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Cosmic Queries: Primate Evolution

2014-10-19 | 🔗
Paleoanthropologist Dr. Ian Tattersall is back to help Neil deGrasse Tyson and Eugene Mirman answer fan questions about where primates came from, and where we’re going.Read more and listen to the full show at: http://www.startalkradio.net/show/cosmic-queries-primate-evolution

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This is starting to feel the grass Thyssen. Your personal astrophysicist Institute is Eugene Murmur, Eugene if you're funny Guy Eugenie, but thank you ever tell you I've. I've heard it occasionally mostly Some people on a couple of your extremely knowledgeable as well as likeable couple people on the web. The today we're doing cosmic queries. Cosmic worries, the aimed to evolution. Yeah evolution now stars evolve. The universe evolves, but that's generally not what people gonna be asking us about now. So I do not want to do this alone. I gotta go I'll, get back up on this. So I come the halls of the American Museum of Natural history and found one of its leading evolution experts
and he's a paleo evolutionary about Paleo, Anthropology Valeo Anthropology, something like that direct at sea and terrorism in by welcome to start island and thanks for joining us for our planet. The eight show that good to have you on there I was fond, and now we can take it to a new place, aligning our evolution in humans and all the like in your written twenty books in your life. Would you start when you were six now I've just been on a catch up for the last thirty years, around twenty books and your latest one how we became human but was at how do I get that right? The latest turning publish was called masses of the planet about how we became human trying to explain how the here, species emerged, how we emerged. Ok, I'm asking questions That is we go on, but what we do for cosmic queries is we solicit questions from our fan base, its twitter and Facebook, and wherever else an hour and our website and I've, never seen the questions and certainly
Seeing the question: do you Jeanne? You have plucked these from the ether I have go for it all right if I met a man, awake wants to know. If human evolved from monkeys. Why are there still monkeys? It's a classic creation, IST argument Bobby Block anyway? Why are there still monkeys of humiliating envies and we gotcha their em? Well, humans didn't evolve from on case otherwise is perfectly correct. We have a common ancestor, about thirty million years ago monkey went their way and we went out and then some like ten or twelve millennia. Ago, the the orangutan when its own way- and we, continued on our way, along with the ancestor of the apes of the other apes right, an eventually differentiated about seven million years ago. So, what's the last eight we spent weeks put from the last night, we split from us, the common ancestor of the bonobo Andy
chimpanzee, oh no, and then they were like we're. Gonna be awesome. Chimpanzees and we were like will be people basically a basically, I don't wanna. Why didn't those chimps realize it's much more fun to be people? Maybe it isn't. It is. There would be actually a lot more fun to be a chimpanzee if no one any people around now that western man, but given that there are doubly more fun to be a person right now. I would say that the advantage is with us for now. We only have ourselves to blame at least, but we saw the movie. It's only just for now that the advantages human, its room next, one huge, alright, let's Elliot once the new beyond natural selection? We also have artificial selection, such as what we ve been doing to dogs for centuries. The selective breeding do the same as
evolution faster or not at all, and if it does cause evolution faster, could we possibly selectively breed chimps until they reach intelligence? Who here? Why are we doing to chance what we're doing yeah, creating sooner chimps, though we can murder us We already have ourselves and that I think, that's probably enough for us to have to deal with right there. Why you would want to who turn a chimpanzee and human being one human beings already out there really messing up the world Ike arise between buying a cake and making a k a you. Gonna see the phone while, I suppose, no one concerning ship to humans returning chimps into small chimps yeah turning chimps in a smart chimps Ino people have been trying to do things too, two to two to teach chimpanzees language turns out. The chimpanzees can learn a lot of sign. Taken, manipulate symbols in their minds. They gonna had them
up anyway, but they just don't. Don't They don't mumbling manipulate information. The way we were we, they are another way of why we're in and neither are wolves, cuddly lap creatures, but we turn them into. We turn old into curly city dogs that sit on your lap during dinner. We so why can't? Why aren't we doing that two other animals to chimps too? You know, I think dogs, basically domesticated us in our dogs Bugs dogs are basically the year the victim. Of their own, their own personal kind of relationship with human beings, chimpanzees, on that way, meeting dogs. This They include easier if they just hung out with us, then hunted and didn't bite us and didn't bite assess. Basically, a ships will agree a food easier if we stay away from people exactly next question right.
Everyone wants to know who you are you do your best to pronounce these people's names. I don't I'm not sure You pronounce the lead of run a cop. A feeling. I am our. I I mean it. I'm just J e F, F, P lad wants to know. Do you think it's appropriate to say that our technological advancements are potter part of our evolutionary path? Did we change or cheat evolution by enhancing our lives with technology, or is the mere fact that we are able to invent that technology, a part of our evolution with their wits and aiming at eleven onwards? add on this, but we we are humans. We are fleshy things and we create skyscrapers and subways and airplanes and spaceships. So that's our world, I think the airline- has a really good observation here, and I think that basically we have a long history of biological evolution, but I think right now only action is on
Cultural level is on the technological level. I don't think we're going anywhere as biological creatures. Boy we're having a hard time keeping up with our own technology. Ever we get people in a lab stirring our genome wise, and I just read on the next headline: hidden stir but the genome, all you want, but you need to keep it into a separate inside a separate population. I mean I, u can get into some pretty morally hazardous scenario, which are seen as you can rest with the G8 put him on an island and let that gene propagate. But this was an immoral experiment. Ireland, Spain, fact like the truth and your gas network, where we got like thirty seconds, yeah. Well, Philip voracity has This technology effect or hinder evolution since we ass a species are able to protect our week. Who may I host great question, yet we were poor people who, the wise died out on the Serengeti. We gave alive so there what's up with that yeah. I think. Basically,
We have no time when we come back to start off we're going to find out morality of keeping weak people alive when we return to start operating, Guy. This is starter, start work, cosmic queries, Eugene folks were being european tax. My friend and colleague, world famous monkey yeah. Maybe guy
paleo and repulsive. Draw me a layman. Guy, limited studies. We shouldn't know everything we know about. Lemurs is from the movie Madagascar. Thus, just so you know, everything he does everything and I would even seen the movie this week. We we had a cliffhanger hear me so a fillip besides, basically like. Why do we keep the weak people? And yet so we fearing with evolution by bringing the miracles of modern medicine to keep. Alive that would otherwise be dead or enable people to procreate. Who would have otherwise been imminent? Well, you know us. As were able to do it and were able to afford to do it. What difference is gonna make weaken compensate for some basic biological problems were rising above the limits of biological evolution and as soon as we cease to be able to do that, selection will like overrun, the will go back to the status quo, yeah, that's it.
Pretty strong. As a result of those people might end up being really great musicians. You never know it's worth. It is true, as hooker Thank you in autumn Cedric Lunch. You to know that you have a last name will be nothing goes by you yet every available. Frederick prominently. Ok go Cedric of relay probably wants to know. Do you think that the evolution of technology is a continuation of our biological evolution? That is another really good question. Yes, It is in a sense, because its biologically enabled I think, I'll buy A general evolution as long as we're a huge population like we oughta day, is not going anywhere, but you can see angel around you, wanna technological sight, seeing- and this is where the action is gonna, be in future. Ok, just to be clear when you said we're all here together, there is a deep implication: there
we're not spawning branches of ourselves that could in species differently we're all interbreeding. So we're we're in this together in the same sandbox totally that America characters absolute so because of that, what what? What can we do for ourselves? We now evolve our technology, exactly ok, cool coup in the knock on a map, Fernando Sores, once the no in current human populations are clear. Selection pressure is the Renault Sores with what's her name, say. Wait? What reasoning right there Fernando source? Ok, look just like! Maybe some accident. I know a guy Fernando request go what's this question, so I knew how would you I did so our curious of interesting, ok, how much source showed for sorts you may UK, but I've got
I'm pretty sure it's from virtually at anyone here, frontiers inherit anyway, in current human populations, the clear selection pressure is observed for certain GEO type GINO types over others. Most people can leave offspring. How will this affect human evolution while ass Just saying? I think it means that we're not going anywhere biologically that essentially the where we are static, biologically until demographic circumstances change but meanwhile, as a lot going on in the cultural sphere to keep us amused, sear saying the excellent franchises and totally realistic, totally realistic oil right, so it what it says, because we all Inter breed and we have airplanes today. All around the world. The next timely that's why we made aeroplanes to fly around, have exact we don't want. There is no branch. The human species unmated with things look at this as soon as we have the airplane
everything possible happen again exactly, but also spread disease faster and absolutely a jet speed by, but so it means if we species it's gonna, be because we sent colonies to Mars or on generational ships to other star systems. Will you know, got a likeness because I think yes spit. Theoretically, you could send a collie in their mouths, which was small and genetically unstable, could incorporate. Innovations am could species, but they be so far away that they would have no relish So tall to what was going on earth, what do you mean they would Ours is a long way away yeah, but what if they came back, that's no different from Australia breaking away from its other mother continent. An imprint generating reared marsupial creature that you'll find anywhere else on earth same difference, yet
we weren't around to see those strange marsupials either until, of course, the average Australians got there and made them all extinct in hurry. The fact is that we here on earth, and we are on this planet and what else you say we're all in it together you send out a call in a mosque. It's so far away. That's what they said about Australia, Australia, so in a hundred years is a wormhole. I go I to Mars for lunch as not convey when we took when Mars, when you can get to Moscow lunch that will change the rules but right now, how long does it take to get some
water. How long it fast this nine months is nine months. You could totally go there and have sex. In fact, if you exploited advocated much else to do on the way there it's you could bring backtracks. If you bring video key grass Nick Mills wants to know well what species do you think Eugene Merman evolved from GM think they may still eggs? This can evolve into more Eugene Mermands in the distant future. Well, it's not that I don't even have a quite. For you, Jane murmured, yeah, but less think of this here is a comedy guy. He wrote as his college thesis on comedy so the irish anybody anything now we're gonna do to do that, and so is, if he marries alike, a comedian and they have offspring. What it is is the I'm so randomize of all that this is the case.
Experiments are not interested in your genome is totally unpredictable united like they they. The lady who came up to George Bernard Shaw, said we should get together with my beauty and your brains. It'll be fine, be great, and then he said well what about? If the offspring gains gets, your brains and my beauty. You never know where all this stuff is going right anyway. I'm very special so think again, straight wants to know. I've heard some tribes of primates go to war with other tribes. Some have invented spears and slings. Do we have any knowing how long it might take them to move up to more advanced instruments of war. I like to think of that question, as they ve got something. Does the next generation of chips see that improve upon it. The way we do in our libraries and our shared information, while there are no other primates with spears and thus flings for stock, so bills, I as a little wrong. What's what what some chimpanzees do is primary, so we're primates and we are
this means we are, but they don't have a. We are the only primates that do ok, so the rest of the primates. Don't never had spears and slings, not ok, ok, ok and whence they don't have spears, because they can throw s interesting chimpanzees, for example, Ape God they have elbow. I mean sorry, I shoulda giants, which sort of aim upwards, although they actually throw fully accurately or that controls something in your direction and it'll pretty much land in your direction. I control very hard there very strong, but they can throw things very hard. Even with long or of it. We'd never make a good in mud, major adventure, horrible pitch and much more money around much better to punch, not caught him. Our much better punchers are our eye spike MIKE once the no can different species of apes Inter breed and if so, whether offspring be for a time, I am asking because I worry about the Bush family alpha. I wanted it as they are asking for a friend
the different species. Basely can different species of apes enter breed. We all have things we worry about the basically it's different species of apes today do not in red, Kenny nobody has tried. Nobody knows, I think, I'm not sure if any boys tried the breeding ground they were the ones we chimpanzees are, they might have been. Bread in the old days, in no way before that it was recognised that they were different. Fangs ensues by non. Don't know about that. That would scramble the genome at that point, and it was the damaging momentum in and a minor way that that the thing is wood which would and our spring be fully functional with with either parental group and a question as we got no idea. Ok are the answer is rather interesting, so you have two different species: they'd have offspring and it's a question whether that offspring could make back with either
one of the branches young illegally. Could there be incompatible at many many different levels? He might not be able to form an embryo, for example, or you could bring the embryo, determine it wouldn't leave or it could be. I could live to adulthood and not be fertile a lot of genetic landmines in area? Interesting, ok, thirty! Second, those you get another question and if you want to know, wants to know shouldn't other primates have rights, ok, they're, so almost human should why don't we allow them vote there or better, yet have an attorney? Why dont monkeys that more at her name's have more attorneys their return? Isa believed that IP should observe the attorneys very opportunistic, but if they need they, they need human beings to represent them in any kind of human environment, and so it's pretty hopeless when we come back more of cars
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Breathing space inside it down to earth, you're listening to start a baby we're about to start talk, radios, cosmic queries, Dana use that shouldn't other primates have rights, but they partially do actually write to the headlights different from other animals legislation and various countries protecting animals. Other primates, for example, this legislation in this country, which has just decree that they that chimpanzee they should no longer be used in medical experimentation and so on. So yes, in a sense, they have rights. But rights is a is a human notion and rights what humans give other animals.
Rather than brain, something inherent for them. Go out. Look just. To paraphrase what you said in the rights we give. Chimps is laws that prevent us from killing them. You have that right, so we can give them that right, but we can't give them the right to happiness, Laura Mountain you could give them a right to it to a decent existence. If this was your judgment, it would be a wonderful thing to do, but you can give them rights to things that they cannot themselves conceive off right like two to enjoy the metaphysical works Marcel Proust or something around I'll. Let you can't do that, but they wouldn't you really be able to enjoy even a shorter book. Think this approach, I predatory, get into curious George you're. Not that would be that the timing, the Beatles, but planning and enable might is right, not everything legitimately they like the monkeys of course, but they might
Human beings are the bullies on the block yeah next question: ok, Matt Ellie, wants to know Arthur, seek lark wrote of primates in space to help with tasks. Do you see some primates, possibly evolving with humans? One day to make a home in interplanetary or multi play Terry cohabitation? I don't like to answer this one under the media I over here, but in fact much all. Only the roles at a need in space, a much better done by instruments and robots anyway than the right by human being. Maybe I wrote them where they perform robotics was really had really I even now we don't have monkeys right now doing like doing traffic start doing any fur. Yes, I feel like the sailor. I don't we wouldn't fly them into space. I bet it happen. Our bogan wrote that after ham flew and yet if you know what those early chimps now in the early space age, because they you train them, they hit some buttons, ensure me
That was his concept of events. Were I already had a head buttons while they were not so Maybe I don't know I was in it. That's what I thought that there were some return on and they'd have to react really, but because they are their bravery. Acting under conditions that are human would then have to react on yonder just checking, but I think you're right we're way ass, that yeah exactly, but he doesn't know it format knowledge. I vetoes note Arthur. She Clark, didn't know it at the time he pose the question I nursed. Ok Alfred's see once anew in rise of the planet of the aid. The primates are exposed to a drug which increases their intelligence, allowing them to be more creative and even speak like humans. In order for this boosted intelligence to pass on to offspring, wouldn't the drug have to effect change the primates dna. Is it possible for a drug to alter dna well. This is true in its let there are lots of trying to create a true you ve heard it here on stock day ago, I'm gonna start taking Alzheimer's,
Medicine Amara. There's lots of drugs out there that will damage your dna brought over. A thousand mile below will have this particular effect on your DNS way, but there are drugs, so you could, with drugs, alter effect DNA theoretically eyes. I suppose you could provide so would alter your dna such that you could reproduce without alteration I wouldn't be nice to local set of change genes in your body. Look me no. This does there is your dna is the fragile molecule being damaged all time by everything cosmic rays by every you know you Lou name, a fantastic. Our is realistic right, so it's real as an oil? A spider man could really certainly hope to damage your dna. So it's easy to damage the enable hard to become superhuman. I would think so, though, well can't have everything. Ok, Johnny Anderson wants to know. Why did humans acquire thumbs through evolution and monkeys were never
able to and is having a possible thumbs. The reason why our dna is two percent different than a monkeys. Dna might think I've recoverable firms, don't think monkeys have a possible thumbs, but then Johnny Undersized, as laid out in the in the very precise way that that that are thumbs are proposal, there are even others can do. He and his right now tapping eat finger vs, so they can't hold a gun, but they could maybe hold Iraq or I logged they hold among a cop. I have the power grip and little occur. Our closest relatives, the apes, their hands, a law that long and thin they access of the hand, goes straight up the arm I hands a totally different stubby things are the access of. I am goes across the palm and it's a different kind of a hand, and it can do different things, Miller furtively in it, something that just happened in all lineage and didn't
but any lineages leaving the monkeys o or away so what? So? What is the problem with that? The monkeys don't ever space program that their hands can't build things or that they're not smart enough to do so. It's an amazing thing that we actually have brains. I want us to go into space at the same time as we have hands and allow us to look for work. You want to go into space, they just don't thumbs, for it is a little monkeys. Wanna go into space, I'm going. I owe you show me a monkey. That's really anxious to go into slightly Adriano Yonder hadn't been incisive ones about Sunday, involuntarily by the Soviets, the nineteen fifty right. How do you know was involuntary part? I think I think there was an episode of strong obviate unanimity is follow up that say they have accurate agriculturist you're. There was an episode accusers where he went into space are pretty to draw a monkey. The good ones do a disgrace. That's what's that you get do that where we come back more startup cosmic queries, Evelyn
In addition, sages ourselves as well, unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. This You say that you have addressed Thyssen in studio, Eugene Merman and my friend and colleague the entire saw expert on apes and monkeys and lemurs and stuff like that, that's on your business card is provided business got. It probably would be
His first lemurs first and I like it, said everything I know about lemurs from the movie Madagascar, so I hope you probably for that time. I tried, I know, probably even less so cosmic worries evolution addition go for it. Ok, Anthony Kelly, wants to know what worthy influences, inhuman, evolutionary history that enabled us to debate intelligence in an ability to use tools and control environments in such amazing way. There. What's up with that, and I you know them no Nobel Prize in Pelion Anthropology, but it was one whoever could answer this question, especially briefly, would probably when it s so far long story of seven million years of of evolutionary change, leading from something there was probably like a chimpanzee to something that ah no we see around us today, and a lot happen and in the short time I don't even know where to start. Well, let me ask you this year, that seven million years and we go from whatever we were to what we
Now, in another, seven million years, can we somehow selectively breed ourselves or take chemicals or stir our genome to become even smarter, eyeing s unlikely the the fact is that evolution occur, evolution, Inch occurs mostly in very small populations. Smaller populations are genetically unstable. New things can become incorporated and like, if you say, ended a branch of humans honour on on an island or continent and no one in a breeds with them for millions of years, Right, well, I don't know how long we don't know how long it would take, but in principle, yes, if you have a small population on an island, it's almost certainly going to incorporate evolutionary novelties, because these novelties keep on spontaneous at your hearing big eyes of spontaneous changes in a dynamic. You don't see humans of significant we won't have wings and say thirty to fifty years.
A military thirty to fifty years, but the fact is that we are now this gigantic population worldwide. That meals already talked about and dumb in a population. This size is practically and concern about? You could have the fixation with any meaningful new kind of biological adaptation? I got a question. I got a question: we have so much dna in common with all the other wise starting with chimpanzees going down the list. Presumably we have certain we're vertebrates, so we have dna income with all vertebrates at some level correct. You go sixty percent, your dna in common with the banana with a banana really. So there's a. Why am I not as delicious, why are united on hearing it actually take it? That is analysis as large as Europeans. So can I get some proper come
very good, very good. I grant you that was so in what I ask is can't you just go into our genome wicked, switch that in excites or turns honour off. So whatever combination necessary to have your offspring have Arms have become wings yet or have or people. If it's all there, if you knew what to do, you have to do in seven billion people I will be happy with five people with wings and for that we're waiting. Where would you tell me what? Where would you keep? Where would I be forbidden? I was gonna turn people. Now, I'm a little we found out recently. It was possible drive one person befalling lawyers or what you honestly, what are they have
in Burma has so many nobody wants to turn their offspring into bananas. I want and I would force the if their tests, so even in the old days we computers and it was cold dip switches where you can change their parameter of the calculation right. If you old enough to remember that, so if such switches exist in our genes is not that you have, you don't have the gene, the gene is manifested or not manifested in its operation within you. So in principle, let's turn on the Gina. Can regenerate limbs there as newts? Do, let's just you know: newts got that, and and and here we are thinking where evolved in some special way, and we can't do stuff that other animals can do. You know you don't have a technology to do that. I now have to worry about this on this one down the line, but right now you will, you can repair genes, you can insert genes, he can do
sort of things, but you're not gonna, get a separate population going on its own evolutionary trajectory without isolating it somehow, and that would be probably unacceptable to the majority of people. Yes, let's not in slave of banana people are not fulfilled. Make them. You have wings and annoying lemme until they never. I want on flying, but ere. I wanted. I want I kind of one flag, but I'm going to see how we could do that, I'm not in order. I rose. We really have solved a lot of stuff here, could rely people but he did it would regrow another banana. Did we only get to one percent of going into saying it alright, but it was a long solidly. Westren bananas need help. Start talk, radio, the evolution edition of cosmic worries when we, when we come back it'll, be the lightning round.
On evolution the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal? This is start.
We're back for the last segment of cosmic worries. Evolution addition New Eugene across the table for me and the UN is our expert on Evolution Eugene. Yet one last question: before did the lightning? Well, what is it? Yes? Here's a question: what is Doctor Tattersall opinion on the theory that neanderthals slowly died off because of competition with almost sapiens competition? That would be a competence for food or they just slaughtered cubby combination. Food could be competition for us, space. It could be competition for anything, but I believe that any chimpanzee will tell you that homo sapiens is bad news and I'm pretty sure that any Neanderthal would have told you the same things so the Crow Magnin. I guess we were ones there.
Kept going after then, the neanderthals we're living in Europe and Western Asia until about forty thousand years ago, when all by them, mind in their own business until homo sapiens showed up within ten thousand years, they are completely gone. Their guns was not a coincidence and my view, so they ve they weren't just cross bread and we lost the species distinction they're, just they died basis, yes. I think that may have been a bit of pleistocene hanky panky, going on there the latest genomics data seems to indicate a slight amount of interchange of gene As all that I like them, it was hard at anymore the place to seen hanky panky yeah. That's I hope one of your books is called. Let you know that's a brilliant idea that a free and I, where it says that I saw stories- should think they they waged war waging war, I Now we have no, you ever saw what, but I can
Imagine knowing our homo sapiens tends to treat members of its own species, let alone members of other species Yes, I can imagine that all the encounters between Nana thousand modern humans were happy once right, considering what is dead, patriotic staked or a little round register clarify and they bury their dead than the interval they did. They did Interestingly, the very first humans to come in to Western Europe, whether neanderthals saved apparently didn't they may have
learn. This Roma from Vienna talks were eager. Alright we're about to go to the lightning round. We have a bunch of questions left and only three and a half minutes to do them in an eye brief you on the lightning around all. Ok, are you ready here? We go gaucho wants to know. Do we know what type of primates humans evolved from? Broadly speaking, yes, neither apes nor humans, but something with the characteristics of both the next Fernando Trance. Latvia wants to know. If we do, in fact, if we did in fact involve monkeys. What is the reason we lost all of that hair that they had. We didn't actually evolve. From monkeys. We have a common ancestor with monkeys, but I dont think humans actually lost their Harry Ancestral Harry cover until they moved out into the savannas about a couple of million years ago, so a combination of coats and deserts calls him as a day. You ok
people. Were he don't want aware a code in a desert? They're not Harry humans, out there, that that a question doesn't apply to all. Ok. Next, ok, Lynn, Elliptical wants to know. Why do you think there's a lack of evolution, evidence within the fossil record? Its takes a lot of work to become a fossil. Doesn't really a lot? Not everybody can become about. What is this is true. You try lightning, racket, girl go get you one diversity, the answer, the rest of the heart. That's why we actually have a very good fossil record. Ok, but it's very hard to make a fuss where it's hard to become of us, what fraction of all dead animals become forces that is impossible to say, but way south of one percent gotcha next dinosaurs died randomly since that may not have happened elsewhere. Should we adjust Seti for reptiles?
Should we just what for us any those surfer in our life her? First, when I look at how to real right, lizards planets, I that's what I'm assuming always thinking, maybe other planets also had dinosaurs what they would not have died from an asteroid exact, I say so: their smart, You know knows what's happening on other planets has so far away that we have asked the question differently. If the asteroid didn't come, the dinosaurs were still here might day revolved in intelligence such as what humans have. They all Russell fought. So you know he imagined a dinosaur which had become by penal, because many dinosaurs were already by people and developed to big brain. Who knows what would happen so? Maybe next Julian Alonzo wants to know what is this missing? Link live about and wise that important. Well, if it's a link, it can't be missing and additives missing. It can't be links.
Ok, give plots once a little like humans, not above all the different places on earth rather than one. I love that our life in general could life have more more and more than one genesis around the world. It's not impossible that that that the they'd the same things that gave rise to the life the were familiar with could have happened on multiple occasions as possible that we had multiple early bipeds, but rightly one lineage survived. Ok, no gain left. What he wants to know. Do you predict designer baby is becoming a reality for our species in the next twenty years in the film gotta? That's exactly what it was. They got the best defined by the come on the best of both genes to to design the baby that they wanted. Somebody with enough money could conceivably do it. I don't think you'd find many people approving ok, so yeah, it's possible twenty years. If people
become a moral, ok, they're already models. So does the immoral you charge that Europe has nothing I e and thanks for being on startup, oh my gosh absent fond with ex we gotta find a way to do three hours of this or somebody with a and casinos like Mama. I would love to me and my man from way back the and preferred curator emeritus at the American was even naturally street. Thanks for being on start has been a lot of new g. Merman will look for years. You still character on Bob work. Yes, perhaps unrelenting unrelated, alright, we're good, I'm near the grass station. I tweet Neil Thyssen. Fine start on the web start took radio that net on Facebook and, of course, on twitter start talk is brought you in part by a grant from the saloon foundation. As always, I bid you to keep looking up
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