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Packing for Mars (Part 1)

2013-03-28 | 🔗
What are the practical considerations for a NASA mission to Mars? Find out when Neil interviews NASA astronaut Mike Massimino and “Packing for Mars” author Mary Roach.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now come back to start or radio on your hosting the other grass Thyssen ermine astrophysicist at the American Museum of NET. History in New York City also serve as director of the Hayden planetarium. This week my co host is coming chuck nice shock! You been away too Y know man, I've missed you hi, my god! I haven't seen you. I love you MA. Am I look at you now? I'm gonna break out some beer. None of that
at the end of the beer? Conversely area at great to have you back? You were like the ideal person for this subject. Profanity has this topic is recall any package for Mars. Silly, humans to the Red Planet, nannies, not we're necessarily an expert on Mars, but humans packing just red planet nannies. Not that never know what you need. If you go to Morrow at, but I do just so many weird and odd things at an astronaut had to go through just figured. You be the right person to offer critical commentary us on the running of this I couldn't do this without we did it an astronaut studio, justly just offer commentary, and we brought the one the only the home town, kid MIKE mess Amino live NASA astronaut MIKE welcome back to start talk, it's a pleasure to be here. The third or fourth appearance. I guess
which one payroll I've is not, as you might expect, a little more from an honest set. The bar to very european initiative to spatial missions as too one. Oh nine. There was on Colombia by the way that was lost a few missions later and, as he has one, twenty five at land is both service. The Hubble telescope mama. We would we be without the Hubble telescope what we he'll be here, but we would be poorer for that drives and make a big difference in our lives and everyone's release, psychically poorer and deliver that right, and so so let me live just find out. I just realized you like the first Ashura tweet from space. That is that right, that's right! I was the first sky and you have like a twitter followers like overnight, for that matter,
So you ve got over a million same zillion, a million that area that we are dealing in astronomy, zillions billion is really, and it's all I get mixed up in here at all. I want to ask you is: who is your carrier? I can't get service in my apartment and your tweeting from space. That is awesome. Work I have to ask you don't need a long story was one small step for Morocco. What was your first tweet? I? Actually they made fun. My first true tweet on a Saturday night live a real yulka and make that someone wanted to one of the few things about my kids excited. I was that they mention it in what I tweeted was a launch was awesome feeling great adventure has begun, but what they said on I live was you know that I d misplaced my name, but that was ok, but they said to. I said launch was awesome. So it's a forty years we ve gone from one small step for man when jointly for mankind to launch was awesome. I ever found aliens. I would treat treat these jeez guys, look
Really. I guess I wasn't as momentous as I thought it was not keep. It might have been ripen. You know me well enough, so for me that exactly pretty the idea that was pretty deep, my right has come about as much as you gonna get right. So MIKE would you go to Mars? I an astronaut you I've been to only been to lower thought right couple hundred miles up three, where public at three hundred miles at that three. Fifty, not a three fifty statue, three hundred nautical. You have statute issues, It's not your gives. You know it's a smaller and smaller measurements, so you can. You can means it's more impressive when you use areas our Alex Thrilling, three hundred fifty side just so this morning, I'm a bad habit. Their gets more impressive, three hundred and fifty years with three hundred a few miles is what the rest of us use. That's right, when you driving a car and says it's for you we get to the next out, is two hundred and twenty statute miles from New York to Washington. They
What is rest periods and I was like two fifty right so would you go to Mars? I would I think that would I think most nationals would ask the question you have those who wouldn't would say. No, I don't think I I think, would be a wonderful experience. I think, would be worth the time and training to put into it in a sacrifice that would be involved. You'll tricks almost a year to get their allow its it is a long time, but I think the reward getting there and the significance of it and being able to be a part of that would be. It would be worth the sacrifice you don't. We did for start talk. I unit Viewed Mary wrote shoes at a sort of journalist, author writes about really cool, weird stuff cool and one of her books is actually called packing from Mars, and so, let's go to my first clip just find out what her, what her studies have shown her items, packing for rice you were in a bunch of books on such a wide range of seven,
and one of them is our Mars. For goodness sake, you want to be the first in line to go. I'll get it. Packing for Mars. I will happily go to the moon two and a half years, a small space with people that I didn't choose among our I'm distant irritable person. I because model a few days away and Mars is as you do. You can do the moon in a week. We can have been Mars. You kidding me now. Would you go? Is the notion that you know that you're friendly enough to spend so much time? He did? He can't get out media stock for now So maybe I want that warp speed thing. Maybe you need see people to go to Mars because were accustomed to being very close to one another living in small spaces. Add the Japanese are, in speaking very very generally good asked as for number reason: small payload used a tiny spaces, not much privacy and also again, obviously speaking, is in generalities here raised to be not confrontational and aggressive, but polite and respectful. So all of those things make them a deal
dates for this. So Michael you not cover your. Your name is MIKE Massa Mina, yes, you're from What were you from New York from New York? Yes, so I got according, You are the worst candidate for an astronaut. Your big you're. Sixty four wondered: what you're like heavy year from New York, I'm gonna keep it to her away from any decision process involved with us. I am glad that the chief of the office, you like the opposite with Vietnam of eight June, and I need a lot of food and an enlarged, evolving and work on the complete opposite alleged described as not polite. Loud and no oh, my god, I have to be a solar like going. The only reason they sent me to get rid of me a patent rights and let's give it- and I have a couple years, so here's a we get to Mars and there's like there's no air theirs freezing the radiation from this you'd have to live in.
Pressurized habitats. I may is different from just that she's space shuttle that you end up back in yes, she's. Apparently, go on a lot of aiming to everything. You said, of course, but but particularly the psychological aspect of having to go for that long. The period of time getting along with people the aim emotional support would need to be a big part of that mission. For you, for me more and more import from my roommates. So do you need? I wonder if you need like in the old days the kings had court gestures. Do we need like to bring to send Chuck I mean people levelled way. Absolutely not only problem is, I would just be saying, are with very happy and its higher Trevor, but haven't a guy like you or you would be a good idea. Haven't guys are fun. It's got a really important. Rigour wrap up the first segment when we come back more on actions for MAR here. Listening to start, not ready.
Route back to Startalk Radio by Neil Degrasse Tyson, your host and with me into the arrow, is comedian, Chuck NICE, yes, very nice, and on the show where we talked about packing for Mars, what it takes to go in the challenges there in had to do that with an astronaut, and we were our favorite man about town MIKE Mess Amino New Yorker LIVE astronaut. I mean you're, an activist right! Now I stay, I still am in the office. Somebody's he's he's very surly. Nothing like that we need to ask those are the people you want to hang around as we learned if we're gonna have a law mission, you need people do not know how to get along right and are not confrontational and new. Yorkers, apparently fifteenth. New Yorkers and black man has it that, aside from we were delighted you gotta be greater than I think the three of us would be great on emissions
Let me call that a mirage would agree, but I, the grid Mary Rotary Gambler check, and could she wrote a book pan from Mars and did all the homework on what that might take, so that the lot of challenges I want them. Is radiation big As you know, earth has a magnetic field and that magnetic field deflects highly. Highly energetic charged particles from the sun, because the sun is a turbulent place right, very burps, up plasma every now and then plus just what is made up that I'm not saying anything deep. Their rights is plasma it burps plasma comes out, and you know my kid. You study I was a glowing, silent, patrimony, math and eighty one per blood plasma. All old got over that now he doesn't on purpose. So so so please, is, is is charged its gas but out of the molecules? Atoms are molecule,
have been ionized, so their electrons freely floating within the gas and so the gas and respond to magnetic fields, and so here's fields blob. So here's this blob of this plasma pie coming from the sun to earth. It sees our magnetic poles and those upon streaming down to earth collide with our atmosphere and they Loretta Glow and it makes the aurora the northern lights is a cool. That was, as you know, I gotta tell you. I was sent here like where the hell is he going better now I actually just learn something one: that's that's. What start talking about jargon has arisen effect? We did a whole show on the sun and we talked about. Are the core coronal mass ejection hush were wondering Elk?
I would also say I do have coronal mass ejection. You know I was about to make a nocturnal sites like so I thought that's how you gonna go. There were not so so here is a problem, you go outside of this protective magneto sphere, not from ex man magnet were magneto sphere, good. Then you are susceptible to this high energy radiation and so soap. Might you ve been within the book the blanket the protector blanket? They take your side of it there, their issues not yet resolved, and it just a big challenge and we don't know if we can protect you and if we, if we can't you might you know you might get sterile, That's crazy, no told me that I'm optimist
the thought of every living ass may write that down. I might just single handedly and is the space that have you finished having children no reason. No reason why it is so huge that happens is just whether the sun births are plasma. It has to be a plasma pie headed our way. Ok consented other direction where we don't care right, you just ass. They had, be headed our way, and so would you do as you have to take this mission during a time when the sun is My son has an eleven year cycle. We're p, Since these emissions, and then it is it's quiet and is eleven year cycle, so you have to plan these missions accordingly, war shields asked and one way is water will actually is a good absorber of this code, and so I thought maybe you'd have a shell of water around your craft in any sort of drink that and recycle it, and so, it's an unsolved problem, but it's not unsolvable for sure. You just get some clever engine
you're an engineer right by training. Ma am yes. Yes, you left off clever. So so you got that now, because all the experts are together. There's not Missy right. I mean yes, it there, but you need to respect each other's privacy. Well, how do you do that crammed into love, see together, like you just Are you try to get along the shuttle? It was fairly small compared to the space station to spare, But you know- and you need to use the rest rumour Russia lets you gotta go to Party- are their privacy curtains and now you just try to have respect for each other, so I know it gets embarrassed. Ok, what's we have a whole working to devote a whole segment to go at a party ass, bad word about cabin fever. If you're therein cooped up in us,
space for a long time. Yet it's not ass a big issue even on the space station missions, and we ve learned a lot from our from our presence on the space station for almost twelve years now or continue. We had people up there and one of the issues. As we already mentioned couple like, like the radiation, we can do to shield people from man in understanding that, but also a lot of psychological cabin fever in hand. One of things is trying to remain in contact with the earth. He keep I would have a phone. They can use on board that they can call from certain parts of the day they get covered. Is it read always not because because anyone only go to the present India, so Oh my god of the President rail, but here is because what it one of the goals is to make a habitat on Mars, so that when you create a little bit of earth on Mars, yeah you want to.
We create home, bringing I like her. I make you feel cup or else you. You can really be a problem you gotta get so so the ever have the urge to just break through one of the living areas with an axe and go hears nights no, a cabin fever. Now, that's why I don't have any axis I have ever. We really have different ways of suppress. Rhino Mary Mary Roach had something to say about about what it is to live and to the psychology of different habitats of living in a Mars habitats check out which he says, they do analogue studies. That means they pick a place like in article where people are confined in isolated in an article you're, not in a box, but you might as well, because if you wander off new die, you freeze, so their stuck on their base together are converging abrogate of her bedrock. Before you have heard after about six weeks, you get this irrational. Antagonism sets in
the very things you loved about your crew may initially begin to just drive you crazy, like the way they take off their boot and drop it, of course, basing your but would be floating the way you take off your boots, the way you want on nowhere, unzip your on velcro, your pen. Whenever these little things start to really buggy and very fresh, traded with that's the same thing with Mary people be married. What are your marriage is a good space analysing these two married couples or space analogue. I just made that this brilliant, but what happens a generally you get frustrated and In that kind of turns to anger and in space you got three things we could do with anger. You could take it out on your crew maids bad idea, causing depend on them, for your survival saw gay or you can take it out on mission control. You see. This in their mission train, we could take it on your ship, but that would be devastating. That would be bad were taken. Actually now you do that, but you can see in the mission transcripts like Come seven June level was taken out on an nutritionist. The guy who invented the food is like memo to doktor chance chicken.
A king serial number. Six five four cannot even squeeze food through neck and then like two minutes later of other memo, doktor chance chicken looking all over window at this time. I think you can do better at three hundred dollars a million just really taken at our crabby port. Doktor chance, a German. I am always german. I would never have been weeks. German I've seven was the longest two weeks copy. We try six months tried. Thirdly, you you re years. I know the third thing you turn it in where'd. You get depression and depression actually has been Some of those mere and I so what is the profile of the person who would be less susceptible to these? We You know what you want and I don't know how you bind these people, but Commander from the Irish? Yes, this is a woman, international research, yes in a natural spaces, and I was watching NASA Tv and somebody radios to her and says grander whitson those photos. You took. This morning, we can't find them. If you were me, I'd go. What do you mean? You can't find I Then the whole morning, I don't have time I got a lot to do. She goes that's all
we'll doom again like just unperturbed, you can't make this woman angry. That's what you need. You need to find those people who are unflappable. Just nothing bothers them. I think I'm pretty unflappable but actually I'm not the judge of that. You need others to make that decision. Tall, you're, too big users are shaking her head now, pointing at me say no thank flap of all lab nor you liar. So so so my do you get along with your fellow astronauts yeah. In some ways I keep hesitated there d known our. No absolutely I think we're getting party line. I get along a little talk to them. I get along flying around, don't get their opinion about me, but what she said. One thing she said that that was very interesting was the personality type and we actually going through an astronaut selection. Now we started and people will too
what does it take to be an astronaut and is not always the smartest person, obviously ha what it is importantly, it get along with people, particularly now with these long duration missions it. So you need to be able to live with someone for a long time who is unflappable? easy to get along with, and those are the things that are hard to quantify the label. When we come back more on packing from ours, and I want to talk a bit more about the stress that you might get the job done or distressed doing nothing that we have done this before you. I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there, go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub. Where does at the five dollar level or higher, to listen the star talk ad free
you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying You are referring to start, ought already to any of the other guys Shaka your hilarious stage, and I thought I might be the only one to know that so for others to find you to check my stuff nice dot com hilarious on stage as opposed to what I am on the sheriff, I didn't mean it that way. I promise engine studio active NASA, astern MIKE Mass Amino, which I'm going to Mars and make it an end, what Cha,
just that involves just like not get into a fight with your fellow astronauts and and what does some frustrating things it that you ve experienced in your you'd european space, where the longest period you're in space for weeks, two weeks later, with same set of people right and is it a point? You say you. I heard that job before you got another one. Is it like to that all Mary couple me now during our issues were not as long as some of these well physically, some like going to Mars, but does spaceflight, I think, brings out the best in particular. When the chips are down, and you need to get your job done and everyone cooperates where it matters south, like NASA bored, I don't I'm trying to such twenty all right stuff, exactly see MIKE locking in slow motion now coming out of the hangar hurry goes our right. Ok, you busted me, but there are times particularly in training. Could you? a lot of time. Training is a couple years, training before you go and it's kind of like a family. So just like you, get annoyed at a family member. You still love them, but
I get annoyed and have little disagreements that happens, a lot by the time the mission shows up and you ve got the objectives to fulfil its. That takes that's all you're right, something but the other. Our time where you know you might have little annoyances. Why is this guy leaving this around? How come? I just got coffee in my eye, because this guy was no didn't close, his little strong on his drink bag, and I got hot coffee in my eye. Why do I see piece of underwear again in front of me, whose aspirin just went down my nostril. You know stuff like that. So little thing, like that can count to get the after this. These are zero g g g g, zero energy challenges in it. That's what happens like I have a sense, has never been uttered in the history of the world. Your aspirin floated up my not got it. I've got unusually large knows this is radio so yet, and I read out on radio, but I've got a really, which again makes me according to the german
SIRI, I'm not a very good a candidate, because my nose probably weighs more than most japanese people, so I'm a little sensitive to the floating objects. I could. I could inhale, that's just unique to me I don't even know how to follow our doing so we got there. So so What you're saying is we see because, two weeks of three different from Mars, because Mars, it's almost a year to get the right and the full mission is his wife's like it's it's eat. Two years is almost two years clause. What because you have to wait there for earthen hours to realign in their orbits then get the minimum energy transfer yak. So you talk about at least two years at three years, more likely you gotta have conflict, and one of the things we do at at at NASA is that we do train and stressful invite, if we go on national out their leadership training, we go backpacking, I went,
with my crew, my most recent crew, we went that kayaking in an extreme envy. I'm it where you are dependent on each other. A tax money at were sent sending astronauts obligation. You do things tat, you do things. This is all training, but you'd you try to get into an. Dream environment on earth so to recognise when people get irritable and restoring noticing that usually there's a reason why you cromanus cranky Ray and its sometimes as a dude dehydration, sometimes you're thinking about something at home. That's bothering them! Maybe you're missing comfort, food comfort, It could be a lot of things. Are you recognize having your crew mates you learn to deal with, Shelly Party training. In my interview with Mary Roche and wrote the book packing for Mars, we talk about food and what role it plays in the health and stability of the actual
check it out. I visited the Johnson LAB where they make the food, yet I tasted like they draw porch up Emmy too I tasted seven year, lifespan, Pasht Browns Passport, how events but better than the early that the stuff? It's really interesting is from the Gemini APOLLO era when they were really concerned with making the food low residue so that the astronaut could avoid using the bathroom system, which, at that time was a bag. Terribly always wondered what food would be. No, it would accomplish that its low fibre They processed as reabsorb everything out of your sort, everything out of it and it would be really dense. Little egg bites worm thinking whatever the food tat life on earth. If you ve been away from with four year any foods gotta takes good. You know what your campaign Canada Themes is why, while this is amazing, big bean because in the middle of nowhere there's no other food. One of the things people concerned.
All I can never be an astronaut because uniting comforts of home. You know good espresso, you done this is it expects, but I think it's like backpacking its worth the inconvenience sleeping in an uncomfortable situation, eating warble food. That's all worth it because get to this amazing place same with space search. So these are I don't care that complain about I would definitely temporary, however, TAT morning when you look at the window, look what you're, seeing how amazing so who cares that the food is absolutely portable and now days it's not answerable. We actually get a whole start talks on space through space. We can find out in our archives and start talk, radio dot net so MIKE. What what's your favorite food that you hadn't space will? First off, I'm glad she's, not the cook, because another food actually is pretty good and basing its easy to cook you just add water. You put it any of an end. I was gonna be like going to Mars, but on the space station on the shuttle its it was somewhat single food was really get. My favorite was Alexandria. Was. It was like the way Mama made it not. Quite again, it was easier to cook
any game bag knows written, but it was Delicious riddle design. Your ravioli can tell my Italians and one of the great I wait. Where would you like the guy who never, you know, still lives in your parents basement? That's it exactly! That's my comfort food every eye fell on Sunday at my Amazonia every other day of the week you noted it occurred to me that, with the stress and the food to making would make great astronaut you call em roster, not dislike airline everything's, we re getting dogma is delays. Aren't we get more on package from Mars? this star talk, ridden obedient Jack nice, an astronaut MIKE mess amino. Why do we have an ashtray? and studio, we're talking about go into Mars and
The challenges that that involve. We came off the segment talking about food comfort, food. What's your favorite, you you'd love the Lozano, but that is not come. Give us a front is now included macaroni and cheese message. Shrimp cocktail is a favorite out enough. That's comfort, food, our comfort food is me, its food from cargo comfort, food for the bushes. Yes, I am We have hamburgers group with a thrill. We want. We want some good food. Aren't you the idea of of one look out the window and network about food? That's when you are applying to get on the mission. Yeah don't need food Ali Granola bars, but if, It aside you gonna, want to eat so then quality then food is gonna, have to be pretty good. I think, and shabby said the Jamaican would: why would they made good astronaut you and us think about it? Man is: do you know everything that you need to deal with your stress and food issues? taking care of.
One little roster puff quick networks is, if you're, if your fellow ass rather man, go in smoking, I guess There is no smoking in Spain. Ziad does or does not just separate, there's a few issues they want to know. If we want to go there might not be unease, it might sound like an easy solution, but that is not really a minor work anyway. Wee wee wee spaceflight, is tough. In that way, we put him in a pouch, add water and put it in the no smoking smoking necessary. No comment gets right, who put an embrace and so what's funny, if you create a more settlement at this food you might bring. But maybe you want to bring food, you bring seeds, you bring but a baby animals, and then you sort arrays livestock on Mars. That way they asked. Wouldn't let you have a real burger. You know you can have Kobe beef on Mars. Maybe you, Mary Mary Roach, author of packing, from let's see what she says about Mars settlements I think we know enough about me.
We don't have to send animals to Mars for us what a waste of money that we know now. Nobody certainty that unless someone decides there's this wonderful paper from an eighteen sixty four conference on. Nutrition and related waste issues. Ok, that's the tunnel. The confidence of the conference, if you were to bring lie Stock to Mars, like you're gonna, bring animals and have ranching going on what would be the best species to bring in terms of how much it costs to launch the verses? How many calories you get it and he didn't analysis of care would include taste in there to some quantified. Take something did because the winner was mice, mouse stew, mice are more efficient, that's what he determined it on you. You know I can't believe because now much meat, saying I once ate a squirrel when I was in Texas is barely any meat on a squirrel. You know there's nothin on a mountain. I let you gotta, take it up with MAX Kleiber. Could it be that mice they have a very short gestation period so thick and multiply their generations very quickly? That could have been it.
But just think of the steer talk about waste issues more than its fertilizer further that's it you're gonna grow war. It becomes radiation, shielding cause, you launcher hydrocarbons. So manure being radiation Shield NASA has a device doubted aims that can take Reims Research Centre in California. Yes, it's gonna get easy bake, oven where you would take waste material, we could plan decided in the title and you could line the capsule with that on your way home. You do that for radiation, take animal poop, put it in using going over human, yet what humans around movement, and so it hardens it becomes a tire like you know, like the ceiling tiles, and so you line your craft with this too good, really there's a smell, I mean you have to coat. It is interesting because if you go to another place, you're thinking you going to take food that you would be comfortable with eating and might want to sustain so be like an arc right. You wouldn't think I get a cow and a bull more likely a cow and bull sperm
right right. Ok, because it goes from ways less than a cow. Sorry, I just did the man whom outlining its out so so MIKE. If you could give your mouse Well, if that's all you're greedy, would you go to Mars? That's what I would say when, if that was made, the question of working yes and then after I got a sign for dimension, I want to be gaining any mouths right below him. Cannot catch a break out of my mouth? Zella knew you know it's just
just interesting, using animal waste to line the aircraft could still radiation problem unsolved, yeah. I think it shows the way up to think out of the box for these for this type of trip and any crazy idea might seem a little bit nutty Unita to think about. If it's gonna help you, you need to think creatively hasn't that's more like thinking out of the blue dot. I'm sorry, I can't I can't hold it together with a copy seals are quick, were in danger, mobile and try to give some creating through its, It'll all change! You know it's. What we think of is what will sustain us right. You have to be. You know. We say that about other foods when other countries- oh it's a delicacy in whatever ads and awful. But I know where we can
more on asking for more euro listening. Start radio, I'm your home address, tastefully studio, comedian, Chuck NICE, that's tweeting, Chuck, nice comic at supplies, Carthage You got it and MIKE Mass Amino living active NASA astronaut, except we ve, got him here in studio now you're, not a space, not in physical space. Now you're, not. I feel like I'm an orbit what you and your Europe Europe you to eat your that Adam Astro, underscore my cats, correct, Astro, all right, we'll find your their twitter verse, which are, we're going to Mars and we ve been sloppy and clips of my interview with Mary Roach, who you dont lot of research on this stuff. I never knew that people thought about considering what kind of animals you would be on route that are efficient to deliver. You
protein such as mine, mice, I know I've never heard of it because they want to know about. Maybe the food that they say is shrimp. We must go on my mind its for those of you, born after nineteen seventy reference, soil and green. That's a sordid gleam reference, the Google it kid so we know it interesting, is that it's a whole other kinds of engineering solutions. May putty scientists aren't creative enough I think that what you need an engineer to say: how do you stain astronauts. It is the job of engineers to solve these problems. Yeah there's a lot of you can see. You guys think about everything is a long trip. That's is allowed to think about and Interesting consideration is few are a slightly chubby and we it's gonna die on on the way
Then you are actually surviving offered your own stored foodstuffs, who think about Syria and before that free flight meal man you're gonna, go not it's like running a marathon, that's horrible horrible. Every great no exercise will now be just a few carbo loaded. The carbo would just be coursing through your blood, that's where carbon load. Before you run. Ok, because when it's in your blood the energies immediately available, if you then don't use it and don't and it doesn't, we come out of you. Then I want you to factors too fat and those in your fat reserve. So he knows everything started. God are you making? Islam, because jocular we're we're, fallen or changed my whole menu insane and come up with this matters, because its cost is expensive, too, to send any extra pound on a spacecraft anywhere because, as fuel besides spoke. Mary, Mary Roach, about limiting the weight on space missions and see how that conversation. When
The most extreme The approach that I saw. It was this guy who suggested, and I think he was being serious- that NASA should recruit obese astronauts and he figured out that for DE pounds of excess weight. There's like a hundred and eighty four thousand calories that you just basically star of the astronaut for the duration of the Munich wash my mind as well. So all you have to do is give them vitamins so that they have their own, they would burn off their phone off their own for their own and they get there in peak physical condition, but really really grumpy. These people are pushing buttons draft address, except has NASA consider this. I do not think so. Ten thousand pounds, to get something in the order is that's that's what I've gotta fast, but when you try to get that up in orbit sufficient investment advice to me that it would be more expensive to launch the fat astronaut as expensive as it would be, the launch of the food so where's, your saving, so did you except it between a party or body right and the waste is already been expanded from just
What about the picture of the mercury? Seven fit Marines the family, the fats God of Mars. Imagine them just sort of coming out of the hangar hero, the one! You will already turned it at your own fat. That's how resource galleries later on sea. I got the perfect solution. It's one fat astronaut that can pilot the ship back and and for other skinny astronaut that he will in turn, eat before the return trip. Ok well and that we research paper to be delivered at now. Here's the problem. The problem is we have a mindset that we're gonna take all the fuel we with us and all the food we need with us. But what we need is some filling station. Some quick marts all along the route and on Mars,
So then you don't have to load up in advance. That's the problem MIKE Wendell! Yet as we need we need, we need some out their mouth area that would be put a little cash out there that they know a cache of food. Ok, yeah, yeah dissection! something that you can get out there at any of the whole the obese at I don't. I don't know. I think that when that would just now wouldn't work for an image image, the clothing we're gonna do he's gonna hear this is your attempts to where you know I mean clothes. Cause big clothes are going to cause a lotta gets orbit. I mean I, don't I don't think that's gonna work plus, I don't think you can get from Europe, the big tall ass. I might say that will put you in a different changes are closed as you lose weight along the way, yeah really be too complicated. I don't think I just we're looking for fat astronaut, just starting,
say it goes against everything. First, ladies out, don't push up on all the tv shows and outgoing aren't. You gonna be an answer at all that our claim video day living and even to me it doesn't. I think it's totally counter to our culture. What are you doing you to sit around play, video games and even ship run? You wanna be right out a rap. We ve Nancy Ellen advocates, stop stop exercise and actually this plenty more of packing to Mars to come, but we gotta wrap up our first hour. You ve been listening. To start talk, radio, my can check it. Back for another hour on absolutely definitely this Star talk, radio funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation shortly wish you'd, listen! The star talk, commercial free, joint start talking,
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