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#ICYMI - The Art of the Hail Mary

2017-05-11 | 🔗
The Hail Mary pass is one of the most exciting plays you’ll ever see in any sport. This week, hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice look at one of the greatest, the “Miracle at Michigan,” with the man who threw it, Kordell Stewart, and physicist John Eric Goff.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Subscribe to our channels on:TuneIn: http://www.tunein.com/playingwithscienceApple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360?mt=2Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceGooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, I am here the of your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you. You show where they reverse ends, and now I am so nice I am going away and we are the whole stop playing with. Science has already put it yesterday, my friends, we are about to take you to the point of no return. The moment when
EL seems lost and your last hope is but a prayer but if your quarterback has a cannon for an arm and that perhaps is to be a hell. Mary, the outcome can sometimes be really quite miraculous. S bless me. Father, I have seen today Looking at the art of the hail Mary, the long football pass thrown in desperation for touchdown glory and help us impact the science. And the miracles will be joined by our friend Eric Garth Physics, professor at Lynchburg College Virginia and the author of gold medal. Six, but first we have a little something special for your ass. You know yes, we'll leak in the show we like to begin the show with a play that demonstrates the topic of the day and for the day with one of the most iconic Hale Mary policies in college football, history Erica Admission, Michigan all the way back in nineteen, ninety four, but before we go to that clip, let's welcome offers Gus
who's calling in today, a man who owns thirty eight rushing NFL, touchdown And whose arm gave us the miracle of Michigan? Yes go on sharp die other than the one. The only Coronel Store former Pittsburgh Steelers as to cobble bears quarterback and, of course, the star of the mythical at Miss again and again, known as slash without the big top hat and all the crazy here Korda, what's up with growing Are we doing with good how you, sir? just out here, getting a little exercise in. As I talk to you great young men on this beautiful Saturday morning, she got to keep it nice and loose so that, as we talk about this you Michigan there you gonna drive, you didn't give it to you. Yes, you're right! I was good. It is good to see that you're still excited about it, because when you it's funny, a lot of people can say like. Oh that's one of the greatest place of our time.
Oh, that was really one of the most exciting play. You actually can say that and its true yeah. I grew Joanna two percent theres, many America we watch election Kentucky Archibald can catch. You didn't run about twenty yards, showed you John DOE Gloody against part, because it gives the Miami Hurricane It was the case with number one. The country may not them all up about one leg to hold out yeah. You know, you're historian, to Tripoli that play it involves only grow like baby. Let's say what fifty five sixty yards buying I've. Seventy four yards- Likewise, the liner scrimmage. I go from the place in which the ball was relief, and I was the Big house. What other place to do it? oh quite that many people in one place. I was pretty remarkable, I must say well, we
I've talked about it? So why don't we go ahead and take a listening for those of us with us? Be a video watch. The acts will play here. It is the Accordez Stuart, the miracle at Michigan, one more success so right now what we're doing is worth looking at the pre play.
In its answer, building on the sidelines, wherefore for why receivers on the field, we will receive reset six seconds on the clock quota year. It is what else back to pass scrambles a little bit logs is the bar and then Cordell breaks about a suddenly made a spring record again get well, and I love the camera work here. There is just a position Cordell running down the field with great joy, like you, just saw renting and every one of the buffaloes just jump on top of each other, and then they keep coming back to miss again and
the look on the players faces, Maison blows being cut down. Yes, baby there is faces, ok Cordell. Quite simply, you and Colorado tried that same play at the end of the first off. Am I right, and yours would usually ass, you are we try to give you. This was a game that was turns up ever the blows, and you know statistically on numbers were great, but on the board was really doing much, especially the first camp. Everything the door will pretty much deeper and you know it came out your play that we need to try, and I am told that such an offer that one flight, but we try to give a ballot a certain position- have some good energy going. Ok. So if we go back to the team, it's not just a future proposal quarterback, I have a future Heisman trophy winning running back blocking for you the guy you eventually catches it.
In the end zone right, Michael Westbrook, is going on to be an NFL wide receiver and actually becomes a world champion mixed martial arts, Why is it? No wonder you one? if you want to draw that inside of it you can only we have re Caruso rancorous we had here. Brian start, we're Brian Stout Burg on the field, who was much centre of learned about like a in the England and the only who went to Jacksonville we had a multitude early, whose my right guard, Tony Verde in Derek lashed invention, major regimes alarm in Armenia was there was a tremendous play in four regime on my left in also tony Birdie, to make that magnificent block, I mean I just small, the guy, if you could
going to jail for doing doubled was the play that you can actually go to jail and in the best they Michigan days be realistic. The best thing you did was rushed. Only three watches right now, with the best tat, was the battle of the play of the day, not so much what we did, because that's why you draw up. That's why you piracy to complete their play, put the most important part of it was only brushed rely in well. When I had an opportunity to the outside and when you practice it may be one We can Colorado in boulder, we in high altitude suitable. Actually gobbles, maybe by between yards further once we once we got any It was all on the line. The referees can call a flag, we could go back. They can call up like a couple guards abroad, but they didn't call, is no flags LISA testimony that you mention that, because you know, when you look at the Youtube video, you can tell. The american fans are because they all say the same thing
holding call now called, clearly holding our car. I snuck I'll do authority so now here's the thing here is that thing. And you being not only a part of that way by playing in the NFL. Is it not true on a play like this at the end of any game, whether you're in college or the pros, the rough the rest are? Gonna You guys play like you'd like every to every player on the field knows. If I get help, I'm not gonna get a call so what I gotta do is make sure that I am lay I'm gonna like this guy's going down. I'm gonna pull rush the hell out of this guy, because there's no way I'm gonna get called out I'm gonna get called for holding is that true traveller. Well, they have a low transparently who, in a head, think that somewhat David a book brought about seventy plus George to win the game. Who I mean, usually one hundred thousand people were in all he s heart,
Could we never thought it could happen? We were the only people with the traditional way of thinking when on the road ass, a guest right right, by the way you're hotel dominated by the way. That's that's my way of thinking for everything. Sorry I to be like that. I had a way you succeed and be special, but that we were special that day because that would entail. We have, but no one expected that play you be completed now only we did we did and is completely is funny. You said that you expected to play to be completed, because when I look at the fact that So you would like what seventy four yards right, because I've heard sixty I've heard sixty five seventy and seventy three seventy four answer from where the past started not from the line: scrimmage, ok, so exactly so yeah
any time any time you have Arthur unofficial in their official numbers, write to me because of the EP, you have to go that. That was the official, because the ball can't you completely from the line is committed weather was relieved when released from the minus twenty six you're. Like my math, did you told me seventy four percent figure that we saw in the blinding literally if it land on the ground, probably what well alongside and found it. Isn't it just in the Amazon? So so look inside? The UN's Zaki left is the name of the play correct rocket, that's what I was crazy. This look like crazy. Tell me before that play we brought him like an input to Michael whispered right, I pay faint formation. Rocky live Michael Inga come up brought about a spike. It we'll have what five six checking up on the class, yet I walked to the satellite. Like we ve got run.
The boy like that really asked the cold cold. What do you think it now? You think. Will you covered over you for love? You see me walk you through the satellite walking back on to feel like a big here like colleges I already playing minors your reply. Mine aims at college. This was already doing so. Every time I see either we we always thought the conversation off out. I thought you were going to gain. We start talking about novel somebody keeping. Ok, let's go to rocket lift its design plate for a tip off to be caught in the end zone, correct for human rights in Latin America. So it looks like you, I didn't know. What to Bali. Was you so? What kind of percentage of six? so you thinking you have we the Tipp of knowing that basically everybody but three players for Michigan. Back in the Amazon waiting for you and your pals swiftly. Fifty now
Good. You don't have a curious right right and when you practice that you practice the actual Tipp itself or art or dude, because every team practices Tipp drills all the time so When you practice the hail married, you practice the actual Tipp itself as well. Now we actually practice positioning of the players position I gotcha. So if you know we go down, you notice, like Anderson within the front ass we end up having might encounter around the back. Why might write we had kid? They recruit came last minute. But we had every body in a somewhat of a circle. One that's always kept, but this was crazy. The ball hit highlights first right. Yet when you come, don't look like like embassy now here he's a distraction putting his pie. Law might comes around it.
Because he is yes, you don't have a title on his knees. I she is on all I see the army, the airport, where I was well and I shall coach making their valuable dollar one on appeal by well, because I am I getting so now get down. There click it. So let me ask you sold hairs, two things, one you through the bar accurately. Seventy four years you didn't just up ok so Anderson's right there and the ball is coming down to hit your your receiver, targeted policies targeted passes. Seventy four does that when a scout is why dad on television or any sees that does that up your stock when a car
time is like hey. Would let's take a look at this guy from most? Definitely here is a thing about the human and pass it what's. Tough is one you oughta quarterback happy or why it right. In our case, it was almost for most slim than to get this far down right. Bread will, you have you? Have the election can cut the Kentucky game when you throw it up in the air guy get? If you want to twenty idea right, you keep it up, floaty. Where he's why, on I'm gonna plush forty five may be, Your line right appropriately, our past right, but you're. Talking now from the minus thirty are like you MAX did out. That's before I go to hell. Youth makes this possible exacting. So in my case my mom in an era was much greater than the other guys because the other guy baby brought up behind they want you give guide time right because you're not really that far withdrawal will. Yet when I have gone up, but I have to
show me a minute right it once I hold it. I literally have to all I could you have just explained why we're talking to you, because this for is the definitive comes up number one from yet it s going to be seriously. I mean that's one of the reasons why we asked for used specifically because this is without a doubt of you. You want to look at all the heel Mary please do not. This is the best all these reason that you just me one the amount of field that you had to cover in the air, with the ball, at the fact that you accurately delivered to seventy four, your passport? the less you say. For instance, there Anderson had his defender had trip This was my hair Mary right and he was just alone, but he would have caught the above. Where does but now the borders to board the isn't both the first contact on the board is actually outside the end zone. First, yes, but doing what? we catch, who hit the ball park. Where hit. I love ragged. He catches the bar right,
What is momentum minimal report would, that's, that's one say would have an impact on it. So the only thing I knew how to do is throw to a spot. In honestly, I was off to the inside. That's why you see Michael, a in so hard. Don't it was off a little bit too the inside the, where post forced the momentum of the crowd to kind of all inward a little bit? Everyone was so much about ok Coda once you sit there and not much of a pocket when there's only three guys, rushing you you ve got to have. Something going Tik, Tok, Tik, Tok, upstairs an you must know. I've got x amount of fractions of seconds left. You ve got this internal. You ve got peripheral vision. You ve got your pass. Russia's you ve got everything going on. You must know my arms got to be back and bold gone
In x, amount of seconds, do you actually have that internally is something you naturally have, or is it something that you can practice? While this is not a pioneering rout rang out you're, not working up of a pike abroad, hidden broke up like down or if not there, one. This is applying what so you answer made that time. You actually made that time because you got outside to make to throw yeah and what you want you guys, what you gotta privacy is basically priest that red indicate how much time I have my priests, not reworked beyond Henry Russia's Ray had six blocker Ok, ok, what you ve done! You stretch time, because you know that you ve gotta, get outside to give your receivers enough time to get far enough down the field. So what you do You already know you must already know you must have already subconsciously programming your extra bit of space unit dragging that space out. That's what it is that is that the case when you're pre snap, You see three Rogers debt wet
Gary saying is: do you do you then change in your mind the internal clock, like you know what, if I get, side or fire. If I move around or if I moved the pocket I can, I can actually stretched his play. Where would you guys Why did you buy new regime of going to my left because the chip, let me tell you what's going on, I knew I had. Maybe the centre left barred Nab tackle it regime there all? I have to be aware of its oppressive. Coming from my light. Could I knew I was protected from I left my tackled on the right side would be dead men. I would happen I'm more time, but I don't want to go away for whether chip was going to be able to decide what it was that machine with their way to the maximum protection. Look at a late everything over what slid everything over This is the artist is part of the miracle. Every every compartment, every bit of player mentality comes together to make it work.
You know Russia, Salamis, gonna block left. So therefore you move with the protection, and then you get it At the other end, who's gonna move anybody to get to the bull and asked why we break these plays down like this, because you know there's so much more going on then. What's this appears to be happening or in the field, and so there That's why we wanted to have you here about, like, as you know, the nuances of this, but I gotta ask your question this just for me personally, I just just want to know. You know when you sit there and you look like this past season and you see Aaron Rodgers throw a hail Mary and you know that he threw a hail Mary for about forty yards. Through a hell Mary for about forty seven yards. Does it does your chest to swell up a little bit like yeah? Ok, good for you you got you. I dont again ever more united
Meanwhile, he did it twice embassies. Yes, let us make sure we get its way for receiving it against Detroit. The also digging the Arizona cardinals lay off right be up, and so, when you see a guy doing twice, you know it's like, while, ok and when he did in Detroit was almost touching around. Coming back down, but I was able to Helen throughout a good miracle motor I'll, be here. So you know I always like wonderful, but you know me: I'm ambient oh Papa about you, wasn't it wasn't it far as mine investigate exactly alike age, You couldn't you errand, but there's. No, seventy four yard scientists say you mad ass, though, sadly, for you, I got the same problem of you may have a great job by love, but I'd minded people before taking a code It is a question for you. If you work the Michigan team. Would you have allowed you to make that play?
listen, I don't think anyone on the bottom right that for other, then our diagnosis guide. We should embrace him yeah a meme, be realistic. Here. You got three Russia you have pie law in all the other players which the total aid players technically although we do not feel I mean if those other players outside it regards Russian, wasn't all the way down. On the other hand, as I was gonna scramble or enforcement or incorrect came on them, I mean that's horrible, coaching right You tried to play at the end of the first off, so they must have known. You had the elm that one of the first have wasn't that far I waited six. Ninety hours, maybe be maybe sixty exactly almost throughout our backing. You sure I was allowed to your left. You are low. I'd done humanely simply got. I know you have a son right up.
And, and are we going to see another and I fell quarterback coming out of according to land or or do are you encouraging the play? I'm just I'm just curious. Well, considering what you play. He played corner your back and safety. You know was fairly and sometimes you see like the children of or the signs of NFL players actually gravitate towards a different position than their dad. Is that because they don't want to be compared to their dad. Now now, for me, that's how I started out, let technically little league fellow play
I was gonna kill by Canada and when I got when I got to middle school, aptly cornerback, shaping, quarterback, ok and then once again to high school. I was a free faintly and I was the quarterback, that's it then I would get on a basketball team up. My football coach gave me all made up of yours. We basketball or you wanna, play football tat. He saw my had a strong desire amongst all the guys on the field. Just by messing around before you North, I became a quarterback on football dreaming, Bulgaria, but my son. You know what the game change and why it has now quarterbacks ready because it will build a because of their speed or what have you in their storm on are allowed
You gave it it's not over. You know we need to change. The opposition is being anymore. I mean Carol prior May, be the only quarterback. The guy came in illegal quarterback that changed its position in fully explain why receiver now ran away to watch the Redskins, but if my son wants to play quarterback what how I think now the cultures are having a chance to coach is found, he started understand it a little bit more right. You know what he wants to play at all, in a mean that even better poise Reza make a bad again. Subject is naturally corner right corner is natural everything. He has good speed right there till you just the matter. I believe any does up. Gonna have to show you she just the matter out. Ok, so there's no surprise courthouse. Do it? Son is a multitasking football.
Well yeah, just like I had what are you coming when you were known as Canada, the best utilitarian quarterbacks in the game? I mean one point I would like to point out at last: you woke up deep, deep quarterback wide receiver, and will you not emergency punt on special, too, I didn't have a chance to go to Baltimore and played against the jets event up. Haven't air. The weak they go and our partner got hurt and find a good job against the judge on the football ended unwanted that procedure they may well you to future backing. Ninety. Ninety four: were you this division of things to come out? I won't listen. Cordell, I'm not letting answered, echoes here's the deal. I know right now, you're struggling with. How do I say yes, So there's no less, not just in terms of being able to do so. Many do other things as well, but the fact is that undoubtedly undoubtedly know how,
you were one of the first core bags echoed I go ahead. I'll say: let us say that this was in this fashion, probably the first time from playing quarterback an flame. Why receiver, the first time it was introduced, International for on this love. That was very humble smells, like I said, Cordell my answer for you. The answer is yes, yes, where's the future. If you want to know, I was the future. Are you gotta do is look at the way quarterbacks are now, and I'm talking everybody who comes into the game. The first thing they look at it used to be. They thought that mobility was some kind of detriment. You know They alone can do that. You cannot do as a detriment like our well. You know this guy, you know he's got happy feet. They used. You know those guys always moving the pocket. Now you listen to these same
ass? You listen to the same coaches guide, our right now. Do you think I ride Louie exactly so such as France has hey man yeah, I sang died without my man, only finance it was asked about the place of the share of other political time. No problem a man. Please come back and talk to us about more things, for Paulo came a friendly up. Well, what do you think you are I think this is us. Thank you called they're right, that's Cordell, Steward Gallagher. I bit of insight into the miracle of me. Take a break, we'll cut back and we will break down the physics behind the miracle of Michigan. To find out what it takes to get your Hale marries answered play with science.
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Welcome. Come very rightly recognised. This is playing with science, and today we are looking into the art and science of the. How Mary pass in football and joining us now by video call is Eric Gulf Professor Physics, Lynchburg College, author of gold, metaphysics, the science of sports and a whole lot of other things? Eric welcome to show how are you, sir, I'm doing great area with fabulous. We just heard there from Cordell stood and really just to hear his enthusiasm about something that happened so many years ago, chump
yes, refreshing, it's incredible, no blausser anything about the guy was so focused on and still sharpened is mine and a funny thing about it is like I said earlier going you too, and you look at all the comments from this play. All the comments from the play are happening today and people are still really passionate about like what happened. I personally believe it is one of the greatest you know cause for please. Ever at at least from an excitement standpoint I mean it's very difficult to kind of generate that type of excitement around a play because its game ending, which I think actually makes any play more exciting and more poignant. When the name ends. I think its veto if it's a real Hale Mary play, it has to be with the clock. Just is irrelevant
right, there's nothing. Nothing left! You can have a hell Mary play where there's like. Ok, the team is gonna, get caught the ball back. Would we have thirty seconds left on the clock? You know cause it's it's about the possession, but the best ones or site. There is no time left on the clock is over go home. Neither smiling. Cry and Eric Cordell says you know what I'm not in a place to argue with him that that pass is seventy yards plus because His point of view he's thinking is from where the ball is released, not from the line of scrimmage, so high Far too you calculate as a physicist? This actually is in terms of a pass. It he's absolutely correct, you let go all about his own twenty seven yard line and probably got too about the two yard line yeah of Michigan so looking at about seventy one yards. While it's amazing. How far do we anticipate that is travelling
so he's gonna. Let go of it close to sixty miles an hour of coastline. Fine at sixty miles an hour, that's pretty impressive! That's very impressive! Its! If you're gonna throw about eighty yards, pretty long, throw in practice that you're gonna get up to about sixty five sixty six miles an hour or so it is these get near the max of what he could do, something. As he said, rather than aim at one individual he's aiming for an area, it's a small area. So how how, in terms of forces and watch in play from the physics, how does he managed to be able to?
that accurate over that distance yeah, because the ball lands exactly where it supposed to know. It's like really a tremendously act repass. So what has to happen in order to get that type of accuracy? Well, he's, probably at the limit of what he could throw. So he was probably just heaving at his heart ass. He could and he's gonna hit em. If you still haven't you are too short of the goal line, which is still optimized for that play cuz. He got a nice tip to Westbrook, but the thing is he's got to put a great spiral on it. So we're looking at about a six hundred rpm spiral coming out of his head,
wow that's gotta help the stability, the ball and I'm sure he's practice that through many many times before that for that game. So obviously that's gonna play a large role in the accuracy grow. So Eric it's the last six seconds of the game. They don't get a touchstone. They go home between with the tail between the legs If Cordell just says I've got I've had my tennis spinach, I'm gonna bring it all to bear. He loses controlled, so you that is probably given it everything, but he still has to have an element of control away. Gotta Hale Mary equation of some. I am an algorithm, an equation that we can bring. To bear on the situation in terms of distance and time etc. I wish you luck.
Go to the ball. The only thing acting on the ball is the earth gravity and air resistance. So that's, unlike any Ynez, just like every other pass. The throne and in football so once the balls out of his hand, it's just up to the year in the earth, the figure outwards. Gonna go. Do it if it if the boar gets thrown high enough? Do we have any other effects in terms of the rotation of the earth and we get carried away with ourselves? It does it does that going to impact upon a pass it well by a couple of answers, but the main thing is gonna, be the air you know, like flew these famous hell. Mary had a pretty strong head when I don't know quite what the weather conditions were like for that pass in the big house. But if you got a swirling wind as you get, these past is typically go about twenty yards off the turf as their maximum heights and when you get up to that height, if you get any little swirling way.
And then that's going to affect the path the ball as well, and and so when you look at trajectory, if you If you throw the ball higher, doesn't go a shorter distance or what you have to put more force behind it in They get it to go the same distance, but that's right in the same strategy for a potter I mean, if you click it too low. To at angle, then you're gonna out kick your coverage, so you can. You wanna get alot of hang time. You kick it straight up. Loretta, very large angle. But then you don't get a lot of distance, so you, epic, cut optimize between those two effects, so stewards throwing that ball close to forty five degrees. It's a little bit higher angle than that that bit somewhere Brown, you know forty five degrees and as a good, does the optimum angle right, isn't forty five degrees, like the optimum angle for a distance, would be
without air resistance with their resistance, it's actually a little bit bigger than that. Ok, ok, again depends on the wind is well ok. Koodoo was talking about the probability being around about in his mind. Actually fifty fifty of success and failure, would you say it played like the miracle of Michigan actually had a greater possibility of failing or crazy about right. Well, when he scrambling, I mean he's almost caught at one point- is an he s yacht assets, so he's gotta use us a lot of athleticism just to get free. Throw the ball. He's got to allow enough time to pass for his receivers, just to get close to the goal line and then he's got to be able to make that throw, and it's going to be in a crowd. So once it's tipped up in the air I mean it's, it's anybody's guess who's going to catch it tell you what that means. A lot of confidence in you blocking low confidence in your own athletic ability, let alone your arm. The cool thing is you
I saw they had three blockers anew. We had six. This is, I think, six beats three pretty much everything and if the fifty became a hundred didn't work very quickly, all right. This there's another real college. I call on when it comes to how marries and something that eve you ve written about yourself, professor merit. In Miami Doug Flimsy Hale Flutes each year the hail floaty since go with that. So someone who most in and out of an affair but really came to the fore. Boston college sat correct, that's right, so this is the day after Thanksgiving in nineteen. Eighty four, while exert reschedule game, so CBS really had this one pegged as far as immortality goes. An f
you have there behind the defending National Champs Miami there in the Orange ball you get swirling wins storms brewing headwind before the third he's going to watch that thing a little bit over sixty miles an hour, little less angle than the Kordell Stewart. He got some help from the head win kind of like a sale going out, but it was quite a just an amazing pastor to fail, and I will not let you set up by the. Why aren't you could be said here? Do it for fear? We might as well take a look at it sure Will these bad scrambling around launch music. Happen
There comes a Boston colleagues to be drawn, wow drive of joy? That's it don't parliament, Ngos, page clear everybody's at summits, Are you there's not there's nothing better than seeing the joy play of a game winning play like that, and I guess you do it because you expect looked it with this is where it is, and so you never do anything expecting to lose. But I wish I would say I would assume that the Hell Mary is an extremely, I would say, improbable play. If you were to look at every one, that's ever been done over the history of the of the sport of football. What would you say? The percentage of success would be? Oh, I don't know at that I I've looked at all the the failed and made hell marries, but you got also imagine the you're. Even gonna have a hell marrying them in the first place,
mean you have to be somewhere around mid field, you gotta, have you know be within a touchdown of. Tying are going ahead, so I mean you have to have the the optimization right at the end of a half or into the game for even a hell, Maria place. I mean you know. Email Manning had Manning back won twenty twelve twenty twelve in the first half of the division game against the Packers, so you aegis they have to be at the right place at the right time in the game for that and take place at you you, you wrote about this particular play than the as the hail fluency and everything that surround it. Why did it stand out for you? We would such importance for me. So I'm fourteen years old, watching this, like I said it's a day after Thanksgiving ok, you know we're talking about nineteen, eighty four, so we don't have cell phones, we can't have access.
Every single game, that's on in the college football light up. We had these things that people don't understand called game of the week. I say you you, you get this one game, perhaps on one network that you can watch and That was it. You know we're all sitting around watching this thing on television and jumping up and down when it happened, it was an exciting play. Interesting for me as if you look at those treaties, five foot ten, that's right, which is in the politest way. If you're quarterback, now that's vertically charged No man really so go. We vertically challenges the short little viper atrophies wearing I was gonna, say he's not even five ten affected. That's that's gotta, change, the anger which he throws. Surely today, These days in the land of giants, he's got a whole lot of past Russia's. You got an offensive line in front of him and many feet just pitch, pitching it
like bad he's, gonna someone in the back of the home it it's not gonna changes, angle too much and keep in mind the opposing quarterback. That day was six foot five Bernie closer. While I mean is this really is a David Goliath moment I mean you got this diminutive quarterback, maybe five, nine with colleagues and yeas, calling this thing from a much shorter distances above the ground is just gonna have to throw it a little bit harder than that was our would have. Although closer was slightly sidearms. So, yes, I would have dropped his release height as well. Known for basically being kind of like aside arm passer burning. Bernie was so great, Ok, I dunno. Maybe they got this wrong. Put at Boston College just prior to this particular game. Was his quarterback coach, not Tom Conflict, That I don't know I don't.
Have a time with the charges in San Diego, where floaty ends out later on in his career. This. That would make sense. This is how things this is what I find what these, how Mary Prize thy own weave themselves together, you look at them. Recalling Michigan way Just created a hail Mary conspiracy love it That's why I'm here to stir in and around sterner you gotta, winning running back blocking for a future pole. Pro bout, you ve got another guy and it and this House Stella Taming, then all of a sudden This little quarterback turns out he's quarterback coach in a previous couple years. Was this future coat? Show this? How stuff intertwined I'm makes no. No man makes sense. I mean when you coach player and you like what he does. You know, you're more inclined to have their player on your roster. One should become a head coach in the inner fell, but I you know. I really think that dog food is the only problem with Doug. Floaty was the fact that he was in a very short,
to be out of your survey, the field when you're that or yeah I think I was using- only gives a brown Paul. He went to bed, but you know the fact is. I don't think he ever lived up to the potential that it could have happened. The nfl- and I really do think it's the matter of size and when you think about quarterbacks today Well, you're all six feet, something. You know, I think about all the guys that are coming out of drafts right now. You don't have any small right now. I think the smallest guy is is what drew breeze. How many guys are smaller than them drew breeze, Leghorn ROTC six, but to some sense of don't forget the deaf fluid he was the first quarter back to go over ten thousand yards in college. He picked up a little trophy a few weeks after that blame lies, enticement, yeah. Ok, so did this Equally, Miami do you think affects almost voting
already done for the high from what I have read the voting it already taken place. He beat Keith buyers by a pretty good Marge in any way from what he'd already done. So I remembered Keith buyers because he ended up onto the Philadelphia Eagles by air. That looks like good. Move from your point of view have well now. I would rather had dug flew to the lead. Me are I we gonna take a break. We are going to take a break Eric place to stay with us when we combat will put a few more. How marries under the microscope with our good professor airy got so please do not go away.
All right, we'll bad here on playing with science, and we are looking still at the signs of the home every pulse in full and joining us video call. We have professor airy gulf of leech college and also of gold medal physics, a book. We highly recommend that you go and check it out. Ok, Eric o best ever Hale Mary? Ok, we're gonna do to see our reinvent this, the holy Trinity, of how marries give us your one, two and three please, while flowed he's, probably my favorite just because of my age when it happened, but I gotta say the the Aaron Rodgers throw
back in January, twenty sixteen against Arizona that when the amazing was one for the ages, I mean he gets the the ball out of the shot gun. He's gonna be releasing this ball with it. I think it was about us someone yard horizontal travel for that ball right and I had done a calculation. I mean he ease. Releasing this thing about fifty six. Fifty seven miles an hour about forty seven degrees above the horizontal added it did go about twenty yards up in the air, not its maximum. I also made it was a nice beautiful, pass air drags about twenty two percent of the way to the ball when he lets go of it. Ministers. This was just a perfect spiral. Perfect pass yeah man at the motel gm till I gotta tell you. Man did the way you just described it. I think we should just actually technologies and played with scientists are Aaron Rodgers right now, just called it and said: hey thanks Eric. There was great
the lesson at a lotta motown? In the sure, that's right, receivers, scrambling my crazy he's Goin time. Look. Look at a later stage is right. Is Russia's which derives registers to register as well just catch Yoda? That is amazing that sources that that now here's what I love the ball now you know the NFL we're talking about these best can remain in the game period. The ball goes out of shame because out a short because he's picture is thrown it so high is postponed. We strongly right up until the rafters Give you Eric yes to give his receivers time. He's he's playing with enough time is bought enough time in the pocket in coming out.
Gambling and then you seem slow down and slow down because he can see he's receivers position yet, and he buys a need more time. We re archivist Pa Amazing, amazing how in Chin and then a throw that far he's gonna need to throw it a little bit more than forty five degrees so anyway, so that the flight time of these things might be three or four seconds. So he east, defiling gonna, have to give us players yeah, maybe five seconds to get down the down the field yeah and the thing about this is: he did this twice in the same season to showing off so he actually did it with the Arizona cardinals as well or against the Arizona cardinals as well. So just an add. On top of that, you're a believer. He was still dating Olivia, none, so man. So I'm ok, so you the just getting I right now. Here's what I have just discovered. I hate Aaron Rodgers. Ok,
say I'd marry someone I'd like to think, as I am obviously in a mindset where I will. I like a conspiracy theory, but he's actually picked out Richard Rogers because he just wants the record book society and Roger Roger throws Rogers. Jeff, which makes it look like he threw. The ball ran down feel that we are considering cortisone shuts down good, that's good! I conversed raising announced by the second base. Buddy buddy third place it bugs body, that's very cool, then dreaded laws of physics are keeping him from doing that. Yeah I ask you something so what would have to be passed What would it take and the laws of physics to be possible to make the play? We just said happen which, by the way I dont know if this is true or not organs, we hammer work, but there's a guy on you.
Tube who throws. I have seen. Oh my gosh assessor, so there's this guy on you two Erika. Maybe you can tell us whether or not this is like camera tricks or if this guy does it, but he's a young kid and I think, since before he ever like got drafted to a college? I dont know his name by anybody can looked up on you to bear a kid throws a pass to himself. He launches what looks like a hail married to nobody takes off running like you, can't believe and then ends up under his own bar. Do you guys have their clip course? We do. We have access to every sort out this phenomenal, very close it on vine a few days ago that Gary Haines, actually passing to himself. The Manville takes his high school. Cornerback became an internet sensation overnight after posting himself, throwing out forty yards didn't sprinting fast enough to catch. The ball would seconds despair.
Unbelievable right he's all right: is worked out the elevation angle. He really has it. I mean it's not quite a vertical throw and it does travel distance. Was forty yards, so Eric was necessary to make that can happen. So was that really forty yards that made it look a little shorter, but it's hard to tell from that video. True, sir, he certainly needs to throw it fairly steep angle to given enough time in the year to be able to write under it yeah. So with thinking what if they said, it was a cornerback safety. Yes, so what do you think he's speeds? Gonna have to be to kind of get there in time. Well, meaning typical accelerations are gonna, be like five yards per second every second, then you know us Brenner type speed, he's gonna get up to maybe ten feet per. Second. Are sorry thirty feet per second, when he's running in a maybe ten yards per second, so we're look at it may be,
twenty one miles an hour now at top speed. That's that's nice, like professional sprinter, speed, to try to get their fast that quickly right. Sure I mean I mean he's gonna be a little shorter than a you say anything about, of course. Of course, he's an do. You know get close to that thirty feet per second, if he's gonna catch, something that the forty yards down but frequently alluvial. If we ve learned anything from doing pinewood, science is that You you are when you watch the defensive secondary looking at super early athletes. These guys could if they have taken a different path, end up on the olympic sprinting. Oh yeah, that mean it wouldn't be a surprise of this. At this was an amendment. Kellerman surrender was able to to drop those sort of numbers in terms of sprinting. So the fact that these showing off catching his own past- well, that's well, don't forget days, not wearing fifteen pounds. A paths either
You know what deal even take that into consideration, because that's gonna Are you down just a little bit brower Don't do that in the combine. Do they didn't, but copying pads and stuff and they clock them. What are they give you? Your ear speeds has recorded so when they, when somebody says yeah, he's a four to forty there, that's not with pads one. That's just your regular. You know, and this should be on Sand- is new turn up in just a parent, ordinary street shoes. Do your screen all call for getting limousine and drive away? Actually, so you better Regos! Well, you better. Take those forty yards times with the greatest salt to rise as well. There was at an end as the start of may remember, the eighty eight olympics when been Johnson was yes, Canadian sprinkled metal was removed. Nothin, controlling it as someone and analyzed his forty first forty yards in that race, and course he's not worrying pads, and it was something like four point: three eight seconds:
so a lot of those forty odd times have to do with the whose actually doing the timing, when you actually at the start on their clock. That got a thing. So a four point two is really really fast, yet very, very fast, and there's a couple guys that they can be, and I felt I had that kind of speed, but not for long ass. You have a thing to you might have that speed, but you play an early for three years don't have high speed going to have to one we have to investigate the NFL combine. All I know is, I run an eleven second forty hour dash, and so there you have it on people who will be thinking about that for a second hey, any part
thoughts for us Eric when it comes to the hill Mary? What what it is from physic standpoint that makes it such a great play in football for you well to me it ass. Let us is another quarter back to be able to give their receivers enough time to get down the field. I mean that that play with Rogers when he was thrown the hell, Merriest Arizona he took just over four seconds to release- is pass after the snap mid, he's, gotta be able to survive, and that pocket and scrambled out of the pocket for about four seconds just to give his receivers time to get down the field. So there is a lot. Going on in that quarterbacks mine. For that ball even leaves the hand how many calculations Do you think a quarterback is making from snap to release Well, I've I've heard quarterback seven internal clock in uniform
more type plays. They know they have to get the ball out at a certain amount of time before they get blindsided vice by the yeah they handle under three seconds yeah. They have to have been able to practise these hell. Mary throws they're they're gonna have to recalibrate their internal clock for a longer throw up. So they they ve gotta, be able to both visualize, where the receivers are and then have a sense of what's rushing up behind them right! That's incredible, sir! That's! That's amazing! Amazing! Hey Eric once again, my thanks. So much for being with us, your always a sanction, a wonderful addition to the shell thanks. So much should a little light on track. Sank. You by your welcome so Chuck Yemen. Maybe we talked about the the athletic system of and if our players in college place, but then you looking at the mental attitude of a quarter back not just to have to throw back but to have the red Cloud the presence of mind the athleticism to be able to just stretch time
and this is why I think once you once as the professor did so the comes up the Balkan shows you exactly what goes on behind it in the matter. Links it, makes it even more miraculous, and you know what I love most about the hail Mary is, like Eric just said, the athleticism of the quarterback. What I love most about it is the fact that it is equal parts, execution of a practice play here. Improvisation, because no Hale Mary Play is going to be executed. The way you practiced it because there's always gotta. Some scrambling there's another team, others they right there's another team on the field riot and these guys we're trying to kill you, and so I don't do that in programmes that right. So I love the fact that, in order for it to happen, it's all these things have to come together. But is this play that you ve deaf?
we practice, but you never know how it's gonna go and you can actually see guys Cree aiding the play on the field as it's going down. So it's just it's one of the most exciting plays that your ever see in any sport. Some really happy that we took the time to talk. Yeah we're, that's it for today, YAP Gary O, I'm shot night, as this most certainly has been playing with science, see one soon die of some other Bardell lay all job the organs which you can listen, the star talk, commercial free, joint start talking Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Slash star talk, radio
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