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Season 8 Time Capsule (Part 2)

2018-01-19 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson guides us through this year's favorite Cosmic Queries episodes, with Matt O’ Dowd, Bill Nye, Godfrey, Chuck Nice, John Allen Paulos, James Kakalios, and Harrison Greenbaum talking about quantum physics, planetary defense, cosmic phenomena and more!NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/season-8-time-capsule-part-2/

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now welcome to start taught radio near the grass Thyssen, your host and your personal astrophysicist, I'm also director of New York Cities, Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of natural history. Tonight we give you that Nl episode of Start talks eighth season it. Our two of our annual time capsule. Of course we sent out a survey to you are fans and you got. To us, with all your favorite episode, favorite, co, host and guests over the year, and we use
those data to choose which episodes to spliced together in a single potpourri of star toxin, best moments this, We focused only on our cosmic query episodes you sending the queries about the cosmos- and I did my best to Answer- on your number one favorite cosmic wary episode. According to your votes, we took Questions about all things, space time a committee co host was the one and only Godfrey check it out ready to go. This guy is an interesting lessening Jeff saw, stir ash starts sauce the wreck. It might get it's like the thickest polish sauce Dereck he's from Bethlehem Pennsylvania Is there anywhere in the universe where you can fly individually yes, matter. What follows in their question. The answer is probably, yes.
Large, its old and stuff, happens in the universe you can find a zero state of energy, perhaps where even the cosmic background radiation does not permeate these questions. Something out so that would be that I would be an absolute zero. We, as far as we know, the vacuum of space is the ocean of what we call virtual particles that are that are predicted by quantum physics and quantified have been right in every other way. Its ever made a prediction, so we have high confidence that what it saying is true, but as long as you have particles, Even in the vacuum there's going to be an energy level there and you never actually get to perfect zero energy because of the quantum, and so the quantum prevents it. We would need some higher theory of understanding of the universe that might enclose quantum physics will enable us to get to place.
Is that our current understanding does not, but right now, there's no way to get to a perfect zero energy, because every state, even zero energy state has a probability of having real energy. Quantum physics requires it. Yeah now you're quantifies everything bows to quantum physics, always at the end of the day you invisible math man, In this way, you get this from a critical mass. These mass- I can describe invisible things, that's what I've met, but the math itself does not envisage like eyes. I call you again is that it's all not accessible man, not accepting Monti got. They envisage labour lily that day, dad did not I'm not I'm not going there. You know, like all invisible call your because you don't understand, I don't mean nothin like call its invisible to me, because I don't want to see it. Could you look the other way? That's what
Why is it that we observe weird stuff happening in the lab and for people? Hate math is most freak them out. So we have. Scientists are today say, let's attach math to this, to make it easy. So we can bring breathe some understanding, so the mathematics of Quantum Physics. Extraordinary achievement of the human mind. That's that's another brain that you that's something I don't have that. No, but maybe you did a youth and it still has to be found. Who think that I can bring that out. I can get good. Part of physics. I think mathematical, all always get better known. Whether or not we can become great. It's anything. We can always become better at your naturally good math. I don't think I think it's a natural knack. It is there's people I knew in grade school, like some good, some guys. I, hey girls. That would just do it even study. They even steady idea use teachers example flip the page over to do
they look at their eggs in back rooms were just certain that they will just naturally good at it. You know that actually good at bath, I spent a lot of time at home reading books, which your man yeah I mean I'm naturally good doesn't mean I'm naturally not serious and I haven't apply the curiosity to map and therefore get higher grades and math. Then you did what were you doing when you went home after school? I was confused. I just kept watch cartoons man, you know to me and this stuff that you are You re read us we're out medical stuff about Mathematically magyars. We will naturally have an inclination for that cause. You were naturally gifted for math. I had wanted in reality in childhood than I that never left me. Yes, we're Iowa, What's comedies man I'd? So do I love my country too?
funny? Guy right, continued? My body is in that way can mediate you, but he got but astrophysicist, because you're, amazing, math and invisible man. Could you see the disability? You ok you made your kids. Are you ready? I was an exquisite metal is Lambert Eyes book. Why is dark matter presume to exist when modified Newtonian Dynamics is able to account for most of the missing mass, have physicists forgotten the principle of all cams. Aser outcomes raise archives, razor. Those I I think, was Earl of outcome. Ok, british fellow whose british, who uttered the following words, multiplicity, ought not be posited without simplicity, ok, which is what he means it.
I think I got there quote right. What he means is, if you have an explanation for something that is long and complicated, is. Someone else has a really simple explanation: the simple explanation, probably the correct one guy, that's all ok! So, for example, let's take, let's before we understood epilepsy there, you are rising on the ground and so with people had an argument for, while the creator of the universe in the judeo Chris Tradition has a nemesis called the devil and that devil has occupied the body of this particular person. Because of the things that person is done. Or the brain is misfiring in its neurosciences okay, so this this is what we're contending with I write. So there you have it so in the movie, the exorcist is the twenty first century. I bet twentieth century. I think
got this one. So the notion there is. There is a model for you. If you modify Newton's equations of gravity, then you don't need to posit dark matter to explain things. And the universe and mean that our understanding of gravity was flawed. This way. We are when we correct, We wouldn't need to invoke this magical. Mystical thing called dark matter, and so it too doubt, you can't can modify newtons laws gravity to explain, Some of the place, We're dark matter was otherwise invoked. There are other places where it fails completely. And we have no way around that we dealt with the modified. Can't modify Newton's gravity. The same way to account for it, and so that's why we
haven't jumped on the bandwagon, adding terms to newtons equations of gravity. That's why awesome awesome a guy like that, before it, and we go Adrian Gray, marred sin from California. California we currently can go. We can Members are we curly can only go forward in time with the guards to black hole, trick knowledge, e Gibbon technologies, Rick. Knowledge is given. Little. We know about dark matter, dark energy. Being our physics opposite. Do you think our future insight in education and all things dark will grant the To move backwards in time, all things die array and black hawk techno. What does it look like text is black hole, trick knowledge, technology. Ok, it turns out, if you
You can watch the fabric of space and time, but I have been told this. I have not double check the math. These are people whose math in other cases, I trust in play. We saw so that there's a configuration of curve space time If you go around a black hole in a particular trajectory. I come back around another one. You can actually go back, your own space time and so effectively go backwards in time it's still a little bit miss mysterious. To me. I got people who do this, I'm not the one who does it Ok, as a colleague of mine, J, Richard got. The third were actually and co author on it, but there was just released. Princeton universally breath was the title welcome to the university a year and astrophysical tour just add and local bookstore near you, I'm gonna get it. So so in there he talks about these.
Just two Einstein's equations, where you go back in time, but they are very exotic trajectories. The pointed the bigger point of the of the question it we ve got dark matter. We don't do anything, dark energy. We don't know anything about it and who knows what else we don't know anything about that's kind of the fund I have not known about not even knowing that you don't know about something right. Ok, so with all of this could be that once all that's figured out, we can have access to the past. I can't rule that out. I will not, rule that out almost everything we discover that came about from profound ignorance has transformed civilization, think about the discovery of electricity. What it has done? Yes, it's probably the greatest thing that ever happen to civilization. I can't even a man have Madge, I can't even imagine not plugin stuff.
Stop it flicking to sweat. Sweats right, don't know how work don't care it's. There is not even any end we ve made it into something is not even only about light movies and Movies GIS. Every everything! Ok! so this is harnessing something that previously we ran away from. We didn't understand so so. I look forward to a future where dark matter and dark energy come to be understood, but then that only puts us in a new place to stand possibly observing new unknowns. That today, are yet to be dropped. Every now and then fan queries are related to a specific topic outside of my expertise. In I got a call in an expert or two,
delve in a little bit deeper such was the case with one of your favorite episodes of the season about higher dimensions, joining mean studios, mathematician and good friend John Cowan Powers and via escape. We had physicists and superhero expert James Cook in the start, talk of a seat for the first time was comedian. Harrison Green Bow. Let's take a lesson. Bring it all our aim is it on and we got to experts here. I let go the Bahamas right now, because we expertise you need for higher dimensions and so much of people's access to higher dimensions and knowledge of higher dimensions. From superhero movies, so I see what you get so the first question comes from our patriotic. So thank you for your answer. First supporting us and this one is Orlando Florida, so he's near a superhero theme park, we ve seen compelling fairies postulate everything from four to twenty six dimensions in our physical world. What's special about the fourth dimension. Is there any more
ethically unique about a compared to what we consider spatial dimensions, odds physically their arguments, borders. They said the second law thermodynamics. Suggests that once the early universe called a better than have enough energy to burst out another, the merest out, another dimension, if you wanted, the second law to hold so of the fourth is beyond us by saying, are stuck with Fordham we're we're we're stuck with three and one year, four dimensions, so I mean that there are these other deficient for later. The term dimensions if you believe in and strength vary, but the young ok, Sadly, the really there are lots of theories. On the contrary, its own theory is, but I don't want to get into account. They will cause a manual. Had you know anything about cosmology
Now, my once he did he. He made a distinction that many people, the righted between Newman on phenomenon, luminous away things are, they will never know. Phenomena is the way we see things. We are our priority categories and in a way I mean the feeling that there is somebody will never know when the extra dimensions and other universes we'll just remember not in physics. We don't have a rat's ass about what something is, if what it is not reveal. What's the measurement yeah but Would you agree with that? I would on. It is kind of disturbing that of all the extra dimensions. None of them are in the time domain. They all seem to be its exe a spatial dimensions, because if they were in the time domain that maybe we could move back in Within time, the way we move back and forth in space
and if they science fiction stories of sometimes suggested that that would be how time travel would occur there waiting so help me on this. So if we had more than one time dimension accessible but then we can just go off in one time, coordinate while Freezing our movement in the other time, coordinate and things with our life and then return and then continue because that's what I do spatially, Why not? I know, presumably that would be in fact. The case scenario is yet that so that I can remember where my had been even in hd. Well, store short story about that might be a wave of achieving time travel that they discovered that there's other pathways just so you can from one point to another. Taking alternate rout, alter roots you
in spatial roused me: do we do it all the time progress so that you can figure you ridicule you'll, take a shorter you'll. Do arrive, tackle words to where you once were. Haunts the right, I'm sure yeah. So you can have it. I time Short Osaka right. It's that would be interesting. I buy they never want to add another talking, timid shit, and it is when they need to air dementias. Many days in different from the whip wobbly tiny. Why me time of doktor who think that, ultimately, that the reason why there are only extra spatial dimensions is in fact just that to avoid. Same while they make Postulate, time travels that could happen so Everything has to stay all the extra dimensions of spatial,
time. Travel always leads to the grandfather. Paradox go back and bright re your grandfather, universe, splits there, one universe! You know what's on the island of the many world, so many worlds are treated well, you can go back in time, but it's an alternate. You can kill as many grandfathers as you got bullet. That would probably president there's. Nobody goes to use in their time shall become Baghdad where you were a majority in order to get out of it. But we have to do. Is prevent your grandfather for meeting your grandmother delay when they had sex by ten minutes. If this guy with blood on his hands, you just have to go to the library or not, that lack of governance question whether this gets us where next one from just in Colorado and Facebook, how cannabis though I have to smoke to get to the fourth dimension I'll do my window yeah by experts.
Ok alone or our own. We got good play. Are you looking at me a job when you go deeper into your master? How much cannabis does is required to reach different dimensional, he's in your analysis. DA. I have it on the road on ok, ok, that's an experiment that you could. For he avoided. Mikey particular case is probably a tiny amounts and say I don't ever engaged in such joy. I think a tiny little bit and I'd be in the fifth dimension. I'm slows down when I use it, so the only way of brokerage arrive when dimension rights, so that for you for me, oh yeah yeah Rasmussen. Looking my friends, were you let the ass light on raising our of smoke? I don't know anything about Ex Michael is from the start a website Gary. If anything, he said. Supposedly,
for the Big Bang dimensions didn't exist when the big Bang manifested itself dimensionality suddenly came into existence, did dimensionality, expand at the speed of light, or do they just inside, pop into existing, creating an infinite, empty universe. Why everything we know says that we endowed by the matter, energy, space and dimensionality from the the the transition from an extremely high temperature universe to one that's much cool. And we're freezing out these properties, as the universe expands and cause. So so it sets out which would you address, attract anything from that account, not at all, I, my humble, but lovable silent, state experimentalists. Several knows me for this big banks that I don't know that this is not my area of expertise or I will differ. We we did you get this different states of the extremely early universe and so
Stuck with the universe we have get over Next week there could have been more before we take a break. Got green media from Instagram said, is death the fourth dimension, See my more the zeros dimension. Yes, yeah. I would agree death is the zero the dimension when I'm with that network. We are three romanian Fatima go with it. I guess we got a moment. Regular Richard Adams on Facebook says do accounts of powerful deities, make more sense when you consider higher dimensions well, you know when you think about like the flat land example that if we lived in a flat dimension, Three dimensional of a person who could put things in and out of our flat dimension would seem. You know
physical would seem beyond our realm or our understanding is that authorities to Earth four exists in higher dimensions. They have access to Space time dimensions that we don't is that correct, go back and forth on that of saying. Well, it's magic or saying that there is a scientific. It's like hype aside. They ve gone back and forth on that of saying. Oh, it's magic or saying that there is a scientific, it's like hyper science or back to its magic. So we think that you're here, It is clear that if you live in a higher dimension relative to some community of beings, you are all powerful and all knowing in ways they will never understand or imagine, yeah that's ok, that's right, thrives, resilience is not. The answer is basically. Yes, it's indistinguishable from what a hot and back
play religious people will say: God is, is it is knows all and in is all powerful their lives. They will do right powers. Ascribe power to God that Any of us would give to afford to a higher dimensional being if they There would be a trivial and I could have a hierarchy of God stood the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension, six them a j I say is needed the flat land and be got? Your first thought? Is that what you react, the cultural heritage of loud. Hey I've got no secret for you. I'm gonna, consider singing all of the ads on this shell
there's just one way to get out a hearing. There go to patriarch arms last star talk and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and never hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me seeing if you're supporters and Patria Dark coms last our talk. Radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean I'm just saying. Welcome back to MR taught, lady your hosting rested and we're in the middle of a final episode of the season. This is a special time. Capsule addition, we ve each back into the archive of season. Eight yeah. We ve been doing this for eight seasons and extracted some of your best love moments. According to your votes, Your number one favorite committed co host to the season chap nice returns.
To serve up your smorgasbord of questions in the Galactic Gumbo Edition of cosmic queries check it out Melissa, wants to know this. Coming to us from Chino Valley, Arizona, hey nail a curious about your thoughts on some combining creationism with the big bang Although I am agnostic, I was raised Catholic and I always wonder why no one seems to consider If possible, a higher power is behind the big bang and com. The currently dark matter. Do you have any thoughts on that? I made that from a scientific standpoint, you cannot to this, because you speaking about you know that of a creator or some higher power creating them? I'm sure if you are not so good. Let me be clear: ok, this beyond the ability of signs to the if there's a higher power
It did anything in the universe. There's no reason why that should be beyond the ability of science to determine that all ok So if you do science properly you're, not precluding any one explanation relative to another, if you're on the frontier discovery right. Ok, so I'm not going to say it is no higher power there, and let me find something else: give a higher power. Is there and it manifest the then might methods and tools find it may be the first one reported guy I'll, be right there at the front of the press conference, so just make it clear, the the and, what's backup, there's a deep question. It is more going on that. She may even no ok, ok after Einstein advance the general theory of relativity and nineteen, sixteen
Oh my gosh, the the universe, the gravity and shapes the universe. In this way, and then in nineteen twenty nine hobble discovered tat. The universe is expanding general relativity and the data that the universe is expanding and a clever physicist named George Limit limiter it was a belgian physicist, looked at any say, wait a minute if we're expanding, and I have this new tool theoretical tool to understand the whole universe. Let's go back in time and ask what would the universe have been used? They compare today would even smaller this goal. Even smaller and smaller. Take it all back. We re back. We gotta get down to a singular plus, singular point, beginning of things right. This person. Is a belgian priest,
ah nor drained priest, he must have drank some good beer, belgian beer. So people immediately said: oh, my gosh, you have found proof of. A biblical creation really they said this to him. He a belgian priest came back in your face and said no because the Bible says the universe was created in six days: the Bible says earth was created before the sun. There's a lot going on in Genesis that is scientifically untenable right, but now you want to take just a little bit. There's a guy created it as they all therefore proves the Bible when nothing else that follows it right as any anchoring in observational science right. He was, he was. He was smart enough to no, that
What is your smart enough? He was sensible enough to know that this should not be invoked as evidence for God. Creating Genesis as described in in the jewish Bible than in the old testament adjustment. So There's nothing else works there right, ok, nothing, nothing! Right! ok. Earth is in the middle of things. Everything revolves around the earth. Earth is flat, the the so so this goes on and on and on so he knew enough about the Bible and about science and not make that connection gadget so now so so by the way higher power could be God or it could be some intelligent, alien? in its basement programming, our universe for its own entertainment, that would be a higher power if you think about it, as that would be a higher power. Yes guys really f,
that's good, that's the guy! If a look, I do that during your basement right, many parents brazenly interference. The alien version. Low simply face alien bridge is, is after what you just did, then I wonder if we are a simulation programme by a higher power me. They get bored every now and then and they throw something to just throw in its main mix obliging made little collection a matrix right, know they throw down a disruptive politician or world war were explained so much what completely explain it. God he's going along just fine and tranquil, and I say that
when are you not entertaining me anymore, Lodi Lodi less! This look. What I do I hear it's has let tat fast throne with those people through yet so so so, but a broader reference to that question is right. We don't know what happened before the Big Bang and we also dont know it. Dark matter is nor dark energy right. If you- and I have said this before- I can listen to my words very carefully If you want if your understanding of God right flows through Places where science has yet to tread right, because these are frontiers right before the big bang. If that's your concept of God right then History, this exercise shows us. That God would then be.
And ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance, of course, the definite that only makes sense, because you're saying all these other things our approval and as we know these other things at one time in the past they were not can rest areas. So now that we know these are provable unknowable and why they happened there, they add these phenomenon or phenomena are actually explainable. Right there and your plural phenomenon for that, your plural phenomenon phenomena very good deed like that of the electorate. I acted correctly myself at a very good. I thank you checking out here, it's cool so and then you say well, but What I dont know here, I just think this is God doing this for water
called the God of the gaps, that of the gas crisis, in other words, watch. Where have you understanding fails you you fill it with God and we got a keg and by the way this is this. Is this is a long tradition to do so significant? Did it arouses? You wrote down his equation of gravity and described earth and the moon and the sun and the earth Jupiter and its moons? We would later learned so this so but How do you then described the whole soldiers from all happening all at once, site everything tugging on everybody in all directions and all different, and he tried to calculate this? Resources was unstable and planets would fly apart, because every time you came around the back stretch Mars would talk on you a little bit right come on the next time Mars, retook annual more before you know it dear you're, out you're out, you had the door we outright and cakes you in the carpet. Thou guy is called so so so he said well,
Clearly, I know my equations work right with a one on one situation with a whole system may be God steps in every now and then just to fix it interacts. They are incorrect. Things rightly says this site and in his is eighteen sent in the seventeenth century lingo. He says just that, and so that's basically gotta the gaps next up, comedic coast Godfrey returns to pitch me, your cosmic queries about, like phenomena all right. I have another question cosmic phenomena, brain on. Since by William Morris Facebook, broken what's a hen way but two to three pounds next UK weighting of born yesterday, but I want to see what's a hand way, there's no science line at her. That's it What is the reason why we should call the first warp drive headway,
So that wherever they land, they say, we gonna fix the headway artificially runner, Jo Leinen across the galaxy I was also Jack, well, this is in I'm old enough to remember, f troop that's very store, Larry Storage and, was, it was like the cavalry right and the Indians right and in the wild West and. The aim of the tribe worthy. A car we Indians, who colleague a colleague and I think in the first episode. Where's ever after. I remember, I think, I'm remembering this quickly in the first episode, the the cavalry meets this tribe who are you the amazing we
we worry me and say that this is no way Maybe you know where they are very. They got lost the enemy, arrogant losses, a weird Are we and they all do. You know who we'll go where the Hikori earlier It says I think that's how that happened in the very first episode. Are we India, I just caught that again I've ten years away A car we are doing with the twelve seconds like curry, because use the way you set it cause, that's how they said it all readily episodes. What this f troopers a second common threats. What's there anyway, you knocked out so I went to court. If I invented warp drive, is the Hamley Warp drive and we will drive like now: wait hurricanes, yeah and answer the rat I don't deserve better
yeah, yeah, ok, aerial, Re Clark, Facebook If the moon or to somehow be blown apart, would earth end up with a set of Saturn. Like rings. That's not what would happen yes, temporarily, we would have Brinks ring system also, yes, using awesome. The way God intended, often to be oh yeah, not it would be awesome if you could pass the salt now now, in my day we use awesome when we die. The cure to polio, use awesome when we walked on the fricking moon. Do you believe that I don't know
We are talking about that. Do you believe that they landed? I just want to know you asking the wrong man. The Ashraf should have in black, as we have been more excited upon landing. You see. We have just learnt that on my baby. We too maybe get a cosmonaut. We first baby. I guess no one small step for man on the moon. You go on Mars, TAT, one giant tab permit it's like all. It's like it's like widening nobody's, gonna wait, do scored such studied. It give the bother ref. We score we're like some eggs. I think, the emotions that would come about. Yes, among people who would rejoice in having just landed on the man s arm,
in commensurate with how you might react in the face of disaster. If you face that on your journey if the oxygen tank blows, holy shit. What am I gonna? Do that's the same person who lands elements are all my gosh I landed on, so you need some unique people with ice in their veins. Your thronged with just such a person, ok of wealth, I guess what I just what he landed on the moon any running out of fuel. Ok, but I dont have you knew about this or an air if we use because where they were going to land by ease, there was Rocky and was not smooth and was worried that the lunar excursion module Tipp starts going sideways, organizing, very little fuel, this laughed and so Houston. It ain't. You got a plan, a puppy, they're, not gonna, still look at any monitoring how much it is
heartbeat was one as it was like eighty virus I meet with some low heart be, or any of us get just one irritated that we're waiting liners so now. These were very special set of the right stuff. Ok, was truly the right stuff. How long it takes to get their three days three days three days in a ship, How will begin tying up the same dragon Tang and sit in everyday young three days Today's ok, I'm trying to explain to you, because I was doubting it. You're not all mean fighting leave it. I don't do. One doesn't need to believe. When do we have. Welcome, back to start already, you're hoping to be other glass cases. We sent out a servant to our fans as we do every season and you got back to us with your favorite episodes, guests and coasts. Next episode of cosmic queries bill. Neither science guy takes the driver's seat.
Our committee, CO, host, Chuck, nice and together Are they tackle your questions about planetary defence? We're talking? planetary defence, sweeping the earth from getting hit with a car make impact or fascinating subject. It really is in its import and important dear dear to us at the planetary society, the world's largest nongovernmental space interest Organization, which Embassy YO, because this is our old mission, Carl Sagan, when I was in his class the school era we'll talk, the tongue Oscar event where nineteen June thirtieth in the modern calendar, nineteen o eight tongue, Gaskell region of Siberia, was hit with something a blue down all the trees in a moment. If that happened in a big city, there would be the end of the big city air. Yet and so since then, along after Carl Sagan Class, Joe you also in Russia, with a big sparky thing,
and a much smaller event, but nevertheless recorded on countless cameras, and so somebody about don't wanna, get it with an asteroid aid out that said Jack, then, and judging come back to the show, regular and those who events make me think that maybe Russia should be a little more involved in this thing. Keep in mind about Russia, First of all, what if we take the earth and divided and half by hemispheres, it's gonna had one hemisphere, the ok as one into than Russia takes up nine timezone. Yes, third of that it's more than a third of the world right, so that former Soviet in itself is going ahead. Someplace, it's likely Haglund hit there there or the Pacific fact: not if true fact, that's a joke. Everybody Let's go to Adam Banana Anna Bacon. The doomsday shows shows, but about
Asteroids. Let me just start this year just without that. The idea makes between them word that I so: talkers of America exactly ok, so Arabic and says this. The doomsday shows about asteroids, always habit hitting the planet bought, what would happen if the asteroid passed between the earth or the moon or if it hit mom instead of the earth, are we ve. We photographed asteroids hitting the moon. Ah, I mean small ones, just manageable ones. And asteroids have passed close to the earth in the moons orbit? That's happened right. Twenty twelve believes last week, so If you like to worry about things, it's a great, this is great for you right, so so far, the ones in the past that close have been relatively small slots, and now this is, let's take a look extinction level size object.
Listen to your fluency extinction level says how big extinction level site that lets. Let's, let's go with something like a pause I offer us wishes. The Greek would named for the greek God of anxiety, which is perfect and hits the keyhole. Barrels towards earth instead Allows into the moon, yes would be troublesome moon was, but I don't think they will get do anything to us. I don't think so. I'm sure I am sure people run this computer model. Ok, ok, but I dont know it. So I imagine it would you disturbed. The orbit of the moon rather than AIDS almost certainly would not be catastrophic life ending on the moon, because the moon lifeless, but that's a great question. I'm sure people run that test and then what a deflect the moon is.
Slowly, spiralling away from us. Yes, could it be hit hard enough to start slowly spiralling toward us who, who answer like a bull table the abbe? awesome? What am I talking about that by the end of all of us, while not right away? You'd probably have several millennia to give it some thought, and you know what you need to have some really beautiful nights in the meantime ended. I shudder to think of all the baby's that would, but I just can't even just be right here we go. This is common in says this hey bill. You span. Here I was wondering about the possibility of masses, controversial e M, DR being something that could actually work currently leaks. I confirm that this is the least me having its at least moving along well and bury me saying that it may work.
But we use this in planetary. Divergence of I don't know what an e M drivers electromagnetic. What's up. I'd now others I am drives and Is this nuclear weapon idea or you explode a nuclear weapon behind your spacecraft every few seconds forward, while today then get these pressure waves of particles that push through space, but I don't know what he means by am DR every means electromagnetic. Now I think it's supposed to be some kind of new rocket end it's all I swear I mentioned earlier thing, then the other one there were all hot for is I saw or electric propulsion tp sore electrode module? So this, where you have something rising on in would form all put big scuba tank there on your spacecraft, use solar power from from. Photovoltaic panels,
electricity, I and the electrons off the on. Have a grid akin to a window screen in cute design on out the back of a spacecraft really really really fast, and we do we have I on drives right now, just everybody wants to build a big one, really big when and it takes a lot of Xenia. But the other thing take. Lot of electricity, and when you get things that big in space, it's just getting. Everything in alignment is tricky, but here's the idea, although each atom of Xenon or Argon whatever in camera Yes, you're gonna, u or you can't just a regular chemical rocket Let's have a goal and we use I drive, but we want to people want to build a really big one will caught out this tanker That you can go really really fast. Much faster is generally presumed one. You can favorite just a regular chemical rocket to it's, never stops
on all the time that's time happened, and we use I android. What we want to people want to build a really big one will come At this time, capsule episode by remembering one of your favorite conversations of the season- me too. The urine survey Astrophysicist and hosted PBS space Time, Matt O down, stopped by the studio to Hell, discuss the intersection of innovation and policy check it out I want to ask you a really a simple question: overly simplistic botz. Your answer. I think she has worked judge. So if you are given the rights, the power to direct the entire flagship science programme of an entire, let's say, administration, the Moon shop of a given administration can be billions of dollars worth, but you only get. It is one thing.
What would it be? Leaving choose? One thing choose one destination true, while I'm not talking about necessarily travelling anywhere, a truism I could get inside this exactly ok. So, first of all, this is a democracy. The people vote for things. For people- and I value that- I guess we also republic in a way but votes matter, ok and as an edge later, I would not presume that I have the right to take a country to a place that I think would be a fun place to take it without the full backing of everybody who votes so power that you just granted me would not be he suggests, dear the bus it would be,
walk up and down the isles of the bus, King people with a value of exploration. The value of knowledge, the value of moving a frontier, beyond wherever it may have stagnated there. I go back to the steering wheel and I say Where does anyone want to go and then they all collectively say space? They might say something else, and I respect that. But I want at least a shot at convincing them. That space exploration is one of the greatest sources that can operate on our science literacy. Imagine knowing your country is about to colonise Mars or or last soon comment that has freshwater war to mine and asked where it would reflect an asteroid that might be headed our way and I the best chemist than the best
I'll just maybe there's life on Mars. That will discuss. I need the best biologist. I need the best our space engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineering camp, said chemist. Geologists all of the entire portfolio of stem field are represented in space mission, So that's that space mission that ambitious enough so and we know at the engines of tomorrow's economy? engines of tomorrow's growth economies. As their centre, innovations in science, technology, engineering and math. So democracy. That is also a capitalist system. We noble also die, nobody wants a die poor space,
Duration is one of the one of the most potent ways to stimulate this kind of thinking and a country so tat. You can turn us a sleepy country into an innovation nation. By doing this but by having innovation and a dream in the right direction, dream in the right direction is hitting the headlines every day, because if you can expand frontier like that you're gonna to have to innovate. You gonna have to invent will be aborted, though all the a attire. Frontier will be new. That is what stimulates discovery. So it's so I would say so you want to give me the power. I would Do you have changed people that that might be a cool thing to do? and then you implement the policy Gaza and so with space is it I mean it's hard. It's it's when we had to do their part. We do inspiring, not because their hard
because I have it because they have not had a reply. You know that we want We choose to go to the moon, not because it's easy, but because his heart ok- and I think I got that end- is the right thing to do so. The policy is implemented. Do we go asteroid money. First, do we build a colony on Mars? First, we go back to the moon first. Venusian cloud city is anyone, so I have a slightly different view of that. I want to call it a contrarian view, but it's definitely a different lane, because I'm driving in it is why I think of destinations. Border white, why think of a destination as a goal? Why not let your goal be access to the entire sources that that be the goal.
And if that's the goal, then you build ships that have different combinations of boosters. You pulled this one off the shelf. That this combination get you to Mars. This combination, chase the asteroid The commission, with this paper. This other combination with this payload get you to the backside of the moon. So it is the guy. Is your capacity to explore, not the destination. To build the capacity you then are can be responsive to the queen activity of everyone whose there? This is what this is a different matter? the computer to solve one problem, Peter they can solve any problem, a problem you can think of doing so, don't come to me say: do we go to the moon? First are more at first, you do at all you ve been listening to start talk. Radio and I've been your host. Neil de Grass Thyssen join us,
Next time when we kick off a brand new season season, nine, with more science comedy and pop culture That's all for now, as always, I did you. Which you can listen. The star talk, commercial free joint start talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio
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