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#ICYMI - Plant-Powered Athletes and Plant-Based Diets

2019-07-04 | 🔗

In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel…. Hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice explore the world of plant-powered athletes and plant-based diets with former German strongman competitor Patrik Baboumian, heavyweight boxer Cam F. Awesome, and vegan nutrition and fitness coach Karina Inkster.

Photo Credit: Patrik Baboumian. Photo Credit: Deivitrix [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

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I'm very rightly, enterprise is playing with fire, and today we examined. This is only me based proteins, confusedly athletes to the very top of their sport. And yes, you correct. This is not a hot dog eating, show that may very well be on a launch pad very soon to keep an eye out. You say, Launchpad Launchpad, maybe Hungary, maybe I'm hungry, maybe bringing the athletes peel He is not one but two world class athletes who are not to be As with we're talking about world record, breaking straw man from Germany, Patrick Bamiyan and so a heavyweight golden gloves Champion Box or an olympic hopeful, CAM f awesome. Yes, yes, he is if I say so myself here also them will be here to tell their amazing stories. I gotta get to the bottom of that name: yeah, really, Damn f autumn. First question
right. It taught me through the name it is giving us the interdisciplinary science of nutrition, which actually is is vague and fitness coach an nutritionist Corina inks the now here we go chaps an jackasses. You're, a hundred percent meet eating athlete and junk if a salad made totally get it, but if you, Like to hear how to challenge the conventions and your own thinking, then this show most definitely is free are right and to kick them. He's off ass. We promise he is a world record, breaking strong man if you ever the chance took out his videos on Youtube because they are absolutely phenomenal ridiculous. They are ridiculous. I had a nice is possible way tat. I would think we're we're talking about a man who carried over twelve hundred pounds about
ten metres, which is that's a world record, its to bring to the Shell, Patrick, but Bloomin Patrick. How are you my friend? I'm great Am I saying what am I saying your name correctly, bohemian yeah Bohemia's perfect let me in there I ask that we got a name right here. We got a name right. I can't believe it nicely may last lap of under review and another. I re our ok quite simple. What triggered your change from a meat based, to vague yeah. That's that's a story that really captured my imagination. And I am glad this is basically I was typical strength athlete you done and then bodybuilder and em for twelve years and like most of the guys in that kind of community, am, I believed, in the superiority of animal protein over a plant protein.
Therefore I use a lot of needs and I also had tons of dairy products, I get my worst kind of days. I add up to two gallons, today really is bad, and that was because I thought I need a protein from those sources that plan, horses, wouldn't do the job for me Nero format building and so on, and then what my change to answer. The question is that at some point I just realized that I was very compassionate words: animal sources, Do you know rescue animals from the forest? If I would see an injured animal, I would try to help them get them to the vat and then try to do something, and that was in very natural reaction for me, and I was sometimes you know putting a lot of time and energy. For instance, once we had to be a raven, and
you know them? We could put in like a few months of time, trying to help that one bird and I was just thinking well, while I'm due. In this I am eating and in that time span and probably eating you know, like thirty or fifty chicken loudest makes sense in order to try to put time and energy to trying to help one animal and at the same time, You basically eating other birds away, you're, trying to help that one well, the answer, Patrick, would be that ravens are not delicious I don't know you don't know why this is so. I'd want you're right, you're right, I'm joking, but go ahead continue so that Basically when, when I stopped eating meat and ass now switch forward, sixty later I was pretty successful as a vegetarian, strongly
then I even you know, got to get the heavy weight national Champions title in Germany. An alarm saw that without them, two thousand and eleven is a six years after we were going vegetarian. Once again that title that brought me a lot of you know. Media attention I was in all kinds of unusable Newspapers in Germany, and at that point alas, that I was now influencing lot of other people, through media right and that's when I made the decision to. I could go one step further and go completely vegan, although in this case now I wasn't really sure if it would work. Unless you know Isaac, Erin. I had already learned. I was doing great. I was even doing better than when I was mean eating meat, but I was really not convinced that I could do that on a one hundred percent plant based diet without the animal products, because others still as a vegetarian having tons of dairy products and
I sincerely believe that these dairy products, and then milk and in all that stuff, that that was a you the main pillars of mine attrition that you know mates everything worked for me, So I was really anxious if, if I could make it work- and it was super surprised once I did it- that actually my performance levels, even when went? I, let me ask you a question here as well: time line of we got from you. Stopping a meat based diet coming into plant based coming Vegan. How long does it take before you see quantifiable difference in what you can do and how you outta here,
Is it an overnight they heard a month to month, pays where did you wake up and while being a vehicle is awesome yeah? That would be you that doesn't happen at all. Does in fact mind please. Orton thing is that this is again a very good point. Making a lot of people have this misunderstanding that you go. Begin and then automatically thing also happens to you, I and- and you become superhuman, and obviously that's bullshit- that that doesn't no guy arteries desk also one one of the reasons that a lot of people think that a lot of being the wagon athletes actually kind of you now fake r r. Fraud or a just pretend that works for them just because they want to influence people, because they add this misconception that you know So if you go leading you still have to make em. You know you still have to make an efficient work, so you stay
he'll go, we can you still have to make em? You know you still have to make nutrition work, so you still have to give your body all the nutrients and everything it needs. And the reason that it works better than with animal products is actually pretty simple. If you do it correctly, and you give your body everything it needs, what you really doing is you're, taking away a lot of the stuff that distressing your body like high cholesterol, friends, you no other Chemicals and also a lot of stuff that negatively show Micro Biome, for instance, where all that stuff a latter day. A lot of that is in Derry. To just let me say, I'm I'm not advocating one way or the other, but from a scientific standpoint everything you talked about. Out of your Micro biome, is adversely affected by dairy and a lot of the things that you are talking about just right before that shows up in implementation. Yeah, and so that's also extremely adverse for for everybody, not just athletes. I'm sorry,
you mean to cut you off. I just want to drop that ain't got it yeah, but it, but it is one percent, but you say so and therefore, if you do it correctly and you go region, Why'd, you basically do. Is you take all that away, but you they'll give your body everything it needs. Obviously, it's gonna do better than before Sophia Patrick View, Patrick calories a day. Are we talking only let me let me do this. It is because I, when I was research on Patrick, I saw this and it forbids me out. I'm gonna give you your own words back right, Thou, Patrick in the UK. They you tell us what exactly Bulgaria as like. What is this all right? so excited tat. It does not even know why six thousand calories a day three hundred and fifty grams of protein day, eight meals a day and three hours of training for days a week as a region. Can you give us an idea
you get three hundred fifty grams of protein and six thousand calories a day? One one of the things about this is is a misconception that a lot of people have what weaken attrition means and that's because if the one you know the first thing you think about visa nutrition, if you hear it and you're not began rise, salad, salad, Natalie, Vienna, so obviously stuff. That is not carried them right and if you read that way of you, if I would eat that way, the whole day, I would just crumble. So that's why they have to make sure that it I get everything I need to gross. I need to get the galleries and I need to get the protein now. It's actually pretty easy. If you know what to eat, My my most favorite example is peanuts, not because I e peanuts Oh they? If you take a look at, you know how calorie dense peanuts are very carried thence by pretty much like, like meat
but you also have a lot of you know: plant based fats in it right with which we reach health for the carries. But the most important point is you have twenty five grams of protein per hundred grams, so loud water. A quarter of of off of the weight that you're eating. Is protein wait right arm and am so? If you in a way that you make sure you know you eat a lot of legume. She eats a lot of starches and a lot of stuff that is calorie, dense and has enough protein. I can pretty easy that you can actually get your calories just as easy with a vegan diet, as with the animal products based diet, so you just have to make. For that. You need carried answer. What is the equivalent of the way protein that
a body builders are all talking about. So if I want to get a plant based protein- and I wanted to be the equivalent of way protein tell me what to do so too since you wanna make sure that you get a protein that is well balanced in terms of the amino acid profile, so one often you have is you can combine forces to get that? so you take lagoons and start has combined them together and get a pretty well mixed source that that would mean something like guy, you know a worm corn, Jeanne with soy protein, something like that again or if you want to have a single source, so you can replacing one by one. I would always take site because is already well balanced out of the box, so most of the time, I'm just using a soy protein but I tend to from time to time that I am, I use other proteins forces to just because I
So a lot of food products- and I just wanna- makes it up a little bit so that it doesn't I too am in to one side it, but I go back to the point where you stop a meat free diet. You must then go through number of physical and mental changes developments, can you talk as true that, because there'll be a lot of people on this one sat right here? who hasn't been through a vague and diet, and therefore what would it- life for someone listening to the show today if they were to take that course. Yes, what what I have to know beforehand is that you going to let you know changing the way you eat very dramatically. And that's gonna have you know it's kinda begin it's gonna have some negative by effects to become yeah. You know your whole digestive system, ass, true ass, to accumulate,
a new situation for micro by almost going to change the long run disgrace the change to the better, but that take some time so in that time it it can get a little bit upwards or for me it was probably the first two weeks or so, where I felt a little bit. You know off, and I couldn't really is really hard to put it into words, because it just more yeah literally a gut feeling. Yes, they have to get through that phase, but it just takes. You know like two weeks or so and I always recommend people too- if they want to try it to give it up for weeks, because for weeks pretty much the time that it takes until you know all these positive effects kick in and after always most people really. You know once they express these things.
There really motivated to to stick to it, because another thing that a lot of people have a problem with that I had a problem with, is that it just some Scary of you, you know, make the decision than you think. I'm gonna do this for the rest of my life. For me, that was a super scary fought fault because I love to drink milk. I love chocolate. I love so many military base products, you were vague, an athlete of the year in twenty twelve. Is that correct, yeah, and you are now an ambassador and you have featured the game changes which is a movie that has the fingerprints of James Cameron on it yeah. New, quite humble about this, please. He's explain more about your involvement in this particular movie, yet so The thing is the movie started off as one man project by producer, James Works, so jimfred
is the winner of the ultimate fighter. I think it was the ninth edition of the made fighter. Ok, you won the whole thing and then, after winning that's what I was pretty much the peak of his career after winning that he himself. He had a need me injury and you started you're doing a lot of research and he's just basically learned that all of his all of these ideas that he had about animal protein and all these things at its necessary for him. You just learnt that it true, and there was also a different way. So he's me You know just try region as amended and then just jump did it experiment to see how it's how it goes and it really helped with his recovery, so that recovered fast. So that made him think it would be a great idea to kind of specifically make a film for guys
like him and guys like me, who believed in that you know, meets its use four muscle building and an animal protein is, is the main thing. If you wanted bill strength to say perfectly ever documentary that touches those topics, and that was done. Initial again, it was a complete one. One man show saw the first I mean visited me back, then it was just him a camera and we just talk the way we talk now, then we just bought an untrained together, and that was it. I think it is three four years ago when James Cameron got involved, and then it went crazy big. So they all came back and we re filmed everything. So if you take a look at the big in population, what you just said- we are going to see is that we have like seventy five percent or something like that female the
yeah. A reason for that is that it seems, like women have a much easier time to just make the decision and just go for it and on the negative side, men just don't get it for some reason, and we think that the reason that a lot to do richest oh cultural ideas, yards landed in it as you know, meet eating, something to do with masculinity, a real man there it flies off made. It goes back to prehistoric times where we hunt, we gather we, we throw sharp objects, big wastes? We wear them, we ate them. We do that saying, and it defines us I now why is that? So It's interesting that it's got that depths of connection in our own side. And it's still quite prevalent in the thinking today. Are you still competing?
so my last somebody's wasn't there do than sixteen. After I told my try said I I didn't do any competent after that. Some still training. I'm like maintaining seventy eighty percent of my performance level that I had back then, but some but am among competing em. And also in just a few weeks, I'm going to be forty saw its started with every competitions. When I was fourteen. So I think it's time you're. My body has gonna, say man, you, you can't keep up the pace forever. You know what I mean, I'm I'm sure you probably lost about an inch in height It is definitely once you do it if you measure right after that, You're going to be a big shot, he added the air without a doubt. Without a doubt, we gotta say goodbye butter with bitter sat. Abkhazia has been brilliant talking to you. Thank you hey. I've got no secret for you,
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on a name. I dont understand, but come F awesome we'll be on next year he's a golden gloves, super heavy White Box and if either of us get out a line, we get more than just a thick here. Right right. We may take that break a wholesome on the other side. Stick around back shortly. Israel Wall, empty welcome? to the club does need to be covered in science. Start talk is here to help STAR talk, radio, that nets last store and choose between our let's make America smart again poster or our start talk Universe poster get was now at start. Talk revealed that lets last store.
Welcome back to playing with science. I am, of course, carry a rally, and that, of course, is Mr Chuck. Nice attract broad based athletes. This is where we are right now we ve spoken with Patrick. You do his name that justice and I do but boom in the booming, thank you, the strong man man, world round holder now. Can Europe Germany do yeah as the German than that boy and a voice that is Camp CAM, awesome dear, do jobs, yeah he's got some killer chops and by that he's not talk about it. His performance? Girls he's reality actual mutton. Many is that he the what are they a war varying ask his each of them back the idea he did. They no longer no longer was eyes of a small european country. All right Ray inherent, how do we get to camera foursome? Where did that
I come from your imagination. I need to know the name, and here he loves. I I think it's. I think I did it, but I am, I would go by an called Lamb Roy Cameron, Thompson, Junior, its brows born. My mom would call me Cameron because a junior not to get me confused. My father, I think you and that's it waiting. You just call the kid junior, but whatever they call me Cameron and I started to can because I grew up in the nineties and there is a very relevant wrapper that I wanna be like someone by Cameron and then in a longer became relevance at his shorted out. The can legally I thought they would have to call me one right, and I want to change that. I want to change your first name, and then I saw there is a section to change a lasting and those like same price up up up up up up nice
this is your legal name. Cam F, awesome! Love again, yeah, but you boxing, Such a combination of different things, its power strength, explosion and then you gotta, have been inside of the whole thing together how as a plump, Sadly, do you manage to get we, then you need in your diet, to achieve those things. Ah, ah, I think most of it is is not a product of now capitalism able to trust each other
all the stuff that why you don't need all the protein their sally, you, I know Ladys, who, on the authority at lunch, break, they go for a twenty seven minute, walk and then about twelve hundred gallery protein shake. It doesn't really do anything. You just take an expensive groups. I don't count. Protein account carved out. Do any of that. I just can't plant based Boobs occasion out splurge and have like being burger or beyond burger impossible, for is a really good, but I am not a health not like that have have you found once you go to this vision, diet that Europe should boxing improved yeah. Why improved for the? For the first reason, why is I have a negative will relate to before I love my favorite failure?
is eating. So much until I know we ate myself by everyone around me and then I go to sleep. I just want to close beside you sleep and then I wake up and leave the rest. The boot room temperature to me that the greens will we gonna get us a bit feelings. That's hilarious when is eating plant based like the one of the greatest benefits at first, was, if I could stop off at Mcdonald's and just have one quick meals today, cuz I'm busy yesterday only today, I would do that twice a day for the rest of my life. I can't stop myself and going through drive thru, but now that I don't have any drive thru option, I have to pre plan my meals, we're only I and swam right now. I live in a ban and I've laid down by the river
can't I down by the river. This is now that's my guest cowboy energy strangers on. I travel that is its harder to get people you abandoned, you think, I thought that's pretty funny. I love that guy Hasn't? That's amazing! Ok, too, damn funny. They are by the rivers Nebula, I guess that proper blog there as hilarious, how about being a spokesperson for illegal as yet vision is vague and athletes. Ah, ah I I'd like to be one really cause. If you like, the other beacons, they do a lottery, certainly read about just up, and my goal is like be happy when things moving in slightly mentioned it sometimes and some of my hey: what's a secret night began what tell me more and then the moors-
active to listen to what I have to say. Interesting came interesting. So what would you say tell me more what what would you tell me if blitz, ok, somebody very honest right now we talk with the Patrick! You know I've been to a few websites, I've kind to think about it, I'm kind of thinking about it. So what would you tell me I would say, offers I'll ask what would be a reason. Growing is health reasons. Yes I'm getting older it's hard for me to maintain way,
My health is not a hundred and Gaza looking good. My health is not a hundred percent, and I think maybe this might help me. So that's. The reason why I would say are forced to over knives is a gift from the watch and explains not just food but labels and how the FDA says. You can say anything. You want the front of the label, but the nutritional facts TAT is that something has to be true right and, like you see that the pan cooking spray right, it's zero fat, zero cards, euro, everything but four point four one. Eighth of a second
write your big it the site, you literally can't do it for one eighth of a second. Even if you read that example, destiny, that's the serving. Basically, if you wanna have a serving sizeable ate up a second spray. What what do you do? You go and that's like two billion calories right there at the money. They all right he's had eggs around getting way. I'd have eggs for breakfast. Well, that's like your daily calories in just spray, but that's the kind of things at the film teaches you account. If you had a growth for shop, you you do the outskirts, you don't need to go down the aisles everything down the aisles our can't boot processed and junk so yeah to shop around the outskirts. I probably do that already. You know I'm talking specifically vegan You know what I mean as a lifestyle, I'm here, I'm I'm concerned that I don't know if I can make their lifestyle change It take a lot of commitment and you gotta get into you. Ve got
I have more of a conviction to go completely into the lifestyle, If you said by I'm, not wearing leather everything and then go to the recycled aspect of materials, it right it really getting involved in it that death. That's that's answers, commit I want you being around on a break. I, like all of that stuff all that stuff. I actually like all of that stuff. I actually agree with all that stuff. I just don't know if it's for me, We take away all the things. The ah I'm getting what you need to give yourself a ah who lives in your house
it's not. My house is my wife's reserve that you are you're a charge for maybe a few minutes a day. If, if, if that yeah, what would you do? Disaster get arrested and make everything your house beacon into a family twenty eight day challenge and everything you do meal private people think that eating help these expensive thought through eating conveniently is cheap and convenience. Tied together with Egypt, is a good deal. You guys, who driver rather attractive and get a burger which has me cheese, lettuce and sauce bread over dollar, but if you grocery shop and drop eighty bucks or like sixty pounds,
gotcha broke? Thank you is that you can eat like a king all week. I got shit, it's Althea, but it takes a little bit actual. Entail planning, saying, you're, saying plan and prep is the camera strand here strategy best way to do it, strategy is the best way to do what I did with my group on workers be lost that every Sunday they would at some people, come over my house with all the worship and gather withdraw money in the pot, and everyone shows up with their containers. We could literally all day so there's too pretty boy kitchen other people living replay monopoly. I always win jingo wherever we exchanged back what the end of the day of my eight thousand cooking, which it don't you like access to hang out here. Everyone gets a containers and we all separate boot.
All you pulled. You need for the entire week, so those last twenty one feels that a cook upon dies. The I read a mandate with a thought out and they then I read that research, oh yeah, maybe go his something that I'm stone. I've got to ask you because my heads get mixed up. Based engine to compliant dishes that I'm saying what is. Breaking in town where base to comply and gracious. Can I talk to me again come can't. Let me know: what's going on that, something like computer would say when these self destruct mode has been invoked on a space ship just like plant based engine to comply, it now in admiration. Aren't that that's the twenty two towns that what I suggest you do. I suggest everyone do that, even if you have no interest in being began, because when I did that you keep so clean that you'll learn
how to read your body, which sounds Glossily. None Anna Glinda, when I'm eating clean, like that which are always but untrained, provides but you can't you know when you're bodies, craven carbs. What is really bad ones, Raven sure whatever you need, you know. What's your body needs ok, and I did that in two thousand swell and still to this day I am able to understand my body. More is only twenty eight days. I wish I had more big information. I just my research is I tried it. I like how I feel, and I struggle by because if so much out there, of misinformation and people who want everyone to eat me will say things that against the mechanism for people who don't worry me will say bad things easy me. I just tried it. I love it and made my life. Have you brought me joy brought me that
slight moral super reality that I dont mentioned by my do something good and why? Because I don't like waken up early on Sundays, Mamma you go. They got a lesson that may be the best endorsement. I've heard from egotism period immigrants, because your kind of doing it, in a way where your respecting everybody, but it's really about making yourself happy, and you know who can't respect that yeah. That's true right, damn it almost rather yeah. Cam f awesome check him out that part. Again is your Porthos summed up it's done. By the river down by the river river all right off? Also anybody wants to book any school get somebody. I start my school tore in July, travelling ivory speaking about appropriate social media use, bullying, social,
media use and social emotional learning. Ok, when I get in touch with you boom, where did they get in touch with you, the lebanese port speaker dot com? Or can I thought that com or camera awesome on also media play there you go there. You go. Hey man honour us to go to a commercial bright. Yes, chemical! Some thank you once again been fabulous. Good luck with your target twenty twenty vision, Tokyo Olympics. Thank you right. We will take a break when we come back. Corina instincts die big unfitness, coach and vague nutritionist this. Going gonna, be another interesting, really interesting conversation and becoming upset. After the break. Welcome back to playing with science right Corinne Inkstand Beacon,
fitness coat jet engine nutrition is yes and someone who is amazing, pull ups and Chuck has something I never knew existed, which is pull up, envy gas so, first of all, crema. Thank you and welcome to the show. Yes, thank you so much for having also breaks at it. And secondly, thanks was shown off when your website and your perfect collapse I've never seen more perfect form and by the way she does pull ups, she does palm facing Chin UPS, which are like a variation of a pull up. It's not quite a cheer up is not quite a polar, but your palms are facing each other, ok and then she does. What, collapse, using a town for stability which really just made me lose my clap. Ok, so I am MP us and I am jealous and let's get into some big in talk here, because that's why you're on the show a plant based, I it's! Ok, we
We know guys have gone, make free thereof, process. There are some minuses. Can you give us. The view of what the policies and potential minuses are for. Anyone thinking by Bialy athletes or just guys, like chalky Wanna, have perfect polyps in the dream. That's a great licence, so my focus indefinitely on the strength of the side of things, got a lotta clients they're all begin their all around the world. There are different levels of strength, of course, so all of my prose for beginners emerge usually focused around what it can help you with physically in your training. So a lot of professional athletes are actually finding that they can would cover more quickly from their training when they go plant based and so there's a few proactive out there who actually have gone plant based
entirely just for performance reasons, so they feel like it can recover faster than their training there, not a sore they're, not as inflamed and because their eating a lot of antioxidants from lent its food were eating pro inflammatory foods which Usually Darien needs. So at a cellular level at near its example, antioxidants sits down to less inflammatory product within the system of I got that right acts, yes, and so on that no also and cellular level are very small microscopic. Let up. I was taken to a gas dermatologists actually for my pie, TAT just two days ago, and there's some new research out there. That begins apparently have way healthier, got micro biomes, I mean who knew right. This is totally new info. People who eat animal products and it's because of the huge variety of plant goods right always gets into just.
Your vision doesn't mean your healthy. You could eat Orioles and fries and skills and be begun, and that's all It talks things like that's a shock early hurry he's eyes. Yes tell you right now is Hallelujah, Ok I'll, never, diet that guy, you ve read something up you wanna go to pull us on that diet, though I gotta tell you, I'm I'm with you on that first. Well, let me just shut out your website, which is Corina extra dot com and on green as website people you. She has a ten day, free email course on how to go. We again, she has a free, three hundred and fifty item plant based grocery list, which I think is what a fantastic service that you're doing for people there. Yeah, because that's gonna bring me to my next question, which is what am I gonna career? Why
I gotta they tell me that I should eat me and then they tell me that I got a cut out the carbs, because the past in the bread is no good for me, because cards inflammation and despite my answer, why don't you come along and family a big and carried me? currently Harvey account. What am I gonna? We are fair question. Ok for those three, I do know the act. Start right. Anyone ever asked why pay so what the hell do begins even eat just say: hey! Well, here's the three hundred fifty list I dont list to get. You started up. Ok, so here's the thing I've been begun for sixteen years ago about half my life, but I was vegetarian before that. Even when I was vegetarian honestly, I didn't know what half the foods were that I eat now like tempt Bay and work and all these like weird sounding foods that are delicious, sounds like something out of the labyrinth of their rights. All sorts of different will have you ever seen,
I convened indian cuisine, Afghan cuisine like they're us overcome many options, is amazing? But again it goes back to that mindset of try not to get to the avoidance mindset like what you just said. It like a man, no meat, no fish right, no end. Right right. Instead, you want to eat, as many new foods to you as you can pile on as much plant is what is it? Cannot your play understandable the abundant right. There's foods out there, probably hundreds, probably thousands that I haven't tried and sixteen years being big were always under. That's. Why yeah, I'm kind of joke about the voting idea. I think there's a lot of people who actually feel that way night. You know what, whether one am I gonna eat. What is their left, but I loved the fact that you have this. You know three hundred and fifty item grocery list. I think that a huge, huge like service so thank
before that it would go here, we gotta be staying there. With my background in sport. I would I have not been vague, so I would look at it from a distance and in my ignorance, go well. Is it the diet? or did they just up their training regime and therefore this stronger and this diet stuff is now it's not a thing is: is it? Is there that Cyprus, a magic? Is that I'm begging and convince themselves or talk to me about this? Please that's! A really good questions are honestly. I think we need a tunnel or peer review to research in this area, so people I've had my pockets. Dietician have been speaking with sport scientists, it's kind of an dodo level. Evidence of this right. So people are noticing: oh hey, I can recover faster, we have more energy, but there
no longs longer to know super long term. Research. At this point that really says: hey you're gonna improve your performance on the beacon diet for a lot of people, as is the better there thinking about the food more in general right, whether its big right got to say If Europe, if you're, really thinking about your food, you're, probably more mindful about, is this really in line with my goals? Is it not? Should I eat this Oreo? Should I not you know handsome related to that? There are some physical changes the like I mentioned, they got microbiology, I mean that's, not something we have control over on a conscious level, although I could organise and paying out an internal tracked right, though, changes like that are very interesting, along with lowered cholesterol and possibly recovering faster with antioxidants, but there are a lot of a lot of athletes out there who
kind of use themselves is case studies. So I know a couple people who are vague in, but they ve tried different types of began, diet so like higher carbs, lower protein higher protein lower cards, and it is kind of doing experiments on himself. But what we really need is a large body of research, and this is such a new area. We don't really have that yet so yeah sure It could be mental, I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who feel that they have something to prove like there's still less DS, miss out there. If I'll begins are super, we are not getting enough protein. Everyone cares about protein when you tell them here, again programme, really all all of a sudden. It's all about protein area like how are you getting your protein right and solar, stop people out there who feel that they ve got something to prove. By the big, an athlete in another We are the mental boost on some level to their performance, brought a lot of different there's a lot of different aspects to that's absolutely back there,
that's some oh yeah, that's my marriage has survived twenty two years. Is that my wife, my wife, came to improved everybody. That was the right thing to do so, as long as I can carry it a question in their current mentioned that you ve never had, should I use Oreo or not, listen that is not done for her daughter and on. Our question is that we ask some things are just beyond knowing. Let me ask you: this is their prescription that you can give us from making a transition into becoming the again somebody's just thinking about it, or is this something where you have to jump in both feet? First, I mean that everybody can always do a trial thing. Ok, like Hey you know you can stay where I'm going to try it look for four weeks and I'm Patrick, that's what he told us like he is. He tells people try for four weeks, because that's about enough time for you to get the idea of what your lifestyle would be and whether or not it's for you,
are there any other ways to make a transition is with with something like you know, pair down your your die? Edward. You know just let and an elimination process- or you know, is there anyway you go about this. This would recommend for people different ways that are really good questions. Though I have, in my ten day online course, Neil by Neil Approach. So what I normally do with my client is start with. Your breakfast, though, are going through but the day here we're not going a length of time like a month. We're not going all in necessarily all at once we're going by time of day What do you normally for breakfast? Ok, let's big denies that unless do that for a month, just your breakfast don't care about the other stuff, and at that point Europe today,
but Europe has anymore, then move on to lunch. Ok, so how are we going to organize your lunch than small units to think about your first in a half your day by that point, and you ve got your stacks and you ve got your pre and post work out of your aptly really your goods, then it might be. That is really brilliant approach. You know why it is directly tied to your lifestyle, because no man, who you are you eat a certain way so, instead of trying to change all at once, what you're doing is your attacking it from the life Thou perspective people talk about being energize people talk about having more strength. How come how white changing what I surely it's got to be. I go back to the training regime. What I'm doing, how comets or because of stuff I'm sticking in my face, yeah right you know, you know, what's missing in most people diets, apparently, ninety seven percent of Americans are deficient in this
I guess it's travel, hamburger say anything on chocolate, yet never say anything green and get added in things that are green and it's free almost every person. In America is not hitting a fiber means, including athletes, including everybody, just population, while we're not getting enough fibre. Now, if you're a big it all, you eat its plants, you're getting a crap load of fibre, just by being bigger, assuming you're, sitting there, just eating oriented nothing, in other words, in a completely new look. It's up to you. You can look at me. I won't wait. I've right now. I just wish I had a finger LEO's, your sleeve of luxury, see you if it wasn't about books of all religious Heine here, but I had got it. A lot has to actually do with me. Types of nutrients that you are now eating. It's a very different. I you're getting the fibre you need. Your digestive tract is working a lot better now, which is important for athletes to.
You're getting a lot more antioxidants from plants? Let's assume that you're eating mostly hope I mean I'm, not I'm not. A hundred percent gotta eat only hope with nothing else, but if I could have the time we're getting antioxidants which potentially up you recover faster from your training, which means it can then go trains, the more we should cut out steroids work recover super fast, go trains, the more I'm so there's a potential performance benefit their role. Strength. You know, honestly, I feel like we need more people like Patrick in the bigger worlders tons of professional endurance, big enough about there. And then Brazier Triassic leads marathon runners and the main strength world is there about power. Lifter were competing on a national level. We have rubber. Cheek was a welcome. Well, nobody, builders and he's, but when you think about real professional began athletes that strength world still needs
a populated the more we gotta watch and you are. We ve got a meal, the eleven of the Titans in the inner fail. I went lastly, a narrow line, but they did this as a team thing. Well right, said the thing I had one of the guys I was reading his interview said a loss so much weight. I went from three hundred pounds six, five and I'm thinkin this vague and die. It's great! It's Ask me my job I've got that actually really really good point so, and especially with guys, and especially with athlete, because generally men need more calories that women do just as a body size and, if you're an athlete, whether your view, are not needed to carry out. This is an excellent point. Actually pour your listeners two here, because legal food, if its whole food, let's just assumed the of the house, moment. It's very nutrient dance, but it is not calorie, dense right
well, if you're, someone who needs to eat four thousand color, they cause you're aptly and your three hundred pounds, you probably the more actually probably five hundred dollars. They are. I mean five thousand pounds in our view, that is a huge volume of began whole foods right, so it actually will probably feel like you're eating a lot more like your plate is three times the size I mean if you have a salad save your torso, it's like three hundred calories and if you have a tiny little piece of stake, save yourself right, it's kind of lake. Where are your calories coming from, and it's a bit of a shift from other people, especially as the food is now very nutrient. That's all just perfect that help you with the recovery training fuelling, but it's not super colored itself. As using myself as an example, when I trained clients in person at a Jew, I did that the seven years the boy went totally online. I was walking around the gin doubling exercises eight to ten hours a day I was on about three thousand five hundred calories
I'll. Do my own training on top that? So that's not insane! You know if you compare that someone in the football player on five thousand calories still disenchanted food, but even at that level, thirty five hundred dish Heller the day of healthy beacon, food, I'm pretty much stuff in my face all day like people acids, Numerous Ali ashes eating again. It's like her. Fourth lunch noted the eurozone. How on earth do you always think it a food? Damn right, I'm I'm a hybrid! This conversation is making me around right now. Nigger like test specimen. I'm tourism you're about I'm thinkin about I'm gonna. Look at your ten day. Your tended thing. I told my wife, it was attended challenge, but it really is a but I'm trying in making a challenge for our less true I can. I can, but I also loved your approach in that you do it on a meal by meal transition. I think that that is the most brilliant, a strategy that anyone who has ever seen
publicly and I've heard people say a lot of ways to go Vigo, but no one is reset it meal by meal. I think that's, brilliant, ok, Petrie! I particularly when the show and thank you for giving young young chuck. Some advice and guidance are, of course, factory talked about the bump in the road from day one to a maybe a month later and feed the benefits that not much pay? Not so much better recovery energy strengthen stuff. What the main almost common bump in the road people experience. This is not all roses and those of the old song, so where is it hidden sell what we just talked about what calories is usually the bump in the road for athletes there, like, oh, my god, I need to eat so freakin much food now kind of ridiculous, but of course it becomes your new normal at some point, but it's the unintentional weight loss. So you know some,
ways three hundred pounds cause they have too for their job then goes to two sixty now because they wanted to its because of their diet, changes so that it can be that can take some figuring out suit. Now your creating thousand com there is nothing, but you never had before. Other banks in the road are cravings, so cycle man. I miss cheese which is honestly the most and one that I hear in my client anyway, there all around the world and they all think she's. I don't know what it is about: cheese, Firstly, it has some kind of addictive properties. It's legit or not. Oh really, guys are sometimes I felt it and put it in a syringe, unjust, mainline it right and ok. I'm took that's what I would do it What I thought you know it could be a psychological, Think it could be while I'm gonna just missed spilled, because it's something I enjoyed What are you guys? I didn't go began because I didn't like the taste of meat or cheese or eggs. I do. We can sing. I don't like me, since I had
ethical reasons, health reasons, environmental reasons, though it's part of the deal, I don't, I don't think about it anymore. It's been so long in herself, so many amazing options that beyond burgers now impossible borders, cheese option but are plant based so. We got actions now. Sixteen years ago, people than even though a bigger than they were like, hey you, wanna salad, with chicken on it like that piquant, that's true, other soldiers, surgical! Aren't we gotta go. We have two, oh my god, you're users to have you? Aren't you your delight? They do wasteful website again. Is you got that right, yes, hey! I would it said Breton, the UN and let you know how this is, gonna write it down absolutely any question that your listeners want to get in touch with the current extra commas hub of all things begin and science based and bad ass rest and you're gonna get in touch anytime, you pulled caused is good
It is called the no be asked to begin. I don't know I'm if you guys have a raided e podcast or not it's really. The noble should begin the work that will be nice rosier. How do you get lots of science based in full? I'm really not into a lot of the pseudoscience its around mechanism and within paganism, so there's a lot, can be asked that needs to be busted someday. My little part there arrived rearing myth buster, we learnt yeah, better best of luck with everything, and I mean if anybody This is the show and they say you know what chop Gary lovelier. Hopefully that's what they say. But I'm I'm having me a big juicy stake tomorrow, care, I'm good with that. Every lot, if, if listening to our show today, has helped you think in a different way, challenged
mention, then you know well brutally coup that cause the same. There's a movement back gang change, a movie, but the James Cameron's Vulcan Patrick, was on. I think that's gonna make people sit down and think that that movement is gaining such ass. Such a real face super comment. It is, I won't a month ago, have Orioles again right that is plant based athletes, hope I've enjoyed it. I hope its food for thought from intended of course solicited there yet, It didn't you Goodman right, I'm very rightly had I'm stuck nice and we're not vague and yet, but we might well be next time. You hear us, Why? We should listen to startalk Commercial Free joint start talking. Behind for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio,
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