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Parody and Geek Culture, with “Weird Al” Yankovic

2019-08-30 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with “Weird Al” Yankovic to explore geek culture and the scientific inspirations behind his hits. With comic co-host Maysoon Zayid, astrophysicists Prof. Charles Liu, PhD and Prof. Emily Rice, PhD, and rapper Ellect.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode: commercial, free, from the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming. All is based and start with science real place in your personal life programme, and tonight we get
weird refrigerant, my interview with parity, songwriter and card carrying geek, weird owl, yank of it tonight, my meaning co host. These may see see me to look on and I think your best known for your TED talk. I got nine in on problems and policy is one of them has basically like in their present olympics. I would win the gold medal because our palestinian Muslim, I'm a woman of color disable. I live in Jersey, IKEA and I'm cloudy three rocket. Your TED talk, Wade's involuntary the pause, a deposit we got, we got big tonight. So thanks for common understandings and Joining us is start talks resident
in Chief Charles Gould, Gertrude known as a good friend of mine and colleagues, is a professor for physics at the City University of New York. At an island and we'll be tapping your full range of geeks parties. This evening I geek mug overflowed with possibilities? Indeed it does so featuring my interview with a basically a geek and if you didn't know how geeky he was you will know by the end of this episode- parity singer songwriter. We, oh yeah, what it does. Is you take songs you familiar with it, just me previous scripted comedy, out of it singing songs, Time Grammy winner with hits like Yoda and eat it, and he's clearly a nerd himself How do I know weird? I have some deep geek in him. I ask
check it out by the very interested in math and science early early on here I mean I, I think I was a science, a math, black award. Winning an ice blogger, and ever since I was very young, owes always interested I think one has a toddler. I already knew no other planets in the solar system. A third point over the whole Plato thing get over it. I don't care, I started fine, and so will you go to school, yeah? I was my my high school valedictorian counts. We agree that any, and on top of that you I skipped, I guess I started kindergarten and early, and I skipped second grade and the third grade, so I started, has gone off twelve and graduating when I was sixteen, so I've always liked the very nerdy kid you know. I tried I typical of the boxes, what sort of boxes? Well, you know I was a bright student. I was kind of obsessed with with homework. I was
full on, because I liked I, like you, know what I loved I loved mass as own particular man. I would do our do. I would do algebra for fun. Government really cool like you're, like a puzzle like following for Ex, like doesn't really cool but evidence that, like that like through these, would work we're going for you I was. I would either only eat lunch barmaids, Oliver with other, similarly dorky kids. It was all that all the above, ok, so were you in a community? this- was kind of ostracised. Why? I will tell you there wasn't such a thing as a cool nerd was invented. He eventually you have old boxes checked when you were a kid all for sure. I love doing math too, and in fact even married. Someone who love doing met in full She tells me
morning before we got married Sheena bridesmaids were rocking out too weird AUS music. So my geek love for him increases with passing moments. How would you distinguish just either historically or today, the evolution of nerd versus geek? Oh, that's a good point. Actually we were discussing this at home. Recently, the earth is sort of more the general intellectually unpopular person where's. The girl can be something that's specific like you can be a star trek, Geek or a dungeons and dragons geek, or a football geek, but its high to be like a football nerd on the her hands now days, everything's, all mixed together so like ours and oranges, nerds have found one another, so have faith or nerd is unpopular. That's not true among other nerves or even a geek. For that matter. You know. When I was growing up. We had a group of people who hung out together. We didn't know we were weird. We like.
Each other we had found out. You were we're all they told us, but we do believe in denial of a basic. There was no need to accept that. How is it the stereotype, because I had friends that we like each other and we enjoyed each other's company may soon? Would you think of their checklist? He presented eyes. They think he now there You told me now that, and I have an idea which I feel like we should. You know, places bingo, no bigger nerving like to hear number and I'm so Charles a pig from a list nerdy characteristics, and these why these guys has a placard and their gaze check off when their nerdy characteristic is com. Three in a row: Manga I got no bingo
nerd bingo number be five be five was in school band. Reinstall abandoned orchestra stuck out? unfortunately, orchestra thing. I got point today: ok be nine attended. Oh yeah. Oh, did you treat me like a dab, dab, ok, be E3 knows why hemmed does. Four p m d: a s Why the member and I just wanted to be division multiplication power is the thing that you unravelled equations with pen? Does I have
sad news. Lou has one being pays, did learn the monarch know how to on board my between are they so there is a higher level of nerdy too. I gladly sharing my ward Nick you, Sir, so trial. In your day. What was it like being a nerd? Well, I'm a little older than you serve the mountaineers in comparison here by the time I was sort of I only nerdy. It was start, they become cool Microsoft, apple, so those great billionaires that we today recognizes captains of industry weren't get going there weren't yet, but they were starting
get some credit. Ok, so you never given a wedge and slammed into the walkers. No I'll give you can't just in time for that are not ask around looking. I got very lucky in my day that happened now, young. Not to me all. I was Nerd Jock, ah, so I could. I you know I cared I slide rule on my hip. Why why why? But I felt Lee connected with the nerd community. So when I saw one being being beaten up. That to me wasn't assault on all nerds everywhere. All you did so. I had in my head that were I to superhero, they would be nerd protector. Thank you I think that there is no mean feat and because the nurse had no protectors in the day, not until the pocket with kids needed us to help them with.
Your computer and there in a math homework in this sort of thing, so the dockside dejection I was captain of my wrestling tee. I fires every borrowing Amelia. I have seen pictures of his six pack, but I would still like getting Asia this exclusion would be dangerous for calculating the angles necessary to feature opponent on that now with maximum efficiency. Yes, because physics helps in everything basically amen sought so may soon tell me: geek This kind of risen up to be almost like a. Cultural phenomenon, and so good thing or bathing, I think it's a good thing, because geek them crosses all bounds. Is it doesn't discrimination based on race, religion, economics? So it's great that we're seeing it like kind of four off have become
Our role is to get a better agitate for that. It's made the world moist with geeks. I think that is a good thing, because I'll take a gig over really any day and COMECON it is. It is a full spectrum of people not only of different skin colours and heights and weight but different physical, here. There's no judgment on your costume, not on. What else you look like or lack thereof, or that they will get their will totally call you out of your customers, not authentic, but otherwise I see it as a. I want my call to love fast, but it is a celebration of being yourself earlier and it's a place. Did you handmade where
Then the world. Can you still make handmade costumes and be cool? Your right again point this got us beat up. Those kids were candy stolen. Now you get prizes at come, we are winning, so we know that we are now was totally nerdy kid, and so, of course he pleaded nerdy and let's find out what that I took accordion lessons from ages. Seven to ten accordingly, unless a haughty lessons yeah, so nobody wanted you to get laid says. Well earned my parents lodging. My parents made the decision for girl with a choice between guitar lessons and according lessons, and of course my parents foresight knew that if I took according lessons, I would never be lonely. I feel one man back I'd be the life of any party. I wouldn't want new quality of later at the party I'll. Tell you I'll tell you something. You know what we're talking about the MID Sixty easier and did the according had just beginning
become an unhappy instrument. The guitar rose up in yeah I mean that in the sixties there there was some guitarists have gone so far there a little behind a girl. Like you look at the fifties, I mean the late great Dick container was like was accordion player and you'll get album covers and without any irony whatsoever he's there with an according to their women draped on his legs like cream plan vagrant, all young Alfie would love that's. So as an accord I never really understood, and accordingly, It's a piano is a piano on the right side. Ok, but like the air. Was the air do? the air, the Bellows supply the energy to push the air through the reeds to make the sounds so it is actually very central instrument is very dynamic process like you have to be.
Can't equally as one of its name, you present right, I mean that's: what's this angling of it is registered audacities for showing off for the chicks may soon. Accordion sexier instrument and we ve given credit for getting the banjo bays sexy. As how do you say it's not the banjo yeah, most sexy instrument ever closer, get in the way that we are not just described. The moose canning got me thinking why? What next we get white and
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Arms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying. The future is space and the secrets of our planet reveal star die my interview with everyday artist, weird yank of it, and I ask him about the heavy infusion of geeky science references in his music at its best Is it song, white and nerdy chicken?
Do you have someone that you're your bureau, your lyrics further scientific. By do that myself, a you know, all available, dictatorial I'll go online, and no one else, my own. Where have you do from now on, and no I mean I I I make sure that is as factual as can be in white nerdy. I think you tolerate memorizing pie while paying one thousand last delivery. Eighty one but I would just remind me, like I'm loaded me, although is inspired by experiences that I've had my life, I mean I make exaggeration that I don't really know pie two thousand plays. I know like three point: one or one five nine through six five, three, five, eight, nine, seven nine after my twenty authority places is not really a programme for household. You really do much much,
Twenty thirty places ought to be good for anybody, so no so guess you noted, is if you grew up as a geek. Nerd whatever's choose your word you see. Pieces of these lines in words even when their parity, even when their caricature it just touches. Something and I remember I was I was a pretty, hey kid in high school, so I was not bullied like others, but I resonated deeply with it meaning people who were, and so every line in your white nerdy fists. The largest it was. I felt it I'd try to have a real cultural, touchstone video, the star wars already special like every little thing I want is under d, go oh yeah I'm feeling and there's no detail to obscure
the upturn attach cause somebody's gonna find out exactly right. Exactly that's that's the secret and I think video came out at exactly the right. I mean at that point. People were like to talk about nerd credit and like an all out on ur before you were a nerd, you're gonna end and eleven as we talk about that was not a phenomenon we export, but the video was boastful right. Yes, it's like an empowered nerd. Yes, absolutely we're gonna bring new guest who helped this. I've got an empowered, nerd Parody. Super fast start rock star fellow astrophysicist, Emily Rice, Emily welcome? You two are professor at city, university, Staten Island, and you also moonlight as D
car Sagan seriously. They bear the so so do resonate with this nerdy references and allows lyrics, I'm gonna say I resemble that yeah. I know so I your favorite pile already, I'm supertanker. I can't even think my favorites eyes. This is, I feel, like I grew up with we are down like I remember you know, I bought thriller on vinyl, but then I loved either when that came out, I loved lies, I loved, although Michael Jackson, parent it, you know, I love that weird L did that that I already loved and, like then put the new spent on it, made it that much funnier out for every decade there's a new he they read, so he was popular with you, but you're so described nerd his it was more popular than just then could have supplied for it. How do you count for that way. I think Like a parity like you, that is another level of on
standing like another level of storytelling, another level of sharing and its Much like you do in order to make a parity, you don't just have to know the arrears a song, you have to add something to it, and so there's like it is almost like sarcasm, the way that sarcasm like when it's like sarcasm and not necessarily mean sarcasm, is like a way to Kate, two different things at once. You know you can communicate kind of the the act. One thing that you are saying, but then there is the underlying thing that you need to light. The implied thing that you need to know no, the references that you need to get in white nerdy in order to know why it's funny, but it still funny- and even if you don't understand that all of the reports that are important to you as a super fan of the stronger, the lyrics or accurate
is it I mean it's not working for them. Think about it like I'm, not gonna go around, like you know, ruining all the movies on twitter. Nor does anyone who does not love it when they hear, because why not like? Why not take ten activist I mean we now call. It doesn't even need to google anything about he's outside us all, but like what you know. Why not take extra ten seconds to like you know, make it a little bit accurate. Like add the details, email came regional research centres and put your favorite sign some speed, dial, I kind of love. I then wait. Nerdy came out when I was in grad school, I already loved. We are now and I was like coming. Into my own is a nerd in graduate school. I was kind of like letter this theirs Oh turning back yeah, you guys already about like being the nerves, growing up and stuff like that, and I was always I feel like I pretended not
even there like. I was a nerd. There was like now, I'm like no I'm in their then maybe maybe not inertron cool goods. Yes, I am a neuron cool. Now, listen growing up and now it is and gosh I love it won't. So no one has the street geek the way we're out does but there's another proof- woman who things about. In ways that he thinks he's got his handle on science. Proper name be o b. He actually wraps about the world being flat That's not just getting us more back, warned that they didn't look up pretend ten extra seconds of research could have corrected men away approach to you're standing the nature of reality, but luckily We have a generation of scientifically literate site the inspired rap artists and We have one here tonight to set the record straight and his
it is left which is short for the intellect, welcome these Do you really got room tonight, but would lead to say? fact backed exact was issued this track a role, we have a you Mamma workers. He called me out and no one- the family is it my nephew, he didn't give it to me.
Yeah give crossing the borders that, despite the fact that a lot of planets like those that this was not an he's, amazing dignity just held to keeping sleeved ducal people with other things that, in the wake of the solemn strange clouds, must be met with a boy day like science in my corner at this does not so much what makes you think this was that the place it at the shipping think only of these thoughts by law, but you must be ploughed lobby and normal, but with a pretty good intelligence that stopping it pours brains, tat you get back by things, but I got a bad taste in the treaty to make a better now his mare from our interview with performer weird, our younger Rick, on how you gets permission to use other artists music for his party's check it out, like I get permission for every single party that I do, but do need
gets permission to use other. It music for his parities Might I get permission for every single party that I do, but do not permit So that's it. I always the phrase I always using. This cases is it's a grey area because it's considered It only fair use by this by the courts, but enough votes? The reasons why watchwords she's my, I'm going to dress up like a huge fat person hopping my buttons and I'm going to make fun of your song and the key We'll call that fair. Did you really getting unfair you? Nobody tat charming, but you know live in a very litigious society were even even if I have every right to do something I can still get sued and I'd rather either be able sleep soundly Knighton, nothing that there's somebody Madame more more than that. Really I like to keep relationship with with the in
with artists and end and not have the madam is I always one make sure that I have their blessing before do the berry before you do is ok, I won't even write the sun all come of the nigerian government s pretty funny and then will contact you ever and see their into and beer the track record helps they're going forward. Now I mean- and Michael Jackson was a big part of that because prior to Michael Jackson, signing off on a like, we Oh yeah, yeah we'll get back the other. What was Michael Jackson said I could do it and we can call for people back if they know Michael Jackson didn't seem to have a problem with it. So what Germany, the organ happens. If someone who you check to see if there, okay with your party, if did you say I may say, no than I owed than I walk away. Oh ok,
that may mean only and that it is pretty rare. I mean most most artist, actually colonel wood order. Their word Albert. I like it, I like to say you ve, got your your grand using your your platinum albums than your word on parity is really made it a dream come true for in order to have we're down, Yankee Vague make fun of them, but you know what else it's a film cares dream come true, we call them on Twitter by union owes its like a really here, because you know? I used to do a lot and then with anger, so many people. I just pulled back into my shell, now I come back, come back now, still
figures need you. You can also say nice. I am afraid you cannot say that those who made their words solar flare was so so Emily as us fan of this gene Raw, you can imagine that there's a whole section of copyright law written to accommodate. Is parities media that that's not threats. To imagine as nothing about it, isn't weird. The law would protect that So they say it's its creation in its inner, its people, making money you're would who decides that the parity is funny and therefore legitimate material, that's it that's a big risk, not funny! Then it's just you copying it and then you're not paying for all the idea,
of parenting and fair use is that you also have to add something to it. You can't just like Do it again and you notice, you can't steal something good value to you. You have to really metal matters, a good term. I think you have to add something to what you have to you have to say something about it. You have to use it to say something else in comedy. If someone uses someone else's job, maybe they think they can do it better. Incontinently junk stealing is a deadly sin bill yeah yeah yeah I've seen comments. I come to blows over stuff like that, but if you do deal from me, go endow by there's some parodies. The view that I really dig like I love saying I live, Oh, they do me a couple times of key ask your winner, is by far my
everyone Playboy, so Emollient Charles scientists, use each others ideas all the time, oh yeah, and even that the kind of currency like it said that so we want your stuff to believe we were so what we do, what we kind of get paid for it to publish papers right but he's probably read all my scientific papers. Thank you, throw looking man and then other people have to say your papers, Runnin facts like the the kind of tradition. Is you put your paper online when it gets published, and then you re so the emails to come in and, above all, your colleagues angle, you should have cited this paper. You should have stated this paper. You should say that, because not only do we count the papers that we right, but we count how many times they get cited by other scientists. Your book We always have to cite someone for an idea,
That means there are no new ideas and science. Charles. There are new ideas. All the railways, citing people came before you standing on the shoulders of giants, but the newness com. From being able to see farther than the person you're standing on? There's all something new and that's what makes sign so exciting that point of discovery. Were you look beyond and you go wow, that's something no one else is seen before us with dignify this Emily weirdos parities kind of like creating an old hundred have universe in the I think. So that's it knocking believed in terms of the interpretation of quantum I like, I would like to live in the universe. Work, Emily thanks for being you can start on Emily right next, we find out why weird I'll yank of doesn't use.
First words in his comedy when start talk, return is distorted. Welcome back to start off from the American Museum of Natural history. Right here in New York City, we featuring my interview with musical parity legend. We out of it, and I ask him about the comedy chemistry. Of is hugely popular music videos but check it out could you given here I experienced and wisdom Could you war. For me, the value of the comedy as written words relative to the comedy as performed. Well I mean because you know when, when you did, when you did bad salesman,
that's not needed by the back door, in view all the violence, our visitors, so when you did fat the lyrics our hilarious, but more, however, is to watch it So what quickly. Songs. Are you hoping that their first ingested by video you gotta work both ways, and anything that I write has to work curly as an audio recording. It's gotta be funny in and of itself, and the if it is true I ate it was a big hit in Japan and eat it, already a beat it right, and I think it was mostly because of the video, because I'm not sure how many people in Japan really understood. The word play into somebody could appreciate the fact that I was a direct parity that Michael Jackson, video so may soon. How does visual vision
both humor work differently from from just audio but you got like you, use your eyes. You were the first comedian, as I understand it to perform stand in your family's home country of Palestine,
yeah, it's kind of thy being the first scientist, I'm not first, but I dont know if I'm really the first, maybe in the nineteen fifty in Palestine, there's this amazing comedian that just didn't have access to the internet and nobody knows programme as far as recorded history. I am what I love that it is because I was a woman. They didn't have that like stereotyped, that women are funny and when men comics came to the Middle EAST after, if you would like they're trying to be like the Ladys. Ok, so now you parents or palestinian, but you born in New Jersey, are born and bred in the great state of neutral. Don't try pretend like Youtube? You? U Murchen, I'm born in the USA is very, very disconcerting. Tell lot.
People who scream at me go back to your country, and I am so, but so obviously you would have some sensitivities and awareness of the palace. In culture because your parents were, but what's it like. Delivering comedy indifferent. Different cultures happen to me without as far as I can tell half, or our committee has to fit in the culture in which has delivered alive. Candidate orderly does both ways. I have to understand something for it to be funny like, for example, I understood nothing that said Anne. I left my work weirdos humor is clean, no curse, words, p e g rated, so I asked him they're, just somebody comedians- rely on curse worth asking about his approach that approach to communist I couldn't help it notice. There is no profanity.
Or the obscenity is. Is it a philosophical point? It is not a calculated thing, because you know a lot of you think always just doing that to get the family audience and- and thus I cited that doesn't have to be like, like the the album that display on family card reminiscent ethical thing, but mostly is just an x my personality just turn the wave, was raised, I never even use prevented in everyday life, and it's just you know. That's just be. Ratio comedy those where your boys go. I was there. It's, not my fault, wouldn't want me. Boys got up. They are too rough and vulgar. So the reason I ask is for so much comedy they easy access to profanity or vulgarity? Just two round out where they want to take the humor, so you have found places to go. They dont needed at all May I tried to find my way around that I understand, or sometimes when it help
comedy I mean a lot of comedies based on surprise and shock. Valuing profanity fills that, but you know that's that's just not the kind of company that I personally want to put out in the world. What about the ever shifting? made soils that, if a sand dunes of comedy where this issue is here today and then like in six months, is over there but you're standing over here right so in the I'm fat video where they like was our demographic that complained about if not then or today, so, Madam Mina, I've heard people say well, you could do some work that today and that's where, at what amounts gear that I don't know, I mean I'd, be more sensitive about that. Again you when I did the song fat and nineteen eighty seven. Eighty eight the third thing, when it was an empowering thing, I wasn't making fun of overweight people is fertile like a guy that was like big and proud. You know, and I think, if all about attitude and all that perspective in the guessing at the farm was
it was not derogatory for him. It was like you know A joyous I'm power celebration area may soon is their fine line between comedy that empowers. A person who had addresses or just is- spirited. Well, then, the singing mouse commies. Sometimes you have to actually try it out to see if its and so we are not- and I think, there's a different standards. One is: is it funny, like you, and they have to be funny in order do not be mean, but also is it earned, and yours to joke about so like when I first came in committee and I thought I was Andrew dies. Eddie Murphy and I use the vulgar only with I've been hearing a lot about my eyes like slurry mixed learn, like all I did was used slurs all day or night polity net. Nothing not me down, and I
realize, until I got later in my career, Not only was I depending on it, but I was harming my audience so like a lot of people like oh earlier, censoring yourself, I dont think I'm censoring myself that all I choose not to be mean. I choose not to use slurs. I choose not to joke about things like pedophilia, because I don't want to harm People, in my audience, by like number one goal, is to make people laugh shop. How do people react when you joke about having. So we will also body they laugh? not laughing. I mean they're laughing at their own biases and fears against disability, because when I talk about my c p, I'm not doing it to be inspirational MA. I'm just tell unreal stories like if you joke about things that people fear or if you Joe
about things that people hate that in a way you get them to no longer fear and no longer Haider and his vessel no longer try to kill you. Ok, sooner weird accurate as a question for me about how the universal Store- the following patriarch patrons for helping us make this episode of start thought possible. Jeff prime Jennifer Shin Richard Shirley, and thank you for your simple names.
The future is space and the secrets of our planet reveal STAR die from the American is even natural history, reaching my interview with musical parity artist, reared owl, yank of it, and he had a question for me about the diverse check it out. Well, I'm kind of curie. I know I know that there is different schools of thought among after physicists and cause, but I just wondering what our opinion is honor
The universe is going to end. Do you think is gonna? Be you think that Expansion is gonna, slow down and go back to a singularity, and maybe we have a big start over again, you think there's gonna be a big freeze where, in the blue temperature. Is gonna go to zero? Do you think is you know? Do you think that the forces of expansion outweigh the gravitational field and every single year the programme or like your level or at public level, where you got money on their vague, is one of the soldiers who want the the that answer first. The worse answer for the worst answer: gosh with less I'm gonna go bad bad okay. So the bad answer is all evidence says we are in a one way: expansion trip. We are expanding faster than the collective gravity of everything in the universe. Possibly slow us down to reverse such a one way trip and in one way trip
sure the universal drop to absolute zero, asymptotically search Not only does it become large, it becomes empty because water becomes more and more separated and becomes cold. And, as I said, the youth This will end not with a bang but was a whimper and not in fire, but an ice. Kind of a boss boiler. By the way, you said that there was a bad answer, a worse answer and like the best answer ever, was that the best answer there's some hypotheses, that the expansion of the universe will become so accelerated that very capacity of the space
continuum to stretch will become common, eyes and no longer will space time stretch. It will hair. And we have no idea what would happen after that, a tear in the, space like a wrinkle. Where it, because a wrinkled, you air, it's a wardrobe malfunction. So our start talk vans. Every show we solicit quest. They might have about a topic that we discussed and they got questions about the end of the universe themselves So that means it's time for cosmic worry so having to read questions from the internet we haven't seen. I got my man Charles here to answer every question because he's your noirtier than I am, but I might go to add, color,
contrary to the soap. So what you have worse, I'm going to be the voice of your voiceless fans, yes, we'd! Never, why had Sammy forever on twitter asks? How do you plan its end and it I am the plants. Our solar system ended in some way. How would us cause it's about us on earth, o controls and to occur in five billion? The sun will expand stupendously so large that it will engulf the orbits of mercury and Venus. And its surface will become so near to earth the earth's ocean, will come to a rolling boil and evaporate into the atmosphere will evaporate into space and the emperor. Was once a haven for life descend into the crucible that is the center of the sun. As we favour
have a nice day. That's what would happen to us making. It doesn't really matter because we're gonna evaporating figure Richard from Facebook asked Dubai. Cause ever end or are they in iter? crushing matter and light with their gravity. Does I ever stop drove? Yes, it ends black holes. Evaporate through a quantum mechanical process named after Stephen Hawking, its call hawking radiation. He first came up with a long time ago, but it will take a really really long time. So, as you heard from you, five billion years from now our sun will die and our earth will die with it. But you know how long it would take a black hole, Dear. What awaiting ray? I hear a Google years another hundred power years, Google spelled correctly g o
g o now I read. The next question are everywhere. Signs are vague answers, not my dark. In that way. You know what I'm trying to do that ray and burn today want above all and like all. Where were you over your vaporize? This? Worse? Just simply evaporating. No, I prefer to be vaporized over evaporate, while yet yeah yeah vigorous faster yet Yes, I'm with you how her papa, I'm up next week fairly accurate plays Isaac Newton in a parody, rap battle that I'm in
when STAR talk containing his story, starts off we're exploring the GPA musical comedy of weird I'll Yankovo anyplace, my man, Sir Isaac Newton in science, infused wrapped battle on Youtube. And it includes Isaac, Newton upset, bill. My and a parody of me Jack. Where the combatants officially Nevertheless, efficiently is Sir Isaac Newton, which I play, and the nice Peter Don't? I then Charlie Tuna, please you ok I use it turns out. I didn't realize you got to say it's a very clever: People actually think that was you in the video they like,
we're very low, Why? Don't you stop Hagen Planets TAT? I got the last word in a video, but Isaac Newton had some some good singers before then one of his lines to build. I is I'll leave you with a page from a book. I rode at half your aid that it then goes on to say the integral seek care. Why d? Why, from zero to one sixth of power by is logged they see of the square with the three times of sixty fourth power of what then so Charles's that are really question. Yes,
the integral see can't why do wise actually shows up in every calculus textbook, that's been print I get. What about the hope that the whole thing the definite integral that functions from zero to pay over six actually the natural log of a square it. So if it the natural like this. No doubt I figured out in a half hour. I do you just but now it's a thing but the answer there so he wrote see said it was natural law, a square it three times what to the sixty fourth power right so because the answer is actually the natural logger. The skirt is three x to the sixty or equals one which me that there are sixty four solutions on the complex unit circle, including I negative. I won a negative one, hooker
I agree. I think you were the first man to senior your account illicit. That is correct. Pleasure to meet and to hang out and to just chill with parity. Former, weird academics and he's a lovable, legitimate nerve s, arms and and in its final clip I had an idea for his next check it out Rebecca suggestion sure, because no one is doing this. Or maybe they are doing, and I haven't heard about it. I think somebody in what you hear this you'll know it's gotta. You have to give up the annual nerd awards Why don't they have one already? They don't seem to lobby that every for going to war the annual nerd war. She caused so the nerve biased. Statement in Congress, for example. Ok
Some some carvers member for Congress have some nursery regret. My come out and something that they say. Do not make in front of them. You are celebrating the nerd. There was a there was applied, in the march for signing Last year and it said. When nerds have to March, you should really worry about this data after we best Nerd poster yeah right. Let's get on that this culture. The fact that I can even use the phrase, culture shows a remark bull advance? society's capacity that even recognize that demographic because I'm old enough, to remember explicitly when, if you were good at school, especially good at math and
I am you really didn't. Have many friends they don't. That tells me there must have been long ago, some monk must have accidently miss translated the Bible. That phrase we know a phrase. I think it really should have been, and the geek have been watching. Your house has always I she could listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star, talk
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