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Cosmic Queries: The Science of Humans at War

2016-07-22 | 🔗
Author Mary Roach is back to help host Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-host Chuck Nice answer fan-submitted questions about the softer side of military science: people, from advances in combat medicine, to the possibility of building super soldiers.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free This is filled with secrets in industries, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what do you play? recently the domain, the brakes daddy, you gonna do grandma, ass, deep brain. They get lab like the plague like a river,
This is starting on your hosts, Neil the grass facing european businesses. I want to be my Mozilla natural, this new acceding were I serve as director of the planetary, and today I have my Go Jack, nice right. Only all drugs to be here always good to have its always my pleasure anywhere in Europe.
Your official NASA uniform as without a doubt. I figure in this was appropriate attire for what we are doing. You know that, and it's the only clean hats, take your making that clear. So this is a this is a cosmic queries. Addition start off ass. It is, and in this cosmic queries we're going to be talking about the science of war, whoop signs of humans at war, and I have to tell you men. People are obsessed with the subject. I dont understand how that I don't know, I have never received the breadth of queries cause you solicited questions on this topic already. Yes, we have here is the question from all over the end. I was told this morning that this would be the topic, but you been scheming all week we law we ve been receiving questions that I have to tell you that people are very passionate about it and there you know they're doing a lot of deep thinking. You no questions, I'm late
You would clearly high with that. You had to be got a right that question, because, because I because I don't have any while you don't get to see two questions, one, that's true, but though I be a scientist, I have no particular expertise in this topic. Right. Ok, so I figured ok they point to book down in front of me- called grunt the curious science of humans at war. I sit claiming to read this book like the next hour, but then they told me no Mary wrote the author. Book is here with US rum gloom, California, very wrote you marry does not your first time on starting now for your first time or something I think we therefore end you got like the coolest start talking in books. We can ever find so great great to have you on here. So basically, these questions before Mary follow up about me, Mary side, car on rice, ECHO, Becker, listen, physics! If we needed this her book for the most part. This is this is what people
Mary, I'm not gonna, lady, would say or read this book I haven't ready. I just saw it like this momentum from every other talk show host lying to you when they said they read your book. I know you know that I know I haven't read it. I remember what's in, and I wrote in a long time ago, we'll see what these will see, what the people say it like I said some of the questions are out there, which is before you go. An ogre has just an overview. What is this subject? Ok, so this is military signs, but specifically not the pending the bombs in the strategy which I had from new may have a lot of questions there about that when I will turn those all over the EU. So this is the human right to human convention. Here is an extreme he and loud noise right here in panic and flies and diary and all the things that people don't necessarily think about that the military thinks about it, knocks soldiers out a commission in any way- Oh yeah, that kind of its it's all here. So this desire.
This was your next project. After all, these other completely far flung places you have been in your book portfolio. You think I would take a body of knowledge, I've worked on and build upon that so that all over again doing nothing, drivers do not buy my still before. Ok, what is the most weird is scientific thing. You can share this about military grunts. Ok, it's ok! Here's that does justice to start a fire here for stable, starts out with the chicken gun, and I love the Chechen gun because I like to say the word chicken whenever possible, right, Jake and Guy. I know the chicken bone story. You know I have never known because we can enjoy your what the chicken it's? U testing, the the the the can. Be airplanes, fighter, pilots, ok right! So, ok, chicken is a stand in for your turkey vulture your Canada Goose year, Starling whatever it is, it's kind of a worst case scenario: Jake, it's a scam, no choice!
doesn't changes now we're not gonna, no matter how long your pilot, you never know Finally, hundreds of bird and readily variable at your grocers. Let's get the Christian right here, so you did take it first check you thought out. You love the chicken gun any fired at the canopy right. So I had to say speed that the plane would otherwise encounter it flying through the air, but it was there. A lot I went into this because there's also very well. Did you good that'll, be it's very dance to big everything? That'll be great blood, in fact, there's something called pause for drama, the feathered bullet phenomenon. We have endeavoured bullet phenomena, title bird Leah Starling. Maybe it's the angel pure just like a bullet right into the pilots. Oh yes, so We need, you think you haven't figured out yet will use a chicken and then there's and then all of a sudden, a bird comes through and shoot you in the head when we, because the bird pier
tiny your whole in yeah. A different kind of impact is exactly that was not prepared nor the citizens closer to us. Ok! So to test this nature to shoot bullets at issue here see the bullet. Italy, ready to go or find a fence. That's packing a bird! I regard right exerted now, just four days ago, I was it Edwards AIR Force Base, and I saw the canopy of the F twenty two fighter and it was large and beautiful. It was completely transparent and what they pilots were telling me is that now it's not just a canopy to their side into their front. It is completely around them, and so they have full high quality visual confirmation, anything that around them fight and I set shouldn't you be flying with instruments rather than relying on your damn eyes. Get that's normally the pilots way. Ok, I'll answer,
I'm not your father bilateral. I thought. But let's get to that's interesting example. Imaging ditching to divide my found out is that when birds, birds and planes take off into the So the birds are like a linen India, hadn't, alot they're, not looking behind, so that their they don't have a visual awareness to get out of the way. So that was it. That's probably not looking at what's coming at the way that my clients coming out from behind a pull it. For me, that's one of the one of the most beautiful metaphors do tell it's in life. Here we go when the wind is against you right. Remember. That is exactly the condition to take lines. Take flight
That is a beautiful metaphor. Right at mine is when the wind and the geese, I'm sticking with the airport ruin my metaphor itself at chicken is more lovely. Canada is solely the plane, wants the high speed it can be relative to the air is not about the ground right about the actually take off into the moving here. Then you can take off at a lower ground speed because your ears retire. That's all that's going to birds figured that out. Yeah they're, very intelligent. So let's do this job uselessly questions on this topic and we have them and our first question as a patriotic patrons question, which, of course, if you, if you actually support a swan patriarch, then we will put your question to the top of the queue and that right
Yes as a matter of fact actually buying their way to the top of his eyes. I can think of no better way to get people to participate, ok or to get boats votes. You're right you're right, which, if we're going to this from Jeff Prime who was a patriot patron inject, wants to know this from Omaha Nebraska my unit and I were deployed in a rat from two thousand seventy two thousand eight. I personally have known several men from mine unit that suffer from PTSD, while other members do not, with all other variables being equal, is their biological reason why some soldiers handle war differently in a mental capacity. That helps explains why
some soldiers suffer PTSD, while others do not want Mary was gonna lie in very ass. Well, I do not know the answer who s? Ok, I have it they're moving. How can you reflect on this virus? Probably there's probably a reason. I would think that if we knew that definitively, then we would be able to delineate why that is and then look for a camera to PTSD which are or keep those or keep those out of parliament as one of the things in the book was there looking at heat injuries and there's a huge individual variation and who can acclimate to extreme
you can feel like start sweat and heavy, and sooner news like it. I can deal with this and other people can't and they get a stroke and they sometimes die. I'm pretty and put in a wide range of temperatures. Yet what I found it or could you put on the heat? Oki put it and I'm just gonna and see in with the critical, not I'm I've, just our self regulating Qaeda. It's not that I don't feel hot refute. Called. Is that I'm ok with it now you have a psychological eaters well with everything it is psychological rather than physiological in either case. I still want to know who susceptible period to PTSD, who isn't right right, coursers, that very famous scene. I know only note from the film I assume it was true with patent walks into a infirmary infirmary s and there's the
wounded soldiers, their banners and as one who has no wounds at all, he's there in tears at the edge of it has what they call back then shall shock shall shocked, then combat fifty, and then it was combat poverty, and now it's PTSD radio. Wouldn't have syllables of more real when you have more syllables finally paid so so heat lap bits Lapierre. He did the soldier and that this made it to the press that he had. No, so the compassion compassion, the empathy for everyday further, the I'm saying ass, he didn't bother am apparently so he figured everybody else, and I guess it was a day when psychological injury was not viewed as the same as physical injury, whereas today so often this is how we do ok,
So we got a great question remains a great question without an answer available is stable. I don't have an answer. Is nothing wrong with that? Ok now this one is really for Neil Mary and I'm reading. It me because I'm not sure what this guy's talking up. Ok, ok- and this is from knit size from ski says- Frankie, you think that's right, suds front! That's right, sir! If you start pronouncing names correctly, then we want no to do with you. However, you want that's your thing. There s my thing, I don't you the french Guiana, sovereign rights. What are these around here? We got this losers. I'm a youngster
I'm a writer and fancy. I am currently working on a hard science fiction, but my question is: how much do we understand? Here's the thing meal exotic particles, what, if any effect they do have on the human body and and then he says, if you comfortable about my book, I really appreciate yeah. I don't ever do to blur by the book, but why thing I've waited to link this back to marry, but we have the portfolio of particles that exists there. Own measured their names are masses there. You know energies in different states in this sort of thing and half lives, and so some particles just go straight through you like neutrinos right, billions go through you every square centimeter, every second from the sun,
and they do nothing to us. They don't interact. What matters is if they interact with you, that's the difference gay and if they interact, they could do damage, and so so this is a so if you want a weapon eyes a particle, you would make some kind of device that you know contains particles that will interact with your body in some way ass with your dna mess, with your skin mess with whatever, and then that becomes a weapon, Ized Reagan. Basically, you make the particles a delivery system for some type of debilitation correct, correct. Now we do this for for electromagnetic energy, so there's a there's, a movable microwave device which is in its a non lethal antipersonnel weapon that is non lethal. So if there's a crowd of people, you drive up this truck. You aim this aunt.
At the people and it's like you just put em all in a microwave ovens. Now, do you first get them to hold a burrito tat so that we can eat it on the way you gotta take the rapporteur? Actually so so what happens? Their skin starts feeling hot and they and they want to go out of the beam, so they scattered scatter they scattered. So this are you can decentralized what might be a mob that that's that's coming. Is there any discussion in the military about weapons, the effective weapons on people that are not just gun your traditional while they was not in this, but the one in my previous books there was infra sound when this was even where they were. There was this summary Bush young woman with book there was in that she wrote
that's pretty cool. Let us that's bad ass, actually look at our roads, so I believe you are. You know. There's like buy em all honourable members to me. Not: U Biomarker, so yeah input in for sound. There is talk about that. Their did. The military was looking for non lethal weapon, I think was supposedly it would. In fact no receives, is infer sound initiatives like long slow, wiggle frequency where frequency and they do it- you it would rather have the same razor frequency as some of these colonel organs, sue you we would create fear nausea terror, but never like in introducing alright anywhere T Rex, like the limo right. You see the the vibration and liquid in the grand right right activity yet like there is really likes to launch a ball of interest
I could never. Finally, about the b t Rex will be one of the settings either way the military doesn't have to look for that. We already have an it's called one direction there, a boy ban. There is some concern about NASA had concerns about, because the engines were put in a launch. They would be putting a tremendous amount of interest out and they were afraid they will deliver jelly to the moon, that it would even it was said that integrity as it turned out it wasn't, but in fact they do have what we call a sound abatement system and before every launch in the seconds before they igniting engine. You see this. Basically, a swimming pools worth of water, dumped Launchpad and the water absorbs the acoustic reverberations. That's right, you're worried that the acoustic reverberations, which is completely tear apart,
entire bottom after the rocket I liked it did, did the singer with a glass breaking shall exactly yet not so what they do. Is they put in a word that absorbs the energy that, with the energy, doesn't fit the rocket again so next time watch very closely. Every single launch and their big tanks rounding launchpad, their water tanks being and then the vibrations hit it vaporize of the water. So some of the smoke you see coming out is: is the steam basically has compromised by the energy that acoustic energy vibration? That's amazing Jimmy one questioning the ways that is the exact sound that it makes when the water is dumped, but of being
awesome struck. Ok, here's here's a quick once as we still have a lot of time took advancement, rewards from Mary Stark on Facebook says this. How do you feel about the idea that war is necessary for technological advancement, who, let me limit, gloomy care stating a grunt question? Ok, so how much have we? How much has war advanced medicine Alot terms a firm, combat trauma, TAT made it did stuff like? I should get. Somebody is arteries cut and they got about two minutes oak in getting in terms of general further debt, for they bleed out and their dead. Two minutes to state
I get to stop the bleeding stabilize them and get them somewhere. They don't really good at that. So emergency care that's been huge course. Whole concept of three hours, Yazoo WAR based were very timely. Also things you are necessarily think about. There is an navy like Captain, Philips, not that other Captain Philips who K, came up with this discovery, that if you have some get extreme diarrhoea cholera, where you're like losing five gallons of liquid. Even we invented this thing, the cholera caught it's a caught with a hole in a bucket you're, just you edit, your ear, you gonna die quickly, cause you're, just
right to king right, you're leaking puts what does he invented the bucket? What's work, that's not good while cargoes one of extra, but not the important when the important one was. If you add glucose to the regulation fluids, it enhances absorption of the flowers in the salt. So now you can drink them rather than hook up an ivy. So in a third world country were somebody on the other make their way to a clinic and get hooked up to any view. They can actually drink this stuff in it saved you now, millions of workers is still too damned to some million people die. So here's here's a morbid question: you ready ready. I'm always have more. People have more lives, been saved by the medical advice. This from war, then lies that had been lost from the waging of war itself. Interesting lobby. Ok, well here, is a figure for air. This war is good for you. People I have to kill you in order to save you. Let's go. Let's go to commercial,
and will the wheel cogitate on that question, when we come back start talk with our cosmic queries. Addition with Mary Roach author of grant the curious science. Yeah. Hey I've got no secret for you. When I consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one way to get out a hearing, they're good. Patriarch arms last started tall and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and never hear another commercial on star talk. Ever again. You will deaf
I do not have to hear me saying if you support us at patriarch dot coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking, I'm just saying This is starting, Oh, Rebecca startled regrets trace your host in your personal astrophysicist, we're doing cosmic queries, love cosmic queries,
fuck. You help me out here absolutely. I do solicited question from the from our our internet, based as we have and using they knew in advance. Before I knew even what these court you never get to see, I don't get it do you know what, even though, not trying to stump you? That's not that's not the point. The point here is not to give you a question that you cannot answer, but it's too, I think they might be in time, maybe more fun on people not for me, oh Mary roaches, with us ass in her new book just released. This thing still smells like he's got new book smell new books. You can buy the spread of act. Weeks removes all books and the curious science of humans at war, and- and I left you with the question just before the end- I just wanted to know given,
how many lives have been saved by medical advances from innovations during war. Could one make the case the morbid case that the number of people who have died at war is less than the number of lives have been saved by the medical advances derive from it? Probably just from that that dysentery and diarrhoea statistics alone I mean it. I ok so two point: five million people a year Study W H out. That's the figure for the World Health Organization's hell to this day ass, a million people die from dehydration from diarrhoea, a lot of cholera or some other Annie I in developing nations. So that's a huge two and a half million a year. Half million from Jack is actually ok. So a fifty million people died in the second world. War was less number I checked so twenty five years that that's just the diarrhoea alone, you, but they are dying, we didn't stop them from dying.
So I want to know if large have been saved my out loud, but she said that just there, the advances that we made to combat that may may have saved a significant number of lives. Whether or not it round is. We don't know, but I believe statistics the other. Now those are still dying is going out to what you're saying that number could have been much more like so much larger. If that's than there s another, the still dying, it would have been huge huge you do you want it. You just like my hair feuds urge you urge our men, like my hands,
but the night you know it is some recently saw statistic- is that the number of deaths from car crashes verses than Ellie every year that there's been a military conflict, the number of deaths just from car crashes dwarfs the number from killed in whatever the war. That's going on, not not the second World WAR, but
they sent it now, since we lose, we lose a hundred hundreds and our daily. They only accounting american deaths or they coming. The number of people cause. We tend to kill a lot. More people has actually true ensure by can say it's a hundred people a day on the roads and at the peak of the Vietnam WAR we were losing hundred servicemen a week. So it's basically a factor of seven higher cars, then in military, not not the first World war without the Second World WAR, but he's somewhere tweeted recently, the second World war. You do that we run the math. We were losing one thousand humans per hour. Wow one thousand per hour died at the hands of another human being during the six years of the Second World WAR that, however, the mexican American WAR, seven to one ratio,
disease, to combat injury or dysentery, diarrhoea, malaria, seven too, to want precisely to Mexico and diarrhoea. They'll, always gonna be linked wow. I now so Mexico even back then invest a lot of that year. So we have, there was a quote: William Ostler Dysentery has been more fatal to soldiers than powder or shot that's, even as good as your
Chicken metaphor let loose earlier, not chocolate. Algeria. Here we go. Let's move on. This seems to be a big theme that people want to know about this. This is from a Huron filth. Ok, as the name, so you pronouncing the main Begone file to fund. Without you can't pronounced Africa are gone, maybe just run away rota with road it that way to make the mess would make. A year ago I mean really love the shopkeeper up. My question is: in recent firms such as civil war would talk about marble, comic civil war. We see genetically ban soldiers like body whose character Captain America's friends, I'm sorry, I'm translating, as he asked the question and the winter soldiers are also part of the genetic
The five soldiers could super soldiers eventually become a reality. If so, what are the biological implications of doing such a thing? Greetings from Mexico City? Oh, yes, this is the chauffeur you haven't which will marry Mexico City. It was to be great. They are their studies. Have they been attempts to modify the human physiology in war? I saw this amazing paper. Darpa Darpa nervously way outside the box. Defence advanced research projects answer. Yes, it was a paper, it was speculation. It was not projects that are under way, but they were listing live, but one of the points of darkness is to have highly speculative research, yet could break open a whole new field of of military might. This was, in particular modifications to the human rights,
What could we do and inspiration from the animal kingdom so they were like their elegant at Yunus, Uni Hemispheric, sleep, which you haven't marine mammals and in some geese and nuts Why do you want I'll drive exactly so? They funded some resources on basic research into marine biologist and bird people. Ornithologists would be the case that the right way I call her people look at looking. People are gone, but people, but people probably doing some work too, but the funding they just looking into. How does this work and could we foster this somehow make our soldiers able to sleep incomes, sleep deprivation is huge, affects your performance or military before it. So
a way to sleep with one half the ring keep the other eye open to make sure nobody sneaking swap Braves their yeah, regionally, both halves majority reserves or that there is and that it was an amazing less there were things they get the human lamas or walk there. Could you ok, you know somehow I more human lovin from mountain warfare. Could you make somebody able to kind of sharp eyes them quickly to me to bring it to function better high altitude? I do remember surgically installed. Gills was on the list: wow. Ok, now we like water world right. There were exactly what is coming customer know about Skype,
we're going to work on my country. I am virgins when he came around his neck and you saw the girl we so so here's my take on that nodded. Anybody asked but I'll take my take the early days or space exploration. There is all this talk about modifying the human physiology to accommodate the stress and strain on our body in space and in almost every case they came up with an engineering solution to the problem rather than a biological one where it would therefore was not invasive to the human body. There would talk about either some people you can take where the brain would not requires much oxygen. When you do a hygiene turn out from you know, from up there is a fighter pilot might well when they're turning around and the end in that way, you're brain wouldn't need as much oxygen installed and then the engineers just develop this. They suits right where they just this week. Is your leg ass? You like blood in no way to get right, so so so many of these are into about a one where you don't feel nauseous and feel not
in zero g or you can just spent up this may station and create one g. So so my my? U we do want make bulletproof skin or just make caviar bullet and wearable professed right. So what the bullet Blueskin and you just say: I'm just gonna, go on record and said a bullet proof, spanish. What I would go for, I am more tony stark on this- gives me the gimme either soon give me the powers that the money and the brains and will make will make anything we need care will be able to fly at school. We don't you get all right here. We go Johnny Glass Gal from Facebook says hind. Neil would be Facebook. Our followers on Facebook followers on Facebook headquarters face brightened.
Lay that right is not actually having coffee Zuckerberg right now. He says I meal high Mary. What scientific advances made during war time have the biggest positive effect on our civilian lives. Today, I'm gonna have to go with the medical the medical staff yeah, there's stuff we're talking about earlier. We talk merrily days as the most positive affirmative effect here. Right amazing. You talk about really like it taken for the whole notion of drones, completely taking humans out of the equation, but that's Minos, Scott other issues, but the whole episode and STAR Trek was indeed were fought. The war through very logical calculation right and then people reported to aid chamber forward for eventual. Finally, because the calculations show that you would have been would have been killed in the end the best walked in and they took him out right exactly
and that which is that we have the courage to no can do that. What is not poor is ugly in bloody Spock said. Actually those statistics- and I can see the marriage- is a particular approach that well that's cool guy that so definitely be the medical advancement. That's what comes to mind in a positive light. It ok, I would say there any logical, advancing say. One thing I had the veto rocket was the very first intercontinental ballistic missile, which became the foundation of our entire space. Are everything that we know and love about space, including where you get your yours, you're you're, whether maps from from the weather channel big adamant, I wonder what I need space for. I have my gps and the weather channel. It's all. I need well, that's like gets you and your government hands off. My medicare with that statement is angry with better, so I will
I no not yet you're, that's miniaturized eyes. I regret the entire miniaturized lightweight and I wasn't there was not enough now. I know those areas where there's another yeah, there's probably more than half the miniature eyes the way it does have to launch it. You know well, then, out. You might have a war thing out. The first is ten thousand also pound to orbit, though, if you got an extra get yet we I've line, and in writing you ain't going back on a treadmill, its know how about this I believe the first computers were you to calculate the trajectory of NGO mortar shells? Has that is? Is that correct? That is true. Ok, yes, and now we have computers. We know what they do now.
Yeah, yeah, so effect the military led the development of supercomputing guess it's right nowadays is commercially driven because the demand is there, but in the end, the day back in the day right a go awry. I will not bear not bad at all. Ok here we go. This is from christian prison. Bullock principle Ok he's gonna marry other just messing with the sharp edges mess and where the christian right, where the Joseph myths out their prayers block principle.
What kind of juice. Please ask your question now where's Joe Psmith, when I made up ok Christian pays principle from Twitter says this: do vets of armed combat base a disproportionate number of chronic health issues and does raise play role our or as well as class so class and raise two? They play a role in the chronic health issues that that face and do vets face more chronic health issues than anyone else. By virtue of being of it, I wouldn't yeah yeah yeah, there's a tremendous amount. I'm India's anxious starting with here is the number one The aid spent hearing loss really come away with him is, is not just. It is not just rifle bombs going often rifle fire. It steady state noise a year in black HAWK helicopter aid is like a hundred and six decibels in theory.
Worse to Cardoso, is very interesting. The rifles duck the ideal, but then there's the Huey from Vietnam is like it aware that it was it had a political, supporting, pausing, sound. She say consistent the rate because persistently being persistently bathed in high decibels there even beyond just whether you were near an explosion right and any other rum, is that when the weather, because persistently being persistently bathed in high decibels, sound even beyond just whether you were near an explosion right and and the other problem is that, when when the Nord Stream and things go kinetic when there's five real. When there's like you did a warning, you have time to Oh, you roll down my phone mere plugin
you're back and priority there's just not time, and there are aware that stuff all the time as you lose your situational awareness, you can't hear somebody shouting get down had somebody over there, so they tried to do. In some movies when they have yet been. Special operations is really cool. You bionic hearing so called his headset and it attenuates loud noise or changes that the rights of the lad stuff gets quieter and the quiet suffers amplified. So you're like the by announcing deeds activity did executed here across the room. You did it. You know that was no. That was the eye. What you're doing I was at the idea that the total did, those the I wasn't that was the year of Catherine right here, you know any summers had the errors she's had the iraqi Sellen mattresses late night tv. Can you really are so? Ok, let's interesting so these? So so?
but yet, but that's just yet that's the biggest one but then yeah you gotta, know traumatic, brain injury and the input and orthe or the peak stuff it mean if you're in a vehicle that is designed to withstand an idea going off, you mean you'll server is rightly you give it to the bottom of it would come up and slam into that, what in the hell of us in the spice, speaking of that kind, just wear and tear on your body, even if your not blown up. Speaking of that this question is fraud, so these are veterans that have been in combat right just yet the trains
generic veteran right because meant most veterans have not been in Congo right so also do they have more. While I had, I don't know well give Europe would presume its combat, removing it we will have to has assumed- because I mean I mean I'm gonna, say carpal tunnel doesn't count sitting at this present moment. Have these reports for wakes up my restaurant killing me actual? Have this book hold dear Dear America, which is a collection of letters home from Vietnam? There was collected before they made a Vietnam memorial here and lower Manhattan, and so on the more or these subset of these letters look is all of them at school and just to your point, Mary, these letters from all manner of servicemen serving in Vietnam and there's some
not like this friends getting blown up in front of them, and I am in waiting through the mocking Meyer and the mosquitoes and then is another letter of someone who's in a in an office in Vietnam saying I can't I went to live with it so hot in here. It's almost ninety four degrees Hannah and doesn't work. These working conditions are favourable under its duality.
No idea. What's going on around you around you tie greater keys are sixty million. So I think your biggest problem is your biggest problem that really what that is whatever your biggest problem. Is that your biggest problem, that's cool, coming Khatami question? Can you squeeze into this right? You know what I go. Here's the deal, I'm gonna we're gonna, go philosophical, less own, Hausa Odin Hausa says: do you think there can be or ever has been something that can you night humans so effectively as war? What a profound lose Mars mission look at what the Mars mission landing human Mars mad. I ve ever been Mattoon into that right. Think! What's so I let me agree and that so
a lot about things that unite humanity, a catch. One of them is war, which is the largest organised unification of humans that we experience at the mobilized s like a good war. Exactly and what odd thing is it a mobilized us against one another, but it's none the less mobile mobilizing another one is the Olympics Trail and in others, the World CUP by the way is a metaphor for war. This it is actually, and so too is the World CUP except you end up dead at the end of rights, World CUP, the Olympics and the International space station. Would you look at the cost of the international space station? The number of countries involved- it is the greatest collaboration of nations outside of the waging war, really look at just the total investment there, gone in this we three billion a year plus so yeah. Yes, I agree landing on Mars. Could do that if it's done as it is.
A global notion. I mean Georgia, as is done. We would be, wouldn't I mean, don't you think it can be, but I don't have enough confidence in the human species to think we wouldn't do it. Of competitive earth like other than laundering ashes, so you saying that if we make it Reality shows competition between countries where more apt to go to Mars than if we were just to wait for us to finalize the gambling is that your urge to be innovative is greater they did when you're in competition than when your cooperation. That's my feeling here. Ok as capitalism at its best reveals wait language you want what's your money- and I want you to give your money the other person so now that competition drives me to be better there, it got there, it is actually there. It is. I think, we're at a time when my car, let me just as adults up so merry. Let make money money, break, ranks here and pull away from China
questions is the one other thing you want to know about your book before week before we in and start off today. Eighty, it's it's it's it's dark topic, but it's an interesting Corky fun reality. When people get it, I mean it's a seaman wore a serious but there, the people in the military have a good sense of humour and to have to deal with any time there's death involved in life and death and all its votes, so it some it's fun. It's legit you interviewed universe. Tourist when I was I was on a nuclear by was in camp. Let me let you em. Don't we a year now after get on at all. I know you're as pretty cool out of school, Corso, sale or the place, and it is its it soon. Interesting. Its foreign culture and like any foreign cultures is really interesting. Place said to go on to learn about some cool Mary thanks again for being on tax law can kill the grand and soldiers
be on your on your tour list, every single time. Oh you bet. Whenever I want to be like the only showed a had every one of them books, we get him or sex for sex out well, we got a close out. This part of the show when start talk, returns, Chuck NICE and will not take over the studio for a segment of maker seemed cosmic queries S. What do you by Google right maker theme? That's a whole new thing, people getting into you. No one is conical or because there and courage in people to be makers, in our two innovators inventors. You know, I think we had lost some of that over the last couple of decades ass in with me to bring it back and now its technological, its. I t, based for a lot of it, absolutely right jack. I look forward to that segment
here. We'll see you guys next time This is starter brindle Great Britain's Gratings room. I hear your host of STAR talk, Cosmic queries edition, and I'm here with worldwide citizen shock, nice and shock is theirs. Ordinary starter cosmic queries addition own up what is not special special edition sponsor by Google, when we want you to check out the website making science, not with google dot com. It's
about making thing guess about engineer. For me, it's all about engineering check. Where were you science to solve problems? Yes and make things have salute the mall for solving problems and make things only my excitements problems and make that you have a queer
Yes, I do Wesson Melissa nor a viewer, a person. This is money because this is from at Missus dual Journey on Instagram, MRS Doodle during MRS Dual Journey or K. Ok, what is the best way to make a portable greenhouse? So I suppose she is looking at this if I were no, no, no no this weekend. Really, yes, with clear plastic, inflatable dome! That's what I'd do! That's it! That's all you really be right, but there I do. People play tennis under inflatable domes people make inflatable domes for their backyard for fun, held up by a fan right. So you could. I can easily imagine a clear plastic dome you carried in this century.
Backpack or a shopping, cart or a hand truck right, and you show up it wherever you want Inflatable dome zone in turn, the bad boy on and the fan to hold the thing inflated will run off a solar panel connected to a battery that would keep the thing inflated online. I did that without even just from the hip gonna tell you that was impressive and then in space it seems like you would be just the same thing with lower pressure. Inflatable, dome and plants do seem to grow okay and space. It's a blue game they play up. Right. So as long as you have the right soil, there are the right. I re hydroponic medium right and I say medium like that. You are on the right, your medium, like hydroponic, even better. Yes, men, Then you can grow stuff. I guess portable e, I sum was still so far. You still need why a source of weight and water and hydroponic that's what it has lamps and closets I'm. So
I can't hear you know what you're talkin about you know changing the subject to what used to be You go manufacture. League old agriculture at home works like that's all, gonna be legal soon enough. Well, it should be. Let's be honest. I just can I ask as a fellow citizen guess I dont want to breathe a second hand, smoke from the legalised and properly taxed marijuana sales. You do not want to breed this. I do not want to breathe a second chance, that's why they have coffee ass, his work out, you can go and designated areas for cable in grown and unavoidable greenhouse, exactly maybe an income at place. Say you're in Norway or something in the winter time, and you just
I have your inflatable greenhouse for whatever you could do, that you're coffeehouse enjoyment to join. Just don't make me breathest, I just never like to smell. If I may wine, it's never liked to smell. You worked a night clubs for a hundred years. Yes, darling smelled like smoke, will not look. Would that was one of the great things about moving here to New York City wise shortly after I moved here when was this ninety ninety nine? Exactly but shortly thereafter, the mare said Joe more smoking in the in anywhere we're gonna get ready, smoking and interior spatial interior spaces, and everyone lost your mind.
That employees was gonna, go out of business. Lab is guarded especially that restaurant in restaurants and, more importantly, the comedy clubs, because they're like what are you talking about all we do. Is you hear smoking drink? That's all that happens here. Tunes occasional laugh is all right and we don't care about. That is where smoking and drinking and sure what happened is the more people came and they spent more money. I write so, let's move onto Jennifer
You know Jennifer's along last name or mine universe. Now kid ok, ok, Jennifer exactly coming to us from Instagram. Not! This is somewhat of an existential question like dude, so you can have that. Cannot really just branch or self right, hey bill. What's next, after three d, printing jennifer- I don't know- I don't know, but I think additive manufacture of all sorts is in the future for sure you can. You can design shape. She can make additive layer, three brain that you can't make through conventional machining. So.
What's after that, I guess molecular scale, really Berulle atomic look at you. You had it in you. Yes, atomic psychotherapy, Blount Relief, Individual Adams placed on such say, substrates of circuit of exotic new future circuits, extremely compact hustling, against Moors law. You know where every ten years we double the amount of memory and given volume. Yes, that's the future Jennifer. I have answered it succinctly and you can take that to the bank. Jennifer now does seem reasonable.
So now ok. So this is this. These names so go ahead. I saw this person, I will call you you're. Ok, that's pretty corduroy! I hate bill, you mean YO or YO, YO, stop railway Yo Bill YO and says Hey Bill. What are the limits of three d printing? Don't come out and say the human mind, Mister Science guy do we know yet what we cannot do or could never do with three day printing? Well, I think of something big What's a big thing: imperceptible, impartially isles, you I couldn't really printed now! Imagine the Brenner the detained Frederick could go around about not just that the print
could go around the foundation in a big spiral. Regions going up to the sky indefinitely is somebody's. Like somebody fetid spiral through the printing fluid. You know what now that you say that there are these window cleaning Otto, but then use. I forget the building and clean windows. Yes, but about the robotics and that's how they work. They just go around the building in a high rollers mine. I roll, and it's not love so amazing mean you can, in other words, think of it, where the printer doesn't have to be bigger than the object being printed. Let's go with that. Incite right, farming right, I got you got it scorning, like a spider web is bigger than a spider Zactly MIKE the Empire state building is bigger than a human exact. Some by some fraction, my god humans. We showed up there and built the freedom.
See so K, YO, here's the problem, you think too small. Now, I'm joke, though we here, she is viewed as a listener and viewer. We love. You know we do love you. You know, that's really good point, though it's a spider web is much bigger than a spider s, and it's because you are building out, and so this would be buildings. Writer provides the protein, the raw material and then also the design and construction. Spherical big think big have to be a spiral that was uncle bill. Just kind of german. I would go. Swanton dinner. So I had dinner once you know, there's a good friend, girlfriends Watson, dinners. One eight says three printing seems like a great way to pay the rule
but human colonization of hate, the road get a solar system. That's it! That's why we want to do. Is we have three printers onboard spacecraft that would make everything an astronaut needs when he or she needs it rather than pack and all this stuff right and I'm sure I think you ll, want a substantial number of rules of duct tape, but also you'd have a machine that would prevent all the tools you might need. Should anything go wrong? You did make the tool to fix that thing. Otherwise you don't take the two. Instead take computer for programmes, computer files, full of what of the files to make the tools, and whenever powder or liquid or to Julia, I presume you have cold weather glue, go back him do inside the spaceship good food. Great do great go on boards. Aspasia ice. You been listening to start
radio. I'm your hosts, nor my with my co host Chuck nice he's like Galileo job, the oars, We should listen. The star talk, Commercial free, Joe, star talk on Patriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio.
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