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Cosmic Queries – Science in Pop Fiction, the Sequel

2019-08-09 | 🔗

Wormholes, vibranium, Game of Thrones, Batroc the Leaper, Captain Marvel, tachyons, Thanos vs Ant-Man, Star Trek, and more – Neil deGrasse Tyson, Chuck Nice, and astrophysicist Charles Liu are back to answer more questions on the science of pop fiction.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free from the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming. All is based and start with you start out on your host near the grass station, your personal astrophysicist. I serve as the director of near cities, Hayden Planetarium right here in New York, city and weary in my office. I got with me Charles Lou friend and colleague, and geek
parties is what he carries. A sudden shock nice, as always, is right. This is cosmic queries, the science of pop fiction, the sequel we had so many questions and then shot trawls. My took so long answering them down quite Junta that we had this bill into an entire other display aid of these questions and answers right. So solution is right in this is pop fixed size of park fiction, infinity wars? No! No! No! That's one was infinitely worse. This one is ending, oh,
he gave her a sequel stray. I really need to get my thinking Charles. What do I do it without? Ok, here we go Camilo Roscoe from Facebook says: do you think science fiction can influence real science in the development of ground breaking technologies, all the time or or is it that the groundbreaking technologies are actually informing the science fiction? Vice versa thereof, I differ by viewed really descent. I won't even beg to differ on just different, just not even begging. I absolutely thing that fiction informs sign, no you're wrong and let me tell you I am convinced it. Let me tell you why you're wrong for no longer let none of this is greater leeway, who told you, when you're, not gonna, tell why he's one before he said Jerry. Thank God had well that's into. That's cause he's there. He already knows what you're gonna basically think. I know what you're going to say
I'm already been there than light communication policy. Ok right go ahead or that there is no doubt that the creativity of science fiction, authors and their imaginations of a future has influenced the look feel and design of technology. But it is very hard for you to find a case where the fiction has triggered some spark in a scientist mind and then make a scientific discovery because of it you can probably come up with one or two at most examples of that, but the influence of technology of imagine technology, a real technology, no end of that, and I'm with you there now, but I'm here aren't I had the pleasure of speaking with rape raspberry once
almost fifteen years ago, I think it was on a radio show he was the featured guest and I was fortunate to beyond their with him for a few seconds when Russia was. This was one of the daytime talk shows, I don't remember what happened is an empty arm was that it was not involved with it with a major. It was a different thing. It had to do with the fact that Mars, I just wondered: how are you getting at with Ray bribery. Well, founded as well, I was just which had ivy was very was a one shot deal was a tremendous pleasure and an eye treasured that those few minutes you know for the moment, but basically he was on because we were about to land a new over on.
Mars at that time, and he wrote heavily about more heavily that most lacks a martian chronicles by removing barriers and most important ones, and we had a conversation about how fiction informs the scientific process and the scientific process informs fiction, and he said absolutely what you said. First of all right that he was inspired to write money, much of the martian chronicles based on the scientific discoveries or the people the discovery, then people like principle on things like that, the canals and so on. But then he went on to talk a little bit about how many letters he had received over the years where they were. They were space scientists. They were implanted scientists, they were other kinds of science based people who said your martian chronicles. Inspired me to make this discovery or inspired me to look into that. Do that and even given
the examples, but the point is. I believe that that has some examples here. I'll give you one specific area, of course, insufficient contribute to want to become a scientist, wealth sure that's for that has value you don't EL. The actual discovery had said actual discovery, idle, seasonable, Zverkov, twenty thousand leagues under the singing. The nautilus right is this wonderful submarine right end, the submarine the first nuclear submarine, known as which is, I think, on display in Connecticut. I think it's my ball, but I think it's me
ok in number in IRAN and brought here the naval base right? What happened was that Jules Verne didn't know nuclear power, of course, but he did know. He said how is this wonderful submarine powered and Captain Nemo Nemo right tells the scientists to pee rescues because he torpedoed their ship red. Why this happens? This is harnessing the power of nature, so. You know how matter and energy can be combined to propel the ship forward. He had no idea about nuclear power, and yet a century later we had. Clear submarines: name the nautilus going around right, so ask anyone who discovered nukes from Marie Curie through Einstein
through them and hadn't project will hear accounts. You discover these newt because you read: twenty thousand only has an under the Vienna be now. What are we know what they discover, what the influence is. We named this that the ship after them, we named the first space shuttle the enterprise after we didn't want orbit, but it then don't orbit, but the first markup Special was named the enterprise, but there are many ships named enterprise before STAR Trek was called by private. The enterprise space shuttle Aspasia was named after the STAR Trek enterprise. I believe my what I'm saying is. I have we have an honest way here in New York with Canada on vat on some forty seven cat, this partner states. I was there J K when it first it did a double flyby who showed up
It was like a mandate. I got on my back right, ok and then it landed, and then we had a whole ceremony and add letter anymore. I was there good, but my only time I met him. He died couple years later loud, yeah yeah such as annual stretching here. I do not think so. I believe that our people, who put a jury ears, judge you know here's the thing. I would say that for most of what we see now in science fiction, the technology is informing what is on the screen because they get to take it to the national next level right so s life, because it is a symbiosis reassure for like, for example, in the end, the movie Prometheus, Fair
interesting pocket technologies. They had, they had little by little birdie things that they tossed into a cave and they flew and took a I thus gas and the entire K railway dimension. It comes back and is basically a drowned. It's basically many drowsy violence. Yet little things like they had an automatic surgery that pod we go in and programme what you wanted, the surgery to be intimate, conduct the surgery autonomously. So yet they take us, I'm no possible, but they only look at something like a re gun, which I mean gonna without a buck Rogers raise an end. They had re guns and right now the military is working on the gun, the equivalent of what would be a Reagan. So I don't know I mean it. It seems that go both way. Technology we're not inventing new science. For that
But now it's my only point if your point is without new scientific prince talk, if you talk about scientific break through the number to say yes, we rats what I'm saying you're, not gonna, find scientific breakthrough that is informed or or inspire and early violent. I signs of his letter and get to this, I think, is kit thorn speaking of the development of their wormhole in contact in the movie contact, because he said he was approached by Carl Sagan and he said: how can we justify this scientifically and then get foreign went and did a calculation added some extra physics that was not known before two wormhole calculations and then there he actually published a paper inspired by Carl Sagan trying to get the science right in the movie contact. Laugh. That is rare, though that's all night, it seems I guess I didn't know you didn't sweated ridden, digs noise, I say: didn't rotating fears, we haven't record,
So what are we gonna? Despite what you don't wanna, be a record. I will remind us that next week there was a fascinating disguising. I don't care if we ever got anything up here we go. Let's go with Henry Tease, sixty five sixty five from Instagram. He says this: how much under his by brainy him than the strongest mental. We emphasise that is as low crazy, but then again it there's like there's some war is a strong enough to stop bulls point blank also in the ears of better question. Sorry, sorry they Henry, but it is also is there anything close to the powers of a black Panther suit that can in fact absorb energy and redistributing or use their energy as a weapon? Ok, I like that,
that's a good question, so energy you can move energy from one form to another Rio problem there if you had a way to absorb the energy of a bullet in a useful way. A second time. That's a very realistic future scenario for armor, wouldn't you agreed Yes, I would, I would write we now let the most accurate illustrate. We do real, ok, let's let me give the example of people who can where those suits it look like old armor like big time.
Very heavy metal night or jacket, not armor, and then they get shot by like a Van de Graf generator, being lightning bolts and so forth, and because it is actually a fair day, cage new people insider unharmed right. So you can, for example, protect yourself against a lightning bolt gun or something like that. A lightning bolt weapon by wearing basically a fully encapsulating you kind of chain mail. So just Hezbollah conduct electricity and if you are covered in something the conducts electricity, electricity cannot get inside right. Resell, get stuck on the outer side as a fascinating reality. There must cover by Michael Faraday Hall, two years at called this, because when you get struck by lightning the you are the conductor. That's the way, your basically a car that gets hit exact hours, a shell, the men unless the cars made a fiber
since fiberglass, linear, almost ourselves, anybody who gets struck by Lightning Anna Corvette you or or if it's a convertible than doesn't help. He doesn't have any of you, don't let, but you see, I could imagine a circumstance which, in addition to the metallic conducting suit built in are many many. Many high efficiency, capacitors capacity right. Where we wind up being able to store that energy in a quick way electrically ready. Now, then you knew the technology to take it from the capacitors which are essentially batteries right into a new generator and then be able to channel it back out as a lightning bolt right. So there's some technical oh gee, barriers there and you look at energy in every travelling circus and so and then your suit him get really hot. I was as a temperature is bad. You need air conditioning and, and then you have to like. I was Rupert Nuclear Power today, electricity, Anna Capacitor. Why would you get hot
It has to resettle Renee Energy, the loss of the energy as returning it back and always offer free I'll get. Yes, the changing at changing you getting on with you getting. Rather, you can store energy with no heat of this. What chemicals, the government, but a gallon of gasoline, as is the room temperature it, but you can block the Roma right, so you can store energy chemical forged the issues the time can you turn it around right, so in in black panthers, the movie, not the comic book, by the way, which has a different skewed evasion of vibration. It's like size is aimed at the kind of averting I've read the book. Well, characters: why do they just show? And I and is like it? It's like you. Your argument is invalid because you didn't read the comic book in the actual storyline actual story right. One of my prized comic books in my collection is the July nineteen sixty six issue, a fantastic for number, fifty two, the debut of the character, the black Panther you owner, yes,
Ah, it's it's. An old beat up. Copies was not really worth anything. Ok, security, but also as a rate value, is really really interesting and anti. So, to take a look half a century ago at what Stanley inject Kirby envisioned this amazing city and this amazing technology to be so vile, brainy em in the real I'm sorry it is the real Canon of Black Panther is not a hard metal. It's not the hardest mentally, but it has a very unique property. Were it can absorb any impact so the hardest metal in the Marvel Comic Universes, Adam Antium, which is as invented boy right, but capped. America's first shield had vibration and adamant him together in our which added at even where the powers the claws of through over will revive, and so he smiled was better because it had a combination of vibration and adamant him. So it could absorb impact and be hard as it as a
writing weapon high. So that's what I've tried by the way, the interesting properties or something is never only is how hard it is. That's right is, it does have its is distributed, is flexible, not break. Does it is light for how strong it is all of this matter, and so this is why I was very glad that my brain was really only a small piece of the overall plan the movie black Panther, so great great movie and the technology. In the end, the suicide of homelessness began with this fact at a museum based on well. The point was that the vibrating was only a plot device scotch than I thought is itself trying to send white the technology. To biofuel is which is what made that will be so great in my opinion. So in that case right can you have something that distributes energies or kevlar yards for example, towards energy, but it's not metal and in its invalid profess using kevlar, get hit by bullet and slow.
No, it's a watch. What so the bullet hits it right and then waves get set up in the fair. One eyed ascends, the energy industry, disperses verses it right. So these still gets hurt. You still hurt where you get hit with a bullet right, but the bull does above him your pottery right right. Even break away
but it doesn't go inside you re and Mister Edward, and therein lies the problem with a part metal like vibrating em, if its bulletproof, yes, but the energy of the bullet slug still transmits through the metal into your body to some extent, so that distribution of energies was necessary. Now can we like, in the same way as we did with the electro magnetic pulse, allowed the grab the capture of that kinetic energy to be redirected outward as it as a punch? Whereas a is it a force thing that technology does not exist? Not exhaust jet get la got ok cool, while that was that there was a lot man that was alive ass, great, ok, the thing just about distributing energy. Yes, I've ever put on football gear. Yes, oh yeah, ok! So the shoulder pads right. We looked at the like Laird in these sources.
Yes right, have you ve just hit kids get somebody hit you on the shoulder. You barely know you got touched. It completely distributes across the entire chest, successor late. Nevertheless, white everything, so it's really about did spreading out the energy so that the literal and figurative impact on you is diminished at any single spot where it takes place, at least on your shoulder, Harrison Sugar, but unique after so much more and he has Jack. No. The question here without damaging salesmen from Scram says. You could pick one superhero that Neil would be. Who would have thought we gotta go a commercial breaks, we'll be back, restart talk with a cosmic queries, sequel to the science of perfection
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the back on startup cosmic queries, the science of pop fiction- and I know a little bit, but you know the knows. A lot is Charles, lose a Charlotte, a resident deacon. She glad to be. He later. Have you on this chuck? ass. You written questions to us. Yes, I have so I just remind this a spill over from a whole other shot. Yes, it is questions we didn't get to. Ok what he is perfection and game as chuckle is dead in the big show, damaging salesmen from Instagram said: hey check. If you could pick one superhero that meal would be, who would you choose, saw let Charles yet offers that rock the leper bat rock the leap? Yes, that's right!
the leper? Real, yes, is one of Captain America's reacted in a nice hits like those Whitworth went who in when with bad, rocked the leper is essentially a terrorist. Who at leisure, was reeling really good at saw that which is the french style of martial arts, where you kid people why? I hope I have very good leg agility. That's right! that's exactly what I thought about really, as it turns out the character bedrock. The leopard does show up as a villain in these first Captain America Movie or the second captain. America movie either was original like the first avenger or the winter soldier. I can't member exactly which one but some american, yet in the captain, America movies in the marble cinematic universal and they completely change the character, of course, but the bottom line is yes, you would be the heroic version of that rock the leper, because your legs just remind me of like someone who just go in and just clean house with one round house after
We were around how nice, okay well. Thank you were right. Deliver that rock the like you, so I'm gonna make you world crushing HAWK World Crossing HAWK, is actually banner and hope. At the same time, also banner is still like he's still smart as hell. It's like super smart like banner, but he's like crazy, strong, like the hawk, but at the same time, at the same time, and but I'm gonna kill you inarticulate talk is an articulate, not right and not. Let you worldwide is actually weren't rather by about can I have my own skin tone. I wanna be green vows about similar, but with one caveat you can be black and then you, the bloke, HAWK, blogger, blog right and then with an end. Your thing is like right before right before you read it: throw deregulate, go back above me, sucker lay right and then
that lesson the leg you about it, like Russia or hunger, was hoax. Mass ok goes back off up the Sucker anyone who says that you know do not due to the opposite direction right, so most rights, it would even have to know exactly cause you're late, they'll habitable world crashing on Ray it's ok, in a block, you don't worry so, let's move on this is M Jim for from Instagram, loud, ok, pig eyes, longtime, flower and fan here. I'm curious right now about boat time, energy and how it real with the human body. Captain Marvel can create an immense full Tom blast from her body. How much power would it take to cause serious damage from a photon blast? Can the human body harness photon energy,
themselves, and I've ever met Martin from British Columbia. Ok, I gotta ever cool beginning to their answer. Chuckle put Charles will probably come in on this so couple things: photon is any a carrier of like energy and, like can be any wavelength, give radio waves. We call them ways, but third for radio photons, Renee radio waves, let's go in order, so radio waves, microwaves, the infrared Red Orange, yellow, green blue violet, Reggie Beavis, the visible part of spectrum. We go beyond the violet. You are ultraviolet x, rays, Gammarus. This is all the words we have available to us to describe the breadth of the spectrum from TAT. Some of these photons go pant right through you. Radio waves pass right through microwaves, mostly pass right through you, so the idea that you would catch what effect they have on you, none because they pass right through you, we're ok, so that we get it
about the ones that would have an effect on you, so visible light reflects offer you, ok, so that many have light your skin is gay. If you really really pale, you reflect most of it. If you ended our miles Davis, nobody can see for the employees knives invisible. So so you can so you will either reflect to absorb the delight owners right you get onto ultraviolet now. It has penetrating powers into your skin. Why the goes down to the term is that you get somebody get set sunburn, an skin cancer as current, and you go to extra x rays, and we all know those three above they'll absorbed in your denser material, your bones: that's why they show up so something gets absorbed. So you can also get cancer from too much extra exposure, Renate Gamma Rays, which together class turn you,
into the health is at all or the block the block the bloke bloke, either through the brain? It can be more, it could be bulk. I suggest we broke, I thought was bloke, but not a bloke below yea, so so what you'd have you would need ways to capture the photons that might otherwise bounce off of your or go through you and in our field astrophysics? We exist entirely to create detectors that capture these photons radio waves x rays, galleries, visible Everett ultraviolet. That is what we do. That is all we do is find ways to capture these votes. While we get meteorites to ok so then now you want to capture them and use them again or how much damage they cause. You need a lot of them,
and we can be have lasers for this lasers amplify photonics energy, and what you ask is how much energy does it? Take the boar holding you Gimme, a laser without much energy, where you absorbed that little bore hoeing you're, just a simple energy calculation. That's it that's it! So a check this! It's like a brazilian photon. You need a lot of fatality. Lotta photo a typical because, for example, if you walk The document turn on the white people say all at ball, looking to others, Where were you know they knocked me down? I can't take these astronomer. And physicists use a unit of energy called the electron volt. It's actually
energy, even though it was all electronic there go ahead, might as well be reciprocal photon, a visible light like the stuff coming from land from land. Your room is a few electron volts per food, but it requires literally a trillion such photons to get the total amount of energy that a flea use is to hop from one place to another. So you need many many more trillions of such photons to be focused in such a way as to even affect you even more than just like a bright ray of sunshine. What scientists created a sister a measure of her own. It's a fleeting fleets, actually why it's actually trillion purposely job, if you think about that's coming on board
time. Is it's a lot a truly under the invisible? I won visible. I thought but gamma ray photons. Sometimes each one has way more energy than a visible. It right, in fact, that the most powerful gamma ray photons that we ve ever detected have almost as much energy as a baseball. A throne, but if you throw a baseball adhering I've heard about full time, it's a cosmic ray, it's basically charged particle read it has so much Energy costs has got our salary that young and actually speed of light. You can execute a Gulf bud another good invariable golf ball get so these individual parts. It was extremely penetrative. They literally go right through the earth, and along the way, their bashing, all kinds of l, Adamson molecules and things like that and those kinds of particles are the kind that supposedly create the mutations in homeless superior that give us the excellent, ah so near so that in a homo superior
That's what they call themselves because they are evolved. I was there, they are indifferent. Nowadays we say I don't go value. Judgments have come out your eyeballs right up. Just we call you different. Well, you and I agree with it back at the time in the cut in the comic books. Ok, when there's a diversion, economical, I am sorry, but it's true back when the original comic the x men came out in the nineteen sixties, trousers You said you do Jody. I D, the originator of investors, hours all everywhere: Square Stanley, inject Kirby, create these characters, but the Charles Aviation as a job for cart. Yes right at that time,
a similar, bald individual, tell us his excellent right, which, at a time where the beast Marvel, girl and Cyclops and the angel say you are almost appeared and you have to help all of humanity, because you are superior to the others because of you and hate mutations and the first villain they fight is magnesia. Who is also a villain? and so the know how to get the gamma ray reference in that the Garigliano racism creative work these because, yes, the energy came through it and just how to to kill, was light as a very hard thing and laser even powerful lasers or are you need the weight of the laser that could do damage to you as a weapon is huge? It's not real,
but at the fantastic for, was created because they were bombarded by Cosmic Rinaldi, hey we're, not mutants, but then they were mutated by this military, or course, as others do have non lethal weapons right. That for crowd, control right and one of them is a microwave, yes being and of getting real hot react. So what happens is there's a crowd developing and you know what you want to disperse the crowd. You say please disperse, and then they get angrier without the microbes. Tat is put a microwave beam in there and it penetrated the darkness, it hits it up and they want to escape the beam IRAN and Iraq. But it's not that I go waves that are hurting them. Is the microwaves causing the heat causing the water molecules increasingly is worthy of my way and I turned into heat values in responding to the heat. Your responded to the right. So so, could you that's a technicality but is a very important distinction. Could you just hold up a burrito
what are you right in front of you? You have no way we're here for drawing up a really know that would work, but this is the bottom line. To the question is that using photonics energy to blast people it would require huge all right, all right. That was good. That was good. I here's this is Kevin. They haven't colleague Rebecca who says what kind of star system would create the differences in the length of seasons throughout the history of game of thrown problem is, of course, a game. A throne seasons change widely, that's, ok. You can do their entire generations can go by, but not only that its also unpredictable, where you can't say: oh well, the We can see the seasons growing longer the winters going.
Hunger and then they grow shorter than it grew longer and predictable periods is so. There has to be something that injecting some chaotic or stochastic process into the thing, but we ve got chaotic systems in the universe. So my hypothesis is the solar system in which the game of Thrones Planet must exist, has other like rogue planets and moons and so forth that are going in such crazy things that it will come, as the orbits and the orbital tilt of the these of that plan. If you just have to lodge a planet eyes and a star, it's just gonna have in a way that you haven't been like Chart Charles saying, if you throw in some other interesting objects that have rival strength of gravity that the planet has, then you can talk on the planet and interesting ways: chaotically
and therefore put into effect a non as the only correct set of cells, and so our seasons on earth are cause because our earth is spinning as its tilted right? So you can imagine that one of these chaotic items comes by an causes. A tilt go just a little bit further that increases your winter by decades, right right in him, but there is another one comes by later and tilted back a little bit and causes that summer to be much longer as a result. We are things like that, so you can really a lack of answer yet sir Cycle, Madame Markovic, but unlike the length of its so you would have to be in such a way that you're only affecting the tilt, because if you start affecting the orbit as well in the distance to the host star changes, that would be manifest in the storytelling right and it's not. You would totally set right. Ok, sir! So it's a tilt issue already, so really just the tilted the planet, and that would be if we want to defend our seas, but there would have to be some erratic other. There will have to be other erratic,
bodies that are affecting the third. You do not heart went. My three body system is chaotic. Ok, there you took to body, bodies are deterministic, three bodies is chaotic. Through this you're gonna need five or six. I was its yards, Sir Neil looking on the internet. This is something that's about. That's going viral aunt man will kill them. US, by going into his back and then explain, that allows for the inside out back to the normal, or you can be a giant now, so you can explore, echoed actually expands. Ok, first, why this nasty family is as powerful as evil, as is right. He's gonna help our full evil poop. I would not want to find myself in that environment, but I wouldn't think second, why not put something else in their riot expands our ways it had to be your own self. Our budget then says quantum but armor. That would prevent that from happening. Yeah. Well,
just say a quantum Catherine but Protector appointment, but I don't want you saying if you just want to go in and expand and killed right, don't have to be the person to do that and then some other quantum thing and they are going to do it. By the way you can look at banners. You know he does cables November cheeks of kill you that's what I'm gonna. Do you're immigrated, Eddie Murphy? Imitating the minute we ask movie is very, very good. That's exactly one last question in this segment, my guy, I gotta go. I will lead Johnny Chuck. I leave you with Charles for all you're gonna say: oh, my god. What have I got places to go? People to see terrorism leave I would urge your best. We heard last question guy last last words. Okay, this is address questions, but I can help Charles, even though he doesn't need my help, pretending
Europe has an Versailles, how can pop fiction make science more comprehensible to the This man is thinking about the good of all respect to pop I want to hear your answer to give those scientists but also educators, and we care about imparting knowledge, wisdom insight into an audience that is science besides based. So for me, it's you can't require of a story to teach science. I think you can get pedantic and no one's going to read it, but what you can do is tell a story that
so compelling regarding some scientific idea that when you come out of that, you say I want to learn more about that idea and you become a self starter self learner, because you just have to learn more. For me, that is the best kind of pop culture scientific force that you can invoke. Charles. I have two sides of the same coin. You describe first, I do believe you can. Of real legitimate science presented in a movie, so you can do that. But what you do is you show what real science does an inn? your ways, but then the second part is: you have to be able to distinguish between what is actual known science and what is science fiction if you can tell or communicate the audiences real science does this, and this is now going to the Quantum Rome which is fake science or
Ellie speculative? Then people can tell the difference between what is scientifically not trying to make a movie, whereas they ok here were making stuff up. You is in line with previous ten minutes. We weren't. Actually, you can do that and in fact there are some movie You have done that very well, such as well see no summit. Is there a? Why don't we talk about that some other time? whenever I leave this segment, but I'm gonna run, but I will leave you in really really good hands my friend and colleague, Charles Lou, now he's got his co host struck, nice hey we like to give a bigger our talk shout out to the following patriarch patrons who help us as we make our journey through the cosmos, Adams, Jacobi, Jaynes, Isham and Patrick coolly. Thanks a lot guys, we're yours,
port and if I said your name wrong how about some pigmented spelling, please unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. Stereotypes, welcome back to start on Charles YE. You can call me check if you'd like, M sitting in filling in as a guest hosts. For this brief segment, or the wonderful Neil Digress
I sent and with me, of course, is Chuck nice. It's always a pleasure to work with you and I would have some fun of your car. Ok, we are wrapping up our episode of sequel of pop fiction than right. Puffs cosmetically house fixing, we are currently queries. Let's do it without this is MRS Alex ought to NASA once this from Facebook, nor right out our time, travel plot devices. Just lazy! Writing! Yes, now come on now they they really are. Are you not seriously What's up, don't you think the time travel captures the imaginary? She does and is very exciting, but the problem really is it. You can do Anything you want the moment. You time travel right, so it is lazy writing now there are some exceptions where the time travel actually is core or key to the story. I think, for example, of the terminator.
Yes as and where the whole point of the creation of the story line, comes from the travel time and everything is needed in everything that I argued slack. It's always out I'd ask, but if you use line is absolutely but using timetable, say: oh look, they ve destroyed everything and then oh, we can repair everything that is less we'll go back in time and rip it right. But but you know what, if you don't take it too seriously? You're, ok! So, for example, there is a tv show called these he legends of tomorrow and there, like almost like an old style entertaining tv show where they don't take themselves to seriously. They do time travel, but they do so. He thinks like unicorns, ripping people's hearts out. You know things like that, so by not taking themselves to seriously and doing these time travel anomalies in a light hearted way, then it becomes part again should like Terminator, but in a funny way where it becomes part of the joy of the story, as opposed to like
come on man, you can do better than just flip everything back time. Your favorite time travel anything my favorite time travel. Anything anything time, travel that usually moly I'll give you my ok go ahead. My homer Simpson but those now over sieves, you get I'm sorry, it's that that is a true classic. You know I am again showing my sort of bias to the past and the classic, but I think the best time to story has to be the time machine age. She were a she well well because of the way that he talks about both going into the future and it end of the world, and things like that he's using that time travel as a way to imagine things as opposed to a plot device to fix things. Ok, I think that's a really really great weight is put time. Travel on the pro
map of things? I will also mention one more access is pop fiction. Randal K. There is a time travel story in STAR Trek Voyager where the story isn't that important, because of course, the time travel gets all resolved by silly goofy things and so on. So it comes back. But what happens is the timeline gets changed and, of course, the starter wager people save the timeline and then there's a person from the future come to says. You saved the timeline? Thank you, and so the captain Catherine Janeway, asks by the way you're from the future. Do you know whether or not we get back home safely in time safely? We get back to earth right and the future time travel says. I'm sorry, I can't tell you that that would violate the temporal prime directive I know it's like the ultimate irony, because always in STAR Trek no restoring around the prime directed, we can't give you this. We can't do this for you, because the prime directive, but now they
The victims are the victim of a crime by right of. I thought that that was a very nice way to sort of use. The time travel, lazy pluck device as a sort of one way to squeeze in that little cool snorri down the storytelling element and I believe, Jane ways answer to him was what a dear it's probably what you would call cocoa carry hosting from Facebook, wants to know this. Have any of you been asked to appear on or work with any of the current siphoned movies or television shows? If, if, if so, which one? And if not, Which one would you want to you a here now? We know that our friend meals does a whole bunch of the agenda so that the answer is yes, just go and I m d B or some other ideas, I oughta thing you're out of all the things that he's done, myriad of things he's now. What would you like to do check? What would you like to be on one side,
I tv show movie whatever? Would you like allies? It there's only two really, it's only to understand it and I hope that they can happen in some way before I die are ones star. Trek. Add star wars, any elegant, star wars in anything New STAR Trek yeah, as I dont like, I was speaking line when as a beacon lie, but but like a real role like China role, yeah, you want you want to roll like. I don't what I will call regime, for example, you play online solo. Now you play all you care, incense layer about you. Just settle for me, and I could lay at zero aware that little outfit java with that little change around my realities, so nicely HANS comes it. I'm just like earns. That's so eightys, but it's true. It's true. Yes, there's some some attraction, but not what I would like the other. The others stipulation I would make is that I would like very much to be.
May I dont want to be impressed statics. Ah I don't be painted gonna be out. I want to be painted and I dont want to be an alien I wanna be may cause. I want to be able to look to make them a star wars. As we look look, I would rather be painted. Quite frankly, I do want to be an ill and the reason I want to do it is because then I can be shown as someone who is not me that the the science fiction of it all is where you can really put aside the anchored to reality, and so I would like to play an alien with a significant role with the heads? Ok, ok, I don't know exactly what should allow me to do that, but I would like to have some sort of seed gee I or make up thing where I have to head. I can talk at the same time with both hands and then we can either sing too or talk to one another or otherwise interact in ways that people with one head. Ordinarily, don't write right now up
now say about one of your head. Is your internal conversation? Oh yeah, without be allowed to be a comedic thing, whatever we like yours so would be wise? No, I wouldn't you Ok right, yes, super! That's what I would like to see. I myself doing someday whom great question Gary one. If I let's go with Marco VIT, who says in several programmes like the flashed up, they mention Turkey on yes or tat. Young drives, as our travellers, or they led them to time, try ass. They do, although is theoretical near, could possibly work and how it were. Ok, Jackie arms were invented decades ago, too, tried to think of ways that the universe could exist
where you have faster than light. Travel. Ok, but tacky odds are things that can only move faster than the speed of light right, whereas with our regular, they will do that in order to vast writer light they would have to address faster than he could only exists faster. They could not slow down, for example, become photons would travel at the speed of light or other particles in our universe, which always travel slower than the speed of light. In fact, this is one of the traumatic experiences of my youth Well, it's not that bad, but what happened as it had high school. There was a scientist, a astrophysics, theoretical researcher who came to our high school and given after school talk and we're talking about relativity and things like that, and then I actually raise my hand in the queue nay session and asked him. Do you think that the existence of tacky odds- and
said didn't I'll, not happening day like oh I've been crushed like, I think why wasn't crush, but he was just basically trying to shake shut that down right now, because it is completely fictional right. So in the sense that tacky ons do travel, fastened, the speed of light and and you can try to think of it as a way, a to get through the time barrier or what not sure go ahead and do it like but you and I have already discussed in the past few minutes now we think- or at least I think I hope you think, maybe using to that time. Travel is a lazy plot divine right, so we don't need those tacky also travelling time their put in their so that the flash can go back and forth and do goofy things like flash pointer. You no change things. There have, however, Ale barred fallen, live like six or seven times, even really gets killed, eight or nine times. You know goofy things like that. They, so that's my opinion. Lay off the tacky ons lay out today
Their definition of time and cause allergies are completely different from ours arrival, and so we have a really neat dichotomy that is barrier. The barrier is indeed the speed of light right right, and so I think that would be a fine thing to explore them in that aspect of things with its possible or not is is and so we have a really neat dichotomy that is barrier. The barrier is indeed the speed of light right, and so I think that would be a fine thing to explore them in that aspect of things so with its possible or not is is highly not, but whether it's a fun thing to play with and to think about should definitely ass. Absolute. This is dust him partly Dustin, says this there's something you're, just tired of seeing Hollywood get wrong has can.
Another over and oh. Where can I start he s my eight year old daughter and I love listening to all wonderful, wonderful. I vow Chuck Anonymous was what is theirs. Is there a troop of particular trope that you just and it happens alone, light yes, and there are numerous ones that I hate all the time. But I want to hear your ideas first, because you like live the trip as a comedian. Thinking deeply about scientific issues right. You are always wondering what do people look at if you say something and they like all that, so
Like all yeah. You know that you have that incite talked of for me when it comes to science fiction. It's the fact that when superpowers are given the normally give him by some catastrophic accident in their ends, outcry and ends up creating someone with these incredible powers and like if you refuse this little book at the laws of physics. Catastrophic events are called catastrophic events for a reason ray. It's very unlikely that anything good whatever color so like a blast of
the Asian, that's the one that I hate them out. Yet radiation radiation is never going to lead to anything. Good for human beings that other resume diet, yet you guys I desired right. You're gonna die. That's when I hate the most is that somehow we take radiation and it turns into superpowers yeah yeah, but that's it that's one of my ones. It I dont like either. Look. I think you ve expressed it much better than I could. I think I will just give one troop which I think is so stupid. Ok, it's the damsel in distress. Oh good were hero to come and save because of the person is so a helpless greatest superheroes must be the one to say, though, that bothers the crap out of me. Ok, now I just can't- and these days you know there was a spiderman they try to deal with, which Spiderman movie I forget, which one but anyway, the whole idea. Was they all of your country.
Ices up along with Spiten, because the ideas I we're all in this that's right in our work. You can rise to the rest of us sit around and, unlike our just so helpless- and you have to have this- he rode come in. I like stories when the hero or the heroism heroism, is part of the story. Writing, as opposed to the overall, like that's the whole point, brightness creature. Created and now they are here to save the world anyway. So I want to thank everybody for listening to us today. I think we're gonna wrap up check what a pleasure to hang out with you to do this. I had and we as always, ok and now you have to channel NEO for second an eel. It was great be with you. You're in this episode, Charles, I am always honoured to be your press. Well done say as exactly I dont know. If that was like me,
Grass Thyssen or war or digress towards greater you re all right. We will have our utter a back brother and with that we're gonna wrap up this episode of STAR Talk. I'm Charles Lou, you can call me Chuck Here's Chuck nice as you homage, are all right as new would say, keep looking I wish you could listen star talk commercial, free, joint, startled, compatriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com last star talk, radio
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