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Cosmic Queries: The Great American Eclipse

2017-08-18 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Chuck Nice, and broadcast meteorologist Joe Rao are here with everything you need to know about the August 21st total solar eclipse, called “the Great American Eclipse.” Keep looking up – but only with eclipse-safe glasses!NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now welcome to start talks on your host near the grass ice in your personal astrophysicist, and we're recording this out of the world headquarters of measurable right here in New York, and tonight we're gonna tell you everything you ever wanted to know, and perhaps what you didn't even want to know about the upcoming great american Eclipse, MAC Work could coast is checked. Nice about Jack,
Let me man to man and you also host a spin off of star talk playing with sign as grappling with science. That's right! It's when you plebiscite. I should need permission. Has your mother caught? You learn with science truck driver reason, didn't like it when you go, but that's just reminded us of arab monotonous so no plan with science, Gary O Reilly, who was a former footballer and chuck nice, who is some guy and we actually have a different athletes on the show, and we too what what somebody says? Worse, jocks and geeks collide with our concussion. Without a clear discussion, it's amazing, and so what we do is we take sports and science and we break down the science in the sports and we discussed a sports as well as a real
spin off. That's why I'm still learning about what you guys cooked up over there so, but thanks for joint, what we have today by video call. We have an expert guessed it my friend and colleague, and an associate. At the Haven Planetarium Joe Rail job, thanks for your broadcast meteorologist and you wrote to children's book looking up the science of stargazing, and so absolutely I'd say it's good good to have you always good to get your input on nighttime cosmic phenomena. In this case it would be daytime salon taken with particular this episode of STAR Talk is, actually designated cosmic queries just on the Eclipse just so dear. So we're gonna cosmic queries intermittently, but I want to get sorted Joe and mix here Joe I've seen one eclipsed in my life You ve seen some uncountable number of eclipses helmet,
total minutes of totality. Have you been steeped in letter total eclipse is. When you see a first, it's like potato chips, you become addicted. You have to have more Quite obviously, I've been rejected because I've seen but in this will be my twelve and I hope to see a lot more before I report this earth well I'll be going media silent during eclipse which will force the media into the thousands of people who walk this land, who have experts It, is sufficient to deliver an interview with the press that united still call you I don't know it's there, it's not because I am bigot lazy and his colleagues. I live here in New York City and they know I give a sound by, but this this it will sell itself, and so that's why I don't need to be there and my my location is a state secret, already a youtube will not know where I am on urban of it. You'll know be in the past you all know where I'm on earth or my elevation above,
what's funny is I get asked every day on Twitter, where you are going to go, what's the eclipse and to which can't you get tortured. I don't want you to know right. Will I tell people all the time Neil doesn't like me, That's because not enough if we work together. What is your problem so Joram looking to deter what your office in the back there with all these degrees on the wall, so jobs, wicked man and you got a tone clips in the upper corner? Is that a black hole that's a view about total eclipse of the sun. I don't know exactly. I actually have a total eclipse, an annual eclipse, have an eclipse that was taken by a gentleman from the Amateur astronomers association. Here in New York he is not. With this the day that dates back to nineteen. Forty I've over Montana the rising sun the hills of Montana Christian Sun and a few minutes after sunrise it wanted to total eclipse.
There there that the alone at its course, you ve, seen it that you can't beat TAT S. The sun rise or is it me way of saying I just robbed you other stun respite struck up a soldier to teach it it's interesting. I did that total eclipse of the sun over little New York will be on Tuesday May, first, twenty, seventy nine and that happens right after the sun comes up. So it's clean. That morning it'll be a most probably the most unusual sunrise in New York history. Again, if it happens to be cleared, We can that like wrong, we sort of, like my couch put. What is more of job spent. Just describing what the hell is going to happen well actually a at the very beginning You don't even know that it's happen if you're not aware that there's an eclipse that is gonna take place, a total clips of the sun. What happens is that
The moon begins to move in front of the sun and actually considerable amount. A considerable amount of the sun cover before you start noticing that something's areas happening the landscape asked about seventy or eighty percent of coverage the landscape begins to take on a kind of a weird look more. The yellowish color, almost like a dusky twilight. Beginning to descend upon the higher region, but it's not to level I asked thirty seconds the lead, thirty seconds before totality that it really gets. Easy it's almost like being a Broadway play curtain time at a Broadway play and you know I had you been brought my play. They lowered the lights very quickly, just the shows about to begin. Let's call it what it is, before totality all of a sudden. The sky begins to darken very quickly and suddenly up in the sky, where there was once a brilliant ball of light. The son. You now have this strange. I, if you will wind with
I am appealing to the middle of the sky and just come out: the sky gets here, equality, similar twilight, half an hour, five minutes after Sundown an awesome, awesome spectacle, and it only last week about where you are in the eclipse that only about a minute or two in this case most to manage and forty seconds and then, after that we just reverse the procedure and thirty seconds. The lights and would in a minute or two it's almost as if nothing had happened. It's back to normal today and adjust its glory. Everybody who sees it the first time and I think a lot of you You're gonna be a just stand about what we can do occur on August. One, First, the streets across the United States goes to ghost said Joe. I hadn't priests listen to you just said it now. We ve theirs.
Nothing in life. Experience that darkens a daytime sky as quickly as the last few seconds of the partial, does have a total eclipse, because when the sun sets its slightly dark about, a snipe pitch I write some people think it gets immediately dark at sunset rank was I ve never paid attention exaggerate. I've had wires, call me up and say somebody's testifying that they couldn't see anything when they were driving because it with five minutes after sunset. I say it is a lie. So here we have an eclipse we're percent of the sun expose is sufficient to just be kind of bright daylight and then damn darkness sadness descend upon the d, a lot of people, a lot of people. Shame you know. What's the big difference, I'm gonna see and ninety five or ninety seven percent partial eclipses their relieved at the necessity to get into the zone where maybe total am I,
that is most unequivocally yes, yes, you do want to get into the total band of totality, because if you don't, you gonna miss out on a lot the people are amazed. Even as you just mentioned deal the final couple of percentage. Sunlight It's a razor thing. Questions still put out a lot, amount of sunlight, a large amount of illumination you're gonna, shut off every. A bit of the sun in order do appreciate just how much darker it gets and with that few percentage points of sunlight remaining. You don't see the stars come out. You don't get that dramatic sunset and sunrise color rimming the horizon, and you don't see that that shadow them lunar shadow came sweeping in an over you, like somebody doin, a blanket. Your head, you really miss out unless you were get into that zone. Totality, and I think I think after the lead tour aren't you a tremendous number of people trying to do that
Last Monday, the twenty first of August sat. So it's been said once- and I am I forgot who said it and I would have to paraphrase so. It's the difference between seeing a partial eclipse and seeing a total eclipse is equivalent to the press between kissing your loved ones and having sex with your loved ones, I love this now because you they're both please about pleasing but I'll. Take you don't want you. You cannot extrapolate right. The kiss to sex. There are no, right ass. Yes to end, it is a completely it's completely more absolutely.
Who is here yes exactly it is. It is right. Yeah yeah, exactly one is like eating the best most exotic delicacy you could ever five and the other is like licking carpet, So now we can convert is unlike you. He had ever so they both have to be good at both ends and exert. That's why you're right was this analogy. Was I just go to the huge messed up how about being outside, You know yet you before the World Series, seeing a partial let's like being in the parking lot, seeing a total eclipses. Do you ticket walking into the stadium and sitting down in a back seat? Where did you actually watch physically the game and the exciting and then having sex
right now we got as its total eclipse up Joe. What makes us Americans eclipse it's called is being called a great american eclipse, because Number one is the first time since one thousand nine hundred and eighteen that this eclipse is going to be going from coast to coast. Night. Eighteen, we had one that came from the Pacific coast in one across United States ended up going through Florida exiting out over the Bahamas in nineteen eighteen, so that wasn't a Phil American Eclipse because it touch places outside of american soil. This one. Being called the great american Eclipse, because we're the only Hoddan country we are? The host of this eclipse There have been other eclipses in the past like, for example, in nineteen. Seventy there was one that went through Mexico when a blow eastern seaboard or the United States. Man wanted to Eastern Canada, the maritime
seventy nine lowering over the disaffection, seven cliffs. That was they clearly Simon clips correct, not, I think the current climate eclipse was nineteen seventy to actually it could have been an eighteen. Seventy eclipse, you're gonna get the meetings. Believing arise almost sure the now you just have to Coralie size only. What is that the hopes that looks at you and says, like you think this is about you, what kind of a common line when the little drugs way J D Write leaders, you're the Carly sign song, yourselves vain and she apparently It's about somebody, some mysterious person who went to fly his but your jet due notice, You should see a total eclipse of the Sun TAT Americans song. Ok, there could have been one of three eclipses there. One over Nova, Scotia nineteen sixty three, there was one in nineteenth,
I personally think it was the one in nineteen seventy two July. That was also my very first total eclipse. I saw that one can t backward after passed over me. How across Nova scotia- and I think that the song Simon Song was a hit the following year in nineteen. Seventy three, which makes me think that maybe she was talking about that eighteen, thirty, two or maybe you just making the whole thing up. All our citizens. No baby. I think so now, I'm sorry Warren Baby, no different! What ever right, a song of echo's, went problem logic which basically gonna be the great american Eclipse, because we host country. There is no other country that were sharing the eclipse win and the last that happened was before this country became a country to go back over the various. Manuals and show you traction past eclipses, sister, clutches the last,
and this country they use the political boundaries, had an eclipse all to its own was back in the year twelve. Forty I've a, and I was, of course before the United States existed. So this is the very first time that we are the sole country and there Countries are people from all over the world are gonna be converging on just the United States, with this great american eclipse just one more way that we're making Amerika great again, I'm taking a toll credit for this eclipsed by the way every either of you know that Donald Trump President Donald Trump was one on the day in the college. That means that one on the date that met you were on the daily, he was one of the data, total eclipse of the moon, Donald Trump and had a chance to look and see if any of the president has had a total eclipse any advice on on his birth day. But Donald Trump has that job that recognition
one of the day when there was a total eclipse of the moment just to be clear and a clear the moon takes place at the moon right. An eclipse of the sun takes place at the earth, So if you are anywhere on the side of the earth that sees the moonbeams eclipsed, you will see the total eclipse of the moon. Ok, ok, that's so anyone who so that's a lot of people could be I can write. Absolutely does not have a rare thing right to be born under an eclipsing moon as it is to be born, fixing some other way. I'm so great, I block out the sun. Stop it's! Your job is the big. So what's an average today He among eclipses relative to this one were uneasy in Think even just up of one second to total eclipse is more amazing than anything that you'll ever see in terms of a partial eclipse, and this one
one actually been telling people. This is actually the appetizer this upcoming eclipse this year, There's gonna be another total eclipse over the United States in twenty twenty four, only years down the road and that eclipse is gonna, be better in the sense that the path, the area of visibility of the total phase of the ECB, he's gonna, be bigger, as I mentioned earlier. This one is not the last longer than two minutes and forty seconds the one in twenty twenty. Who is going to last in some places over four minutes, so, whereas people probably get turned on when they see this eclipsing twice the team and the first thing out of them out. They want- and I see another one, seven years now- twenty twenty four you'll get another one and that one will be even better. Much better in fact shook him stay in terms of european families. Then what we're going to see this year and twenty seventy
So you get these differences because of the distance that the moon is from earth is not constant. Is it because it's like what what what would you call it? Is it like a depth of field when you're looking at something from a distance and you're, like you, use your thumb to block it out that type of ok but the so Serbia if the moon is caught in the moons elliptical orbit around the earth is we get an eclipse when the moon is closer to earth rather than the moon, is bigger in the sky right and if, at that time, We are farther from the sun because our there. The sun is also elliptical. Correct so the eclipse that I saw way back when had the moon one of its closest times to earth and earth at one of its farthest, since this from the sun. So it took a long time for
saw fit for the moon to TAT and Privacy Sol caveats, so my eclipse at peak was seven minutes and fourteen second, oh my god. That is a major so that at peak, but we can go to where was speaking because there was a dust on taking up of this, our ok, we sort of more off the coast. So mine was six minutes and twenty seconds, speaking of which you have answered, Joe is meteorologists. Can is there a place where you don't want to go because as if its cloudy you're screw, we will touch come back from a super for you? I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one. And where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support
where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying Rebecca start, you see, we ve got with us on video call the one the guy who knows. Nice guy, better than anyone. I've ever met Joe Rail Associated. Planetarium and visa meteorologist. Lifetime television, meteorologists that meteorologist voice too. He does Let me hear somebody of that boys this morning. For breakfast, I had some eggs for
that's very nice, so, just before the break, we were trying to get it understand a couple of things. Let me let me back a permit today. People travel with much greater ease than at any time in the history of eclipses. So is it pass possible that this eclipse will be most watch ever in the history of civilization, because this America and ever got a car If you don't drive, you have a plane or whatever, and we all I'll just gather in this passive totality? This narrow path across the country will kneel down. There are twelve million. Who already fortuitously live in the zone? who told you: how did you get it out of the ads atley? It should miles wide its twenty five hundred miles long stretching from Oregon to South Carolina. However, there
an estimated two hundred and twenty million people. That's more than two thirds of the total population of the United States, too twenty million are within one days dry, five hundred miles of the total eclipse path, which leads one to wonder just how many people either late that Sunday night the night before or early that Monday morning. The twenty first of August are going to say they decide hey. Let's look jump in the car, go and see that total eclipse, Charlie, it's gotta, be interesting to see their their allotted and the impact of the fourteen. States that are in the totality zone the deal tee, the profit of traffic this in all of those states, warnings as if it were almost like a category three hurricane heading in that direction. They are warning about major traffic jams stock up on food, because you know in your car for a long time, and even the major interstate roads like eighty five and Georgia, or I thought
I've been Oregon. There are just traffic tie up They had never seen before for all these people. Try the into position to see, the early total eclipse that day some. So it's possible the torrent. Million people say it is clear that do you think that's more than any previous eclipse has ever been women, I'm not sure. I know that a nineteen ninety one does the Mexico City then I can actually wanted which was released. So the one that you saw me Elinor back, get back in the seventy two say savary longer gloves yeah I was it was seven minutes long passed over Mexico City, the entire population Mexico city was treated to a total eclipse and I believe that timely. Mexico city in ones things like twenty three million people thou, though not be necessarily in one sitting for this eclipse, but certainly if a lot of people travel into the totality Panthers, very well be indeed the most viewed Eclipse total eclipse
in in modern history. Now in all history, Ella District and if I remember the eighteen, ninety one eclipse also went across Monica Hawaii and telescope was able to observe from there. Wasn't that the same eclipse dating back. He passed over the big island of Hawaii and monitor. Is there on the top of the that extend the volcanic corn? problem was they sought Monica, but all the people who went to Why are you to see that eclipse closure? Most people want to Hawaii? Didn't they d that price Jenny eclipsed. The meteorologists climatologist set out is a ninety five percent. Answer clear whether for the eclipse because in July that was the month at the eclipse occur. They get the trade with given the trade winds blow. Usually the weather is clear. Fortunately, on the day, the eclipse it was the other five percent. There was some sort of disturbance which clouded
he's over and people actually got rain down under a white one person. I They walked away after the and after it the total eclipse of the total bust at least four Hawaiians So the other two things one reason to monitor all just they're, gonna, blame? You know that right there are gonna blame here. You know that you could look at another, whether records you could see. You could see with the best places based upon long term records it doesn't always worked out. That way it that Robert highlighting a very famous oxygen writer once said in his Will it be true find is what you expect, but whether is what get away in the? U s you may be in a place where the climate how you says: it'll be great, reviewing the eclipse but the weather and makes up its own mind if it decides to be cloudy that day- and you have said so goes so before-
The cosmic queries, but this is a cosmic where addition yeah. So don't want to spend a couple of minutes, explain what it means to have families of eclipses that their groups of it This is that of similar to one another is a theirs a family or cycle that was known to the ancient to Chaldeans and Babylonians down five years ago known as the sparrows cycle, and what is it strategy. There, Japan lunar cycle that seemed to come together is kind of like hitting the jack? let's say on a slot machine. These three cycles involve the the issue of the moon in its orbit relevant to the earth, whether its closer or Father way, the law a month ago, One of these synoptic marked the elite cycled work, together and- All the sheriff cycle shares needs, repetition and eclipses repeat after about
eighteen years and ten or eleven and one third days that one third of a day is important. However, because when the eclipse returns, Eighteen, some odd years the earth and have one third of a day has turned out written twenty degrees in it a rotation cycle. And so while the eclipse is going to return, it will not. Return did the same part of the world that it was seen. Eighteen years previous, this eclipse coming up, for example, the great American, a clip eighteen years ago. Eighteen, you rigour about this time. It's our turn here or North America to over Europe. Well, now, eighteen years later, eighteen years intent at their days later. The earth is trying to help twenty degrees to it's, not over Europe. This time, it's our turn here in the United States or North America. I that a clear and in another eighteen plus years the earth will turn again one third of a way around Shall Wendy this eclipse return eighteen years that in the year twenty thirty five will be visible over North America in approach.
Passing over the Pacific Ocean or parts of Asia, but this I've always was known thanks five years ago, to the day, the ancient sky watchers, and they were able to make some pretty good predictions just by knowing about the room, the repetition of this eclipse cycle and being was a bit of anticipate when eclipses we're going to occur so That's it I saw was in July. Nineteen, seventy three cause, that's how old I am at eighteen, in two thirds years too, that you get to eighteen, ninety one eclipse, so that all works out so to check what you give us, a question: arrival we started off and will of course, we always start with one of our patriotic patron questions, because these are the people that support is financially and they walked away into the question when I say it the time. Just like your congressmen, we can be bought all right.
This is Eric Bartha coming to us from Facebook. I am aware that the moon is research, being from the earth at a rate of a couple inches per year. How long will it be? until the moons orbit has moved. Too far to have any more taller total solar eclipse. Incredible, so the moon is getting smaller and smaller. That means there will be a day. The moon will never in its orbit, be large enough to completely cover the sun. Bright, though, still have eclipses, rather just won't be tellers, won't be tough effect. This is the word for ring. Is Angeles annual? That's a word for the lives of latin for a ring, and so one of the kinds of eclipses is an end. You learn eclipse annual re write and where the sun dig, the moon goes in the center of the sunny, see a ringer sunlight. So Joe, have you done calculation I haven't, I can. I can take a stand out. There is a there's, a gentleman who lives in Belgium, whose world renowned he's a very famous sir calking
you're celestial, mechanics, on may use and Doktor may use has done the calculation and he says that some time ago, billion, or so years from now I will indeed be too far away to create total is actually he says that there's gonna be a few. Here's where it's gonna alternate, where it will be possible and then not possible. I get periods where the young you'll go through where the money will be too far away and intelligence the close enough to cover the number and about thirteen years or so according use. That will be the time when eclipse of the sun total Eclipse of the sun will just be a thing of the past, so enjoy. These is spectacles while they laugh because matters by the way food, billion years ago. When the moon formed. It was twenty times during the sky than it is now? Why you would have some serious eclipses every now nodded
puts again ragout exactly you're going to finish. My homework is that when the lights go out, paying always non paying. This is the spiralling away over the billions of years, but the rate at which it spirals away will get slower. So it was. It was happening fast long ago. That that that makes me curious about eclipses from the standpoint of other planets. So if there is there another planet where, it seems as though we are uniquely situated for eclipses than total solar eclipse. The way they happen here. Is there not a planet in our solar system that might have maybe couple moons that do the same thing or that a line at the same time or you know that might give us some some different configurations of chemicals,
are you interjection your own question from the cosmic where I am interjected? Ok, that's allowed cause your cause. That's allowed so interesting fact about the moon in this on this is the number three hundred show that the moon is. It's three hundred times farther away than the moon is, and the sun Chinese is four the sun is foreign or time farther away from us than the moon is ok and the sun is forty times larger than the moon soap cancel straight after it and they fit for that. What anybody else have that ratio in the whole solar system job? I knew so there are so many movies. Now me when you- and I were grown up near led- was so easy. Jupiter had twelve Saturn at TAT. Doesn't moons can only just now it just shattered alone. As like, sixty seven moons observers, like a similar now All of those satellites than going around all the other planets are probably too small to create the same type of effect as what we have here ah as seen from the Europe that you might even called
There is no system of double planet No moon. That is proportionately as larger size as our moon is relative to the earth, as opposed to all the other. Planets in the solar system. An app satellite to create the spectacle of a total eclipse now before two thousand and six we would have said, PLUTO has a larger moon relative to itself, but since it's not a planet anymore, I it's not in his hand exact Rikers Poodles Moon Sharon is even bigger compared to pollute our than our moon is compared to us right, so decisive distance ratio for PLUTO If it were a plan, we take that ice balls make meekly situated to have to experience we isolate None of the sun is really really small out. There has so far so far when Russia, in a way it still doesn't really fit. You get an eclipse, but if the eclipsing Object passing between you and the sun is really really large. You're not gonna get the beautiful Verona cause that's right away.
Send to the edge of the sun. It's like disclosing arise because it is blotted and closing our eyes were closed. Arrive at that point exact. Why do there was great? Ok, some are wondering what we got women ladder segment night. You know word so since we got one minute left, I'm gonna give you ok. I gotta do this because it's gotta ask you this question. Just because Andrew hangs wants to know this and I'm taking I'm serious. Ok, we'll the sun melt among moon passes in front of it a matter. Don't cheese. I dont fancy it raining down on me when I, when I go shopping, I did not make that Andrew hangs wants to know where the moon, while the supper mouth. What is important here to think given, given how many people saying today that
earth is flat right. This is a high level question, plus we're getting their leaders. Thinking about consumer dynamics of the situation really see. That's. Why asked? Because I knew no matter what meal will find a way to answer someone's questions. You care house, stupidity and I know they say- there's no such thing as to the question of whether the people who say they are stupid, So I shall draw take this one. So here is so on the side of the moon that is facing the son. It's a couple hundred degrees, it's very hot air, and it will melt almost any thing you would eat like tea just be noted, and the moon or made a cheese has. It would just melt off the face. So, but now the moon is turning. It takes a month to turn turns out this match, is the time it takes to go around the earth. So on the side where the sun is not shining it. It's like how
called does it get on the on the dark side that the unlit side of the moon about you Fifty below zero, zero, settle, freeze it right back right, right, so the rates of Europe live on the moon and not melter. Freeze you wanna be annulled, rotisserie right at the boundary lighted, went to find that line of like a dog and spin around justice of rotate. Just so you decide either. Its baked is share, please it is the exchange intermittently decided frozen day, and that will you stay one one temperature and see that's. Why these questions, because we still learn something after death, throes K, we're gonna, take a break, will come back to cosmic worries on the great American. Cliffs with my friend and colleague, and Time Haven associate your rail
We're back on startup cosmic queries, vessel topic of mercury, great clips, milk, August twenty first Dateline, two thousand seven, The czech nice. I got your rail on video call in associated the hay, planetary, my go to man, for everything night sky and in this particular case it day sky Gimme, another nine illegal. Can I just meant before before the next one, Can I just make one suggestion to anyone whose watching, whose adding to see this eclipse the first eclipse that he or she has ever seen a lot of people I'm gonna, try to photograph this eclipse and mice just into any first timer is don't bother, taking pictures you drink in every single last. Second of the totals days of the eclipse, I want a standing around with you right. I mean you, don't want it
a camera and looking for the aperture settings or whatever you just want to sit and watch and enjoy this entire beautiful spectacle. These out, I've told people before Jacques India Triumph. You have your very first total eclipse of the sun. Like your first girlfriend, you not very good at it. It's over very quickly. And you just want to do it all over again and that it's a kind of ok, This is like your first girlfriend decry when this is done, I will add that lay play people have using their smartphone to take video of extra very events that are in front of them, and so here's extraordinary in front of them and they at the two and screen of the extraordinary event right. So In fact, the cost of keeping
A video of it is having missed the event entire. Absolutely that's the extent of the expense of having their video is like actually MR thing under what answer seems ice with its with some of it with a pope was going back right. Nobody looking at the Pope through the thing look demand to put. What do you know he's right there we re, so maybe you might want Commit this event to your own memory. Let's aren't there we go. This is heat may pass Linda, and here I would like to note this coming to us from Facebook for astronauts. Watching from the IRS S, will any man made lights be visible to the naked eye in the Umbria of the eclipse, interesting quest for job, they ve already. They believe it or not. They have already done a computer. Genes and the astronauts on board? The isis we'll see India, Eclipse on three separate
rotations or three separate orbits of the earth, they will not see it total eclipse, but they will see most extreme cases, something like eighty percent, partial eclipse and lonely looked down on the earth. What you will see, will be the innocent. What looks to me like a black steam that is projected serves to the European on the ocean or as its power over the United States. Not black stain, of course, is the earth. I believe the moons umbra a dark shadow. That's going to create the total eclipse of the sun, only one time in the history of man, space, light Gemini twelve to ask circle in back in nineteen. Sixty six did briefly for a few seconds. The total eclipse of the sun ass they passed into the moon, I think now those asked not attack was buzz. Altering the shaggy man. Did. You walk on the moon, but job it's it's it's. I guess difficult to you know, get tee the space vehicle
Does it circling the earth getting into the shadow of the moon? It will be able to see from the International space station of what's going I'm down there with that black sheep, Winning over the earth end up in the sky, The moon passing across these days of the south, so you'll fast. As the shadow moving on surface weather, goes around the earth, at a speed of about twenty three hundred miles per hour. You would think that that would be the speed, as moving across the surface of the earth? But that's not true because we hear on the earth has also turning earth and, and so We are moving and we are, in some cases, staying with the shadow over a period of time, especially at the shop. Was passing over the equatorial regions, a we can with it and It helped us slowly. Movement of this across the yard. Down in this particular case shadow as it goes from coastal caused across the United States, removing roughly at an average speed about dean or seventeen hundred miles per you'll be moved.
Actual slower, pretend to see in Kentucky and a bit faster as it entering the United States from the Pacific coast, but still rather rapid speed and even if you have one of those supersonic transport blames, you wouldn't be stay in wherever you eat. The moment eventually is going to work out what that deal with that smooth, one of my favorite things to look for particular eclipses, where the shadow is not as big as the one that I had seen. So they check the eclipse shorter. My favorite thing is to watch the shadow approach from the horizon moving at seventeen hundred miles an hour. It's this cut through the atmosphere and it is dark in the center. Yet it is twilight on each side of it, and here it comes. And then you know it's gonna be looking at it because ordinary looking up, but the old timers who seemed ten, it doesn't eclipses the greedy ones. We We know the other stuff to look at that. We decide show that makes up the total circus that this is so we know what our shared
here. We go Jeff source. As Czech. So it wants to know this does absorbed butchered make named this issue with you didn't, we would not know who you were here. We go, Jeff wants to know. Does the solar eclipse give our ground based telescopes and enhance view of distant objects due to gravitation Lindsey or is there any enhance view of what we're looking out past during the eclipse and wasn't there isn't that? How we prove Einstein right about his. You remember this. In the year nineteen nineteen Rapport Sir Arthur Haddington. Let an expedition to test this three year old prediction. That gravity would been path of light, the severe gravity would bend noticeably and they they wanted to do. An eclipse in nineteen eighteen. But Firstly, war was the great war, was still interfering with
Rio and personnel movement. I said They have to wait till eighteen, nineteen and sure enough. They made the measurements the star hers whose light pass new at the edge of the sun, which you wouldn't We will see in the daytime or worth when We're not in so the positions of those stars were slightly different. Then, when they were six months later, when We observe them in the dark of night and that bending confirmed Iceland's general theory of relativity grandchild. So that's exactly how they played out super cool more here we got here we're going to pick up where they'll be a measurable temperature and maybe joke and tell us this John Reinhold once and others will there be a measurable air temperature difference during the eclipse Yes, they are most definitely will in fact job in the middle part of the country. Where will be happening MID day or actually in the eastern half of the country, we happening. I too regard him have to deal with this.
Now the sun covered eighty ninety percent or area total. You could get a temperature drachmas three. Five degrees or more as the air actually begins to contract with the cooling of the atmosphere that helps holding the winds from all directions at white. Sometimes, when you get mid point of another major eclipse, a cool breeze starts to spring up so almost maybe not so much in the in the western United States will be during the morning hours, and it hasn't been enough here taking place yet, but not at the moment, it'll out of the country and in the eastern part of the country, we'll get a noticeable temperature drop around or soon after the point of medical next it is not only an actual air temperature there's also once the sun is blocked. We're getting radiant heat? Ok right, I've noticed But what's between you and a fireplace you feel instantly called absolutely while they are. Temperature is the same as true
the if it did order some change. In that instance, I was the heat emanating from the fights the photons coming from the fire. Touching your skin and getting absorb has nothing to do with a temperature, the air, so you blot son. You not only get the cooling that just talking about the absence of photons that you had been basket. This is why shade is cooler than non shade and the summertime. That's the only reason why is blocking those which is blocking this extra source of heat to write? The shade is not really cooler than being out. If you're, walking in and out of shape, back and forth, they are is all mixed. I can't wait to lay by a fire with my wife, the next time you'll be like baby. That's not keep this. That's my full time the much vaunted my fault, I'm sorry one more. It would go here. This is actually important. James cultures asking the very important question here: hey Neil. Are you going to watch the eclipse in person
We know you are, if so and Jochen time in on this. To please tell me what gear you will you should we watch through binoculars, telescopes glasses, why to respond to glass was up to the job in Spain. Any time on this, give it give it some concluding comments on what the best way to view the accord? although the best way I you know, everybody has been nurse grounding around four eclipse, glasses and, in fact, believe it another knock off a cliff glasses. These glasses are made either of mylar or especial plastic or polynesia, and they had been tested. There have been certified, but there are some places haven't been certified that could have a scratch in them. Yet to be very, very careful with. A lot of these knock off. Such suddenly appeared over the last couple of three weeks. You don't have to directly at the sun? However, if you do you know, you could also use welders, glass, number thirteen and fourteen welders lashing. Get that any new hardware store or welding supply store ill
the sun Green, when you looked through it, but it will be enough, but you'll be able to see it safely, locked up or the visible info an ultra violet radiations. But if you don't want to look at the sun directly, you can just find a shade tree. I think, as most delightful, the like through these spaces and between the leaves project or dappled ground. With hundreds of these images of the sun on the ground- and it is a light breathing almost like their twinkling- it's it's the same The algae is when you in a pinhole image of the sun. You let the sounds like go through a pin hole and then you hold a card or peace paper about two or three everything away from home, and you can see the image projected. On that screen using? we pinhole image the trees. Do it boy Naturally, and by the way you can so use a mirror, believe it or not. If you have like, what's a trumpet, mirrors vermeer, just punch a hole in a piece of construction paper over the mirror and then turn the mirror to the son. You can projected image on.
Let's say the side of the house and what projector exact same image, that's happening up in the sky and other very safe, the way of looking at it. Don't worry about blinding yourself. You just look at the projected image using them so they remember safe waste? Don't look that would sunglasses dont look at it directly You'd smoke last that just transmits the ultra violet read the radiation into your eye and centralized, don't camped, sense, pain your eyes, you're looking through our peace, a small glass, for example, are being fried without you, being aware that you'll learn about it later. When you see a whole and you can anything anymore inevitable spot. We looking at the shop so that ensuring totality you dont, you can look direct at the sundering. Will phase only of the eclipse. That's a plan to take your I wear off put down the projected: did I cards and looked directly under the sun that will give you
the spectacular. We will make sure that when the sun begins to emerge daddy, you put those glasses back on again because again, given that light sliver of someone who still dangerous a quick couplets, a I stood and the show us that the two parts of the shadow, the dark, is part of the umbrella that's totality in the surrounding areas, the pen umbrella and would choose where part of the sun is. Is covered. Umbra is the same latin route that we use for umbrella nice umbrella umbrella. Umbra are related words, yes, that's cool not only that as the sun gets more and more eclipsed Is this thinner and thinner sliver these source of light becomes more point like we take for granted what our shadows look like on the street, They all have. Fuzzy edges, you'll think about a cassette gestures as the sun gets an hour an hour depicted will cast us out of the way stage.
Its will cast a shadow with very sharp edges and all of a sudden. This is what Joe alluded to earlier does. Indeed, re effect that takes place around you shadows, look different: they move their more precise, their sharp their theory. There. You are in the year in an other worldly landscape. During these last few moments, the eclipse we saw the ehler states, then that last year, the bit of the sun. What we call that that last little bit, we call it a diamond the timing was a Baileys beach they beads or like than the other? ointment for that right? That's so the diamond ring effect, is at last little bit did its bright on top and still see the outline of the moon. Looks like a wedding ring right. The aggregation of engagement and get a job we gotta ended. Thanks for the night for video going in to start talk,
You for inviting me and good luck to all who can be at the eclipse, sir. On Monday, the twenty first Joe doesn't take luck. It takes knowledge, everyone Chuck. I love you. I love you too you have written watching, possibly listening to start talk, and we ve been putting this live at the National World headquarters. Trouble Universe Headquarters in New York City. I've been your house near the grass Thyssen NICE Rail video I'm in your personal astrophysicist until next time, I'll give you wish you could listen to startalk Commercial free, joint startalk, Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio
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