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Live at the Bell House: “The Space Between Your Ears” (Part 1)

2013-03-28 | 🔗
Warning: Our live Bell House show about the human brain and consciousness could just blow your mind.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now. Well, now everybody soon, others stir to live well house. We have wonderful, show for you about neurons allergies. Psychology you're If here learning and I'm sorry for that, it is now My great pleasure to bring all the host of star talk. Ladys velvet meal ties tonight show recalling the space between your ears.
Bring out my two special guess to experts on what's going on inside your head. First stop Kara Santa Maria a journalist on neuroscience and all sides? Topics for the Huffington posts come on out, she has a video blog called talk. Nerdy to me and her particular expertise Is the Neuro Physiology of love and also depression, ok, so we gotta work that went out and my second special guest, Heather, Berlin, neuroscientist, she's, Professor psychiatry, MT, Sinai Medical Center. She actually probes the human brain to find out what's going on when things are happening to you, her particular expertise includes help me
Jews, jewish, its but compulsive disorder and impulsive disorders of weight with by Jove. I remain accurate. We have one more guest from the daily show why it said go first, I want to find out a couple of things. You know. What is normal, because every My turn around somebody's identified with a mental disorder, but if more People I know have exactly that disorder. Why would that be abnormal So what is normal for humans? I've seen animals do weird things. We so listen that q and a human did they be committed,
how do you decide what we ostracised just to be? How did your people what is normal? What does nobody you know? Historically, I think that that was just decided by social invention in I've talked to us Neuro psychologists who study religion, for example, and a lot of them claim that religion is mass. Delusion, but because enough people are deluded by weight which qualify and with the lower voter
mass, that there are enough individual people who share the same kind of hallucination, and you know it's. What is that? Really? There are certain things in certain cultures that are considered normal and other cultures there considered Abner, actually there's no such thing as being a normal there's, no normal person, everybody is abnormal, really I'm normal trick. The question will be the judge of that normal s. How we decide if somebody has an actual psychiatric illnesses, how much distress that causes the person. So there is the social norms up exactly somebody's outside of the social norm. However, its also how stresses it to that person. But nobody is normal. I'm sure I can Agnes you with one or two psychiatric illness back at me. So what interests me humans are capable of,
strawberry, extreme emotions of hate of love of rain That's a little like eight look, ok, so Peter Fever, I'd also throw Bieber thing. That's an extreme emotion it that, when those emotions are expressed in their extreme havoc is wrought upon society. What possible evolutionary good is that the evolutionary basis, a beaver fever. That's all you got an entire, so I think the really receiver or jar emotions involves our motions evolved initially, if you think about in any sort of little creatures crawling around the earth before humans of all tat was about seeking out pleasure, which met food, water, sex that You survive so we needed these things. Emotions like dislikes stay away from poisonous thing. That's right, you're vacation, as we
we developed these more surreal core taxes that interpreted these emotions and put labels on them like love and passion and anger, and hate, but really they evolve from human need to have sex to eat. Like me, right. Like me, I'm only add among the only it's like the rain evolved inside out and so generally speaking see functions in the brain that are happening in very deep brain structure. Some people call that the list brain or the viler genetically older part of the brain and kind of the more out? I'd. We get in the brain towards the cerebral cortex. Where that we see these kind of higher mammalian function. Well, at the two of you say that we have these praises for a cave man, lizard needs and now that right, a play, but now that we're smart, we act,
we try to interpret these basic needs and that can message- and we give that labels that that can really messed things up, because we miss label things, we feel something we have to put a level. I might not be the right level. We know people for love at their professors, for example, one view They might feel emotion their excited about the information there. Where you sit with me, you know. I think we can say that these are kind of hiccups in these are mess up the evolution. But the truth is we wouldn't be human. Without these things, either I mean what excellent work. Is language and poetry and putting you know, meaning into something that we generally think of, is just being these kind of Heine, brain or mid brain activity. Scary bit is really most of what voting our behaviors happening outside of awareness and we're only aware of it after the fact, and then we start to make up to rationalize ass. Exactly such a good example of that, for example,
a free association tasks will learn. Word association, Paris like mood and tied, for example, but also moon and tie that has way back in the times. Yes, so I don't want to go to your right now. That's the moon! God! If you miss just Google, Reilly? It's all there, let's say mooning owes an ocean. I say to you, learn these things brings you not just name any detergent. You want free association. Whatever you want member detergent game, a detergent serve people degree likely to say time. They ve been primes and what they will want to choose tied those they all my mom use as a kid or loved, but really it was because they were primes by learning this word pair ocean and moon. So people explore
in their behaviour of the decisions they make. After fact, in the lab we can show that we can manipulate the way people decide things and they will come up with all sorts of reasons. Why did you manipulate people in the world? More than just a laugh? This comes down to a question which I probably dont want to take the conversation here, but they always go to this place. When I try to write about these kinds of things, as does that mean that we have no free will actually free will is an illusion. I can assure you go like this, I'm a bad! I'm really will this rule that science is there's no explanation for that. You'll know what really work together in the old days. The cycle they lay out on the couch and just have a conversation
what you're saying now you're beyond this? What are you doing to people's head so for people who are Billy suffering and they ve tried all sorts of forming treatments and psychotherapy impassioned works out there. They have economic disorder or severe depression. There's a new alternative treatment in which we actually implants electrodes in the brain and stimulate these deeper structures of the brain and people who are depressed for twenty years. They all of a sudden, even in the operating room there awake
elections? We turn them on and they feel alive inside you're going and the United you those great internet sites. I know we will, of course that is either they. Let you do that emerging yours. They read as their desperate this like a last resort and lastly, I mean we people used to get shock therapy for depression. I mean these just you know all amount of peoples have to fail shock therapy first in order to get this zone that desperate and they have already tried to having a glass of wine. I imagine you taking very to another technological level. We actually call it deep brain stimulation deep in Croatia? Guess I'm so sexy. But it's really. These evolution, airily older parts, the brain that we were talking about than evolved for these emotion, is that we have those the parts that were actually going into manipulating the lizard brain, the lizard brain yes, and the alternative was actually we should go in Indonesia,
parts of the brain, lesion cut, guess this movie two, yet they destroy it anymore. There's much knows exactly how like that. I don't know what was the effectiveness of the reasoning that area in actually worked for some it wasn't like one flew over. The cook is necessary, actually they would lesions sub cortical structures and they would work for excessive compulsive disorder. You were just the idea of counting too. This is why I now this intimidation doesn't cause any damage, its reversible, its adjustable. We can change the amount of stimulation, is really quite a mate. So, if you have OECD and then you get it and then you like you know what I want a little bit about either in this category or a robe, so actually is an interesting ethical question here. If you can go in and mess with someone's brain during their state of mind, can you going to make a smarter? Did you go?
They change their political affiliations. Can I make them fall in love with me? First, we have to understand electrocute someone until that date. You say it is now a bright someone. So, like the fifth day, did you break into the lab? We know what we are a bottleneck, that research I mean. First, we have to understand what intelligence really is before we can even start to conceptualize away to go into the brain to improve. It budgets and there are so many facets of how we define intelligence may nine be united, and what's interesting in this is a quick aside is that when we do ask statistical measure called factor analysis and we look at all different intelligence. Has we find this factor called g that key factors fireman's g, which vary
Gee spot for the brain for the bridge, I half of them. What's with the lethargy? It's this thing that we see the general intelligent, then if this thing that we see across all intelligence tests- and they all ran high on it, and so there is this kind of fundamental intelligence. In tangible measure that we don't even really know what it is, but some people have it and some people have you people want it is those who have an insight figure out whether you have it on a test that might be in the sideboard over Facebook page, possibly back the way, I think, of the future. With these neural prosthetics ass, their cards implant, since the brain where we can stimulate certain parts is, we can actually increase things overtime like memory like attend and so, whilst not intelligence and Rosa components of most intelligent, highly, but there's a lot
that's cool issues there, because you know who can afford to get the employment rate and rich people its rich people. Are you Jeanne cortex? You know what I learned a lot of Julie, reasonable hippies, into your mind, about that that may have, given that you can prove the brain given that are these disorders that can be adjusted, given that there might be a future where you go in the brain Why are we so crazy secret, for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one
and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free, you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just SAM We're continue the broadcast of our show this space, between your ears recorded lie. The Bell House in Brooklyn New York, along with my coat Eugene Talk, that's on stage that night, where professor of psychology Heather Berlin, science, blogger, Kara, Santa Maria and the comedian. Why
one thinks I studies the neural basis of consciousness and am interested in the autumn, A basis could possibly not neural alot of people, as are its people, thought it was a way back in the Greek now there are signs that could be just in the people today. There are duly truly believe that mental states come from sort of soul like substance at their not found those. Why did you say? Do laws? do you live alone, is kind of looks at the brain in mind. As the same thing, the jewellers Julia is to look at the brain and minus two separate make binding odor Joker again, but I,
Do you think that we're getting closer to understanding it, whereas before we can only should appear into the brain using things like nor imaging and say? Oh this lights up when a person thinks about our feels this, and that was just look at correlations, but now we're getting into causation, because we can actually go in and change persons, emotion or perceptive. We can induce a memory or an image. Shall we and actually go and stimulate the brain and cause person to have a perceptible going from correlation to call. Station, were learning a lot more about desolation. Why're, you you, and why am I mean I was driving home and I said, every day I wake up, and I am I'm not someone else, their assistance. Assistance of me so had a twin, I would never become my twin. Even Would you Netteke we identify. There are certain types of brain damage where you might lose that sense of self. There also ways that we can induce that farmer ecologically.
Where you are not yourself or you might lose a sense of self and maybe gain sense of connection with a greater and it's our mother. I mean there's a lot of ways that we can kind of affect our brain so that that sense of self becomes a little less tangible to location where we think of drugs on the brain. We think somehow there stimulating phenomena. Is that really what yet. So a new paper actually just came out really certain Labour Yasser research paper where they had been reduced to clarify an academic says. A new paper came out something over yes, where Traditionally, people thought when you go on things like lsd or mushrooms, the brain is uniform, becomes activated, and you have all these hallucinations and weird strange experiences, but actually put these
when a scanner to look what's happening in their brain, while Neuro Scanner lottery, inactivation, illusion hold up, should say what this so they put the people in a scanner while they were on mushroom the drug, that's in mushrooms, and they found actually that they had decreased activation in certain parts of the brain in the pre frontal on the front Larry, the brain that has to do with executive function and that that but it may actually decreased, which allowed these again evolution airily older bit of the brain, the sub cortical regions too, full range to join us. Our saying is that our normal state,
precious hallucination? Yes, yes! So that dreams, for example, when you're dreaming there's decrease activation the prefrontal cortex, when your inner hypnosis there's decreased activation, so normally we're suppressing all these weird freaky strange things are, yours was lizards are naturally you know a lot of animal recognise themselves in the meat. And they may not be able to do. You know that when you put them in front of a mirror, they dont noticed their reflection.
I'm dogs will bark as if it's another dog and some will be like me there and they are gone, and so there are kind of some to the dog. That's ok with AIDS, chimpanzees, and but nobody can look in the mirror. If any of you mark, therefore, head with yellow pay, for example, will go to wipe it off. They know that it's on their own for men will go to destroy you, for I invite and did you know that the laws of optics dictate that in a mirror, you can only kill yourself? on the lips unless you're a vampire of employees, reflections exactly why fires, never no self, love
yes, we're talking our sense of self add there is actually through their certain cells in the brain called spindle cells that are only found in creatures, social interaction. So the founding humans, opponent, dolphins, upon great apes- and these are the brambles, oh by the way, by rising cells. The three species that have sex for pleasure, which are below were often human rights, usually don't look like they haven't well. What do you think I will get something out of sex, but these are the three species that have sex outside of Esther, we'll get pregnant. What's the recent dogs have sex with human legs are very frustrating that very president showed so three species, the cossacks. With regard to probe average, in short, there are open Everyone's favoured idea, dolphins, Tavis.
No wonder for them: you may Jays Awesome Orgy Dolphin Burnham Man give a dove into much together. We're never gonna have arrogant. To our point, I think I made a really. The essence is that our prefrontal cortex acts to rationalize our brain, and we have all these thoughts that are constantly bubbling off, and the prefrontal cortex makes sense of Bam. Explains why make the decisions, we do why we behave the way we do and organised, our thoughts, if you depressed that part of the brain with certain drug with certain types of therapy will allow these strange thoughts the bubble up and have no rational, meaning you, I was the prefrontal part of the brain. Is that, still the lizard brain part. That's actually the part of the brain that we consider makes us the most human law can have the largest prefrontal cortex of all. Animals.
We buy Morrison also arrested way ratio to the body. We call it the executor of the brain, so I will not really angry when I watch the movie saw because you're angry, if they give away for those of its whaler, is that this guy, you know who plans these extravagant ways to kill people had frontal Oak damage which is not possible because when you have frontal lobe damage the first thing
out the window, is your ability to plan things up, so you get pissed off? Yes, yes, really get fired and watching backdrop, not accurate area. Not also, then also seems like the best way to get out of anything. You like Valentine's day or anniversary thing was a boy. I only think, as I heard my frontal cortex its Bruce, I'm sorry we're just gonna have to sit on the couch and rent saw, so I didn't know their movies to it it would not take good neuroscientist because they would have to be annoying dream. I give you something Hannibal. I think that was the film was very accurate, so this is one scene where the man is awake and Hannibal as opens up his skull and is taking pieces out of his brain and feeding it to the man is eating his own rain, but the thing
actually there no nerve endings in the brain, so a person to be wide awake and you could be cutting in the brain. Actually, as we do when we employ these electric light regulatory Diana wake individual absolutely see. Only after a nest decides the scalp and then once you're in the brain. They don't feel anything the brain has no nervous. It wait for normal thing, because the thing that controls your entire nervous systems are you really see. That's ok, say that is good. For me, Hannibal is very true to nourish scientific evidence on the show, heroes, worm who play doctors reacting to the brain like trappings item and eat them better powers, so you may get freons, which disorder that will make you have like delusions and that's the new drugs do prayer safer than baths. All so bring the segment to a close by asking. Do
as Neuro Neuro, Fogey, but no right using computers will cheap consciousness. Wonder I think we are the bottleneck too, that I disagree with the crows Whaley infuse clarity, and I think that as humans, programming? These things until we really fully understand, mutational Neuro, we're gonna have a hard time programme. Computers to learn beyond our limitations-
well. There's a lot of work going on now, actually in Switzerland and they're, trying to like the figures of socialism work if they are building a computer models after the human brain is of huge project millions of dollars going into it they're trying to stimulate what it would be as they can make a computer, a human brain. My own personal feeling in this large debate in this area, is that there's something about the boy. Logical material that something different. So even if you can map out every connection we have in the brain in a computer, it wouldn't have weeks,
It's a consciousness because something special about it involved than a biological being this property of having sensations and perceptions that a computer can ever according to the movie short circuit. It's just lightning Johnny by is alive. Your host recited with the American Museum of natural history. This show is about the space between our ears. We got to experts on this one Kara, Santa Maria Kara, welcome the star talk, radio jeez size correspondent, for that composed and has a video blog where She talks about all manner of science, including brain is especially brain issues- and it's called talk, nerdy to me, we, like
that's and Heather professor psychiatry at outside our medical center specializing in compulsive disorders. Excellent, I mean I mean I've been having Herman? This is your house? Yes, hello, everyone and you gotta get lights from the daily show, so this next segment. I just want to break stride here, just a little bit every now, and then I tweet something people right back and say mind blow. Yoda feeling my most retweeted tweet of them all with observation that the new rules, eleven plus two equal, twelve plus one. We agree-
for now. If you mean ones based ten. Ok, yes, not only does eleven plus two equal, twelve plus one so too, do the letters that spell eleven plus two equal, the letters that spell twelve plus one mind, so things can blow people's minds apparently and the universe, like really good at that right, so far, Let me just take you too few places in water fly wow. So here you go number get large quickly. So we have million billion trillion quadrillion Quintilian Sex, chilean Septillion, octillion antillean-
tell you you, lastly, a billion, so we haven't words for these: that's not the metric prefixes, Ugo Metric on it and you get arrow and centre in both during oh yeah, that's only. We must favour number so glad I got home schooled favorite number going on here. Is Google digit number Google g o o g o l, not Google. Accompany the chain spelling and incorporated themselves? A Google is one with a hundred zeros. Now here's the catch that number bigger than the total number of atoms in the universe, and so I asked: when would you ever need such a number? If there's nothing that big to count This is a good example right now
without that number, will be like one the other. Is you go? Here's what you do next you take. The number ten and raise it the Google power. We did report, which is actually what Google called their headquarters. It's all derivative of what we had first Maybe doesn't invent everything you know, that's so here's the point If a Google is one with a hundred zero that tend to two hundred power, even when go to the power that somebody zeros follow the what tenant power is Google,
plucks is ten to the Google power which means that a worm followed by. Google Zira, we're about to google to the Google power Google. If you want to write that number you'd have to rights, Ok, these Europe's but the orange even Google items in the universe, so the Google Plex, be written out valuable space and matter of the cosmos. Send your pen arriving, but the universe is expanding,
are you sure we wait wait two years ok, three year stuff in the universe? Is that expanding say do? Thank you so now do you know if he is not expand? The empty space is expanding, but put a zero somewhere? You need some new right it on and on and of atoms. I will use the blood of the poor plus the regular eagle baleful already. So we deal with these numbers all the time we, don't deal with these animals. Are we to deal with these numbers I astrophysicist July and just a couple of quick things, for example, the galaxy has about a hundred billion stars in it.
I love that nice because you feel very Carl Sagan handed one say together on three. Three. We see, I like to say a hundred Warren buffets loaded, think it so we have about fifty to one hundred billion galaxies in the universe and if each galaxy is a hundred billion stars, you multiply these two numbers you get ten to the twenty. Second, That number is bigger than the total number of grains of sand in the Sahara. Can I bringing neuroscience here? For so what really blows my mind and this is sort of a motivated me to get in the field of neuroscience. Is that, given all these extraordinary numbers that you just talked about and are little speck, this little earth right in the universe, which is
huge expansive and Google's, and all that that our little tiny brains, little piece three pound piece of matter, can comprehend that is extraordinary. How does it do that? How can we understand if you look at it compared to the rest of the universe, speck of dust, yet that lack of us can understand itself and understand its place in the universe and the enormity of it closer you famous, we shared ok, railway everyone. We are a way for the cosmos to know it.
That's a freshly acquired touching. It is that's my newest sacho right after I sure says, grass arise through another famous girl, so you could still really. This quote speaks to me, which is why I got a tattoo down my body. In a sense, I think that what he was really saying- and I think Neil Creative disagrees with this- with this idea
We know that, I imagine you told me, I told returnees back sees in preparation, for this are gradually going you dial, whose care rose all over the world was so I am not a religious person, I'm an atheist, I'm pretty open about, and in a sense I think that what quarrel with your damn to Hell for what we term the bigger? According to my parents, away is so I think a coral was really saying here. Is that because your call like yours or you believe in Karl, but not Jesus, all right, he added still live in the minds of people like myself. There is no greater consciousness and because the EU
reverse can't contemplate itself, but we are made from the stuff of the stars. We in since our away for the cosmos to know itself, we can contemplate our own existence. Envy eternal landscape to the x. And that we are able to my rebuttal, it's a mild rebuttal, but I don't want to keep our hubris honest. It assumes that our understanding of the universe is amiss. Full understanding of the universe, It assumes that, ah, what about re matter right? Does everything dark better? What are we going method? I matters a thing dogma and we all know what that is. Super small and grey thing in the brain agree matters brave. What color matter is. Yes, the question is, is how I and and I think, you're right- we,
might be having a really distorted vision of what it is that we think are placed in the universe is completely incorrect and another sort of mine blowing thing is that perhaps the alien right these space creatures with big heads and big eyes. You come down to see as a really evolved many many years from now. This is a theory actually coming back to visit us with a greater understanding of where we are with these primitive apelike is why why do you look at our borders? So why are they so curious about reproductive organs, their harvesting man, resource of our ears, a thing there horny ourselves in the future was further here's my concern about the concept, because you look at the DNA. Between we and the, but about the chimps, a trifling difference between the two less than one percent.
This lesson. One point out: one percent can code for their own version of an order. Welcome back to start operating under host the other grass Thyssen were continuing the brow. Cast of our show the space. Between your ears recorded, live at the Bell House in Brooklyn New York, along with my co host Eugene Merman, joining us on stage that night, where professor of psychology, Heather, Berlin, science, blogger, Kara, Santa Maria and the comedian Wyatt Cynic, maybe the difference between us and ships is as small as that one percent. Consider another species, one per
beyond us and they studied us in say: oh look! It's even worse This lively, smarter than the rest can do ass calculations in his hand, like little Timmy over here, so if they look at us inside out martyrs or like the toddlers. The way we look at chimps the like our toddlers? It makes me loose sleep at night wondering if effect we truly understand the Universe whether if we are, by aliens they just since by because there are creation of earth draws them the conclusion that there is no sign of intelligent life? Maybe our brain is not as great as
of course, but this is a function of human evolution. The truth is, of course, no say I have very close to just becoming pure energy, one brag, I'm probably about three weeks away. Hello, neuron being like you, do not get it Jane. I This is only about this one percent. One percent can code for things that will lead to create a whole new region of the brain. One percent sounds like it's a little bit, but if it's coding for protein that create but say the site,
the prefrontal cortex. That's a huge they make sure no one percent beyond right and we wonderingly exactly one in a hundred. That's a pretty yank percentage actually got you're, saying that one percent of the brain creators who create so we shouldn't tax. The capital gave up with new ideas, go so heavy rain economics. We are actually limited capacity by the very thing we're trying to understand. What's our brains, but I think that the collective consciousness was some people talk about. Let's say the answer to everything is the table, for example, and I my little microscope, I'm look at one little piece and you're looking at another little piece in somebody s, but together we shiner lie and see the entire table, but only collectively. So I think the accumulation of knowledge of everything people discovered before us and they ll discover after us, they accumulate most knowledge, will have a greater understanding than one.
The individual brain can have so now is so the future of this Would be going into the brain, fine, all the lizard parts and just severing the lizard connection from what we need to function in an organised society way but hold So what you are saying is that if we create these sort of Spock, like creatures which are very rational but non emotional, that they were gonna problem would be more evolve, but there's a caviar there, because research has shown that actually people make better decisions when their informed by their emotions being like captain Cook. Yes, yes, he beats spark in chess because by It is exactly logical. Incorrect just is feel it and it is not just currencies away to a victory Now I gotta go, find a nurse and have sex with her or blue
This is already. I have a problem with this curse: Wayland Singularity there are some very human components to neural processing that I don't think in the near future, at least not in the next. Fifty years we're going to be able to infuse into machine so that I can really rival the human brain that thing it's important to distinguish between artificial intelligence and artificial consciousness company. There's no authority more intelligent than we are. I mean they can do mathematical calculations way faster than we can. They can analyze information way faster than we gain if that's how we define exactly, but if you're looking at consciousness per se So actually, just our simple experience of seeing the collar red or smelling arose is much more complex than any thing a computer can do, but that we can actually implant things. Let's say, for example, the Iphone. We all have a lot of memory. It has a lot of thinks it's become an extension of ourselves in a certain way. We all remember numbers, any more concern are Iphone. So now, let's see the Iphone smaller dollar right. Otherwise, remember not exactly
you're right, we'll see what you get not really what about eighteen, The point I was at that, but you had a real point. I answer is that you can imagine all this information Iphone become smaller and smaller and smaller growing exponentially as Ray Kurzweil would say that eventually lets you begin implant, intellectual new brain that has only information that store night. So it's not just using what your brain is capable of doing, but its expanding at using a neural, prosthetic and you'll have access just by thinking about imaginatively. To speaking, if only more and say, com, you can just think call Margaret ended and you can just talked yourself without.
Having a headset warmly walking around looking like we're insane. What happens when you are on a plane and floated turned, and you need to stop playing words with friends in Europe. I figure of even more weird things that would happen if your head was a phone by accident, say you're doing it. All it everybody, your focus. Your distracted has got pocket dial by Eugene, less thanks, dial you foresee, like a usb connection, to download brain information and upload eventually and eventually, what some philosophers are saying is that we can avoid death. We can achieve immortality by downloading. Our brain onto a computer, and so in a sense of our memories are perceptions. Everything
pow, nobody I'm what who you lie to bring the consciousness with exact online? It's just you and me I don't know what that exactly. But as you if your an atheist and there's no such thing as a soul than what are we really but the computation that are happening inside of our brain? We are that just start, though we are that some that's greater than the whole of its parts. It's the mind that arises from brain or the mind that exists concurrently with brain, and we still. Don't really know how to define that, but if we thought even more outside of the box a lot of future as biological thinkers are thinking about going beyond these Neuro prosthetic and actually going into the genome because course all the brain is: is a manifestation of these blueprints in the nuclei of our rather than picked the brain put the genes to make the brain tell the gene to create a being which has perfect Murray or even far there
RO the super baby super baby. Oh you bottleneck here is our research. It's our ability to find intelligence in the brain. Is our ability to fine consciousness in the brain and where's the seed of that we used to think it was in the female gland before that we felt by Giovanni holds up all your minds the only problem with all this is, if you think about it, the roundworm right only has a very few cells and connections in terms of his nervous system, and we can barely understand that barely and to think about the complex the human brain, is, I think, about the complexity of understanding universe ourselves where large number. Yes, so understanding now. Only how the brain works, but in how to code it from the genome. I mean it's not
going to happen in our lifetimes yeah you ve, been listening to start talk. Radio broadcasts, partially funded by the National Science Foundation join us next week for the second half of our show this space between your ears. Until then forced our talk, I Neil digress Thyssen, urging all of you to keep looking up, which you can listen. The star talk: Commercial free, joint star talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio.
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