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#ICYMI: Hockey: Fan Questions and More

2017-06-29 | 🔗
Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice are back for Season 2 of Playing with Science! First up: answers to our fan’s questions about the physics of hockey. Feat. Prof. Alain Haché, Neil Tyson, and NHL Nashville Predators Left Wing Colin Wilson. (Warning: Adult Language.)Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2GooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceTuneIn: http://www.tunein.com/playingwithscienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free. I am the other ass types of your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you, a U show where the universe in sports and now Europe's camps at nice. I am going away and we are the Play with sire ready for it
It is our hope he shows was so well received by you, the listeners, because you had so many questions about his exonerates and its technology. We decided to make another show just for you and do our best to answer as many questions as we can and to help us achieve this. We have the multi, talented Alan, has Shea author of snapshot, science and the physics of
hockey, professor of physics, at of mankind, a university in Canada, a man who knows what it means to be in the thick of the actual, because he is also a hockey golly. That's what we learned when we talk to me deeds and we very impressed by the fact that we won't stop there. We have a little treat for all you hard core hockey funds, because there will be talking to third generation professional. How could play a call in Wilson? Yes, that culling Wilson of the Nashville predators and some who'd like yourselves, has an inquiring mind when it comes to science and not to leave out our geeks we're going to bring in Doktor Thyssen, and he will talk to call in so stick around for that. It promises to be a lot of yes and so to answer our questions about hockey or, as you so eloquently put it Gary Physics,
ice? Let's bring em professor Alan, her Shea Alan? How are you my friend I'm well? Thank you thanks for joining us again limp. So what we have done is put out a call to you, the listener oil at Facebook and twitter and any incarnation where we can be found on the internet, the pigeon with a little message, his leg, health at work start their pidgin. Ok, just data myself unbelievably or I gather but anyway, what we did was ask you. What do you want to know about the physics of hockey or the science of hockey and em got a lot of questions from all across the internet. So let's take our first one from Renee Dougal
us- and we always start with the patriarch question, because patriotic patrons actually support star talk financially so basically priority pass? Yes, exactly for the professor here we go what factors determine the speed of the park. What is the maximum speed? A puck can go on Europe. Yes, so is it's all about how much energy is transferred to depart from the past? here too, the park and really is that you cannot give more speed than the energy that you're willing to to provide and muscle it comes from the muscles, and we know from basic Bio, medical or can histology that about ten pounds of muscle can deliver up to about one horsepower, at the peak and so the more muscle group's work towards propelling the pack. The greater detail,
said he so when one or more muscle groups works. What are you talking about? That would be so I'm let's say I'm like super jacked, and so I am my biceps, because I'm pulling back at my back my because within my trunk and then my soldiers, because I'm pulling these stick down. So all of those groups working together the more muscular are in each one of those groups, the more powerful the more as you can transfer to the stick in the pot, yes and jobs. So so different techniques exploit how different the amount of muscle group, so the slipshod will use a lot of the leg. Trunks. The upper body, whereas is the shot, is not as powerful and usually involves more like the front to the top of the of the body? Only so much comes from better, be ice level up through them back down to the ice yeah. It sets out the whole body so that their legs would propelled
bodied forward, and indeed the rotation of the upper body would, we know no moved a pug to stick towards the park and then transfer that energy to the pot. So now, let's say we think if I'm not mistaken in, I can't remember the top of my head, so I may be wrong so for those you're gonna, correct me on Twitter? Don't don't scare me Please let me now, but does no precedent to get it right, but I believe the top speed of a pop right now has been recorded at one hundred and eight miles per hour. I believe is: is it possible to get much faster than and what would what would the top Speed Bay looking at maybe the strongest human possible. Very good question I dont know if any button anybody has looked at that, but I think we're really close to the limit of what the person can do and don't forget to as well that when they do the skills
in addition, when they have they take a few strides towards the pact, also helps because you transfer that linear momentum from the player to depart that's usually happen in a game. You well you'll shoot from departures from where you are and then you should it from their. So, typically, in a real game, you would never attain rang. Renovating above mouse could imagine if he took two steps back during the games, but I only got to the packing, but three guys on your back. Yet exactly those again rising too fast gave his moving way too fast for you to actually take a couple steps and get a skating movement towards the park. But let me ask you this, then, when the pocket, normally a snapshot. You have a guy who was being fed the pop it's rare, it's rare
that you will just have a guy start. Ok draw back and make a slap shot. Normally it's off of a pass, so somebody feeds you. The pop does that slow down the speed of the slap shot or does the energy of the pop going towards the Stick act like it does invasive law and actually increase the speed of the puck correct. Actually, if you look at it, it goes faster when the purchase coming towards here, because you get this its effect mounting up to your own effort, and it's exactly what's happening in baseball. I think it would be very difficult to hit a Rome home run from a stationary ball. You, you really did the home run is a f a combined effort from the the the batter end, pitcher as well borrowed energy. Ok, another question, another question for the good professor here at this time, from how a peer at on Facebook. How does freeze
in the parks, make them glide better and not bow. Ok, first one, I didn't know that they froze the park things too hard not to when you consider its its life is spent on ice worlds. I am sure I know I'm a, but I didn't know that. Is there an actual freezing of the pact like they put it in a free service? Does it do they freeze them, and if they do, is that about the density of the matter in the park? Or is there something else going on
yet so the it depends on the game. I mean amateur games, they don't freeze parks, you know, but the high level, I believe they do have buckets of parking freezer somewhere in the use of frozen parks. Not the main reason, though, is that it frozen rubber, doesn't bounces much so whence gonna hit the board's, not gonna rebound ass. Far ass, it still is a it's. A dampening effect is really like a shock absorbing a fact. It stops it from pop and around it becomes less elastic. Just like any rubber band. You freeze, it becomes more rigid it went down, says as well. God sees it travel as as our question from how it there was. Does it travelled better on the ice because it affect its frozen? Technically? Yes, but I think it's very close, it would be unfortunate
the ball feet, if you, unless you use a very warm pact than in mind, stick to the ice more but usually room temperature versus you dollar, zero degrees or minus ten. It would not make a big difference, but the bounds effect. Yes, you can better that so I threw it is really to deadened so it doesn't bounce around. That's the main re I feel the great question- and I learned something about that- I had no idea that they actually used frozen pox, that really kind of cool. Hey thanks a lot how're! You not question from Facebook T J Carol. I was wondering if you could help me understand, which part would have more velocity upon sliding on the ice that spinning we go or a puck sliding on the ice. That's not spinning, which one would go further. And why ok you're up again that was it
great question. Yes, it made me think a lot actually and at first it looks very complicated answer that, but you can use the principle were called the conservation of energy to guess that the spinning pack will have more fiction and would lose more kinetic energy from rubbing more against the ice. Ok Travel can right because it's not being its rubbing the ice to ways its rubbing the ice and its forward motion, but it's also rubbing the ice in its circular spilling motion. That's right, upright man, so that which strike energy from its Leaning air motions will be technically slow down faster now. What's interesting, though, is that it would always stop spinning and moving at the same time really so now from my, and I suppose this is the mathematical equation that with web. That would determine this, so
no matter how hard you hid it or how far it travels as it is spinning the resistance, comes from its linear motion and circular motion that resistance will cause the pop to stop spinning and start moving at the exact same time, every single time. Yes, now to fascinate at expo that you need a big equation, as I witnessed loudly, I've only got so much time for the show. That's right now, for instance in in curling We see ass on rotating and will never you'll, never see a curling stone, stop and keep spinning for a little while right or you'll never see it. Stop the rotating and still travel in all slide on the ice in will always start emotions at the same time right right and what a shame in hockey that we don't have a guy with a broom in front of the park every single time to make sure that's, not a jolly them.
Which The way you're canadian, what's the deal with curling, ok, what am I seriously for that scottish sport. That really has got a sport, and why don't I matters are one of the Canadians, love it so much. I seen it that's because you have guy that's limited, assumes: okay, we do live cattle. So please do not be offended by our language. What that's that's fascinating, stuff, professor! I love that and we gotta look up tat equation that I won't understand for one second. Here we go. Let's go with Sheldon oh back from Facebook is perfect What am I went to pet jets always suck each year, not necessarily a scientific question, Since you were a high, since you are a hockey golly, maybe you can tell us whether Winnipeg jets suck every year? Yes,
well. I don't want to offend anybody. You know, if you look at the general Canadian and each I'll teams have not done extremely well. The last team to win the Stanley CUP was twenty four years ago in ninety. Ninety three and the that's been a topic of discussion and Canada. Eloquent hey. Let me just submit. Let me just if I lose my untypical non scientific. You know what this is just. This is just a bad postulate that I'm hyper pie hop hypotheses hypothesis I'm putting forward. Could it be because there is any immense talent, aim from Canada to America when it comes to the nature. Now, if I grew up in Canada, everyone grows up in Canada, with Paris Gate strapped their feet. So it's an a stick in their hand. Ok, that's all there is to it and then you so away. I'm good enough to play professional hockey,
Two things happen. What do I want to stay where I've lived, my entire life, or do I want to go someplace? when exciting, like America. Now you go to America, which leaves less talent in Canada and therefore the canadian teams don't fair as well, because all the That's comedian, talent is playing in America. There is some of that, but don't forget that the players don't always choose where they play like the NBA already and I fell to get good island and pulling my seems now in old. Canadian teams are seven out of thirty now, and if you can't, you led the odds, there's a certain odd that every year, a canadian team passer nods of of winning the Stanley up. Yes, it's a it would be extremely unlikely. I think the chance ass if somebody had made a bed. Ninety, ninety three, that twenty four
years from now? There would not be a single. Can he didn t tell team to win the Stanley CUP, the odds against that we're, like ninety nine point, nine percent? Why so set something happened? I mean that there are Canadians in Canadians hockey, midst thieves equally distributed. I think it think it might have to do with the exchange rate. Perhaps it's it's more expense, you play a star players in Canada, guests getting dollars versus: U S dollars. There is also a big difference in the environment where those players operate, sure in Montreal and you dont score for three games. Then you're pretty much front pre page news rate if you're his temper Bay and you have a drought, nobody pierce years about you yeah so was there might be just added pressure where you know it's hard to perform under in an environment where people are scrutinising you all the time I got yelled in.
Might just be the fact that they got Jetson the name. If you think about the New York Jaffna say say about Europe, not quite working for them either just offering that up as a theory gotten us until the last great general spending in the jets data are all right. John friends in the house? Yes, our next step might cop again on Facebook. Why is it? The pact travels foster closer to the ice than it? as in the air at least he says that's what they say during the skills Comp. Mission Duelli agreement about the pot is still off of the ice, so it's travelling above the ice as opposed to higher up in the air, because if it's It travels faster in the air than on the ice because of the amount of friction correct, because, even though ices slippery the air provides far less friction than ice, thereby making the poet the class it closer to the ice,
There's going to be cooler than know what I'm saying here there and everywhere else going on. Is he saying that he is the question the pocket still off the ice as the higher up you go slower. It gets. Is that what you say, and because the one It doesn't make sense to me. The question doesn't make sense yeah. I think it's true that they say and I believe it said technical thing, because the radar that measures the speed is that ice level now, the radar only measures the speed of an oncoming object right? So if it's coming for the radar is here and then the purchase coming this way, and it's not gonna mental rates rising up from the ice celebrating knows that's what they're, so the power on an angle of the park is coming off the ice at a forty five degree angle, what happened is the radar only measures it for a period of time that on coming and then it's kind of above the radar
as they, I suppose so so, and what you're saying professor is: if its travelling in a directly Linnea approach towards the radar, it's going to be faster. If its rising from ice upset goes over. The ground is about when the radars gonna see it as a slower object, because there's an angle Solved in the way it travels, that's right and that's exactly what happens with the police ray hours as well. So, if you, if you just moving across the police, we sparked a he's, not gonna measure your real speed. It's gonna measure income. Solar frightened for all of us live it. Listening to this in the future evolution of flying car, exactly we're going to the same place, it makes all Euro area go when you get there have pop. You want that's great right, man, that's very cool heads good to know. That's got to know professor, please out of her shape, you are going to stay with us. We are going to take a break and when we come back, we will take more your questions about the physics of hockey physics on ice with good professor himself. This is playing
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Looking back on very rightly, and I'm sorry playing with science, and today we are taking your questions about hockey. My already hers call it physics on ice, because that's exactly what it is and to make sure we give you the best answer to what our some brilliant questions. We have, professor, an ashtray author of snapshot, science and the physics of hockey and
serve physics, monks in University in Canada. Right already, we have learned some really cool stuff like number one day: freeze parks in professional games and did not know that and flying cars can allay the right all avoid radar detection. So I everyday scolding up. It's gone her second again from Facebook Lance into Peter. I believe cases Kansas right like this question hello science advocates off. I like this is even better. How is it possible for the glass to protect friends from direct hits from the park? Yet I have seen place check through it. What forces responsible for this. Ok, professor, come on. Let's have to allow that the glass is made of. Is it? Is it something like lexicon or one of those type of composites? Where it's not really personal? It's not glass! You have your glass. Nor do we know what the glass is made up
They tend to be nowadays plexiglass then changed it from tempered glass, which used to be very rigid in the heavy, so the players would hit against it. Then the field really a lot of pain, because it doesn't move very well Plexiglass is more flexible. Sodolabs the shock as well. Now, you ve seen, those footage is sometimes pack will hit the net and then I'll just chattering, all like millions of deaths and that's tempered glass plexiglas would never do that. Ok now with the body go through. Yes, if you did with momentum, a large body will just keep going through. Whereas the pie will tend to stop most of its speed would be lost their saw yet it's called safety eagerly glass. For that reason, we will stop Hugson, but you know, bodies will go through. What sort of speed is a guy at about two hundred and twenty
Pounds need to be going before he hangs up in road to withdraw suspects actor. It's a difficult question to answer is, I think, most of the time they break its a flaw in the glass and take that much yeah right, ok, life's imperfection there you go well, let's, let's take the next question from Gregory Sugary Metairie coming from and his real name is Gregg. Dimitri, lock us from Toronto. He's front runner- and this is how you start every question- I love it Joe guys get your question on. Just that's. Why I tell me the cold. Her eyes gets the harder it gets to write, so how cold is too cold if ice was absolutely
girl, would it be like trying to escape on glass thanks a lot? So first, when I say that absolute zero wow, I mean, how could you play hockey on ice and at an absolute zero, which I believe is, Two hundred seventy three degrees degrees. Yes, what happens to ice at minus two hundred? Seventy three degrees kill them, and is there any way to skate on it prefers not sure anyone has ever tried and that even in the coldest of canadian nights, we'd all reach those temperatures by. I was mentoring about this question. Fluid layer of water that exists on top of the ice. It's just a few molecules in depth and that's what gives ice sleepiness even a light object. Even if you don't have
pressure, melting or frictional melting, you still have the surface. That is slippery! That's why a pact, for instance, can blight easily now that semi wet layer. This down to temperatures around minus two hundred degrees celsius, Zira degree, nothing moves. They nothing moves that molecular that molecular vibration that you're talking about on the semi wet layer that would cease to exist, because, if nothing moves at minus two, seventy three Calvin, then that vibration stops right. That's right no vibration everything is frozen, so it would be just as skating on trying to escape on plastic or floor something when work and by the way I kept sayin. Two hundred and seventy three minutes to seventy three cabinets: zero, Kelvin Minus two: seventy three celsius! Yes, Europe ok! No doubt note alignment is cold which everybody else is day com no some months, someone's gonna think I'm going out in this area
one person to suspicion. I'm going out and is I'll show you have rightly so that's interesting! So, since nothing moves, you couldn't It would be dead. There's no liquid naked de liquid does exist there and it would be. I it's hard to say what would be the effect. Shhh inquisition by the normal materials that we know would be impossible to scale down, and I would be ice as well so we're talking about this. This layer mean in the mountain the molecular vibration, but how would the pressure would it not would escape not be able to make that groove that caught into surface is that what you're saying now are you you mean like if you apply pressure, that with squeeze out that gas and yeah that dangers that wouldn't be viable, no, because that's a great question, but it's just so thin that nothing can really squeeze it out.
I mean the physics of it just in that it would not squeezer not when I squeeze out man our right, hey. What let me tell you Gregory memory. So damn good questioning, think we got Are you answer in one there, because Eric your Hansen from empirical on Twitter asked wise? I slippery Eric. I think you're on suggests derive. Yes, hope you happy and Gregory Smog rate and the answer is magic Eric. That's it always is its magic yeah, there's no science, there's no such thing as luck, There's no or I shall love this here. We go similar, I'm guessing it c mon simple reason: La Valliere love it Leah, my apologies! If I'm sorry,
angling. Your name from a farm. A village in Q, see Canada, and this comes from Facebook, knowing that the weight of a skater on the blades causes pressure and hate, so the ice melts the blades carve the ice and allow the skater to move. What would happen if the ice didn't melt under the place where we may have already had there? we already got that an outer, unless you ve got anything to add to that professor no ices slippery, they would be fairly slippery bided its sure it does help the fact that it does melt underneath also. A frictional melting also occurs in does help, so it might be a little bit harder fitted mouth
again. If you look at us backsliding on the ice and goes and quite rightly as well, so that it may cause some difficulty, but it would be negligible right. That would be my my guess. Yeah! Ok, I call I will now move on with the Jeff stuff. Ferrok start searching stuff, DAS Start Jack, that's his name now. You know why didn't arctic now? You know why I didn't ask this question: does storage check? Ok, I'm gonna! Get that I'm gonna stay! That's your name Jeff, and if it is it, you better tell will change to that. We're gonna be uncovered. Let's go with Jeff. There have been a lot of complaints from professional players about ice conditions, arenas throughout the EU, what conditions are optimal both for speed and minimal eyes degradation. So we ve heard of fast ice and slow eyes what makes fast eyes what makes slow eyes and what does the optimal condition for the best
ICE Yap saw you have certain conditions such as temperature. You want You don't want to close to zero degrees celsius, because then the eyes become soft. It might be a little bit more slippery but because it soft skate will dig deeper into it. The Elles ill slow you down at the other extreme. If it's too cold, it's hard, that's nice. It doesn't take as much, but then it becomes less slippery because that layer was talking to you about before so the optimal temperature is somewhere around minus seven degrees celsius plus or minus a few there's other? environmental factors such as humidity, you don't want a lot of humanity to work to us that would also influenced the ice equality and, of course, or to repair it well between periods forever machine zamboni that is not properly to ignore. Something that would also not healthy. I gonna else one second, professor.
Shewn Zamboni tuna, Zamboni, so think of the Ferrari type Zamboni that's not only want to see hawk anymore I'll. Just what do I want them? Dolly races, ok, wee wee wee diverged into eternity. You talked about humidity, so ironic, if you ve got a team in the southern states fans bring into the stadium, and I can bring humidity with them? Because if they gonna play at a certain time of the year, did you can't help it hot woman? Humidity is gonna, be coming in with them in the body of the people in the stadiums, gonna create a certain amount, humidity gestures from that Riah true, and it becomes a little bit harder Yet your machines have to work harder, I'm India that compressors and the refrigeration systems they have too. You know work extra to keep the ice cold enough? So picking upon gifts question? optimum conditions
a game. Will the ice condition, not change because of the beginning and a particular style of play. They'll caught the ice up a little bit, though, that they'll make that surface a little bit rougher, and so during a period you'll find conditions and the wire team or a pliable actually play change, as the conditions Is that right, not so shows the type of play. Will danger, but there will be snow though well, accumulate, and when, when you go into over time, for instance, delight to us squeaky out a little bit, during the two shootouts as well the clean up the middle, because that would snow on the ice. You get you get the puck slowing down as well. So you don't want that happen. There were used, it is golly, yes that our or made, or maybe not at the worst time situations. Ever seen involved, I think, was in Buffalo
and it was an outdoor game, Sidney Crosbie and there was a lot of snow and ice and made in made the play very difficult, but endorse you will never get to that level. Ok, foot for those who don't know snow is a technical term for the eyes. Tat gets carve Garth, shaving shavings, yes, yes, shaming, blades of these skates snow com or, if you are lucky now be at our glass is there another one of your words of the day here? Actually, it's a very good thing and the summertime here in New York City, you might find a guy stand around the middle of the street with a big, a block of ice and he takes a plane and he has a blade on it. Any shaved sage sage puts it in a cup, put some flavoured syrup on top of it, and it's gotta be a beep beep beep now can you say: beep beep, beep, dammit Agua test. What it has been around
GA yes worthwhile. I just like the treaty itself worth waiting for right everything out her next question: the rag brag like est from Facebook, high folks, Brad, just wondering what the actual contact surface afresh gate blade has with the ice and what is the decrease decrease of its drag coefficient? Here we go technical stuff, average down over the course of a game. Has anyone done such a survey? Web is any one person who wants to this a professor of physics and hockey player- and I say so, professor your thoughts on this score it is not very long. I mean if you look at the underneath of of escape legates gonna rounded, like this and the portion that actually touches you looking out. Maybe ten centimetres a couple of interests and over the course of a game it would not be the drank
would not necessarily decreasing. If anything it would increase because of the shavings the snow on the ice. We'd be you know when it will increase to repeatedly. That was that's what you see it's gonna, slow, you down, it's not the drachma efficient is gonna increase, not not decrease cause. You haven't. You haven't an extra, I don't know what you would call is the same material, but in a different form on the ice and now you're travelling over top of that as well, Correct. Ok, let me ask you something: go I'm sorry! I just because this question just made me think about when you said the ice is rounded so that there's just really a little bit of the surface of the state. The ice to escape bleed is rounded on a hockey, so wise, escaped blade, rounded, on hockey
but then on the figures. Skates are like a long flat blade. Why? Why do they round the hockey blades like TAT, because figure skaters seem to have a great deal of agility and mobility on the ice? What is the purpose of doing that? These figures scanning blades, is actually not that flood. It looks a little bit like a hawk feebly. What is flatter, though, is those speed. Skaters, ah the day have actually perfectly flag blades, and that is to prevent the blade to dig into the ice and slow you down what it prevents you from doing I making very sharp turns and that's why the hockey blade is is rounded because it allows you to take a small radius turn right, but for their speeches
MR they're going around a large oval, so indicted for them. They don't have to and thereby very their place are long and flat and they almost look like a straight razor. You use when you re NASCAR on ice and that over track, Maybe you can how, often will apply a change blades. Did you periods or may be one or two games, does it depends an individual and how they play, and what reasoning is behind that? While if you're assume you're asking about the professional players yet a year would not yes, professional guys because they have to have a blade, minion applied Butler for it. Is they have that deals with that, especially for them yeah. They they will sharpen them. I regularly within a game between parents that quite often indeed how many times can use urban before you wanted, throw them out with imagine a couple, a games, because you know
your every everytime. You take a little bit of all the blade than you change the shape a little bit. So what would they were last more than a couple of games, I would think Psych MBA players with their sneakers. Oh yeah. You know how they change their sneakers like every other game or other than love on every game. Have I had a good game? Have I had a great game? Great game, footwear stays bad game thrown out trash right, yet never never allow people to tell you sports, men and women are not superstitious and then some amazing show their priests, definitely a show right. Moving on and out of this world, professor hope you can stay with us for the year the space age Travel Space Games Federation. I should select. Yes, this is on twitter. What, ah the physics of playing ice hockey on Mars. Could we skate, like the boys in hearings? Red planet arrived? So what are you
but this one, professor skater ice skating on mouse, like those crazy then you are in the right place. Interesting. The main difference between here and Mars would be that on Mars. Yet about forty percent of the gravity. Funny thing is like youth, you might think gaiety feel lighter the moon go quicker, but in fact that would slow you down, because you would not be able to exploit friction as much Friction right. So you attend, like you, know, Oh you ve seen on the moon, I cannot run as fast as honored as you just bounced off the surface so easily, so that you would not be able to accelerate as much in my opinion. Of course, I have been tried, and but this would be. My best guess is that you would slow the game.
Right because I gotta tell you I have been to Mars and you're absolutely correct, but you know what that's funny. I never thought of it. That way, you write the exploiting the friction it's like when you get on its a bargain latin of you, I'm sure you have, but if you raise your friends in a sled race or toboggan race, yes, you gotta make sure you got a fat guy on your team. You need to have back I'm back at bargain, so that you can have the weight so that you can get down the hill you know it's same same table right saved, have a premise, I hope so rearranging troop automobile, maybe might bargaining strategies have been wrong. All this time we were just lucky. You know that we had this guy Thaddeus, who was just taken fat and always helped us when our toboggan racist I'm not sure I am neither am I right. You don't have to answer that question professor, that one you can just let slide on board. Play pun intended right. Entreats treat eighty two on twitter. All right.
Now the sports? Would you like to see on ice and why I'd like to see soccer on ice circuit could be finally p a manly game. My word, I thought I might add, that stuff, that's gonna! can. I was ever made already know Gary as a former professional footballer. He is a professional soccer player, so ass tents, past tense, wrote that who wrote this. Is trial and may add on a good question so alimony Professor Europe. First, what are they? What would you- and this is a personal question I would like to see- played on ice- could be anything Oh, I'm not sure, there's different possibilities, but for sure you don't want to see diving, because either health and water done now draw the monies I like it. It's a boxing on nice already exists, that's called
Ok, what all this means I gotta tell you: why would be fun is withall ball, like united me like by its, which is a fort like baseball, but you don't, you know, have not the ball that far to use a whiff of balls. We can't go that far and AIDS. Get a low baseball game on ice every kind of cool. I kind of like the idea of having basketball on ice just to see men. A rebound. That might have that. That would provoke a little bit of contact. Why have we might be a little difficult though they are not a the way gladly be called hands out hands all right. Let's go back to tat question and it was in trio so as for soccer, not being manly. You are referring to the modern games back in the day, which would be my day, which has many decades ago, Stalker played in England. Would have been something more akin to roll of all. If you saying that movie balance got broken
it was more like hockey than any single watch played right now, but sat good question. Hopefully we've given you a good on some other words, and what Gary was trying to say is. I will punch you That's what he was really tower. No, no! Not at all we love listeners yeah, and you know there were times every appearance of LE, yet that they will. Betimes during a soccer going back in the eighties, where players would viciously attack and opponents elbow with their nose right. Yes, for those of you can work that one out well down all right, one or two. We have question: why That's it that's done out of time, and this has been truly pleasure when Professor Alan has say: hey professor thanks again for all of your insights and being on the show with this man. No problem, thanks for having me oh you're. Welcome and sir don't leave the country because we
sure, to have you back to talk about, I saki and probably a lot of other things. Great. Have you on board? Thank you. We're gonna, take our next break. You gonna want to stick around for this bizarre next, we bring you two players perspective with calling Wilson left wing. Yes left wing with national predators, and he because this discussion treat for everybody. We going bring in the big guy, yes, Doctor Thyssen, be in the house they to, with actual
of a bank, Hungary, O Reilly and I'm certain eyes. This is playing with fire citizen. Today, we're exploring the realm of physics on ice. A k, ice hockey joining us by phone is calling Wilson of the Nashville predators. Yes that calling Wilson call and welcome to the show, sir? I think I'm a man, a pleasure I would thank you for being here and, in addition to call him here in the studio we have. When you talk about science, physics, astrophysics, you name it. His name is synonymous. I don't think he's an introduction to this issue. It is a man myth, the legend near the grass Thyssen. Thank you. Thank you. I didn't I didn't tourism. If, yes, I'm telling you
you are a myth. You don't exist, Neil! You are a hologram that the universe has created delighted to lay down some physics. Wherever you put up the physics back signal right in the sky and I'm happy, you answered the call that wanted to call physics in everything, so I will decide which is here here about display a man. Can you do it? You actually do every answer like that man? Will you just like cosmic pack, lamb radiation monopolised by Monday, one which you can read the mean believed in me, the one that needs a regular in it. We want that exactly that's why what is his name of all one after a certain point, christian by christian bail? Thank you. Thank you. Yet that's the guy! That's too bad! Man question right anyway, so here we go guys to declare what would only right now, because we have common Wilson online, who is by the way a third generation professional hockey player at a thing. That's then, that's amazing,
so calling your grandfather was a professional hockey player right yeah. He played two two games for the Montreal Canadian before haven't her attire and my dad played at another five hundred and fifty two games, and so I guess I got to be the third generation making it. They soon after they say to you, you got it easy back in my day we didn't wear helmets or face Anything did that I get on your case about that. My dad Now that the professional sports, professional sport, Savas Chartering, you know you ve used to talk about having a bead Sidney, Sydney Airport have connections that is all the more costly than back in his that you're, just a bunch of was this was pretty sure your grandfather had no teeth is correct. You know he. Actually he had to go to hold onto a thief and knew the fighters, though I got an idea.
You never told me, but you gotta problem, we ve by the sound of it. Well he's a hockey fighter would always seed. Maybe you should have been a boxer. Let's get this clip, let's get the Caribbean, here's the poorer for those of you who are dont have the pleasure of seeing this on video. This is a clip of column, Wilson, breaking away with the pop. Don't I'll look pretty stick handling and then he splits a defence meant and gets by him and then does a sweet, little top shelf backhand for a guy
so take a listen. I echo raising its will to find a time it up again. They are you guys. You could see clearly that it is not a girl, so colony to feel twice as good right. Yeah, me too. It is a good feeling in the Gatt away the go up really quick. I gotta go in the once they're fine. They called it a go,
that might help of other better use. Like you, it's it's for you. It's like the joy of scoring two goals, one once when you do it and then when they say yes, you did it we're plus. Did you do that so smoothly anybody can do there. Innovation of an the elevation, then when they make something as complicated as that right look as if you what I mean my arm chair, so do the had occupied Do there in an hour knowing that particular played it like, I said so: common comes across the net and he jukes defence men fakes defence man who was on the other side of that and the gully? So damn it does. It makes you feel even better do when it's like you know, is one thing to get to get a feed from somebody and you know, make it a great little. You know rich shot, or are you not to do so sad and an end, but you know for the past. But when you do it like that
is give you an extra sense of satisfaction because it kind of single handedly did it yourself I mean I've got pretty fortunate right now for you to have shown me shone brightly. The goal of my career I showed up the ground. Rules in here is definitely doubly a good feeling. Their lights were pretty goals and does not have an effort that you know Without that. Do a lot, though, Thou art, thou indefinite felt pretty Sweden. Damn you knows, for those fortunate, you don't beat the guy and make our calling them. What point when you get the pact is standard set, plays within a certain part of the rank and you're just natural innovation takeover yeah. Did it just depends the other great?
it there and get them in people. Talk about being in the zone is that they are bad. There was an awful lot of a lot of thinking and kind of felt when you watch the replay, it actually kind of amazing outcome, when you watch his like why that happened, really Quicken thank you can upload down for me there? I thought that affect them, putting a stick down, so you know I could put it there, it stick and they also it's just me. Yeah, well, that more of an instinct is opposed to a lot of thought happening. What you ve just described. There is a heightened sense where, until you get in that situation, you the time doesnt oh down, but once you there, and I think you'll have been in that situation so many times your attuned to the fact that you can start to absorb a whole lot of things like where the defence from skaters, where the stick is go, keep his position. Those things how how much is that as being training, and how much of that? It's just you
What I'm third generation this is work cut out, Disraeli immediately Disney my team and I urge you to hockey stick hockey stick right there in the dna helix over heels. Hockey's there you go double helix gone sorry, yet I think you know certainly a lot of it is training. You know to bill, have the kind of hands the bill make that way. You know the shot the Annabella get it up, but at the same time I mean it It is a bit of an experience. You know what is certain times where the brain kind of just ends up slowing down things that you know, people described as a zone, people. I don't know, maybe get a four month, a meditative standpoint, but on the other but a training at all that have just kind of yet. The way that human there made it a kind of slow it down. You know in the inadequate cool they. Let me ask you s, whiskers
per second, because you know what I want to think that we talked about it. You know in hockey at of course, is the importance of the skates, the technical advancements that have been made to skates recently, and in a game against Minnesota, you actually popped. Your bleed off this gate, you possibly off. But here's the thing that really got me you, continued the play. Online freakin skate because I came So what I want to know is two things and then near. Like wants you to maybe time in with the actual act of skating on ice from physic standpoint, and what kind of pressures are being applied so calling for. You is have escaping just second nature for you, the fact that, because for you, it looks like way. I walk and the way my shoe feels against the ground is the way you skate men away, your skates feel against the ice. The idea that separate us turn into
yeah blocking running. You know that riding a bicycle. You can never forget. You go out there in the outer second Asia minutes. I started skating when I was about two years old and twenty seven out of twenty five years. Twenty five years of being out there. You just get used to it so well on the way you definitely comparative yeah somebody who likes
That's cool and Neil forced skating itself, the act of skating. What are the physics involved and the acts of skating just to bring some science into this? I mean it's it's almost too much in from. I can tell you which almost too much information, because if there's a lot of physics behind why he glides on the ice and any skater glide, and you think we got increases ice right. That's that's the answer. We give ourselves right and we're done, but that's not the answer right. So it has everything in this world to do with pressure pressure fits the physics of pressure and pressure is force divided by area. Simply ok. Oppression force are not the same thing. Ok, so it is why a knife, a sharp knife cuts and adult life does not right. If you bring a knife to food, you pressed down and it cuts easily. You say: that's a sharp knife right
you put a certain force on the blade right and it just cut easily. Now the blade is dull, you put the same force on the food right does not cut. That is why I did not make it imprisoned, because I had done I've and they were just like that. Guy, doesn't nobody Kiki can't carry out of sight. So what happens? Is the area of cutting the edge of the blade? Is what matters by a dull blade skates a super shop Haswell getting there so dull blade adult knife blade as a bigger surface area than a sharpened nicely right right and if pressure is course divided by area the smaller your area, the bigger the pressure because you're the
They didn't denominate nominated right. So it's almost like I'm saying this wrong, but you'll know what I mean it's almost like by decreasing the area, your increase, the force, even though you're not really increasing the for Europe, we have a word for that is called pressure. Ok, so you increasing the pressure. Thank you. Scientist made its far more difficult than invariably simply sharpening the blade you're using the same force, and you have it Our prior pressure is the pressure that cutting the food. So now we can eat. No, you got that Ok, you know utter really really hungry state right now. I've got a stake. Water! Ok, right if you cool water, and now you bring it to thirty two degrees and you freeze it. Ok warder, unlike most other ingredients. Expands when it freezes right. Ok, we know this. If you switched off
freezer lightly freezing rely. If you ve ever had filled an ice tray. You know that you fill it and then, when it freezes the ice bulges above the Icelanders about ten percent above right, ok, so the same thing. This is why icebergs there's ten percent floating above water? Ok, ok ice is less dense than the water from which it came characters it expanded right. That's why ice floats? That's who eyes ice would sink, Ok, can I watch if you we give ice ice, doesn't want to be closing! It was to be proud that they have caused in my work. I know what's a good work together, if you squeeze ice right, so hard vetted cannot withstand the pressure. Ok, you're trying to squeeze ice into a smaller volume right. It is hard to do. It is a fact so hard. Usually you do not succeed the ice, a bust out and breaks or pipes.
Ok, you got that's a of water and it has no place in order. It becomes ice is stronger than your mental pipes case and I watch I want a squeeze ice. It will not let that happen unless you have such high force that the I says fuck it I must become small over smaller volume. Now the only one I can do that, is to turn back and go back to water, which, from whence I came from whence I came So you can turn thirty degree. Ice into thirty degree warder under pressure in an instant and then it rephrase is right back right and once it wants that pressure, isn't there. It refuses instantly so now Now. Why do you want a sharp skate blade this sharp, like a knife geek that stupid, because it actually has a flat bottomed, but it at anchor and we gotta aghast allowed. We italian colleague, calling on when they coach
open the blade it's actually concave and you you have the two edges, the left age and the right edge of the blade is incorrect. Ok, so so he's either skating on the left edge or the right he's, gonna, both edges right, we'll have held these more nimble if he's on one side or the other. Ok so now watch sharper? That is his body weight, girl, girl, a hockey player. What a way to what nobody'd two hundred some. What are you here to twenty two? Twenty is good or bad, guys. Ok, two hundred twenty pounds, goes to one side, his blade on one skate. It is two hundred twenty pounds, a razor blunder, raisonably on a razor blade than that ice has no place to go except melt back melt into water in that instance. So then that becomes the gliding areas, the guy. That's why glides there
is why and the instant his his blade comes out there. That comes out the other side. It re freezes and hardly any record of him having done that out just so, you know it is possible to be so cold that then those pressures dont melting ice. They then you cannot escape. So you have I hate com? Have you ever been on ice that felt like you couldn't skate on it because it's been so called hard, while its official hardly like a couple hundred degrees below zero alone? And forget, however, that that would mean you wouldn't be talking to us right now, because our real genocide. So this is why you can skate in its why you can be so nimble. It is wise slippery for on scale. This is
I all that is the case. Lao Poland, I know you're a big science fan and then you can help it as we all count. Your big fan of meals, a u conscious of science and mass within your spool, naturally and Debbie ever found any reason to be using it to advantage in your game not necessarily, but we actually see see nowadays in terms of our recovery and treatments. I actually just came back from a laser treatment, so it's interesting to see how scientists develop to in in terms of training as well as recover. So Yemen was there at the theory of the later is putting a photon bringing energy at the cellular level in order for it to hear so, it had been critical of see, science changing the game, and you also mentioned the way that Scape gave now develop, certainly using side more to get you back a bit faster and then the train in making you bigger faster stronger. So I get the thumb in applying a little bit more
pressure on that, I see you get about you get bastard. I think that one of the question I want to ask when we were back when we were talking about the girl? How much active control do you have on the angle off the ice that you send the park, so naively you say other hitting the package of sliding along the ice, but you can actually lift the park but surely to fight. The hole that's in that you can see. Is that correct ok, so how much control do you actually have to permit a little bit different them? One of the top, Godfather theme- I mean there's some guys on that. Can really They had those those little areas minutes and extreme impressive, impressive toward yeah, I mean everybody, everybody up, you know the attracted their shock. Getting elevating the park in the EU certainly develop. You get all their more control like on that on the back, and I am a decent amount of backing
those are my career and I control elevation pretty well getting it up quickly from their backs, well, you and I have something in common. They are garland getting up in the backing and position I thought I'd just taken its new level. Yes, I did I'm sorry. What I'm saying is that, of course, ices slippery for a pact that sources, but the if its airborne, then the puckers ballistic projectile right absolutely yet, and so did so it's it would have different mechanics on it then actually sliding on the ice. Absolutely Interesting little fact hadn't thought that through and it's very cool like when you what you just said about him, the way you're manipulating the popular. Do you do do you feel like the stick is an extension of who you are and are and how in touch with the with the pact? Are you when you're stick handling of? Yes, very, very much, I think back, that's it.
The accession of your body, you I mean again when you ve been playing hockey. Third, analogous them at twenty five years. Now it just become a kind of second eight. But I was stuck in your hand, and you know you can do some pretty pretty skilful things when you ve been you know. I've been out for a long time, so I mean you make those. I mean it doping. Is anybody working? You know we're at something for twenty five years you, you know, you make some critical improvements and If I feel like an extension calling before but you go and until you wanna in a busy schedule on the road. Just where do you see the development in hockey? Be it through? be covered from injury psychology from technical equipment. Where do you see the future? Taking your sport, a great question: yeah! It's gonna, be a scary thing, honestly how bad it gonna get. If you go like this, when I go back and look at
dad. Did I mean it just looks like it looks like in slow motion like they were walking around the ice right. Yeah yeah, though in innovation than equipment in our training in are yeah recovery. I it's gonna, be scary to see where the guy take us right now, the top player in the legal, actually, the big bad guys gonna make David he's nineteen years old and yet the way that he moves on the ice and though the cup other guys, I can match a jack. I go here when they they just, they grew up training in a different way than us because a decisive improved by the time that they began their training because you know you're, an old for narrow twenty twenty seven, I might have come on my way out ass loud ass will be it'll, be interesting to see how much faster it really can get together. It certainly gets. It really is growing rapidly young players that are coming up like that
hey man where we are at a time for that an absolute plays. Yet you say you well you in this forest, really fabulous tree to have you on the show good. Looking What remains of the season? Yes, man salute but it does so nice man take care of pleasure that, while they are still man at a time- and it was fantastic million over those data by users, kidnappings down. Luckily, I didn't know, I cannot wait to get out of here to deal with these amateurs. Defalcations didn't know every day is a school day and will continue to be so in the presence of Doktor Neil digress Thyssen. Who were so grateful if you say so, things about me all the time? Don't because you're here in front of us and I admire the way there's nothing left to do. That's I'll show you.
It is I, sir, I do dynamic. Thank you near IKEA, and thanks to Alan, has J and Collins Wilson, everybody to spin evolved been absolutely brilliant, I wish we could talk more about. It would have run out of time, look forward to your company so now Dela lay I'll drop, the organs We should listen to start talking racial free, joint star on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap, star, talk, radio,
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