and Jack. We nimble jack. We quickly, but you know I am but Jack of England there's no redress, you know you there's never been adjourned ever been, and I was you know
but- and I was talking about this- I did it on stage under the doing on one of my first Letterman appearances and the day before Princess Diana fell to that horrible car accident, and I had to take the joke. Out of my set O fingers had world the queen's royalty, and I have to save it or another set, and I was so loved that joke and I and is more to it. You know like a if you know, if your the ten you must you probably pissed off. If you don't get the nice clothing rip, you know you, clubs, I, u they get these clubs off and on a robin and I like the one eyed bass, there was a kind of silly and funny, but I couldn't do it. Tv until later and again, but it was based on the truth and then you take it to another odd place and that's how that goes approach with the jack we accepted in the deck of cards cause. That's the only place we ve ever seen it, but if a jack started showing up
us where we would question it ironic, because yeah there's, no Jack honey, there's a jacket, the door. Echo are. I let's go on to some more mentioned to see. If anyone named Jack here is a funny. It's like super. It has held. There was Jack, Jack shit right, no gesture, I dont know him and you know, and there's ruthless that would be without Ruth Ruthless, ok, no, whether whose Ruth now all of a sudden, I would want to be clear voyage Jesus medical, you know you, you would think you'd see here come into and must not happen, ok here we got well, she truths truths. Truth truth. I couldn't believe you have three pages of up. There are so many of them, but nears a different one. What would be the first question? The scientific community ask an intelligent, intelligent, extra terrestrial visitor and the second part what major problem could they help us now, today, yeah, I don't think we give the same answer. We are we I have our little pet, Pat away,
is we would interact with the alien but I've given. This is stupid. Amount of embarrassingly apparent link? We already said that there's no embarrassing amount so for exam, Oh I've, I've tweeted as such that in the film arrival where they got a linguist and theoretical physicists, and they know no noise, not how you place now right You'll be a linguist aliens are a cultural linguist to aliens. I'm sorry, nor do you bring this medical physicist, I'm sure is a smart guy, but we aliens here please. So I would bring a cryptography whose specializes in decoding messages- and I bring an ashtray biologist of course, that really that's what I would bring. And so you would first set up a common vocabulary, but you would do so by referencing
things that you know we would have in common, and that would be science right. That would be science. You might show a lightning spark. You know what you call this. You know they would have seen it cause. It's it's moving electrons and they took us to get here. They must know something about electricity. Ok, you don't show them and apple. It's a! We call this an apple. Where do you call it? we don't have apples. I wonder what the hell you hold it up, so you we would show maybe the periodic table of elements. The organization of that It is surely universal literally the universal right. We abuse. The word universal here on earth. Miss universe. Excuse me right now: universal Ball joint. I worked on earth right now. You'll hurt me universes miss earth. Let's get over that, ok, so so, so I which I would take scientific iconography, displayed in front of them and then we would share common vocabulary. Then I'd ask them how far they ve gotten scientifically I'd want to know. I want to know I would
EL them that we were on the brink of destroying ourselves, because perhaps our conduct in our intellect was not at the same level as our scientific discoveries that we had to harness. What did they do to survive themselves? Can we, as is there, is there a play book that we can borrow from them? That's kind of the things I would ask them yet in the second part to that question. If I can find that again on this beautiful page, here is some: what major problem could they help us solve today Oh so yeah great, so I would say the energy, the energy problem. What how do they get the unlimited energy do they need do they have they figured out a way to suck She from a star at random, like that, the the modern death star right of ice that can suck energy out of a star and then destroy multiple planet all at once. You're, not a tweeted about that by the way, and people said, are why you put all this science on stalwart. It's just a fantasy
they can know. Had they know a little more science they could have improved their deaths. Are you can calculate energy there isn't a star if you contain at an then destroyed. You can just four thousand planet he's a thousand right? That's a lot of plant a lot of online one. We have one and we worry about round a thousand planet you could totally destroy. The force are right this will have nothing over on you? Have you taken out a thousand planets at a time? So if you can harness the energy of a host star, I'd like to know what methods tools and tactics they invoked for it so yeah, I would be asking survival questions now that when you go to a do you constantly take it apart, like you did arrival the other, not in a mean where or or or I have these thoughts, but I don't shared with about annoying in ILO to yourself myself only area. I'm thinking
when have without without good they do that they represent. That was good now, so here's my favorite compliment for film would be when they do so, thing that was based in good science was a topic we already discussed, but then has it has an extreme, innovative step beyond the science says it. While they really thought this went through kudos to them. For this new thing that they came up with what about- and I took a screenwriters class in one of the films they called the perfect film is in one of my favorites, his blade runner look at blade, runner film and if in the future, in the size, if I had any issues with played runner, that's a good one. I'm sure I had a couple of issues. What were perfect just in terms
set up and storytelling right, beginning middle and along the lines of the Republicans and how long they lasting and daddy. You know the character who look good, knew his own death and found out the death and how people live to a certain place and how they finished their life and still held on and wanted to live forever as humans. Do I've seen things tat, you never dreamed attack ships off the Belt Orion, something else something else all these are all this will be lost in time like tears in the rain.
Time to die. I think tat. I get that right, gotta chills it did. I want to make its my, I would say my third favorite navigator, nobody around till I get on your got. It was incredible rate and the dove leaves his hand. He write an ordered, rip it and there it is an issue that was great. That was chilling. Actually I was watching you do in going on my god he's good, we'll both if so. The point is in that you ve sympathise for him because he's kind of he's not your your warmest snug earliest of the replica and in the end Alderson he brings you into his fate and you can only shed a tier for him and then relate to because that's how we are as humans rights and whose replica who's not android nowadays and in those days now the line was very small Queen what wasn't want and that will only get very blurry going forward. I mean what do you see as the next short of human form, while I dont think human form is the goal. I think
in the old days. We would save the ideal. Robot will be indistinguishable from here. That implies that the who inform you smaller interesting, but we're not ever everything I believe it's come. If you wanted something that can drive a car the best you dont make a humanoid to drive a car, you should make a self driving Hocker Right, you want something they can run fast. We don't even replicate human bones in feed we just have them run on blades right, you see the blade runner the middle way blade olympic runners who who buy whatever misfortune, have no eggs their running on blades? And that is a bit a return on the energy of every step. Anything going on in the human physiology. So the human form, as far as I can see, is not going to be anything. Anyone wants to emulate unless you wanna, like a sex bought or so right. Well that you definitely want that
What are you talkin about meters already on the road, although we gotta take a break when we come back more with the one and only Edinburgh as my guest. You're watching lightweight. Quebec for the third and final segment of start cosmic with petty Eddie Grill. You, yes, yes, Darling Those? Today it's bought. You know I've enjoyed the work. I know it's a superior scenario of me to say You know you're the greatest you're, the greatest lots, but it I really have I've enjoyed you work for so many years, and you know as a kid I ain't person, you know I you know its edges thrills me to do that entered
again, a science in you is what you say will sign sympathiser I am. I gonna have incredible science teacher had once one go, the southern, Then he thought it was funny and he was talking to the elements he says. Well, you see your mouse, you caesium and then I went for when he dies you barium bear out I'll. Never forget it. We do know is eleven Graziers Human Burial Museum in barium. I see Since I ran around a questions there would he have ok potpourri, so these just and am from wherever people come up with him. Ok, man, Fredo ugly, long, very nice, I'm gonna chocolate, only mangled them. In my lab, we agreed on a more important than better than what is the maximum speed of gravity. Assist can get you second part of it. Could we gravity assist towards the speed of life? So great question so gravest is, is
widely misunderstood. So let me tell you what people think it is enough to say what it is and so a gravity assist generally, if you have enough energy fuel to pack into your rocket to get to its destination, either at all or quickly enough before you die one of the grey. Rules of being a scientist. Is your experiments should be finished before you die? That's not right. Anywhere but its built into the design of the experiment right. So, if you don't have enough fuel sneak up behind a planet, you will fall towards the planet. Gains speed and then you're slingshot out on the other side and you'll have more energy coming the other side than when you fell in and you can do this leaves famous Voyager spacecraft.
Back in the seventies and eighties, they did this multiple times, and so they had that was required to give it the energy we wanted for it for it to escape the solar system, forever, so he had. We gave it enough. Energy is never coming back at that achieved, escape velocity, not speed white, but isn't ragged philosophy. So the way this works is if the object is just sitting there and you drops towards it and its skims the outer edge and continues at the other side, that is a symmetric diagram. You will see you're not forming in and you'll slowdown, climbing back out who gain any additional speed for having done so. So that's. Why appear? Gravity assist, as I have just described in that moment, will not work the reason why actual gravity assist work into because the planet is in orbit around the star and you sneak up.
Behind the planet, you will accelerate towards a planet because the planet's gravity, but because the plant is in motion, you pick up the orbital speed of the planet, In addition to yours me, so you speed up and slow down going in and out, but you left off with a net extra speed. The speed of the speed of the speed of the planet in orbit around the house too dark. So in fact, you have stolen a little bit of orbital energy of that planet. Stolen it that's great out of Europe. Are you baseball fan and all a bit? The ok go, there's a thing that costly comes up where if a guy is running to first, if he slides into first, they say it takes him longer to do that, as we just ran through to try to write to the base quicker right, because every time you
we're not in contact with the ground. You are not moving as fast as you would for having done so so, in other words, if I yet so, there's the front slide in a back solicitor fronts like all your momentum is forward. Looking at the moment you stop touching the ground and just leaning forward. Ok, your body! still has to go that distance, ok, so you're. So so now that the value of a side is, of course not if they have to like well first base, they dont have the tag you right, but fair fatigue is harder slide. You of your close to the ground, investing
then up my chest level so generally, that's why you're fighting it harder to be too to be out, but if you ever not it not in touch with the with the ground. Note you or not is chopped moving as fast as possible, as this is the first base question what you don't have to be so not a tag question when I write right yeah, so you steps are the most important thing that you could be taking yet seems to make them a sense. Don't camera night, let's move on here! This is a very interesting question. Adam Reimer, I do think the early experimenters and discovery of the properties of Electromagnetism miss the opportunity to announce they had discovered magic and, of course, the second part it can levitate illuminates disintegrate, ignite, remotely cause motion, etc. So I love that, because you know what I think about all the time. Suppose we physicists didn't tell anyone
how and why the laws of physics work. We justice, we just performed them, and we said it's because we have powers. If we do that, we would be running the world. People would be genuflect thing as they walked by us. People would be bringing chickens from their former people would be dragging that we don't incinerate them with our anti matter device. The fact is the people who are doing their research into magnetism electromagnetism. More broadly, they tend to be educators, academicians
not charlatans, and so only if your charlatan will you not tell someone how something works, pretend you have the power and then you have the power over that person. That is diabolical. So it is incumbent upon the educated, educators class. If you can call it, that is to say exactly what it is we're doing and why and then it's not mysterious you could do it to you be a physicist. You could probe the operations of nature as we do so I in what way in what way What do you want? You want an example, so so I can take to clear liquids put them together and they make a blue liquid. That's kind of mysterious right round There are two other liquors and makes a replica I put to liquids. Let me make a solid supporting them together. I could take something a dutch squeeze it and then it freezes
right in front of your eyes? You can put your hand on a Van de Graf generated. Remember those those big silver balls. Yet we put your hand on your hair stands on end. I can have a secret one. Oh the desk and you hand me a fluorescent light bulb and I grab my hand around it and it will light up under my hand. I gotcha, ok, because the charges are within me. They go into the phosphorus, they excite the phosphorus Gus I have powers? And you don't so, but I explain them and therefore you don't come running to me thinking I'm you're you're you're demigod for having these You say what book did you learn this out of? I want to be able to do that to so, yet that we could have in magicians or charlatans, isn't a comedian. I'm sorry to interrupt me off, meaning you see some of them and you go Mohammed that trick cost at the store, because you know it's a trick and how did they pull that off
and you start doing, and then there were people like Pinon Teller who would break it down, for you show you how they did it, but there many people believe in magic believe that the charlatans can create yacht. So that's that's an education issue right there and a rather than beaten adults over the head cook, not their fault, they were an educator of blindness, bows do whatever. I think we should have to rethink case who twelve and what has taught what science is. Why works for me, science is vaccine against charlatans. It enables you to know when someone is full of shit and when they're not that's power, its power protection for yourself, so you will not be exploited by those who do not have your best interests in mind. I think it best interests in mind. You know things are chain You know what the EPA with the public schools, evaluation and the but other knocked down of science for reason. There's a reason there has to be a reason
and that's really about making more money? How does it affect you and how is that for you to move ahead in this new world because to these people that they have a plan, while you make money temporarily, but in the long term plan will just fail, will fail miserably. We'll have to pick ourselves up from the bottom of the world's rankings. Answer ants math technology, economic strength, because the Engines of tomorrow's commie will be driven by innovations in today's science and technology so yeah? It's again, people dont know how to think about what role sign has played, is playing and will continue to play in their lives. That's unfortunate, but it's like a dead end of. When you see people running in the streets go and all I
would move means known, rarely happen through gonna, lightning round. Ok! So now you ve read the question fast and I answer fast Yom. Anyone get in unless three minutes. Ok, let's see what you get hurt men's. Why not reach out to I'm scared for the planet because it seems like we have been making all of these forward movements known rarely happen. We're gonna, lightning round. Ok! So now you ve read the question fast and I answered. Oh yeah, I'm anyone get in unless three minutes. Ok, let's see what you get a curt means one. Reach out to alien life? They may annihilate us lately. We when listening to see if they're out there with our radio telescopes, we could send active signals effect. We already have it's called the radio, of all, which is a history of all of our a vision in radio communication leaking from earth moving at the speed of light washing over. Already known, Exo planets that have been discovered, so our earliest emissaries are going to be early episode
I was Lucy Honeymooners and Howdy Duty, the sort of thing, and why would they successful because There was nonverbal as well as verbal and that's what science place to me in a part in the world there. Is that part where we talk about things, but as the actual the non verbal, and you say if aliens, if the aliens first understanding of humans is Howdy Duty. I don't know what that means. I just network, early images of warfare that were broadcast the wonder what kind of evil violent violent, but people these are so so yeah we could what maybe we should pay we send a signal that kinder to just getting seventy eighty years, a previous signals before we even knew what the hell we were doing. We descended to our children
What are Ya Tony Williams? Do you ever get annoyed that the superheroes don't do much to help so high in such as green lantern could retrieving asteroid and placed in a desert Neil help Superman, so there is at least one favour. So, yes, I get a little frustrated because their problems they could solve that would preclude the daily problems that they encounter so that you can get to the bottom of society's problems rather than finding the criminal after it's too late. Now, I put him in jail. Their weight you can fix. The educational system you can fix is a lot of things. Superheroes could do that they're. Not doing so yeah. Give me some time at superheroes, a brain his guests and see what we can do. What we can do you mean other one would not make a Sandra. I still don't understand why speed of time was different on the water planet, then, on the spacecraft interstellar, oh, ok, good! So so it's simply has to do with how strong. Oh, I shoot. Ok, so the spacecraft was orbiting far enough away from the planet and the black.
Or to have a very different rate of time progress so as you descent towards the black hole which they did to get to the water planet, time slow down for them. The strength of gravity slows down the passage of time and, as you get closer to the surface of the black hole, you use your tango, slower and slower and slower, and they were much farther away in their spacecraft. Had this may have just been orbiting the planet right they would have at about the same time They would had about the same passage a time so with the gravity assist. You could do this for as many planets as you can. You just keep boosting your speed again, you adding it to your speed. Principle. You could just keep doing this and I suppose you can possibly one day come near the speed of light which is taken. Very long time, adding up one planets, orbital speed plus other, just take a really long time. By the way
If you will be really really fast, it'll be harder for you to navigate to come near another planet, to get its orbital speed and, at that point just go on sound sale, you ve got to spam zero come saying. I think us all the time we have now Eddie but found beauty What to see you you remind me: we met some ten fifteen years ago, right and private on Jim you, you did a private gig that I was in the audience and I had loved your work in the. Why I just have a soft spot for wherever I see him, because you guys carry the soul of our culture and the public to say where the true tellers, where the last people who can tell the truth, because there's so much political correctness in the world and it's really a shame. People have to be careful about what they say, instead of really being passionate, and the word used earlier. Authors. Often take you got it any good. At my play, you ve been listening to start talk. Radio, I've been your host near the grass Thyssen and this addition, cosmic wary,
we ve had any real, as my desktop requiring has always as always wish. You'd listen to star talk, commercial, free, joint start talking, patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk. Radio
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