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#ICYMI - Golf Tech and Astrophotography, with Jimmy Walker and Neil Tyson

2019-05-09 | 🔗

In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel…. Golf technology and astrophotography – these worlds collide as hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice sit down with professional golfer and astrophotographer Jimmy Walker, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Matt Plumb, former Global Product Line Manager for Nike Golf Clubs.

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode. Commercial free, I'm very rightly, surprise, is playing with fire, and today we explore the universe with its twenty sixteen PDA championship winner GB Have you ever wondered where geeks and jobs collide? You are in the right place, because it's right here and he's right now, yeah and check this out. Jimmy Walker has his own personal telescope and the at a comma desert trained on the star. So when he's not seeking pots he's shooting stars, because we can let him hook up with our best friend, as you know him better as your own,
no astrophysicist doktor, Neil De Grass ties, but it's not all about amazing Astro photography. Jimmy draws us into the gulf. Take this reshaping the clubs, the courses and even the planet. Themselves, plus giving us inside knowledge on Gulf Turkey's form, a global product lie manager of Nike, golf clubs, and now Nike Gulf Shoes Map, plum, yep. Going to be one of those shows and, yes, you are going to love it or I talk. Let's introduce our guest, absolutely he's at the twenty sixteen Pga championship winner he's a six times on the Pga tour. So far, he's been selected to to Ryder CUP teams one president's cup team and I believe that where we have Ogilvy, I yeah his on that same team.
I am one of the Pyrenees tour star players literally and figuratively, which I can't wait to get into that cause will find that out into a minute yeah. It's none other than Mister Jimmy Walker. Jimmy welcome to private science. How are you a good thing for me on the gas word: six wines and basically counting. I was good you're, always win right we're, not writing you. I never write you a model. We have the good doctor with stock to new digress Thyssen and you and this one a concise, a prize but intrigue to me. You're not strove photographer, sir. That's amazing! How on earth did you get into that and I get and I'll stand is a is a kid. I had a telescope and looked at the moon, and older and our first job I was being born in it was kind analysed. Where I was always. My wife said: hey. Are you want the Christmas about telescope?
it started there and then I was fascinated with all the pictures and stuff that I'd seen that everybody had been taken. First amateurs and should then be critical. Let me try that my backyard well, you couldn't. I learn you can do that very well from the city lights and so just turned into an obsession they get to darker and darker places than I got better and better equipment and challenges that how it all started sought. So I got nothing against God, I'm only here, because your actual photography, in this interview. Yeah, I beg it will get a nail. You know you ve talked you saved graduate data had so much Jimmy. I have to ask you: because I'm on your wages, as I hear he's gotta website. Yes,
private secret avocation right wasn't? I did now say something that he reference. Amateur astronomers, an amateur astronomer is an expert in the night sky. That's right do not confuse amateurish strong with amateur neurosurgeon half hour where you would not go to them an amateur showed up on their door by the way, that's why I have no feeling in my left leg, amateur asserted so so amateur astronomers, actually a badge of honor in our feel. These are people who live for their access to the night sky and it made it a hobby like none other, and they are the ones who get you around an act and just ask him about the telescope and I'll talk to you for the next hour. Well that jury. What what? What do you pack out? Ok, Let's give me I got go that way you will you have. I am using a sixteen Ricky create in
you mean you're gonna, get tired. Non portable, tell us and is I am actually just got it set up in that a comma desert in Chile. I mean literally like three days ago, so he shifted out from California in its its literally in Chile. Right now, you just last year, amateur stated: I don't know, jockeys checking that you website and I'm sort of rubbish. Here when we went on. I guess we also one other thing: the Atacama desert. Yes, look it up in the Guinness Book of records, it is the driest place on earth, sniffer rain. The right has never rain and a little bit that it was right. I think somebody was peering at the top and didn't I too am I an and rain comes from clouds. So it's basically one of the cloud, a cloud less cloudless places on earth. So he knows where he puts his telescope Jamie disaster
bread and twenty clear idea, the three hundred and twenty clear nights a year that we could run. I gotta say no, no, you it's great to see you so excited Jerry. You like we ve. Never seen of this excited to have a guest or especially, spoke ass. You ve gotta talk of stray dogs Skywalker because it sounds like half sky at night, half star wars, so you better explained for a novice like make a man in our objects that came up with our by myself. Is this tonight. I offer a dark sky and Skywalker in STAR wars, and this time it all together- and I was actually shocked that the domain name available, and I, when I look for, but just I just thought it was a good play on words: is you know it carried out
that way so is good. I loved so Jimmy I'm looking at these images and for those of you interested at home, it's dark, Skywalker, dot, com array and you'll see Jimmy's images. These are so stunning and they're, so professional I have to admit there there so amateur there. So am I yet that does that my feel right. That's what s the good! That's it that's! A big compliment is the most professional atrophies can't do they do that little matter there? Is there so amateur, Anders sober of rational? I honestly, I obviously thought you'd took these often NASA dot com dislodged your name on it or some of them. But how do you process these? How do you? How does what is the process of coming up with this final image? I'm just
Curious it's gotta, be tat. You dont have to get to know each other out of the shop. Get such a bad name today, because everybody thinks it's correcting flaws in people's faces. In Hollywood deal, they thought I shouted and actually an incredibly powerful some of them and that's what all the Hubble images are together on what all the Mars Rover staff and allspice together all using other chapters in the cradle of the programme and that's what I use so take a picture milder right, you're not pay by Adobe, I'm not the satisfying that I'm just like it. It takes a lot of time. It takes hours now hours to get a good signal, you got to think when you're shooting into the middle of the dark sky there's nothing there. You have to accumulate a lot, a lot, a lot of smoke time on a picture and then so
Demonic, grown cameras ago, red green and blue and shoot breach, color I do a black and white draw the detail about it. You don't know how these pictures have over twenty four hours were the data you just use software to stack the pictures on top of each other and increase below. And that's how you get a really clean. Pretty image is not noisy. Why Do you think I am sure that you take a picture in a dark room with yourself on camera. You can't do it it, let's all excited a nasty in, and so that imagine that
in the middle of the night in space and to take a picture, something that you can't see. So it takes hours and hours and hours now ass. He did so what's going on, there is in a very low signal. The picture you get is mostly. Noise are actually in, and you see as as having for those who are uninitiated. Noise would be distortion, no, no, no, not distorted. Well, they just it's it's. While it could come from many different places, it could be just the temperature of the camp. Ok, when you take a picture at the beach, bright son and the exposure to thousands of a second raw. The light you need is there in that fraction of a second when duets Jimmy said. If you'd look, if it's a photographic, something your eyes can't see, you just told it's there, you got open up the shutter inches. Leave that all running or accumulate enough data, and what happens is that as you accumulated the thing, that's their builds right,
and the noisy. When I say noise is a visual noise, I saw the noise, that's their sometimes up, sometimes down that ultimately cancels out, but the signal that you're after bills. So you increase your signal relative to the noise and he stacking when he says stack. Iraqis are all these images nor is going in every direction, but the thing is at a signal, as always is always there. It's always written as he stacks from the signal rises up out of the firmament and he's getting gets his beautiful pictures any does, and one other thing he just said it, but I got a big emphasise it. You you, you taking blackened my photos through collar filters. Right is still a black and white photo, but it's what the sky would register coming through a collar filter you take the orgy, be black and white pictures put them together through our Gb Light, and you get a full color photo right and that's that's how we do it. We don't use color film not to apprehend running ok, yeah your bill,
elements by element. Yes, you are that's great brokers, enemy. I mean you her. You we'd just went through your list of honest there and that's a dream for just about any sportsmen. Losers are no money. Demand made not only to be made dollars? Now I don't know we don't want a lifeline is telescope to add a calmer this means that this ban on a man's frozen over Skype right now, he's happy as if of gesture smile the shower, I was out all of those things that must have given you such a professional buzz as a sportsman. But what was the biggest thrill going with the telescope causes a lot of detective work, a lot of time, as you ve explain what was the biggest through. What was the one for sat, looked anger I am so proud of that one. I think some of that. I think some of the Galaxy pictures that I've taken- and it's not just the foreground- galaxy that I've that I've gone after its being able to pull out
The background stuff. I get rid of the noise and the other show stuff from an amateur sided Billy light years away, they know that somebody look at one of my pictures and there's five to ten thousand galaxies and one picture to me: that's that's a real accomplishment. An amateur Ashraf interpret it as your part of her. A duty to take a picture? The man he's gonna, do a picture about wine pretty much, but is it so bright and at the pallor, just explode been Elden dig out that stuff way in the back down? on these measures are that's life. Everything can you talk about this in the locker room, Janshah took about asking a lot over the other guys, I'm not. Other guys range where a man here comes Jimmy. We're gonna have to talk about galaxies I'm never the one that has to bring it up every day is brings it up to me, so it is pretty interesting
a guy's asked our work of answering, stop its engagement at school, I love you as you, like this website, there's a progression of my history with astronomy and earth. Our process data, at the very beginning, it was very wide and over that's raided, my color balance, as often as I get down towards the bottom, I think by the skills who got no better there. I've had a bunch of astronomy pictures of the day. NASA. So that's a big aren't you so there's a website. Api idea- and it say every day- is a beautiful picture from somewhere in the universe, and you can see What are your pictures were? I got a pay dearly and even of work, this one out astronomy picture that yeah right and many people have it as their screen. Saver worthy is the first thing it's or what or the the homepage. You come up to on your own you since you. Why do you have to look at your own website every single time right, which would have something the changes every day, so
situations are getting some appeal D. Actually, I've won ain't, the only it was hinge work without once they gotta Manhattan hands, one over ninety really accurate stuff enemies. I work here I've got seven or eight near cigarettes to do and if you get more with this neighbour Jellia thing as friends ass it. So let me ask you: this is it. This is a silly question, but if you can hit a golf ball tat, any galaxy which one would it be if I get here one at that, yet dramas pretty girl, I'm attacks. You can you get in the darkened spot? It's that it so big, and it's so close you can. So you see with your eyes and have done in the contemplation in Mexico banal
it is clear from my arm. Sometimes disguise really transparent drama is the ethical, the each of our galaxy, to shoot at the core so bright, yet to do hd are type exposure real long and then you can get there. You go deep. He can get all that stuff. Outside and then you ve got a shoe type for the corn. I've got a couple really good pictures of Android on just to be clear to determine how bright something is that you otherwise can't see unless you're in a very dark place ass. How good is photography as well? Just so you know this I saw in drama is the farthest object visible to the it is a human right, all its two million light years or whether the thus single farthest object that we can. We can see it. We got Rebecca yes, and I thought I had got off to a Galaxy but wait here, we have other layer got you know. Gulf has been around the gap in the solar system. You know you realise this and that but see so Jimmy it's fun when you always here,
talk about landing, putting landers on Mars by travelling. All these many miles over these many months leaving earth, which is a moving target to Mars, which has a moving target. She descended to not we're Mars is, but we will be in nine months where they then inasmuch as they always Prince Golf when they do it. This is like a hole in one over. However many could they landed within five kilometer circle on Mars and they it's a better when one than any all at ever hit. So I was always I was out. There was a sport. There was always use. I never play golf, but it was always the reference for how accurate the NASA missions are when they land stuff and creators on Mars, agile, I was going to ask you Jimmy I'm a we know. You have quite a fascination with the universe as that sort of translated itself into an interest in science and is so has that involved itself in your game.
You know it's hard to say you can kind of get wrapped up in your own little world and you're out playing and but there's I was in your life when everything can assume slow down and you realize they manage just a game, and you know when I sit there at nine look up in the sky. I don't see how big it is what's out and the vastness of it like men here were hard. Gunshots, sometimes is like MA programme here with all that gone on important that at the same time it you know your kids, the boy in the same way everything is so right ear, so writing your lap and
the most important thing in all the other status and a washes away. Do you know about waiver? Sorry, are you saying that you have discovered a golf cosmic perspective? The golf course with sounds like to me an exactly what you need is a better. You don't get to hire. You don't get too low. Yet another Michel phase- you you just ask all I can do with it. It's a stabilizing force on the field. I Jimmy shit so bring it back a little bit more terrestrial here. A number of developments with golf clubs, where are we at right now in terms of what's new as far as the text concerned, so the governing bodies of a landed on how fast I got Buckingham off of equal pay, so we can eliminate on distance but scientists and engineers and a tweet, bad thought and now It's about the aerodynamics of the golf ball and always
changing and trying to figure out new ways to put the dimples on the golf. Also they can they got balls. It different certain covers and different layers of ignition side and the way those react to each other? They create more span, they re less, then some symbols. Through their. Why ended a wind better so that all and a little tricks that they're dead? companies are trying to do to get an edge because I like a dog and only come off so fast So I'm a diamond ring Jimmy why they limiting how fast a Balkan come off the gun. Suppose I'm just really fast Swinger what why don't? You understand what wide sorted out, the latter it as if it doesnt have passed. You swing it. In our view, it is weighing it at a hundred thirty miles an hour. There are some a formula, the bar can't come off any faster than this is a cause. This prohibition or restitution-
You are, and that's the number that of the boy itself. Ok, yes, you can such a property, the ball, so I get there. I think I think I'm in it the formula is again come off any faster and eight. They ve got a testing machine, it they hit the faces and if it comes off it point two: five: seven, that's the match legal limit. If you go over that because considered damage the needs to be taken out of play so lemon around that A group of people inventing different kinds of balls for different purposes. Does that mean you can go in there with a portfolio of balls for specific kinds of shots that you take exactly so you ve got a golf course that you know is gonna play really hard and fast and when a balance on a green it and have a hard time,
and you can actually go to a golf ball- that I was going to make love, it will be able to grab it more with the grooves and put more spin on it. A lot of guys, don't really I doubt if it takes a while to get acclimated accustomed to, above all, to know exactly what it does and every. Situation with the wind, and so guys, don't really do that. You try to find a golf ball, it's great all around her absolutes and did it do so for somebody your level, these things amazed at the level of competition is so high. It makes sense for these things to you know, give you an edge, is little things are big small things are huge danger when you're at a very high level of competition, so for the regular guys, right now the lights to get out on a Saturday and you always plan a public Courson. Do any of these things actually make a difference? I knew I think I think Most important thing we can do for a fire is actually getting properly set in first set about that's going to a fitter ironing and finding a sham that works good for you and then
The shop is really the engine of adults, and then it was many goes down. The works you wanna be looked down at about, but we wanted to look good in it. There's a lot of confidence in those in getting something that you like where we only when it is someone else's club. You can. You can t attacking DIS somebody else's golf club by they, you got some ugly Clare. I do it all the time he took out his eyes thrashed out your hope that appeals good. Is it MR see, majority at a parachute, ugly, ugly, gotta Buller comparable. You must be certain that a lock is this shoes out. There was the famous golf movie with runny dangerous,
I miss that seat them that they need to be seen in Canada, someone's golf club I to me before we have to let you go and sadly, sadly we will have to let you go. The guys are coming out now: they're punching four hundred yards. This talk a guy's been able during the past five hundred. Is that the future of the game, or are we looking at still to the best of the best, not just the power, guys power guy- that air. Don't let it that's. Why you're talking about the guys? It's too long that politicians there there is going to get a new flash player out here that a tardy kind of starting the head. You just got better athletes laying off and, I might say, better athlete what has happened with the equipment is its allowed edge in to these causes cancer giving that they can swing Adam harder and harder and harder for kids.
We have a hit the ball harder every year and the clouds are letting them do that. So I think that's a big thing, easy on the increase distance back when you applying a wooden club- and you didn't have to graphite when you miss one of those that are better no very far laws. Are you really learn how about ball openly the time, and if you wanted to really step on one me, you had to get that you're going to pay a consequence. If you missed it, cuz it would really go offline today is kids wearing how to just smash it and there's not as much if it is completely go at once a year and a she did it harder and harder and other bodies. A little bit like the old man tell him to get off your long. Ok, These are now I am already now, but I still hit it as far as anybody,
a year on, ok, see, you didn't, fell to remind us that he still hidden is good as anyone. That's it cause. That's what prose do that competitive? They if you'd be viewed, they ve you gonna, go in a conversation line where maybe it's no good just bring you back and remind you just held the day. Gimme a man dies. I might Iq Jimmy Walker that six pda tall wins and count and counting at a man whose affects not just on the prize Bob Way way into the universe and some of his first Passover to Jimmy Walker. Thank you, sir. It s a lot guide. You thank you Thank you to Jimmy walk up to twenty sixteen Pga championship winner and, of course, of the on personal astrophysicist, Doktor, Neil digress, Thyssen and taking us through Astro, Photography and Gulf technology right we are going to take a break when we come back, we're gonna drill deeper into gulf. Take we met plum.
He is the former global product line manager of Nike golf clubs and a man who is now who product line manager of Nike Gulf Shoes, and I can tell you this interview is unbelievable to stick around we'll, be back shortly: hey I've got no secret for you, I'm gonna to consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there, go to patriarch arms. Last star talk and support. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free, You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never-
we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying. Welcome playing with science, fabulous, fabulous interview with Jimmy Walker and you have to check out Dark Sky Walker is not just a guy with a ten, go pointed at the stars, he's a guy that takes the most amazing photographs and brings them into the public debt. Right from one guy who's heads in stars to a guy who is deaf and he bade his tea around us got his feet on the ground yeah. He was
Global product line manager for Nike Golf clubs- he is now global product line manage if a guy Nike Gulf shoes out of those sentences are the gulf itself. Some met plum welcomed by my science. Sir. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome all right. Let's take a brief trip. Through history we now it was wooden, then, is in the whole thing. So where did we go? What coming from kind of getting the island's getting everything sophisticated to where we are now? If you give us a quick journey, that would be perfect for our listeners. Yeah I mean what the steel was. The big revolution is removed from wouldn't golf clubs to steal golf clubs, wearable them too. Perfectly get the faces, hotter and start to make the heads bigger and then now in the big thing was about: how can we move those golf clubs, quicker soaps and moving from steel? The graphite in the shafts was a huge move.
Being able to rotate golf shafted traditionally been north of a hundred twenty five grams and get those seven hundred grams. Now we see some shafts of some forty grams and then in the heads themselves that the big thing was being able to move from steel, the titanium now continuing to explore in all sorts of alternative materials, whether its carbon, fiber or other alter materials to to lighten the golf club in certain spots, which in effect allows us to make them bigger, move the wait around and had been fit more people amazing cause, I think, chuck if you go to titanium you'll, just gratuitously, improving the price So it's interesting conceived. You ve, touched on very lightly on the physics because you ve got all of these pivot points throughout gophers physique, then you ve got the momentum and speed. Is there much more
you can do outside of the weight of the club yards funny. I think that the biggest revolutions, Poland, fur below the average offer and or that the tour player is gonna, be and in terms of matching that equipment to them, and so he knows, if you look at it, One of the rules and regulations that are set by the USDA, the RNA and stomach hey perform? We ve all touched one of the corners of those boxes which we made the offered as big as they can be made them as fast as they can be in a we started at the touch, each one of those corners, and so with it product that comes out from from every manufacturer. They constitute a lane previous role as it is a product manager for golf clubs, and we would briefing product and we would be to create a product, we would say: ok what are we trying to accomplish trying to make us feel extremely forgiving returned. Make it low spending. Are we trying to make it real fast off the face of some kind?
nation thereof, but we ve been manufactured. We basically touched autos corners, and so the biggest gains for people are gonna be finding what ails them in their gosling and finding the right product that matches to them. I think that's where you can start A huge range of people talk about sir you're you're kind of talking about like brisk this book. Golf clubs like your finding a way to custom tailored Bob to the game that already exists instead of having the player kind of alter their game. So they can use that type of club, absolutely absolutely so too remember the guise of the long drive the competition we went to, and you know you needed telescope, just to say, without bore landed. That was way off in the distance. Now, if I put one of those like clubs in law, of those bruises, or maybe some you know what one of the days off the end failed, whose two hundred and seventy pounds an can swing it would that be like putting the twelve engine in a little many something is
to go wrong? Absolutely absolutely. I think it states that their sellers durability concerns, but then there's also, you know if you ve got players who are high, speed or high spin, bashing them to product that waste is designed to lower their spin rate or matching somebody to a product is designed to draw a golf ball when they find a slice, that's where I think the average players and see the biggest games. So let me ask you this: when you talk about like matching players to clubs and I'm talking all players notches professional players, we're talking you know: Gulf is a hugely popular sport.
And you see people out especially this time of year, all over the country self. What can you tell about your swaying based on, let's say like they did it, that you leave and then what would that do in terms of clubs and what you want to do with what type of club you like to have only asked? Maybe there's guys out there right now. Listen there's just like that they might be able to pick something up from you as a tip. So just from the debate that I leave, would I be able to find something out about my weighing or what kind of club I need. You could find a turn out about the debit. That's you know it in my experience with fitting that's how we fit people as we read there, give it its it's a little I cannot imagine that are not science. So when you look at the did it it's kind of a blueprint of what happened during that ball shop as it did it on a well structured, stop start after you struck the golf ball, and if you look at it did it anyway, I'm a little bit longer on the toes side of the golf club.
Specifically with a higher you ve got some indication that potentially that guy I was either swung over the top, or also your basket may be two flat for you. I'm in terms of the lion or measurement, if you see that the guy the deal. It is a little bit longer on the hillside, potentially that golf clubs was I'm from the inside, but also potentially, could be a little bit to operate. So the did it, combined with what we saw in the shape of the shop, often tell us a lot about those both upset or matched to that consumer. There Professional, that's amazing, because I hadn't now you say that Derg Harry, that's obvious, but until you go divvy well, that's just means you hit the ground, not the boy you fall, but now now you ve got so much. I mean this is this is really cute data analysis where you're saying what this minimal part here, the but the swing and is a major disruption. The fog
and where the ball lands because its taking it off into the trees, the wherever it is, the water hazard. So yet it's it's! It's an interesting thing. I'm going to go back to the data is because every sport now has an avalanche of data. Analytics has has that had an effect on club design. Has that had a massive effect, Gulf and players in such hugely usually made a few you walking up and down eager to her that nowadays, you don't see many players hitting shots were hit practicing without some sort of data capture device behind them, but there are two track manner. A flight scope Reggie. She quad you're, seeing all these players wanting to data about each one of their shots. Well, to adjust whether its four conditions, whether further their swinging that day for us on the manufacturing side to be able to measure calculate all of that. Data starts to show trends and themes, and
in areas where we can create improvement. Ah fuck up you just given me an idea chuck, you know what this means in my brain hurts right. How far are we away from the perfect one size fits all golf club that will adjust itself? Is that just me having offend a fantasy moment, or is that possible? Why may one size fits all, I think is maybe a bit of a fancy moment, but it's it's a nice Norstar for people to start to think about one size fits you. You know you ve seen some company start to explore the single length, irons and single thanks. You can very boring one swaying and and and have all fourteen year off such a thirteen year, golf clubs price in December, absolutely yeah. He may not be one of yours, but he is a gopher. That's done exactly that! Absolutely absolutely I think he a one size fits all, maybe not so much because you look at you know, MRS Harbour Campet. Sixty years old and in other words,
Billy, good young eighteen year old player was planets age value you ve got the very physical attributes of maybe one size fits all is a little bit little bit stream. So one one size fits you, it seems it seems kind of like that when I think about what you just said earlier, is it that you guys are now looking at clubs in such a way, and once again I am talking for the average player UK, not not too type. Tiger woods which, by the way, congratulations to Nike along with Tiger because as Tiger go so does Nike, you guys, you know you guys, are kind of married together and in a wonderful in a wonderful union silken, lessons. Thank you willing to say, as as tire goes so, the golf business goes. I mean people talking
moving Anita we Tiger is the needle and in terms of the Gulf business absolutely, but from what you said earlier and what you just said about you know, MRS Whoever and the young eighteen year old. Are you guys now, looking at clubs in terms of taking the players game and then making the club? To kind of I don't know, compensate for player deficiencies so that you can we find your correction in the club. Is that what I am hearing you say absolutely, I mean you know the old adage dozed off. She gave a message right and it's it's making your mrs better was is generally what we're all about, whether you to your point talking about them, the tour calibre player you're talking about the average player. We all have miss tendencies and if we can make those, MRS certain percentage is better When we get to the golf course we get away from the driving, and you begin on the golf course. If, if you can miss fifteen percent less right or if you can miss fifteen, percent longer than you normally would invest with
potentially major bedroom. Ultimately shooting oars forces were after well, so the club takes away the player era you can't do anything not removes it completely, but reduces revenge is absolutely that's interesting because you know, I've seen it the angry, the anger, golfer bends, the club, ovaries, nay because it has got lucky. They have time blaming the tools and other than himself, but you ve taken the other point where we can reduce the eight view to ban that ovule, nay or rapid round the tree fascist? Why are you? Are you won't be able to do that now? You'll, have a player like you, ve, seen a player like fling the club into like the water hazard now now, they'll do my God, I'm so sorry, please come black jobs. Also, don't worry so what what technologies the less than you could utilise?
to take it to another level or are you at the level, possibly unless something brilliant comes along, I mean, I think, there's we used to jokingly, call it on obtaining and bright. There's. There's gotta be some material out there that nobody is action. Where there has as yet been created yet so, I'm still that, by the way, thank you, yeah yeah, stating that in I think the idea, it's funny when you think about everybody- loves to talk about drivers, but when you think about a driver had, at the end of the day, a its two hundred to two hundred and five grams of something at the end of it forty five and a half inches long, graphite shaft until that equation, changes which it is probably not gonna change, drastic, when you speak with the engineers and and the designers and the people behind, creating these clubs, it's basically to hunt
five gram ball of clay, and they can they can mold and shape and adjust that two hundred and five grand ball of clay anyway. They want the one thing they can't do is a can tab play to ITALY, play away and then used or figure it out. Ok, the irony of shut rules. It can only be four hundred and sixty see big. It can't have anything that passes through to create any open. There's regulations about where the house must be placed in and how the shaft and go into it, you ve got year in regulations on moving parts and how they have a lock into place, and things like that, so it some point that the equation is defined for us and its it's about finding creative ways to to solve for that equation. If that makes sense, how do you check is lacking a hockey stick? You have pivot points. Yeah. Do you play with those along the shaft of the golf club,
absolutely sure that the shaft companies are fantastically. They use a lot of things. I call them the eye curves for Ben. Are you ok? You can have Shasta kick higher up the shaft or lower down the shaft. You can have creates deficit in certain areas which from predict, produce certain fields and certain characteristics in terms of both light of launching spent. Is there any one that you might be able to know that you know you fitted for a club and you ve done this whole process that we just discuss, and then they saw like a dramatic change in their game, professional or otherwise, proper, preferably professional, because then we will know who it is, as you didn't, do it better or or am I just being a little too big with you know the way this works. You know it's funny, you we have these many went in and you look at all the people who work on the page eight or an inch and support for the different equipment manufacturers and every week. That's their job
there there to do what we would call emergency surgery, you might find a player who is mystery, cuts in a row and is just fed up the driver and they're gonna come to you on Monday morning and they're gonna say hey, I need a new driver and in it time and time again, they'll get a new driver, they fall in love with it and then start making cuts or they'll. Have a wind see their stories like that every single week, where you know sometimes it's just confidence. The players lost confidence in that golf club or set it off sometimes it's truly finding something. You know with it with a huge distance, gainer huge, miss correction. Where you ve, gotta, gonna players? Ministering made a swing change. Sudden there they're not able to happen after the waiter user, and you see these days Is he changes where you know and I think grabs a new golf club and all the sudden there they their fair ways goes out. There very statistic is that by ten fifteen twenty percent? That's the difference between making a quarter refinishing top ten or even winning it often do you have a department to study the science of superstition,
We doubt we die the old adage goes: you'd rather be lucky than good right The old man- and I will say by the way in in medicine you know sometimes placebos can be the most effective medicine you can ever proscribed, because there are people who would take us sugar pill and end their body cures themselves, but they think they think it's the pill. You know absolute so I've had it at a time. I was working with one of our players over Europe and now his wedge play hadn't been very good he came into the future to a trailer and he said these and that we take a look at my wedges and I sure, what's going on and he's a watch spent an hour. My coach- and I know it's not my swing, I've just spent an hour with it was my body. I know it's, not my body, she's gotta- be the equipment that that's making my website not be good, it is just that mentality of the fact and you go through each as well
and you look at him any sellers, there's absolutely nothing changed a wrong with your wedges. At the same, they were yesterday when you, you were good, and so it states that foreseeable effect, sometimes it's just just put him in the loft and machine tracking and double checking on and had an about the plans in your own good, it gives that confidence to go back out there. All right take a mean that that aside, which having been around enough athletes. I know exactly how you feel has a gopher come to you and said look. This is what I want you to do with this club, because they know they know exactly what this wing is. They know it for this particular course. This particular moment and they're gone. That's how I want it tat up! That's the solution, I'm looking for in the cab. Can we do that and they ve been a hundred percent right, or do you have to stay in another direction? Now I wish we ve all with definitely had that you gotta face that we refer to, as is almost freaks nature, because I've got
that hyper touch on you know you ve got all the stories about Tiger, be unable to feel bubbles underneath the grip of his his driver, shaft and things like that, but you ve got athletes did there so so hypersensitive to what they say. Do with their craft that they can give you really clear direction about what you're looking for we talk about it all the time you see athletes, I'm kind of both sides of the spectrum you see. Those that are very tune into their equipment and can tell you everything about every speck of their equipment really want to know all the details. You see, others that just you know it's it's kind of like that ball like just this is my tool and I use it to hit, and I leave at two. The equipment experts to help make sure it's gonna do what I needed to do and then its attentively, some of those that are that are stuck in the middle, the tend to get lost because you're not sure which, where they want to be so the best athletes the ones that are on either side of that spectrum. From for my experience, how firstly because we, this goes back to the race car driver Chuck. That is it one. With the machine. They know when attire is gotten.
LE pounds less? They know when something's on something's off and it is that magic that intuitive magic that they have with the course with the club. They know everything that's going on as well. A really good caddy behind them? It's about them and they go up a night. They start to address the bowl or, let's, let's move away from golf clubs and focus on where you are right now, because Chuck and I could go into the golf course and checked my far better with Gulf educate than I am. I turn up in my sneakers and my aims and I'd be thrown out immediately, but you all about the Gulf Shoes now and we
now being grounded the whole physics in rotation of a gulf of a Gulf swing can't be there, so how much of the physics has found its way into shoe design for you? It's it's been unbelievable. Spend call the take up a lot of that very scientific thinking that we had with with golf equipment and apply and learn about footwear. We look at Gulf footwear, gonna three ways you look at it the fit back off shoe the right of that golf shoe and attractions at golf shoe and all three components really are things that are necessary, that that may be your trainer. You're running shoes wouldn't allow you to have to hit up had a all shot. She think about the way that we set the athlete up at the height. They are off the ground. This will be introduced in the player on the bottom of that shoe plastics are actually getting somebody higher off the ground and I have a drop or offsets those returns of people that they were running shoes would understand as well, but the difference between the height of your he oversees the height of your toes. We can tackle manipulate
not only a golfer setup position. The positions are able to get into during the golf swing, but also potentially the spit of their golf clubs. Do you get an athlete that that is dropped too low on their head her hands were gonna, sit, lower and also offered you gonna be more upright and it might hit some books they gonna go under. They're gonna come on. Denise is gonna, go? What do you do with the shoes? The same that The sucker play is due in the high end. Athletes to I'm be spoke, the footwear or is it? You know what you're saying that box over there we in our with we ve gone through kind of offers, we ve got about three players on our staff right now that we are. We bespoke, therefore, wherefore and its generally out of need not out of vanity sheets, you look it. You may have who's, gonna, normally whitefoot. He may have a player. He's had an injury and and may need something different. We got someplace, that, where a full size difference between their left. You in that right. You you're not unheard of using a lot unheard of in an uncommon but soul, but spoke some of those, but as a whole. We got about ninety five percent of our play.
Where issues right out of the box. Well, that was up. There was a big thing for us that that we made an a change in the last couple years. So what's it what's the thinking because to do that, you ve gotta, be really in tune with the footwear and the needs how you find that sweet spot for the broad spectrum of of the shape and size that they come in. You knows that you got your fate like bound, Prince Inga, Fred Flintstone, you gotta fight like a hobby, and then you got a slender ballerinas vote that comes along. So how do you You find the area without there being a problem it some. We do. A lot of slaughter testing, lotta consumer test, so our journey right. Now we're working on footwear out as far as two thousand twenty one I have looked at.
Our summer, two thousand and twenty one line. I mean oh, what's going to go in that through that process, for that, basically, twenty four month process will do consumer testing with you no offers of one hundred Fifty consumers at and each one of those were asking them to wear it for eight attended, while rounds, and so Donnelly consulting with just two players to make sure that that their stuff right but It's working with that variety of of consumers across the globe. Market is your marketing the consumer who, across the globe not so much the pda tall guys are you pour you borrowing ideas on footwear from other sports lie all absolutely, Are you are you? Are you gonna tell us anything, One of our art unbeliever, oh abilities here at Nike is the things that work in one sport may have an application and other sports and it may be its very call, the way that we can set our line up. We ve got one area of footwear, that's directly Spelter. What we call in our icons and its bringing
is that you know like an air max or like a rat, oh shit that that you probably have in your closet, taking diamond maybe changing that last ten percent for what's with needed for for golf, putting traction on it, bring stability elements, and things like that and then we ve got other areas where we may take on something like our react phone which it has been Prominent are running shoes right now, applying that too often the right spot to provide cushioning because spend so much of our time on our feet. When we play around about europe- a minimum for hours in and sometimes upwards of, five six seven hours that if you warm up and do some of the things that you do before round, and so you don't? We talk about a lot of times with the gulf. You need in the swing phase it, but it's also in the walking phase that its incredibly critical, you think, I'm appreciate your player flying a tournament. They're gonna play for competitive rounds, they're gonna walk six to seven miles and in those one of those round, the walking more than a marathon worthless or the miles in a given weak
They'll expression, you nevertheless, that's different right. You do not think I appreciate it fires, it's obvious Yeats, it's obvious, but you have to be led to that point to see. Well, that's obvious I do not think that before and then you sable that's why we put this phone. That's why we structure, that's why we have to have a wellness attitude for our athletes. Absolutely if you were to make the perfect I'll swing, the Gulf should twitter stiff as aboard and have carbon plates everywhere and be they really really. You staffer viewed, Amanda, perfect and you'd have blisters on your feet. By time you got the whole twelve It's not a lock is randomize verse. If we will need a really good walking shoe, it wouldn't be stable enough to swing in such finding. That healthy, balanced but louder, while a few, if, if you knew before, I think you realize you didn't know before because he's just given us a or for not of insight, Chuck club take, but the shoe design and where they're going mad club,
product line, a manager at Nike Gulf shoes. You have been a star for us and you know what wig Dolly number again in the future and have another tat. If you don't mind, I'd love to thank you, brother, thank you guys been appraiser, aright chop man. That's our show! Thank you to map plum global product line manager for Nike Gulf shoes. That was former golf clubs and his mood sideways into shoe design, and I'm so pleased that we have the access to that end and Jimmy Walker. What oh, what a great interview that was guys amazing, I've never seen Gulf, a nerd out like that before yeah, I'm, I'm I'm impressed, I have to say, and at his and if you ever get the chance people make sure that you get to his work say and check out his work, and I was very dark sky ok, for those of you who were big ol fans before. I think you realise that there is so much science to be had
not just to physics, so I hope you ve enjoyed our little trip down the fair way. It's been a lot of fun chuck is enough has been It has right. This has been playing with science, I'm Gary Riley and I'm Chuck nice, and we will be with you with a new episode very, very shortly We should listen. The star talk: commercial, free, joint start, talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear? Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio
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