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Extended Classic – Cosmic Queries Art and Science

2016-12-30 | 🔗
Explore the intersection of art and science when Neil Tyson and Chuck Nice discuss van Gogh, Escher, da Vinci, Giotto, the Hubble Space Telescope, and more. NEW: 12 minutes of Neil and Bill Nye drinking wine and pondering time in the “Cosmic Crib.”NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip? The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, the Greeks in industries with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time all what what Well you just recently the domain the brakes daddy, you grandma South Ass, do when they get lab applying pressure,
this is a start on radio, I'm your host, astrophysicist, kneeled, grassed, hasten, and we are here in studio in New York City. I got a co host Heerd check so he's I did you not just echoes high priests. Yet then I kind of think of myself as your favorite color key priorities of the. What do you do? I start I was ever community co host stand. We talk about the universe and all the ways that it impacts your life and with folks like shock in the room, your progress, smiley smile and, if in our rib split by the end with which an amount of the essence that like, if you haven't peas, your pants I get fired raised like and I will commit Harry carry south. So today we have one of our star talk after hours sessions, cosmic queries and working to spend this whole session. Just with you calling questions drawn from the internet, that's correct! All of our internet presence, which is wide and varied. We got twitter and Facebook and Google plus we get the stuff is where it needs to be less right and we found the ones relate to the intersection, the collision, the blending of art and science,
Yes, as you great tasted, taste, great gather like the Racist CUP or the universe, art and science, you gotta science and my aren't. You got our science. I remembered a stupid commercial like resource curse, but I'm one of the last people not allergic to peanut butter heretical whose left it so funding. That is true, I never eat back in our day. I remember growing that nobody was allergic to anything anything I'll K. Right now I have a son he's allergic to peanuts, and so they appoint meal that I'm such an area that I didn't believe the doctors who told me that my son was allergic to peanuts, because I forgot that there's another genetic code that he shares, not just my strong starkly viewed interest birth him out of your rib like like an immediate but sadly Rainbow walks. Russia, hey, I don't want another one of myself array. Of course you know what I did. I took a little piece of little tiny bit a peanut butter. You experiment on Zaire meant that I was, I bet it is keen, isn't all my career is now getting right side tickled to feel it. Put our put tipple my finger put in the mouth of my son, women's animal ethics shock. That's ok! There I almost killed my son so but it was for the sake of sorry it was so you didn't die in vain. So what you got for me, man, let's get right into coming from Google plus. This is Marcos D, a
thirty one Marcos DE eight, this code name hasn't name. So what do you think of computer generated? Are examples too algorithm base images, music, etc. Yeah, I'm cool with it, yeah, really really. In fact, when it first came out, it was striking because was different and had a different kind of sound. But personally I think at the computer? Doesn't it yet? know how to feel emotion, What is art our motion? That's my lie. May say that cleanly, please, I'm sorry. What is art without emotion? Ok, now you can, but in so so I mean think about it
of me, some Asher drive the First m c m c m c Asher. I don't even think I'm familiar with Elsie asked you did here with the club the other night, so so the artist s empty, Asher, his drawings, Ersite, perfect, illustrations of geometric forms, basically and so their fun to look at their front to get lost in, but at the end of the day you don't take emotional ownership rights. And I think the greatest art allows you to walk up to it and say that means something to me, regardless of what the artist thought or felt, and then it communion between you and the creative energies of the artist. If it's a computer, just punch out notes, gray according to some algorithm, I dont know that it can reach those same heights. But now with. So maybe we need the computer. That's like
open attitude. That's us that if the composer music, while its under disturbed mental states, you need a computer that can have a broken heart. You need a computer git dumped apply a girl. Excuse me, don't you know
all computers that announced the end of the world are female love when they go seriously theories. Two minutes left before it self Destruct s shrill. It's not like you get. What they sit have is a brother, a real brother. Just like you're gonna die. You can get the hell out of here was a problem. Are you crazy, you're still battleground work that I have neither the brother, computer computer, tat man you day, so I think, for if your computer or to compose the blues, it would need to know sadness right and I'd simple. I just don't know how that maybe that they will come beacon program that in but right now know so. Yes, I'd I'd, be I'm happy to call it art, but it's not the highest levels of art that members of our own species have achieved. So computers can make its just art that sucks can expect costs. Alex attacks accept arriving by these look there's like start took radio dot net and retweeted start talk, radio, and so with our webs. Our facebook, just just find us we're starts at Rio, be easy to find gateway. Althea sounds good men in this,
he's from Nathan Gardena? what, if any influence on little garden at the good by our dreams and our Dena so out what if any influence it aren't, have on your personal desire to be an astral physicists? What are you? The recurrent artists? That Flora science in there are booms closer to Europe, To close, I mean It was shown in time this segment up when we take the first one, which was what, if any influence it art have on your personal desire being Astral physicist that it had no effect on my desire to be an Astro physicist, but in enhancing my capacity to appreciate all the speed there beauty of the images that direct from it. If you look at the portfolio of images from the Hubble telescope, I mean,
you you feel it all the way, and I look it's out those images not solely as a scientist but as one who is not an artist myself, but one who appreciates the arc of the cosmos, we'll come back in just a moment to starch or radio. The theme- art, and science. Is it a collision or is it a black sea? In a moment free space inside down to earth. Yours listening to start.
Welcome back to you start your radio, I'm your host, Neely Grass Thyssen and I'm your personal astrophysicist by night.
But, my dear I served as the director of the hidden planetarium here in New York City, which is a part of the American Museum of Natural history, known to some of you for its dinosaur bones, but we also present the universe and I got in the studio check nice. I'm your private dancer, bride and know not now that you're telling me that so check you tweet. Yes, twitter, dude, Chuck, nice Comic, that's nice, comedy asthma, nice and I'd like the daily dose of just humorous observations of the natural world. Yes, it should provide yes, sometimes humorous, sometimes disturbing yes, and I want you to bring some of that to this. We re reading questions that we have called from our various portals on the internet. The very start talk, radio portals and the scheme is art and science. That's right, the merging the cross pollination the collision. What is it and I'm- and I think, a lot about this topic and I was overjoyed when my producers told me that we are going to spend some time on this, and I haven't seen these questions in advance because it through your choices, that are out of the out of the compilation and before the break. There is a two part question and what was the second part of that and rye me who's. Asking Nathan DE idea less says: Geordie. She idea who says what are your favorite current artist, that.
explore science through their art. Great question now I dont claim artists, nay, annul claim to be named fluent among artists, but I can just tell you the kinds of art that I've enjoyed. For example, big public sculptures that appear sculptures front of in many cities have a budget for that right, those they tap the sky. For their themes. I love him. God. Of day they want to invent a new kind of sun dial or they there so the constellation patterns in New York City, for example, in front of the time life building on Sixth avenue across the street, from giving a second
I like telling sixth avenue across the street, from thirty rock from thirty rock out these noisy ass, your neck, it that is urgently ardor of your heart, is a huge sculpture in front of the building and it's a big triangle. Yes, it is at a triangle and he's hamburgers on it and have no clue what it is. It is a sun triangle. Do you know that, on the first day of the principal seasonal points of the calendar that twelve noon. The sun lines which feature each of those legs of the triangle, So the glee more vertical leg of the triangle, on June twenty first first day of summer, twelve noon, sometime it lines up with that leg on these shallowest leg, it lines up there on the ceremonies straight on the Middle legged lines up both on March
first and September twenty first, it is a sun tracking device and then people just lose pretty brilliant. I love it. I love it and forgive me for not remembering that fellows name private sculptors, that's their artist, of course, who s who are inspired by the universe? I love him. I love it when, when writers, that's a form of art, they sink to cast a scientist as one of their characters instead of the cop, the lawyer that doctor whatever, because there's other themes they can draw upon. Well, I am still waiting for the sick, come where there's a woman whose entomologists who studies bug and she falls in love with terminate her that's funny, but these are and have a theme, and I want I want to science to show up in the everyday storytelling novelists and poets in and all the people who are responsible for bringing culture
and the joys and and the pains of culture into our daily lives. And you know the number one succumb today is: just learned out, I would have. I would guess, since yours asking that it will be taken to want, I'm gonna go with Laverne, ensure February, when the number one, of course, our banks, everything your horse authority, as has been mentioned here and so knows not high art, but its art fear, clever writers, clever. They grow a good science adviser and its size adviser being brought into the community of writers who are artist in their own rights, granted at helping to tell very fun stories about how their characters, of course, but they're they're fine caricatures about what Lighted, his hang out with people who are scientifically fluent scientifically later it, and so I like that,
I trust we do this. I like the sculptors who do it. I like the anybody who has taken themes of the universe and blended it in with their art in autumn, less impressed by the handle, who look at a humble photo paint that
I don't need you to pack up a Hidell photo re already. Have I got the photo, however? What do you mean to a new plan of which- and I say that it's possible to take you to that new place by giving you an interpretation of what they see when they look at that for the interpretations you're, just sort of color variants on what is here's? What you to take me to a Vista, that's inside the cloud looking back out. Take me to the surface to take me to it, and I ask you this: what do you think I know what you think about James Cameron's avatar, the movie? Now there was, he took us to a different world. There you go and as they say in Texas very ago, you know that we can learn from vegetation. We had different animal life, we have different. You know he was completely informed by the vegetation on earth and by planets in orbit around stars, and he had this background foundation of scientific information. Any said now. I want to take it to another place now. Will you say it orally and figuratively? Will you say he was informed by vegetation on earth? Do you mean that he was smoking weed when he came up with that recycling? No business on earth we have plants, and animals are bio, luminescence great when he took their to an extreme level. That was cool. He thought about it. You didn't just uses invent that out of bed of the ether for everything he showed. There's some kind of physical intellectual artistic link back to what's got what goes on here on earth, except for the own obtaining and on the other stuff that made the clouds rest slow. That he'd be people that one out of where the Sunday shine everything else sure and a knife with tall blue people, I'm ok with that that's kind of cool except there, the usb ponytail. You know that one would be deployed in wherever they are very wide. Yes, yes, I know, Captain Kirk would have done very well in that he is here. He gets his stuff wherever it it's right, he's got it all right. Let's move onto a face point budgets that will be starting Kirk of the Original STAR Trek the Riddle STAR, Trek television series ready for those who are born after nineteen. Sixty nine really address Right Africa, there's a lot of people who may not know about the US not start, or they know the later on the fact that the captain of the start of the? U S S. Enterprise was a poor out intergalactic right and I would also we go a facebook, and this is a heavier Redding math, while must fulfil meth befalling has other
hey, don't have. What is your scientific reaction to starry night love it or does it make your eyes burn. Do you mean starry night, as painted by insane and Van Gogh's started now? That is the starry night painted in eighteen, eighty eight by Vincent Van Gogh, and it is one of my favorite works of art of all time? Really, yes, in fact, I have an oil reproduction of it in my office eyes, it's actually a rich, but don't tell anybody right now, judge right now, designated there are tons of people breaking into meals. Half is right, I have actually, if you look at on line on Youtube and type cosmic office, there's a toward my office and its in the background. I'm actually point to intervention it, but it's there there. So I have it there. It was the kite chosen as the cover of my second book, that title epoch was universe down to earth, get it and so now
It does not make my eyes bleed. It would if I were a scientific purist, not allowing anybody to interpret anything but in the air now
the moon is weird hurried. No moon doesn't look that single shaped now and stars are not like that very broad, oh, when no and they're not fat bright. No, I am with you on that. However, I will allow that to be how the sky made him feel so you're. Looking at this war is a representation of emotionally dad and actual depiction of the sky. The cosmic. I think it was really get a couple seconds later. I think it was the first picture work of art ever to be named for that which was in the background, not the foreground. The foreground there's a there's, a Cyprus Bush, there's a village there's a church people even call it sleepy village leading call it Cyprus tree. He didn't call at church steeple. He called it starry night, the stuff. In the backdrop that framed the village is the name and the subject of that painting data background dancers with the Van Gogh is your may. We're coming back to start Toggery, I'm the other grass Thyssen, Mr Lamy, right have secret for you
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this: is our talk, radio, we're back? This is the cosmic queries. Part of our show I like to think of it is start off after hours. That's nice. I got some studio things very near always. Help in us go through some questions that it is your mail listener mail, this male eyes all about the the collision between art and science, and we re at a time at last segment. But I was on a role for yours. Starry night man obsess there man in the end of in a good way, but that brings up a question for me personally a K. Does I heard that Vincent Van Gogh actually created more than one starry night? Yes, he did, and and just before the break I was describing the most famous of them, which is in the collection of the Museum of Modern ART in New York City was fifty third street or by doing just a couple of blocks from the sun triangle. We describe your described earlier in our conversation, but yes, he actually has other painting. He has many paintings that word of the night work in twilight that showed moon, crescents and stars in the sort of thing. Another figure to other starry night
things one of them was arrived at? A cafe in a cafe scene and you see, is a narrow one, these narrow european streets and is all cafe and you look down the street and there's a sky at reveals itself, flanked by the soul. Their buildings to his left and right, and that is a kind of funky looking version of what would it look? It is
It is a recognisable constellation. That's my point of that. Unlike the famous starry night, where nothing matches anything, he has a real constellation there and there's another one. Where he's on the warders edge- and you see a river, I forget which river it is, but there you see, in fact the big differ, not exactly a mapping of the real big differ, but again close representation, representation of the big dipper, so those are a little closer to a reality than the original one, that's most famous and, of course, who's. The artists to compose the song starting studies. Tat was the epidemic claim that yes, I'd always confused and with a picture for Thee retires in nineteen, sixty seven Dennis Maclean. No, I don't know just what Clayton dead. I get a mixed up. Forgive me, I'm not doing this from notes, but ain't, so he
he was compelled to compose an entire song based on artwork, based on the universe, that's awesome, and so the talk about a collision intersection cross pollination. You can't get more incestuous the mad. Now you can very well. I had no idea as dine DOM acclaim die. Thank you, dont Maclean. I had no idea that story.
Was that far reaching in his influences. That's that's pretty cool yeah yeah and I was on a tour of the Museum of Modern ART and they know it was me like. I could determine Astro dude and it's all here is one he painted and here's the location- and here is the period onto the next painting like now. Just get your ass back here in front of this painting, because I got more just just. Let me tell you that we go! U S time when you just hate debate and tore guy that gets meal to grass ties and this the starry night. Let's move you now by the way, I'm an idiot! Well sure! That's very here we go. This is from a done Conseil and I would definitely like to hear Niels thoughts on the golden ratio and the role of mathematics in a static in general that last autumn question. Oh my gosh drive, so it has been suggested since antiquity that certain proportions are pleasing to the eye right, no matter what your upbringing is perhaps not nomadic even know, maybe your brain within a culture and perhaps no matter even what culture
you derived from one of them is the golden voracious out here, and I think it's one plus the square root of five over to say some. Look it up over the break but cannot carried in my head. But what what it does is it tells you how wide something should be for how tall it is way and that's why certain painting certain pictures in their frame just feel a little awkward. They don't feel pleasing and you can't even put your finger on its carbon emotional force operating on you and until a hidden intellectual forced its telling you. I like this picture better than that, and you might not even know why. I know why cause I'm looking at poor and for me personally and just say so. You have other ratios. Does the porn ratio gotta check out that where my mind's this way, so I, like geometry- geometry in Fact- literally means Earth measurement geometry Omega and it was applied to measuring distances and in a longer surface and earth is curved. So you get some some interesting method
medical discussions, when you bring me managed to bear on earth measurement, but ass, I think, is over valued as a force in art in mastery is no room for emotion throughout the isn't, and so the question is: is there something that's mathematically purer that is also emotionally red sure, satisfying and by the way people been thinking about this since for ever and it started with the music of the spheres they saw planets in orbit around the sun. Will that's a there's a rhythm too bad and the different orbits of different times is the ratio of those. That means something mathematically that Whitworth four out of which you can make music
and those imagine that music, you can make awesome music from the universe and for all the music I've heard that came from universe. It's not here, take a break we'll be back with STAR talk, cosmic queries two you Unlike in the secrets of U world everything orbiting around it
we're back on STAR talk, radio, I'm Neil digressed, hasten your resident astrophysicist and I will check nice. Yes, nice comic accept nice comical in Twitter. Please, your twitter handle S. My twitter, have you handle nice when we left off with a question about the role of geometry and geometric shapes and forms right as informing art cause. You get your machine for math, so that mass and informing foreigners- and I think a lot of it- is over rated in its role as the golden ratio. We looked it up over the break. It is one possibility five over two, so the ratios one to that right right in the richer ones too, that if you did the mass it's about one too one point six, so something would be of One would be one point
takes wide, Graham, a very pleasing that becomes a soothing, please sudanese wolf, even though you're looking at a block of cement exactly it's but its elegant, setting an elegant block of some method. What about Mama, Leonardo Da Vinci and of a truly in man or the dude inside assorted do decide to circle his arms, and you know what you're yeah. That was really wishful thinking because he's because, once again he was imagining that by the way, there's sort of spiritual religious implications here that human being is in a cat is a pinnacle of God's creation, and if math is perfect and we are of God, then we ought to be perfect at some level as well. Not our behaviour certainly are biologic.
the form, and so he imagined that the perfect human would have these proportions and you put the guy inside the circle and the centre. The circle would exactly line up with the belly button and the arms within reach out and extend to the edges of the circle. That's true! For most people, the your reach is approximately equal to your height. Ok, but are you gonna say that that is most pleasing, because that is not true for most people in the NBA and their very highly paid people I happen to have very long arms compared with my height, if their afoot longer than my height. Rarely here, which means I can send you out so you're wingspan is a foot long day the size of foot there's a foreign eighty foreign shrinks man and you ve been a great box or sites ten inches lamps. Six to and my expands, eighty four inches was ten inches longer, while the seventy four inches dated four inches yeah or I could hold your head. While you swing arm ever reaching me you're, the classic, the just give thou enough grown right after that. So I think, plus there are these metrics of beauty that people had presumed and establish the the measures of western beauty. You know what is the width of the cheap onto the height of the face, similar nose to the mouth? Yes, you can measure anything and you can say that certain measurements repeat that doesn't make them important, geometric forms that it's just age. You mentioned form that applies to that too. That standard of beauty bright, and so I am not prepared to go and say, let's go, look it jack
it should mass to derive. What is beautiful, what people are doing is finding a who everybody says: it's beautiful, measuring apply and its geometry today, and not any measure it and say here are the beautiful numbers right. Ok, I'm fine with that, but what I find interesting, it has been said that the most intriguing characters are not the ones who are most symmetric, but the ones that have a slight in professed slight imperfection yet like Merrill Street or Marilyn Monroe with them all on one on one side and Harrison Ford. Who was clearly the stand out in STAR Wars Series and his face is not symmetric scar on one side of his face compared to the other. I have a scar was out of my fate, but no it says that beautiful now applies to actors and not anybody else. So so you can measure this stuff, but in the end I dont know that. That's how I want to decide who is beautiful. I rather really just take a look equality when you think about the ratios when it comes to size and wait ratios like, for instance, certain esben
proven but asserted that certain hip to wait. ratios say fertility and causes a certain kind of desire and a man when he looks at a woman breast to waste, but ratio or families are actually not renewed, but you know so breast a buck ratio. That's the first of those I've heard what can at best. Isn't he personally where we are checked check the journals first. There may be no empirical medical evidence whatsoever about that. One would consider this that
each numbers, any two measurements- has a ratio. Ok, MR and although I looked through time- and I see the depictions of women in our them ratios are all over the place. You know you re all right, so you know we don't have a lot of time left. Why don't we enter our lightning round? All we don't I'll. Do it loses a lot left is what you're JAG lot I haven't seen these you pay, you picked him view found him. Yes, so there's quite a few questions left, so we're gonna breeze through them. Ok, can I saw this as the lightning round, then I will sound bite. The answers get there was means we can't lose many as we can see. This is from Lee of Facebook. Lee ask Are we born scientists and become artists, or vice versa, which comes first chicken already eight well. First of all, I have the answer to which came first chicken, the egg is the egg laid by a bird. There was not a chicken wow there is the answer to that question dad,
got it ok SEC him, she thought you was slicks. Personally, I could be biased, but I think our kids are born scientists and learn to do and appreciate our because what is a scientist? Do they turn over rocks and pluck petals offer roses and jump to feed into petals, and each of these is an experiment on the physical laws that operate around them. They do that without being told, but what happens when they get into the classroom? Then there said well: here's the pasta and here's the glue you're, making a pasta. Collage right, so the art projects are kind of installed there, but you send them out into the yard when they're not running and chasing each other. There actually exploring nature right. So my opinion, based on my observation of children and just the human species, is they were actually born artists, but we also reborn scientists and then adult beat it out of them later and then and then we taught how do you then be creative right, so yea it without doing so that I can do a faster than that that dragged on echo wrapping artistic ability could ever be learned or created through artificial intelligence, so kind of computer learn to be an artist. A true are too, I think that's what it will have to do is be good enough to fool an extra
whether or not it has the right motive, the same motivation that an artist s, so I think the answer is yes. Ok, what are thoughts on sacred geometry: is there any art or design? This is from Randy half that does give healing property. So there's the real coffee out there. If you see some former geometry, that tells you that
Surely lives in the realm of the placebo add is in effect, that we still don't understand a medicinal effect where, if you were given a pill, that has no had no no middle medical effects on you, but we tell you that a dies and you then get healed. There's some percentage of people get healed. It is not well understood phenomenon if it is your God who you appeal to or your belief in the power of the doktor or whatever it is, and it works, is the placebo, gotcha, less self. I suspect, profile of TAT said placebo placebos, a coup words and that is like poker dot. I'd gone. I got this from Barney Atkinson and I just have to get to this question. If influences science, how come the International space station is self ugly? It's because art does this, because art does not inform science. Art influences, design of architecture and hardware does not inform science, so those were engineers that had an opportunity to make the bad is looking think they ever was orbiting the earth and out
someday. Look like serbian erector set, and so I am a little disappointed now that you mention it, but I hope that we want to bring in some distant art, art and designers firmly go to Mars, because I want that to be the bad ass. Looking thing, that's ever come off the earth gotcha. Next, is a great question. Was there ever? This is from society? Have? Was there ever a painting or sculpture during the renaissance or any other historical ties that captured and accurate depiction of? cause most at that time, the yes, there is jack, those painting of the birth of Jesus, a very famous painting in which he puts a comet. We put carnage to signify good things, the whole history of our of civilization, the where people have looked up and seen a comment,
you look at how they react, they say. Oh, some bad is about to happen, and so he took a leap and said well. The birth of Jesus is a good thing to Christians and a comment is just some in the sky and that comment is likely Haley's comment that he had seen in the sky at the time that he painted it, because if you date back, the appearance of Haley's come every seventy six years it lines up with when he made that painting last. So that is real science in a real painting, not only at ten, sixty six, the by you tapestry. There is a dude pointing out at a comet. The comet came intention. Six coincided with William? The conqueror look guys thinks rollers great questions is going to be nice appearance. Do you.
wrap up this less negative, cousin queries. We can get back to my Office of Aden, planetarium we're bill. Nice dropped in cosmic we'll never joined her like twice a year. Some should I go now. We just want to see a sub. My way, you taught me how to tie about. I found out in his report right and I'm I'm ok at it needed to satisfy. You need every day I'd, but it's not a skill. You have regularly vaster exactly exactly by the way on Thanksgiving Europe. tie the whole idea of yours
estimates three days ago by the girl for Thanksgiving was love. The idea where tat straight I'm sorry, MR was fine I hope I have drawn up a little was nice to twenty three nice peeps so time you in your New York Times better. Yes, yes, so in the book you talk is called. but when you type of evolution and the evidence for it in and a lot of soda personal storytelling to get people woman first with it, but in theirs as someone you gotta get people understand how long time is time, geologic time, biological terms, this is where this tactic to do this. Well, I'm really proud of this one thing. Thank you. We trust! You know this In astronomy, we got it that number one we saw the time due to time. Imagining problem is too, it is a hard thing, so the the earth not you in the cosmos here we're just doing the earth for.
after eight years. Four point: five for, if you won three digits billion billion, so I envisioned I'm from you, as in so many the listeners or from the? U S, I imagine a walk from San, Diego California, to Boston Massachusetts in the United States you, don't we forty thousand four thousand five hundred kilometres without You can do the same. Work from Lisbon, Portugal to Moscow, was about the same. Really you go through eight countries. When you do ok for those you ya, don't live in the? U S you're still in the same country. That's why everybody here just never learns another language we does veer, we don't have. The means is not completely awful about its circumstance, so Would you made many people who speak Spanish and the occasional person who speaks French were with the Canadians so far?
thousand five hundred kilometres four point: five: four billion years. So each meter represent, a thousand years from change your fingertips thousand years, some amazing so happy about different, like arms. What are you doing here I really love approximately me ok, so we have some wine. That's what I'm dealing with people this at the knees air. So why do we do in the crib so This is one area where it is binding on some two thousand. If I may allow of much maligned grape after the film sideways, but I can do so. And it is from virtually nobody on its from the very State of the United States, where San Diego is walk from San Diego to Boston. So those four billion years. The earth is just
I'm not sure I clear how you're walking at leisure mess you imagining that this is your tongue. You walking on earth in the time line of the earth, so you be watching reform. So now the moon forms just a few days into your track. and then I got the middle and the continents. We walk in a most risk: Remoter, Yad Rina, half scout paces, back reuse, miles, voicecode your voice. There is an excellent idea, I guess that, because you just so american dude, I'm tinkerer, I think I'll put me off there was. This is worth I'm a bit of attending the city so much worse? But here's what you get other boys gas is. I can do this ok. That's! Ok, I can do. Is I think about the Blair Witch project. There was a movie really Papa is two kids. Yes, there three kids are like
totally freaking, because they can't how to get out of the woods. you follow the stream down the hill, that's how you get out of the wood people, don't panic and when you see the rooms in the trees somebody put on their leave. Some cases wandering around get out of here before the stream. I don't care if a guy lost the math go You got that other boys, girls, you find you can you can be, you can be solved. These regions have responded, would have ruined the movie. Just what I would have been through formulas long. We wanna got no further than the other. Privacy is everything that website would have movies had softened I've always had softened the pseudo Ethan. James Bond novels, he's gotta, pull over and call em on pay phone, but he had a really good razor martinis were excellent, so that said, that's it,
deep time is so hard for almost too much. But I, like you thousand thousand years, a meal is pretty good. The leaders like one step, the of us, the little lists, the universe. you really striking. You don't meet the dinosaurs Tilliard five away, What's the moors awaited in Europe in your book in your book, undeniable we really take on their creation, is creations, but in biblical creation is the literal lists the universe is six thousand years or so the entire universe or word certainly earth as a minimum is Ex paces back from Boston. Their trees, older than that by the way,
so. This is not this. Is it rocks in ITALY the same answers now? These are completely dominated, as we say, you're not off by a million Europe by a factor of a million right, you're off million times off, and so, Just think about a all of human history is in those last ten metres. We want a few loose meters above human history. This written down, as elsewhere records are revised, I'm sorry records, and so is. You walked all the way across the? U S or from Lisbon to Moscow. You walked and walked and walked in, and nothing happens that you recognise until you're The ocean is almost in your lap, really amazing through Yahoo, Think again soon will hardon called it though you're looking into a bit an abyss how Discharge is job is not popularized or a couple of his workshop preference. Those you have happened because there's not his name is we got me duly first name, so
while Hutton I'm sure they had lost names, it will come back here. Darwin. You have three names. We middle name so anyway became part of the more he said it was like looking into an abyss, so deeply couldn't see the bottom against any. Embraced or use the phrase deep time which come to be really conversation with my daughter, When I asked her yeah, I asked her She asked me: how do you, if you jump into a bottomless pit, it seems to me you will die of dehydration so you don't move following, I guess, indefinite indefinitely, so the free time change. I'm sorry. So you you die first, because you need water and if you know we're at ten days your dad did. You know that food for a month so it was interesting to think about you think about a bottomless pit. It was actually bottomless falling for days
days. It is Charles, while trawls our course the geologist, since these are non hard names for people from our culture, so you don't even just when I was I to set about start using. I give you full credit the bill. Do this, what we find if you'd water, and then I saw you know I started to write my bike. It will back. He knew one thousand known to her pretty good cyclist you young and virile back worm soberly, but man, research areas So I was gonna write. My bike nonetheless close to these goes to the Eu S, which is the traditional thing done by many cyclists, you're nervous. But he has any girl. I've done it all before. No, no just have been your first but I have written two hundred miles in a daze few times. I've written three hundred miles in a day and a few times,
bicycles, your own long down. Now I was able to New York there, but I bought one here, a great one here, what I saw the built driving just positive frame geometry goes right, no hands disappear. You know, I don't recommend you right now, as in the past, environment in Europe. What I'm saying is. It indicates the stability, the comfort, the balance of the frame of the bicycle. It's love. It was an error by Spain. spot okay, so heavily by some one to just three now just now used to have a six six bite. This could become insurers issues you more once you're more than six so So that's a great, but so you're saying you you, you were gonna right across the country, the Disney There is no called during the size. I still have the
leaping bag and stuff Zack I bought for that trip real. I was like that close, so Disney picked up the size, gusher or never specifying the recipe, whatever funded. Ninety ninety two, first show was the pie, it was about the water cycle, which is differ on earth from Mars? The The first show is about how things fly in you're gonna get it done different right, doesnt suck. You did it at all. then, by the time we got to the end, there were yet emotion and one of the poppy end of this shows yeah you two hundred shows, but one of them Popular sequences NEO is bill. Writing his bike. from the sun to PLUTO while I was for his such as detailed as deep space is right.
and so the sun was a hundred nine centimeter, whether born, earth was a centimeter. I thought this jacket where we often do in his eyes, go go past all the planets and it was on a prairie and Eastern Washington State, If you don't live in the? U S, it looks like the wild West are stumble weeds and it's the middle of, a prairie charm. The charming bit happen. Everybody got home. I love you know you're, so supportive. Now, how far away things are really really hard to imagine, and so this would Darwin said, like I can't the one problem with my areas that I dont have enough time, but then late very late in his life radioactive. It was discovered which the world warm enough to allow it to be this world and miss chemically as a whole. The conversation I was about to assist in the Georgian. I love that one.
This is a sad earth. Is tens out ten million years old jobs have looked? Do we need life signs, reversing tubular bill thanks with children at the great love, because we re you ve, been listening to start already has dial up or down my old job. The organs which you can listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk on paper. for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriotic doc. Coms last star talk: radio
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