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#ICYMI - Winter Paralympics, with Medalists Mike Shea and Taylor Lipsett

2018-03-08 | 🔗
In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel…Get ready for the 2018 Winter Paralympics as hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice chat with Olympic Medalists Mike Shea, Taylor Lipsett, and author Walter Thompson about the world of Paralympic athletics.Don’t miss an episode of Playing with Science. Please subscribe to our channels on:Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/playing-with-science/id1198280360TuneIn: tunein.com/playingwithscienceGooglePlay Music: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iimke5bwpoh2nb25swchmw6kzjqSoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/startalk_playing-with-scienceStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/startalk/playing-with-scienceNOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/winter-paralympics-with-medalists-mike-shea-and-taylor-lipsett/Photo Credit: By popejon2 [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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Now what was feeling peaks? I've always hoped the limelight understand to be so, but the rising prominence of the Paralympics in recent years has been Stella showcasing, not just the per athletes athletic abilities produced. The magnitude of the force within them. Ass and Doktor Walker. Thomson, professor, Georgia, State University in a world leader in sports medicine, prepare athletes and co author of training and watching the paralympic athletes will be joining us today, along with Paris, no border and silver medalist might shake as well. As I said, which hockey player and double gold medalist Taylor Lips set. This is gonna, be awesome
and they just so once again, another playing with certain show with more precious metal than an episode of the crown. So while I go and get the polish and heard the cookies chuck, you just introduced first he's going to set up a minute, Doktor Walter Thomson welcome to show. How are you doing great, Thanks. Are you guys we all good doctor you're save II is actually forty seven pages long. You are an expert with the cap. Play- it would seem was about to have a professor of can easy ology and Health Georgia State University. Yes, the editor of the Bible for the sport training coaching the Paralympic athlete and you serve on the spot signs Committee of the International Paralytic Paralympic Committee to give it its full title. So to almost, certainly where a person qualified yes ever to have this conversation with us somewhat for that
thank you because You put all into one package which is really helpful for us ass, ok, so there, let's focus on the pair athletes themselves. There is an awful lot of classification within the Paralympic Movement and it creates some friction from time to time. But what are the basic broad sweep of the categories? Yes, the easiest way for me to explain it is so used the able bodied sport as a model example. We dont typically have men competing against women. The others have spoken. Suffocation? That's a gender classification, men, women and then this force like boxing and wrestling and other sports, we classify people according to their body. Weight rise await us a two hundred and fifty pound ressler wrestling against someone who's a hundred pounds that just wouldn't be fair, though theirs.
Natural, wait, classifications where gender classification and wait classification in sport for folks disabilities, it's a little bit more complicated because we have to make it a fair competition. For example, if it was a hundred meters sprint. There is a big difference in the biomechanics The physiology of a single leg, amputee or arm amputated, says, simply wouldn't be fair. Presumably that the single arm amputee would win every time because of the lower limb, amputation, Some early is it's unfair for someone who is a blind athlete to compete? somebody who is in a wheelchair so and afford meter run presumably the wheelchair racer would win every time because there, in vehicle which would allow them to be faster in a four hundred metres, spread so weak.
I still find these athletes into these various categories. It gets complicated because we were still experimenting with Help mostly of the impairment, can we haven't, still have competition so, ex these decisions. Is there a government body that says: ok, let's international earlier committee are noticing it says, look like yeah! Let's make these decisions in and then make sure that everybody adheres to them Ultimately, is the International Parliament Committee for Paralympic Sank- events, so there'll be world championships in as you guys know, March, the ninth is the opening of the junk Chang twenty eight Paralympic games getting excited, I'm gonna be there for the top. It's gonna, be a great experience and we're gonna see some great sport. Ultimately, it's the International Paralympic Committee, who has a responsibility for developing evidence, base classes,
patients. Now it's up to the sport to define that. So that guy pc for examples, not gonna, tell snowboarding how to classify the athletes, well you're, not gonna, tell field athletes how to classify their athletes with we let the sports do that, but we give them the context. The infrastructure to develop an evidence based classification system we're still working on. It is not a perfect sense but as close as we ve gotten in many decades interested in your book, keep you the time. The least quite interesting. Training of paralympic athletes. Data Oh, come in the same sort of package, some a b heritage some through birth defects, some through traumatic incidents throughout their life, How do you then work to get oh athletes to a point where, It can be paralympic games and
what sort of work to do mentally and physically with these guys that that's an excellent caution because, with the typically what you- and I want to do is feel sorry for the athlete because he or she might have had a bad accident which then to a spinal cord injury and now there in a wheelchair, my go for that. Many years ago when I first started working with paralympic athletes and in my membership on the International Paralympic Committee, truly these are athletes there, not just that. Someone who is in a wheelchair wheelchair athlete, and once you get over that well, you know poor. You're in a wheelchair, while they don't want to be known as the poor guys in winter, they wanna be known as paralympic athletes. So when you approaches paralympic ghastly with training and or coaching you need to apply
as they are an athlete and guess what they want to win a gold medal, just like any olympic athlete. So when it comes to technology I was watching some videos of like very early paralympic games and then the games from last year, and God it's night and day when you look at one how great these athletes are. I mean it's you will perceive a real athletes, people, seriously? Do not confuse them with You know, I don't even know at their just athletes about paralympic athletes, their athletes and most ex inspiring, seeing you will ever witnessed in your lives incredible, but I also noticed that you see a lot of technology like increases in technology. Where does it come from whose bearing that technology and is there anything new on the horizon, that you see that that may be forthcoming? That's good to look out
PS reserves? Yes, yes and yes, every athlete wants to win the gold medal and just like Libya ghastly with his or her shoes or their outfit, They want to win the government. They're gonna do everything they can to win the gold medal. So it's the athletes who drive for the most part, the technology they will come at wheelchair companies, for example, and say I want the lightest wheelchair you can You can develop for me and the the way I'll be your spokesperson too because a long way right, but you are absolutely right in and one thing that that I've been interested in is it spare eighty between countries and the technology so, for example, probably saw in it. Maybe in London, where you saw these carbon eggs on some of the athlete yes, blades, replied, sadly, still have access to that and so you have to ask yourself: what is it the technology that won the gold medal for them all
their athleticism. I saw what somewhat I've been interested in lately is to decrease the despair between developing countries and developing countries are, if you look at countries, for example, in America and in Africa they don't have the same technology as Canadians and the Europeans and the Americans So we are working very closely with companies to say: hey look. Can we we really want these athletes to become part of the paralympic family. We want to be fair. We develop classification systems, but now we have to look The technology we didn T put everybody in the same kind of chair. We need to give by the same kinds of legs rather gone to that point. Yet He'll driven by economies of these countries were also, finding that through the again
those foundation that the International Paralympic Committee Help is helping financially these, developing countries and bringing in the technology for their athletes while but the desire their doctor the desire to have any gala level playing field, no punished. And it really is there, and I think that is the true olympic ethos: to achieve that, to allow everybody to be able to compete and let the best will and be fair. Amis absolutely have This has been fascinating. I gotta tell you, so. Is there anything that you'd like to leave us with because we're out of time? But we love if you have a final lab pumiceous election like this one, this we'd love to hear it. Yes, absolutely marched knife. The march is a team. Linda NBC Tv. Ninety four hours of coverage, including the ceremonies in the closing ceremonies. If there's one sport that I would suggest everybody what
that is the gold medal match it the? U S, I think The gold medal match in Sledge Hocking it's hot on a sledge, and it is every bit of as exciting as stand up hockey if not even more, because I'm like regular hockey these does propelled themselves with the sticks that they use to shoot it is unbelievable and they check each other, I mean it's is the same as hockey. Is that its honest lead? and I mean it's fast, its exciting its physical. I think you're absolutely right and I would love to see the. U S come home. The golden that so fantastic dots apparent ass. He talked about the Thomson. Thank you. So much indeed, sir, and we wish you the very best of luck with the Paralympic movement. It is absolutely I have watched the Paralympics time, I am again I can tell you now sat there were tears in my eyes, yeah just watched and saw these guys
so inspired me. That's cause you're an athlete boy I sit here. I sit there and watch them and I'm jealous cause. I'm like look at me. I'm a guy like you used to my hands my legs. I care dwelling. It is I'm a loser. That's how I have another inspirational. They are inspiration. She applying sprint to wither parliament, the title of the risks they run run and you think you thinking This is amazing. School level solution we are going to take a break enough, which ring from me fabulous to have a good doctor, Doktor Walker Thompson with us to explain so much about the Paralympic movement when we come back. Snowboarder MIKE Shea Paralympic Silver Medalist from the Olympics, and if you are interested in that I sledge hockey. Oh, how bout a double olympic champion to tailor lipstick.
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You gotta come very arena and I'm stuck nice, and this is playing with signs that today we are talking about the Winter Olympics sports. Yes, just heard from. World leader in the field, Dr Walter Thomson, in our previous segment. So let's get straight, business and showing joining us. Now is team. Usa, Paris, no border MIKE Shea, my ass. Well, as a guy going thanks for having me, you welcome out just to give my keys must do man, Silver Thea Olympics in Sochi, Snowboard Cross, which
we ve seen is a bit like NASCAR on Snow World Championship Golden twenty fifteen pranks. Honourable champs, your bronze in twenty seventeen snowballed cross and twenty twelve and noble cross so greedy, credible gay to be just a little bit yeah, he might nobody's don't mind, gazed rarely deem tat exactly. We could have done much worse MIKE ready for pure Chang? I hope so man, it's been a really incredible year. Voting for things travelling on the work of Sergei it season. I came home with the World CUP oral title III. They saw him, Sir, be more prepared for the games. I just had to stay healthy and make sure that I had the right mindset in power of a girl. I'm sorry you had to get a year. We know you that might write mindset Magna doing they, research when you, your beasts, do so what is the bodies the criteria. Ok, so the other things with the health the mindset to what is the criteria for Paris? No go to app on a go to do this, an elite athlete like yourself
so the criteria for? U S, Paralympics, to be on the EU s national team, which gives you the ability to have funding from the? U S: a sea and all of the earth, such as training at the Olympic training centres and having technicians and personal trainers. You have to be respected, hard to be on the US national team. For us you have to be top five in the world and we have three athletes who are ranked in the world in our division, so it's a really competitive field and luckily I'm national team and then to make the paralympic team. The criteria is a little bit different. You had to have so many podiums within the last I think, twelve months or so. In order for you to make the game steam somewhere near there exactly sure? I just know that tat. I did what I took today you make team this year and try not to be too much attention. It has done the right thing. That's all that's the mark of a true aptly right or internet. I did what it took. Five pay too much attention to it. So I know
at and we're gonna get into your story. In a second, because you have a really pretty cool story, but one of the things that you were into before you pretty much gave up your life if to do the Piaa Paralympic champion. You were into woodworking. And I want a mere hope. How did tat happen? Where did you love woodworking come from and then you gave it up to go and- and do this. So out of that decision, come about young kids, like everything in life it just sort of just you bother saddened, It is different. Passing you end up on these roads. You never thought I'd, be I never thought I'd be a wood worker, little rational furniture biller one, you know you're after it was after my amputation and I was really trying to survive. Identity and figure out what I enjoyed it
I built a dark house for my dog backyard under he never used by the way, but I really actually that's two bites. Doesn't it pun intended operators, but it looks good in its work. It's where I found my lover woodworking so, but you had some celebrity clientele. Is making unused dog houses, No, and I had I was lucky enough to have worked for Rick Installation company. Rick is last name Henderson Installation, company, Madeira Window coverings, motorized window a rings and things for and these high, in all sincerity, had a connection with that. I am telling those designers and then for me to be able to furniture in and do jobs in the same areas. It really worked out for me. So here you are you are you? Are you found love of working as a result of injury, and you are already an athlete, and you are
ready into you know. You know a love of the sport, but why don't you What's your story, I don't want to put it in my words, you can put it on her way from you soon and tell us exactly what happened and how you ended up Injury which was was was very traumatic and I'd love to know this Psychology of what happened to you and how you transitions you know at that time. In my life, I really really wasn't in a place in a really was comfortable with I was hanging out with the wrong people as drinking a whole line partying. In my mind, that that was a timer. I should have really been focusing on school in thinking about where I was going to do for the next phase of my life. But that really all change. For me, when I was at the age of nineteen in two thousand to- and I was always working with her I was sitting on the railing at about where I probably should have been sitting in the wake of the water. Was headed to goes out of the lake for better water, and we, across wake. I remember was just being through.
Turn off the edge of the boat and into the water, and it all happened so quick? I didn't really have a whole lot of time to think, but I her feeling, the rope wrapped around my neck in the back of my arm knowing that the rope was still attached to the boat, because we were just wake wording moments before so. I thought to myself and I better get this unraveled from around my neck and my arm before it tightens up and stuck in pretty. I got it on my neck, just as slice through the back of my arm step around my ankle? And I just heard this loud noise and I M really what it was that because it was so quick and so sudden you know. Sometimes when you cut your finger with a knife and it's really sharp you don't even feel it right. It just happened. So fast and I remember getting up to the swim deck when my friends background to pick me up and I got on the back of the boat and I saw the water around me was just read from on the and IDA moment I lifted.
This. My leg out of the water and solemn is lacking, is pretty obvious to me that it is just could do, is completely guy was mangled. And I'm not sure I knew my life is pretty much gonna change forever, so chaos laughable. So from that point we move forwards upwards on goods very positive. All was there justice? What now? What did you think right? I've gotta get to do so thing that achieves or how long did it take. From an I mean up for. Of course, you have physical rehab, what you meant, because we're mentally as much as anything. Yet. What with strangers is meant It was so easy for me to get back on my feet and just so you know what I can do this and I think that's because I had the family and the friends in the support system. I am so grateful to have been here- is it for me. I wanted to get over it right away. I wanted to get back to my people physically, but couldn't keep up with my mind,
So I took quite a bit of time. Luckily, I was able to get back on my feet its numbering within a couple of months and I even struggled after that for quite some time and even after that was still back into prescription, pay, medication and masking symptoms with the use of she got invited wow well, which is common That is enough for that's it, but you you went on a journey. You bid, you really early didn't so when from that, point. Do you realize I'm actually stops actually got something to offer as an elite snowboarder yet and an end, and you really did give up everything all into this this sport. So how did that come about blind, you must have stood there in front of one side of the line and thought. Do I to be on this side or the other side,
Jennifer me. The turning point was honestly, like I want years after my amputation, where I really could figure out where to go and what I wanted to do with my life, and it was the day that I decided to get sober and unchecked check myself in your rehabilitation, and I swear- I think, thirty days in this We have. I got out made made decision that, from this point forward a going live. My life cleaning sober healthy, and I want to be back to being an athlete. Started: traveling the world competing on the World CUP Circuit and having the successful currents no worrying it was after I made a decision like he said. I want to be on the side on this side and from them for everything. Just China was was free run. Where would I was thrilled the amended? The clarity of his story went in telling a superb and, how glad you like it to you for being able to to make that step and then put yourself in a position where you're a little late stage, because of all show the nature of our show? We like to focus on science? Are you
conscious and we ve actually done snowboarding show we they professor boarding your nose doktor skateboard April. I don't even know him deductible Robertson, wonderful guy, Othello Clark is a professional snowboarder. They were very conscious of the visit. Some science involved in snowboarding you of a similar elk that you are very much aware of what is going on when you do you think we tell you now I get so sometimes in death with technical aspect of snowboarding and waited You know maybe not like John to fix, but when it comes prosthetic equipment and my binding set up and playing with different to get the snowboard to to react differently. I am always for science when it comes to step in and like that with working to so kind of relate to mention something you had. You would have access as an elite athletes to the wood, couldn't wax technicians ass this,
great ideas with wax technician. Having watched a little bit of the Olympics, impugn Chang I've. To realize how much more important that dependent on conditions, and that in certain stages in the structure of the course itself, particularly on the cross big time you really get the science of things. We wax recognition for the? U S. Team name is more rogalski, he actually spend hours and hours every evening laying down a base. Turtle snow words. Cathy lays down a base coat the very next day he takes. No temperatures are all different arts on resource, as it could be called her at the top and Moreover, at the bottom, but now you that there's different moisture content and then he applies, it was called the floral wax it's an overland. It goes on a base. Your board and to the board actually has a loose. They called structure answers, these little microscopic lines that basically, the snow and the water beat off the boy said.
You put on these these plastic fluorocarbons between those the structures It's late on top of the snow it accelerates. Instead of slowing down in Lovell Daily right. Relax reason and that course indian, shamefully, were buying athletes. Was so straight at the bottom, It was definitely lacks race. For some of those guys, you really had to have your technician nail in an otherwise you can win or lose raised by also for second attitude. Relaxing that was the eye five with that brought the country at the eye. Five, but that's the start. For me, kind of Now it was like there was a whole this no borders and the gates opened a neuron, a balcony and I've got drop nine four and then all of a sudden. I ve got these out of this technical aspect of the rice right at the beginning, where there was one border just got trapped, as if gravity just went now, you suck them down The mere star is actually to me
Although a loose intimidating is its probable, a little bit easier and some of the more speed parts the course which is down below for uranium every out these. It I've always been more refined, technical starts actions by men course doubling of challenging for a lot of those guys here. So you are, I saw a picture of you with your blade. I'm yours, you're running track. U yours, no boarding you. You are clearly you know like just and athletes athlete do, who do you plan on like branching out or is it like? You just love this. So much do you. You still wait. Bored I mean I'd, be interested to know that enter. Oh. Do you feel like you, wanna do any other things, because it clearly you can do. I've always loved being a part of all kinds of different sports and a kind of always like being a job. All trades and just just dying deep.
Two different things: I've never tried before I'm trying mastered. So that's why I like so many different sports. I do They still occasionally. The time I had a lot of friends it on boats, and so it is really easy for me to be able about make whereby these days it's nice, it's much come by, so I don't wake word as much, but I do what I wanted to do track and field for a little while, in the Paralympics, but you know that takes years and years of training in the books is always bound. Snowboarding himself in my thought was just finish: This european chain give my snow worrying finished with me. I started a new endeavours and will see where that takes me. If it's ours for its, I would love to be able to do that. Cool man We are well about summer and winter in winter are olympian. You wouldn't that be the I'll. Let you know what I wish you the best of luck with that. That's incredible J been an absolute honesty in the very best of luck. Computer Chang! Thank you guys bearing
I appreciate it pushes us take her yam how we gonna take another break, awesome from one inspirational paralympic we're going to be talking to another one. This time, Taylor Lib said an ice sleds example of Gaul champion a man who played on the: U S, team. For over a decade, it's gonna be worth listening to stick around and tense.
I'm very o Reilly, Hampshire eyes. Playing with scientists, and today we are taking a trip to the winter paralympic. I'm from snowboarding too. I sledge hockey. We are now joined by two, not one but two times the gold medal is Taylor, Lip said title Come to the show sir pleasure to have you on board the at these radwan daily or to us talking about love, ok a little bit as of embarrassment, possibly not you, like the idea of me telling everybody that you're on the? U S national sledge,
okey team for eleven years you one gold in Sochi, twenty fourteen, goading, Vancouver and twenty ten, and on your way to achieving those two magnificent fates. You got Bronze Inter Reno ITALY. As in the six, your six time world champion, medalists six, that's many Many people try, captain the? U S national sled, how getting between twelve and thirteen have we done. Just you sir. I always yes, because I gotta tell you this sport Taylor, So why did you watch cup games? One condition lessons on being a maniac. You guys are crazy. They let me say that a k, but the game looks gruelling. What is the top is part. What is the top as part of this game? I was the top is part is just that it so dynamic. You know you're, obviously using both your hands to propel yourself in the sled. This skate you're, using both through
as the pass and all while someone's gonna take your head off right so is using very dynamic sport having to be ended. That stress have use your core to balance on blades underneath the sled Is that all our someone's trying to take your head off? You know it's a lot of fine by its deadly hard work. You can have to do now law for a lot of explaining about, may losing my head in the fund it that's it we're distances, zounds bad, actually, proximity. I might not have enough time to worry about it. I don't I don't know what, for apart from obviously what's been listed, what really the attraction of slid hoagie for you, you personally here for you. Your story he wanted a made. These is there. I was just a hockey fan I in general, and so you know the stars came to Dallas, which is where I am from Dallas Texas. Under the Ninetys it there
Stanley CUP in the late nineties, when I was a kid so cocky was kind of grow in the North taxes area, and I was on board, I used to place three hard. With my brother and my friends, somehow they always Bobby and that just yesterday, beside way. So my chair took her to the space all growing, so you want to have the opportunity to try to learn. I e for the first time you know immediately, fell in love with it unites it over. The first thing that most athletes will tell you is that I got me out of my chair. It got me on a level playing surface with everyone else that was, there was playing the sport I was a lot of finding new, really appealing to me and then you're. I guess at once the sled at the eyes. For the first time I immediately fell in love with Canada, took over my entire life from two thousand and two to two day really, so it was actually the billeting to be competitive on a par with the other athlete.
On the ice. The reality drove you into that without it yeah. When I was growing up, I never played disabled sports or anything like that, but I was a huge sports fans up as I was that leg, and so that kind of part of me being able to compete, especially as part of a team. Was a boy, there was always kind of missing, and so you don't again out there with the local slight party team dollars. You feel that way Finally, in learning more about the sport learning more about the Paralympics, and you know what the opportunities playing this or really had I guess I just started to me: Ursa then became my lifelong one passion you you you, a brutal bone condition right hand, which does which again let alone that taking the head off saying. Yeah conditions is sinking wire, but you ve, you been find a lot of good reasons in that the challenges? you faced in terms of your training, your condition,
your strength, everything else that you would require. What would that be? hurdles. You had to clear too, to achieve the state, as you have really biggest thing was just figuring out what kind of style I wanted to have as a player. You know everybody on the team has their role to play You knows figure out where I fit in well might best chance was to contribute to a team success. I obviously wasn't ever going to be the most visible player. I wasn't gonna, be the enforcer I wasn't ever going to be the fastest, because you have got both my legs and you know that Apts, for the most part hold the title for the fastest skaters. So I really just had to develop my skills and figure out where I could really contributed. So I really focused on my party and always gills, my shooting abilities in it likely that provided the opportunity for eighteen, eleven Career on the Paralympic Games had do me a favor because it just talk to me. There
you know we're talking about the support, and maybe people dont know what we are really talking about, because like I said, and for those of you listening as soon as this is over, you need to get to like a Youtube channel and just look at some of the game, because how yourself Paralympics coming up on March tonight and whilst I Turkey is going to be the one thing that you gonna hear an awful lot about. Am I right data must at last, without a doubt, the most popular, absolutely prepare export for sure, and I go out on the lemon argue under the more popular parallel exports. Overall, so can you explain to the listeners what the game is and just kind of described them how the game goes down, or I saw the game Turkey at its heart is just hockey same rule. Simply a service, five on five skaters golly any chance the,
Only difference really is how we skate how we prepare ourselves and to do that. We have custom made sledges sleds that we'd all in the? U S, if you think about they're gonna shaped like a? U Sheep, Dolly B and then each player has a bucket, usually their custom made at the paralympic level butter, a custom made budget that we said and its mount into that you shaped frame and then we, take the blades of regular Artes gates, amount of mine to accustom made bracket underneath the bucket, and you that's our skin, That's how we get around on the eyes instead of having once Dick Likes Data argue. We have two sticks, and on the other. Those debts are metal. Pigs that are very, very sharp said what we dig into the is to propel ourselves and then the said and as the blade, which is what we used to pass issue with enlightenment. You can use both hands to pass issue. You can go underneath. Your legs are sitting in the sled
Oh, you know lots of opportunity to be very skilful, in July crazy days with the park in the stakes and that sort of thing in like his head is during my dynamic is tons of fine. It's extremely fast pace. I think that's one of the big things people. Surprised about that her hand with earth. Time is out ass. He is, I insist, the it is that the galley, you know it's it's hockey, so it's all contact yeah, then one day I would point out to people as that in Slovakia sitting down on the ice in the boards at the bottom dont give when he had a radical over the boards are made to give a little bit would stand up hockey player rejected but the bottom of the boards are not made to give their solid and when you got player skating, the twenty five thirty miles an hour, you're getting ran into those board full speed, as essentially like being in a car delusion with no car just imagine you have this goal. They happen, demanding it is it you ought to art the game.
We didn't show an ice hockey signed up, as you would have you ve educated made, couldn't stand up, ok and Apache. It's not a contact sport. It's a collision, sport and added it is exactly the same thing with Slovakia's it's it's a collision support, it's unbelievable how the faint hearted allow myself I mean it's. I was here and I wish this ever. Forgive me Taylor. Forgive me, but I gotta be honest. I'm watching this online and I'm just like these tools are ethnic grace of my What is now! I think that, as we all know, you come away with a healthy respect and without being sycophantic you away with a healthy respect for the athleticism that goes into the game? I take you back to the point we talk about. The sticks. Do the label like a stand, a party to get kicked points and to use the the stick itself to then drag across the ice, and give yourself an extra boost when you shooting, or is it a man rigid set up so
stably more rigid, so you may, like gather flights, understand a party sticks overladen. Really put him on your loaded. Then they gonna with me ass, others not that ensue slide track either the smoke and maximum. They can be a hundred centimetres. Most players don't have em that long but yeah, when it's that sure you're We get a lot of that flexibility and that in the shop and so you know it's really all about using your shoulder, your elbow and surprisingly alot of players use their their fever, their lower extremities, to help whipping get some force behind that in January. I talk you see that, but that it is the sign is there is incredible as radical, top shooters in the world are devil shooting close the seventy miles an hour with one hand. What
unbelievable. So imagine you ve got stand up hokey with the kick point, you're able to employ an awful lot of science and force. Now they everyone's gonna come from the planned themselves happenings got to be self generated, Even more impressive d always tell me Instead, a party they ve got their using. Both hands there using both legs in the flax and stick to get those shots off and yet in slide tracking. You got one hand, no flags, and if you got your legs, You can try to use those for that extra toward, but he had definitely are coming from that one that one arm for the most part in it's incredible. Does he players like Billy Bridges from Canada approval? as one of the hardest shots in the world to see we have a shot off. It's just the assembly who has anybody ever thought too, because I see this to. Have you no kind of exhibition game where you take stand up hockey player as non talking from the html and put them on the ice on
turf or in your eyes on your terms. Has anybody ever Denmark, as I would love to see their game? Yeah yeah? really happened a few times I dont know that is not really happened with an entire in each I'll deem ok up. I know for a fact that financial players have gotten out there. I know for a fact that there are Ben Entire college thieves get out. There lay us, let argue programmes from around the country, and so there is a lie that going on all the way down to you know little kids getting out there. Pleasant playing you so I'd hockey programmes, and that is very clear. Let me ask you this: do stand up hockey player ever say that there is something that they learn from. You no that Dame ever explicitly said another they learned anything. You know per se, but, like I said, just being exposed to the sport getting that she has done play it in really see how challenging it is, but also seeing how much that it's it's just hockey the deadly they can pay. With the respect that you know, hardy
no matter how you lay it over there aren't you gave her you're sitting in us. Let us do the day, the game party? Is the game of heart in, I think, that's the respect, the appreciation that most gap walk away with a super. I have to ask you before we. We settled you go. What was it like to be crowned world champion? Not one aspect twice it's unbelievable. I mean you know you you think about that. Air time that it refer you to to get to that point. All the people that supported you or the second you made your teammates that you made no comment its promises to return to work. Your bought off to be prepared for the pair. The games and then I gotta get also accomplish that twice in a lifetime is just something you can't put into words, and I know it cliche. But you know the best feeling in the world is being on the ice. You know our Renard with your your brother's, your tea maize out their say in the national anthem,
The two memories that I'll never be able to forget that super cool man is that says, is a supercilious happier. I know you're retiring about. We gonna, let you go, but I'd like to know. What's gonna happen now, for you, Taylor, you still gotta be involved in sport without it yeah, one hundred percent- so I hope programme here in Dallas Acclivity programme. So that's that a lot of fine, but I'm also on the board of directors for USA Hockey. So staying involved on the national level as world. It's something that has been released to the public, but will be here in the next week is allowed to become a dating or NBC for the Paralympic Games coming up. We are all in Sweden, fabulous news. There, hey man the last year and employers they can have a better choice, is glass here about what a pleasure man than ellipse it. Thank you. Thank you guys. I gotta tell you love for the listeners. You have got
to get yourself to Youtube and wide some of these games day. I just so can part of your paralympic. Cracking here, teller says they're dynamic, and now I love. That word is there's a that's. That's that's a euphemism, you know me a four year for like balls out: ok, that's what this cause that's! What this sport is Bee colonies are nice job just mention that what we should be moving on quietly quickly. Headscarves show. Thank you so much who all of our guests go towards Thompson from the intern. Still paralympic Committee to MIKE Shea snowboarder, who will be joining Taylor lips it in don't Chang only he will be snowboarding while Taylor will become a yes. What a fabulous adventure into the Para athletes world. That's right, yeah
We have enjoyed it. I'm Gary O Reilly and I'm still tat ice, and this is still replying beside. The devil may adopt the organs which you can listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk on pay we're on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio.
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