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Cosmic Queries with Bill Nye and Astro Mike

2014-03-09 | 🔗
Join guest host Bill Nye the Science Guy, Eugene Mirman and NASA astronaut Mike Massimino as they have a blast answering your questions while Neil’s off working on COSMOS.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, Reverse is filled with secrets in industries, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what are you Are you threatening me? I mean the brakes daddy Glinda. Did you grandma nasty. Brenda get lab, like a brother
work on two star talk rate bill, nigh the science guy here, guest hosting for my beloved colleague, Neil digress Thyssen. I'm here with Eugene Merman and MIKE must amino whom we call mass because it sets a complicated, nay inside the pronounced mass amino? Yes, I'm glad I'm lucky, I gotta right Nokia itself, but I literally just tried and failed, and I just give up given that is just ass gentlemen. I want to point out. This is cosmic queries. Addition STAR talk radio, so we take your questions out there indeed in a land of cigars, Mackereel Cosmos and which includes the earth with social media of earth and up and down
wait, a minute is enshrined in the whole year ago, o Sebastian Michalek hey. From Romania, that he's got a nickname tie. Probably I'm saying it wrong, but you know what with confidence anyway from Romania, he asks which was the most important breakthrough in the history of electronics. I think the ability to generate electricity in the first place was a big breakthroughs that just getting it. If I may just getting it from chemicals, processes. Is he looking for transistors? I don't know you don't know why I told you were a starter in an automobile or is looking for fuel cells, fuel cell trysted alignment. Electricity is the big breakthrough, but there has been some some varying very interesting accomplished. I just wish you were like tape record. The light bulb offer me my story. Radio, of course, could IRAN radio? All the story for me is Michael fairly, so Michael Ferrety, his stick in the magnet in court.
Of wire and he induces a magnetic field to move a compass at the other end of the table during a lecture. The Christmas lectures in London, woman comes up to woman, says, but, Mr Furtive, what use is it and he says Madame of what use is a newborn babies. In other words, he knew this Christy, had some fantastic properties, but he did know what it was and eat it. Newborn babies, not that use boys a long time ago, the early earth indifferent towards a different idea, but our remit The of human history was no longer know. We're gonna go there's
lower Huggins Heroes, I believe older reference lost on motor vehicles are pretty sure, was aims: a World WAR two, they probably won't, I better than it was before world. What you might assume foreshadow world war too, must take another question on cosmic query: STAR Talk, radio, gay, Jes, new darling, little heiresses, yeah jested Adolfo asks what's new on the subject of high temperature, even room temperature superconductors. Are we getting any closer to grasp how it works and will this knowledge injunction with three be printing. Create a new industrial age sounds like he's, making a prediction of his own. Does that he's like? Am I right? What are you think he's a sage. Yeah we'll see varies a sage. Three printing is fabulous. What's this? What's the state of US superconductors, and why don't know that, though we have superconductors that work at liquid helium temperatures, everybody wants. Canada hold yeah, forty four Kelvin. Yes,
yeah formed of incense call, it is cold even colder than like. Canada, certainly really Canada yeah, but wouldn't it be good if they work for liquid nitrogen, wouldn't they were good if they worked with with frozen water? Yes, but it's a long way off as far as I know, but that doesn't mean it can't be done when I would do where I can or is it a vest again in these nanotubes? In me, I M getting carbon atoms to arrange themselves in these extraordinary tubes. Were the very, very low electrical resistance, but the do a three day. Printing thing is yeah. We already made rented Urban tubes, were we ever do that? Is that a thing in a few years very reasonable to me, but you re not a carbon to Brenner, but have you ever three printed I've never than they have been in the other, affordable, now sort of yet another tables really yeah. We hope that in the lake of meaning, if you
thousand dollars or less than two thousand hours allow men. You can make your own salt shakers. I can't wait to go home and Galicia Geike again: plastic swords, Tibet. We can't that people can see this go. There's radio but Eugene's eyes of just. Let us like these ready to get out of here and go by three percent yet by another they use, and we have the labs in the shops at the Camorra, for example, in here in this students, learn how to use them and they allow incredible. Things of the next generation of kids will be like weren't, you three deeper exactly. Are you going to a store to buy something like radio? So it's additive machining, if you ve, not thought about it general when you shape something you remove material generally. But this is a process by which you add Mattel. Why don't get out ass right, squatted differently.
You can make shapes that are literally a were literally impossible to make, while here to forest quite a time to be alive, exciting straight r and d sapient asks what is the most revolutionary engineering challenge that humanity must overcome in the next twenty to thirty years. What's its climate change? So how are you going to do that? I, I would say it's gonna be engineering. The whole earth me thinking of the whole earth as a system and getting people to work together to come to manage that
system which would be engineering engineers, you science, to do what solve problems and make makes rise in harmony with the right things, create parties make things and solve problems, Serbia, so basically climate change. That's what I would say. Where is the greatest forget? We have a lot of people in the world and a lot more common in things like water and health care and yet transportation. All those things that are going to face US engineers need to self. Yes, I that's a very reasonable and correct answer. I was correct, yet ok, deplorable perception. That is probably not someone's real name. I am guessing that is a form of suit unless their parents were thy vile, diabolical yeah, yeah yeah. So here's his question. I like that, unlike its a guy,
How will we solve the looming? Question of energy storage? That's a great question! I am all for the liquid metal battery is these: are batteries that have magnesium floating on a layer of molten salt essentially table salt and at the bottom is aware, of antimony or intimidating, which is the one. That's it make number fifty one. I believe, next to ten on the periodic table, and so you pump or- and this is all correct- where's our fact- checker Savior pump in energy and it gets hot and its molten, and that works how light as a battery in it. How long does storage. Well as my understanding as long as it's hot, it's storing electricity. So you put these things in the basement of every building in the basement of every New York skyscraper. If every school in library you may can't you produce electricity with sunlight and soul and wind during the day you stored underground, you're ready for it all night
and we re Lucian Eyes society. An aura goes into this business get stare. I sat Wretch what's in opportunities or somebody if you could, if we can find ways to efficiently store electricity, better batteries, we would change the world and make up much higher quality of life for everybody. So we have to move on gentleman. I include you Eugene, thank you, and I will be back after this check this out at the W W. W Start talk. Radio dot net. We'll be right back. This is starter.
Welcome back to George Radio Bill, nigh the science guy, your guess toasting! Yet again, the time of my wife with Eugene Merman and Mr, not MIKE Mass Amino call a mass, here he's an engineer. Mike Mass is an engineer Eugene, you are a comedian committee, live I'm an engineer, foot NET Y gotta, when I was there any greater got a negative aid on a math assignment. Just to give you a sense of my knowledge of math and science, so you do understand the number line, and you you your numbers, and I appreciate that that is an absurd thing to get very unusual,
very apparent say when it happened. I think they were disappointed in a teacher that would stick to logic. They defended you yet well. I think they re going to letter saying he breeds of disgust and math. Did they go and say he deserves at least a minus four is that you should give him a zero busy here stories. Gentlemen area: this is the cosmic queries addition yeah STAR talk, radio and so where we take your questions and eat them from your facebook. Your twitter saw that the election, the electric computer questions that the kids and in what you got there here we go. You Julian arousal asks what is magnetism magnets work. I know there's those things that stick to your fridge, but the forest is all around us and protects us from solar bursts. I like that that's
at the end of the questions are question, yet that's stress he's in the band in saying clown posse. It was really reference. I gotta know has a song about bag with. It was really thoroughly stuff now there to completely or produced, but that said, yeah magnetism is generally thought of as a current of flow of electrons, which have an electric field which induces a magnetic field through a term coined by my personal Euro Michael fairly, all one word: electromagnetism, no mass you're, an engineer yeah. You took a lot of physics I did, but I'm amazed to hear this bill. Neither science guy expand, magnet magnetism organised. I can't yellowing I with the physics when we have a permanent right. While we have a permanent battle, we think of a virtual current, that is to say it is though theirs
current flowing in the magnetic material, this iron, cobalt, nuclear or some of these fabulous rare earths, but in the earth which you was which the questioner referred to which the questioner referred in the earth. We have somehow a spinning giant massive by our standards. Very large mass of molten iron, which carries lot of electrons, which are in motion which induce a current, which creates a magnetic field very important for our survival keeps our atmosphere in place. It will really a whole and in our atmosphere, is kept here by magnets partially. So yes, if we do not have our magnetic field, we would in effect a something if you look at Mars, which does not have a magnetic field that why did earth survive in as far as we know, at least on the surface, there's nothing Savio that is legally models, Mars's core with
a hot giant ball of iron. That spun would it's been naturally if it was, there lies a smiling at about the same, so we have notions, we get the magnetic field might have had a different destiny, Clytie Perry, hooded atmosphere, be created if a magnetic field was added to it or not be able to be captured possible. Ok, so it's generally believe that, since Mars was too was is smaller than the earth. It radiated more heat into space, cooled off, solidified and any molten motion of metal inside came to a standstill, and then the solar wind, little particles straw off the sun, stripped the martian Atmosphere way and while we all sit here just a couple weeks ago, I went to Cape can ever for Launch of the main mission cool Mars atmospheric volatile evolution, spacecraft, the tortured acronym, but they're gonna assess the electorate, and it is a good luck. Maidens, pretty good is pretty good
assess the atmosphere learn more about the atmosphere of Mars and what happened there why Mars is different from the earth and that will I guarantee you questioner that will tell us more about us and our dear I sit place in. Base, so so what I'm getting when this is? Theoretically, we could create an atmosphere on another planet using a great deal of iron and a bunch of various and scuba tank. Scooby, physically scuba tanks, a handful of whales, are eight, but I feel this very area warlords. It's the without any real, then we do the thing from search for spot where we bioengineering planet, but ok, never you ve, gotta crazy plan there that is Eugene, but it I have
say I dont know what I had heard about. It sounds good: it's not that crazy of I'm looking to bill, neither science guy just a friend for confirmation eyes, but well good. When you start getting into the STAR Trek movies, yeah, there's going to be some inconsistency. Terror forming a planet is just not that easy, but it's not I'm not saying it's easy enough. Saying here's a few ways we could do with don't underestimate the magnetic field. Exactly well set us of our right, so Lorenzo Alfano cast a non guns. Alice asks. I would like to know more about Magna tars. Can humanity one day create such a strong magnet how much would such a magnet, advanced technology deep? I dont know what Magnetizer do. Not a magnet turn out well sounds like bill. Does enough? Forget it well as a sound
I got a very powerful magnet musical instrument that uses magnetism yeah. If I guess of one's big enough, you could you could influence alot of people it's out about it Ferryman he set about some the huge, strong magnet yet, and obviously he told me he is by the way we in the sceptic community yet are troubled deeply by for who wear magnets, believing that it's going to influence their health really there's, no, not even on the wrist there's, no other magnet Eugene. Yeah. I know. Oh, my god would now be embarrassed about wearing a bunch of magnets there's, no evidence sites, no evidence at all that we can see no evidence of all at all. That magnetism affects your health. It's just. I did just so we'll just It's time you get an MRI Yap magnetic resonance imaging, just notice how much magnetism it takes just just to get a few positrons to move around.
Little bit, yeah takes an unknown leering you as a magnet hat. Yes, you knock on effects are well. So that's good to know. Ok, so Jason High, it has a question. The earth has a magnetic field that protects it from space radiation. Is there any reason? Why am I gonna field could not be used on a spacecraft either for the whole ship or as an emergency shelter. An mri scanner this is a very strong magnetic field. Why not a magnetic field generator Allah MRI to protect astronauts status? What, coincidentally happy question Riah if you had a strong enough magnet, Yea Capone off, but our problem so far as Jim? reading. Enormous magnetic fields takes a lot of effort and a lot of power. You need really how much a lot like as much as a like us, like a coffee maker, that slick supercharged IBM more than there is the like a boat linkage.
It boat a cruise ship like a diesel engine on a pretty long. I could tugboat diesel engine ok, but as more than you would have on your average, are you have instigated how the giant, and we do not want a big stuff like that. You know what I'm liable to truck. Despite by just a man defeats the purpose. Just imagine if we had solar panels big enough and some for conducting situation in the icy blackness of space, and you could create a magnetic fields drawing up this actually science fiction all kind of cool engineering question, but I think when waste right now early in the twenty first century, we humans can't crank that out. We can't make such a thing, but who knows what the few, but that that, if we started doing more space exploration, we would potentially come up with their technology down the line. It seems like something if you had that much powered yeah seems our there's other. We do. Other
his fur for space radiation, like suits like space suits waters, are pretty good, insulator actual really yeah and does shielding in all the spell, and we try to understand how much you you take We always where does similar when you go into space. L, really as your helmet, how much you taking are you exposed to like when he was it's a pretty good dose? It also depends and also depends on where you are space walks again more than when you're inside the space that a higher altitude by where we were at Hubble, as opposed to wear the space they allow. Just a few hundred. If yes ends of kilometres, make a big difference right and length of time you gonna be there and, if their sole flares when you're up there. So it's a bunch of factors, but it's nothing it. If you fly in space for over a year or so like some people have a combined over year, stay after track, it make sure you're. Ok, that's when you start getting a little bit curious, but we have asked not to have flown Scott Kelly's gonna be up for
whole years. The plan has already been up over six as life, and so it and easily himself in water. Yes, he ain't gonna, he isn't it. I say out of the sun: is magic ended but died when you say what are you jacket, space grandma, for example, water Kenya. So if you have a water bag like on the space aging- Nordic S, mistress extra shilling, if you would have to the line the outside of your space ship with, water, for example, to line the outside or is there a lie, and now there is no layer of what I'm saying if you are trying to have you a word about a solar flair, for example spaceship and you had water bags that would help you that you wish to add. So you just yet so now. You're gonna want one anyway, so usury It has a shielding senior wrangler radiated water. It's not that irradiated, it's fine unify, allow its fights great nets, nobody scrape nice, nothing better than irradiated water from space
probably a market for this promise. Somebody who really wants to article five rutland that says it all foods is actually a good question. Eugene, that's not bad! Go back home, wait a minute hold that thought. You guys we'll be back shortly at STAR Talk, radio recurrence distance It's me. Aviation have gallo superfluous, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free? you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just SAM Green space inside it down to earth you're listening to start on remain Welcome back to start talk, radio bill, nigh the science guy here hosting this week for Neil Digress Thyssen, whose on radioactive call sabbatical, I suppose now, unlike many
you I'm here with MIKE Amass Amino who flew in space and we call mass. Yet that's that's what. Because we know that in general we I'm an engineer but you're, all Elena I am here in New York City on loan at Columbia, you're on your own rule among law, really like video borrowed Estralla has no late fees. As far as I can tell you and the other voice. You here, of course, is Eugene Merman, our Arab, providing collar commentary. Yes, here on the most visual medium of talk, radio now this is, as you may know, if you're just joining us. This is another cosmic queries Edition of STAR Talk: radio, where we embrace your questions. Yeah you, the listeners
wait you! The listeners, I pod, castor absorbers, who use your social media to provide us with your cosmic queries. Eugene here we go out. Wayne Shaw wants to know if one word, a warped space to travel, a vast distance. Would people existing in the space that is being warped between take off and destination and destination notice anything unusual or they don't in the move? is the people and between the in between us someone's, hang. It felt so some people in some planets so where women, as someone else out there, that's the kind of Sharm by the idea that, of course, in Sierra Leone threw stones space work than pursue. I'm telling you will understand that these things are big fun when you're,
trying to create a science fiction. Television show where you really don't have time that people, not speaking English and you got to get up and down from a planet and travel around various quadrants in the galaxy or galaxies. But these things are more theoretical than they are, and so we will see. People do as they go between extraordinary destinations through proven, radical spaces in the face with a notice. I think this person suspects they might have seen something tat, would be noticed. Anything unusual right right. This burnt areas like I saw where does something unusual hamburger special look a little bit different today than it did the other day? Is it since someone war? speed through the dying well tat. I found something I want to go here I think yeah. So Josh Corona asks in the game a very
Science name. No, not carogne is a good sign that six solid NEA in the game portal. They have a gun that can create. Is essentially a worm hole in the wall with the ability to shoot two holes won an entrance and the other an exit the floor sitting or it is this possible in the laws of physics? Oh sure, you'll be fine, just go get the gun and shoot it this way and then very quickly shoot the other way before the other whole causes. So there too knows it, good to know? Oh he s another question: how bow to sub play more video games of Charlie? I know what this kid is talking about over this. I got a job. Ok, so he also ass. If you had to guess which would could be first achieved. First light speed, traveller teleportation, so teleportation like they did on STAR Trek you get like wobbly, makes him. You know you somewhere else, but haven't PETE scientists already teleport light. Isn't that a thing that somebody did in in a lab? Just everybody
first of all, as far as we know, miss out on science and eat already mortal game, we guy soon holes of worms or whatever it is. We have I been weren't you days I'm on the government, I have missed out on a lot of things bill. I well liked some guy teleport. It know no borders and did so with the first. When you right now, we don't know of any aid to set to send something that has mass beyond up to the speed of light right right now. There may be a whole other physics, yet to be discovered. Perhaps this questioner will be the person that makes the discovery. Yeah he's gotta stop playing a game portal Bulgaria and your back to physics, glass and then a second thing teleportation, where you turn mass into pure, and made. No. I was talking about my may be an example.
As you know, you can turn it hasn't. Ah, you know into pure energy beam down to what we generally referred to as the planet then he's reconstituted. Now, converting mass into energy back in a mass could be done but consider equals embassy squirt a tremendous amount of energy to convert even a small amount of mass into something. Also even they happen maybe just a piece of corn still Starwood surrounding into the developers and yeah. Or should we start with just one element Well, I think give you get anything. Carbon Adam would be pretty extraordinary, even hydrogen, but in that sense, you're saying teleportation is potentially theoretically possible before the shooting from a happier buzz Thus we realise right now. I would like either one how far you gonna teleportation light speed, travel, Eugene and get your places quickly. Yes, I'm not sure about that
How far we go regarding road haulage always going to Mars. With this, I think we got a feeling. I got a feeling, we needed light speed. First, you make up honest and if you tell a ports and Wigan, we have what we can get there anyway. So I'm into teleport you to Mars. You can guess, there's no place to go right now. NL on their exactly? I think we need like speed. Travel first place out. Well, he's done. Ask you what we need. First, he's asking what's more real, stick in the I know I don't know I've met. Swami sounds like teleportation think, barely Elsie as yet I think you're, the one eyed rather light speed trailers go fast. Let's enjoy it. What's puncher enjoy that listen joy, the ride
This is so start our cosmic queries. We encourage you all to check this out on W W W Start talk, radio dot net. If you ve got sound cloud, you tube Itunes, Pinterest, Instagram Tumblr, I say party on start with Facebook and just go wild and, of course, when you're listening to start Radio stay too. The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal. This is.
Welcome back to start talk, radio bill, neither science guy your hosting this week. Your cosmic queries, your questions from the cosmos, and I am here with an astronaut an engineer. In so far, gentlemen MIKE Massa, Mina, still early oil, a mess and, of course, everybody's favorite Eugene Merman Eugene. There you have questions on pieces of paper, queries from the cosmos, I think we're. Let's do it. David arouses asks. What does a rocket push against in space to gain momentum or navigate? Oh man
That's your thats! What we do in Spain and is a great question, because if you know you don't have any gravity who, so when you navigate your spaceship, Unita pointed in different directions as a couple ways to do it. Hubble space telescope, for example, has no fuel on board should lie rocket values. It turn it terms, which is it with little kids. Now, there's no one there push? It is nobody no fuel, you didn't say no little kids didn't way. You know allotted to react. Samuel so lie in its warwick. Its reaction with lives, reaction, whales reaction will spend we're any a big control moment, gyros, which is kind of the same thing on the on the space leasing, spend spend up and they creates a reaction and reaction creates an opposite reaction. Spending on their energy in a certain area in a certain direction, and
you'll get a reaction in the other direction and a single point where you are they sort of gyroscopes is exactly that spending. That's one way, the other way we did on the space shuttle and on other spaceships through this effect. A space action has us on the russian and local thrusters. What is its its gas could be. Nitrogen could be something yeah, but just a guess, they're gonna get just around like that. You can hear them in space can hear it s just How do you hear it inside of the spaceship shaken? It is yes sire you easily sanch rosters were released there again, it will cause area. It will cause an action which is the release of a gas in a little little rocket and you'll have a reaction, the other way. So, on the space shuttle, we had large and small thrusters different different varieties all over the spaceship, mainly in the front at the nose and in the back that you would fire to get the correct orientations like you of the steering wheels on it. Are in the house, except you can steer. Oh you want. You can go anywhere, you control services, do not workers as no heir
when you coming down to show them. What does it look like an airplane? Yet it will not be active until you pick up atmosphere. So the way you turned and pointed thence and steered that space shuttle yeah was, with these little little thrusters That would fire just the one held your looting gravity, but let me add, exactly Rummy backup.
This question is there anything to push against and that the whole idea when you watch the rocket leave the ground it gives it gives you the impression that the flames gases are pushing against the earth, but this I really what's goin on you're throwing gas hot gas out the back of the rocket so fast that the reaction is the rocket goes off in the other direction, stand on escaped board and throw a bowling ball to your best friend or maybe your enemy, and you will find that the scoreboard shows off in the other direction. Rice works, whether not your on the earth or in space. So basically, the rocket fuel is just the biggest volleyball. We can create and goes fat or less aren't we don't throw it at our enemies. Ok, Melissa K asks if you had a chip,
a large enough space. Fear of water floating in the space station could a fish swim in it. Oh, how cool? Yes, I would in fact we ve done this with with swedish fish. They candies, but I think they are known, ass, the live now, but the irregular think that would work water is up and we could have a tank of water in have ever fish floating in air. I would note you I will be with you that and water itself is: it works just on surface tension, so doesn't splatter. So if you are very creative, you could get a glass of water and tried again have insufficient everyone. Even in the tank, nobody ever really. Chemicals has split something at all it'll ladder. You don't want a vision, nosing nursling, his or her way out of the sphere of water right, but I'm pretty sure they haven't experiments with with fish in space, and so yes, this is definitely possible because they I'm going to be a nice Christmas gift? You know my view
What are you about? Fifty zero g around? We had to get pets flown, and this would be a good way so right now we ve had fish as as experiments. This would be. I can isolate. Animals have been in space, I mean what, with with astronauts, not just like monkeys, the can't make it back or some right or the dog like it's been, there's been spiders in space. There have been some rodents in the house ever use fur experiment, so TAT s all I get us all experiments. We. Let me ask you this physics question like Mass: yes, the fish: breathe air dissolved in the water. When you have what a glass of water in space does the air bubble its way out, Effervesce or does it will it depends they can stay in their? If you have nothing acting on it, it will, it will. Stay in new, in fact, is a problem. I drink bags building. We believe when we spacewalk, as you don't, want air and you drink bag knows you drink. So what we do is when you feel you drink back. We feel a bag of water, you drink back for your spacewalk, its seat, or you can see that there might be our pockets. We re
take the bed we spent it. I'm spinning right now to get the air out of the bucket over your head. That's right! You spend it to try to get the air to one to one location and you suck it out. So you can't get air pockets and you want to get rid of it. Right back as Darzac waiting me. Unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it, this
welcome back to store talk, radio bill. Neither science guy here guess toasting as we take your cosmic queries on starts like this week and that we have come to the last segment of the show, which means the lightning round. My friends, were we take your questions from you, the cosmos and put them on the air for your butt, save electromagnetic enlightenment, clear with like mass amino, gone, mass and and and Eugene Meyer Man murmur you're. Looking at a name like now, that's You know, like you know, and I await United House you guys. I appreciate your spoiled bill, not very, very simple enough, but whether days an area for Joe it's a lot
going round the genuinely Y gotta press in reiterating risibles. We first answer vat like Lightning Marco Whore, vat from Bakersfield. He s, people that sea Ufos claim to see straight. Lights. Why on earth would a space ship of an advanced civilization need lights on the outside of their ship to see where they're going like headlights? I don't know, I guess I think we need more evidence that these are actually you have that yeah yes like there is, I think, they're seen airplanes, gay others at others it out. I am so that now you answer, might Johnson from BAR still California asks how close what an alien civilization have to be to discover earth using the same technology we have here of that is a fabulous question now, just to talk more about May, when I took astronomy from
Carl Sagan. This is my only yeah. Did you put it back, not just in the room. I was just one guy, so we had must have been a funk land. It was cool, so we had this image of this organism eating little organist, the ingesting them and spitting amass astronomy, yeah, and it turned out to be an image of a swimming pool taken from a satellite, and so you have to get extraordinarily close to really a district, determine whether non something's, alive or or you'll get fooled right, but I think they need to be pretty close to us. Why call meters yeah? We? We just left the solar system now right with the voyagers, yet they couldn't be much further than acts. I guess so, hopefully to just on the other end, but it is a question for Matthew Brown. Is there a theoretical limit to the size of a son? I keep seeing graphics, comparing our Sunda, larger and larger solar giants, just how big it lay get. What made you get to be a few hundred sort of sun diameters, you become a black hole, really you become
star that has so much gravity light doesn't escape a black hole is incense. Would you describe? It is over a million whales, yeah being aware that wouldn't be it accurate? What are they doing? What he's not allow accurate waited? Well, you ve got a big we're well over a million a backdoor of, I guess who tend to the nineteen there's something like the whale. That's hanging from my meals, museum example have you been in New York City to magnesium natural history, so a son that was too big would just become a black hole in Latvia. Well, that's what it apparently it does. They do a great, no one! That's up now. I know how to make a black all things. Look out. World Jason Paisley asks when the sun gradually expands. Will it's an expanding mass push earth farther out of orbit? before earth becomes consumed? No push it out, it will observe it. Yes, the earth would stay about an insane.
Orbit, and then the sun will expand to cook snack gonna, be either way the sun is an earth eater. Yet we dont want experiment without even find out. Ok, David Llosa asks what, if neuron receptors in the human body were to react at the speed of light? Well, they react at the speed of electromagnetism between Adams, pretty quick. It is one we change that of another word, sir I've I get it. This would be instead of acting, I sort of acting under reach. Instead of having I apologize. Instead of having the neurons go at chemical speeds, they would go at speed, light speed. Why guess would be set a factor of
minded about a million. Maybe ten tend to the seventh- might be ten million? Ok, really fair! What would be the advantage? Could we run faster? Yet? What are we gonna? Do everything faster, really cometh phalion times faster, but seems to me yeah, but then it has to be hooked up in there has to be. You have to address capacity since issues, and you know we are made of a liquid chemical brain. Yet, after with joy, thank you for your style. Give Ever knew me to take a moment and relax. I just did second and relax you're right. Here's coffee breaks would be against insane. Ok, Jacob Seymour asks is the shape of a black hole, a sphere with high density in the middle pulling space in toward the center, or is it a flat disk with a point of high density, pulling it down in the middle? Like a funnel, I believe it depends, and this is where Neil digress Thyssen report ended as Neil, quite I'm not in astrophysics, but don't answer it incorrectly.
God knows it's an or take a shot, while, just whenever you have any Yosemite, this gravities point all the stuff, together from extraordinary places in space they're not going to come in perfectly evenly. So in general they will start spinning like the ice skater when he put, she pulls her arms in. So your often get a disk that is measurable, perceivable detectable The answer I believe is. It depends in New York and get on here and, unlike me, up Joe that's upon, I saved like all get ha ha ha, that's brilliant or you guys. Thank you all for listening. The cosmic worries Eurostar Talk, radio I have been joined by ass, MIKE Mass Amino astronaut who flew in space and, of course, Eugene Mermands Tuna turnus up well on start talk, radio pod cast it blasted
I up, lockdown lay I'll drop the organs which you could listen to star talk version, joint star talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio,
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