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Cosmic Queries: Time and Higher Dimensions

2017-12-08 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson, mathematician John Allen Paulos, physicist James Kakalios, and comic co-host Harrison Greenbaum investigate the fourth dimension, hypercubes, wormholes, Edwin Abbott’s “Flatland,” and much more!NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/cosmic-queries-time-and-higher-dimensions/

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now welcome to start talk, I'm your house near the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist and today's topic: is on higher dimensions in space and time for that. I have New CO host Harrison Green Bout, Harrison Long talk, I very excited you been our life I've been around other dimension, watching you guys yams. Another dimension were glad to have you
and I hope this topic is something you feel good about. Absolutely. Ok, because, even if you don't, I got some, else. Just in Kenya, healthcare professionals every introduce an old time friend John. Our imports he's a professor of mathematics at Temple, university over there in in Philadelphia. There. You go he's written some books most recently, a numerate life savary, autobiographical massacre, it's a mixture of method. Memoir met all. I think that mass in memo, that's beautiful at an enhanced in your your tweeting Harrison Comic, nor how company cut Harrison Comedy yet love lots of Tenzin tens of people read at ten to inspect MRS Keller, so so so John, I called you onto the show because we always get question part of the show is gonna, be cosmic queries and we always have questions about dimensions, sometimes informed
movies. Are people saw and but there's other things about dimensions that I think are just awesome that people wouldn't even necessarily know to ask- and I brought you in cause you're my view- might mathematician and arms Since you have your own mathematician. I have a calculator closer I think we should have a mathematician and sank major. We had our own statistics, we had sight for statistics forsake, which was not as now remember like it was like a bird a toned down like this is a media like so many. Let me walk through what I'd like to explore and want to hear how you applauded.
All right, so we are all familiar with living in three dimensions and we measure them all the time we have height with in depth and mathematical. You just be x Y, see that's how we do we do we that with it, we can move in any these directions at any time, full fluidity in the spatial dimensions in which we are keeping. Ok, now, there's a forced dimension. We talk about time. We are moving forward in time, but we don't have access to the past, so we are forever prisoners in the present transitioning from our past to our future, so a different kind of coordinate on. I don't want to worry about that just yet. I just want to imagine that we have like a fourth spatial coordinate that you can move around in. That was just
seems to me to be really cool, but before we get there, let's start small gay. So let's imagine a two dimensional being that something it only as height, sorted and whispered, not debts. So this would be like the Edwin Habits, but right up flatly flatland right flatly. Can you just remind us about that? The themes that book written like a hundred years ago, Did he talks about what he calls Flatland, which is a true management of minorities? Is a mathematician and circles and lines in polygons move around this student mentioned space or polygon is just a it's like. An stop. Sign right is an example of a square. Stop sign sort of way were interesting about flatland those there's a lot of social commentary built into their hee hee criticizes victorian values, firstly with regard to women. Women are just lines and the way they can lead the way they communicate his by wiggling they're back part.
The answer is very, very hierarchical, very hierarchical. Their polygons and have more sides are bound up above. Very superior to triangles, for example, that the idea of two dimensional yeah yeah I themselves right. So there's a four hierarchy right, but then he imagined a third dimension. He he's taken through the third dimension in one of these creature: characters in Tunisia, yeah he's a creature and today, but does a third dimensional entity comes and takes him up and show some way what but the third dimension looks like any goes back any kind of proselytizer the existence of this week. We have Very parochial view of the universe is actually much greater, but this will beans. Don't don't that you're dimensional? Can't don't in don't like that. I can't even in a very parochial yeah they can
and see what they get angry, because they can't conceive of it. You think he's some sort of quack or whatever steps, whereas you accuse ranks triangles, you might have a pyramid. Three dimensional versions right yet and as soon as the sphere comes down onto a flat land circle its intersection with those flatland gets, bigger and bigger is here, the sands or assent sought. So if you were a flat lander- and you saw a point grow in- Hu Circle and servants, bigger and bigger. It gets to some maximum diameter and shrank by Canada disappears. That would be completely mysterious to you but if you are high, if you live in a higher damage in three dimensions, using other just a sneer passing through your two dimensional unit
It be possible to infer the existence of the third dimension from that very process. Here, here's a circle gets bigger and bigger than smaller, and they have to go to imagine a circle. The aftermath Maginnis fairy S flatland or make the tenant money as their Copperfield. Look at this point is helpful. It's better. So here's was interesting to me, which gets kind of freaky fun. So when we as three dimensional space. Things look at a two dimensional world. Every creature is come. Lead Lee transparent to us. We can see their entire innerds right, whereas they cannot see their own inert, because the boundary of those innerds is the outer quote surface
They see, and that's all I'm saying that. Did you see that line right, the textured line, but they can't see through them? I was they cut it open orders he appointed Vizir polygon triangle coming towards them. The ok, so that tells me that afford dimensional being looking at us would have access to every one of our interior organs, and that would you speak mysterious to us right and for dementia mean they d get entities. Standard puzzles afford a menu with there was, fourth dimension, you? Even if you are locked in a cubicle jail, you could step into fourth dimension and escape in the same way as you can escape from, circular enclosure by going into the third dimension and escaping so you can at present an ant by drawing a box around if an eminently really lived in. Ladies, you can imprisonment We as three dimensional just step over it heroism what to do so ass to engage a third dimension, but for it to then come back down
and so so so get us out of their mental awareness life. Let me ask you: are we not only prisoners of our time line or we prisoners of our three dimension net. What what will it take? You're, the mathematician you calculated and higher dimension before what will it take to escape our three dimensionality? Well, three physical dimensions that the three nurse was probably established in the early moments of the universe after the first moments after the Big Bang formation of the right to withdraw. The energy was sufficient to pop out dimension, but once it cools a little bit, the third dimension was locked in the least, so people are using the second law thermodynamics to explain the three of the dimension
and whether that's the case or not there like lots of alternative theories, but that's that's one any until a bit like a phase transition, you need energy to change phases from from water, two gasser, whatever any the energy to bump. But two billion tries to liquid went out to lump dimension and, I would say school are faced resolutions all the time, because that's if it's it's a fancy term, we use in physics, but is for a very familiar thing, but it's so familiar we no longer are astonished by it. When he should be here, is this liquid and then it becomes completely solid Why aren't we freaking out every day? Her power is what happens when you take out your parents, vodka, in your place it with water in the third pillar and the like. You damn phase travel, Lord, it a guess, not so young, so you replacing the vodka with water right. They would know right
spanned exploding of such our expertise at this. But perhaps if you put a diet coke in the freezer and leave it there for the hating Kim's mouth all right, so it's Will there be, the experts are different and ass, a difference going to any other by donors should expand. That's rise of separate phenomenon arrive and has no danger Spain's yeah yeah. So what you say is we missed a few fixations actions in the early universe? I could have been four dimensional. Dimension right agenda, these are defective dimensions if you believe and spread in strength earlier. But but here here's another interesting thing. I learned, if you are two dimensional creature, you cannot have a digestive tract
or even a brain. Actually I mean if you push it, I mean what our brain, not as we would know it, but you can imagine some. Maybe some rather than by a digestive tract in us, is a hole through a two and has to end to it right. Ok, three, but list with Cuba to further. For the moment we are so you eat. Food comes out. The other side was a hole through us, but that that tunnel is completely and close by our flesh, good when you get to know your two dimensional being and has a mouth and then it opens its Matthew, put food in that food goes through it and then comes out any place, that being is in two separate pieces. Right, unless the mouth clauses in the annex but if for lack of a better dorm opens I see
like so many others about about flatland or sex. How does it work? What are we gonna do with all the other top people we need working on so so it would open its mouth. Consumer food closed its mouth now hold. It is going to agree a steel or something that way stilted. There is one. The attic thing comes, just gonna open that ok, we're ok. I got this now with Turkey unless you need to keep the food away from the rest of the body where there's a reason has been set, faded from the rest of us. Nobody, nobody gets resort in in through the walls they do need. Nourishment gave us with comes from, did you by a one on one, so Because these things that intrigue me, and not just my broad brush on just sort of wax. On the were wormholes. Another topic does very intriguing, yeah yeah right, my love wormholes, but do you need, You know we always show a wormhole as with one reduced dimension secondary.
Can otherwise conceive of it right? We show it rubber sheet and isn't like a puncture. You know Sandra going soothing goes through it and it comes out the other side, but that rubber sheet is is Or wave representing a full three dimensions is yes to recreate, is really so. It took do you see the movie interstellar? Yes, okay, so they're coming upon the pilot, the Joker never so that their coming upon a wormhole through space, and but just it's a sphere, it's a let's, not a whole. But yes, it is, and then a come in every direction. So you go in and you come out another side, but that requires a higher dimension for it to happen and that just that fiscal. So what I want, I want I want, but in any dimension is that movie fund disapprove
If you read the book, those attend to bookmark get you didn't get the book. A book is its explanatory book. The science of interstellar written by one of the co executive producers he's a professor of theoretical physics at Caltech Lace, and it's it's just like a coffee table, but by a lot of pictures and things from the movie and explains everything Let us do so. You re that and then, when I get any reserve judge or you call me in the morning, I like the times that the time such as regards its good, it's good, so I just love thinking about dimensions. I also like thinking about a hyper cube, a hyper cube, Hazewrapped into October: Hyperacute Hyperacute, zero, just cubes of foreign, higher dimensions, yeah method, he said Today, it is stressed that a higher international companies go into my pocket, and actually you, if you look, the ordinary sense of dimension, which is something
sure aspect of a person who thing or whatever you can have. We are very high dimensional entities. I mean fuel- allow, for example, look at a person. This height is waiters whatever, plus that what he likes did It would she likes it. The brands he likes. His almost any dimension could have fifty dimensions. You look at how many hundred dimensions what's interesting about that. A person is a hundred dimensional person almost everybody on earth is in the on the edge of the Hypercube give because we take a square attendance by tenants where to use parochial units and you stay a half an inch, away from the edge only. What is it nine times, I eighty one percent as in the interior and the rest is in the actual. Even now, if you take a cube and you had to look at the half in around each one, then it's ninety
nine times eyes only about seventy three percent in the interior sent goes up. Goes percent goes down only eight percent of all what is in the air on the perimeter goes right. Then you have for its sixty two percent. If you have it dimensions. Almost everybody is in the edge around the edge and it's so Annette My father used to love the same says says: there's two kinds: you you probably heard there. This two kinds, people in the world a very strange ones and the ones you don't know so well and so we're all really strange because we're all in the periphery of this high procured that describes this is a collection of of dimensions of Tibet. Does that mean you harmony works or not? I am dating seen no priority tender Emma Jane Way, which is jewish tender like regular tender, buggy votes. I write you get half of our fathers were so so I do feel at you. Dimensionality is properly represented in your social profile. I think they should
If you understand hyperacute that can really get out, I use astrology, that's my dear. You know that I sent a girl down and go deeply than horoscopes and if she says yes, I end the data media. Oh I say that's a filter right issues like what's your sign that might be out of its is worse than between you and I accept that of Europe. If your hyper literate, your back and Cosmos, was airing there, there's a comic there's really cute. There was a speed dating right, and one person's says you have you seen. Cosmos academic pressure on your speed date encounter, so this continue to hyper cube. So what you described me how you get there, because when I say so this continue to hyper. So what to describe to how you get there, because I went think of it. I think about start with a line line is one dimension has links and its bow
did by two points points each with zero dimension points us haven't like with her death or any that's kind of interesting to me violates the acute. If you have it no, it's what went on and on watch wealth. So now I take this line and then I saw rotated out into an axis then a square So a square because dimensions to it, but it's bounded by food. Or one dimensional lines that you can interesting I take that square and slide it up to get a cube out of it. So our cube has six sides each bounded by. Dimensional surfaces. Scholar die, I die a doctor, a hacker.
Gives me ok. So now I wanted for dimensional cube. I take this three dimensional Cuban pass it into a fourth dimension and thereby I end up with eight sides. Each a cube. The side is itself a cube and we just camp. Thank God whenever mathematician human do. Can you think, can you thinkin four dimensions which are still weird free now you so you will have to be. North across sections. How me there there's their animated versions of the tests? Racked were read it, we'll take it as read that the forum is therefore dimensional. Q word rotates and you look at the various cross section, gene and a little bit of a of feel better, need some people I mean Thurston laid Mathematician had died. Fingers at Princeton did have a kind of sure I'll feel firm. Four dimensional allow entities by most people, most mathematical gets out of you so bad.
Now we're take a quick break when we come back we'll be joined by a good friend and fellow physicist, James Cacao. Some of you know him the world's expert on the physics of superheroes there's, some higher dimensionality I went on there, we will bring him. Into the conversation as well as queries secret for you. I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell. There's just one. And where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free, You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here? Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me sing if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying We're back at national headquarters in New York City Start talk topic of today, is higher dimensions and I got help. I got mathematician right here, I'm palace and come in on video call Don Corleone, I do in man. I'm doing great, how are you excellent? You ve met my co host for today Harrison Green bound and and we wait, for those of you who see this on video. You have super those dangling from your wall. Now you wrote the book physics of superheroes, but they here little versions. Other have appeared to invaded yours, you're, you're, Dan,
you may think of them as action figures Neil, but to me They are lecture demonstration tools. That's how you that's all yet that to your mother and to your I might department share, but I ve been spending a lot of action. We take this happened. Yes, maybe not one of your favorite books of minors, the physics of superheroes, but that's not your latest work room you, your latest book latest book, is all and hair. I happen to have it right there who says this: isn't the marble age of shameless plugs, the physics of everyday thing, excellent Europe you're you that you're, everyone so the man about town, physicist aid there? Are there people who cover astrophysics there but who do, the Higgs bows on I cover all the nitty gritty stuff that surrounds us every day, and
explain how physics useful, not just to explain, colliding neutron stars, but also explain are fit very good enough get rid of my fit. But you got really message here. Motion based on risk to me- and I don't even know you want a marathon aforehand area so Gunnar wherein the cosmic queries section of our arrest, our talk and I've Harrison. You ve collected questions all the questioner bring it on our aim? Is it on and we got to experts here. I let go the Bahamas right now, because we have expertise. You need for higher dimensions and so much of people's access to higher dimensions and knowledge of higher dimensions comes from superhero movies. So see what you get you. So the first question comes from our patriotic. So thank you for your own first supporting us, and this one is from Orlando Florida. So he's near a superhero theme park. We just the compelling fairies, the postulate everything from four to twenty six dimensions in our physical world.
So special about the fourth dimension. Is there anything mathematically unique? compared to what we consider spatial dimensions, fittingly pretty much answer that by joining the unique about odds physically, I mean there are arguments for it. As I said the same, someone Amex suggests that once the early universe called a better than have enough energy to burst out another. The bears out, another dimension. If you wanted the second law to hold so of the fourth. Is beyond us by saying are stuck with Fordham everywhere, where we're stuck with three and one year, four dimensions, so I mean there are these other deficient for better term dimensions if you believe in and string theory, but the young ok, I there are lots of theories and content, theory is, but I do want to get into account. They manual Labor cosmology,
Now I want the dead. He made a distinction that many people, the right it between Newman on Phenomena, luminous away things are, they will never know. Phenomena is the way we see things. We are a priority categories and in a way I mean the fishing areas, it is something will never know and the extra dimensions and other universes we'll just never know it physics. We don't ever rats ass about what something is if what it is is not revealed to us through measures yeah, but does I agree with that. I would. It is kind of disturbing that of all the extra dimensions none of them are in the time domain. They all seem to be its extra space dimensions, because they're in the time domain that maybe we could move back and forth. In time. The way we move back and forth in space and advice, fiction stories of sometimes suggested that that would. How time travel would occur.
They're waiting like so help me on this. So if we had more than one time dimension accessible to us, we can just go off in one time, coordinate while freezing. Our movement in the other time coordinate and do things with our life and then rich earn and then continue, because that's what I do spatially I think I know in prison- That would be in fact, the catalyst unreal data, yet that so that I can where my had been even and it should be well store short story about that might be a way of achieving time travel that they discovered that there's other path ways just so you can get from. One point Who another taking alternate routes author. I meant you, could in spatial roused me. Do we do it all the time. So I see that you can put your usual you'll, take a short cut you'll do it? I really tackle words to where you once were exactly
old haunts the guy homes or gas, so you can but time sure you know short cut right. What's that would be interesting at by never want to add another- took him to shit and to set when they need to air dementias. Many days in different from the whip. Wiggly really tiny? Why me time of doktor, who I think, that ultimate that the reason why there are only extra spatial dimensions is in fact just that to avoid same while they they kind of possible time travels. That could happen so everything has to stay all the two dimensions. Are spatial we'll time travel always leads to the grandfather. Paradox go back and brightened by your grandpa. Universe, splits there, one universal online knight of the many world, so that's him anyway, That's right, you can go back in time, but it's an alternate
You can kill us many grandfathers. As you got bullets hands it would Trumpery President there's nobody was using their time shall become back. That's where you were. A more United Europe get on it, but we have to do. Is prevent your grandfather for meeting your grandmother delay when they had sex by ten minutes. Go it alone of hands. You just have to go to the library. It hurts Governor s question one at this. Gets us we're next one from just in Colorado and Facebook. How much cannabis do I have to smoke to get to the fourth dimension I'm through my window, yeah by experts, IRAN or our own. We got a good play or you Can I make a job? go deeper into your master. How much cannabis does is required to reach different dimension these in your analysis,
DA? I have it on the road on ok, ok, job, that's an experiment that you could your way and make a particular case is probably a tiny amounts and say I don't ever engaged in such joy. I think a tiny little bit and I'd be in the fifth dimension at times. Those raising when I use it. Anything about that. That's my cool is from the for up website is, there are still Yes, why? On raising our of smoke, I don't know anything about our expert could see from the star talk website. Is there a study of physics Adele's into the zero de dimension? Every other dimension possibilities looked at like in drink string theory, but why the possibility of dimensions lower than one excluded that line of thought determinedly, not cause that's what singularity is in the centre of a black hole
what the singularity was at the birth of the universe that the definition of a singularity. So now here's the problem and an James, correct me if I'm wrong here or, if you think did We about it. The what's interesting about these single Aires is that we know in advance. That's where Einstein's general theory of relativity breaks now We need a new way to gain access to, what's going on in the universe, at those points of singularity, and it's been so that's where God is dividing by zero. We're like you're not supposed to do that. Ok, so so and strength ears are supposed to be lining up to handle that limit that limit case. So so, yes, that that that this right or need to think of singularity as the Xerox dimension and change. What could you do that I would I so along what you just suggested: kneel down key part is that if you're going to bed you say physics is only cares about things that you can measure
and what the evidence is and at the singularity we have, evidence and all of our equations break down. It makes it a rather tricky to then avid theory that accounts for the singularity, presumably would then account for things that were observing today to try to vat. Justify him thought about their. Would you saying, is you can't use macroscopic object to measure zero dimensional thing night, so long or are going back to that. Do that point. You know of the singularity it's like where's you have it yet we say: what's the evident, sir? What's the which the data gathered either, you ready can't be there if everything a singular our nets question. Why are so this sort of later. We tough and a little bit, but this guy on the website Gary. If anything, he said supposedly before the big Bang dimensions didn't exist when the big bang a fast it itself. Dimensionality suddenly came into existence. Did that dementia? expand at the speed of light, or do they just into
pop into existing, creating an infinite empty universe. Why everything we know says that we were endowed by them. Better energy space and dimensionality from the the opposition from an extremely high temperature universe to one that's much cooler, and we're freezing out these properties as universe expands and cause. So so it sets a change which would you address, attract anything from that account not at all I a humble lovable silent state. Experimentalists knows me for this big banks that I don't know that this is not my area of expertise or I will differ, yeah, maybe we'd its it. You get this at different stages of the extremely early universe, and so we're stuck with the universe. We have get over it
Next right there before you take a break green meteor from Instagram's that is death. The fourth dimension does seem more the zeros dimension. Yeah? death, is the zero the invention guidelines that were not wrong with that network? We are three romanian Fatima go and with it I guess we got. Regular, Richard Adams on Facebook says do accounts of powerful deities, make more sense when you consider higher dimensions. Well, you know when you think about like the flat land example that, if we lived in a flat dimension through dimensional a person who could put things in and out of our black dimension would seem you no extra fees go would seem.
A beyond our realm or our understanding is that authorities to earth for exists in higher dimensions. They have access to space time dimensions that we is that correct? Presumably I've met you at my comic book. I don't tell me why, but while they ve gone, I can forth on that. I'm saying: oh, it's magic or say that there's a scientific, it's like hyperscience science or back to its magic. Oh will you take me you're here is. That is clear. Then if you live in a higher dimension relative to some community of beings, you are all powerful and all knowing in is. They will never understand or imagine yeah. I think it's only gets right. I think they're thrives resilience. As you know, the answer is basically yes, the its interest anguish, able from what a high and that deeply really People will say God is, is it is?
knows all, and in is all powerful. Do they will describe powers describe powers to God that any of us would give to afforded to a higher dimensional being if they I think that would be a trivial and they can have a hierarchy of God stood the fourth dimension, the fifth mention six them and Jane Eyre sides need to find a flat can be got that? Your first thought is that you re ass, the cult of hair, a butterfly landers, giving me two dimensional offering acted, cavy insects- you are now where were we come back more cosmic worries on higher dimension start
Rebecca on Startalk Cosmic wearies Cygnus, we're talking about higher dimensions beyond the three spatial and one time dimension with which we are familiar. I've got Math Professor John I got my co host Harrison Green gown and on video call? I've got James Cook Galileo's one of my favorite people out there, MR superhero expert, so we got questions from our family ass, a so what you have Alex Land, her from Twitter wrote, is a test erect. A fourth dimensional object, follow up what is a test, her That's where that is present does even know what it is, but he's asking about, as he seen it in the movies yet so so so, obviously that we're tests erect has its origins in mathematics and it was then call opted by the Marvel Universe. I presume so what an earlier and our first segment. We talked about the Terek just as a financial q,
so if you can tell us what role does play in the avenger Pantheon. Not so much the adventurers, the fantastic for one point had their headquarters. That was cut, the test Iraq, so that they could be unjust, aware house upon the New York Wharf and yet have managed to have these facilities of a skyscraper there real estate device words of children is a killer states. Get figure on the inside dress me rigour on the inside, like doktor, whose market police Corps Box the torn eyes like Mary Poppins, bag, which she management even less and lamps out of it like her my knees purse and Harry Potter and where drove I am aware of the wardrobe not really more, of a port, ignored or capital. I thought of that more scandal, rather than a continue inside
What's the movie, I'm remembering where the dictator ACT was in this and a NASA facility and all they were talking about so that was the tests ACT was actually one of the infinity stones. That was in the first, venturesome. I know it. Yes, yes, and so that's a blue glowing stone and that we spoke that as been later identified as the space infinity jam or infinities stone. That gives you ultimate control over space, so it was it would not easily as a test. Iraq. Just basically is a portal. Some way to go from one point to another, and now it's recognise. It would give you control over any point in space, so now it is recognised- was this researchers to crack team of like what we now it came to be realised its yes, when the law
went into little mystic pool and adventures to age of all trod. He recognised that what what they were. With. Where the infinity stones, we saw a purple power in did he stone in guardians of the Galaxy The vision has a yellow mind stone that gives you pay It's ok, test erect was just a holding a whole day later days. It was a holding a word, a cool word until they can figure out how to do more. With this thing, right, ok, now, there's a Trump tetra tower. The trump tests are. I think that beer- that's ok, Serbia. You walk into his way bigger on the inside Then it would be on the outside your Annette,
isn't. There is a problem there somewhere come are there, so many companies might has right to go back in time, but there I guess I was getting. I was learning outcomes. Isn't there also the cosmic cube, which is like that? Ok, so they were referring to the cash or act. A little bit. Is the cosmic q in Captain America, First Avenger and then vendors movie in the comic books. The cosmic Cuba is a cube that when you're holding it, you can change reality. So in some sense it was like the reality stone Infinity gem in that you could just change so so leave the red Skull was holding the cosmic Hugh he could. We could see we be in a world where Germany, one world war, two so indifferent to a different outcome of adventure. Friends object. Reality. Everyone, as like you know a third, I more for all I could get. You could change any aspects, though he armor numbers primarily through the comics rather than through the films. Yes, except that in thought, the dark.
World, that it is so sad. I know all this rather than we want me weep for you, I'm on the table ass, my verging on the incompetent from funding the ether that door and the Dark ELF Mallika, far over turned out to be identified to be the reality. So so that is introduced into the Marvel cinematic universe and we'll be seen in that presumably will inventors three and four. So these are other space space paths, not time paths, Sir, I've other realities that there is a time stone. We haven't seen that one younger the next one night. We had seen it. We saw it in doktor, strange doktor, strange in the eye of other moto. Had the time stone. This vote why he was able to trap Door Momo in the time loop, o, spoiler alert and are the next question comes from them.
Books cook- you let the metabolic arrives or I could it be plausible that the edge of the universe is merely the end of a dimension and possibly the start of another dot dot dot, just a thought world. So it turns out variations on the Multiverse idea have it that there are pockets of the universe that are expressed in such a way that other exe, ending zones dont know about each other, ok, so the independent, expanding zones with in sort of the space that spread out among this metaphors? If you will, multiverse and so the edge of Europe universe is technically the edge Give you a reality, but I learned James. I, if you knew this, I learned is like a week ago from cosmology colleague of mine that you can have one.
Edge of an expanding universe bump into the edge of another expanding universe. That would show up as a circle, because these are expanding bubbles which, with two bottles intersect. You get a circle and that would show up into the cost. Pick, my growing lack my flatland. This fear coming down sphere to be coming through, so so so I don't. I don't think we think of it so much as another dimension, but it certainly would be boundary between your universe? other universes, and so so that that's gotta be pretty good. If you found a way to portal from one to two, from one to the other, you do a lot of monitoring and you're in Europe. Might physics? Don't you I actually we do? All I know is that if one universe, pumps into another universe, insurance rates are going off book. Now you get one,
forgive him and colors all you get what kind of Kashmir false its legal framework, the Mulligan Harrison, but also our since the Higgs field is from government and on Facebook, since the Higgs field creates Mass and masses particle. Do not experience time. Does that mean that the Higgs field creates. Time. Is time simply a bizarre emerging property of the Higgs? Both I love it. I don't know if it's true, but I love the idea. What would he agree? That sounds great right, because without the Higgs rose on things you, no particle mass and only particles with mass experience time? The question is: can you experienced tat if there is no mass and no speed of light particles. Can you even imagine time it has no meaning, because there is secret? I don't think I've had you to measure what do I think that I don't think that's exactly right. Would you just sit there that if this is it
time is the thing tat we use to kind of order. What comes first will come second, and if it turned out brain all simultaneously, then now? These are here simultaneously. Nothing is happening anywhere, Ryan trying has no meaning the thing. Is it different particles interact with the Higgs field, they couple in different ways, which is why they have mass and yet no matter how they, coupled to the Higgs field. They all is. The aim to experience time, the same way as authorised important so that even the high mass particles experienced time at the same rate that allurements particle but different, unstable particles, decay at different rates than do other unstable particles. So that's one of the great mysteries that you get this portable decay in
thirty seconds this one in six minutes reliably. Predictably, every single time what one thing that strikes me as it often in these speculators speculations the interplay between The english language in physics, is very nebulous, I'm even numbing one, who once said that the democratic method, a mathematician and the emphasis that you could insist that the universe was hit was euclidean few. And if you did, you have to introduce fictitious forces and strange to saint accelerations, so you, but you pick your Euro Europe physics amatory combination and you can make it whatever you want to some extent the Edges convention of euro plus we map about it. If you do, picking one way you ve got to change the physics and souls, This reminds me of the quote was at attributed to Einstein where it's time, is invented to make motion. Looks simple now that debt that sick?
We think that there are no theory of time round like when I sound like a conflict, thereby comic to say you have two minutes left, so I always Joe. Can we live people basis along their set has felt I have been asking for an hour. According to my personal surveillance, eventually got areas: there is no time to waste of community today, speaking time, doing slower than let's go. Let's I bought the moving interstellar How do you feel about the accuracy of presentation of the fifth dimension in the movie interstellar. That's from look a yo yo. Eighty nine on Instagram I've issues with the entire
here the black hole in the library, and he sees unlike their that, their attempt to portray that, where the sort of infinite boulevards basically of space, I'd like the attempt and so and I can come up with a better attempt. So who might a judge it? But if I were to? If you ask me, I would say that Poland not what is actually like, but I don't have to say why? That's so it actually didn't he existing in a higher of five dimensional space. He was to move around then in time, because he was What then get out you too, like is when today's younger some later time and so It was the same notion that he was in the more we ve been talking about before about flatland. He was exe able to move around in a higher demand I just don't know how he could do sort of Morse code with booked.
At all, but the backside of each book Do you know your books that the other side of the book you can identify the title I on the other side of the Shell Zono Social Point in talking about it, I have issues he can transparently night but you can go to the other side of that time, a brick alone road, with a total of one or two more questions or I go. I didn't we sound bite mode, ok, only answers and sound bite, this one's get as from Tony from El Paso Texas. Is it possible to fabricate an artificial dimension, and if so, could we theoretically create an artificial them, Jan and send people there to solver overpopulation. Are I'm not authorized to respond to them from national security? There would be cool James if you can manufacture
mention. I could go into this, but involves preparatory technology by what has been driven on this from tests are already on. The beach but I would think it would be really call if you, if you can do that, you weren't, wholesome you, some character, world Wormhole strike me as a sort of like entangled particles writ large. What I want is a box in my on my desk. Work is already back that surface already covered in already got stuff stacked benignly, something to put it in a fourth dimension, have the staff pages, must look really mysterious to answer on the surface of the desk through the pages disappeared, but they actually elevated into a third dimension and you could store way more papers up in the third dimension than you ever could two dimensional on the surface of the desk. So I'm thinking of boxes out, I just need a four dimensional portal and pro the boxes and affordable report. I could do that.
Wherever I am. I am I am I right there James, I beg you will not violate any point of entropy because no end from Bay nation. It will be preserved. Brook no wonder that everything you can access it later. If you want I'll just about the stacks that I have right now, my own. Let me tell you that any physical objects, I would have a guest rangers cat out of a cat, that's dead and the life simultaneously, that's creepy, but we also probably superior. Are you trying to get out of feeding it or changing the letter by right? You wouldn't have to cause that not appoint its dead, because it's not what's a rather take care visa. I will now have dead cat I don't have to. I think it's no accident that dimension sound like dementia, with just one more point our wise one? This is one is broken call him Bob and his name is Bob. So call him Bob: is there an upper limit to the possible number of
pensions and if so, how do we know, and why does it exist or physical dimensions I mean the dimensions in the everyday sense. There is no limit. You could go e harmony, there's hundred men, ships for physical dimensions such clear me. Twenty six people used to talk about, but I don't know if there's any physical limit. I don't know there do. You know James now that I think the only limit would be, but the evidence you know the evident. Right now is three spatial and one time and there are proposed- all's and suggestions for high order dimensions, but smaller and we'd have to act. The men higher energy, but until We find them the other and once you figure out how to find them, there's no reason to cut it off. But it's what's the evidence if my phone- I'm not telling anybody but Edward, just to be clear mathematically, there is no constraint on how many dimensions you can invoke,
NL in an equation or violation infant dimensional, picturesqueness, infinite dimensions, physically. So then there can ever be somebody beyond your to it. There infinitely plus one deity. That is only the tenure. Ok, Briggs number eight billion billion, one infinity, so? Are you lost that a couple of times we have we got a rapid James always good to have you. Thanks! Every way we can get your ex ante, they so cut through New York. Just make sure to stop Eyeball rapid show around you care, their action, vigour, Rear and John thanks. There was a great pleasure for semicircle. Raising So we will find a way to get back to you love me some math at an housing. Yeah welcome. Thank you will get you back for sure.
Awesome- and this has been start talk the for De Cosmic queries Edition. I've been your hosting the elder Grass Thyssen, your personal after this and, as always, I been we should listen. The star talk commercial, free, joint start. Talking Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio
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