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Reporting on Science (Part 1) – extended with Elise Andrew of IFLS and Bill Nye

2014-11-21 | 🔗
Take a journey beyond the headlines into the business of science journalism with Miles O’Brien, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice, and a new interview with Elise Andrew of IFLS and Bill Nye.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free versus filled with secrete cinemas trees. This with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space. Science and society are converging here for the first time what what Will you just recently we mean the brakes daddy Glinda. Did you grandma South Ass do when they get lab, applying pressure,
Welcome to start talk: radio meal, the grass Thyssen, your personal draw physicist. I also serve as director of New York Cities, Hayden Planetarium right here in New York City, at least I can museum of natural history. My cause is the one and only check nice and thank God for them the one, and only thanking God today, not your parents, snap, my birth in your right right today, we're gonna be tough about my interview with the science journalist MILES o Brien than I smile, I mean how many sites I journalists. Can you actually name tat now? Why now included? Even one allows o Brien miles. O Brien he's had a whole career in this stuff. He was a science corresponded foreseen in four sixty
in years, and you might have been there from the beginning- a marathon I wouldn't cnidian all at all, right really right. Right and he's repugnance saw instant space and aviation and environmental issues he was there go to man and right now is no longer CNN and repair heed this pieces on science. Further PBS News, our ass great, a formerly the Mc Neill AIR earlier from dies, and I'm not sure one of them laughed when you see what I'm gone on, that sort of his left us completely, don't movies This right and left the earth are not adequate yeah thickly, both retired at both retired. Ok. So we I caught up with miles on the road, and I said I can't miss the opportunity to get him on start talk, so I pulled out my
phone, and we just started talking and sound so dirty, I did say whipped out. You made it out your. I made it clear to collate I've made a journey. I was wondering if I was you always interested in science and did each study science in school, and how do you become a science reporter? A major news, so this is what I was curious about. Let's find out, I'm history, major and shows. In my report. I am a classic example of a guy who has a natural interest and appreciation for science, and without naming any names was taught by some teachers who didn't infuse thee. Enthusiasm for the subject that should be there. If users, You can read out immediately in the face of, for example, It is interesting how, when I came to the subject I came in such a strange way compared to other people, you major, I become a reporter
news for a dozen years, local, where local I was in Saint John Missouri, that's a big market. One ninety one out of two or three at the time to shoot miles, raced back in the day when the camera was attached to it, your quarter, which itself wait about, underpins all myself woman band and Then I found my way to Albany in Europe than Temple Florida, Boston and then, while Boston market ever bigger than the greens. We had more caused cover, there's more bodies and therefore work is fires in man, and so I was getting tired of that, but I didn't see a logical way out. Necessarily until I heard that CNN was looking for a report of the catch was you were looking for a science correspondent, a science course the history, major
chasing around conniving audacious. To respond to an ad for assigned for border scientific term of the policy is so I managed to cobble together tat. They had a reasonable number of technical stories. It was kind of science ie sucks It wasn't something scary to you. This is the key. The reason I am where I I was never afraid of the subject that important, yet This is a key issue with people, because there is a science phobia which I discovered in a palpable way when I was trying to get stories on IRAN, CNN you're. That newsroom is populated by saying spoke extra Polly Sigh history, English majors, God bless him, I'm one of them who are petrified. You said the S word, they actively run from you and I. I tell you how many times you go through all the innovative processes together: peace, ready for air and then there's a final play for supervising producer CNN play the tape for them tape we had in those days
to come back, and I don't have to do is really till the esoteric isn't Bucky balls carbon sixty making the vertices over soccer ball Rigel areas graph under the cover of sites magazine, you know, is a big deal for the. What without we're gonna have superconductivity by now I marked with backing One of these things didn't out, but anyway he's gonna fly Mars. They don't forget the zigzag. What shall I do my job back into the usual men and play the state about evolved in the ocean. I know this is science, but that was interesting. Why? Yes, as if the two what mutually exclusive. So it's interesting Science is perceived by people and I think we do a pretty good job in our educational systems, scaring people away much of this was because you are simply a good journalist enabling the sore that's really a question because really the purest up.
Journalists have been. The most important thing is an overriding since curiosity, a desire to understand your son, no manner and an ability to communicate that to your audience ass, the job right right, so, whether Its politics in Lord knows we get a lot of that or science. It should be the same discipline. Down to energy, for the job baby bearish was decided at the time she was a former molecular biology. She actually do science, and I came in There- is this local news guy cobbled together this reasonably technical tape, Boston and really had no business being there. And she put me through the two day- interview which could go shooting a store Asia reading for the camera, all the stuff you expect, but also written and oral exam about science. I flunked
you should have now these things about climate change, and this was nineteen. Ninety two girls in this you wouldn't known about it, but I was the history. Major Jason bodies ran in Boston. I didn't really know much about. We knew about it from the eighties when we start talking about the effects of climate change from asteroid impacts and nuclear winter in all areas, of course, Jim Hansen and our Gore we're talking to Congress, but it, ladies than I was packed it anyway sites like misery. I get to the end of the line at this today already or the president of CNN Bob for non any result. DAS guys he doesn't even look up from the papers. Just ass, you may see don't shit about science This is one of those moments in life. What you do and I who the hell Mary pass. I said at that is you want to hire me at the time that was deep into them codification. The truth is, it is the truth, because the audience of seed and it's not scientists. They tell us to write to somewhere between the fifth. Eighth grade education and
what you need. Somebody is curious, not afraid of the subject and able to figure out ways to communicate complex. Things anymore, simplistic way. Although things It turns out. I was pretty good at actually having somebody come in their defending a degree, might get away and, as we all know, science is a lot of things to a lot of people when it's very compartmentalized. If I happen to be, and after a physicist what would I know about, but he was or whatever I would have a keener understanding. The scientific process, but I mean the scientific process pretty quickly along the way, and I also had a former Blackie biologist is matter, so it's lesson problem about science in white scares as in how it for just a little curious and embrace it, we might all
We also need to start talking of you if science journalist MILES o Brien that'll continue when we come back to me. This is a start. We're back start talk, radio Jason here, Chuck nice, let right cross the desk from me, we're here in New York, city and better science journalism, yeah miles, o Brien SOAP,
Apparently only no one, science, journalists and his name is miles a bright and before they get out more, I really do an x. I also know Science Friday, except, I don't know the journal ungentle. Another journalist Sophronia NPR Usa, but I'm gonna, rename him ball zeal. Brian. Balls from that lacks clarity, as history nature burst into the man's office. I will be your science report and have them policy o Brien, but that's kind of that that that's there's a gender neutral way to say that What is the go novel or broken that I've gotta go that men and women animals both have done gonads there? You go so we we have more. Might my interview with him. I like that I caught up with him like, on the road and some of the cliff sound
We were in a rain conduit under a highway through absolutely that soldiers, but we gotta. I got a month on tape, leaders graffiti in alarm, clock I'll, get the interview whenever I had and whenever I get so in an innocent next clip I'd I'd asked him what is what's going on because it seems like journalists are now the center of the story. You know they're not. But something else, everything's gonna go through them and their opinion in their perspectives, and I was curious about the trend. Let's find out I think the idea Journalists becoming personalities was probably would good idea, but he's got a control. The good idea is, that we all need to China. Have somebody take us along for the ride or otherwise you'd. Although I do stories, we may have a right to know. Journalism using a guy like me who, as the time wherewithal profession to go out and talk to people, backup,
Things in everyday that back in the process, doing that You gonna wanna go along for my journey and see how you did that makes for more effective storytelling. Motif to my person kind of like the ever to guide to the world of science. Now you can do in other ways where people like you as a scientist could carry the entire strikes or the old baby seesaw right, no narration, just let the scientist destroyed, there's nothing wrong with. That is just that. This is another. Doing, what and so is. If you get really good at it, you get in the way of the story as the fame and the fortune and the attention Then it becomes bigger life since I did the sun exploding in taking the planet it with a guy. That's about it now, but the point is, I think it's difficult to stop. This train wants it. It's going down the tracks and we're pretty far down the tracks right now think about working for
I think PBS is no. One cares, there's nobody you're famous. Does we got destroys the job done? You want an answer myself to the extent that it makes sense had no more no less and it doesn't get out of control. What happens is it becomes a real money, gay men? Frankly, it leads to bigger tracks for journalists and so is obvious that they would do this, but I think there's a little bit of a conflict of interest in telling the story. I guess I don't mind people being personalities, but what has happened is the journalists have now become opinion, leaders and so I I saw used to be their between here. Someone do. I try She was giving me news, and here somewhere HU. I just heard the news, but now they're telling me how to think I don't know They want something. I know it's gone, but I think what has happened. Part of the problem here is that in a world where information has become a commodity, what is it three to do to provide the value added right. Today in this cacophonous world,
Waiter has say: hey listen to me over here and it's Natural outcome of my experience, covering news for thirty years and space for twenty two have enough doubt the knowledge of it too? she'd be able to analyze it in a way that is not just a fax man. I can go beyond Joe Friday. Does that mean that I, it turned my work into just opinion: sweet after opinion screen. Now, Does it mean that I, in the context of what I do on the web through the various media that I'm involved in their place, for me too kind of connection, That's anyone necessarily the classic, AP styles right. Yes, what is a given a licence to give their opinion? It's very easy to just keep doing that happened with large, whose problems to do that in a really big way. I used to work. For news, and then I noticed a growing fraction.
Of his delivery of content by just where we thought about the world. It was like the loot optional, rather than trying to get more news. What does a lot of history to this? Of course you know we call this the Fox suffocation NEWS because Fox of course made a huge business out of providing news from a very distinct perspective. On the point of view right, there used to be a thing called the fairness doctrine. Thou that's gone for the broadcasters cables never been as he see controlled anyway. So would you ve seen as this kind of polarizing component to the mainstream media on cable Lou saw that got right on there and she helped lead that charge and the prince. Surely is plain old, vanilla, news, gas, the TED Turner always said the dews will always be the star here I was his quote. Nineteen. Eighty cents Actually, I was uttered its equation under title four o clock. He got off his horse and there was lit by kerosene. The news will be the star what a notion somebody
resurrect. The Syrians philosophy should be that still today for whatever reason they decided they have to answer this fox vacation factor, but they kept like figure had dukes. They want to be the world's most respected important network, which they globally and yet they were. Putting this action against square that framework. So I think frankly, if they just go after that notion. You could cut your salary your talent, you know, touches tired, washed up local anchors to do it back an idea because ass I could afford in already Give the news. Well, these days, could you the business doing that with all the other groups. I don't know, I'm not sure,
The subject is your fame, get and wave your story telling of accurate content? Yeah yeah me all the time and by get in the way I mean not at all, because I dont have any thing spent kind of hard for it to get in the way of something that doesn't exist doesn't exist. Let me ask you something because on partly on the journalist side of the line in the sand, because I get called by journalists to talk about the universe. If you watching the news, what do you want to hear? Did you want to see a famous person and then have them talk about now news objective we don't want to see a famous person and he's right. Miles O Brien rising brain is right. I love when he says. Basically what we say is you gotta get the money, journalism. You hear that Matt Lauer would come in for yoga. Now come on your page Wickham for you pay. It's like it's like citizens, United, get the money out of politics with, the money out of journalism, because it really has become about personalities, it's a call to pursue, but it's not the journalist for all people tune in they would they want to see action?
where they want to see Rachel re she's cooks, but yesterday personality apparently matters you know I blame Walter Cronkite for this point: zero people loon into these, the guy that did it is the guy that what's people we're like, I gotta get home watchword the Cronkite really trust that guide and whatever he tells me. It is it's his fault, God rest his soul. I have to agree with you, it was his way of telling the news that people trust a great
we don't think of it as personality type, but that's what I want is really what it was and for him to be on the news nightly in coming in to your home and saying you know your living room in your living realm and that's the way it was or is, or our will be. Children might have been a lot. So that's true journal right right out and that's the way it might have eyes too. I'm totally objective for most of my world, the universe, it's hard to put a strong opinion on it tell you to galaxies, are gonna collide or the son just burnt up some plasma Rhine that gets reported it most susceptible to politicizing. I don't know you don't what's a lot of Fox NEWS that EU aid you be super, I mean all. The science is re. Astrophysics, I think, is the least politicized people like when you,
about a z, bananas, biology, there's health, there's just gonna, think while the other scientists and the way people try to put a spin on the sea, now here's the deal once again you're thinking like a scientist, because when you think about absolute. You know what you think is just a truth: ok, for instance, the age of the universe. Because of measurable light. Yes, there are eight billion years are fourteen billion years, or there are people who say now That's no! That's got to be well so, but it's that it's like I say, we're getting about scientists. True, whether or not you believe in it move, we just move on gesture that now that's that's a good point. That's all! That's all I'm trying to say here, but the idea that we have personnel. I think it's unavoidable, because we like personalities there it is, you can complain about it, but that's not gonna change and also information has to do with whether or not you receive it has to do with from whom it's coming.
Storytellers during ten, not everyone is unequal, storyteller, absolutely vital and the journey subversion storytellers. Do I just like what you wear on what you sound like your hair, raising a bit of great journalist, hair, crazy. We take a break we'll be back with stars interview with miles or Brian science. Journalist news, I think. Well, yes, maybe there said at the beginning of the process that industry's look get screen in its committee, passive secret, for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell. There's just one. And where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying Breathing space inside it down to earth you're listening to start
this starts work: radio, continuing our meal, the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, Chuck, nice, personal comedian setback, I'm trying to be some recent gotta moderates are to be solved before what you want at your twitter, moniker Chuck. Nice comic catch up. Nice comic comic, I follow you allow you to look here, will thank you, of course, mutual. Following suicide rate, we been listening to my interview with miles of O Brien, fascinating stuff. The science journalist started out its CNN and and freelance forbid, and now he's a regular correspondent for the PBS News, our as honest science journalism, and I just wanted to get to the bottom. Because I've been interviewed a zillion times and not all science journalists are created equal and I wanted to ask him what had he think made a good interview or bad, and if you let nets
how many times have you sat and listened to an interview on tv words obvious the person doing questioning, is not listening. I see that in this happens, a lot in life tributary, but you're just going through the motions is very difficult to say aimed at Neil Thyssen on this morning. I want to talk about this. New plantings got right and we got maybe four minutes. And when you get on the air somebody's gone long before you, the politician they can you here and they will have to be there and then you know you're going to talk to you too hot iron, and when you talk to me, you say something there. Screaming to my ear, and I can't it's obvious what happens that becomes a horrible interview and a lot of is not the fault of the eighty percent of the moral. Their story is, if you allow the opportunity to actually happen Dialogue is we're. Having now you'll have the great interview Larry king famously did not do hope. He was proud of it Fact now I think, that's a little extreme, there is a little colonel of wisdom.
Don't you see and seizing the families in the family, but heap famously did not duly homework. Wanted to be as if, was a view It should lead to some very embarrassing moments on television frankly, where he just ass, a really in name stupid questions. However, I am large, I think, there's something to their you dont want to forget. Come along with you on this and to the extent that you're trying to impress people by being smart knowing stuff you're, not doing it. Job is an interview you're just trying to show off If you just asking questions that seem logical to as Rapporteur in person and by extension, the viewers, your listening to your subject, you can have greater so that must be the times when I find myself sometimes having to toe the interview. Were one and being energy, because I don't really know what they're asking so I have. This would help them along and that's a big. We're gonna have to put you have to do that is it takes two to tango, sometimes
just don't click, because when the Duke like, then we can go new place, it's in a short amount of time, its extraordinary back absorb Lydia. I noticed a family shall, but it is like some other things in life. You got the chemistry or downright the I'm fatigued. When I have to tow journalists interview a man, it's like we could make music together right now, I'm tellin you right here to make large look here, but big journalists have learnt a lot. I gotta carry your around now because you don't know what you feel that what you must feel that if you do in a room, if you work in a comedy, do in a room and the room is not with you, you gotta told them right. That's that's a burden yeah, but you know you can't look at that can't look at it. That way is a comedian, because it's my job to make them Labrador. I can't look at them and say like what you guys get this. It's your fault, you! Now I dont you suck. You do
for the complete over, went right. Remember my axe, and you know why not have no sense of you right now that it's funny what I what he said about. I think the thing I learned, the most in their clear was tat. Larry king is lazy workers. What I did I never do our king, while he was on she's, never interviewed by night. He was on CNN petrified heat. He hasn't. He has a web chat, right, and so I did a sweat show how cancer my first time ever with Eric kings, their suspect, suspenders and clean yeah. I like IRAN Leo digress sites like we're sitting here, having some Jim son together, what's in question, so so what was interesting? Was he never acts we followed up on any answer that I gave you just kept.
Like a machine and motion right, so it was superficially might have seen like a conversation, but it was what it really was it wasn't. He wishes. I'm gonna get through this question, get democracy what every answers done, Madame moving, you know, and that means he gets through an interview. You know you got a credit him that right he's gonna, leave anything out from his agenda items but a conversation was not occur. There was not a conversation. It's also that an opportunity for people to learn even more and specified someone like you because you're no place, I'm not sure. If you do it, I'm not. You know, listen the kiss your but just a little bit, but the fact is that you're, not just smart about astrophysics, you are, and you are intellectually curious period. So There are so many things that you could talk about. That's what had that's you know. That's. Why do the shell? What reflections at Brown? Thank you, I think for four years is fleshed out all the surrounding terrain. Exactly over conversation. I who I agree so so, but it's interesting that he is definitely
where that cause he's on the journalist side of that equation. I seize any knows it when it happening right. You know so so, Jim when I go in, I'm ready for the journalist to not come me and I tried I partially information so that lives on its own gotcha. But if then, then, engage me we go now is also to say that you do do and quality as they all I could tell this is stupid. Audio. Take that about let it go someplace else where we can more snark talk radio. The same size ass. Can we go down the stairs? I care about the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal star die.
Start for radio we're back you'll pay severe with czech nice jack. We just came up that clip about, what's a good, interviewer, bad, journalistic interview, I you know, I don't expect it think from the journalist I try to come with my information parceled and a check to see. If does it click, or does it not? and I put a little by little testers to see already pay attention are, and are they not absolute? We do then comedy till you. Do you have to calibrate Gerardi, calibrate how I love. You have very scientifically literate. You gotta float little trial, balloon, you gotta meet, you tell a joke, and then they don't get you like. Oh ok, I see what it is. We're gonna dig joke sitting
to turn again gave me? The smart frigate, not calibrating the intelligence level so miles. O Brien is a lotta history. There. He started it CNN and then seen in closed their science division and I said, look I can't interview miles without hearing some backstory on that. So, let's see what he has to say, yeah Eighteen, eighty when CNN was new and fancies, Herschel they could get on. The air was the chief pad and then for the food guy. Eighteen t back when I was really model approached at her and said TAT. How'd, you like it. If we sponsored you're fledgling cable news that work force stories and Tad said science, what do science now, admittedly, ten, probably would have done science eventually we got round but gave
can t foresee a ship they came in and they want to do three spots: a weak Europe, the spot and right after the spot will errand eighty anti commercial and then compile those pieces along with a few other things, We can show how science technology and we'll get it you may not brilliant idea, all the sun. There was a silence, you read it CNN brand new network, cable news, twenty four hours and they had a science. You know run by a molecular biology, bellied, Irish and After the races they went in for years and years and years the world could be coming to an end at those spots would the urgency at all the pieces were linked to the advertising, we had a direct linkage between our science coverage and move on the crash. Truth: from nobody knows about. The team is money money there were. There he had a travel show. That was similarly linked commercials and overtime. Cnn but they didn't like that, and I didn't have to do it because I got to be the big dog
and so, why should we force ourselves? Producers hate this because in the middle there shall they have to put the Bucky piece in with the Att spot right by right. After it their show and if something's going on and makes it difficult for us to producer shoves. So, let's get rid of the linkage, and once I got rid of that linkage, it was a matter of time now I did myself into thinking. We were so good and that they cared. We should not for a while, but then I noticed we were getting on the who would pitch. Yes, we produce stories. They wouldn't get on the air? And then we get queer he's from certain shows to do. You know how is that water schemes, squirrel water ski anyway, is some science there. The further Bulgaria yeah. So the first shuttle wants that covering four CNN, because you got things left right, I'm watching CNN and income placements, sending the replacement and this particular wants landed at night
those like the microscope on it. And so they noticing- or you there's a glow. We area of the jail you haven't got a special camera. It makes the hot spots glove, and so I tweeted as it could someone tee report were so he was describing what he saw with no understanding behind it, and so therefore the viewer is taken to a new place that they don't see for themselves and worse yet? No one in the decision would have called him and said you ve done That was infrared because they either are not listening or are equally uninformed so check. If you dont have dedicated staff, they don't have the vocabulary, they don't have. The insight. It'll have a lexicon to carry a story so they're, just people on the street at that point right what train journalists exactly the people who were these guys are going up into the sky in their sky Jerry. Yet my god look at that.
Hush up hot flames coming out. The bag was apparently internship had mexican slot blames covered out the back up. What it's a terrible, it's terrible! Now it's you know it makes sense your absolute! what he just said on and what you just said, things that, beyond that in that being annoying the fact that these guys are kind of proud and thickets. When they dont know some about science, you know what I'm saying I'm right right. I never did well in science how high the interesting thing is: a lot of mysteries in science. We learn a little bit of science, then you could talk about those mister It's not the mystery of. Why you don't know the word infrared at all right and that there is not a mystery behind that got public school hook saved. This is start.
Grady. I will be back in a moment. Unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. This
start on radio. The grass tasting here, your personal astrophysicist and I'm in studio, Chuck Knight S Chuck NICE Comic, that's right at nice come but that we know you're at here right now. I am here on my mother, which has had a stroke. Where, were you be? Will you be? I must hope, for. I could almost feel the lack of a belt across how dared chuck bringing the ghetto into start talking ready. We ve been featuring my interview. This whole shows been on science journalism, and that was the leader, Nigeria is gonna, be males, o Brien, I mean who else would be talking about well and I caught up with him. I think I was in Washington DC. I did this interview some time ago and it was the best I could do. I had pulled out a microphone, and but did you know It happened two miles since that now you got into an accident
the damage this form of his arm and they had to amputate. These are all missing, half his arm. Now, my good. I had really good spirits about it. The option was too on amputate and then die. So it is that you, prices. Have it your blue good with the missing exactly half an hour and one arm die right. Raggedy d got tat, but he's back in business and got an active twitter feed and still do in pieces for the people, s news our so that he's a real trooper good for haven't. I, when I asked him in the interview what kind of stories like knowing people's favorites right. So what is it what's the thing stuff he likes to do as well as a journalist, because you know there can be some boring stories ass. This is ever everybody's got to do the boring ones, but why I just want to find out what makes him tick we met the he's, a journalist cover the loss of Colombia to be on the air Sixteen solid hours live no net
and drawing upon my knowledge and wisdom don't be a special programme, alas family first, two thousand and three at the time. Was a couple of weeks away. We had been having private meetings to talk about what NASA had agreed to do, which was to fly me on the shuttle to the station. That was all ready Oh once Colombia land you in line of, I was going to get outta here tonight. The whole thing Linda I been working for years and that Saturday morning, we lost Colombia, Peru, friends, I dare say this: our family right, and so ass. A journalist talk about a mix of emotions to deal with, and I went on the air for sixteen hours and frankly help our nation get through a horrible tragedy and so extremely proud of being a part of that, but to say that your famous Roy sounds really strange, because there is a horrible thing, so the book ended at is to cover jungle return to flight with water cannon, As my colleague
Who else in the world can say what you kite was their co anchored we ended up having a nice relationship that lasted up until his death. It was, he was a great man and it was a wonderful experience. So it's hard to meet those two browsers on future story with you you want to cover in. I find the opportunity. I would gladly take a one way trip to Mars and set up a bit level. Mars. Beer didn't read that sounds great good. Denials of Ryan reporting live from the Vowels mariner, as can be seen that, before my thought about this report, a live thing, you think the lag
they're going to Baghdad now, twenty minute attempts lines on jokes. Don't guess there's nobody! Really, Malta! You don't get forty million twenty their money back, yeah yeah! I can't have the spontaneous live reporting right, because Mars, added sort of average is twenty minutes away like travel time. Light travels right. So honest, ay, ay miles how you do in twenty minutes later he receives it is that you can answer instantly right, I'm fine tuning! This letter back right, that's great! Here's the thing that would kill that conversation. I'm sorry could you at that time just wasted in our hopes that it will be some serious, nipping and talking of those interview to put him to put him on air. But it's interesting how tragedy and and consider that CNN, its greatest ratings over all the years were during tragedy.
One during the Gulf WAR to you, no windows, major disasters, people tune in to see an end, and so there it is. It's maybe it's something deep within us all. I don't know we we we definitely gravity towards them a carbon and and tragedy, because every consumer to to do yes, it does as a matter of fact, which is our because people want a laugh, but now you gonna make him said, and they laugh about being said and what there is a very specific dark humour that many people you know subscribe to. Really there. There is love when you, you know when you have jokes, you, like theirs, their Grandmama, jokes. Ok to put his head grandma Jack, there's a whole genre of digits caught dead.
I'm just a dare grandma John or the yes and people like MR. We aren't you guys and just met. That's so! Actually, no, not, I think about it. When I told cosmic stories the ones that are people eyes opened the most aren't like when this The human species goes extinct from asteroids. Ok, if you, if you get stretched and spaghetti fide falling into a black hole, we handle people totally, dig that what has happened- and I say that the army or gets us- not u comedians- messed up. We are messed up as absolutely I wish I had
one of the most specially things to me as when you think about two galaxies colliding, a train wreck. That is the most awesome thing to observe ever absolutely, and why would that appeal to me? Ok, so we conclude in this star talk that human beings are just messed up there. You go ahead as fourteen and have a nice so jack. Yes, next up we're gonna find out. We all the signs. Journalism has indeed sounds like a folk song in the making view compose one by the lesson for starts up. Dylan's starts it will be right back. This is a start.
Chuck, guess what we haven't studio. Well, yeah! I'm excited! We get science guy, yes, these science guy, neither science guy, whereas all the size journalism gone well, isn't even grammar either and we bringing in by Skype yeah from the UK, the one they live in only at least Andrews Lilies hello thanks for joining us and start on radio. Thank you for having made everyone who knows, you knows why we have you on the show, but maybe others don't release Andrew is like found of. I fell ass. I am yes
so some of these. We all know what the love science it s. Never. But what does the half stand for Secondly, producer my allow to swear first, she frickin love size. What are you guys? Working lives I love size seriously, love sank. I fucking love site. Suddenly, when everybody wants so I I wondered united this morning I looked up on you on your facebook page and it's so Facebook you can like become a follower of its. I told my getting like it, you can like it, that's what they call it and the least rising through nineteen million people. Over fifty five away from nineteen million. Nobody knew their many people, s in love. Yes, I mean right. There are quite a few people who just love
right? So if we add, and all the people just kind of science are the people that, like sign the likes of k, l you enter a billion people? Would you You might not blame about your specific numbers ban, someone somewhere. They range, I think say that enables lot bigger than many people think it is That's it that's the deal. The irony is in the midst of all this. We have people who deny science. You dont want to participate in signs that we want to fund science. Now I'm gonna say at least before we get going with any other questions and the interests of full disclosure. I dont deny science, but I am a climate denier. So So you know I didn't I
they seem to have- I deny climates, you deny that the climate exists or just the whole thing. The whole climate kick his ass after the show I gotta have you ever been. So let me ask you: release the journalists declared. We just came off interview with with MILES O Brien and in part of that interview we do. You know why. To partner and an he doesn't work foreseen anymore. They don't even they didn't they fire their whole science unit and what what I dont Know- the future of science journalism. Other then looking to sign. Such as yours to bring site so the public but you're an aggregate science right. Not you not! creating the science news up front. So if no is actually find the science news to report on are we in a world where the public access to science is through? These aggregated sources? Is what would you say about that.
I mean I think, aggregated are becoming more and more important in the wild beasts as this amazing place, this full of so much information, but so much follow as well, and the average person doesn't have the time to sift through about its aggregated. All. Equally important, any editors and people were keen eye for sporting. Nonsense and sifting through? That is really important that we do actually am post original news now I've got a website. I've got a right in tee, my historical people, Phds on staff, which is really exciting soon. I started as an aggregation, sights very much moved into creating original knees, and so do you think think aggregation is really the way that the twenty first century media is going, but we do need to retain them from journalism and am horrified They had seen and a black go dishonest journalism, journalists, because we need that pursues years ago. We really let me first of all. I want good America. I want us to have the word bullocks too. That's it
great words about English. I want there were two, let with your permission. We want our so expressed so guttural run slower than just also expresses its great, but we need that women belongs on journalism. Yes, to that end, we have at the planetary society full disclosure new and I are on the board- exposure he's the ceo of the planetary society, but we need what happens when you leave the room come back. We have Emily locked to all who is excellent and she was in the control room when feely died, the other day, because her journalism is well respected enough that they include her. So and she now originally a train journalists, she's an she's, a geologist, geologists who studies planets, and so what I'm driving out is there's a theirs. I to the top of a type of quality,
One from journalism will find its way and you at least provide the outward for that absence of the encouraging you're the hovering two posts of science got it, doesn't sound great does it, but I think what why did you insult my guess, they're gonna go? There was one thing was really example, as is in this world of turning this water blogs and is one of everybody having facebook, but he having twenty get to see signs The people who is to actively engaged with research now become actively engage with the public. Everybody who publishes these days publishes a blog people write their own stuff here, the gray suffered by the feline resettling it never fantastic blocks. Coming at a European space Agency, scientists rang about it themselves, which are legally the great thing? That's come up his internet age. It is an obvious journalists. Talking about science, equal scientists talking about science, when there's a website
What we know about what an eighth of accounts casually bills guilty said: what are they? So? What you're saying here, what the unspoken fact here is as science journalism began to fade, we took it into our own hand, was crowded community, plus the enthusiasts plus the internet, and we said we're going. Do our own reporting without them. The middle madness democratization of journalism. So what every? What we, but I say to students in but also to the audience when I was young, if Something happened. The Encyclopaedia Britannica, for example, always could count on it. It was probably correct, right person but now you got the internet and you find many many many many more sources are much lower quality, so the skill that we need to imbue in students-
is how to sift through that ammunition. Encourage that be what from what you said, and I agree with it. If you good it, can percolate up and become notice by others. This is it very good sign, however? There is something to be said for having an organisation that has the resources and the wherewithal to make that happen, but not least starts from scratch. You have a staff of writers in one form drew you did, that's not how you started right. Absolutely, not absolutely! ok, so she's gonna become she's, gonna be but journalism. Media magnet, fantastic, is one even though more one. Why her lessons De Rupert Murdoch. So we are just a couple minutes left in the same way. What went on? Can you share with us about you what you empire. You built. Whatever vocation is used to use the term ginger cause your red headed is absent, Tibet. That's what that is just
radios, our visual article yeah, sure you'll think we're being considered of our audio audience. Yes, so what What wisdom can you share with others who might want to start a blog or be famous like you a like me, don't go into it. Looking talk about something excited about, get excited about any vehicles, something you want to savings and has provided the resources for you to do if you start when it even on Twitter and Facebook, a blog in Egypt, I didn't mean it has, provided you with all these amazing resources to get your was out as I do it. Even if you're talking to ten people a week, not with that, will grow and maybe you'll never get to ninety million, because most people don't that you will be able to build an audit of people who are interested if you ve got something to say you'd have to get started there. You have it back to that:
so I'm excited to announce now my new block, which is only find it by Exxon, mobile and its, but our climate still out. That's probably is such a thing so check your in. Precisely because, people we don't want to have blocks hamper the thing was: what's to stop there. I mean nothing stairs gonna, start long right, lol, thanks to stop that light. That's that's your problem, and that is a huge problem means that the crazy people manage to find their own people. Thirty years ago, been a crazy dire living alone. In this crazy little house, he not managed to find the ten people on the planet who agree with him and they managed to sit there and talk to each other and convince each other of other things, and the downside of, I call that Wednesday. So this is a big concern. You guys this deed, that every these voice says the same sound same size at first
So how do we will rise? And so the question is this: these people are self selecting We societies herself selecting I've noticed talk listeners yourself, so I think so there is still a problem of getting it to everybody. This remains a challenge. Yet resolve release thanks for thanks for being on start to radio. Thank you haven't Everett skyping. It maybe get on another brocade solely to keep up the good work, and we are all in that nineteen million, except for church, even listening to start our creative chuck, thanks for being on police states overcome it invites the manager. Bill my as always
Did we have thanks? Thanks are near the gas station as always bidding new to keep looking up like Galileo job the organs wish. You could listen. The scar talk, commercial free, joint start talking on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio,
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