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Cosmic Queries – Science is Cool 4

2020-12-07 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice answer Cosmic Queries about the secrets of the universe, science curriculum, tackling religion in the classroom, and more for a remote audience of thousands of science teachers. Recorded live at ScIC4 in collaboration with PocketLab.

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Photo Credit: ESO/S. Brunier, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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people that fine all manner of reasons to gather together, thousands of teachers, around the world which they did for this special live stream, and this presentation, because science is cool, we took their cosmic questions and turn it into a star. Talk. Cosmic queries check it out. everybody in virtual universe- and I I've got to be with you guys again, just It's great to have you again and you know, is a testament to how much the audience really enjoy this. We got over a thousand questions. Can you imagine that it'll just go fast, but don't nothing. I've asked me a sound bite mode, yeah, yeah yeah, I loved you, the two ass. He gazed questions, I'm gonna! Ask you guys and I'll be back on towards the end, our excellent as their eggs. Okay, so check anybody, you good to see you again always a pleasure without you're on your way right no ray, I am lost, Angeles New York, so we got there. We got the whole country,
that's a good at it country, blanketed from an enzyme. We have science across Amerika right now, science across Amerika. We go in many international of yours for our sake, international from other countries, but of course the debts I got your- what we really need- we need when the flatterers at a conference with other, boasting that they had flatter supporters all around the globe riots, yeah, it should have been all around the disk decrease the get, so you got up help yourself, let's hit about me, I will necessarily know the answers to these women. You know people did these aren't even constrained by topic right through just whatever. what everybody I want to ask you. This is my favorite. This is when I like. You know when people just come out and they ask you whatever was on their my
it just galactic, gumbo grad, guaranteed led down bulk data, also guarantee nowhere could only an hour on the low side lost eyes. Everyone who make scrambles, like all right well, let's get you into me. It would go a very wrong, let speaking of international man, why not let one not? Let's start this from low further down south. What's good above the talk? a lumber, Bogota, look at you! I just before we begin. Let me just establish my credentials. Now, don't normally do this, but there may be new people to this, and I just want to say: ok, Sir I have an undergraduate degree in physics. I have a phd in astrophysics. I'm widely read on many current scientific topics: I've various Hobbes that inform back into my work.
I count myself as a lifelong learner. Ever since I graduated ever since I exited school. So any day that goes by whether where I dont learn. Something for me feels like a wasted day so Often when I'm givin answer I'm pulling from different places in our committee my portfolio of knowledge and expertise which flesh out an answer me you'd make it makes it's a little more memorable to you. If I add a pop culture reference point, I spend some time thinking about a culture which holds back in so do you have to check, and if I don't know he adds up to say I don't know, look at school and I guess to get my credentials to. I have read every issue of science if with American this year, and that this let's all right here, we go Jimmy Jimmy Cardoso, Jamie Cardoso, wants to know
this is a growth rate question meal. What is the most beautiful uninspiring process? in space. Why we always love we're going yard was that I was going with good. Do we got blitz, gonna, ok, Most of our mission is, might now might not be american, so when I going yard we're going meter going yard is an american football expression for joint blowgun yard was basket. Going? Yard? Is baseball? Warrior responded we're going out in the yard there you go. Second, you're getting out of the bottle. Ball yard I know how many yards away now. Ok, fine thing anyway, so I would say a great question. I would say on earth. Google What space in a minute? But I say on earth on everyone's bucket list, especially since in modern times
There's more travelling around the world than ever before. used to be really rare. If you left your country and went to another country or if we got on an airplane, that was a news worthy event. Now it's a little more common, it's more affordable, on everyone's bucket list- should be to bear witness to a total solar eclipse by Happenstance the size of the moon on the sky is the same as the size of the sun on the sky Course. The sun is much much bigger, but is also the sun is four hundred times bigger one hundred times farther away. So exactly cancel absolutely the same size on the sky, so the mood ass, his in front of us, you can see the moon crusher, observing the backside of it Other side is lit up by the sun in broad daylight. The sun looks like it starts to disappear, and then the sun does disappear.
The beautiful corona, not the corona virus, just the corona, which is latin for crown and any en masse only a few minutes, so you travel this way in, the anticipation is like a cosmic pilgrimage to participate in one of the great spectacles of the universe, a total. all reflect I've. Seen to one when I was, I was fourteen the first time I saw one and I saw the one that came across the United States just a few years ago, but I told a story: happened every couple of years, so the matter rare by the way, ITALY, every news, article on an rare eclipse, tummy by no they're, not they haven't ever couple years you don't say rare Well, tat is being played this year. No, it happens that that happens every four years. Eclipses are more common in the World CUP, so, but but that newspaper people,
and many other people want to believe that you're experiencing something that never happens ever just happy in your lifetime when you happen to be here on earth now the point is as a very narrow. So it's you gotta put in some effort to get in the path of the moving shadow right and usually it some exotic, interesting place in the world, use that as an excuse to travel. So for me it is blue. Before it is elegant, drives you to poetry and beyond that, If I could go anywhere in the universe, I would watch the collision of two galaxies what has happened in my own timescale? Gazette typically takes. half a billion years, and I don't live that long, so the next best thing: we have our colliding policies on a computer, so you can speed up time. Go Google colliding galaxies Oh, my god. It's like a cosmic ballet choreographed by the forces of gravity as to spiral galaxies
to set and they feel each other's gravity completely across their diameter and so on. A whole galaxy begins to distort. they all over pack. They they overtake each other, they pass through each other and then they come back and then they all We have these simulations got look, look on Google, it collide galaxies and you'll get someone was beauty, simulation, if there ever was I'd like to see that, dangling out there in space and live long enough to just watch. It happened. So you have a girl and thank you very much need for explaining their baby galaxies come from us that noise, where it's, where train wreck galaxies, yeah. That study start out his two beautiful spiral galaxies and they end up quite the mess. Whether nuts and a black typically merging the middle, something I haven't monster black knowledge twice the monster than it used to be in either one so young. So they have I'm just
and the imagery is very reminiscent of you. Now, procreation, really ok cosmic because, when procreate luckier, even though that's not a means to an end, those stars come out a nurseries. You know any there's your our baby galaxies that they're called a satellite galaxies. We have two there. Look you no less than a tent, the mass of our own galaxy and they They called imagine when clubs do not really clouds by right. That's ever what they thought they were when they were first observe five hundred years ago, I'm telescopes revealed that what they thought was a cloud resolved into a prestige of stars. A collection of stars in orbit our own galaxies, sweet and our evidence shows that galaxies overtime actually and a beating them. So we don't call it galactic procreation call a collective Canada.
You can google, like the cannibalism awry right, give me another. Ok, let's go to ok, yeah, let's go! Let's keep it in national right here. How fast Mirza Affairs merchant coming to us from Malaysia apologise in advance. I know I know I know I know busybodies name. He try illicit Nobody not may, but here's the thing now a better name talking about an area of got up sugar find natives. If not, we will decide what is greater. Ok, it's got chuck. If I that's right here I'll. Try just with everyone to know. I love this. How guys astronomy help civilization? How does astronomy have economic value Lou
ok too many start limit. Lemme get base honour here. Ok, right, everyone I know who dropped out of astrophysics graduate School and did not complete a Phd ok earns at least three times more money than any of the rest of us, so the talent and the skill set that you have as an astrophysicist. It problem solving its mathematics. Its programming is taking large ships, it data and making sense of it. That's usually valuable many other fields that are out there. In fact, Michael Bloomberg, the multibillion air turned mayor of New York City, one time candidate for. President of the United States Bloomberg. King studied physics and astronomy in college.
And an engineering, and so then he went and left left there. and went to Wall Street He became the youngest partner at Solomon Brothers, the youngest corner and his parents, but you're not using you, ve science degrees, and then he left, found. It is old company called Bloomberg financial markets and his mother. temperature, not using your science degree, then he turned out into a billion dollar multinational corporations, but united, we decisively and the fact is he was used your science degree. The entire time, though, I think that when you go to college or study in graduate school that the Specific knowledge is what you are applying now now no, you go to school to learn how to think. Ok, and I can give another example- does not even in the sciences with Say You did an english class where history class, you write a paper, Napoleon. Ok,
yeah. You know a lot about Napoleon, but really does what will matter later on? My only regret is that you took a topic that you do nothing about you researched it. You compose word paragraphs ideas into cold, Aaron, arguments, thoughts, analysis! That's what you obtain when you exit school. In fact, your wisdom is- It was left over after you ve forgotten all the details of what you were taught in the classroom that wisdom, sir. Damages for people who didn't becoming astrophysicist rights. For those do there's a long history of the relationship between governments and astronomers, but about a whole book on this. The solving of blood, for my book, you ask the question who wasn't where's bet. You know asked the question right: yeah? And it's weird thing, because if you know the sky that's the earliest form of now.
obligation, there was great if you would you sail to explore to conquer too whatever it is you good or bad reasons why a country might want to explore b and its borders. You need to know where you are on earth and what time it is both of those factors come to you. by an understanding of the night sky? And it goes way back into indigenous peoples in what they did from it- Yet the polynesian native hurricanes way back, navigation, some of the good it is navigation or tools come from some of the oldest culture. Thirdly, it in in the Middle EAST, ok I'm in my museum in my office, hey, I have a naturally and there. It is multiple discs that you put on depending on where you are you hold it up and there's a wait at the bottom and if it's beautiful ecard arabic in the brass and discipline. You were doing this navigating in the dunes.
you know why, because there wasn't a street corners, okay, this is north and this is out If my grandma S house right so soon the value of what an astrophysicist brings to the world is not so obvious to someone that's thinking. Oh, do you build up a gadget that I no by in the store, we nay bullying, you're a enabling the world to function in ways that might otherwise feel and seen in and by the way. This is just spillage from the rest what we do, which is to a black AIDS and Quasar, oh by the way, some of us actually studying asteroids wages Stop him go on an asteroid just a few days ago. Why to kick up some dust scooped up, bring it back to earth and study it? We have wars on earth fighting over natural resources over limited natural resources that are basically unlimited on asteroids. So if you one of these,
who say why we gonna be there when we should be voting sit down here, you don't you sound like do you like the person in the cave. And I'm looking at the door and I'll pick out the door while there's a mountain over there and there's room These are new stream. Now you can explore, we have cave problems, they saw the gay problems. First, then lets you exit the front door. That's what you sound like. If you are trying to say this is a luxury we have to do. The important things are here on earth so outside it all screaming job. Don't don't worry it's all in the lens s. Exactly think you know I love it. I mean you know it's. Ok, it's the same Ferber that you hear from the guy on the street corner in New York City, telling everybody that we're all gonna die. But I but for some reason from view of words, because I must say, we're all gonna die, trying to say the method tools of science actually provide us power over me.
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into blindness. Twenty twenty doc come hey, I'm royal Perceval and I support start talk on patron, bringing the universe down to earth. This is star talk with Neil degree Thyssen bluffing backing start on emission cosmic worries Edition in partnership with pocket lens its drawn from a life stream that occurred recently and in it we feel the questions from educators around the world. Check it out all right. Let's keep it move in good. Let's let switch gears and combating the United States will not come back. Our first: U S question this: is data Wilkerson from current lucky and David would like to know this he's a science teacher. He says misinformation
so prevalent in the media. How can signs teachers better trained students to see through the noise? This is a great question and an important question, and so I'm still, I have ideas that are still in the oven right now, baking. So technically that makes them thanks I share them with you. Some other put something he's out there, like. I say, as you have said that before, if I buy still want to think more deeply about this, but I ll give you some of my early thinking that science needed simply needs to be done. Whoever was the generation of educators who said science. Is this? the body of knowledge, and we need to import daddy What is a dna molecules of what is a molecule? What is dna? What is You know what is metabolism. What
is what our volcanoes, what what is it combustion engine? This is knowledge and that's an important aspect of signs. Literacy I dont, want to less. in its value by what I say next will retain their value but add to it. The understanding. That science is a means of carrying nature. somewhere in there that got lost. Ok, science is a fool. It is aimed it is eight, it is a process of inquiry. Certain something you dont know, and you ask yourself: how do I go about finding the answer to that? That is what science is so the science denial that's going on is coming about, because I think, because people think of science. As just this body of information, they decide what did cherry picking
its formation the way you might be in other subjects, you might say. No, I don't think it had been there. I think it happen this way inside size, give you that latitude of denial right More of gravity is not something It was just written by members of tone it you know twenty years ago and if you gain three pounds of three, two kilograms last week, you're not going to say. Oh, I want to repeal the law of gravity because it somehow made me look back right. This is you don't have that option in science? and if you don't know the power and the objective truth, that the methods and tools are signs bring to you. You were susceptible go to that way of thinking. So I don't know if you can go to adults and you know and then convince them. Cuz they're already been to a system where they think that they can pick and choose
what it is that they believe is true sort, but science has taught. Here's something if you wonder virtue investigated, don't see what I can with my culture, my religion, my my family values, therefore, must not be true. Oh no, no, No, that's not how the world works in so so guy, I'm still working on how this could be implemented, but this standards. Are I think it's missing some elements of what science is not. I could protect us as we go forward. So very nice, very nice there. You go that's a great answer Let me answer questions faster, so we can get some more of them. Could we have a thousand of them and, at this rate will be here, until the year twenty, twenty five, sir, that's fine! I'm you know
when he's covert terms, aren't really have a lot to do. Big athletes, less covert, doesn't carry out that will arise. Let's go let's. Let's get a little more personal with Michelle. That's like from Wayne, Michigan and Michel says love you guys. What is that one thing: you learned about yourself during the coded guarantee. No more, personal here Neil. What have you learned? anything about building our heads high, so I have first I don't mind spending a lot of time alone or in solitude or with family. Fortunately, we we live in an apartment has enough rooms. People can go to them and separate, but not not because we have covered, but if you You know you can get on each other's nurse plus. I dont have like three, fraud should be used to, but I don't have three
You're, a five year old children running up and down creating the d, the end Tropic Universe, clout that they're so good at doing gas, so that their sorrow and my answer to the think less of the people who were actually trying to maintain their sanity, I will say, is that I was there. I was very productive, and but I am disappointed in myself. Because I wanted to be a little more creative as much as its difficult, if not impossible, to confess to ourselves to each other. If you want to be more creative, you have to be less productive. I dont you dont want to be true but if you think about it and think about your own life, it's true
for now is there. I got this many emails done today and I cleaned up and I did the laundry and I did and I look at how productive our did you create anything, did every new thought no no new thoughts, tat. They too requires being alone for a while, just like looking up at the ceiling and letting the letting the food that you spend your life feeding your brain, letting that fine new connections, because what is new idea, but oh information connected in new ways. That's what a new idea is an, but you know what is happening is people during covered their binging tv shows. Okay, this is stretch of ours that you could have sat there may be created something only just not to be to be either Newton. You know you: can you need something new or read a new book or something that takes your thoughts in a new place.
a good tv can do that. Are good movie can do that, but that's all that it is right and it's really your sampling, other people's ideas and mature and so on, and I was as creative over this time as I wanted to be, and so I and I am going to try to see what I can do about that going forward. I'm always created because I know reproductive. So there you have it. our colleague's entity on its integrity, olive tree, eighty Thank you have wandered on. The ground is exactly like this. That lottery. That's an extra bed now, I thought the tree I believe tomorrow's closed as wasn't a dirty enough to put him a hamper. Sadly, I write so go. Let's re question here: this is Catherine Higgins.
And Catherine is common ground, that we know where the funding they say whether from coming to us from spoken Will Washington spoke Kay Ok, here's what she says. If you could know the answer. To one question about the universe, what would be the only get the pit one I got it. I got it. I got it so you ve thought about this. I wrote solvents not achieve rather Gulf WAR, so I lose sleep. Wondering whether we humans, what basically the first tell Jim species of life on earth. You can define the word intelligence so that that's true, okay, so either
This was to have music and poetry and art and science altogether. Ok, no other. Nobody else has done. bill stuff. Ok, so we stood alone in that category. If you define it that way, ok we're the very first species to have that. Who are we to think that we have sufficient intelligence to contemplate all the complexities of the universe Imagine a world where there are multiple intelligent species and so way more intelligent than others. Some might be more intelligent compared to humans that we are compared to chimps what You know it should look like to us: ok yeah. They can stack boxes, reach, a banana and they can use a stick and get termites and He says a smart chimp and then using tools. Nobody build an airplane? Okay. So, with
you can raise them where the kind of really know better than our toddlers were published. but if you find another species that to us what we are to change, what we look Then what What what do they have problems with like their toddlers? Would be smarter than our smartest human being's right and I just about this. New tab comes home, it'll, look money! look what I did all junior sissy. What did you do? Oh you composed a sonnet. Oh you derive. The first was calculus there so cute. Put it on net refrigerator door for grandma to seats. If you can imagine that in criminal intelligence above us, what are things figuring out that we're not right that we're? Just with that we're just and most complex thoughts? incapable of even knowing what question to ask.
That's what I wonder, and I sleep are not every night but certainly weekly, I think of them. So I mean the real it is for me I don't mind if their. If we're fine down on the intelligence question, I just don't want us to be delicious. You see it s, okay of aliens come here and look at us like we are much lesser beings, but I don't want them to come here and look at us the way we look at cows. That would bother me you know I'd be tasty. I wanna be really how please stop with, but I don't wanna be stupid ass, we can make us there if you're smart enough, though just come, we'll be tricked us into being their pets and we wouldn't even know the difference. So yes, I just I just wonder, and so as we content,
but because it will get anyone individual being smart, Untermeyer, collectively the human species, use the wiring of our brain, sufficient. And I worry that smart and so it makes me sad, but it could be that we are not capable of carrying the information. Necessary to know what is noble or do you even know what question to ask that within later be answered? Well, you just think of not even knowing re question, They saw a chip, even know how to ask what the square root of two up? What is co, sign of forty five degrees backward is so beyond every every other, a primate, ok some human right bits of paper, but none, the less dense, even a quest
that has no meaning to them. That's what I wonder clove, that's my answer. a railway, smart enough to figure out the universe, excellent Why should we just give up now and wait till some other smarter creature makes us well know that that can't be the ads you don't want to be. I certainly cannot be why I'd let some key becometh, let's go to yeah, one Silas in Medical who says: how do you deal or manage the contradictions between religion and science in the classroom? If children were to ask you? So if somebody, what I ask your question that certainly have religious implications, how do you give them a scientific answer.
yeah. So I get a free country. We have free expression of words and ideas, provided that they don't conflict with other people's freedoms that a common way you would think of what it means to live in a free country. You should have the freedom to worship, who ever you want in? What ever way is. Is it fulfils the traditions of your family, your culture were or your community, and so that at least in the United States has protected its protected, so you can have a stretch of road where there is a mosque. The synagogue, Catholic Church and protestant churches. you can even might find a Scientology building down the street, so that's protected religions,
the tenets of most religious, are not based on what is objective through its based on what you might say is a personal. ok. So Jesus he's your Savior, that's your personal! truth. No one in a free country can or will or should take that away from me that doesn't mean it. Somebody also saying ok, So now you have someone who worships differently from you and are you put them both in the same classroom? So my response view is: if a classroom is a science classroom, view teach the absurd actively, true realizations, of what how the universe works and It is true, no matter who you were shit, ok and so by the way you dont have scientist going in front of places of work. So you know that may not necessarily be denied this not tell you. Do it's not what anyone it's done. Ok, you only Fine ardent atheists doing that. Ok,
issue is just what the question pivoted up. What do you do? in the signs closer okay, so What you can say is whatever it is I gonna tell you to do this about how I would handle the situation is, I would say If a religion or holy book makes a testable statement about the world, we can test it using the methods and tools or science if it turns out to be false. Then that's the reality of the world, your living you living in a world where the science gives you smartphones it gives you a means of communication means of transportation is established what you, except in recognised as modern civilization. But you need to go back to your religion and say to yourself: ok, We need to reject the science because I believe in this religion so strongly or do I swear
think of my religion differently, as is the place for spiritual enlightenment, spiritual fulfilment as essential community. You can do that without declaring the universe was made in six days. You can do that and, most enlightened religious people do so it is a huge intermediate place and there for you to land between checking all science. Is it conflicts with your religion, origin acting all religions, just because you, believe in something that is itself not testable. That's a lie words coming out of my mouth, If you want to be like simple about, if you could just say this is a science class, you gonna beat learning about science And later on when you're older. You can think this through for yourself in what makes the most philosophical sense to you and we live in a free country. You have that freedom.
But I'm not going to tell you something that is that is there is not otherwise scientifically established. Why think that science classroom? I think you really hit the aid, the truck, stop it. In the end, your first statement when you said there are personal, true, and our objective truths right am I do if you can, if you, if you rise to power of of you control laws and legislation. and you have a country or Community that is diverse in Bali, systems and what people want and care about in and will they love and who they what they look like. If you, Adverse and you can, laws. It seems to me the most that's secure away to make laws is based the laws on what is objectively true. Could that applies to everybody, and I've said before
the good thing about science, and I mean the eggs objective. We true established science from experiment an observation. The good thing about science is its true weather I do believe in it so a law matters on all scales at that point. So when I figure establishing governments and was if a diverse country, you can't have to anchor them and things that everyone can recognise his true. Whether or not you wanted it to be true cool. I let's let's stay in North America and Gerda Guadalajara, this there's a lot, Draw Salazar who says what features does a cool teacher need to have? I love that question. Love their question? Ok, now I will talk about you all here to care o. So just Joe you seated
Don't get me started. Should I get out a booming arguing about to be read to me me. Do this are going to do it. You ready. Ok, I've seen the curriculum, in schools or education. I've seen it ok, maybe not every bit of it, but from what I've seen what is, commonly train of well trained you to be organised, good train you how to give an exam were the questions are not ambiguous or the good It will give homer how to agree how to how to mechanically, create the perfect classroom in by ok, fine you'll be a better teacher for now. but you will never be a great teacher. Just I'm telling you that ok and how do I know this because I have met. Anybody who said that class. Whose awesome I said why
the exams were so perfect. Emma homeward was so consider Nope, no bloody endless said the emperor about any class. They ever took. Ok What do they say about their favorite classes? I love the teacher. The teacher enthusiastic, they made me want to learn they made. They had expertise that came from maybe our places and they put it together in fresh, interesting ways and how many teachers in our lives satisfy those criteria? I bet it's like this many boats. I wanted to ask you, because I know, because I all people- and I asked them out of the skies of teachers. You had in your life how many we're singularly interesting to you how many change your life. How many? open your eyes- this, like three at most fines but its tipping- Lee fits in one hand, so who are these teachers these
these are teachers who take their enthusiasm and free it may for using the word in a common climate, and enthusiasm is infectious. Ok, they breathe on you spread their written on their infectious love, their subjects. Ok and the rest is here. It helps if you're organised and you got to them, but don't you lifelong learning. How to people that you are people too continue. Learning about the subject you just often read: then, at the end of the day or at the end of the seas of say, schools and throw their papers in the air and why you doing our glass close out because it was a chore, noble ever said that about their favorite classes in favour classes, happiness was not about being cool. It's about being interesting. It's about! it's about meeting them more than have to students meeting a more than half way in their spheres of curiosity,
because otherwise, what are you doing? You're standing in front of a transport, whatever the board is made of today, standing in front of your writing facing the other way? say if they dont, where all the students don't want to learn today. No, no don't ever say that. I will never accept that as an answer. Ok, I don't I said that publicly and people we ve never been a teacher skills may go. Look at my reservation is on. Why ok forget it we keep age? I donno, whoever rights would you be? My homepage, go look. Ok! I get so so. Girl scream and again. I quote I've somebody off Why you make him turn me into this? I'm sorry! I you know I like to see you get worked up like you get worked up spider about this, that's great stuff! Man I mean that is
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but so simple, you just gotta patriotic outcomes. Last our talk, radio and support us welcome back to start off. Third and final seconds of our cosmic queries: Bro, to you, in collaboration with pocket lab at in this segment who me David Baker, whose co founder of the Organization and Clifton Lisbon is mechanical engineers turn educator and they each have some questions for me in shock what it is they want to do as educators check it out. So day. Mister, founder pocket lab do is greatest you guys think it is the has pretty entertaining so. Did you other questions. What he would bring to the table the questions? You have you known? First, I have a complaint. You know I'm trying
Twenty he's been going so great for everyone, and then I was just getting as if anything, go worse in twenty twenty. A week ago, I see a headline that says the other grass Thyssen said An asteroid is getting his earth. That's all the headlines, that's right for a walk, not what I said just now. You sad when addressing the arc of exaggeration that unfolds after a simple scientific statement is make what I say we're all gonna die this exact words we're all gonna die, If you can, I say I was gonna, be we're all gonna die with some panic right so there he's an asteroid, the size of a refrigerator, its words earth and there's a chance on the day before the? U S, presidential elections, that it will buzz, cut, earth and bus cut, I don't get it
Russian is common internationally, it's it's a close. You know cut with the cutters but this will be a little bit a hare standing on end after you, ve done it. He called out a buzz cut, you not quite bald. after Buzz gotta, get leave a little bit a hare there? So it could be buzz cut, but if it does his earth its people be harmless to us. That's what I said, but that big game in predicts that we're gonna be flanked by right, you know It's not gonna. What I made it clear is because its harm was at that size, the most moving very fast and it the hits it will explode in the atmosphere, revision, well to anyone and do it even in broad daylight. There will be some rocks. They make their way down remnants of that exposure. Yes, all I wanna does not just one the grid nobody's gonna die, and so I made it clear that if the day, if the universe ends in twenty twenty. It will not be the happiest.
must have been a little bit, if earth ends and twenty twenty it will not be, the fault of the universe so ended, but the good thing is: if we do get hit by an asteroid the day before the presidential election, the good thing is. We will then have to elect a president that we can all agree upon. Morgan Freeman. Do you remember him, as president from the movie deepened impact, yet one of the best portrayals over president? I have ever seen it was his portrayal in that movie, dignified was intelligent. He was took a bit ass. He gave the right speech at the right time, and so, if anyone is, what to see that their exams the president's throughout our american movie history, that's one of the best ones. Nineteen. Ninety six, I think it wasn't my seven a deep impact, came out within a year of Armageddon which were Bruce will save the world. and that movie by the way has more violations of
was a physics per minute. than any other movie ever made just right. It must be hard for joint movies is the right way. Dave day is it's not hard for him to enjoy. Movies is hard for you to enter I watch a movie with no. I I'm good a life, I am ok. Animal vizier amount It is the people who read the book first, These are, the people should never see, movies because they never happy with the movie disasters in the book and we'll get their battle. Need you here you wash my movie. Please go back home to your book by the way I just wanna now to a movie theater with meal and have him scream out just
factually incorrect. We noted that the laws of physics violated, that's like that would be the best. No, no, I just silently chuckled when I see it, but what? What sandy. What Jacobean, current version and rocky work. I guessed exact speaking out too Europe a nigger yeah. I do. I do have an important question for teachers who are teaching science. What is the best way to get signed concept across the straits? What is that you are concepts are harder because sunset you're, not objects, rights, a few teaching geology, here's earth and here's a volcano and here's lava. Here's this! So it's a concept, sir. Are there an extra step on the categorical pyramid for you to refer challenge for how to convey it and
While I try to he's my hands a lot you might have seen when I gesticulated an eclipse. You know, I think I have pretty expressive hands. I think I get, before, but if you have trees in your class models of things. Then then, you'll have to be so inventive with. Your hands, the thing is there in your hands, could try to be invented with the thing that you don't have a monologue rights, so am I I understand you guys have have such models exterior storefront, but I'm just saying when Think of the teachers utility about walking around explaining things if you're in a classroom, your utility about is what lines the walls. Those are your tools, more those trees you have and the more informed you are on how to invoke them. I think the more potent you can be in communicating the concepts and so yeah
yeah over every citizen on the line here, so Clifton Cliff one of the engineers for four what kind of engineering mechanical engineer by training ends, but you know finds educator by night. oh, Bruce Wayne by day that mail by night, ok and then in the The skills of modelling like you just touched on in and how we can apply that in our size classroom I would say that one of the one of the cushions we're just not a question questions. Just these actively self aware that when you model something there are some students who will think that you describing the literal thing, ok and democracies, of one in ten one in twenty, but to be at least one or a few students in your class,
that will not get the the metaphor of what are using or the analogy of what you are invoking and so about it. That's where model breaks down right, It was not the exact thing, it's a model of the thing, and so you pursue the model until you have a breakdown in their cars on it, and then they have to be self aware of that, will you bring in a better more so is starting with the phenomena a good way to do you get around it. limitations of models? Yes, so I dont know, in my experience. I'd like explaining an idea? First see how far I get let them she was a little bit and if its not tasty enough of throwing some special sauce. which might be a pop culture analogy or life experience, something that adds a store
telling dimensions so that I get their interests and then grappling with the idea. What do you mean? The sun covers the earth tat. The moon covers the sun. What what is it trying to think this? and when you, when they have invested a lot better that, then you the model would you move on now? I see- but if you leave with the model The model itself can become a distraction to the idea. I'd like tries my personal I'd like trying to put the let people, struggling struggling. Trying to figure it out then the moment for automatic becomes crystal clear in my field, astrophysics. I have colleagues who gave slide shows every day when they talk Could we have a highly photogenic field? Ok, astral. Is everything is beautiful. I even ugly stuff is beautiful, so they
slide shows, and this will be to learn about it. You know, if you show something you haven't learned about. It a pretty picture I save slide, show for the last day of class, and I said and here's here is the planet arms and notice its red. Yes, we learned about that. Its red, because his iron oxides of good we're not in the chemical part of it all make us yes, no, I see you and it's called on the boat always got eyes crash. Just like me, after about I'll get them all of a sudden? The model becomes, the cement set in place and then they ve got the idea they got the model. It supports the idea, rather than the model itself. That becomes the idea. That's just that's just me you pick up on that, however, it Vince your classroom, assign vice yeah yeah Really I really like that. We talk about that alot. He briefly touched by this all day: you're, not the problem,
The internet is, you know you could just google it and you lose that option that the opportunities thinking trying to think about your googling is like a replacement. In Ireland we have a new rule because when people get into an argument with its google it I have a neural. No, I can tell you about it for at least five minutes. Ideally ten minutes argue the forces you to think. What am I I thought you have you made a good point. Let me reassure us that after ten it then Google it by the way you'll get to learn whether the loudest person was correct, whether that day, the over talkers like them, the male over talkers, whether there actually correct or just weather. A hot air, but you give him again. If the commission does something that they either no, I dont know in the ten minute argument. Then you then you do that as my normal great shockingly on starting. Thank you. So much again is fantastic.
Have you Dave you doing you doing great work there and any any person who can bring together ten thousand teachers in a coma. way where everyone is on the same side of the same thing. I was trying to do- was right for this world. You already more funds. Are you, Thank you. Thank you. I'm glad you can be a pilot. This has been startle. I've been The older grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist- and I want to thank my CO host Jack nice as well as pocket way for co, sponsoring this addition of cosmic as well. I didn't you ve been diagnosed with breast are gonna collage cancer, your kids, Sir Journey should not be travelled alone. You need it,
tired team, by your side. The way Cancer programme at MIT Anderson Cancer Centre at Cooper. The first of its kind in the region takes a person, lies team approach to cancer care because no to women and no to women's cancer experience are the same as empty Anderson Cooper. No one fights cancer alone to find out how cold five five, India Cooper
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