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Katy Perry’s Cosmic Curiosity

2018-08-10 | 🔗
Extraterrestrials, prisms, music, scientific curiosity, the pursuit of knowledge, and more – Neil deGrasse Tyson and pop music superstar Katy Perry discuss their shared love of the universe. Featuring comic co-host Sasheer Zamata and astrophysicist Charles Liu.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/katy-perrys-cosmic-curiosity/Photo Credit: Jon Betz.

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Skip the commercials supports hawk on patriarch to listen to every episode. Commercial free welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now, all of a universe of your home overdraft cycle, your personal astrophysicist tonight we're featuring my interview with pop superstar Katy Perry. I was delighted to discover that she has deep curiosity from the idea that we all might just be ants living at an ant farm to total crush on ice.
So let's do this so my comments tonight, my community co host is the one and only six years are made up your mind, nor as a former cast member on essential here. Just so you know we don't bring on just any comedian to be. My cohorts, behaves Lubin Street Greek GRID Street Geek. Greek geek career, yes, and I understand that you are named after an alien crystal from one of these regional episodes of STAR Trek. This is true. Wow apparent to track. Is and it was there was that was called by any other name, which is very apt eighty joining us is my friend and colleague, Charles Lou, Charles Astrophysical, but that's not why we haven't on this should really you're a fountain
college on all things pop culture as well as astrophysical tonight, we're featuring my interview with pop star parry. She sold more than one hundred million albums worldwide. She is, number one followed person on twitter with one hundred million followers locations, three triple platinum, albums and her latest release is an album called witness in two thousand. Seventeen I recently was invited to drop by her pad her digs in LOS Angeles, just to hang out and chat about the universe for start off with check it out
is this law for inviting me to your space, nor do they mean Missus nugget. You she's barking at you just cause. She wants attention, just like other are used to walk dogs. When I was a kid, use that money to buy my first telescope. Really, yes, nugget, no parking be a good girl. All right, let's go out, I am so love what you ve done with excited to talk to you so I have a see. Thank you so much girlish, it's called star talk, starting like us, and how long have you been doing the shell? So for many years we first started a grant from the National Science Foundation and with the help of the people who don't know they like science right or better, yet the people who are pretty sure Fourthly, I dont like science, why don't people they sign and well? They might fear,
they didn't. I well, I think, they're scared of beauty exactly exactly here to the unknown. It's what we do for scared. Sometimes you two Uranus Dork Safety, with me, but this is what we're gonna do, validly totally geek out. So of course I did some homework on you, and so so you are school right. I mean you two christian school, but we moved around a lot. Is my parents started churches all around the country? so we will live in one space for only like a year and a half or so, and then we would move so. I would be taken out of different schools that we're kind of pop up schools are alike, so there are no signs. Teachers were Matthew, choose that went on you we're negative, no, not in particular I didn't. I wasn't ever good at math, I was always promised no math. There will be no now show facility by the end you ll be good, I know and then is math related to cites methods, the language of the universe numbers. If you want to go to
China and speak to chinese people. You learn Mandarin or yeah. Ok, go to Spain, it learned Spanish. We want to go, University learn mass. Is that straightforward? Other people have done this on your chauvinist mobile and at once so Why math is so fundamental right and it's kind of mysterious, because we invented math out of her head. Yet it applies across the universe and across time right. So I can We really amazing Amanda this thing that came out of her head, even works gap. Rising, reinvent yeah, we kind of invented it as a language as a language to communicate with great precision. What's going on in the natural world because regular languages in precise enough right, it's why right wage is good for emotions and other things and rind of fuzzy abstract again, you know, but when it comes to actually measure something in it. You need the mass measure twice cut. One
Sir John. You hurt people try to pick a fight was math invented were discovered so where you in that camp, it was definitely invented the I've I have to agree on the accounting systems developed all around the world since pre history, can clearly show from petrol lives and things like that how the progression of mathematics and arithmetic came about even before we had language today. Private, but over time would you say math predates language in many ways you can see some evidence or some historians, as suggested by the asian Greeks are credited often with creating that level of math, where you going beyond the practical accounting for arithmetic? geometry to bill pyramids or something and really do math as its own So in the same way that say, use language like English. There are scientists linguists that study language in its own right. The study of mathematics as its
The sea is a relatively new phenomenon in human history, for math is also, of course, is, is the foundation of what we think of it. He is absolutely right. So, even if you're not formally trained in math say if your great musician, you may actually know a lot of method, to it. If we, even though you may not write an equation down simply because of the music that cover who have intuitively understand. So with Katy Perry she might, even though she declared math ignorance. She, it may have a little more sensitivity to math. Then she openly. No, I think so because my analogy to that is a base and outfielder in baseball so you're. You plainly, I feel in the ball gets hit and it's not in front of me is not behind me off to the side somewhere I have to run to my side and farther away- and then I will be Here the ball lands when the ball- that's a physically this. It's a complete physics equation, but I dont on that
Fifthly, doing that in my head, but some part of my body knows this: that's right recognised in the human brain is probably the greatest physics in Math computer ever created honours located. She has a physics reference in one of her album titles. I knew this so I had ask her about its with check it out, your previous album loved the title yeah prison present. Were you thinking. Prison prison, metaphysics, thing myself, glass that that its angular and it takes white light breaks it into its component colors. Thinking that we had another application of the word present. What I had said call me a prism, and it seems like a afterwards. I would take that as a compromise. The council pays, you take ordinary light and break it into all of its beautiful colors. That was geeky brilliant to say that I am and they called me a president. It stuck with me because I do think that, like that's what I do,
sometimes is through my songs. I taken information, I digestive and then I make songs out of it and then I go and it turns into all these colours Why were sitting in a rainbow rights has a beautiful space here? Yes, I guess I'm a present love what you done with the place, so so, but I didn't know that it was so science based. Yet it's completely science based and so white. I significantly I've loved science cool life, and I don't even know it. So what happens? The different colors travel through the glass at different speeds and they break apart from one and they emerge on the other side in its beautiful rainbow, and you can remember the collars cause. It's Roy G bid Weren't you value. Yes, I remember that Red Orange, yellow, green blue indigo violet, so it's a beautiful thing, Isaac Newton discovered it left not me. Love me, surmising does not have a crush on him and Socrates. Oh, oh, wait a minute: oh so that accounts for you're one phrase: bio
Nothing? I do you. Socrates is Plato Socrates didn't even now, and I really need to know that. I appreciate philosophy and science so much shows and spirituality. Of course, in the things that I dont understand, I appreciate and the moral thirst for knowledge, because I am so thirsty for if I'm thirsty for one thing, it's knowledge right and I oughta most people or an education, and so I love educating myself and I'm such a spun them so curious. That's what he's got got me here, but the more that I learned the more I realize I know nothing Happens is azure, the area of your knowledge rose? Yeah, so too does the perimeter of your ignorance because the boundary between what is known within the circle and what is unknown outside of it. So so every new thing you learned, you stand in a new place and see things never even knew you didn't know. I know that's. The thing is like what I thought I knew four months ago. Lloyd, I've changed my mind in it
because I'm a woman, ok, so just to be clear that this is it. This is an important thing at everything. It's the fundamental of everything I Katy is like the kind of student that I would love to have in my astronomy, physics, classes. The kind of student that I would love to have in my astronomy and physics classes, are her curious, interested. It doesn't matter how formally capable she is of doing an equation or writing down a problem set or anything. I just want her to my car. But she can learn, and I can learn from her too there's another important. I want to do that cause she. She knows when she doesn't Yeah sets even more law. Does a humility and authenticity to her curiosity, which I think is just one for a fundamental part of science? Is here? No sorry for that without the most important would you
that brings us to you? That's all I haven't. I came to hear, showed a brain drain. Use those whom I have a game show oh yeah. You have like, MR, if called what does. Now run with three questions. I think we may not know and then you're to figure out. What is the question? We don't know hooker that makes sense of residue. I said the questions are how powerful as gravity, why does gravity happen? What is influenced by gravity? why do we not now? We do not know why those grab, we don't know You know that matter is influenced by gravity and we know that gravities power is way way. We Yet we can measure but which we don't know why it just is, but we're cool with that. We can learn stuff on Mars. Knowing
how gravity behaves, even if we don't know what it is, not safe era. You're right now there are people working on the quantum gravity, ideas, the grand unification. The separation is a comrade on people. Working time, people way beyond my a great many one. How does time effect entropy is time constant, Why does time flow in one direction We don't know wife flows in one direction. I must agree, although there are particles that travel backward in time right, we call that anti man. I know well. Ok, let's look at where we we don't know why we can move forward and back up and down, left and right. Three spatial coordinate
we can move in any direction. The time coordinate in which we are embedded as a prisoner of the present We can we have no access to what happens behind us or in front of us. We have no what we have. No understanding why time has an arrow you're right. Why this time flow in one direction, we will be the first to tell you. We have no idea knows affronted, it's going to be ignorant, airway were, It's the way you did. Are you down yet writing on one directions time? ended along to gradually broke out? Ok, ok, that's twice I'm was not on their side. Thank God,
When do we not now? Why do Angelina end well, game of grounds. The show overtake the book and was Bunge Bob lingerie a thing I gotta go to windward sponge borrowed laundry lunch, but let's saying. You're right away? Nor is it is really. I am where's, underwear right? Yes, he does whereby I think for people like we are all spend around How do we not from victorious Now? How did how did you find?
It has live in a pineapple under those make do with Katy. Parrys curiosity might even take her troops. Pigs, sheep efficiently, has a seat reserve on the sub. Little commercial flight jacket? I did you buy a ticket on the virgin galactic flight? Ok, so I bought and I did you want to go behold. I bought it for my ex husband vulgar and then I took the ticket back. Oh good, I'm glad in the separation of people who could have done there for a good spirit amiable. I still I so I shall have the ticket and I'm very curious, but the but the point, businesses Brave a view and forward of you wake up, I think, not going alone. I'm not number one broker Mimi them
no I'll, be number I'll, be the number five hundred and sixty two ok, no that's great. I'm a little anxious about it. You should why not because we are now, let's, unlike you know, gravity stuff, just simplicity, of gravity towards Europe, because when you nearer and nearer yeah. You feel, will not you throw up in zero g that the just floats around here, your hair ass is. The area is wholesome, gather right. You can hear it does. Actually it's it's called surface tension if you get enough vomit One area it'll blob into one spherical ball. Undulating boy, that's good, but you knew that. That's why I economists, since it's good, yeah. I've recently visited it. Ah Giovanni, oh no, it's good, but it's actually worse than the surface attention. If you are able to reject the vomit out of your body. They will form nice little spheres in the air, but if you only part of the way up. The surface tension will come
does the vomit eyes stick to your face. Go up because gross thing stopping it's gonna, go up your face into your nose over your eyes, make it hard for you to breathe. So it's a really gross thing so drive you bought a ticket on virgin I have not it's a little pretty sure you're not paid enough. That is precisely but beyond that. I think I will it's a quarter million dollars is located on definitely right, right, right and business trip. Just going to say are you landing? Some man, I'm an orchard. The first round and just gonna, be above sort of the atmosphere, and you do it's or fall down back and you're weightless for a period of time orbiting the are not in the first or as has happened yes up and down. Ultimately, though, orbit the earth annually It was for like do that, sex flags were slow up. It's not at issue rather than down. Now your baby mix pop star, Katy Perry, we'll tell us
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What a guy from the american history right here in New York City was reaching my interview with global pop superstar Katy Perry, and I asked Katy about her hit song called e t as in the terrestrial check it out. So tell me about aliens. You tell me about it. He was it Reform was little ass metaphor, but that's the thing is I got an ant farm in there How do you know we are not an and inform equivalent of us see that's found here that found humans entertain Let's make a place for them where they think they are free as over there, and they put him on earth. I think they are free. That's why I have a son called chained to the rhythm. You know it's like you figure, free, but we're all change the rhythm to the rhythm.
This one's on me, but we're all chained to the rhythm. And so when I look at an end, I just think of it. I think I'm a speck of of and return or Bulgaria. I think also like sometimes where that speck of sand that like accidently, gets in your mouth and it's like. I can feel that Europe is the biggest completely there there. I don't like it at all or I do like it or who does, but that's why that's what the ant farm in their represents is just like. You know sometimes we aren't chain to this idea and constructs and things that we think we should be orthe. Things at the world tells us to be in like how do we think for ourselves, or can we even think for ourselves? So if one morning you woke up in the herbs catapulted themselves out of the form, They thought for themselves, Galbraith Arab! Would you freak out the answer chief consciousness? They realize they were in a matrix
that's their creator feminist who could who constructed this prison that they think is the universe unto itself. Could that be us impress control our daily on this, but so do you guys you haven't. I didn't seizures Yeah yeah. I haven't far my care with me everywhere, where there is there really when an grooming that is bury this job Marla, like any other, making all pass for themselves and just just live and let live so are accordingly, cubes her broom forms, but to try what you think this is a thing. Well, I know that some psychologists think that when you developing as a child
you like to see how other things behave so that you can model your own behaviour after them. Ok, but as we grow older, of course, we don't behave like and so I suspect it's more laws, lines of curiosity and trying to see what will happen. It's almost like the tv show. You don't know the answer to her watching a sporting event where you do, who's, gonna win and just seeing what develops, and that in self is a fascinating thing that allows us to sort of explore behave. So what do you think of my hypothesis or the plausibility argument that I gave while we could be an air form of an intelligent, alien species and they established while their own entertainment to watch us earth. Well, there are applied, if science fiction stories, I suggest something similar things like this. Also How do you are young you with that are now well. The rationalists philosopher rainy Day, cart suggested that we would not be able to tell the difference whether in
We were in somebody's aunt farm or whether NATO Cart of Cartesian coordinates. That's the one. I think, therefore I am that one don't got so one Thinking about whether or not we are in some sort of other creation, the only thing that matters to us when we're in it is are the rules consistent right if I drop something tat thousand times. Will it always fall in the way I predicted or will on the ten thousand and first time suddenly flies off into space? that inconsistency is the thing that will Tipp us off to suggest that there is something not natural going on. Let's not a matrix. Yes like a good chuckle within them twice yeah. I got it happened, one s Katy Perry, what she would do if aliens ever visited us here on earth. Maybe there Observing us, but maybe one day they just want to condemn, chill, had to find out what she thought about.
So would you if an early came, would you want to sing to it or talk to her. Only if we want to talk saying where three do not seem to me, but just like, I think, it would be more like I would just listen. I just just try and who are the first person ever to say that that I it's it's beautiful, just an encounter to an alien? You would listen! Oh my gosh. Nobody says that they want to do all the talking. I agree with you. If they got here and a spaceship, when I'm more to say than we do. We can likewise thirty five thousand feet without cost. You wrote a marvellous with time and listen, it's time to sit and listen and they might become anyways because, like you, ain't been listening. The new method of George you do the aliens visited. I think.
Listen to you as a good. Why are you not appointing? I want to know what they have Guyana and thereby, on the other hand, would explain to them everything about humanity, as that's a thing about. Cummins. I think that we want to explain everything away and just put our points like at the Fort private, regardless of what anybody else says things and that would be like humane splaining, and then, when we try to colonise other areas, it obliges us humans spreading referring where real New York City Subword gets a lot of bad in every home suit me with my marriage or like no people. Looking at me, move closer that make where we should remember skirts. They build more conscious of spreading, and I don't even are you sure, hang his egg concern.
About the effect of such trials. Are they came across the galaxy and they learn? What do you think? The first thing they do. And we're not gonna hurt you one of the first two things: are they gonna try to communicate is your women and children and precious metals or we're here and we're not going to hurt you one of the first two things that they going to try And again, but I dont think they're gonna get away with it, but we ve learned from all the history of science fiction films that the first thing they say is: as to your leader, yeah. You know, I think that once I don't know, if I want to take him, please take supports. We ve been trying to not so much became aliens, but listen for signals. Your signals that they might have been sending. We haven't heard anything not why what you're, what you're
What's your call on well there's one setting search for extraterrestrial, yet there there's one school thought. This simply says that life is so rare in the universe that so far away. Technologically, the chances of our contact each other are essentially zero. Just by random chance. The that sort of expressed by something called the Fermi paradox Enrico Fermi, you said something said he was asked whether it is yes, adventure and Yahoo actually help to create the atomic bomb Nobel Prize winner, and he was once asked what do you think about the possibility of trust your life and he answered one. Where are they? Why haven't we seen them yet surely, with our technology and telescopes, he would have seen. Evidence of some sort of life are out there. So the other high This is: is that their hiding they don't want us to find them. Neither they are running the farm or they're. Just not even
in the sphere of our understanding that they don't even want a bottle, and the alternate idea might be just as terrifying that maybe we are alone yeah in the universe I would rather not be nor nor I well, I to find out. I would like to be alone with any states we're Mill Marianna. We would prefer Teddy Bear wearing start talk, return. What number fuse to start off from the American Museum of Natural history within pop superstar Katy Perry Kitty had an unusual question for me, The science of musical notes check it out. Aren't there notes that can make you do things like they can break glass for height of free
see now that also poop, your pants, call the ground. Now it's real that weren't you oughta others real. I want you know how it is real. If such a note exists. I bet it's a low frequency note, yet the changes very happy about that. Just get look gets through you and jingles your inner, your inner, by speaking of your gut speaking of your gut second rain. This cosmic perspective that I think about all the time. It's what it's. What the world looks like from above looking down the cosmic perspective, doesn't only come from the university. Local can also come from biology. So, deep inside your get here, one centimeter of your lower Colin lives and works more
bacteria the nor humans who have ever been born- and we want to think that we are in charge. Just you know you are to a bacterium- you're, just a vessel of dark, anaerobic fecal matter to a bacterium, unlike many other colleagues a vessel, I'm I'm basically poop Have you round no years, it's also known as the disco dump it is a real it. I'd, like I said I know, but I would imagine and to be low frequency said you, and even here
you're just vs. Yes, it we're high path the size to exist in some people played with it and thought you know. Maybe you can make your bowels jiggle and things like that, maybe nine or ten times per second kind of sound, very, very low beyond so nine nine hurts yeah something like that, but that was completely debunked oak area, myth busters! actually, so so out, all a bunch of crap, it's a load of it. Yes now, but the things that cause us to have power movements are so complicated. Just a single, so won't do it there's a lot. Going on a symphony of notes. Yes, so so do do you agree with me? We re on so many things. It's almost pointless for me to just a verify. For my own satisfaction, I think a cosmic perspective doesnt have We come from the universe, absolutely just ass, a sense of what is our relationship to things outside of our south right
The realisation that we are both as wonderful and as simple as every star in the sky or every flower in the field, or every bacterium in your gut right. Whether were important are not important kind of like what Katy was talking about that grain of sand You can notice it on your time, but I don't think about it. How much a grain of sand is a grain of sugar or grain of salt, where we can have flavour or sweetness. That just comes from that realisation that, despite our simplicity and our smallness in our humility, we can still achieve a lot of joy, alot of enlightenment and a lot of cool life. That's beautiful, build a and a beautiful deal. Cape Harry had another cookie cosmic query for me: Let's check it out. Seven million people.
And why do each one of us have our own fingerprint, even twins have different fingerprints were otherwise genetically identical. Why would you rather? We were all the same. Oh I'm not heard more to you, then the fact that we all have different personalities. We have different talent. But personalities can be based on what you were environment nurture and not just nature. So I thought about the data it like kind, have made me spin. It just like. We all have different. Ok, I had a grand design worked, so intriguing fact, but here's something that may relate most people who could be borne, will never be borne. We'll never even exist, so the facts S: ok yeah sure one gets Hyena science, the rest, don't
so. Where do they go they're part of the number of human beings that will never ever be born. So the because there's not enough souls theirs? How many people in the world? It would be something if he ran out of souls. What would a soulless person look like? Do you believe you have a soul I don't know what a soul is. I know there's what here's something that freaks me out every day. Every morning I wake up and say: how is it that every morning I wake up as me and not as someone else, yeah yeah. I have feelings and prizes like it's it's this is, we're doing me, what is it like? Being you write? What from Frank, it's like? Why me every day, How does not happen? We have these intellectual chemicals in our head and somehow that's me. Me every day, as far as I know, but far as I wonder, if I woke up it's a different person each day, would I know
I don't know what I'd work I mean I've done subscribe right there, not if thats, where this viral starts. Did I don't even know about it is tomorrow I will because a poor, those as me how would I know I'm not doing it if I wake up, as you will know all your friends, I know I, sure. It is like, so My gosh Garcia blowing my mind, Well, mixed we tackle more popular Katy, berries, pure cosmic curiosity, whence Our talk return
work, American Museum of Natural history, reaching my interview with pop superstar, eighty Perry and she had an intriguing question for me about the very nature of the union. Check it out are women. Simulation. Tell me right now. Please tell us on the rapporteur to break it. To you want to know. Well, I mean what does that mean? Ok to use you play video games before you. Yes, that's what it wouldn't work and again come from our civil, my brother, supermodel brothers, ok, Mario, runs around jumps yeah because they push button and hill. Jump off. A cliff within scurrying come back to the to the eye, so he doesn't fall. If you are that game- and you are a scientist you'd start asking you
What are the laws of physics in my world and I the code, all the laws that are operating there. You mean you get all the cheap goods? Ok, have you that make you better at it. So there you are a warped tunnels that way there you go so there you are and that your world why's that any different from this world, where I'm a scientist trying to figure out how this world works, and so I cannot guarantee for you that we are simulated universe. I can't I can't guarantee they both your. If you sign up tomorrow there will remain a simulation. Have that change your life? I guess it would never be idle for me, out of it, be no different languages. Still on this and are alleged to be an issue I draw I'd, have to think of
out. In the same way, the piano Reeve, Sir Neil thought about it in the matrix right. Do you want to take this pill or that pill and the decision will affect how you live your life and its totally ok where the other Emmy I feel like we are in a simulation like when we're sleeping, it's like playing the game on pause, turn on the game off resembling the average parents like chicken everything men are running the whole game. Women really built the thing we grew gray, brown version. Will that brings us to the part of the so called cosmic wary well she's about cosmic queries that we may have. He's wondered but have never asked, and I got Charles
blue here to help me out so such here. Do you have questions for us? I got questions you haven't seen these before called from our fan base on the internet. Question arises from Amadou Beggar from south pallor Brazil. If there are huge amount of star consolations, when we look at the night sky, why do we see a lot of black regions where you want to get into olbers paradox thing. I just want to know that go straight up here. There are just a whole lot of stars, but the universe is even bigger than you can imagine, and so, even if you look in every direction, there is still a lot of empty space if a bumblebee, where the size of a star, if there are four bumble, bees scattered into the United States, that would be about them right, average distance between stars and our galaxy, so the galaxies a whole lot of nothing we're here
There is my at their you know: they bring the news to. There is more justice real year matter, and particles and stuff you care about is hardly any of it in the universe where you have planets stuff. This is an extraordinary concentration of matter and our brains are stored in every expressions biochemistry next one question to all cooks, Lee from New Zealand. I know: there's rabble, It is a question for you, but why hasn't the gravity of the gas giants pulled all of the matter into a smaller, solid planet question, so this would be Jupiter, Saturn, unison, after death joints in the solar system. They are strong gravity shortages.
Pull up was onto bought charge as it turns out. There is a safe distance from objects, were you can go beyond which you will not be sucked in or pulled together into single ball, but everything is no such thing as gravity earth. Just sucks this gig humor, you ve got it so, just as we have not fallen into the sun because of our orbit around. It gives us enough distance to keep it away from the gravitational potential of the sunset. The same is true with all the gas Jain Plan at black holes as well. You're wrong or to put forward were black all data because our fire away you're far enough away. We have speeds that prevent that you're close enough. Your host, but beyond certain critical distances. We
good thank we good sort of lightning round to sound bite answers. Ok, let's go trough. Can you give a sound bite answer? Yes, that's, as can I, let's do this Anna Bacon from Aurora Nebraska Ass. My tell her question sounds so simple, but how did he arranged get sideways got hit by something? We don't know what and I would have called it Uranus Uranos, like your eight years old and then after that, browser and George it's Greekan Bureau Loose a God runners, but but Venus, that's no less attractive If you don't even know what I don't Charles something kid it after it formed and we don't know what something early in the solar system likely early before this also something I hate. Uranium watch out for the asteroids around dreams.
It's a good job and the cling odds. The clang. Alright mixed discuss science and beliefs with pop star Katy Parry, when STAR talk repair, looking back, I thought we would fit in my interview with super pop star, Katy Perry turns up she's a supporter of science check it out. In other words a science march and things. That you tweet it about the science more. I heard my retweeted ok, but still remain a matter to arise as you tweet was science predates
ideology ideology. So thank you for the last year that the struggle continued, but you know belief. Systems are amazing and things that you should really believing in. Something is important and I believe in God I believe in higher consciousness, but with a sigh. As you know, sometimes people dismiss. It is argued that people who dismiss God, I can speak for all many of them- are angered because some people who believe in God will use their scripture as a scientist they're going to say it says it here. The universe was created in six days, now put it in the science classroom. Here, the universe is five thousand six thousand years old, put it in the science classroom, then there's a problem because actual date on the actual universe, don't agree with it. So that's where that we have the conflict, most religious people perfectly embrace science.
Why is and its most right there's a small minority that are pretty well organised and loud, and so they kind of represented in the in the news, but now at an even Galileo, I quote from gallery let me sum golly. I I want to know about Galileo. He said the Bible tells you how to go. Heaven not how the Heavens go. It was a religious man, but he added tell us: Then he saw that he was getting different answers. So he decides not to use the Bible as a science textbook, for his own spiritual fulfilment. Absolutely. I also now have a on Galileo Javert Science crush on so well, Katy may now love Galileo. I actually name one of my sons, Galileo.
Why, but never mining that. Actually, my my favorite, probably science, probably my favorite signs crush, has got to be, Madam Marie. Oh Marie Curie Jain Winner of the Nobel Prize in and Marie Curie Younger Daughter Eve wrote a beautiful biography of and the story is self sweet and so touching, I just feel like this is a woman that was not only just a great scientist. The great human being, and I just love her from afar, for you gotta celebrity science crash Washington. Russian knows a lot about products that I use and can still to this day to day now moves so I have one, I think, are the from off. Yes,
patient way back. She she made a lot of progress and our understanding orbits and in geometry, in at a time when women were not really supposed to be act in that way, and so there was a challenge getting that out, having her full intellect, embraced and realised by the community at the time. But you have the courage to come out and b that and do that in spite of the resistance and the pressures against it. So it's it's the the will to speak the truth. It is the fact that you have the truth to speak in the first place and to advance our understanding of the physical an excellent choice, whereas our wrapping up my conversations with Katy, she shared some over a sort of personal cosmic perspective with Look, I believe in something. Much bigger than me. I wrote a song on this record called bigger than me, and even if it's just a few
filling in concert. Reminder that it's just not me that's here. I don't know if it's the God that is likes then has long beard and says on the throne, but I think it's it's dead. What should from is a force yeah, it's like even if you do believe in the big bang or whatever the big Bang was what was before the big bang. We don't know what your top people working on our doing. Ok, great, it's a frontier frontier the Amber what what an exact later, but actually I'm sure whatever that is, if it's god or consciousness, is just like kind of like Ella welling at all of us going like. Why is it these like? Just let me alive legs, not trying to figure out who I am trying to figure out who you are is weird: we spend so much so I'm trying to figure out the universe, that's an interesting for what we're carriers should you, every party thought angry and Katy that Windows Bela time too. I think I know why does this work, because in how does this effect this and that that, like or time at the back
it was in our bowels, gotta bring them up, comes out uranos there I don't EL as they now what we're going there you know like like, like their life, is just just being there and we kind of living like that on earth? So yeah, I don't know it's it's interesting. You think about how our assent. Are part of a really big thing drove Katy Perry is down to earth and yet thinks amongst the stars that kind of energy artless of your formal training, whether a scientist or not. You are a scientist, You have a crush on her. A point we made incessantly in this episode is the value of curiosity when I think of case through twelve education. Even
ouch, how do we define being educated? They test you on how much you know. I don't think at any time. Do they test your depths of curiosity and so for me, coming out of school if you are not curious, your education has ended, but if you remained curious, you will continue to learn for the rest of your life. You know, I think, of curiosity, I think of something that we have had since childhood, often deck its lost, it gets lost while you're in school there's some point where the magic of the natural world and learning about it somehow becomes a chore school
for whatever mysterious reasons beat that out. If they meet leave us thinking that that to be educated is to know stuff Rather than to be curious about what you do not know, and that concerns me. Because you will spend many more years, not in school after you Graduated than you ever would have spent in school is cool. The education. We know these people they come out from the front door. I stay school, they cast their notes into the air and they say no more school. What is that?
If that's how your students view on the last day of school, the school system has not done justice to that generation. Getting what happens in the last week you get exams the test you last week of your senior year college last week of your senior year, high school, you are tested and we think of that. As the beginning, The end of your education, but if you are curious, as we know, we all were as children, if you would, Hey my curiosity through that last week of school, then at last week a school is not beginning of the end of your education. It is the end of the beginning of a life of learning in that
cosmic perspective, you were watching starts off. I bring your house near sighted. Our thanks to the Meda. I beg you to keep looking. I wish you'd, listen, startled commercial free joint start talking. Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio.
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