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#ICYMI - Motorcycle Racing: Physics on 2-Wheels

2018-05-31 | 🔗
In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel… We kick it into top gear as hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice explore the physics of motorcycle racing, riding, and assembly alongside adventure journalist Jim Clash and physics professor and motorcycle aficionado Charles Falco.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/motorcycle-racing-physics-on-2-wheels/Photo Credit: SCrider (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons.

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Skip the commercials support? Star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free I am the rest ice in your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you, You sure the universe and sports. Europe's aims at nice, life and We are the whole stop playing. With science? Today we take to track on two wheeled and, as always on need for speed will be equally matched by only
no- and I need to Know- is still a need for speed and you ever wonder how and why a motorcycle razor goes through a ban almost horizontal. What a man with the answers is universally of Arizona cluster of optical sciences and physics as a well known, passionate motorcycle, collector and writer himself. We're talking about Professor Charles Falco he'll, be joining us very interesting, Manny they'd back for another, Spain round the plane besides track and joining us first in the studio is a very good friend and do daring d- that, yes, the adventure journalists Jim cries to welcome values is thanks, guys, I'm, I feel, like I'm becoming a regular here, yeah man. We love why you get jobs right before you, I'm sure, there's stuff that we only think about doing it's a beta boys own story. I mean I am very, very envious now, because this is two wheels. And your more in tune with four, but you have been.
Motorbike at hundred and forty miles per hour is crazy. It's him- he's been a lot faster that much faster than I've done. So I'm pretty piece of this was the super bite peroration crystal, which you answered, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally last summer in Dakota. So are you finding your way towards the tuna sector. Motor sport. Are you just what's this about? when I was a kid my mom always said you can't drive him. Like you'll lose a limb, and I was in a very number two years so I never got on with, motorcycles, I'm afraid of them. However, I couldn't possibly change when Chris all large offered me chance to get on the back of his motorcycle at a hundred forty miles an hour, he also took me through a road we were literally, you know on your knees, dragging on that sort of thing. So was the first time ever done that last
There are some other. There are more clearly how did that work between your ears that space between your ways? We thinking? Oh, my, what I'm about to kiss the black stuff here this is. This is ass, felt this is tarmac. This is Good again I had faith in Chris. I shall deal with someone else before I did it, and I thought this is my story. I put myself into that role of of the journalist, and I have to write about this so rather than being Therefore I was thinking okay. What is this sensation like? How many about it and you know for your kind of went away. So do you start this when you're right, and we just start with you. How do you for Emma journalistic Point of view? I am interested now approach that looking back at your experience. Well again, in a lot of my experiences, I have to be the active participant I have to drive the car or ski to this of polar whatever. It is in this experience
We just riding on the back of a motorcycle, so anyway is also active in itself the clear yet we have decided to engage right process where were fighting exactly even your passenger by the way can make a ride. You know very dangerous sure if you have the wrong passenger on the back of your bike, they they are putting your life, You now yet they talk to me a little bit before I got on, but am yeah. I mean I was a passenger. Now I did go to Sturgis, which is where they have the big motorcycle rarely every year and felt the coda lot lot. Hogs and stir it was It was amazing that the number of different, people there. There was a lady who was in her nineties who still road or motorcycle to start from New Jersey. What's his name from the he'll. Be brothers: was there he's a motorcycle guy, Pat more moorish, her patch somebody Tom Berringer was there from platoon motorcycle
I mean it was fascinating. They all want me to get a tattoo. They want to get the New York I drunk and get a tat you would I I didn't do it for you I'll get you ve heard of the Isle of Man, Tt Motorcycle. There is over a period of awake yeah. I think we just heard Chuck say it's amazing if you imagine, there's a whole load of public roads and if this is sort of quintessential each he'll, slightly mountainous areas on the Isle of Man, which is between Ireland and the West Coast of England, is peculiar little place. Yet they are put it up and I think it was Frank lids from sports illustrated back in two thousand and three two thousand and four so
it is thirty, eight miles of terror, this one court and it is a test of nerve and speed and possibly the most dangerous sporting event in the world. While I gotta tell ya, I I've never been to the Isle of Man, but I've I've never been to the Isle of Man, but I've watched in Ontario guy, I M Nbc, used to it always comes up. Saturday afternoon, and I love it. It's one of the most exciting raises that you can watch. What gets me about. The whole race is on the in the professional side. Is that the spectators are standing right on the course, which is dangerous in and of itself rights are the tour de France, where you six down the street exactly a bicycle rather than a a thousand c super by
I am sure they have accidents with the spectators office yesterday. What I'm sensing here is a man who has made a reputation as an adventurer and adventure journalist, one look at the Isle of Man TT when no thank you a manual swam in the Arctic and the North Pole, the North pole, the man he's been two hundred fifty Mount three miles an hour driving he's the kind self looked to the tt went up there I mean: do you just? Do you use so itself funny that you have done on these like? Incredibly, I will say: adrenalin inducing tip someone like you has never had a desire to drive and ride motorcycles, but I haven't, I know, was the cool thing to do and back in high school in college. But again, my mother at that early age, telling me I'd, lose a limb
They got on a motorcycle stayed with me and again on becoming a little more open to it? Now not to this TT thing, that's nuts, but but but yeah, ask. Somebody Yoda explores club about how to get a licence and what to do and what bikes her in and wood extra out he's gotta. Hardly yet up, I won't say no forever, but I also know that teaching while say no twenty, two I made listen. I can't wait to get, as I was saying before the showed I'm definitely getting a bike again I'd like once you do it you once you bite you, Furthermore, I get rid of it rest, your life, you just got a scratch that any time I see somebody on a motorcycle. I think God. What have I done right bit? I take a break out. We have got a unique character. Professor Charles Falco is not just a physicist. He is a motor
cycle aficionado a man passionate and remain responsible for being one of the key writers of the art and science of motorcycles, which was one of Guggenheim, most popular, ever exhibit thirsty. We'll be back shortly. Hey I've got a little secret for you. When I consider singing all of the ads on this shell. There just one way to get out of hearing there go to patriarch, coms. Last starred talk and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free you can download all current episodes into your favorite park has player, and
ever hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not after hear me saying if you support us at patriarch dot com last talk. Radio I mean I'm just sing, I mean just saying. I'm Forbes adventure, journalist, Jim clash, and this is playing with Science- like playing with science today, were exploring motorcycle wasting and with us in the studio. We still have adventure, journalists and a very good friend, Jim Class.
But joining us now to break down the physics. Is professor, Charles Falco, welcome to Prime assigns professor rally this? Let's just give you a proper introduction. It. You are the chair of condensed metaphysics, professor of Optical Sciences and professor of physics, at the University of Arizona expert on the magnetic an optical properties of thin film materials. But the reason why you're really here, Sir, is you- are a motorcycle efficient, not man that owns probably more than fifteen bikes and at one point was part of the curate in time for the Guggenheim museums, exhibition of art and science of motorcycles. Have I left anything out now that you ve got everything
pleased, because that that is a serious role of honor. So we will judge you on board where'd, you start for. U S word! Your love of motorcycles come from when I was eight years old. Somebody a right across the wine Iowa on the back of it. Thunderbird motorcycle reason why I know that is then Tram Thunderbird was actually the motorcycle, their Farlane Brando, adding the wild one yet a modified greatly modified version, one when's recorded Bonneville in for two years they had on the ghastly robes fastest motorcycle, I was young enough tat. I thought I was on the world's fastest motorcycle now for life. It up but I use of age you, goods, Zambia, it says so. Maybe you this because you're a historian as well. So you said that that modified,
Jim became the world's fastest motorcycle at Bonneville. Triumph also has a motorcycle called Bonneville is. Is that, because of that time, trial success, exactly overdo it won t said the romance be record is six. I believe it's over the next two years before they introduce the model, the Bonneville the tree Thunderbird had the allies and said Rob passengers silk outta. Do you say that I'm gettin so decided right now, you're gonna go by using no that's gonna, be my next point. By the way is a triumph Benevolences? Let nobody no right! Now! That's that's enough! Yes, red tank with was that you could do far worse. Thank you, sir. As a bridge, I would endorse the buying over Triumph Course Press with the sort of documented you're. The genesis of your passion for motorcycles.
Being a physicist as being a help or a hindrance being able to understand fully, of the science involved in the best out of your motorcycles, I would say, not destroyed. Physics, the motorcycle Mackay, the motorcycle, has been intrinsic to all my work My scientific work may, as an experimental scientist, think in terms of income we will, at least in If no myself on what I know about motorcycle mechanics, wow cap, How interesting that, if you approached the whole realm of your optical science, through the lens of a pun, intended a motorcycle, in fact there's only three things that I prefer precedent professionally ex motorcycles and art in
they all into relief for me really so now, when you say art, because I can see physics and motorcycle, because what the two are inexorably tied together, everything from gyroscopes. The laws of motion- you name it it's a motorcycle is not. More than a rolling physics class as far as I'm concerned, but I'm interested to know where the our ties in so, if you look up the Hockney Falco these David hockey. Arguably the world's most famous living artists. He and I are about, fifteen years ago now discovered the artist of the rich yeah. Then I believe he Caravaggio used lenses to project images two hundred years before garlic. Before people even thought lenses could be used. The reason why I was able to make those discoveries with David was Ivan
arrested in Oregon, photography since It was about five years older, so so those passions of my physics in optics from my interested motorcycles in photography, wow that I have to tell you that, as a fascinating journey in terms of coming to science. Through you know, through your pretty personal passions, I mean there are so many I'm always interested when you talk to science, how is it that they come to their love of their particular scientific discipline or their study? And you know every scientist has a story and I have to tell you yours may be the most interest. Yes, I did flag up at the top of the show that we would find you very interesting. Has the art of the motorcycle kind of avert evolve for you through engineering strewed shapes through so the
interested motorcycles. The interesting thing about them is theirs little automotive like these two wheels in here the gas? You would think that you don't have much choice is a designer, but you can have to motorcycles. Did you orally describe with sound identical. One would be incredibly and the other is a beautiful work of art, and so the fact that minor differences? how these components are laid out. Minor difference incurs make all the prince in the world with a beauty machine, some aerodynamic. Some of it is intrinsically dictated by the physics, but another way of looking at the art or the motorcycles. You can watch the design of words, It goes evolve throughout the twenty of the twenty first century by watching material science, materials physics evolve, so that every time.
Materials is developed, its incorporated motorcycles. Ok, so let's go to the to the back end of the twentieth century, a move it forward to where we are now. What is really? Hence the game in terms of material engineering work, so carbon fiber about that time, in the ability to create com Shaves shapes through computerized, aided, take welding to function in our gas welding, so you could take something that was impossible not many years before that you can decide a rod. S of aluminum with good for one function, cast aluminum for something else, welded box section of
for something else, and you can combine them with consumer gas welding increased structure where every aspect of it is optimum for its particular purpose that wasn't possible before. While- and you know it's funny- I just thought carbon fiber was used so that they could make motorcycles really expensive that to that too art materials technology is the evolution of microprocessors and so true why by wire computer control?
The controls on motorcycles are possible, be because developments in microprocessor technology- ok, that's the spring Jim crashing on this, the professor engaging with a classic triumph back from the fifty slew o processes, no carbon fibres and by the way, beautiful beauty in the eye of the beholder. This is true, but not when we're talking about that particular point. I'm going to argue with you and you're. Looking at the development, the evolution of the, then you get to the emotive do you as an adventure. Journalists look at it, so I would rather have the mechanical tactile human contact, or would you rather have something that was more computer? generated honestly as a person who does this not motorcycles but enraged cars. I'd rather have the tactical connection with the bike
I dont want everything to be my motorized or computerized. Honestly. I think they could take racing right now. They could put cars out air computerized? They could have the driver. Sidney stands and drive them, but nobody would want to do that. They never want to see that right people want to see people driving cars. So again you can take to the extreme, but I'd much rather be able to drive a car. I think you're right and I think it's because what we want to see is the melting, a person and machine becoming one. That's the thing: that's exciting you as prisoners driven and raise cars and going the race car school, and you know that there is a certain there's, a certain kind of synergy that you must create for yourself with that car they say
Is it that the? But, when you're in the car? That's what you feel when you re turning a corner whatever that's what you're indicator is in your hands? Follow your feet follow so you ve gotta, be one with the machine. I gotta think that with a motorcycle, there are similar thing. That's what I was going to say to Charles Professor doctor. That is that I think you would agree that I don't think there's any greater. Human integration, with a machine then person on a motorcycle. Three with a completely new motor, Michael has everything you need and nothing more in a difference with a car, a place where raided, even more so than a car element. Arizona in here then, when you're, the guy in the summer and the iron ten degrees, of a nearby mountain, we seventy degrees, if you're in a car you Are you really air conditioning and you get out of this? an hour later in suddenly you're shocked by the temperature change. If you're on a motorcycle you're not shocked at all, because you,
every minor one degree change in temperatures. You go through a shadow, you feel it You feel the engine vibrate, you feel the road you're. The suspension is much more or in tune with the road in a typical cars suspension which is supposed to get rid of all the bombs motorcycles. Do you feel the bombs in the snow? It's been said that you like objects, are you he'd objects, the opinion? How many senses they appeal to you? cargo, that's beautiful carbon, so what its electric car you It doesnt vibrate appeals your sense of sight on a motorcycle. It's your sense of sight. The sense of sound vibration, these sense of smell every one of your senses, is engaged to either you If you like them, you like them alive, you hate them. You hate them alive, professor! Let me ask I'm I'm not a motorcyclists tat. Little reasons why?
ever happened in my life with a rider. It seems that right it becomes an active part of the white transference and therefore that must be correct me if I'm wrong the real feeling of enhanced connection to the like a motorcycle ways, let's say four hundred pounds in a writer with his. Weather is inhumane and, like me we would say two hundred lb significant. Fraction of the overall await a third is the writer in a car to the driver is smaller fraction of the overall way so that if the driver leans left Linda, I car really doesn't care much about that recycled. Cares a lot about that, so you feel it in as a writer, you have much more control and you're much more integrated with the the I'm sorry, the motorcycle than any cards,
I agree with the car cool, so listen. We have to take a break. If you can stick around and Jim, you can stick around. We can get into some of the physics of what you were just talking about. Being integrated with this machine and how the machine responds to you and how you respond. The machine and the road is echo more from Jim Clash, are very good friend Jim Crash and of course the great professor himself tells Falco the boy welcome
I'm very rightly said nice as he is, and this is playing with science and its the physics, motor cycling isnt wheels rather than the four we have faster Charles Ferko, whether Europe again on you, I am what I say they might who profess it's: our focus, rivers and, of course, adventure, journalist Jim Clash, let's drill down into the science of things. If teams on them, Chris or Riches Super bike, Annie's, leaning or not, leaning, walked in terms of physics and science is and is not taking place. Please, and what do you want from a ride on the back of a bike where you want the person back to not do anything because We ve already discussed the writer in the passenger, make up a significant fraction of the overall way. So if the passenger decides to is your partly through a curved to help you by leaning the curb, suddenly
I guess, leaning much more than planned for in another, even if the writer decided for the passenger decides I'm scared this guy I'm leaving way over. I we're going to fall over, I would have stood upright again, throw you way off, so you want the the the passenger just simply to sit upright with respect to the bike. Not with respect to earth the review of the animal recycle through always a bolt upright. Ok, if we take the single rider. Particular someone in a motor jp, for instance, where the curves are tightened fast and its banked its flat always looks. Is you don't need, put me down and lean like that. That's just you showing off, but there is some valid science behind that. I'm sure you're, absolutely in science, had been envisaged. If a student,
Smith, some element tree quiz and they call something Centrifugal Force Centre fleeing war, then they degraded off, because there is no such thing as centrifugal forces. You fails in its in purple where's the forces inward however, when you run a motorcycle you're going to run the curve really bad? You swear anything that the forces throwing you outwards and forces throwing toward the out. So what you want to do is you need to balance at centripetal force which is going to with the force is pushing you out. The ideal way of doing it If you were leaned over all the way, you have no traction. There's you can't do that You do need to lean as far as you possibly can. Lower the centre of gravity and to balance the forces Ok, because I'm the non right here counter steer. Is that something that
goes on in racing so and I've I've. I can tell you the term. I haven't a clue really what it means. Please open that box for me. Actually we back When I was in graduate school, I tried to make a super movie about counters during privacy that I have been following me. I was on the back of somebody else's motorcycle facing backwards, filming this in concert to counters during his counter intuitively. If you aren't going down the road and you want to turn left you push on the left, handlebar it's as if your drink, the wheel to the right. In order to turn left. It just doesn't seem right right. What is happening? because of the moment of inertia of the heavy mass of a spinning wheel. When you push that direction, it actually flops the Bible. The love you want to go to the left, you're pushing when I met you, you can go to the re flaps bike over to the left
in writing on the centre of the tire you're on. How do the tire work do the circumference is less, so you turn to the left, and that will cover staring us in the thing is, is so now, for all that. Many people have been writing many years. I can't described today. They have to think about it. The Africa motorcycle. Do you just do it you it's If you saw me news equations and deciding which will then it's in your neurons, Jim had something that that's. Why he's got away by the way that was agreed at the greatest police counters dear. What might but really was when I was on the back of that motorcycle two hundred and forty miles an hour, and I was on the straightaway and then we went to the corner, so I'm not going to course it much slower speeds, but still pretty fast. I wasn't thinking about centripetal. I wasn't thinking about. Moving anywhere on the bike, but holding on I was just shaking
an and somehow I was able to hold on to a handle that was in front of him, but that was a heck of an experience. So a professor thinking of steering and pulling the bike down. So can you go through what's happening with the gyroscope it forces of the motorcycle and when you see guys cut a pull off, you're you're, actually not leaning Europe pulling that by down so that it can get on the edge to go around? Then Ukraine, your head and you look around the corner. I don't really know exactly the principle behind there. I just know that. That's how you do it cause. That's how you, to do it you look around the corner and bite goes around the corner, and but you're literally hang out the bike and your pulling down because the bike is trying to stand up. So can you go through the gyroscope, a cook forces that are at play there
Thank you. So the main drivers, gothic, were both we'll have the gyroscope before us. On the main one day you got control over is the front. Will you have the front? Will the tyre and we'll wait Why should know the number, but I dont more than ten pounds in its spinning fairly high are beyond The moment of inertia is very high. It does not want to turn this is the experiment. Maybe you know metaphysics labs there are done. Were instructors sits on a stool, can spin around and want to see a bicycle. We ask which is much lighter spinning in a much lower speed, turns the bicycle wheel in the moment of inertia causes the stool to spin. Motorcycle is like that accept times a hundred so when you try to turn the wheel, is trying to turn
the aim of ours who try to the wheel does not want to do this, and if you about you work with the Turks, are the Turk causes the motorcycle to be pushed over sideways and decide you control things you with the wheel, you're pushing and pulling rather than turning right to opt out you look into the curve, it just write your feedback. You you ve learned. Through trial and error. If you turn it over to far you in in the weeds on the insider. Going whenever the weeds outside say you ve learned through bitter experience, just the right amount to turn to go through her on the right line right in and the only dream you and me, and a great logically writer. Is they do this much much better?
then we can even think what web professor websites of getting down into the physics of of motorcycle racing we spoke about this, gravity with formula one race cars and how the lower it is. The better is distilled a similar effect for motorcycles, as opposed to therefore, will counterparts yes answered so you want. The centre of gravity is low is possible if you have a really high centre of gravity. People play the building and the gas take is actually a good example, because you have for of gallons eight pounds per gallon, a lot of weight apply, which is what you dont want because there if we measure leaned over little ways, but you have a moment arm with a lot of weight over. A long distance from the road which is trying to flip the bike, the other direction, ideally all the way would be right at ground level.
You don't have to worry about that at all so many years ago, thirty years ago, forty years ago, Honda made the first goal. We motorcycle, not erasing motorcycle is motorcycle. They recognise. As everybody knows, this everybody recognised it, but the problem is cycles are very conservative, we don't buy motorcycles, are don't have gas days were dustings disposed to be. They gave the motorcyclists a fake gas. Take a pie. That's not it down. With a few gravity, lower conservative buyers, the You will think that they wanted to think it was a fuel tank, little comfort tank. That's really want to bring about I had no idea that, with that that law is really behind the goal. So if, if you do, if you are able to lower the centre of gravity, do you then does it affected? Adversity must do do the distance between the rules the will base itself.
The engine design affects the will they. So if you have a a ducati which has a l shaped engine, one cylinders facing forward. That just means you can have the wheel from your back very far, so it makes for a longer motorcycle, because of that, if you a Bmw as those cylinders sideways restricting where the probable can be and their download, so it has lost. Gravity. Design, does affect the for performance. Recycle Raymond lowly the desire of the Greyhound Bus, Studebaker Avanti, greater broken actually was a french designer baby, there was an american desire. Will let you wanted, because the term Maya this was possibility of the designer to give the customer the most advanced and may yet acceptable. Why a design
if you lower the centre of gravity, will you take away the fuel tank doesnt? It may a better design, but if nobody buys it, you failed Designer, well, that's very good it's always a game with them. It between the designers in the motorcyclists to try to sneak higher higher performance design, under a conservative by crowd. So can you break this down, because Jim was telling us that in raising a car- and I know that this is the same principle, riding a motorcycle, whether you are racing or not, and that is turn into a sharp turn, and you always break and downshift okay going into the turn, and then you throttle going through and out of the turn, so you slow down and then you speed up. So why is it always slow in and accelerate out? Why? What is there a
the reason for that it depends on the tires the optimum way of getting through occur. Varied with time, and not simply due to fashion it's very by how rigid the chassis were made at the time? How await the tires were in her welding in how much horse power engine hair. So what people have there, this concept of squaring the corner to motorcycles enough for an hour now? Did you can be leading into the curve? And you, if you are one of these, Motogp riders, you give acceleration to the the bike, while you're in the curve and actually break the rear, wheels lose its kids in the so it starts sliding to the outside and and then you stopped it from skidding. You
change changed the way, the direction that motorcycles aim from where I was too or the end of her right and so by squaring the curve? This way, because you have the horse power to do it, you can get through the poor bastard. You couldn't have done fifty years ago. It is not a matter of fact. It is a matter of be explaining the technological capabilities of the time so that knowledge in has now enabled you to not just overcome some of the physics but utilise it. To your own advantage, wow. So now, then, then you go into it our ok, so this becomes function in form. We formula, one guys will tell you it's all about that darling. The driver could be anybody, but if the tyres are doing what they should be doing, then this thing won't happen. What kind of evolution because
amended, motorcycle tyres is, is grounded not kind of flat like a slick for an if one car you're able to ride both edges of the Thai so that the tire technology must be vastly improved over the years. Incredibly improved when you see a nineteen, fifty motorcycle part. Next to it today, Eighteen motorcycle, it's almost hilarious indifference in in width of the time. Yes, higher than a modern psychologist, they're, just gigantic surface area, it is a major common. A motorcycle will never go through a curve is faster formula, one car, because let us coming up to wield right. There's that limits amount of rubber lives on the road at any one time in Andalusia, you have to be rounded. The tires up be rounded: to go through The formula one are the only there they are,
a linear, actually got with the road flattened the flat and an flat surface to service. And so they always will have their advantage call man a carefully worded before you go professor had won because you will be involved in this art and science or the motorcycle at the Guggenheim. You must have a However, it all carry weight. A girl, AU, Revoir, savory, us all science, Does a motorcycle? Do you have one motorcycle? They can go what's the most beautiful, motorcycle okay. So my first You re often get there. This is. If its apparent, I said you have children how many of you have, which is your face? All I can say in my favor right now. I have three and I have a favorite right now I'll tell you
ok. So most people are willing to do that. If people are to shock a little bit to say I love them equally seriously. I didn't ask you that I asked which is your baby here. So there was a french motorcycle. Then it was all enclosed Every time I walked by that motorcycles broke into a smile which is based on the fact that such a happy motorcycle- maybe that's my but I really do like them all. I mean the child s name that, based on. Look at the catalogue of the art of the motorcycle french motorcycle pride. These areas are nineteen there, also a bit of bitter modernist, can If any one question to ask why, Sir this is this is off the record. Obviously nobody can hear us. Yes, for millions of people the first as you ve ever been on a motorcycle. Ok, so I have
You don't know the number, because, when you're going, It has been a motorcycle you don't want to be good boy, wonder in a play. There's this rule of thumb, which is so forward. Then. You: don't want to speed closer than twenty miles from a dollar chop. Your further, twenty miles without a job, it's probably okay to most of the country or another. For me I for one, am I motorcycles, didn't test reports say it goes, fifty six miles an hour with flat out for twenty miles at night, focused on my headlight beam because it so I assume I one hundred fifty six miles. That's a good! That's good! That's right. I do like that. Don't reference. Thank you for that. They're gonna we gotta
We got a wrap this up by professor. You are fascinating of torrent ages. Let me just say: stay vertical. My friend, you think, professor, thank you so much of your time. It's it's yet been eye opening very much. Thank you. Stay silent on those bikes, thank you and to Jim clash has Jim. Thank you. Thank you guys. It has been great. I learned a lot about motorcycles. Today we are not alone what a renaissance guy that guy I've got a lot of preventing all right, but that's it for Russia, the physics of, two wheeled motor sport. Thank you and thank you to Charles Ferko, the professor science, physics, everything
give enjoyed our show. We look forward to our company next time. Bardell may adopt the organs. We should listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk, I'm patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio.
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