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#ICYMI - Baseball: Physics at the Plate

2017-04-20 | 🔗
During off-season, Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly went to SXSW for a few “exhibition games” with the folks at TuneIn. First up, the science of pitching, hitting, and catching with Toronto Blue Jays catcher JP Arencibia, astrophysicist Charles Liu and Holden Kushner, host of MLB on TuneIn.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe on:iTunes Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceTuneIn: http://tunein.com/radio/Playing-with-Science-p952100/SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceGooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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I mean the grass tasted, your personal astrophysicist, store talk. Instead, Europe were pleased to present to you a new show where the universe and spoil color, and now I am so nice. I am very right and we are the hosts of playing with science ready for it, and today's boards and science lighting you in Austin, Texas or south by South West,
So, yes, it ought to be great vegetable and we have some soup guess one guy, there's basically done it all. Another did not exactly on the hyena doing about another, who knows it all and renders chalk, and let's get so the business? The gentlemen on the lovely, Regency Sofa holding cushion absolutely order. However, and I please give us its outright holding cursor host of major league on soon in narrow pregnant. I will we GPS interpreter today, because he only speak Spanish in public sweets. She's gonna be a lot of fun. I got this discuss so interesting. Now, holding you are the hosts please and beyond. Laboratory baseball, but science is really colliding with baseball now, so it's kind of cool there were here, dress very cold.
Right. I Jane said the other day I sit here who does not speaking english Gary. Who is there because he couldn't understand what I just. I think there are people here the nose already who disguised J P Yeah they pay well deserved a man who was just in the last couple of months, retired from Major League baseball catch, a man whose records still stand. You walk away from professional sport, your forgotten very quickly, this man. That will not be the case as this that you can make J p very comfortable you can interpret this mucho do still. He says. Thank you very much. I think rabble over, This is not long ago. I was actually right and joining us via video call is the
I'm the only Charles Lou astrophysicist extraordinary, get it up as always a tremendous pleasure to be here with you guys, low, my friend, Are you ready? Life is very good. Thank you waiting for baseball season. To start, I know, you're a big fan, you're, like a huge baseball fan. Aren't you supposed to support? great stuff and ended. It really is true that the J, P and other people who are at the highest level of performance in professional sport, their brains, are working all the time to optimize things like angles, forces accelerations deceleration little bit of everything, look afforded taught that very nice man very nice, J P. Did you know this about your own brain? Are you aware that your brain is always optimizing information? I know that my brain is more like a squirrels I didn't hear one second under the cover of a very eighty d like mine, would
I guess that I oughta miser pretty quickly is I can baseball comes very fast, you gotta be ever do it right now, a secret during your career J P feel that science had any role to play. It was a case of that. You know what this is. What I do I do it. They are never about a scientifically until I started sucking and then are there at the start really looking into. Why
other than just mechanics and duty in understanding physics. Out of a now this embrace, while there is a lot of spinner aid to directory how you launch the ball home, runs all these different things. So I think I was a little later, the party. That's, why I'm thirty one- and I was I call that equates, but it was still in now. It's you said the world's colliding baseball and science and your support in size and general. Ok, let's bring Charles in and kind of break down exactly what J P would have gone through and he's ninety five right, their husband Who played Charles yeah? Here's the deal, fastball told me through an that's, been rights, everything fastball nine miles an hour. How many miles per hour took, let's say, nine, Ok, guys round. Number. Nigeria has a nice fastball, although We stand J p you through about seventy five right. I throughout
Finally, I want to have we again killed by the Tampa there. Is that how you guys are talking insight, baseball right out? You wonder that one of the few privileged major league baseball players in history both to pitch and to hit anti edge all the same, that other material game did anyone in order to know about J P did thing it is actually quite a few people are quite a few people due notice. The so called think ran Odin did he do it well now desirable? You and I are in all seriousness I did not. I knew that you'd I kind of New York How did you do that in a good seventy five miles an hour I get, it done no actually gets done, because no one's used that speech here under the speed that will work sized actually use after the game there, like J Pisa you're, throwing knuckle balls,
That was my first house. I just don't want to I, but I gave up one and then that's funny. Ironically, the last gathered a face like he was a guy that I played with my entire life through little league through the whole thing. None of us are not laughing consists gathered about to throw a ball that I'm praying like. Please don't just hit me. That was the only Here I am used to wearing equipment, unlike didn't want outside. Please don't hit the ball back and I gotta the ending and then, of course, after the ruins Ike interviewing me about you get these guys. I don't like did it's because the hitters wanted to get out on ever official position player outside, ok, there's a lose lose situation. You hit a homer everyone's. Dear dear teabag, like you just took this guy, then if you strike out a very makes funny, you say only way you can do anything. Good is kind of walk. So when I use a face with his prayers, I would just try to put the ball and play in Get Alec is, as I just get it over with just give them
our eyes. I certainly by major courier uri- is zero point: zero, zero! Isn't it that is correct that good for you, man waited go! Ok, I'm sorry! It'll get these craftspeople he's behind the plate. Ninety mile, in our fastball, coming toward him. Sixty four six inches away. That zero point forty six seconds for him to react. Ok, now he's got set up a target, but if something happens The guy throws low when he was expecting high. He throws inside respecting outside he has then half a second, the jump in front of this ball and the first why should I have for you J B, something I wanted to ask countries were really long time how import and actually is the target Does it actually matter where you put your gloves in order to stop the ball or in order for the pitcher actually to did pitcher good pitch? Does it matter at all, scientifically speaking, shooter? That's that's the course yourself.
Since it is so so. What's up, then it's a burglar questions when you see a picture. I mean sorry a catcher after he makes the call so you're in that crowd, and I know it's hard to talk about your, not crouch. You make the call right, you give you little finger sign, but then you shift position. Do you give their side does not mean anything or is that some kind of like at all
Hey man like all my heart. Is that really what is the commissioner's? There is part of it. That's that's, not real, not hear certain things. Are you trying to mask, obviously in baseball you're, trying to get a farm setting up in and there's a guy and dug out their eyes that sees me set up in early most time. Setting up, it is gonna, be fastball, and they may be relieved that so there's a lot of different things. Are you trying to do to master, but is question about the target year mean you try to give a guy a visual? That's why they ITALY's supposedly some guys some pictures now say that on a breaking ball, they're not aiming at my mediterranean my mask because, though, is that the hidden like you that less because they want to started there because of his brain boss starts at my mass than is gonna, be probably in the strike zone when it gets to me so different things, I think the biggest one is. We know how one guy stand up and fastball up, I think that's the big
target the guys because you're always talk, throw down, throw down so late in the late in the so when it's when the counts late, when we try to do is as we try to throw a fastball up, because it's the fast falls on the same plane and I'm sure you can speak to this to as if the fast balls on the same plane. If I throw a breaking ball, I want to try to make the breaking ball. Look to our eyes, keeps like it's gonna, just say a straight: the limits are so if there is a rise in our side view you, the fastball, be straight and then you'd want to breaking border comrade offer that serve once you later and the cow and others most times break balls. They throw fast walls up for that reason, because you want to think that's a breaking bar whatever they chased it, it's an easy out, but sometimes, if you don't put the target up there, there so used to throwing down that in all of a sudden. Like this. If I don't do this right, the thing that sucks about a cancer is goes wrong. Is your fault? It's my fault. I saw as egg J P,
Why didn't you have your glove of a mighty deeds, making twenty million bucks he can throw about it? It's my father, so that there are many other certain times and again certain times were all pretend. I'm gonna throw a ball in the dirt. Just show that I'm throwing and- and I know that it's gonna be a fast bala, because again you're always trying to hide things. Are you doing because the other team is trying to really about camouflaged chuck so go to a framework as night J P just mention two things: ok, fastball up motor the animals in breaking bar. So from physics standpoint. Yes, how two things happen. One, do you get a fast bar to go up and hadn't breakin bow to break and drop above all start imply yeah and was there I was starting to his room and what we will start with the brain importers. What forces are in play? You, a baseball, as you know, is got places, are right, and so,
the raised laces theoretically. Allow for Nepal is coming through and you're holding in just a certain way, and you spin it as you throwing it what's going on happens, you're gonna create airflow, that goes on one side of the ball different from the other side of the wall and your goal is to make it so that it'll pushed the ball away from a straight line. Go sideways right, a simple! Example you, if you vote they withall before, knows the balls holes in it right. Yes, this plastic thing, and so hit the thing and the ball just kind of floats up and does weird stuff back and forth, left and right and and it makes a nice a softer, the kids can catch it without hurting themselves, but in the major leagues? You have the real ball and actually hurts if an interface right and you have these little laces that are causing the breakdown actually a number of them, esters theses- my phd as far as I know, but master theses trying to explain why the ball actually moves, because, if you just do, first order, physics, calculation, those late.
High enough to effect the smooth flow of air over a bald cause it to break, but it does break breaking balls. Do break Japan is not just an illusion yen and into bring up to that point to an absurd you can answer. This is other quite a bit of like people who watch baseball here. Do so anyway. There was a baseball for most by love. Ass guys. We gather realise that they want a boy it's to do. Do you guys realise we We started out with you guys or a ground balding. I just I just thought measly baseball was extremely wasteful. Now we re are economical, but so what happens is Scots on the ball resource? So if I get a ball under right pitchers, you should tell me like don't, don't throw it out until the umpires Ike throw it out because it happens is, and you can be too. This is if the ball scuffed, which scuffed means on the bar, there's a scratch on board.
Some guys scratch it themselves, which is also known as cheating year, await? Who is the guy? Who used to have a little negro am paper in love? No fear, don't you, why are you gotta? Be black man was up That's! My real name is quite white. That's so no really! But yet, and so it was, it was actually caught like taking a little sandpaper room was happens is sought. There's some pictures user to in what they do? Is they put the scratched part of the bar assert? way depending on which way they wanted to move. So there was pictures that I knew if there was a ground ball or if I was throwing a ball down a second. If I can skip it and get it to be scuffed, I would call a pitch, and I can tell instantaneously that the ball without looking at it, that it was scuff, because I knew the ball wouldn't move his normal fastball would move or is normal
what move did the same amount? That's not! So that's why, when you guys was the game in your life Why are they always throwing all these balls out is because literally these they're so good, and you can speak about the physics, but as soon as you get up all that scuffed and all of a sudden, the ball moves to inches of it's gotta goes foreign which is that's a lot of movement. That's that's a big ass, a big difference it's like kicking the valve on a penalty shut in soccer right. You just causing the ball. And the air to interact and unpredictable way, based on the fact that the ball is not perfect, spherical, not the rising fastball checking Gary the question I want ass J P, also because physically you're not supposed to be able to throw a rising vaseful What now wait a minute. I say this as an actual physicist that, from a physics perspective when you are throwing a fast ballsy, the mound is a little higher than home plate right. So when you're throwing
from the picture of the batter into the batteries bought up out of the ballot box or produced in the EU in the strikes outbreak you're. Actually, throwing a ball downhill a little tiny bit. There is literally no way to cause about to go up the word so around fastball most physicists are quite certain. Actually in allusion. It's just a fastball, it doesn't go downward and so it looks like it goes upward and- and I will to ask a major player who has experience is actually a ball to his knowledge. Jamie, as ever actually did down and back up again purposely. No, Yes, we're right here, you kids, who he is right, he's right in a sense because what happens is unlike in you can correct me if I'm wrong, I think from when the guy releases the ball to when it gets to the capture. The ball drops. Eight inches, ok, ok
what the misnomer is that it's a rise fastball, but it's not rising. It just doesn't drop as much, and I got you so that's the biggest thing in our whole or whole career. If I have done as a kid everything you're used to the wall coming down, if I can find somebody that spins the ball at a high afraid that the borders and drop Nazarite as yet we normally draw yeah, because it because the eyes your eyes, I'm not used to Again- and you said we have point four seconds to make a decision literally I'm when I was hitting, I mean you have to trust, rise! Susan ball comes out. What's coming to your head other than the squirrel stuff what's come into, my head is is what the ball! It's doing, what the ball, where the balls can be when I swing, how am I going to make contact right? So what these guys?
and this is why guys that are throwing ninety miles an hour. They blow guys away compared against or ninety eight, because the Gatt, it's no ninety one out of his hand, you might think he's gonna end up here on its necessarily is ended up here. So really they, the rising fastball, is just a not dropping fast falling. The real? That's the real name of it, the not dropping fastball! That's we're losing our common, oh yeah! That's all down to spin rate that a pitiable furthermore, our arab turn Can you tell us why? Why is the spin rate so important to support what shape he is talking about in the not dropping fastball, which is pressure forever, now be known as a spin reign of a ball is the most important thing that determines whether or not it will interact with the air smoothly or unspeakably right.
If he was saying also after the spin there's a Nick's in the ball You're say the laces and things like that can make a difference if you want to have something not move. You to try to make it spin as little as possible. Scuse me in some cases as fast as possible reign, the faster. Go, the less likely it is that the balls motion will be influenced by random air activity. You want spent in a strange and unusual way. In order to me, it work and Crete a breaks anything. So we can escaping from the batting point of view. And let me say, while I have an oral amendment remember here in the news in your debut with the Tron Abou Jays. When you get a home in your first, it back and then went on to get another home run the same day forgets on your opening day put into home runs. I dont know if any,
Materials has done that before by remember going out on the news. That was pretty amazing. I want you to know that J, P, societal and one of us can hide off. Thank you, nice. So so let me get yet so let me can gradually getting stuff. Ok, just real, quick outside yes, so you watching a ball coming in when you're about to hit it? If you see that- Spinning fast, you look they can see the spit right if it But what is slower? That's when you can see the spinning. Oh, this is another come in and yet be careful with it. I can see the spin. That means it's moving, spinning so quickly that it's likely not to break, and therefore you can probably predict what the ball is. Gonna, be one against over the plague right. Well, yeah. Exactly you want to see out of the hand if you, if you see any kind of laces, any kind of red, usually it's an off speed pits or, as opposed to have you see more of a Cuba.
Let us get to be a fastball when you're not doing well in almost like a Cuba. So you're really is rubble, that's good! That's then! That's all you know your eyes aren't working but you're. Not to your point I mean you see it because I am now learning because of the amount of spin out of hand. I could tell ok that was something that's not a fastball. It would compute in my head cool man very cool. What we gotta take a break, so we have I think it's ball. I coordination. While that sounds very gay daylight, that's got chuckling like at least so I am so into this year. We are going to die in ball. I coordination Johnny Chuck works with agony mile zone we'll take a break, and when we come back, we will
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Shut up, here s a really had, I'm surprised, you heard it all before how do yes, this is playing with fire, and we are here to help myself worse than we are really to be here with really Rog, Especial Guess, auto cushion from Itunes and J P, an insidious format, major League baseball player and, as I said, before the one and only Charles Lou right talk about pitching Charles, I think J p he's got a little bit of an interest in batting eighty home runs by the way.
This man, here total area, is highly envy. Eighty, but holds the record, still still holds the record for what twenty three home runs for throughout a blue days as a culture that still stands right, still stand ogoni, three berries and incredible and is Charles alluded to before the brake on these major league debut first all I'm run well. What do you think we're? That's when that happens? Lay ok, search your amazingly debut she first too bad you get up there and you pop a home run. It did you say to yourself like damn: it is all down from here yeah. I remember us has not really nervous. Ours is ready for this maternity leave, a long road to get major League game,
I'm in the Middle EAST and in all these different stop. So we haven't in baseball that yeah forcing, unfortunately people only see the a lot of New Hampshire Fisher cats springs to mind. That song about talk about us not augur well, but LAS Vegas was where I was at the longest and that's where I almost died a few times, but whose it was worth. It worries long journey, totally we're what about that. Anyone have that drink. First ball home run major league, because if I was a baseball player and up, I would add that dream. Mr reality credible detour to us during the brake about density of woods and arrive pitch that question no pun intended. It was to Charles Gopher. It were wouldn't. When I went to my struggles, I started struggle and obey nicely thought that I would use lighter
smaller bad, that it would help me and a hidden codes, told me your power hitter, the bigger harder heavier more dense would would be more useful for you, a soda I'm? U those covered. I was gonna. U cares they all those words together and not expect me to do something with it and so honestly, I started using but mentally. I can adjust and say man if I use a heavier bad as I always thought it was slowly my hands with ideas, and so I was here and take it. Let me let me get around on the swing quicker and a lighter bat will help me do that I'll get around on the swing quicker. I can meet the bar faster, but junior pinching codes. You say no hidden, cohering code. Sorry
You see how much I know about this he's saying you need to have your back cuz you're, a power hitter yeah. So what happens if she said lighter back since it's lighter your body, you try more when it's a heavier bat, you try to do less, but also when a heavier- and this is my question- is when a heavier billet of wood, so when they stay bake in a wood, bad, it's it's a diesel lumber and lay down, so it's there's heavier billets, there's denser would there's harder, would rise or visa heavier bad when it hit the ball the boy. Going to go further, and so I got convinced when I started struggling start using this bat first game. I use the bad guy when I hit two home runs, and I was like I just recall, and then when I would hit balls on not the sweet spot, part of that there were still leave in the park and I was like complete sold
nowadays in you in an older times, guys used to use much heavier bats, it was a big difference. Now everyone wants he's a lighter ban. I still try to events guys. I did you still used to go with the heavy about the bigger heavier their heavy, a beggar heavier about. Everybody knows why bigger! So that's! Ok, feelings about big heavy work, tat we well, is that you are the expert year on good. Would it good day goes in a baseball bat. The fiddler thing of course, the major Liese haven't rules right, just like you, Vienna, that are required. Cause you to inflate your balls to a certain pressure, whether or not you want to the same is true with baseball bat. You can only have a certain no lying burdened with sir not a pine tar, certain density things like that: ok,
you may remember: there was a controversy some years ago about people putting cork in your bats, re opening up some bungee stuff inside new capital? Will you make the ball bounced a little bit off, offer your them that a little bit more so here's the physics Reggie you bet. Your batting coach was correct in that. If you have a heavier bad you swing it around and you are creating more momentum in your back so and when you transfer that momentum to the ball, when you hit it, it will go farther. The problem course is that it requires more talk. You have to generate that extra earning of your wrists and your arms elbows, eventually denoted a move that back head. Asked enough to transfer that momentum. The main issue is a matter of contact. If you can contact a ball pulling while swinging a figure heavier bad. You have your bad, is gonna, work,
If you can't get the bad around, though, if you don't have the arm strength, we run the risk strength. Then he's back. The world isn't gonna help you, because that fast is gonna blow on right, but that makes sense yet because that's what is coach was saying: you're a power hitter. Therefore, you need to have your bad. It makes sense in whose pointers guys I mean did gifts, guys that I was always able to hit a ball far, and so that was my gift. There was guys that can't hit the ball farther. That's some guys can throw hard some guys can't it's just genetically whatever they have. But that was one thing I was, and so when I was able to start using those heavier, that's it, it really made a huge difference. I gotta go Helen about eyeballs myself, us jape he's been hit. Many a time Vienna, catcher right away, you, but you go down you get it square, so just for you which her worse getting a foul Tippin in in the cup or is it just a ball that hit the dirt and came up with a square on?
that, you share your eyes. I have a great story now universally. So are you comfortable yeah density, dental further the deeds will understand this alone. The more I think would so first off there's this thing called the naughty buddy you guys to check it out of its action. On our mandate is again, and neither was as you, video value, but that's correct, and this is a protection This right is to compartments for compliance So what check it out on you to do the way he the way he advertising Is he stands in front of a pitching machine and just takes a ball and just takes up square and internationally? That's it out that that that that works, unless I find him later on that same with a dominatrix Larry's amass. Ok, now you just now you just you're full of people, because so the money,
the money, what he saw have actually have umpires that we're not anybody's nowadays, thankfully, but work to my point was story. The protection from down up is not the best, so cow balls right once I have one time I gotta Bob Ray and hid in the dirt ricocheting straight up right his legacy from that from, I bought up James Bond earlier, but men went out James Bond and they sat down oh casino Roy others had so I literally that's pain. I hop off the field, ok into bathroom this in the dugout ray the trainers obviously chasing me down at this point I do there's a guy. Going on right, and so I put down my hands and light Tell me is not bleeding tell me, is not lawyers,
turn off. I was a little was able to get back get back out finish there, at the bar and again, this is low much without neither borrows a little nose. It Anville Ginger wants a few whiskeys, the now get. The girl would have a serious question, real quick, though so over at the speed of the bat Riah. If the speed of the bad is the same as the speed of the ball when it hits and come up and handsome, does that mean that the ball is gonna stay at the same speed? Does the speed of the ban? impact the speed of the ball interest rate I'm sorry, we got a graphic, no y know I did. I did want to know some visited like now, there's something called exit velocity of a bad way. Exit invalids want to certain exit velocity coming off your back, and you know so by the way a ninety miles an hour pitch. What was the exit velocity off the ground to J peace? Boss
you really don't know it could be higher, it could be lower, it could be visiting you. It's like a velocity. Do a guy who s a talk about eggs of laws that you all the time but can't represent around it exit velocity is just very simply how fast the ball leaves the bat right you bad common in balls, come in. They hate each other, and this was go in this way- and then it goes that way- the ball all you need to know the civil law city it on too many factors to predict at any given time, but there are two things that are port right. Not only is you have to get the speed of the ball off the back, you have to figure out the angle of the ball off the baddies, brain if you are hitting, I don't care if the balls at that coming off the bad at a hundred miles an hour or fifty miles an hour sixty miles an hour? follow, we will killer in where they ain't it still out right. So the best speed
matters because you have to be to get around on a hundred mile an hour fastball. You got these guys now who is throwing a hundred everyday right? I mean Odalis guys like that, but really, if you have a if you're really trying to figure out how to optimize rebuild the hit. It's not the speed that matters is whether or not you can get the ball to weather the fielders art he's gonna hit a home run right? You wanted, angle ago. I was up. I know that eating coaches told your people try to get line drives. But really, if you try to leave your power, you don't you want to get out of the park. You did a forty. Five degree, Angle Charles, I think GPS, another question yeah. So another thing I did you I needed squirrels getting laws eyes. I love it. I loathe talk in this cause so then some of the furthest homegrown us some of the further Tom runs overhead. I realize in the barrel, the seams were indented in, The bad, and so there was a there's, a Mason, I don't know they're always you say you caught us
If you had a boss, CERN super super long distance, it was, that you have actually look at a bad after you, ve hit a homo, Would you call the white part of the life of today's bomb or Spain or the all right on the sea, because if I because again in older women- and you say that you have actually look at that after you- ve hit a home run and the scene with is intended yes, and so in maple I mean ass. You can see a lower, but a maple if you'd square cause guys. Going to clean there back to another thing is: is guys always clear their bats, because you want to see where you're hitting the ball back as a swede spots. Are you wanna be able it's it's all the things that go into, but one that when you hit since it's a clean bat when you hit a ball good, a I know actually, where I hid it cause you can see it especially the longer homewards. You see the seems the invention of the schemes on the back so I just want to know how is it that makes sense? It that's asylum,
the difference, Charles the hearing, the same or hitting the white space, does that make a difference of why the Mattel two ways that it could make a difference. Ok, one way is, the white part of the ball is superior, then the seems so you catch the seemed you may be able to hit the ball with em clean shot without slippage. So there Like guinea fowl took what happens if you catch a piece of the ball and its spins away, If you hit it almost seems you might be able to get a little more friction so that even if it's not exactly square you might be able. So is this gettin rid our wider, but here is the same reason why the pitcher grips the seems, the bat gripping the sea was to say where the pitcher throws. The ball excellent point
that is as yet more spin. I thought if you, if you're, if we sort of cut across all major league baseball rules, what would be the perfect material to make to cork a bat Abatte so as a power will be like J P? he could do is thing and not worry about. Tell us from astrophysical employee is. How can we invite asked that this aim? If we have, if I want the perfect that I would actually use an aluminum that really like it if you're, probably remember from college right that that ball, which, as I off that aluminum ban as the tape repo aids them. When you were in college, did you love playing with an illusion that, as a huge Lou, college silver shiny, very
you guys are no longer able to do this, and I saw you all you gotta do is also a little did that one I've known you start looking after separately, but no seriously wise aluminum, so great material wiser work better. Ok aluminum is very light for its yet it still heavier than would ride denser than what I should say you, but You can make a kind of hollow the typical aluminum bat isn't filled all the way through with Loom Epps. You got some space in the middle. You got the sort of, what do you too rigid they bounce back and forth limit that you last hissing, where there is a second point about here. The ball and laces that matters rank ass, a J P recite, yet the bomb laces. What when you're getting is a little extra compression right. The laces are up by afresh.
Move an inch and if you hit that lace, just regular electrical impression, you have a little bit longer to transfer more energy from the back to the ball. Therefore you can get a better launch of the box. That says it is basically a spring load is what you're saying if you have an aluminum bat? That's got a little bit to give to the bitter hollowness in it. You're just gonna, and tat of a longer period of time to transfer energy. Therefore, your little bill extra rebound offer that a dialogue gyp you that that makes two terms of matter of Gibbered can feel it. Right. The contact with the ball is just a fraction of a second but ever feel like when you get a ball really really well, it seems to hang on a bad just that little tiny bit longer than when you just get a piece of it as its almost the opposite. When you hit you, when you hear the Super square with the wood bat.
You don't feel it which is unaware of the latter. I don't know I thought, that's why they call the sweet spot is because there's no reverberation in your hands through the Yet when I had a ball good, I knew as soon as I heard it. As I was saying, I was a guy is right? Can I take a raising? The right time does not really have a cold shower. You got a couple of minutes. Right will have some sixty when we go around his years jogging then bowed his mouth money,
the important thing, for instance, that was lacking was very resigned area. What was it ensures? Majority final settlement, open it up to you guys like questions from the floor, please you must have some we came out. We have only on that issue with the might of leather. Has a shoes, the victim of your choice, because so please introduce yourself. Jason were here at self by South West and a big focus of things here been virtual reality in odd men and reality just wanted and maybe get a sense from J P or maybe from Charles how that's currently being used. As far as sports performance
hence man, how it might be used in the future around his eyes, you guys it's just just a direct you to play with side, show the Zodiac regarding. Technology is changing football and that would be american forebore guess we do address exactly that issue, but now absolutely right away, I free for go grab under your you'll, hear a lot more than we could explain June. In terms of this answer now and by the way, just just for the distinction. Say so. The virtual reality is completely Mercer. That's where you put on the goggles and you are in that world without leaving where you are the augmented reality. Terminator so remember, Terminator wing landed and he looked rams. I did it and he saw all the different stats. That's augment it So exactly what you said is great, so Holden when what is Europe doing?
all right. Now, it's it's more viewing in starting its, not virtual reality whatsoever, but their due in real time analytics. Also, what we're doing we're talking about route efficiency now route, road, officiant sea would be a guy plainly. Outfield is taking the most direct path to catch. It the second that he catches. The ball boom were actually the workin on ties. Victory yea,. You're very go so there look at it that look at its root. How fast was his initial jump and what they're trying to do that way? So that would be the Terminator birthday right. This is calculating how quickly and how efficiently somebody in outfielders getting will border doing a lot defensively in the disease in game or training. This is in game, while you're viewing a lot of the things that we're looking right now,
to make baseball more exciting, ok, seriously, myriad as they are not its laws and what resources rod excise bats. There are a lot of guys, the biggest baseball's it's boring and we're trying to you know we're trying to get more people involved in illicit in order to arrive at a salary. Every other sport like any fell and drought are using to JP a strike, is the using right. You, radio, transmitters in that and exactly chips in the past. Now. As far as the VR goes. That's interesting because I've talked to a guys in a major league baseball. They say that they really don't trust it, yet they don't trust it to where they can bring it to their players. Let's say you're in the batting cage you're. Taking a acts boy. There is virtual reality. Let's say you are facing Randy Johnson and rights using this reality. I guess maybe them perfected it to the point where you guys, who feel comfortable. I know a NASCAR. There are guided the dry
but our I lose the alike as NASCAR those those cars causing crap little money. So we it's better to crash the virtual then the real car, but but but J P with you as a player, feel as though you would benefit from something where you could be in an environment. Where are your practising the same thing over and over again without
and then actual game day situation immensely. I think it's usually it's gonna change sports Justin in football, hotter there having guys, go under centre and be able to read defences before inopportune, because the one thing I did learn another nor as a rookie and everyone talks about experience and I used it is we didn't stop with the experience, but that's what the? Why guys continue to get better through their career? Why guys? Because the more times that I could see a pitcher, so if I face a guy ten times twenty times, that's why somebody's veterans people like why are they so good? Because when I face a guy fifty times, PETE Alessi completely events in Eu Pitch? I know everything that he's got, and so, if I can sit there and watch,
what dispatch does over and over and over and over it's going to be it's going to make a huge difference now like to your point, is how real is it, because I don't want to be able to sit there and watch all these things and then, when I get into the game, not it not be the same thing and then even to the point of- and this is scientifically you know, Charles is When you're thinking there, we say when you think I'm just too late, so if I'm in the box,
trust my eyes, and I have to think ok. That is that this is the other. I'm done I got. No chance of another part is being overrun formed and that's the thing that in four baseball now for drivers, I have a friend who's in India car driver and he he loves the virtual reality because they can raise on the track before they ever get into it. So I mean, I think I think he's gonna change the game right now, baseball the only thing that they used to do as they have a screen, the Yankees havin. Some teams, don't really have some guys do it's a screen, and so they put a pitcher. That's your facing there's little hole on the screen and do just the ball comes out of their, but that's more just for timing, sake and purposes, because if I can like Webby, my timing for the people and baseball is like if, if I'm hitting, the guy has a leg kick and it's a certain like cake or if is wind up is a certain tempo. I'm going everything is
its timing, I'm going off of that picture. So if I can, I can get his timing down. That's half the battle, and so that's more than anything but ya. Think in a more more you can see something, and you don't have to think in your eyes. Can just your you were there before it happened and then, of course, I think virtual reality is gonna, be a huge. An integral part of the sports super cool man faces. Is that satisfy you fabulous right? these are next victim, westernize she's very keen is, I know, people here, so this so more on more on the behavioral science side, a question for JP I've always wondered watching a hundred and sixty two games a year. You get to know who the and are and who cycling through and whose at home play. So I've always wondered how much you factor that in to their differences of how they call a whether or whether reside in the box and then and then also how that changed. Now that viewers,
com can actually see where the agenda. That's very that's a request of Israel as a runner for light, because different umpires had to call games differently what You gotta know that, even though the rules are designed, even though the roses- and so we in baseball there is literally I get it. I would get a sheet every game, and that said, these are the cold and hot zones of that umpire. So some impact may have a higher strike zone and others. Obviously the strike zone is a strike zone, but they have tendencies like anybody else and then also you have two part of it has been a psychologist back there cuz a lot of these guys their egos. There's guys you have tat you have to like punter tyres. I gave you a free and so good tonight, like you were believable out and then there's something really appreciate what you do rather a serious. Nobody knows,
I will just those guys you have to? U have to like punter tyres. I gave you three and so good tonight, like you, learn believable out and then there's something I have you got. It got great but tenders and then there's some guys. It's legit. They would try to stick it. To a point where I've watched guys backed off the empire. I'm back there, and I know that whatever we throw he's called the strike because he's pissed off at the guy mad, so an end date in there. So I mean there's so many things we could talk for ever, but there's or even to the point that the point of, if you are aware, when a guy gets upset, the strike gray didn't look. So back at the umpire now they'll put their heads down and those right, they'll suckers. They saw a scuffle, occur in item because if you look back at the empire, there eagle no because I asked us like work. If the jailer, if you'd look, I fired done so because,
what happens? Is that as an doesn't happen in future as an umpires as an umpire, if I'm looking at the empire,. Everybody knows that I am speaking so he is a mere boy, and so that's why guys? Because again, if you that's a good sign, respect. If you look like you just gave me such a new perspective on this game. I never what you know. There's a public debate right now: as to whether or not we should allow cameras and computers to call balls and strikes noted huge, huge debate right now and it's the same reason why we have to. Replay in the NFL? So after hearing this, I never see cameras, clear browsing rights ever work, is that is ass. I say no changes because virtually though be breaking balls, boss, lighters whenever that hit the dirt and when they cross the the quote, unquote, K zone
it's in the air is passing through the strike, but it sitting the dirt. There's no you're calling that strikes others theirs. Allow me to say that this is for ever going to be a subjective call me as there is for whatever, if I can ever have any say in it, but all players the same way because again also two's wood and I'm sure you can speak to this as well. Way over. My pay, great is, is an education is We ve been talking about moving the strike, sewn up or down cracked and part of the reason and they cause? They think that moving the strike zone up is going to make more contact, which is harder to hit a bore up than downwards. That's that their completely wrong on, but the other. What is the reason? Why did I think they're trying to move the strike zone is because literally, if you watch the case on baby pictures, it'll pass through at the bottom of the strike zone, he's right behind or play, there's no way that that could be a strike, but for what they have right. Now, that's a strikes it there's. A lot of things are so
have to be ironed out. But again I wish that they had us Mighta because its. And then especially when I pay extra for the one I'm when I'm not and when I'm not happy with the empire that it is more. This thing in my life, I am what are you? What are you doing, and I haven't you d stuff on your breath, visas on our wear, my because there's there's a point: good with guys and I'm nice to them, but if you ve ever talk to the catch her, like he's the empire, like oil and adding right there's? Another catcher right he calls the strikes, and you turn back to the capture write a life ever tell you your mother's, a hore. That would tell you that I mean I'm just talking to you. Not the umpire like funny story. So do you know you guys know Kawasaki he's with the cubs. Now you guys have seen was ignoring Eleanor, exactly four thousand or so in Japanese
please than others, and he he he would call the umpires Tori term in Japanese, sweet, politically correct, you'd call the person homer homosexual too, but he would say he would like look at them and just get all over them and say bad things to them and and he'd do it Miley right. So I wasn't there there thinking that is a guy in Japanese, like whether such a polite culture really are, and we would be dying laughing and because he'd be looking at the empire and just ripping him right in japanese budget smiling the whole way. So gravy Therefore, as I mean, even when I'm not good, this guy's smiled amiable, we army, this too was just completely tearing you advise us of that. There are no empires listening to this. So right back as he's in trouble the secret maybe out, I think we ought to have one more question: Rodya serve. What is your name?
man, I'm assigns teacher urine. Austin Texas gave it a man before you go on. Let me just ask you what Grady you teach? I teach earthen spaces to high school seniors. Ok, my condolences on use values. I was sorry for you, sir, I'm so terribly sorry, but you are a true saint good for you. What's yours Don't you like me to make some connections for us between the bar colliding with the bad and galaxies colliding with other guy It's got eyes, Jerry Variety really! away: the warning, but also to gather so cool from science teacher Pokemon astrophysicist. But let me put it this way: The collision of two galaxies is like the collision of to be hives. The star. Where's inside them, just like the bees in the hide
actually hit one another. So there's not actually a lot of physical collision right so in terms of a bat hitting a ball of the park. You're not gonna, have a star hitting another star and knocking it out of the galaxy, but you have something does cool, if not even cooler, because the gravity of the systems will make them slingshot out without then touching one another. You can throw bows millions of stars out into on title tales are just flat out. The space you to throw planets. Their solar systems, you throw moons away from their planets and Medusa come close enough that your gravity will cause that to fling away. So in yes, it is Furthermore, cheer the crack of the bat, We will see fireworks well beyond one thing hitting another because you're going to have in the galaxy colliding with another one, five works, celestial cosmic accident like YO,
did anyone by bind our eyes prize ball fireworks. Alright, while this integration I'd like to thank everybody that sat through this hopefully has enjoyed it. Yes, thank you. Add we want to thank everybody at south by southwest for allowing us to be here and do our thing thank you and Andrew to an M m M and of course, our guest J P. Please give it up. Thank you all know. The man with the inquiring mine. Very that you hold it. Yeah guys like Ireland needs no introduction Laguna. Thank you! Love him. If you ve never met before, raise give it up
Madame screen circle observant eyes, hungarian Riley. This has been playing with fire. Thank you. So much like devil may adopt the orange wish. You could listen. Scar, talk commercial free, Joe, star talk on Patriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio
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