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Cosmic Queries – Space Exploration

2019-02-08 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Eddie Brill answer fan-submitted questions on space exploration including asteroid defense, the Moon landing, the Space Race, Mars, the International Space Station, the boundary of space, Zeno’s paradox, and more.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free. The American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming out across all of space and time. It starts with science and pop culture, this. Is startle especial cosmic please addition all about space exploration, and good. I have with me, but the one, the classic,
Eddie Brill Eddie welcome back to start off as my pledge, not not your first rodeo with no. No. No, this is I've known you rodya. I've got another rodya, one other rodeo, yes, and I'm looking. You know I am looking forward to it. I I actually reach downs. I want more rodya. You want another rodeo in your video in here in Europe in how right back when I don't think so. MC where, as you all know how this works with solicit questions from our fan base in all of our social media platforms, their collected eddies got them. You haven't seen them. If I don't know the answer, some US, although this out, is to work since you you, you did you like. Science has a kid. What was yours? What's your science profile in high school math and science was my thing, and I did I liked it. I loved it and I had great teachers along the way ass. It. Maybe that's it now. Is it I'm going?
They were just you know. There was one guy who was so funny is very southern. I was born in New York, but I grew up in Hollywood Florida and we had incredible high school with incredible math and science teachers. There's one guys, like you remember the elements you know of your mouse dies barium. I would like. Very I'm gonna do these gonna pines, so remembered. All these years later, caesium was the first part of it. Like you see the mouse, you try to catch him caesium. You know, my bad I! So what have we got a brain or will the right away? I would just to be clear if this topic we're on a subject that was not necessarily in the centre of my expertise. We bring in a third person. Without expertise? Is only you and me cause? I wasted space exploration. I got this, This is you got. This isn't a good, and this is kind of interesting to me. Do you think that, should there be an international organization of Split space exploration, I usually pretty good at reading until just that
like a space agency without borders, as many smaller countries who can afford an independent space organization could contribute to space exploration. Is that we have a name of the person who is a person is sampan goes all from where Facebook, Facebook, okay, so that's a really good questions which it with What's the asking about is a kind of United Nations counterpart with regard to space. No, it turns out the United Nations has a space unit within it, they're the ones who came up with the Seminole one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven treaty. For conduct in outer space, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven. We were on our way to the moon. Russia was doing their thing and one slash two looking on. Is it going to weaponize? What's going to happen, space warfare and they thought it was time to jump in and say, let's lay some groundwork here. So it's a treaty on the peaceful uses of outer space and it's got
by our lot of if you're in trouble come help. No matter what's happening on earth. Is some of that in it, but it also says that you have the right to protect yourself in case a rogue element shows up and in their that's a huge that's that's you know what it means to protect yourself. If you have a satellite is its inching towards me and I'm afraid of it rightly ethic hello. My are able to destroy this right right here. What is you know, so slop and therefore sort a militaristic interpretation, but basically that was a first foray into this concept that may be space needs to be an international community and more than a hundred countries sign that including the United States. In writing. It is a good idea at the time, a good idea at the time
I think you need some some freshening up, but but still that's just a treaty, that's not an organization, so what they really asking for what they did didn't star trek. You know: that's, there's the United, the federation right as all countries as one space agency and the deck right our track ahead. We got to do with what we have the scottish guy. We gotta the japanese guy, of course, the way we have everything right at the bare accurate, actually William shatters, but he's been a guest on the shoulders, but at the end of the show, so so the bad measured ya know, larval acting very deliberate after he wasn't too episodes of the twilight zone.
Yes, I remember the one, the one on the wing only with withered monsters outside of God, the plan, but anyhow it seems to me that if everyone wants to be where the only sensible way to do this is to have a United Space Agency and then earth can make decisions collectively in the interests of the future safety. Here is the best example of this is suppose, and asteroids come in, I don't know it's gonna hit, yet all its aim for the Indian Ocean, I well, India have a man space programme, no not today. So what do have let India flood from it from a tsunami? Now you want to be one, you want a centralized way to protect everybody, no matter where the US It strikes me that everyone's onboard, do you think I'd ever? If I tell you gonna knock out by an asteroid, and you want to protect against that risk. Sure plus, if I may, to provide you a hurricane
information from satellite images and there's a lot of space assets that serves our interest on earth. Surface national monitoring of climate. If a volcano erupts and their gases that circle the earth, as Carl Sagan famously said, Air molecules do not carry passports. Where the hell they want whenever they want but this pollution here, either human caused or you gonna wanna, know air currents and how their tracks, If something happens in the ocean, you want to know how that tracks and the best way to monitor this is from space and, like I said you to want to go extinct from an asteroid strike right. It's like when used to smoke on an airplane, and they only had certain rose for his land- was crazy. Didn't going to remember that I remember signal this is smoking wrong. This is not the smoking room. Ok! Well, I smell yours. You're cigarette molecules are going.
Sit around so so yeah, I think you're gonna want that Anders sensible ways to think about this. Everyone pays what they can afford and you'd. Maybe you'll index it to their gdp, but whatever is the sensible economic measure to everybody's a participant in this and as a nation gets wealthier, their contribution get higher if they actually then have a space programme of their own. They may specialise in some aspects of space exploration that other people don't, for example, these space station and, if how does this there's a robotic arm on the space station? Ok, that help retrieve satellites in and do things and that robotic arm, says Canada interesting and you get a little bit and is called candid, Dar O Handle IQ again and to be located there and for some reason, the generous figured out. No matter what angle this,
arm. Is every photo of it says. Can that's why I asked you about began. Everyone gettin bulk is the ego like well, I here I am Canada and here's my little four eggs actually, so they made a better arm than we did. We said less use it, and so I'm thinking different countries would have different expertise and then you have this sort of assembled and assembled collection of the brilliance of all nations of the world in a common mission. To explore the sounds lobby which we can do that with every everything off so on that subject. My great scepticism with the whom, by all of the peaceful use of outer space is because it says in space. You cannot attack, you cannot do this and we must all be peaceful and saying. If you get to work, Spain, white. Why can't you to work here on earth right? It's Jeff! If, if you want me to believe that this will work in space, do it here on earth? First, that's right! It's what they do it ends.
His first and we can say, hey look at works there. Let's do it at home over universe. Another way to look at it. Oh that's good! I think that would be good. There was sir, that there's a concise in math is holding existence. Proof we don't have to Prove it exactly, but you know you have an example of an existing rights. It must be some way to make that happen, I bring on another one aright? While this is Ronald Gamble from Facebook as well. If China makes his first with people to Mars, are they loud to build a wall to keep Americans, though that is clear, I reminded some other comic. Forgive me for not remembering who did it the for humans arrive on Mars and the Martian a gathering of Martian show up at the landing side. They say
colonists go right. I don't know the data that are really funding, and so I have to answer to the first. If you're the first hour more as you do, what the hell you want a cave, Second walls worked when you only moved around on foot right, sir, I'm not gonna stop a spaceship from landing anywhere. That's the literal answer to that question at the more figurative reply. Is they ve been attempts to establish whether you own what you land on, because no the western way is just own stuff right and then write you want to own I'll, sell it to you cuz, I own it now like Columbus, where he said. I discovered
it's like! Well, we live here if you like. If I went to your house and save look, I know you live here, never least, but I discovered your house and I'll get out yet so the so the challenges. What will it take to motivate people to explore space and a successful formula? I dont know if there are other formulas that could work better, but we know a successful formula in the United States was the homestead in rules holding aside that half the time there were homesteader on native land, ok back as hold that detail aside very important detail, although this I just conceptually, the idea was, as I came, to understand, homestead it is this land out there. Nobody knows what to do with it. Oh you want to go to that land. Ok, if you go to that land
and build a home and make a farm you only land. You get to keep that land is still part of America, but you get to keep them. So this homesteader, while I get to own land, let me go, So you end up settling land out there. Without anybody forcing you. Just a simple spirit of exploration and the spirit of of ownership, ended up opening huge swathes of territory to quote settlements, and so may be. Space would operate in that way. If you land on that asked. What is yours? Ok here, just because you pay the land on the asteroid right right. You it's your investment and your responsibility and irresponsibility exact, alright. Let's see we had a one. Oliver Gilchrist from Instagram has written a mean he's not from Instagram, I'm sure it's from another place, but he went through in
Graham, is it? Do you think there is any advantage in putting military and space so as Polly inspired by the Trump space for rest comments, and let me just make it clear, I said, is many times, but I say it again, just because something is spoken Present trump doesnt mean it's crazy right. Maybe they clear just go He said it does not automatically mean it's crazy because out of the eight thousand lies of two thousand eighteen. There is probably some true did but I didn't count- but I'm just saying so in that particular case, we already have a space force. It is a branch of the air force, It's for the: U S: Space command, they ve been monitoring space for it. Since we ve been in space, not only they by many intelligence agencies to space is a reconnaissance platform. Above all else, no pun intended,
and every funding than ever, and so we don't. Intelligence gathering as warfare as much as we think of weapons, but it is, it is a fundamental part of the planning waging an of war and the meat it's a peace. So space is the ultimate high ground. We ve had spy satellites in space from the beginning from nineteen sixties, under the under the auspices of the air force, So if we can say, let's pull it out from under the air force and make it its own agency Anna had a problem with that. We, did that already with the with the air force during the entire second world war, it was the! U S. Army airforce was a branch of the army, the late Nineteen forty is the war is over. We fear, you don't think the commander controllers. Many of you in the air than if you're on the ground, the soul. There is not a grunt wielding weapons wielding person in the butt brush its unique.
And what's the engineering, every tanks is different from the engineering of your airplane. Everything is different, so let's make that its own thing, nobody complain today is saying we should endeavour. May therefore there was not a good idea So as long as, base. Is a frontier we have on toll assets in space, forget the value, the satellite itself, the value of what it enables for being in space. There is no goober without satellites. There is no business model for them without satellite, and so is the cost of the satellite and is the com. Instead, it enables european. The trucks you wanted, it tonight on timber yet we are using satellites finer, your data. Did you swipe rights closer to a satellite comes back? Is it a two mile radius, a hundred metre radius? This is all a calculated, so
Military you want them, not only protect your borders or other traditional ways, a military with executed its mission. Yours wanted to protect your assets, We are rapidly second outlines great question and when we come back more with eighty bro, cosmic queries, space exploration. Hey. I've got no secret for you Gonna consider singing all of the ads on this show. Just one way to get out a hearing there go to patriarch arms last started talk and the porters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free you can. Download. All current episodes into your favorite park has player and net
I hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not happy, hear me sing if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just sing it I mean just SAM. The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal this star. We back the rest ice in your personal physicist, We here in my office at the American Museum of Natural history, where I serve as director of the planetarium and I've got. Eddie Brill help me out here any thanks. Her things were being my Kobo. My pleasure is also great to be
this building, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. This is a lot of my child and even so questions on space exploration. Yes, tat S M, Bower, three, from Instagram rate re, third or Thea. I think it's just three now I think I am the Bower one in two, our data and this guy is the grandson. I was out of that between the name and right and that he should have done that he or she s m. Be Sarah Marie Bower. We ended on the moon in the sixties, with the technology of a basic calculator with the amount of it and technology crammed into our smartphones. Why have We advance beyond the moon in the fifty year, Craig Pasture Gray, I've written so much on this topic, which means as embowered the third hasn't read anything over them
This that's my o snaps Ssl, for so, if you read the literature surrounding that moon shot where Americans in our dna were right. You can't keep us nowhere, humans, we gotta weeks, Or can we explore the moon? Everybody say when the moon by nineteen sixty nine will be unmarked Mars by nineteen eighty. You were not a marked by mistake by ninety semi. Three. We had stopped going to them the moon altogether, we're not going out of low earth orbit since one thousand nine hundred and seventy two okay. So what's up with that? It's because whatever you are seeking about. Why we went to the moon was not why we went to the moon and what it can. So we got him will not because easily, because it's hard right away, The thing that will do the right thing in water. Yes, I will do these other things
It will go the moon and do these are the other thing that, because there is no are in their work as a mere got that Brookline present usage, accents. So what he should have said was we're going to the moon, because we have to beat the communists and had. I did say that in one of his speeches to the joint session of Congress, where and we're gonna go to the moon and return, but The moon return safely to earth a few paragraphs before that. In that same speech, he says, if the events of recent weeks, this making sixty Eureka guaranteed just come out of orbit. We didn't have a mission of rocket blow wouldn't blow upon a launch pad that could carry people yet ok. So if the events of recent weeks, he would not even utter the man's name, are any index of the impact of this adventure on the on the minds of men everywhere that we must show the world the path of freedom over the path of tyranny, that was the battle cry against communist.
Then you window dress it with our explorers but whose the checks, the people were scared, witless about being overrun by communist. That's why we to the moon once we saw that the Russians didn't have spacecraft and it will not go into the moon. We were done Mars not Mars is not even a thing. I can tell you this today. If China says we're gonna put human beings put a military base on March will be. Mars intend minus one month to month design fun and build the next spaceship? I want to take a trip there and we will, and that will be our motivation and we window dressing against it would cause which export as the other, because the war thing yes, so wars, but the greatest drivers of the expenditure of financial and human capital there ever was
name three of the most expensive things humans have ever done to talk to name one name, one, I would say the technology of smart phones or my entering it: I do not understand the question. I am always projects upfront. Yes, yes, I'm his any civilization. I would say man on the moon mentioned a moment ago. We went there because the Russians threatened us right. A great wall of China very expensive, now submit its military about the Mongols. Do you know that the turrets in on the great wall of China are separated at the exact distance that is twice and archers Killing distance, while our intelligent, okay, so it archer here, will kill you are so they will kill you right. So you know come up that wall, okay, so to military project,
The voyages out also economics, will do it the other period. A great voyages of Columbus and Magellan is all economic projects. It wasn't s, gold, Queen Isabella urgency ochreous. Bring back a slide show of the planet and handled as you, marriage, which we so love to see. You here People are gonna know, is here's a satchel flags wherever you land plant one for Spain in the name of the crown there it is Germany, economics and war. So that's why we had arrived gotcha came. This is from Jonathan Jurek gee. I see from Facebook. Sorry Jonathan, I got your last name mispronounced, but Mars is the hot topic these days and I think eventually we will get there. What do you think will be the next big prize in the sky after Mars? I don't think that way: ok I'll think in terms of prices, I think in terms of capability
Capability, what do I mean by that I mean if you build a warehouse of space, launch vehicles. Ok, and you, your Eddie, you say: hey, I want to mind an asteroid and you you go into the into the rocket box, I have one in my neighborhood and you go in with you with your shopping cart, three boosters to get me to orbit to boost to get to the asteroid to others. Come back. I need these tools and I'm off and a Starbucks about good idea because it for myself and so there that's your trip to an asteroid. I'm a scientist. I wouldn't look for life on Mars, ok, I need a rocket that'll. Do that I get a robot.
I get this I get to that and that's my configuration and I go. Oh military has some issue they need to. They need to check out the backside of the moon in case there is a thing hiding there, that's a different configuration. I see space not as what is the next move shot? What is the next prize in the sky? I want to think of space as our backyard. When you go out your back door to your backyard, you not pre destined where you're gonna go. You want to run anywhere We urge is taken by the way, a little known fact us to go in the moon is about the same with you adjust dollars for inflation, about the same as the total cost of the? U S interested system, ass well, ass out. So what so? We're gonna go with that its eye, the interstate
Do we just build a road from New York to Chicago? You could do that, but that's kind of restrictive suppose you like farmland, suppose you were and you wanna go. It was rebuilt the road there. So the interstate connects more than just the major cities. It connects little cities too and enables the creativity of people with vision and dreams to build a nation as the selective expression of our of our urge to dream. For me: that's what spaces, let it let it let it let all of space, be the target of origin, that's fantastic! I had a dream that one of them
this base would be explored deserve. My have my I ever dreamed of a nightmare that no one's gonna build a road. You know what it was about their question. Is people always want more? They want to know what's what's more, instead of savouring what we have and enjoying what we have. I think we need this but above all, because if you only safer what you have caused, the people who say! Why are you going space? We all these problems on her? Ok, let's fixed the problems on earth. So let's go back ten thousand years here in the cave. I want to explore across the valley. No, we have cape proper beside the key problems. First and then We will have the luxury to go out to cross the brook above the mountain
Thus, the valid grandmothers house you ve, got to solve the K progress which you satellite to me. If you say, let's savour this and not continue to yeah you're right, I think that to me the combination It's just like like when you reading ere you just want to save the food that in your mouth is that it is going for the next bite but at the same time prepare yourself Burnett the negative about the yap of as well. Like that. How can I get more given we do? This is Alexis from Hong Kong and she let another Graham Amazon's, the elixir of life- I accept played the hits Hanukkah. When do you think we will start setting the world leaders into space. If we could do- That now, who would you send? Oh
not a single some one. At a time of sentiment. Yeah I tell them it's a meaning having on eating and it's gonna be a lot of money there. Ok, so my favorite quote ever from a pall fourteen astronaut, EDGAR Mitchell, and he he was changed, go into the moon. He was a different person here. You think they are worth changing. Most were anything Europe's farmers right. These these words steady folks. I will check what why wouldn't you be change right, of course, but I mean deeply emotionally, like you're different person, where few of them there. Different afterwards, but people like him level and Jean certain last man on the moon APOLLO seventeen. I got to be friends with them and then they seem like pretty regular broke.
Do you think anyone got change for the worse any of these in Indiana? Use, daddy went up. All I mean, there's ya mean if we can't that is being worse area near so here's here is EDGAR Mitchell appellant. Fourteen power fourteen you develop an instant global consciousness a people orientation and intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there. On the moon, international politics looks so petty you want to grab politician by the scruff of the neck and dry a quarter million miles out and say, look at tat, you, son of a bitch, arrive, that's wonderful, lazaretto, so take all politicians are right. On a broader, monoplane. Okay, this is from wonders. Eighty five from Instagram. Do you think
Nasa should keep funding the eye assess until its retired. As I sure as hell do allow funders laughs yeah. So the international space station right is the largest sort of engineering project. Ever ok in terms of cost and more important in that is, is hugely international. As we were discussing before dip different countries contribute different bits and pieces to that is the greatest collaboration of nations outside of the waging a war, and so for me it's more than just what science are you doing? It's a symbol of hope.
For cooperation, international cooperation among us. So there was a. I haven't check the latest on this, but there was a cautious in Congress that wanted to turn the space station into a national. But that would mean is their funds available to keep it going, and you want to do an experiment, then you will have to pay for the wants vehicle. They get. Experiment updates built into the cost of running the lab. You get to do your science there I have haven't. Forgive me. I haven't checked on the latest planning on that, but the spaces, it's not gonna, be up there forever. One day that we dump it into the Pacific ocean. The great toilet bore. The earth is first wrapped in other plastic, fastest shrank back every five years. Plastic man, and then it would allow the plastic and with some all of that issue, all we want is the Pacific Ocean. Is it's like a thief?
Turn of all longitude on earth. Is the Pacific Ocean so he's going to drop something and you don't have much precision doing it, cuz it tumbles out of space. That would be weird to do it. I don't have a strong opinion on sustaining the space station or not. It would be unfortunate if to sustain it meant you couldn't, then explore other things right, but the fact that we build something the size of a football field in zero g. Somebody should be taking a bow for hunting, pretty good There should be a new different, better space station once this one I dont and I'm not issued person right, I'm just not. I dont condemning them telling people what they should do and I am not actions
even if I sound like I'm doing that, I am actually hardly ever mostly never do it. I just want to alert you of the benefits or or drawbacks of a decision that you might make. I'm saying the space station is the greatest collaboration. Nations outside of the waging of war next would be like the Olympics and may be liberal cup, but this is the top and tell what happened let pics after they leave the country. What's left of these empty stadiums than under rotting in going away while this could be a problem of the space station is well yes, oh the space station was conceived in the cold war right. This is how we do it happened became the international space station when the Soviet Union dismantled, and then you have these brilliant russian scientists. Oh my gosh, can't. Let them go to our enemy. We gotta get him right here. Want to join us and be scientist and put this together, and so so
It states in Russia, as the two flagship countries made that the international Spacex do. You think they're like good guys in bad guys in this kind of and this kind of war are always bag. I say: do you think that you can grow up half an hour? That will never happen again, come back more. The exploration of space cosmic rays addition start off. The future is space and the secrets of our planet reveal star die.
Georgia's back yea, doing this hour, I'll stand house. Ninety four says, you think we will send another Voyager type mission when the planet's line up perfectly again, also with the newer technology. Could it enter interstellar space quicker and overtake Voyager one ok, so where'd you want into were given enough energy to leave the solar system entirely. Others don't travel fast enough, and so there forever bound to the sun, but that that's a problem, which is the fact and the The spacecraft and have enough energy to leave. You may remember affixed to the Died of them were messages for aliens, so these are never coming back to the solar system may be will be picked up by alien civilization,
and of course they voted in English, because aliens right shop and three years lower used a scientific pictogram to represent some of our basic knowledge and understanding of the physical world. So those got out there with those extra speeds because they got one the gravity assist by falling behind Jupiter and you can do this for any planet. Any object, action It beat you fallen behind it, it picks up the orbital speed of that object and its slingshot out the other side with extra energy, because these are small craft- do not launch with enough fuel to do that. They gained the energy by saint shouting around these planets. So Voyager was good because we hadn't really gone to any planets before. So it was a grand tour. Now. The planet's lined up brilliant was a multi cushion pool shot. Look at you slingshot here you sleep there and so
we say there lined up their lined up orbital dynamically, not just in a straight line, It would be good if you're, in a straight line, because by the time you got to one they ve moved That is what they moved again like. I, like the theatre in the round, is okay. What happened rewrite exactly what we are looking at a moment ago. So if we Furthermore, as we don't go to, where Mars is we go to where Mars will be nine months from now, when we arrive, we very smart people calculating how to make the horizon of quarterback, because the ball to and had to wear the runners, gonna be you're, actually otherwise, you're, not a good quarterback right. It's like turn on the ten yard line and the ball will be in your arms. Exactly which amazing, it's amazing. It's amazing completely amazing, so right now, we have enough reconnaissance data on the planet to no longer just do a fly by whose those grant wars. Likewise, you wait years and it's been three hours going by your planet
now. We go the planet and stay there. See mission was ten years in orbit around Saturn ten to twelve years, that's good as we want to do that. You don't just fly by how that work for all their work for a few hours, not so, no we're not in fly by mode now we're in let's go there and hang out mode and that's what we're doing so The grand tour was in the early days of our exploration of the solar system in general. You want to do a recon on a place before you land, pretty cool before you hang out and that's what it is Ok, here's from woody from patriarch took so patron. These are supporters. Yes, yes, yeah, and so you actually supposed to read question:
first I was then how about we are already working. Well, how do I know you're a little crass say if you become a page remember we will answer your questions on what he did know that nobody is funny because he said he's from Adelaide. In parentheses, you wrote rather laid so you know what he should have gone for: total yeah, sorry Woody, but thank you for being a patriarch member. And here's his question. But what is the goal line for scoring in the new space race and which event in this space limpets will likely have the most benefits to keep our planet livable and further mankind? Oh, ok, let me give a biased they're. Ok, I would say asteroid defence. You want to know what the next high bar is not only for us as Americans, but for we as citizens, planet earth. We don't want to go by way of the dinosaurs they were unlucky, but where they were round for three hundred million years that whole line,
and that is why, more than the time that has elapsed since they ve been extinct, no I saw an asteroid didn't take them out. There's no reason to think they will still be here that we be dinosaurs and our me out, human mammal ancestors, tiny rodents running underfoot, trying to avoid being what terms for T Rex They will still be there right now. You shouldn't think that any different from that so Oh you know. If the dinosaurs had a space program, they were swatted that asteroid out of the way, ok to protect their three hundred million your legacy. So I'm just saying you want to know the next high bar or the next go line. Asteroid defence in. I think we can do it in full business interests. Asteroids have ever have minerals. Minimal minerals. So you have mining rights to two aspects.
Oh by the way, while you're up their deflected over a few inches so that later on it doesn't hid, earth or there's another one. Coming that's got good golden minerals on it. That's headed. Go minded until there's? Nothing left like Afghanistan where similar, but why is it because in Afghanistan there's so many minerals, and I do not know about yet and also heroin. Which may set a minerals and urged the data, it there's a lot of money to be made there and it seems that's why I believe we're over there and destroying it yet saving the precious river, the differences that have sovereign country was right. Nobody living that we know of yeah is live on an asteroid, one guy named Joey. I done then came the king at his asteroid, shit, as ok thing woody and again. I apologise for not putting you first, but I gave you extra time in the halo. Okay, this is from cp monster from Instagram.
I often lie awake at night and that's all he says no, no, I often lie awake at night thinking about the boundary of space. Where does it end? If it all seems to be something? I cannot read my head around very poetic. This sir cp monster, here's something he doesn't even think he needs to wrap his head around. If I ask the question, where is the boundary of the earth's surface is losing sleep on this? As you say, if I keep walking, I might hit an edge, whereas that age, I don't know about it- the existential axed thinking about it. Now he doesn't question it at all. He already knows you can have as a thing that has no edge. So that's earth's surface. So there's it's not a pre requisite that a thing has to have an edge. He wanted to have an answer.
We can do sleep on it were so not only that the universe might be infinite. We don't know if it doesnt have edge either just keep going and that's edgy. Those adagio greatly out? Ok, I'm a guy! That's ok! That's its legitimate allergy, dead, so
The way there's a broader issue here. What is the human brain capacity to contemplate infinity? We had no need to develop that in the plains of the Serengeti, trying to not get eaten by a lion. Okay and our evolutionary pass, there's no need to understand infinities, so the discovery of infinities in hand and what it means mathematically, what it means in a calculation very hard for us. My first concept of infinity was being told that the flame at John Kennedys Funeral was an eternal fly, I shall turn what would he made will burn forever thinking they I'm a little kid at this point having isn't or fuel that runs inside said yes, and so the point is it doesnt? It's not on a schedule with a lighted and don't lie, that's really what they meant. As my first encounter with.
Eternity right when here we are many years later talking about it which keeps that flame alive, and it sends a very good, very good. It is in the last movement of candles Messiah its for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever right like that, yeah things could do handle had validity they. What is it for infinity? Get our own experts? That's right and when you were learning about infinity in math and calculus to calculate how, with added that affect the math of that time. You know not you, but when People are looking at infinity. Have you get to solve? Zenos paradox was that no Zenos parent I gotta get out more. Do I do I hear the whole go anyway, Let's say you're here in the wars over there, you walked towards the wall. So I say: well, you have to cover half their distance right,
and then once you there, you have to cover half that distance and then have to remaining distance and have remained in you keep doing this forever. Therefore, you will never reach the walk right. Zenos paradox, but you do reach the wall. So how do you reconcile these two? You need to understand that, on the flip side of word infinity is the is infinitesimal. You can have an infinite number of these steps that all converge in a finite amount of time so because they become infinitist. Many small, so what happens is even if you don't love thinking about it, you learn to grow accustomed to it and that's what happens in math class. What
an integral what is a different? What is it why usin enough? You know that's how it works. I see how and why it works, but I feel it in my heart. You just grew accustomed to make, as is all these theories in math, and you know, in geometry. Algebra theories and volumes variety of items and they were some? a proven wrong and some were proven. Writer may be looked at and improved overtime. Um yeah, but math is very cut and dried. It's it's inside a worker, a dozen right out of proven or doesn't any discarded so a fear and generally to earn the name It works. I got you gotta go that's. Why became a comedian drop math and if we had class cloud the teachers it? What are you a comedian? Why are we not? In fact I am right up a no funny stuff. It wants and I don't get it say yeah I that was the problem, because I was really good in school, but I had more fun
last year. When you get a laugh, it's it's so addictive that you chase that land for the rest of your life, and every one of my family special, my mom just a very funny group. So you know I like math, and so I loved math and science loved, but when it came down to what I thought you know, lamp getting laughter was slew signs jokes out there to scale. There are no vote on checks into a hotel, yes, bellhops says luggage and before this has no I'm travelling light guy right over there I never get. Everyone were questioned. Girl came right. We have to make sure we find someone who I haven't said before. Ok, we did that when that one- and here on this last page, okay, this is from Cooper, HOLLAND, where great name,
for HOLLAND, on Instagram advice and or motivation for an undergrad stem major. Oh, I would say physics or engineering. There are no unemployed, physicists, Percival right, ok, just think about it. If you walking a street there's the musician, does the artist there's like blue there's like the people, you see China get your money, then physicists ration years ago, but also not attorneys either. The point I have actually easier hammered aware, generally you're, almost always gainfully employed by industry and moving frontier of civilization, will always need the efforts of a physicist and especially engineers, because the physicist understand nature works engineers bill stuff, so and energy can choose electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace, engineering civil engineering, all manner of engineering, so yeah at so down
Aren't you job as stable employment to car garage? You know any teacher, and when you do comedy or when you're learning comedy, I in Ireland to Emerson, which was phenomenal now has a colony programming graduate now we do you mean you can't teach stand up, but you can also learn movement and to be a better performer. You can learn voice in our technology and to be able to do different things. What in this sort of stem programme or the science programmes, can someone do in addition to just the regular course structure using if you major physics and or engineering people think when you made your answer, you're, learning about a subject, a history, and I learned about roman history or african history or asian history, and that's a body of knowledge. I have gathered over my four years, a college. That's not what physical engineering is about physician engineering. Is you
learn how the world works so that when you. Face a problem you ve never seen before. You say I have methods and tools to attack that problem. I have never seen before, and I've never been taught it because I know the underlying principles it make that happen so think of it as it as utility bills that you walk around with bad ass. At the ok career, I'm ready, we got a problem, I gotcha solvent. I can apply this kind of a calculus or this kind of mastered the other kind of math through this kind of engineering, insights, so it is not a body of knowledge. It is a tool kit to access the operations of nature. That was my question so area. What do you do you got projects now? What are you? What are you gonna bordering on many many things? My stanhope is constant.
I'm doing it all over the world, which you know ninety happy just Bangladesh doing then the Abruzzo region they were, they were wonderful. Ok, it was an interesting combination of its Like America, where one percent the people of all the money, and they are the people who hired me hooker, and they do you know they travel around the world and speak other languages where and then you see the gross ninety nine percent of the people who are struggling and it's hard to to watch. But it was great education for me, as well as the gray, but to do comedy in a completely new, culturally different place and to succeed at that That's because your tapping, something that is common among all humans or is it advocates the answer for or is it because american culture is everywhere? That's another good point you know like I will get well,
First of all, what you said is science is everywhere one thousand nine hundred and eighteen it is. It is, and the same thing with humanity. It's like in nineteen, eighty, nine and first went to Europe to start working and what I learned was if you write for humans as opposed to riding for an area you know. In addition, you can write for the area, but he right for you, Everyone has dream Sophie, do jokes about dreams that worker lover, air and those are those you can tap into. But one thing I've learned is the difference in education around the world, where I have a joke, where I talk about something that only I had a farm and do it in different languages and talk about and is not going to do the joke, but when I I'm halfway through it and England, they'll laugh because their education system, they understand that joke we're not always, but in the United States people have to hear the whole joke, get it and then the laugh, a big difference so
I don't have a lot of guys. You do and you go. I go to each town. I try to do some research and its good. The same time, I'm still producing I'm putting together a project called the art of comedy I'm working also, but someone famous, I won't say their name yet another book and a book of my honour, written three hundred and twenty short story. So far, all we vote Ok, excellent time come back when you come back, I recently talked about and it is good to have you might my pleasure. We can rodya yes, this. Has been star talk, cosmic queries, space exploration, addition, your host near the grass Thyssen and, as always, I beg you to keep looking up. We should listen to start
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