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First Man – Celebrating Neil Armstrong

2018-10-19 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson, comic co-host Chuck Nice, and Astro Mike Massimino celebrate Neil Armstrong and the impact of his career and the legacy of his first steps on the Moon. Featuring interviews with Neil Armstrong and Apollo Flight Director Gene Kranz.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now this start talking, I'm your host, neither ass taking your person astrophysicist, and today this is a start or devoted to the first man. I don't know that was just The first man spots, national addition STAR Talk, workforce, talk about Neil Armstrong and its first steps on the moon, and when I could do it, unless we bring in an astronaut loud but critical eye, we got our mobility. I got some astronaut loud and one of my favorites. Actually, who is my favorite bitter winter
That's like Messroom Euro MIKE near thanks. We cannot thank your glad I get the short notice. We saw each other just the other night yeah. Both we saw previous screen of the film first man all about Armstrong and I realize it's not about I'm sure it is NEO Armstrongs view here right as his pig the point of view. As I was Jack, who he were they catch. His is personality. What he was about. The weighty approaches work. It was thought it was bent asked what he introducing so your former NASA astronaut. Yes, your mechanical engineer. You profess Columbia University. You're a senior space advisor to the intrepid see Aerospace museum. Thank you for mentioning all those
yeah. I was good to see you guys, especially with to talk about my bordered hero. Did you guys know? Neil Armstrong. Can I finish, do different values. They are honest answer. Docks is already Holly mall you're veterinary toothpaste, whites s, ts, which is now a code for space as system correct, o cool. It actually makes sense, does It's called shuttles mission went on in two thousand and two and one twenty five. There was a good one in May the two thousand and nine, the last servicing mission. The Hubble telescope, giving life into Twenty tens address Force Base walks the end. You ok he's a first I want to himself. Yes, he is first man to tweet from Spain is a that me a lot about what is so. They are. Said one small step from
and when I leave from Ankara what we are first tweet from Spain yeah, that's the problem. There is now there's a Neil Armstrong related to it. We want I'll, go there. Ya go got very first. Neil Armstrong came the first to speak to my ashen classroom. Therefore, a total of four days. So you still like an astronaut glared animals. We were just getting like it. He was Andrew leaves, you happen to be in town for his physical or training where is your problem in Houston right at the Johnson space, on all new instruments and in she asked him page malls. We was an aim. She asked tuna gave get a measured Oda clinic. Would he comes back to us and he said he, but he only wanted to speak to the new astronauts. So he came over and talk to US mainly about finding the Ex fifteen who we are The questions get awaiting the thing they detest plane from yeah based on a military.
It's our has rocketed, supersize, derogatory labour, Sonia rocketing yeah. It's it was one of the more is maybe the most successful experimental aircraft ever ever built at noon. When, like mock seven, a couple those guys at times the speed of sound yeah in a couple of those guys earn their astronaut wings for having doubts attitude. Yes, that's how high this airplane you're going to get into what an oak spaces and arbitrary boundary that's another story, but but they are able to earn national wings in the earth itself is in space. Yes, yes, yes, I mean there's always another. Yes, you can bring this up because then you will have on other show going by growing about about space, but but phasing aircraft. He talked about that and other things and we got to meet him and talk to him. But the. After re ready. It was like a luncheon going on because it was a reunion as well as him coming efforts, physical and I end of next week. The food line
it gave a sandwich, you aren't you have a going to China, I am it s called better leave. Seem right, that's not! Last long. It wasn't bad food, though, even though as government food was anyway so he's next year. As I have said to myself near, I had to say something to this: guy was I'm next one. What happened but serendipitous ITALY, and I asked When did you think of that? First thing that you said on my own, though one small step for man with Energy wife tell you to get a publicist. It had to come up with this in turn means as well MIKE I thought about it only after we landed, because if we then at land I wouldn't have to say anything. It would make a deal and so I concentrated only on a landing sailors- green energy. Well, I think, what he was the message he was trying to get to me as a new astronaut, or I know he was trying, but the message I took was you take care of business first, and you worry about the only about other stuff. Later I saw his his focus was landing on the moon, sulphur, my tweet. I did the same approach as I like a word about this. First, we reacted
we have to launch into space, we have to get there, I've and successfully I gotta stay. I got a job to do not make mistakes stating this was a middle way, so I get there in it. I were alive and it's time to adjust. Computers are up and running on day one, and so I need to come up with something solid. I what I said, but I tweeted was launch- was awesome. The adventure a lifetime has begun and feeling great enjoying the view. Something like one but First of it was ok, but during the during the mission I I know I was paid Is the commission, of course, during emission aside aside bars, I didn't get any email from my kids, my kids were they were both teenagers. I love my kids. There, often when one hears of black boxes were very happy that I was away from the plan at that time, ignoring me and I'm writing them. They could lay thing they could have taken it personally. Some dad's gonna businessmen who left planet earth thing we're happy hours away anyway, dead, annoying dad can't bothers anymore,
it wasn't getting aid workers in space which really gotta. They know I wasn't there and what has happened up then you wanna be reminded. So I wasn't getting an email from Saturday comes Saturday. Insane saturnine live, makes fond of this tweet new, and this was an oh nine- shows the fortieth anniversary of the of the of the almost half of words anniversary of Paul Eleven and South Myers on personnel says we have the first week from space MIKE misdemeanour. And here it is law Lunch was also in forty years. I've gone from one giant leap for mankind. A large rose ass, every ever find life in the universe. I assume this is how will be notified and it shows my little toward a thing in his as Jeez. Do earlier. You gotta make fun of me and my kids finally set my email on that Monday, I'm email. On Monday, I was drafted a space watch rolling data good thanks for saving a hopefully the great now was dead. They made have you on Saturday night live all the kids at school loved. It keeps saying
stupid stuff, but I dont think Neil Armstrong ever got reaction like that with you, so that if I was a bad advice for you. No, he would still good advice. I still think it's good advice, cuz his advice was you take her business first and that's what you concentrate on end. I think that's the way that where were you and I think, that's why he was chosen to be there this man. If you have followed it out with a make sure you schedule your tweets also the story and others We can find in your book space me yes, space, making the actual Adela Worth Organization. That's a plug it. If it is applied identically. I received your great story. I love the brighter and you didn't fix the cover photo, though because you're centres on I know it is a rocket coming out of here. That's launch behind all that I was told the publishers in charge of the pretty can have input for the cover
they like it. I was in charge of the words and, like you had Iraq's with oil and I'd heard an effective. You see that I've heard other comments which we can mention about. What that looks like so yes, I agree so the move us or pre screening for man and everything I know about. You're drunk as I knew him, I mean I don't care I knew him well, we weren't beer drinking bodies, but I mean we were quaint, says I should say and everything I knew about him, and I think it is true for you all you about him all that you knew of him was concerned and with how he was portrayed in this film. Would you agree absolutely? everything that I knew about it, the Gimme, your best characterisation of em cause some people, don't even know that I would. I would say that he loved he loved flying airplanes. You love doing his job, he love being a testament to fight a passport.
He's a fighter fight, a pilot, Ferdy Korea. Yup then test by which he had a test. Fine, he was. He was, I guess, of of a very thoughtful engineer. Love flying as and when he came and spoke to irrational class. We have very much an ear he's now he was appear, but he saw he saw it as an engineering problem as a challenge and that's why I think he was not just a great pilot, cosy la flying, but also a great test pilot, because she enjoyed the engineering behind it, and that's that was the impressive I haven't. I never thought about that as you could be fly boys Gimme, that machine I'll. Do what I have heard engineer. You're thinking about the machine ran the aerodynamic ever you're really into that like he was, I think it was. It was us in and not all Great engineers, I think, can make great pilots, but he was one of those are good and I think that's where you have a really special test pilot and do they ever make a change to the plain and- and he says no daddy, daddy, I'm,
very he chimed in. I would I would. I would expect that those conversations were made him, especially back in those days when they were doing things that were much different than what they had ever done before and how fast it we're going, how high they were going, what they were trying to achieve when his pet, the test by LE days. There is I'm sure there was a lot of those conversations here. So I will To that end, Neil Armstrong was was not gregarious. He was very right quiet and did not seek publicity. Did not. You know, he's not the point save the life of the party, but sometimes the people, and the life of the party or sitting there doing nothing he's sitting there in his head, vigour and stuff out? Is the active restless brain of the engineer, and so that this would surely That was him and when I first met him Neil you describe that really well, when he got up in front of our we all stood up and gave him a standing ovation in just about I was one of the younger give birth people in a group of new ashen asinine,
sex so just about everyone in our room, maybe one two, when it remember we met where they were any that he and that episode of of what dead, waiting on the moon that hold mission inspired most to become astronauts. I would say we all remembered it in Sweden, You're here we're meeting our hero and I was as me was everybody and he was he's the man right. He was, he was the man he gets up there. It was, It seemed almost like he was painfully shy. Almost said it was hard for him to talk, and he mentioned the moon at all. He talked about tests flying in important. That is in how we have to be diligent. About it and in how much he loved doing it and after presumably got the questions and answers, and we sought it s more like on the moon. But up to that point he was ring that message almost painfully shy, but you so he loves, saw so much. We need in a bubble. Is that desperately focused on? He was the right man for the job. Do you think?
NASA chose him too. The first on the moon because of all this, because he does not seek publicity be cut, If they got some grand stand in yeah yeah, look at me move that here's my book about me, be it on the moon. Here's my talk show interview. I've got a need for Spain and Morocco is one of us everything. That's you think yeah they thought there through. I think that when you have someone humble you know. I doubt that seems like up. I used to think that maybe at first, but I think lately as for years, I've changed my mind, my thinking of it, because I think that's almost too much thinking I really like they wanted to do. No, really, I think what they were looking for was an idea that has done much thinking. Noise are striking. I guess you already got. You start thinking too many things. I know this guy has wearing blue and this guy you're over think it What they what they saw was. This is the right man till
to land on the moon, whether or not he was gregarious, whether or not he was shy, whether or not it whatever personalized raise worries. He was the right man because he understood what was happening. He was going to focus on that A hundred percent not be distracted, it may be that has partly to do with this. The fame shaking I think really he was chosen not for that for their personality, part of it, but because he was the right man to do that. I did they choose, who actually got out of the castle burs if in doubt it, but he was the mission led as well. Mr Commander, yes, was the commander of Israel and its. It wasn't because he was, and tat. He got to go first. They actually made the choice they you're gonna, be the first step, but on the moon and your comments and your command like those are two separate things: for example, it could have been lacking started. You go check out the global first right, but you could check through the glass,
report back from the right and then I'll step. Laughter and that's true. You're gonna be that we lack Anson for enterprise, but that's the way at the way we did not. Are you saying it? That's why space walked apparently because- so we would do in the shuttle programme. The commander in the pilot would not go out and spacewalk MRS specialist would, in that underlying one of the underlying Ziegler mailing specialists is someone who has an expertise, usually a scientific and engineering expertise brought into this, land only we were part of labour when actually gonna land because the idea is what happens if you can profound. Does it come back was going to land, but it was ok, you don't come back, you can still land, I hadn't putting them Echo is gonna land, but it's ok. If you go on, don't come back because to land, I may put it that way, but we know that we will have to put up with it. We are when we use the brief spacewalk scale. There was, there was a lost crewman. There was a liner thee which act like this. Is inflation of this check that check that checked and part of the briefing was lost crewman?
a criminal procedure, we had to go rescue a guided, comes, let us, then what we would do of kidding around was lost, crewman, worry about it. We got remotely waters and I was like the jewels and we'd all Lamb underline. I can give you kidding, you can get me, but there we were going. We needed more. We talking about over the commander, who had a man and tradition, I think an injection I. What they did was is that the commander, which I like you, too astronaut, capsule right ass when they first spacewalk had white, was the first base. Walker and Buzz was one when the last based workers in Germany, but I think it's too did remember state insomnia, thank you, but mainly the command. I think that this was a commando state inside and it was the pilot who went out came back, was only one guy to time going, so this was a different case where you can have both people going out for the for the for the walk so part of the authenticity of
The film was their little details that they didn't have to really care about, but they did So there is a moment I happened to own and Omega watch that was given to me by sea, Hocker? Why an that's pretty nice, meta, name drop out. I just like the fact that you didn't named. I've got to get out and finally know I'll Stephen hawking. Why is there? No? I have we got is watching you have just like one gift to you. While you were actually so noticed, I got Stephen Hawking Award for science communication and just this, only like a year old, but but this one this introduce me to or watches mega was the first watch on the moon right there thousand by NASA turn ass. I got all the all the premier one Rolex,
the break, laying whatever with enough the web of top watches were the day I want, if they, through an Timex elemental, just a to get America in there. I bet so they grow, they did obviously authority and we are still on the moon. Taking a living in Cuba nobody remembers that advertising is a wind of weapon. So the fact, though there the moonlight was away Edam radiated him and at the end of the experiments the omega slide. The correct time make it is our watch, and so aided him radiated him and at the end of experiments, the omega slide. The correct time measured is our watch, and so they still milk that today, with their advertising at any event, in this festival that I attended, the storm is festival that Hawkins organiser of Omega was one of the sponsors, and so this became the watch. Yes, isn't grape up is engraved on the back, but I saw I want to look very much like this on your honor, his hands, radio, memories right. The awareness yearn urinary. I have shown. How did you get this from from Venus Aspirin?
No, no, this ok! So we had. We had omega watches on the shuttle and away was explained to us like how they, when their competition was the crystal apparently that crystal that they had on top was over, impenetrable and you can do whatever you wanted to, wasn't. Gonna graduate particles are a problem. Why money go out? How do you want to watch? Why? Why did it had its eyes and had we had our different mega, then we had a different if we waited at a time we had a different omega for the shuttle. This is the moon version. I did different one that I've had a purchase now will mega was willing. I think, to give us he's. Watches were free, but it was a government programme and NASA mass media, so we had. We had a by our watches, but we were able to purchase them from omega. Then fly them, I'm not wearing my my shot, a watch and wearing a moon watch that, yes, I had to go into the omega shorn by hand that is messed up man. No. Otherwise you can be all right, yeah. The riots in writing that that's how you want to hear you don't wanna know no, sir. I think we got jailbreak gets Abraham. You! You are listening to
possibly even watching star. This is our first man addition celebrating the life and the first steps on the moon of your instructor will be right back. I got a little secret for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one. And where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and sub. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free, you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying,
we're back on start off. First validation and I've got thought for a for a man. The Armstrong First man on the moon, our friend of STAR, talk MIKE mess amino he's been in space twice one of Inter peer, my Hubble space telescope. I love you man for that thing, you're, welcome, judge, jackknife cohorts, jerk, vs and I've been in space. I'm still in space does pay. I'm still is based space out and disgrace space to different things. Do everything I was asked back in two thousand and nine to host to m C the forty anniversary of the APOLLO landing you're in sixty nine plus forty gets to the two thousand, and I was in the Aerospace museum. It was there and I forgot MIKE you tat what I did for you talk
You took a moon, walk at why every living moonlight in the audience and he's one of them interesting things I remember, I don't use it. Www sets out about being the fortieth There were three young man, you a thing how forty was an interesting number, because o fifty you might net and we ve lost so many of those guy then, and now he allowed, and you did the moon work which will have its own. I don't dance level backside of forty cause. That sounds a little without provocative. Not so what I remember This is why I said forty is trusting number, because in many stories they don't tracking. Beyond forty. So forty two. In forty nine fifty days Thirty nine forty days and forty nights Jesus Thirty, nine lashes, not forty to forty, that's like infinite You gotta bring that in ok, you don't want to kill him. I just wanna hurt him, that's the one
ass, they would it did the monetarist and went off just another. Forty shows a specially biblically. Yes, go! Ok, and it say, Sir, when you pass forty, it's like more time than historically people reckoned. Ok, you serve once you forty and then infinity beyond that, and so beyond that. It's like It is still there for us to remember, or do we have to be reminded of it where's. If in forty, you can talk about, a people were alive and conscious. They were adults, they were It makes sense. That's two generations, basically beyond to use stepping into the next century into the next generation, and that makes perfect sense. Ok, but I think that set the mood at the time that this was a really special night ideological in US event, afterwards start talk was in our first year, and I said this is a target of opportunity for me to get a bunch of interviews and we can make a show out of this. Sir
I waited till the event was over me and reception, and all this and I got interviews with various key people in this programme at the time, as well as some old timers like New York never gives interview yeah. Even if you don T not as one of the things he is known for his not is not having been talker. Here's why I think he granted me the interview on board the Ss Canberra on route from New York City to the coast of North West Africa. We can to observe the total solar eclipse. On route from New York City to the coast of North West Africa, public to observe the total solar clips the longest and the century and he one of the various so important people brought on board. First, they would enjoy the cliffs, but also they were there for the rest of us to interact with, and this is me
seventy three and we were teen. Fourthly, by herself by myself, I lied to us all and what does it is those they what we use it all? I guess what did your parents know? You're going, I think they're like way my parents and even let me take this up way negative by Monday. Why does that soon? We may have lay insists on ruins. The alarm shrunk Zena clips, fifty a bright titles, with me that I like from the gallery. A ball game, and I was excited. I want my money. I had then my telescope at my camera law, an awesome. There were fifteen hundred people, they they took off all the shuffle board, dreaded lounge chairs and it was a forest or try but on this the whole ship is a scientific floating vessel why he was their eyes this, when it met, hasn't arrived at various other sort of heroes, if you're good kid right in the DOW that you're losing your lets. You were king,
ok, you're, all gigs considered a great care is just like. I can't believe I just got this new trading card you're going to Northern Ireland, where no alarm like for the little table make it so he's sitting alone at the bar one year after the last mission to the moon, which is making seventy to it. Four years after he walked on the moon is what I said in Mr Armstrong, and I had my my ship programme with his picture and I saved you, my sign it. But I don't know what you could you sign. But they had so. He signed it and- and I just said thank you- When I next saw him, I showed him that I was on this vast. And I think he I don't know I gonna project what he might be thinking, but I think he saw that I, I became noticeably yachting connection
I only all these years later there with a sign program right from a ship goes away so that you can go to North Africa and watching the that's pretty cool. I wouldn't rather this story and it with him going pull up a stool kid that lacks. I got that that's what it takes, kids to get out and get it interview in the allotted up. Are you not just gonna why I've got my press connection credentials as now so and it wasn't, it was brief, but I have it out and you see he's not a you know. He's smart and calm and measured and west. Let's check it out, because my interview with Neil Armstrong Brief though it was Neil Armstrong, commanders eleven. How old were you forty years ago today was a third Eight point: nine three acts, I love it and of the entire power era? What's yours
Indelible memory it could be walk, but if not, I just curious most gullible memory was protein, the moon and flying through the moon shadow so that the moon was eclipsing Simon. We could see the corona all around the moon was not where was he lit? The conference was a big surprise. I understand that and then we could see the moon, the dark side of the boon. Of course, illuminated by earth light and we could see the creators, the valleys in the plains? blue gray, three dimensional view that was spectacular image at an act and remarkable at but imperceptible to a camera, but the human eye. It was wonderful and the last question: where do you think when you think that you should do next, I'm supporter of the nest, and upon
just need more money, I suppose, but there the ideas are there. I think Thea Approach thereon is a good one. I like that. It's a very good report, The approach you little by little about blood light. Look, but I'm gonna get there by the arts and thanks for those three questions. Guys never interview. I felt like I was even taken too much by asking just those three question here: and yet I'm gonna give. He was really answer that. Second, what's the the double met you could actually media. I can almost feel Look and looking after raising of yes experiencing. It was really very visceral, derive his his recounting consider this nothing you're gonna get on this side of the moon right. So you had, the backside, because he studied would have studied all their maps in the pictures and everything in one of the many things that the with
They knows what movie they like night. One of my favorite man's Earthmen Movie was that you were able to see what it looked like and I think they probably did a pretty accurately. Because the film that we had back then in nineteen sixty nine. We had some, but especially of the approaching the landing familiar like them. Members can looking at that triangular window in the dusk picks up, but you really don't get an appreciation for what it was. Like the sea outside imagine now we were able to do that with the budget oh prose. Whenever they would stick a high death cameras, we would see that that move Skype and probably in the night passes it barely a gospel, every foot, probably out all right, you know and as a whole, as is also about a good idea that now and even in the low light level on the other side, I'm sure they could have found. Something really would enable do something in it could just recently now we can get great. Images of the of the planet at night from from station, for example, if whether we really are his point that the eye catches it but the camera doesn't, it is because the eye in one glimpse can get a very high dynamic range of. So
Moon can be very dim, but that solar corona could be very bright right and you can see all at once with a camera is gonna commit to either the bright corona or the damn thing where you can get both and he's experiencing both in that description he gave. You allowed us to picture but it was like there's. No. I there's no real good video of that, but his description, That is why I think I'll call again. I pray you feel that this he peed ravages not be be interviewed, right, achieved, want to go on his way. But is that really the best person represent the fact that you have walked on surface of a celestial body is a good question enough. I've heard one of his. I heard my Collins at at Niels Memorial cars. The third astronaut who didn't get to go down, I may was he was yet you orbit it in lunar orbit. And they had a memorial service for him at the Johnson Space Center and he took the little bit about that about him. Being
I heard him speak at the more onawandah misquote him, but added at me, look at me alone. Memorial when he died in and they had a memorial service for him at the Johnson Space Center and he taught the list, What about that? About him being maybe of a shock, in cerebral or whatever, but he was a boy who would you? Why? Wouldn't you want, that, why would you is this man who was so qualified? Who did such a great job? Why were you to be anything different than who he was, and I think that's. I think that's that was the right man to land on the moon, and I think that was what they were most concerned with, because no kidding they weren't so sure they were coming back from that mission. They weren't sure so sure they were going to be successful, APOLLO, twelve and thirteen one thousand one hundred and twelve eighteen o had the same mission. They all train for say, mission because they were Oh sure eleven was going to be successful and it wasn't in twelve, had come up with something quick which was different but they didn't eleven, but they all train for that same mission, Jose they weren't so sure eleven was gonna be was going to be so you're saying is: if eleven fail, then
next time you re right Why is that? Through? Our unity was gonna drive when I can be a different, a few different ways, one the net, so that they would get that they wouldn't come back a lie, but they might not get down to the surface and come back. They would have their aboard and income back to earth so that it was real the important for them to try to get the right guy to be the first guy and they asked what they want with, whose the best guide to pull off the landing, especially of the, and that's how we have nice in his veins and invite Is this a misconception? I think about the first comments from here. After he says he's in Tranquillity Bay here Eagle, has landed, yeah, ok, which means of course the first word of the first comments from the moon is Houston. But you gotta fight for applied for little used. My former home planet used in the used tranquillity button.
Someone has. Actually. There are some other come to contact light. Another Thea concept go right, but Houston then says something like congratulation get. You have a bunch of guys down here who were about to turn Bolivia that we share. The Duke, ok, you think they're saying that, because they just landed on the moon. That's not why they're saying they were putting their breath this now, yes, they're holding their breath, but it's not because they just landed on the moon. That's not why ok! Ok, so why were they about to turn wait? They were Smurfs as I have it cause. Neil was not happy with the original landing spot. And he only has a certain amount of fuel to prevent himself from crashing down onto the mood. This is keeping the boy, I'm not boulders there too many. Is there a new sea You see the fellow come down with it and it keeps going. I think, all over my boy is man. Ok,
Now he's wonderful parking emitter of blood Maybe you ve got to get out of love about control, tried trial, but if you don't make it, you gotta go home, parliament whether drive, so then he finally find a spot where these, like one or two percent fuel, later, that's what they, because if he got, if you want to zero, because if, if, if he lands with fuel in a place tat, he could crash because it's not level that's bad gaping, looking you can't get home if he keeps looking and runs out of fuel, though crash because if you will enable board One idea what you just! Did you just Jason at that point, because we're gonna go, don't forgot about that. So it is not a good deal, is he was just up and they re capture, in the film and attention, so that's why everyone it mission control was freaking out because that's that's the mission by not complete, not because of a happy way. The yes wrought happy,
on a more we're having management alive, yeah yeah. He was that I want to add a low low fuel light, came on thirty, second fuel or whatever was he and in the case of which is depicted in them in the movie, but the cadence of what would not cause he was getting from, No, so many forward, so many down at length it was talking about rates of pay, is right is raised round outright by forty five forty to give him an idea of how fast he was moving forward because he's all out the window. I would think at that point in its destiny, him coming down here and in the family, so I got agree if your mission is to succeed that has higher priority over any, so a profile or restore public release idea. Did you succeed? First worry about the rest of their late right and his year, his friends, his colleagues of John youngest son, that's not when I became an astronaut. Waylaid walked on the moon, Alan being was his office mate in his car. It is well of another moon, Walker and I've heard him and
so the guy's a meal was the right man for the job. If they had a pick out of who they knew was gonna get the job done. It was near launched, I wouldn't take our next break. We're talking about first man, that's the first man on the moon. The Armstrong was startled. We're back startup Rosemary Edition was celebrating the life of me and the moon landing on his first steps got MIKE Massimo MIKE Neil eager you'd, just don't laugh and chuckling at your first
oh boy, always golly, I mean space. We must revise some lunch with us. There were, I issued a promise and I thought you met. Lunch was often allow that was. There was the first day in space. No one shall be around without rate. Want results in the next there isn't I wrote about the macaroni and trees is first, I was so at NASA. There's a famous colorful character called Jean grants and he's. One who is portrayed famously in the film APOLLO thirteen saying what failure is not an option. Failure is not an option I bumped into. It. Ended in real life yeah, but it's the legend, ok, cool, okay and I bumped into him with a microphone in tow first restart talk and get all the interviews from all these based folks, at this celebration of NASA's fortieth, anniversary for landing on the moon Reign in two thousand and nine others pick up with my conversations with gene. Yes, Jeanne cramps.
Failure is not an option, Jean Kranz, at your middle name. Now That's that's been a good game plan for most of my life. I I really came in and failure is not an option. Well after I started The business, the stars and stripes forever when I was going through flight training, I had a very bad night I sell. I suffered almost disabling vertigo. Finally got back glad at the next evening. You gotta go out and do it again and there is a story about you: gotta ride the horse and three iris fortune, that, as I was what that change smoke, unlucky strikes the slight line, public address system came alive, checking it up for Saturday Parade and they played the stars and stripes forever? I picked up my parachute ace that night flights. In fact, I ate the business as a cadet
graduated want to fight or weapons school and from TAT Day on everyday of professional life started with the stars and stripes forever. Is inspiring, everybody gets then it gets ongoing most it's a cup of coffee, for they all eyes. I start off with a cup of coffee too, but the stars and stripes it was. It was interesting. I look for something that Very slowly builds the energy builds the crescendos such that one. You hit each day's work you're at the peak, performance and remained there throughout the day I've. I found out that, basically, for my standpoint, like an yourself up is the key. Success, believing that you can be leaving that you will and then what fall down, believing that you can pick yourself up and start all over again. Oh yes, you three questions. You ready! How old were you forty years ago today,
I was thirty six years all repay. Maybe I was a baby, my teams and mission control, average age, twenty six, majority, those were kids fresh out of college, they had a couple years, training, they grew up and they Gemini Programme early APOLLO. They lived through the disastrous APOLLO on fire and they became toughen company and that was the fuel, the energy for the fire that took us to them, and what is your indelible memory from the entire power they are, I would say most indelible saying or really many things they were the personalities of the people. Kitchens, young kids, that came in fresh out of college who had this dream just space, I have the engineers come in who develop the initial trajectory work, John Luella Carl Hudson, tackling roberts- perhaps
pure mathematicians, and they are revel delay. I mean this this world, most people just and- and basically I was a dumb engineer I was I was- I was a dinosaur, but my business was not to know the work that they did to the level they did. I job was to be able to ask the right questions and watch the clock. I counted cadence formation control, so most people who only city astronauts have no concept of This is going on behind the scenes is making it happened in the first place. They are the mission control Team, has responsibilities for planning, training, training and operate and the one we have problems during the course of the mission. We have to come up with solutions that allow you to continue with the plan that you had and if that is not possible to come up with another plan that is just about is good one last question: what's the primary Go using measures should have gone forward. A blaze
Should they go back to the moon and then on Mars? I I believe it is very important to me. The moon is like boundary and the Mississippi River been across their a few times, really think about the development that took place. Well think about Lewis and Clark going out to the Pacific think about the business of exploration and though things that we learned in developing discovered out there, but, most importantly, I think it is a human thing exploration- is up. Assistance must be in every persons mine, it has to be part of their personality and has to be the kind of thing that makes some want to get up and go to work each day and discover so back to the moon onto Mars and beyond its right of our government. Ok there's only one gene grants higher everything. Where are you? Do we love? You want that to be the voice
in Houston and you're in the universe somewhere. I want that to be the voice of everything that guy is in place and we re ok, you will be fine I'll. Tell you what you're gonna being kind of the absolutely, whether we are going to beat me all. I want to tell you I like coffee, I, like my coffee as black of space, but I use the stars and stripes says the sugar and my morning, coffee and storage. I'm gets its from industry that is of the greatest on cities is really the guy. The you want looking out after you, really wanted to. I am even Europe, will you up there, and ass, you want to know that you're, the man in charge is gonna, make sure you're. Ok, it's gonna is gonna consent. MT anymore God. In that case the may I urge in energy grandma. Maybe another management are really means a flight director
director is: is a person oversees the team? That is for you and you and that's why we felt you have a certain connection with the EU. Flight director. In this case, I think he was a launch flight director for What they might line back was a guy to launch this, had a k, a sea and in our launch fight director might by submission nor night, and so twenty six Archie was are the guy an orbit, and there was those they I think our guy. We had an order guys with another guy for a power eleven as well right, but but they all followed, I think, and Jean Steps And that was in. That was what you wanted. You wanted some one. It was the right step, makes it or you are coming back the right stuff wasn't only the folks who flew is now on the ground. Yes, and I take it just as personal when something happens as as anyone else involved there there. Their job is to bring you back more than anything. Now so can we want a guy like that? Nobody,
comes from? That failure is not off people say they re out. You don't already granted. I didn't. I thought it was a movie quote Well, I don't know if it's quoting him is a tale, was I think we have chosen a man as he's gonna go get this boy. I don't wanna go get him audio books. Family are hoping truck, is like his eyes upon a lot like this. Do these thanks? Seventy six, why around here. Even if somebody sixty to talk about this guy, he says that the twenty two year old kid right of excitement began right right. I love that so MIKE did they level with you. The risk of not coming back was because they made a point of this in first man. That these risks are real
and we saw others die APOLLO. One three astronauts died on earth there, test piloted died so that this is a spectre over your choice. You participate ah They try to be as accurate as they could not doubt. It yeah- and I remember it more because I was I flew on colombia- is as those mission right before we lost Colombia they flew again after and on Atlantis S flights- and I don't remember what that was as much beforehand. I guess it was an maybe as much on our minds as it was after the accident. We lived through that after the vote. The colombian number. I remember being told us about one at seventy five chance. They were saying we want. You know this number. It was more like this is our new calculus. The probabilities, I was the only one I want to know if the war, I think
There was one out of seventy five, and that was total destruction. That's that's loss of crew and vehicle, that's everyone's dead and the vehicle can't be used again. There are other odds. That may be of of they follow the odds of raising the vehicle, with the odds of you coming back alive, pretty guys it's, but it's it's, but it's true I mean I hate the put that way, but when we lost we lost Colombia, we just didn't lose our seven friends. We also asked the spaceship and what happens to the programme so there's a loss of crew and vehicle now losing bit. But if it's not so much by Israelis and grass, I don't think because you lose the vehicle but saved a crew. So if you haven't abort with the shuttle up in the water, as you aboard, hopefully to crew gets out alive. So he is. A combination of loss of crew in vehicle was about one at a seventy five and as it turned out, we had to accidents at a hundred thirty five flow. That's one another family had. It came up with a number of, quite honestly by was one out of seventy five, and do you think about it at all when Europe, or are you just too busy doing your pointed duties to even Let a classroom. I took a flap, that's in New York.
Detroit yesterday morning and the whole time I was I got. I just hope these people, what they do sometimes you worry more on a commercial flight than you are doing, we we haven't. We have no idea of slowly. I did I don't of everyone does, but I knew that that there was a very good chance at something might might it might. You might become him back and I think it's it's in some ways that so it's a good thing to know removing captured this jointly with his relationship with his wife and his kids. I think they also showed the after, was successful. Hell Wonderful it was for us to have. The strategy has succeeded. Area has acceded. Nine Alan Being tells us the story that, after his after after APOLLO eleven after his mission, but it wasn't. The whole world is his impression? Was the whole world that wasn't like you? Did it or the? U S, did it, but we
in it. We, the human that german species that yet motto they came for all humankind, let's change and a little bit right for humankind. That's the way I ve come infidels, repellent peaceful human cholera and asked why think people felt without it? It was an accomplishment that for that humans shoulda we could do in the whole world was was a part of it Nathan. It was a woe and accomplishment for the world. I was at a privilege and on it be invited to Neil Armstrong Funeral Services in Ohio after he died. The moment with solemn, of course, but it was also so laboratory, elections on you as a person, and one thing that came across was yeah NEA was the right guy for this job and because, if he started grandstanding, this achievement, then it would be like he
he landed on the moon, but in fact we are landed on the moon, it's our collective first step on the moon, tens of thousands of engines, There is a scientist in hundreds of millions of taxpayers. We, landed on the moon. And what did he? when he was done, he became citizen Armstrong again and professor we're back to Ohio where so many astronauts have come, became a professor just and shunned interviews and am reminded, was roman emperor, Cincinnatus. Since an address after him Cincinnati his name, Cincinnati, Ohio, that's where he time he came to me
the emperor and when it was done, he went back home and continued as a farmer didn't explain the fact that he ran all of Rome. He didn't grandstand effort, he was called into service. He gave of himself his time his energy, sir, precise, whatever was necessary for his home life. When he was done, he went home ass when you are funded, he came home to us all, pretty cool man. I have to say I understand from Neil Armstrong Cincinnatus that problem with him One of them, which are probably just then you ruling all wrong, became an environmental problem, plotting kid Empire home and adjourn. This reminder of farming is a reminder that some people want power for power sake rather than power.
To lead and guide others in a time of need. That's a cosmic perspective! we gotta ended on that. Might Messalina, like you, always great value man. Thanks to doing this. For Neil Armstrong, he is, I think, the things it says. Play at the end of, I think those are those are lessons we can learn for all of us, no matter what your occupation is. How do I approach things He was my heroes, a little boy because he landed on the moon, but getting a little, but as a person learning more about him. That's when you realize what a true hero he was. So thanks for doing this and having the apartment and Chuck G It is, as you have just so happy mother Attica senses at its notice, and that is no clans grants for ever had is all I am saying this has been started. Most of you are listening. Some of you were watching. I've been your host
but the grass Thyssen has always looking wish. You'd listen, restored, talk, commercial, free, joint start our compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch doc. Coms last star talk, radio,
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