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Cosmic Queries – The Science Around Us

2018-05-25 | 🔗
Bill Nye the Science Guy and comic co-host Chuck Nice answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries about The Planetary Society and space exploration, climate change, the competitive nature of scientists, the EPA, NASA, extra-terrestrials, dark matter, and much more.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/cosmic-queries-the-science-around-us/Photo Credit: Ben Ratner.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right. Now. Is everyone bill nigh here on your guest, hostess weak on star talk, and I am joy with your friend and mine, our beloved Chuck nice. Look at that applause everything that is Jack. It's good to see! You don't worry us. This weakens our talk, we're just talking. Yes, we about stars exactly and
going to start with a question from our beloved audience, we are. We gonna, do a cosmic queries where we have gathered questions from all over the intro webs over the cosmos over the cosmos. That's why they're right queries of cosmic nature of our first, what has actually from office and terry- really really before we go. Don't let me just say one you're wearing a very fetching sweater. It's quite fashionable and too I really did the planetary society pin that you are a sporting and I would like to know where I can get one because well, first of all I will have to join the planetary society, so maybe you can tell me I can do that or yes well, you should check out planetary, DOT, Org Leonards largest non governmental space interest Organization, advancing space, science and exploration so that people everywhere in the cosmos and our points within an elevator door closed. I took one. Classroom Carl Sagan back in the disco era. Ok, I joined the
Terry Society, when it started in nineteen. Eighty, and now I'm the ceo of the planetary society in chalk. We advance space. Giants. We advance exploration in three ways. We make things. Ok, recreate. We made a spacecraft, or sale spacecraft and it's it's a light, sale right, white sale and we are on the second Falcon heavy rocket that fact one had how many engines jerk one falcon. How many engines, let us say to about nine grass, The falcon heavy is in three Falcon nine strapped ago, twenty seven first stage engines, and so this based craft is built by people like you who just thought it would be cool and so we are going to prove that weaken, can orbit the earth with a solar sale right, but this will be the earth. So
We come you're the sign out there. We come karate chop towards you this way twist in space, get a push or energy takes us out here. Go, I just will increase bioenergy and were excited so may I ask You, when the solar wins, come rolling in sore and is barely a hundred of the effect of the photons cake? So is that whatever it is, it's the sun son, it's easy and you can We would either from classical physics with pointing vectors or you can do it with relativity. Ok, Equals M C squared. Do you know what I do know We express momentum in physics. It's me at times. Velocity. Ok, So now let us divide both sides of equals: M C squared by sea. The constant and so get the oversee equals M C. M c is an expression for momentum gotcha. So the
so it's about nine micro, newtons per square metre wow, but because you're doing that in a vacuum, vacuum and its day and night, a knight, there's, no night, whoa whoa and at the plant Jerry say we educate. We have, I believe, the world's foremost long form journalists on the web, and then we advocate P. Like me, go to Washington DC and get caught, fishermen, senators on board with planet. Very expiration. Two things I wanted my lifetime with respect to planet Re exportation chalk. Ok, I want to What for signs of life on another world, very cold or yet Fine signs of life like fossil bacteria on Mars or stranger, still something so aligning alive and living yes twice, much ocean water? Is the earth? Are their european swimming around out there around
the moon of Jupiter on the moon of Jupiter and the other thing shark, don't the earth to get it with an asteroid, you know that I got a feeling that that might strata might that might might raise our insurance premiums, suicide control. All the it for civilization. Exactly you don't want that justice thing and shall you couple years ago, three years ago, right Tivoli Small Rock thousand people go to the hospital right those shattered everywhere. Sonic zooms the whole deal whole thing: that's it right, we'll let you have a Roma, I'm glad you like to pin. I do love. I know a guy that region I think that nominate. Take you up on that. Artless into our cosmic queries go where David Zahm than the meagre zone need avid zoning Zynga he's a phd and he is
doktor David did Doktor David holding David we're promoting David because he's promoting himself does he's smart enough to actually right now all these goods to read it. You didn't even but go day. He says from a perspective of from your perspective, what are the problems that faces? The? U s the most pressing, and what should we about one of the most pressing problem for any country. Any anybody is climate change. Far as I'm concerned, and ignore the longer we ignore it was to problem first, all the climate will change faster and faster, thing is our competitors and I'm? U, I believe, are also native USA, and I am our compared There is in other countries, will produce better, cheaper solar panels, better, cheaper wind turbines, how energy per distribution, and we will all have to be by and the U S after we buy
These commodities from other so interested resources, everything. You said I just ready thing and financial times about the fact that Chuck reads financial times or a nerd. Do you know? I don't want to promote that bill, let's not keep them on the deal hipster authority. We believe that it will read now here anyway great article unhappy about the fact that China has turned a corner of the market. When I was little the panels and and we are, we are we, a head and because of our government as basically treated we Dave suppressed, our attempts to continue be the leader in this area. China in that void stepped in and now
They are not always surpassing nurse, but they are about to make it so that we're not gonna be able to catch up. Well, we'll see I mean you, know the: U S. Been behind before that's true, but the opportunities are huge, and so, if you're out there, you wanna make solar panels get on it. I am the first to Caen ES or point out. I did a bit for a company that was gonna. Have this new manufacturing technique use instead of a saw cut silicon, we're gonna, use, protons, wow and put him you know you put your sword. Near particle accelerator, atom smasher, that you have your cake Leah and they go to it's very apparently at four people were would you can control the depth that protons penetrate? Ok, you given an electric charge and point you get this perfect thin slice of silicon without any sawdust, but that company my estimate will see what happens
was when I recorded this thing. Didn't have enough money under capitalize on or maybe it'll, come right, so cool idea that is okay with here. So I mention it because it's just one idea: if We were encouraging innovation in sore panels. We be innovating solar panels read if we're given tat. Breaks to fossil fuel industry and and and deregulating that industry, so that they can impact other poles environments recklessly ORD aggressively Edward that's what we're gonna be doing on the wrong way to work people's optimistic right. Let's go now to Chris Marcelo or Marcello, if you so wish. Smart Joe Chris Marcelo from Facebook wants to know their facebook
And that was my apologize, its use irresistible when you apologize Guy s career without men taken at this time should we as a world Treat science as anything but a global pursuit should we abandon the commission of nature of science discovery or have we region point. We're science should be pursued with as much collaboration as possible. Is there is cooperation among scientists worldwide to the point where there have eliminated the competitive asshole science? scientists are so competitive area and BT, Dubbs, there's an old adage where the money small. The politics are big: what a lot of scientists now you might associate scientists with inventors who invent something that make somebody rich, because not only are they inventors,
some insight into material science or electricity or suffer, but there also extraordinary business. People react Most scientists are academics, some of them drive Honda, civics, and so there are very competitive and that's good. That's good! but in the case like meals. Not here, do you remember Neil Grass Thyssen, I think I've heard of others pictures on the web anyway, he's in astrophysics. Astrophysicist may have mentioned that seven or eight times a paragraph in strong enemy, especially people, cooperate, worldwide? Because when you're, looking at the Heavens, honest from a spinning platform, to wit, the earth a third of the earth is practically in looking at the sky at any one time, and so they beat these guys and girls really do cooperate. Well, you need the you need the help of the other personally as its actually have an additional set of eyes and success
three what it is, and we know what space exploration would not really be possible without can there are in Australia. Well, and I met because Australia just started its own space programme way to go. I write their September. October way to go astray. A girl. I had great question They are crystal. Let's move on and have dawn Violeta about to very year very dear actions compelling well yeah actually require. Don, be says this: what effects were the dismantling of the e p a have on this country and out globe, as well as future research? And I like that she threw the same here education what what what a wonderful enquiry about education and unaware that choked him up like it, but go ahead door. Locked up Joe
The EPA you might think it's being dismantled is just being run by or its somebody's been put in charge, who doesn't much care about it, but I think the environs protection professionals, the bureaucrats people, then there you're just gonna, be there and there I'm just looking at their watch will be here after you're gone, Sir carry on Mr Prodi, like agents in my business right as they say, talent comes and goes, but agents are forever. So I think the bureau, that's no what's up and they doing there jobs despite their leader. The problem is gonna. Be that all the environmental damage that's done over the a few years because of this people at the agency, to be undone right and it will be because people eyes the great value of the environment and they won't put up with it. So I predict and start extraordinary that the in the
the days of the anti environmental movement within the Environmental Protection Agency are numbered right. There, This is not sustainable. Yes, by the way EPA was set, by Richard Nixon, the cry aloud- everybody in other word conservative used to have to with conservation people's peoples. Whoa reverse this, your sea weed. I am shocked that Libya before we go on. Let me just ask you this: do you think that, as we see a I will say on what depression of activity at the EPA along with a burgeoning economy which other we ve been in it for many many years. We know it can continue forever that what will happen is As we enter into some type of recessive contraction in the economy.
A correction arrested as they as they say it. Won't they don't talk plainly here again, stocks are gonna, be worth less now it's a correction erected so as we see there, can a correction or economic downturn will also probably be at a place where maybe we're not in this said this type of administration and will have to re Institute, the proper regulations and then you're, happy a blaming those regulations for the economic downturn, say at this point: you may be right, but keep him the economy is expanding and sought marks specially is doing well, but the disparity between rich people in poor peoples, growing right I also claim is not sustainable. I dont think that extraordinary economic point of view this. As you concentrate more wealth with wealthy people unless with middle class and
our people the EU does not have the tax base is not sustainable and public works. Will this of everybody loves? The word infrastructure will not be contained in that this is obvious to everybody is interesting. So we'll see what happens in the coming years, but I think the pendulums going to swing back hard right give us hope. Well, you gotta be optimistic. But you know you guys, I'm not the one foremost authority and economics, but banking. I guess literally on extraordinary growth in the economy to pay off their debts. Your accumulating now, Sir he's cool, but I don't think it's going to work. You know I am of an age where it didn't work in the 1980s. Is that notion that you could just cut and cut and cut? all right. I will see what happens in a that line. If you degrade the environment, everything is worse, Wes, so the this value there
you think you're creating isn't there if an oil company can extract oil, it's not worth anything. You know it's easy. Assets are underground, literally lead on our eye. Kafka. Ask me from instead, as the may repeat, scraping as me, if you have a red Kafka and you're feeling great red Kafka and you want to take a check with paraphrase which whipped up humans never existed speaking of coffee cup ass if he was never existed with their still be limit chain yeah. This is where we talk about. Climate change is naturally but humans causing it to change much faster than would otherwise, and Gaster Kate Heart Marvel pointed out that humans are changing the climate more than a hundred percent fast then it would have happened normally because sore,
activity. The sun is not as hot and bright as it sometimes because it has its own cycles? It has storms and whether, as it's called, and so the sun's actually cooing us off? A little bit, but humans are warming the world up so fast that were outstripping the sun's effect more than a hundred percent. If you I you worry about things shark you're living great time, ass human beings doing more than the sun that's basically with holding in all the seed with all this carbon dioxide, and this is Brad we're almost have time Rachel here at this time for them for this amendment I likewise Brad Cross border com. Brat wants to know this. Why is it that the site, Tippit community stays out of politics, and now today especially when you guys know more than the politicians? Well, ok, I don't stay out of politics.
Ok, because I'm involved in the politics of space exploration and the reason I am in the politics of space exploration, brings people together, parties, is there, but otherwise not get along about anything can agree, space is good and if you're in the United States NASA is the best brand. The United States has this star Doc cosmic queries, aggression which occupies guesthouse thrilled. I will be back before you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one. And where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and sub where does at the five dollar level or higher, to listen the star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me sing if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking, I mean just saying Leading screening thrill, my dear, I guess this addition of cosmic queries on startup, along with everybody's favorite chuck nice! Thank you bill shock. You have a stack of questions there stored outside of your body on this planet based medium and you all, you gotta, you have a good when you said I do. I really part or have a three partner for you, and this is from Anthony Fisher and Anthony, comes to us from Facebook and would like to know this hey bill. If you could ask any extra terrestrial Intel
just three. Questions require three glasses. What what those three questions be? What's this against of water your world wide. Do you have a situation? Where do you use for your standards? your meters, in your kilograms and what is your standards and origins? and then I guess, what's your favorite color, got me. You got me on different standpoints. What have they work in the infrared right? Did it favorite color, so some extraordinary thing that week, you know some ultra x ray I'm deal. They live near. Some pulse are in their irradiated with illuminated with x rays. All oh, wherever you your thirty times a second interested in your stand,
of measurement question? Is that? Because you are an engineer, I guess it's also because your Thyssen and I disagree. This really. I ended we first of all. Let me just say I am shocked that you and Doktor Thyssen would disagree on anything, so He embraces Fahrenheit, ok, nobody else does nobody else. Does furthermore, I claim and he's not here to defend himself part of what threw him off pun intended witted deflate eight cases, unfamiliarity with degrees, Rankin, ok, now To this end, there now is my own ignorance, Greece, rank, and so in other words, my serves to the extraterrestrials, which were not thought through. I was under pressure here. I said I went with something that I thought would be
topic of controversy here and talking of stars. So, When you make an air conditioner refrigerator, you wanted to work, you have to do all your calculations in absolute temperature scheme. Ok, so are you familiar with this idea of absolute zero? Absolute zero? I think is it? Is it minus two hundred seven three degrees Calvin? Euro degrees, Kelvin and minus two hundred and seventy three degrees hit. You do you this. So, let's start with those years where there's no more work? Your motion ok, when it is nominally a theoretical place rise. Anything you have in the box is gonna, be connected to the world, the book, the vineyard, the freezers gonna be sitting on a table which is on the earth, so in a sense, there's no way to get the absolute zero capital. What these people to do and who, wouldn't you get an atom in a vacuum?
If it were the laser except in a vacuum, there's no sound It stops for moment, and then you and try to understand its properties and absolute zero or so in Fahrenheit scale. Zero, minus four and sixty so there is a scottish engineer and to honour him. We have the ring in scale and degrees rincon live in the? U S, Israel, Australia, most air conditioners are gonna, be run in degrees Rankin, but that's changing we're going two celsius now and you mentioned minors to utter. Seventy three point. One degree Celsius, that is the other experts, for that is zero, Kelvin means or cabins so it is not degrees. Kelvin is a unit, is a unit. You don't believe me, ok with a hardware store? Look at the little package for your light bulb
It says twenty seven hundred k, right, K or Kelvin right now simply go my camera. There you go away. You got what you collar, temperature is put to. Six hundred k is daylight, so this is there's a fabulous thing in physics described in English as a black body. If you ever heard it's not about is not about its natives estuaries out about this beautiful machine that I live in body is a theoretical fitting that either if it's older than its surroundings, absorbs hundred percent of the heat that that strikes it, that strikes a right, or if its hotter than surrounding lab radiates will radiates all that energy? So you ve seen the fireplace poker yes Orange hot, that's seventeen hundred kelvins. The yellowish light bulbs. Twenty seven hundred Kelvin cite the white, hot, fireplace, poker or lightning you're getting
do your fifty seven honoured your nine thousand Kelvin site and so a cool idea or hot I visited so anyway. It's a fascinating thing. What we choose first standards, and so the meter which started moving was intended, a ten million of the distance from the North pole to the equator of measured through Paris. Ok, Lee and it was pretty close, but now We use a certain number of wavelengths, the light emitted by Krypton, gay, ass when zapped. What That is really cool, so these lights- it are here. Some of them are florescent work with mercury, vapor jet jolt, mercury, vapor with a few hundred votes of electricity Voltaire's, also metric unit sore apps or watts everybody. You, George Mercury vapor. It gives off
a black whitish ultraviolet thing and hits paint in I'd the tube and paint glows invisible, go mad, and that is well look at that- all of that guy interim measures and, of course thing every is. I got was under pressure talking the aliens, I'm glad co signs how math stuff what about- plus more things. What a great great answer! I list the on this is lines by land wants to know and creative. Are then these sobriquet nicknamed submit nicknames a in french Agus it sobriquet with lines by Lun, wants to know this word after it. Yes, shouldn't new year's b on the twenty first of December, when the distance to the sun is the greatest, but that change
because of the wobble of the earth orbit now? So you guys, what happened? Is the thing if it was there where did have thrown sixty days, ear, abalone, ants breakdown, the threat and sixty by sixty and six and where they love the sixty. Provided by two three four five: six ten fifteen twins Baloney start. This was a great number. They still have sixty seconds in a minute and sixty minutes in an hour. It's we still have this, but you do throw sixty days a year. There are days right and in the tropics My understanding, is you don't notice it right away? You can go through a whole generation without quite noticing that you know it's. Does it told us it was right, but They were just have a big party for five days The Romans had Saturnalia turn
then they Christians, reconfigured the bird. Day of Jesus so that it happened at the same time to get everybody on board. We say, listen, don't know better way, does as popular as your religion and attachment to a five day party. Yes, then, the Pagans guy, this thing where it is Winter ever gonna be overwhelming to bring evergreens in my house right in that we have these traditional Isaac Newton S, birthday, trees. The icing birthday today s right so one of my favorite things- and I got into a little thing with our beloved Neil about this many years ago- is the cat church likes to tell everybody in quite reasonably that rising was born on the fourth of January. Sixteen, forty three ok, but his mom thought. It was the twenty fifth of December sixteen forty two because they weren't,
coming calendars. The same way, ok and to this day pun, intended We rely on their gregorian counter after Pope Gregory the thirteenth who now I'm gonna, get this right. Fifteen. Seventy two spheres eighty two declared that over fist shall be followed by October fifteenth. Wait ten days to adjust the calendar wow I could tell you know that my dad told me to plant the crops when the sun's past over there, but you sons, way past ale and I've gotta be time to plant the crop. This ten day thing if your landlord. This is great yeoman matter very tenet. I do oh you couldn't month, that's fine, they literally bores about it and it was until seventeen fifty six. I believe that the british Parliament decided to get on board with the gregorian counter. So you guys this
is the coolest innovation understand oppression. The insight or ancestors. Who, who came up the following rule: chalk we were around for twenty. Sixteen we were was ITALY, beer, Sonatrach question? No right? Yes, it was now, I know yet was it only twelve, twelve, twenty o eight right twenty or for two thousand to weep years? None at all! What about. Nineteen hundred it's your question. No, calendar Arians, decided that if the century is not evenly divisible by the number four hundred, oh It shall not shown that we leave here so that you would not be adding too much time
the Julian calendar do still does if you subscribe to Julian calendar Asian Hurrah, if I may, study of time saw So it's just this amazing inside they didn't without spacecraft. Did it without flat our on the internet. They figure it out this extraordinary precision by studying, night sky. You gotta respect that that's very, very their respective. So if you had a leap day, all the time. You out of eleven minutes too much. You're a few centuries. You get a lot of eleven. That's a lot of us a lot of time over a low and middle brought some change and if they don't throw away some time again, riches I all for hey. I am all for having a big party, at the end of the year and starting the party on the twenty first to disguise, who I great right that we go
have nine days, craziness core. Let's go to Jim bits. Jimfred on Instagram would like to know this. Why do I feel closer to the universe now that I've done acid several times in my life, okay, so let me say a word everybody. You should, of course, when you're not listening to this podcast and enjoying the video you should be. Watching bill Nigh saves the world on Netflix. Yes, I know So one of the shows we had a guy who subscribes to prescribing was surgical acid. Is that our recent hours and do respect you may feel closer universe, but my action with this guy. Just think it s brain damage, I'm not joking! I just think There- and I bet it's this is like alcohol. I bet there's some people
alright, lsd without any changes. Right and there's other people that cat some people can tolerate alcohol is something you inherit and some people can. Some people are dead, detail at the moment from their first rank. Just don't just don't know, that's and so on and so on So I wouldn't be surprised if there's a huge genetic component, but if you feel closer universe and you re, to function. I guess it's upon knock your. Self out, but I would betrays care of ways. I'd be very careful with that stuff. I don't think you're really closer the universe. I think your mind is and your brain is changed enough for your perceptions changed enough? Go the old man, but I said kids. Today attitude,
I bet it's kinetic. This is like alcohol. I bet there's some people get the right areas de without any changes right and there's other people that cat, like some people, can tolerate alcohol. Is some EU inherit and some people can't some people are dead. The telegraph the moment from their first drink- I just don't know that's and so on and so on. So where we work is: that's all knocker. Just beware: Jim Beam from seventeen Jim Jim Beam, seventeen speaking of, can you please talk about NASA and science. Being redirected to outer space what happens to the satellites providing data about earth today. Continue they get the same funding What does this is what we do at the planetary cited act annual. What's his name, you'll leave us Does the planetary size advocate for supporting the experts show the planets and resource system and
earthy the earth is a planet. So there controversy, about certain people being nominated to be the administrator of NASA and there's been a proposal to move NASA's earth science budget to know national generic in atmospheric administration, but now sir generally lets the contracts that build the earth saddle earth studying satellites. So where's. The money goes to nowhere. You don't want to do that. You wanted the cross status enough if I may interpret. If so, we fight for this based exploration, is an extraordinary and investment. Whether exploring farther deeper in space or were exploring our own world Spacex. Patient brings out the best in us. We don't cut. The NASA budget is the best brand, the best most right nice logo, anybody in the world? So it's what's find this? Can,
your planetary dot, Org check this out. We advocate for you why symptoms of small town based on relationships and that's all we do is established relationships in order to imbue in Congress. People and their staffers. The passion beauty enjoy the PBS J of the customers so with that said, you're listening to startalk cosmic queries, Chuck nice and I'll be back right after this. Findings. Reading Startalk listeners Bill Nye here on your this week, cosmic queries and I am join with the cosmic in court error himself truck that's right. I'm a stack of plant based information, storage, media. Yes, we do papers labour,
your questions on them and they are really I gotta say chart the questions are generally pretty great. They are really did not sound surprise. They Sir STAR Trek listeners, Missus Tracy your fans there, and we have to have a better quality of listener that is receive the best best. Yes, are we under some obligation to take a patron? You know, but I forgot to take our patron. Our three country are not the patriarch, you know it. So, let's Let's do or a question first just go for it from Ben Ratner at Ben makes Ebay. He wants to know this at their makes. Tv wants to know: there's can we terror, form and y, see I'm currently cold, and I would like to not be cold. Here in my seat, near city can tear reform. We tariff form. It says in the range of an ironic charming cos
not really intended to provoke a reasonable answer. How exactly are we do kind of terror? Foreman Y see you go in the subway train. It's warm! That's right! That's real! you go into buildings, it's warm chuck jackets, are gonna. Take a sip from his official size and weight start talk, mug. Ok, we got any out. Are you really think you're back I'm going to prison In short, you can tell us all now that you tried New York City water. You feel you can't live without it. I gotta tell you that's good water, it's good water. Average raw water now you're raw water people, which Europeans are the raw water bill, K variously seriously. Ok, let's take, for example, Lui pasture. Three hundred years ago, two fifty years ago, he figured it out with a micro
but I believe me arg and get them what is now France in their cave dwelling people in What is now called or Zimbabwe. They knew what that you don't know drink water with bacteria and that's right. They conducted that test repeatedly. There over that. So raw water with water, with bacteria in it is just not probably not good for you wow. This is a Craig F. One hundred and Craig wants to know this. Other than our own universe. Could it be possible to contain a black hole? Can black holes contain enough matter to have any density? What was the universe part that he said other than our own universe as being the universe itself with me. You have black universe, you have black holes in the universe, but that not
what alot of another way money to call a star so massive. How massive it's so massive that not even light can escape supermassive. I think it I think you may have interchange some big ideas there and if there is another universe would be cool. Can we get there play falling into a black hole, or this mythic other idea wormhole, which would be another modification of space time right so called warping. As LISA Randal they astrophysicist remarked having it will. Universes is the most satisfying world view are cosmic view yeah. Not only are we not alone in the universe? Grocer might be some extraterrestrials, but wait we're not alone, because we're not even the only universe. You guys that makes you feel good data buddy. Let's move
Jason Edwards from Facebook who says this asking for my daughter's eighth grade class. How will we make water in either spacecraft or a planet, since it will be hard to take with us when we go to wherever They will go on Mars. By way of example, there is a lot of water under the sand. Oh, if you could get to them we propose that you use a jacket of water a shell liquid water, protect astronauts from radiation and then, when you get to Mars, you'd have you'd, have watered bunch of water to drink the shell that protected this idea of recycling urine spacecraft is a fine one. Good idea, they didn't need. We didn't need to use it on the space shuttle cuz. It was only for a while, but so you re.
Whether you can, with this year, filter it. Then I will do so you and you wanted you wanna, filter it and then shootin from help. You might just distill it. Ok right, distillation takes a lot of energy, and so this is a problem that space space utility workers have been addressing for fifty years. So if you're out there get on it a mean problem is sort of solved, but you want to solve it in an efficient and very, very reliable way: Throw water away once you're on a spacecraft, I dont always drink. Let you in on a spacecraft, but when I do, I make sure it's distilled stay healthy reference. Ok, I love that guy, isn't the best clouds get my favorite joke was. The most interesting man, yeah sharks, have a week for him. How is really I didn't write- and I thought as really funny cool
Let's move on with rocket lapse once you know this, when our people gonna we start seeing the impacts of global warming affecting right now, everybody, you, kids, very, very difficult to, back to any one. Whether event with climate change, however, what is happening now, fires in California Wet Winter. All this station grows extra dry summer, lightning strikes and you got fires that go like crazy, because dried out- and there was all low, shrubbery vegetation that grew in wet season of the previous year Then another rainstorm comes and there's not enough vegetation to hold the hillsides. You know I live out their some of the time and these are not Solid Rock Soho? Every big hill is just a big sponge and it filled with water, and then days later
It goes sliding down the hill. It soak soak soaks heavy heavy heavy heavy everyman breaks loose. So that's what you'd expect Furthermore, there have been more days above average temperature last year than below this is to say you can measure that the world's getting warmer and the other three really notice. It is Miami Miami Beach where the tides are coming in higher, because the ocean is getting a little bigger, is getting bigger, causes getting just leave, warmer and more pests show up on our farms sooner and stick around later, because its illegal warmer, already feeling the effects of climate change are right. There. You have a high look at the way to go climate change, winning the battle array,
Let's see here, this is ass, going crossbones from Twitter, better known as Caleb says this. Is it possible you probably very low and there's your answer gallop and moving on now? Is it possible that the universe has collapsed on itself? In the past There have been multiple bid bangs. If so, could the remnants there of explain, dark matter thanks from West by God. Virginia. Maybe we'll get you got your right now. The universe seems to be accelerating in its expansion sort, universes extra that seems to me, is accelerating and its expansion so of universes accelerating in its expansion. Why a previous universe. Sir manifestation of the space time have not accelerated may be a very good reason
and right now we subsume this unknown idea, these unknown ideas with dark energy and dark matter. These are unknown things in Doktor, Thyssen, Weiser, fortuitous, Fred why not Steve were hanker, owl, Mary and so there's some think, pushing everything apart. We don't have been especially good understanding of it yet, but I think back my grandfather was Workin coming of age there. Nobody knew anything about relativity relativity exist or there, and so on. Think what will happen a hundred years. Hence people were very We understand dark matter or strings, the strings of vacuum energy that stretched out over kilometres hidden from us and are dark energy that you know the reason we believe their start matters. We observe these stars which seat, which are held
gather a little bit. Thing that we know of that holds them together is gravity, say we presume there, some mass, day to this summer last summer, humankind detect. Gravitational waves predicted by the theory of We found him using our I worked in treasure. We build these two huge observatories or building a couple more Four km on aside super cool cool, crazy cool right. Our own careless had good stuff. Could stop rather aren't you very interesting question here from I've. Always been. Your Sancho I've always been. Your Sancho had always been your Sancho. Then he says it's yours. I don't care what it when they be possible for Cuba. The photo synthesize light for sustainable energy, the same way plants do so yeah? I guess he's looking at world hunger. Could there be some type of apparatus that we could apply to our skin we kind of,
synthesize vitamin d right now, when you say yeah, I guess, but when you say photos since we in science, education, think of green plants. You wanna have green skin like Vulcan and so then absorb sunlight, a metabolize. It interesting for you irony, buffs, ok, innocent green light. Is the most common frequency of light brought to us from the sun by the sun the green light. Yes, why why everything is green on earth and wider plants reflected? Why wouldn't they absorb them? plentiful wavelength, doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo, the best idea anybody has is that evolution processes of molecules making right. Because of themselves stumbled on this chlorophyll compound that works. Ok near we are either in evolution. You only have to be good enough at said. It's all. You got You don't have to be a guy. You can do more sit ups, you just have to be able
you enough sellers do want more than the other guy. That's a very secure question, but instead I think what you find in a more practical sense is our crops will be. Increasingly efficient So to say we play crops on industrial scales, much plants and crops much closer together than we did fifty or a hundred years ago. We engineer the genes of crops so that we can use less pesticide or less herbicides or different herbicides, indifferent pesticides right and we we're going to feed more people, nine billion people unless arable land, less farmland, because cities are expanding into farmland, and the ocean is encroaching on Delaware is a big farmland shoreline and is things are going to change their ha and We will then the biggest pick
of your question Sanchez. We will use technology an agriculture innovation to use photosynthesis to feed us, we eat plants or we it things that each plants are. We eat things that aid things that eight plants we are at, the top of the pyramid, and the plants are at the bottom? If you, they in some exotic place, Saint Louis or Paragon in Vienna in the winter time. Of the oxygen your breathe comes from the ocean, lousy its half an older, those numbers were all that may have changed, but that's there, it's a huge fraction of the auction you breathe is made at sea by final point. It right how cause that it's cool Use where you go you humans are gonna, use photosynthesis, all very cool. Well, they have it. That's that's your answer. I am always or oil, it's big doesn't run around now.
Take a look at concentrated. That's right! There are people who eat meat. You ve probably met them and they do occur protein all their energies concentrated in such a small volume and mass. It's it's fascinating, so chalk, yes, Bill This is a fabulous episode of cosmic query, certainly why I want to assure you that there is more to come. Next episode of cosmic queries, but for now this has been chuck, nice and I've been your guest host Bill Nye, and we encourage you to keep looking up and listening to start wish. You could listen to startalk Commercial free, join Startalk, Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio,
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