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Cosmic Queries: The Space Race

2016-09-16 | 🔗
What did politics and the Cold War have to do with the space race? On the flip side, how did the Apollo program and landing on the Moon impact us here on Earth? Neil deGrasse Tyson answers fan-submitted questions chosen by co-host Chuck Nice.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now this is start talking. I'm your hopes, your personal astrophysicist near the grass Thyssen. I work at the American Museum of Natural history, right here in New York City, where I also serve as director of the hidden planetarium and for this episode of start talk we're doing what we call queries where questions come to me from our soul,
Media and but I dont really, I don't even I don't even know what they are until I walk in and sit down at the microphone and I get help today. Nea was avenant could be her man walk back. Thank you. Thank you, sir, We ve got to be so you do. You read me with one of these. Quite what today's topic at today's topic is thus base race. Ok, I guess and a little bit about a little bit about how I got this, but actually just so you know this may sound like a cheap lord, but it just so. I wrote a book called space chronicles right facing the autumn. Frontier came out two years ago. Do you know why I write books because you can look, don't write You can't have it, and I know my mutations. Now I write books. So that I never have to talk about that subject again, really
pilot all in there and somebody tell me about the other hand it is about, and I gonna walk away, my guys. So now you just we resurrecting this in me when I'm trying to think about other stuff, but I'm sorry I'm sorry to do that. Oh my god, I can't believe you just said that you write a book, so you don't. Have you remind me say that this is the household I grew up in this, so I would ask my mother or my father: what does this mean and they will say, go look it up. Whoa whoa now might yeah that's what you're for what may have look like either parents at the day, turning turned you into an independent researcher, actually yeah getting on kind of uncas, and now it's funny, because I do the same thing to my children. There, like myself I'll say dad, do you know like you, I do know, do you will find out and called out so that works, whether or not you actually know it
let's go into our cosmic queries and, of course, we always start off with the patriarch patron question and if you support us on patria- and we will give your questions priority here at Cosmic Queries- ok Pingaree, on where we basically by your loyalty. Ok here we got Matthew MESSENGER from Calgary Alberta says in your opinion, Doktor Thyssen. What was the most significant thing that the APOLLO program achieved with the exception of landing on the moon? Wow? That's that's a good question when you think about because everybody you say APOLLO program, it's mom landed. Bang! That's the end of it, that's it, but he said give me something: there is just as significant that we don't think about tat,
so beginning in nineteen. Seventy a little earlier, but in nineteen? Seventy was the first earth Day nationally and then it became rapid international hit. If you will have us our thanks, mobile, global now and it's a significant global celebration of our home planet and around that same time. So night, to whatever what does happen, eighteen! Seventy one! Two and three. We would see the passing of the comprehensive, clean AIR Act, Clean Water ACT in eighteen seventy Noah was founded the National Oceanic, atmospheric administration, to monitor our climate and our oceans and our weather? And only that the Environmental Protection Agency was founded in nineteen. Seventy by the time nineteen. Seventy three came around. Let a gas will be banned, DDT would be banned. The catalytic converter would be introduced all of this
I during the years we were going to the moon. At a time when we had a whole lot. Other stuff distracting us like a cold war with the Soviet Union in a hot were in south Asia and campus unrest from Anti war protests and the civil rights movement and assassinations. Nineteen sixty eight would see it assassinations on domestic soil, and so so. Why am I saying all this because, while had all these other potential distractions we nonetheless paused to reflect on our relationship to our home planet. So I submit to you that, though we went to the moon to explore moon upon getting there and looking back. In fact, we would discover earth for the first time. Well, so it's like I've been to Paradise, but I've never been to me.
If it's exactly that, so can you put a dollar figure right on the fact that seeing earth in the sky from the moon was like a firmware, update and our sense of awareness and who we are and the importance of earth and our relationship to it right. Ok, that's that's actually that's a bit more existential them. I was expecting for an answer hooker. I have to say that a damn good answer, because it's more of the the if it's more of a collective, conscious, enlightenment, yes- and I don't think anyone started the programme with that expectation right, but there is clearly a consequence of it and so an member that tv commercial with it Native American stand alone on the end, was it
you're in his I'll tear the single tier, went and people throwing garbage argument that didn't happen. Until this period till we were going to the moon, we were total garbage out. Window people for long before that right, don't ever that about our semi seriously garbage out the window pretty much all through here, history all through human history and affect those great for anthropologists. They can find stuff along the Roman via you know that people, oh my dolls CUP, who put jobs, will put a bit around now, but you you it was that we didn't start thinking of it as a as a as a cultural environmental problem until that that period, while loud its aid Matthew eyes you know that I hope you have set satisfied with that answer, because it was completely curve, complete curveball with that answer, and then there's tank
that in turn your call, you go right, Here we go next question, o opposition. Many, let's hope, I'm sorry abrogate! I'm sorry from Facebook was no. This. The space race was in a way an extension of the cold war arms race, but also the resolve of President John An F Kennedy who play is that we get there in ten years. Do you know anyone today in the political sphere? Who could do the same? What kind of politician would be ideal in this God. We got anymore because wage almost all his dad and auditing Do we cause never forget it check out your worst impression It really is
You're good didn't know, but you know what I'm not even doing Kennedy, I'm actually doing mare Quinn, be you know what Grimsby job you imitated type from star wars breaks up, even though you I've got and it would be easy to after that? Yes, so so here's there's an assumption built into that question. At the political will and charisma, perhaps of Kennedy, was a significant force operating in how and why we got to the moon, and this is commonly thought, but I I'm contrary and in that regard or good right. No doubt Kennedy had charisma, no doubt He had a sort of way rallying people behind an idea, no doubt about that, but I submit that if we were not at war, all that would have just been
rhetoric and nobody would have signed the check Congress. Could Congress is not as swayed by speeches as a public is absolutely right, then so is Congress who writes the check? That's right at the end of the day, so consider one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, twenty five July twentieth the twentieth anniversary of the moon landing. Who is the than sitting president? I don't have levelled at Walker. George Herbert worker, both short Herbie wish, goes to the steps of the Aerospace museum, delivers a speech not fun. Mentally different from Kennedy speech we are Americans were explorers, Columbus set sail. This is our time we will put men on Mars, have a space station whoever's build a space station and we will put this. He was trying
you ever Kennedy. Speech right, ok, fell flat on his face now why people civil cause he's not Kennedy? I beg to differ care, not that he isn't not Kennedy right. This doesn't make sense isn't that Canada and now when he isn't Kennedy it didn't work not because he isn't candidate right? I claim that didn't work, because remember what happened and nineteen eighty nine I dunno peace broke out at ease broke out in Europe has a terrible thing as the collapse of the soviet empire. So that is the the Tipp tear down the wall. The wall came down in eighteen, eighty, nine, all of a sudden, our motivation or our military might the very thing that drove who and what we were as the carriers of freedom and the american way and in the face of evil communist, it all evaporated that year,
and he's trying to give a speech to get people to go to Mars in the absence of a mortal enemy right, so we would either needed Martians Abbe, the but have been the best best right. We do need a martian evil, martian evil Martians are when exactly without, but what it because it came out, guns, drama so he shot Elliot or whatever the hell. That's the way ends I mean you ve gone, but first we must test. Our re fell. Yes, really they competition, no competition, that no its not only competition, as you can do that yes and still succeed, but the greatest competition our species knows is the threat of death,
from someone who might out compete you in a way that would kill you, so I claim that the biggest reason that failed was not because Bush lack the charisma Kennedy. What he happened is he lacked the cold war right by the way he proposed. You know it was once he said This will be worth twenty five you, I forgot the exact time interval twenty five years plan and and it would be your twenty five. Thirty your plan and it'll cost a trillion dollars. Well, ok, so people freaked right, then that was the end of that right to or or half a trillion dollars have actual it with half a trillion dollars. No less than half a million. Unlike all right, ok, we can work with the who here's the thing. If you took NASA's budget at the time which would between fifteen twenty billion dollars in today's the annual budget, and then you multiply that over thirty years you get half a trillion dollars. Don't we
we already are allocating half a trillion dollars to NASA over. The same amount of time so to say that's de away, because too much money? That's a false argument right now, or were you might have to reach all mass it with its budget, but it was a false argument to think it's too much money. That's all it's out. So so I'm unconvinced by people saying that George Herbert Orchid Bush was absent. The charisma of Kennedy, so so I dont silently has anything to do with politicians to do with whether we think we're going to die okay and there you have it by the way. Just to let you know if you are going to die, so we should, we should do it in perspective. I think that if we Wanna go to Mars, die by unnatural cause day down with what we, if we really want to get a more
we should we scientists- should get together and n n n it at this somewhat conspiratorial way. Tell the world that there's oil on Mars. Yet but then we will be lost. But we go to Mars. You know. Why does why then there's terrorist on Mars and why this oil earth, because we have life on earth right and which ok. Maybe it was apparent, there's an episode of Mars where there was life life sunk down, and then it made oil so that before typical. No more than get oil and we'd be there next week, but what I do what I joke about it? We should go to China and go go till the leaders of tat. Can you leak a memo than to be true that have to be true just like a memo saying what to put military bases on my home? That's there done. You go we're on Mars, our Mars. In ten months and months, one month, fun design build spacecraft nine months to get there, we
oh demise, not because it is easy, but because it is hard and the Chinese once again awful awful impersonation. All right. Let's move on what that's that's pretty cool. I am. I agree with what you say it's not about. I think people put too much emphasis on the importance of the presidency and their unaware of how much power the president really has. Our whole system, however, does not have right. Our whole system of government is designed to keep. Power out of the hands of the president, three cisely present doesn't run away like a dictator right right right. So you know people often overestimate what the president can and cannot do. Zactly call low move on every couple, more question: vocational segment, settling able got eyes a J cam of Facebook. Thank you, as it has a pronounced able may now you thank you. Isaac from N Y see this what Isaacs, hometown bore that's right. What kind of computing power,
mission control and the shuttle have during the APOLLO era, we tell you what I have read about that because I didn't calculate this myself, but their bit. There been comments that the computer- I don't believe this, but whose fund to read it and say it- the computing power, singing greeting card. Now, there's then there are open it up a happy birthday to happen at back. Happy birthday do so so maybe you ve been a little more than that. I don't. I don't know the answer for sure. Because again I don't know these questions, but I could have research did, of course, but will you don't like my sets out of getting worse it? But what is no out, no doubt anything we're carrying our hit pocket is greater than any it was going on when we went to the moon, wait a minute now! Ok, I do believe that, because of the Micro press
asserts that we use in order to try to run our phone by the what, but by the way by the way the miniaturization of electronics light is entirely driven in its initial stages. By NASA. Ok, we had electronics feeling so our parents, our grandparents, had radios the size of furniture in their living room barrette, where they were. At around and listen to radio listen to radio shows and was in I'm saying gee. I want to carry this on my hip. Non thought right doesn't mean they might not welcome it. No one is even thinking that way. I got your right. Nasa is saying we need this. Technology, and we need to launch it and costs ten thousand dollars a pound put anything in orbit
so we got a shrink. This freak this down at a shrink back to the lab, and I think, a downright now. Ok, so this this miniaturization drives a whole frontier that them then becomes commercial commodities. Absolutely I just had its fastening what you just said about grandparents and radio, sit around the radio listening to their programming. When I was a kid we set, grandma the television. I never once thought I want to carry their television or my head. Never guess what I do my own, a broken television, I can watch the internet or any tv show. I want undermine all my bow, I'm carrying a team you're my hip exactly amazing That is not an end. If you don't think about it, just tv is the thing you when you get home and you turn around right right, but no longer give a man a super cool. So so
I would say yet so do you remember the movie APOLLO thirteen to try to save the guy's lives and they said here is the only. They have available. They dump out this back onto the table. Engineers save their lives, said okay, but wait a minute. So we need this, these I'd rule. Now, where now we got were now, we can do to the rest of her body, gotta abacus, we're gonna save a life over it. So so anyhow, so you would be blown away so back then, computers, we use for timing, things and simple, simple in simple calculations and the rest was very mechanical. Ok, but back that back when lose the right stuff right now the rights on a computer, we gonna break. When we come back, let more cosmic learns from the bond.
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We read my cold night, don't cosmic, whereas we are served by exploration, that's right, this ice from Facebook and Twitter and if the fan base of startle everywhere they are, we went and asked and they asked that they're coming back. That's good and I haven't seen these question before you have minded of my ignorance. If I don't, but I did publisher book on the subjects yeah. So yes, but will forgive your ignorance our thoughts on this matter, so There is no less jump into the night in the four segment. You asked me very clean, intelligent question through dunno, crazy questions out there. Worry I'll go down and we got some crazies questions here. Ok, since you said that get right in me, this
in it. But fine! You know where that I'm glad you bought it up, because the stair me right in the face- and I honestly wasn't gonna- ask you this son Thomas from Facebook says this: have you ever put someone face like? But why did you do that if no one? Who would you like to go? I added the last guy looking so it was. The person named John Saunter Strawn is is remembering an incident workers because buzz children second man to walk on Donovan by the way he landed on the moon and the same instant that Neil Armstrong did yesterday and the same damn spacecraft, and then they played rock paper says some other guy. Actually one so you always consider paper stone like paper scissors premises, scissor paper stone usually are a geek who who's ever heard of scissors?
still on either side learned but brought it out, he's fine fine, rapid procedures, so I'm gonna start com, etc. Paper stone now just to get a reaction from people, scissor paper, silicon dioxide, scissors racist silicon dioxin virus, so what now? What there was the question? Ok, have you ever seen? somebody point or have I ever have you ever closer values? Aldrin would constantly be accosted by people saying we didn't go to the moon and can prove it. He swear on a bible that he went to the moon as Oh body ever lies with their hand on the Bible, but we know that from every single court case in history put your hands on their Bible. Are you got me murdered her ass OJ? That's what he did. They put his hand on the Bible, gas dominate. Gotta tell you. Have the governments who wasn't touching the Bible X rays, nice with the glove nice like so, and an apparently the
a Youtube video that shows him punching a guy now Buzz was bad ass. In his day, you do know is a power of older. I did not know that You have your poor water commercials and all the right place. Let me tell you so so buzz. Eighty nine. We had two months. Unstartled I've actually met him through. You dress, so led away, still a surly like guy who's, and I should say surly though a vibrant, vibrant got energy for life thinking exactly, and so he so this is video of him. Should a guy out. I didn't really believe the video and then I asked him and he denied it didn't mean he didn't.
Feel like doing it at times. Right. Let's assume this is what he feels like doing whether or did do it. So the real question is: do I ever feel like punching someone in the face for not believing that we went landed on the moon and I don't feel compelled to harm people in their ignorance? Ah, that's very kind, I don't know, I don't mean ignorance in a bad way. This is I Tell me you're, saying and that's very compassion of you you're saying that you look at a person and you will sympathise afford because there, in their ignorance, Yes, I'm an educated educators. So you want to help that person. You see a personal need when you see an ignorant person. Yes, I see a dumb. If that is the difference between
I see someone there is. There is a gap in their education and people think that education is just what you know right. That's an aspect of it. But for me the most important element of education is: what is your capacity to think awesome? and so what leaves you in denial that we went to the moon right? Why? What's that distance here and and look at everything else. You do embraced they probably using a cell phone, a smart on their debts, communicating with satellites we can put a satellite up their cell phone tat. So I understand why this is such a stretch to imagine at an end, and why would we not go to the moon nine times? Ok! Well, there you have. It then stop not going to the moon. Zapper, look as if it were a fraud that we pep perpetuated way
We still be perpetuated that fraud, but just a little further out a little girl. I mean why not then so to someone did the count. Did the analysis? What would it take to fake the moon landing so you'd have to fake all the buildings. We will. Your constructing the bishops, the spacecraft, re, sad and five out of an you'd have to you do you would have to face? all the engineering drawings, the warehouses of engineering, drawings and you'd, have to face the universe, docking and all this communication in and by the time you figure out what it is.
The fake it it's way easier. Just to couple, certainly is where you put it that way, it's way just go to the bone. You know where and that's very much it's funny, because people who think like that I call that the criminal mentality or order, I call it the genius criminal mentality nemesis from the member states metallic if you took, have the energy that you put into doing what you are doing. That is wrong, and, doing something constructive, you would be very successful. You wouldn't be Sydenham resin right now, it'll be running you pc of whatever kind. Ever you be tony smart. You pay Tommy start because, like somebody's guys, there they come up with genius. Ways to do. The wrong thing, but because they have this criminal mentality, screws them whose a sinner, firing in the war in Iraq, where we went wrong fork in this act like you know, you're right, it's like when you think about everything. First, about the other thing too
when you see these rockets take up. Where are they going you're? Not you can calculate how much fuel is the sad five rocket in all three stages- and I assure you we're not going to Piggly wiggly down the street. This is enough fuel to get them to the moon and back you. It's not Intro calculus a little later. You can learn what call the rocket equation. Ok and you can derive it, and know what it is, and the rocky equation prescribes. How much feel you need that's how much fuels and satisfy Iraq so, but I haven't, I take a slightly other view of this. I think, while they are so impressed with modern technology that therein denial of it wow, that's how far we ve come see. You really are a compact. Equally, I lay- and I tell you it's funny because you note would result people ask me all the time about you,
I'll, be there like. What's meal really like, and I tell them meal is exactly like what you see, and he truly is. When people call the world's foremost science educator. That is like his sir, Mueller Focus in life. Like you know the people who have a singular focus like yours at at every turn. I see you take the time to let loose or has a single worthwhile singular focus. Does what might I guess we're? Just wouldn't you, except instead of black ruling the world, you it's to educate the world right now. I just want people to be empowered, and then I go home or go back to the to the beach and call me if you need to put an end once you're empowered you dont have to keep coming back to me right this fishery own dams. That makes perfect sense. I mean I don't get it. I think it's people. People are in denial of that.
That kind of thing, because they just want a government conspiracy, they love them from the original love government. Can anyone whose work for the government said we are incapable of rockets rigorously running where we are organized and we're not conspire anything that is putting its never government workers saying we're we're we ll areas by someone who has worked I've been a government and ask them if they can ever possibly offer conspiracy, they can ever possibly hide alien, because you can add have the officer system at the front desk. What the hell is that Did you just bring an alien? You saw nothing now we'll call Betty Tab. You can keep a secret, that's hilarious, ok, hey there, you go saunter,
We ate up. Half the mantra economic growth, but it was funny it was good. It was good to know it was good enough, so there you have it shone. Neil doesn't want to punish people in the face he just wants to educate them, so his punch interface is knowledge. Is power should have faced with knowledge? it slap you would not slacken, would doubtless tat death. Also, this reminds me of one of Arthur. She Clarks edicts was, it is any sufficiently advanced. Technology is indistinguishable from magic. Oh, you know that absolute without you think, if so, gonna moaned as advanced for you Jack, was a magic or or a conspiracy right. If you took like an oculist that had just let's say: nineteen twenty five, ok, where there were significant was at a leader of Rome Ocular there
Ok, let's leave my cousin calculus excluded, mats, oculists and count let's say you. What say you occupy us that you ancient Roman, with the british tax on all ancient Romans, dumping are operated for every single goes away, every inch of AIDS aroma to Father Father. Why do you not love me? Not oculists. Is that courts of saying to you that we are the virtual reality. Francais birds will react if you took their backs. Ninety twenty five, which is at a time where it there for significant advancements in technology. Everything everything I mean you know we had at that point. Einstein had already had the theory of w. We already established at that point. If you put innocuous on somebody back, then they would believe that you were a god. The head would explorer
but it's more like you could put an oculist on them and say like by the way I'm from another planet, and they were leave whatever you say after that were then they'll say: how can we make this do say: have sex explaining them did that's always they always every new technology tat tat s how to go by the way they ve already figured that out tat. They just have a new. Ok, I'm leaving haven't with cars. Have we have sex, Are you a whole generation people? born having been conceived in the back seat of cars. Absolutely that's why my middle name as Mercury Chuck, Mirth Reform Lincoln NICE. Here we go. Here's the next from sites and watch out for that in a Bonneville is my daughter, Bonneville, Muslin, Chevy
and my others pick up a few weeks. This is harbour transit. Traffic from Instagram wants to know this, Neil you, think the amount of money or time spent going to the moon multiple times could have been better spent, focusing on other space, related research exploration projects, we be on Mars by now. If we had not gone back to the moon several more times, could we have a small scale, orbital colony somewhere, a jury, a zero g manufacturing plant? I mean Are there other things? He goes on other things that we could have. Most of the money to get to the moon was to get through the first time I'll catch you after that, it suited incremental costs, is not so so yet to build. The infrastructure
make the sad and five rockets to exit the engineers and scientists like scale enough raining scale for any failing, not write anything not even unique right. As farmer companies will tell you that the very first pills a bill now we can extend sense right, lay two hundred million whatever it is expensive. The second one constant sense to make exactly right, Oh, so that's the so really it that's not the right way to think about that problem. The right way to think about it is, or I dont want to force this question to be an ongoing question. They make different question, because you just answered that that the answer is obvious. We don't scale up, that's it! Let me more the question to be slightly different, so suppose the APOLLO mission, Not let's go to the moon, but let's explore space right. Then we would
Then you would have resources not only going to the moon. Exploring an asteroid comment Mars and you'd be building the capacity to go to space and then your destination would be what you would choose after you have that capacity. In the same way, we built the interstate system of the United States, we didn't say, here's a road from New York to allay that's the only place you can go and ass it right right. If I want to be creative, and I have an idea. I want to do something in Utah were Y, all meaning or nor were Illinois forced me to go one place and no place else. So so I think it would have been a little better. Had there been a broader others that rebuttal too, that is, you have to focus, You need the singular mission, otherwise it will never get done ray. I get that, but if you want to sustain it forever, you want to turn a space programme into a space industry right. You want to turn into a just a thing. You want to turn this, the sky into your back,
Mars and you'd be building the capacity to go to space, and then your destination would be what you would choose after you have that capacity. In the same way we built interstate system of the United States. Right, we didn't say here's a road from New York. Europe away to maintain that mission for space at all, and so I agree that I agree with the sentiment of that question, but I just read Greek reaped recap, but now Let me just ask you just a quick follow up cuz we're running out of time, and I know that much, but just as a quick follow up, do you think the commercialization of space and the commodification of space will allow us to get to where you are talkin about right now, because in a calm modification the commercialization of gives great space. The one which is what happened
that will do is in order and dropped the price of going to space. To the point where other creative things you can think of doing in space become real right so that that's the fascinating thing when things get cheaper, all ideas Papa, you would never thought possible. Ok, so so Oh, if gonna spaces cheap, I can't even imagine what more we can think of doing in space, but it is surely there good happens every other time anything gets cheap. Because, though so yes that'll happen, the frontier spaces one thing? I don't see the idle see. Ok, there's no money no money in that your business model to earth do that guy right, but once we once that routine is set up, oh yeah, yeah, we get a break. When we come back, we will continue with jackknife reading. It has Where are you
we're back. I'm smarter! Yes, you do so cosmic queries. Addition, that's correct! Fan, favorite cosmic worries loved this. You know why, because this is the thing tat we don't start taught that belongs softly to the fans, you're, ok, Yes, that's it it's their show. It's really you know we're. Just here is a conduit to carry out their a whim, so I shouldn't tell them that I really don't like doing rather just sit there, but someone else through the door Making me talk, making me work hard, so our agriculture before we gotta check
Cecil doing stand up. What do all the time pretty much everything. So here's thing I don't travel as much too on the road which I did a lot of requests by two reasons: one I have a small animals, and so I'd like to be home of more than one child. I have one of the smaller one of those very small, because I'm an idiot we just had a new baby two years ago. Is it s a new baby like there is such a thing as a whole and we had an, albeit we had all players. I gave birth of Benjamin, but anyway and the, but I always do stand up in New York, city and surrounding area pretty much every weekend. I love your work just and that's why we have you here to expand this lobby firm that are sorting out. Ok, let's get paid. Into our queries in aid in astronomy from Instagram, says
It is in its handle ass, it is loved like that, will live in the universe and I can't help not tell you gotta. Let people know so. He says what was it like for the command module pilots when they went around the backside of the moon and why did the soviet and one moon rockets all blow up So, instead of what was it like, let me just say on the backs of the moon. What are you experiencing on the backside, the moon that you're not experiencing on two fronts? I learnt so first. First, as you may remember, the APOLLO missions or sent three astronauts to the moon, two of them deployed down to the surface. One did not write stayed in orbit around the moon, new lunch waiting for them to drowned a golf cart, better known as the uber however, as a parallel, so what's up wondering
I would just snuck in, and Britain crammed three people into the lander, and you know I don't know you. Gonna could travel far and does not have to sit and wait in the car will be I don't know who we're gonna walk round the moon walk round. Do me a favor, and can you just keep the car rapidly precursor macabre nobody, we're just gonna, take a little stroll in the moonlight. The moon, yes, Sir here's the thing when you go to the backside of the moon. You are one moon diameter away from the other two astronauts can't get? That is the record for the lonely as person ever, oh, that's so cool, because Europe bother out then farther waiver by yourself. Next closest person right in that moment, is one moon diameter aware that farther than any other solo person has been why this right so that,
one little fact that is the lonely place we have ever found ourselves there. That's pretty cool little. What makes a toy, what makes it extra lonely is when you're behind them right then the moon is between you and earth right and radio signals, don't penetrate through the moon. So you also radio silence, my God alone and alone. That's your double along the double along alone square and right. You can communicate with anybody either correct. This is, in the future when we're thinking of moon colonies, and you want to inhabit the far side of the moon, the farce, I'd never faces earth. The moon is its rotation, is which call title III locked where it's actually rotating, but at the exact rate that it takes to go around the earth
It was always turning its one face toward you, no matter where it is called. It happens, it's a very natural thing in the universe, dont think too much about it. Can't I'm thinkin about he had every case of, as I think that's what a coincidence that for us that she'll get lights and it's a natural thing, so so so when we think about moon colonies, if you go to pitch tent on the far side of the moon, you can still want communication channels opened up so there's a whole com separate conversation about radio transmitters repeaters that are on the edge of the moon, where signals can come from the backside and they worked away back over the front side and then make its way back facing you, send a signal to the booster booster sensitive, exactly exactly and so did suited to repeater whatever. Whatever is the mechanism fight? So so let me now
I'm sorry. Let me move over here requirement about. Furthermore, let me just move: can you hear me now that Jesus I'm roaming roaming? Do I'm sorry? I'm one talk where this is cost me a fortune x. I can I give up later. A weirdly, perverse version of that right. So I was on a presidential commission to study the the the climate of aerospace around the world relative to here on earth climate. I mean that the business climate and so in one of our trips we go to China, and China has. These have that they ve got plans to go to space does before they launched their first taken out. Ok was what they called astronauts, antagonize you're taken out, and so so there's this. This underbelly of advice
technology that we're reading about an hearing about- and I always wondered you Know- was real? Is there so I'm on the great wall of China Sweet and it there? It is just like the photos going to the horizon into the mists. All right, you can't eat this. No and in either direction you look. I do not see any technology at all in any devir, no antennas, there's no nothing made of metal. There is just the wall wow and I said, let me try something. I pull out my cell phone. Okay, the flip phone at the time call my mind tat. I com. It was in fact the motorway started and I call my cause it's our idea. Thank you haven't I call my mother in Westchester New York, she said,
Oh hi, I'm? U, r? U, home! Already! That's how good the connection was nice. It was. It was Crystal clear connection who certainly didn't have spread the basic connections I've ever had in a cell phone ever from the great wall of China with no visible cellphone towers, and I then, at that time you would walk past the tree in the United States is I'm sorry. I lost my thing. Let me get out in the open here away from the blades of grass with whatever, so so that so I knew tat was gonna make whatever they want happen happen wow moment, that's pretty wild. In that moment, network wait took that's, that's actually a very good story and really telling, because it makes that's right, you don't see anything and it's there. Why did I even say that I was for some are related to this question? Why not? We would we were talking about the just, did just the dark side and the the actual repeater and all that kind of stuff. You know about the guy with with what the the command module pilot theirs,
What was the question, although it's just like you to know, I'm sorry now I lost my eyes a guy. The question of what is it God, Jesus Christ, we're not usually God and Jesus and the same time it must be in a really bad situation Now you did answer the question perfectly. What was the question You know what it was like for their pilot. All about so does one that's exactly what it was even a sandwich weight and just and by the way, I'm gonna say and even say that I was for some are related to this question. What do we were? We were talking about the amount just did just the dark side and the the actual repeater and all that kind of stuff you know about the guy with with of that icily you you're alone and your friends are walking on the moon, its triple right loan I can communicate with anybody and I'm keeping the car
warm and there on the moon, just getting all the glory harangue a check. We have time for a cousin where is the lightning around with you? Let's do it. You're gonna give sound bite answers sound bite, anti, you're, gonna! Ok, here we go this. Given giving ceremony answers. You have to read the questions are now Chris Mcnamara, ninety seven from Instagram. What is the biggest thing the moon taught us about earth. For me, I haven't I my personal list that I think going to the moon and getting direct measurements of its mineral content and soil content. For me, the coolest thing was discovering that the moon is the product of a collision between Mars size, protein planet, side, swiping earth's crust.
In the early solar system having that material that had been side. Swiped gather into another cosmic body that orbits earth that we now call the moon. The moon for its size should have much much more iron in it right, but it does The iron has already been sifted out. Well, how do you make that happen? Well on earth? The iron all went to the core. Most of the iron went to the core, so the crust. Hardly any iron in if you go to make a new cosmic object out of the correct you going to have hardly any iron in your substance, so the moon has suspiciously out low iron and it is plainly consistent with the scenario nice and and people ask me. If I want to go back in time and see something happened, I want to see the collision of that more size, protein planet with earth and watch the moon get formed. We think it would have formed within a few months back click, yes, that quickly now quickly. There have been a bad, that's actually it s a nice guys. You gotta, get quick. I was too long. I got an answer faster. We go at sea
six. Twenty one wants to know this. Fishermen there was some sea bass. Who do you think one one that space race outside? I call it a tie, United States and Russia. Ok, you know why, because they were the first to put anything in space. They were the first to put a living creature in space. They are the first to put a human and space. They are the first to put up a woman instead, They were the first to put a black person in space. They are the first to have a space station. They invented the rocket equation that enable all this to happen in the first place, and we went to the moon first, though, so it seems to me, I'm saying you are we didn't, do anything to stop first and we got to music, we win obscene, give we could give the people from credit, please MAX. What I was a great ads are an area since the bonus loaded, I'm sorry whether with their black person, was a Cuban really moving so Bren Trout, Brent,
I want to know this is the moon is loaded with helium three, which is useful for alternative energy? How do you think laws will form in retaliation to mining the moon shone with a minimum? so helium healing three is a version of helium missing one proton killing. You say it's too protons to neutrons there'll be hearing for take away a neutron here. Helium three ass was called here are three: is one of the things that is Emily. From the sun in the solar wind and it comes through space. It gets urged in these surface of the moon, and it sits there and our whole books given onto mining. Quite simply scooping up the topsoil of the moon working this helium three and using it for nuclear fusion reactors. So a whole plan that people have for this and there's been some rebuttals is: will it really group the cost would have so, but you helium, three yeah. We need laws going into future who owns the moon, who owns asteroid? Who,
he's the mining rights. Do they have to be shared, who paid for it this there are some laws related to this, but for me it's still undiscovered territory, and this is why the the future in space is not just about astronaut scientists and engineers. There's the rest of what life is lawyers, the artists, the politics all of this has to come together if we are going to turn what is sitting there above our head, that we call space into our backyard about have Jack s land, we gotta call it rap right there right, you didn't you I've been, you been listening to and possibly even watching start talk. I've been your home near the ground, I've seen your personal after visitors, Chuck NICE do better
I was getting her coming through helping you get through this house and I wish you to listen to start commercial free joint start talking. Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio
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