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StarTalk All-Stars at NY Comic Con – The Science of Science Fiction

2016-11-29 | 🔗
On 10/8/2016, the StarTalk All-Stars packed NY Comic Con to discuss the real science in science fiction. Now you can get your geek on with All-Stars hosts Charles Liu and Emily Rice, co-host Chuck Nice, and Phillip K. Dick Award nominated author PJ Manney.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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well do starts out. All stars lie at the New York COMECON. What a pleasure it is to be here, hello! I am Charles Loo and it is my great pleasure to bring on our panel listen my co host. Let's bring them on right now. My co, her Community CO host longtime star talk, awesome die shook nice everybody.
We have done a lot of starts out together and has been such a great pleasure all the time, and these folks need to know that as much a comedian and Islam, dirty and a star as this guy is. He also seriously noses cipher. That would be a lie. Fan I pray. I dont consider myself and official, not oh! I consider myself a fan and a true fan, and I just love that society has finally caught up some minor This occurs I had to hide it for so long. I never again. When strides fragments generation came out, I was so excited about a new start and I started having generation parties with minority little friends at my house, and so- oh, I was at a bar bards ending
a friend of mine who was coming to the party, was at our egos do. I see a discharge for party and but the boy was that what a fool of Emily Show Van we show years. Ok, we have two wonderful guests on this episode and let me introduce the first one who happens also do be my colleague a fellow astrophysicist astrophysics, professor at I would just that now, in the city you receive New York, Liese, welcome Emily Rice, Emily thinking a superhero entering absolutely is pretty Arthur beg you so much for coming today. The audience, should know that you are a researcher in brown dwarfs and possibly exo planets. We won't stand that far in.
We can only tell the difference between the two of them. There will be really awesome. Probably if you God on one, you could probably figure out the difference. I wouldn't to do that? Yeah fantastic and I I should also mention that you are involved with something called start sartorial list and something called astronomy on tap. Please. I was a little bit, so I essentially have no Hobbes outside of my work wages, I know all about Emily. We but there's still pretty fun. So I do two different things. One of them is called astronomy on tap, which is basically what it sounds like its astronomy presentations. Why dont like to call them lecturers, because that's boring it, but it's astronomy and bars. Why not right? That's one way to promote science: that's for sure absolutely make science. Luther a little bit ain't no party, like em astronomy party. How do you
But how do you do like organised in astronomy party that the tricky thing it's U Planet Ah, We we really feel like a cause. We get out just like professor what song amateur everything else, and start Tory list, as my so astronomy on tap, started in New York City and is now spread across the country, which is very fine and start. Tory list is in astronomy, themes, fashion, blog and so myself. Nikolay, guess what I do and that is our and seldom this area right here, what area of the cosmos with it, because most, would this be a star forming region? I see, I wonder, Thank you Emily for being here.
And it is my great pleasure to introduce- are other guest, an author, futurists, a writer for all kinds of great plea, J Manning Pga Manning. Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who remember Hercules the legendary journeys and Z, the warrior princess, you guess, it has Gabrielle once or twice as that right now, but I was a member of the gladiatorial audience that really wanted her to these to die. And your book revolution, which we will waive here, has just been nominated for the Philip.
In which we will waive here has just been nominated for the Philip K Dick awards for twenty. Sixteen congratulations. Thank you very much as many of you in the audience, no Philip K, Dick with a revolutionary groundbreaking site by Arthur, wrote all kinds that's, for example, is a short story. Do androids dream of electric sheep became. Blade, runner, honor! That's right! We can remember you hold! they'll became. Recall and the man in the high castle became. A man in the high castle right now, there's no way, because that's what I love about Chuck Lou everywhere, you know cause I'm sorry
a stronger me, professor. We have a hard time not giving pop quiz is nevertheless Pga tell us about this book and why it fits in so well with the tradition of Cyprus that building really pioneered in brought for us today. While this is a new term techno thriller, so it science fiction in the sense that it is real science to see what's happening with the future of brain computer interfaces and other kinds of green technologies. As you know, Philip, hey Dick, was all about reality and I play a lot in my book with if we start messing around with different ways of perception, if we start enacting ourselves directly to the internet, if we start altering our minds so that we can think smarter, faster Hoddan quote better. What did we dont forget? What will that do? Does so because I feel a lot indeed triphaena us of the protected.
Is experiencing these things. I think that's kind of why the fuck you two people were interested in the book, because no one was trip here than Mr De her underbrush central and tell us about humanity plus of which you were the Chairman Board of directors that rose. I was on the board and the chair you married as is an organization umbrella organisation that hopes to promote ideas, Trans humanism, so the idea that humans we're not the last step in evolution on now, speaking to the choir in this kind of room and looking forward to what are the ethical implications, what do we need to worry about? What can we look forward to what actually possible was in research right now, and it's a place for people to discuss the idea, Is that come around the next step of humanity and that's what I write about his weapon except humanity is mixed
little sense to all of us here at your comecon right, the next step of humanity. We could go biological route say X, men, for example, mutant so impudence mutants, where we could go the technology group, which is I books one for oh, yes, ok, and it'll, be both it we'll be balloon cyborgs, oh my god, you're. What would happen if you took cyborg from the titans and mixed up with, say magnesia. The x men. He was not to the wall there. He would never go anywhere Exuviae. Let us our laws are right, but
You know this is a very interesting point which will bring up a I right now because, as you say, artificial intelligence may well represent a significant part of the next step of the evolution of humanity, others enhancing human intelligence in the form of air and then there's completely artificial intelligence in the comics. How many familiar with the Creasy cream Intelligence, yeah, good guy, bad guy, maybe we'll see but long ago, when this crease Supreme Intelligence was created with the idea that all the great minds, a decree civilization after they died, was red dumped into this backed and somehow like, join together, to create a gigantic a right and is a bay. I, of course, as is weird shape in a vat. I don't know
I didn't do that anymore, but that's your brain into bad bribery, universal, the crystal clear, the creature. Freeman challenges is kind of a little crazy and kind of dangerous and scary, and, as more than once saw the destruction of earth or different parts of it. On the other hand, them I think, sometimes an ally of the Stephen Baxter Arthur S court time, odyssey Series were a eyes are created, and actually there is a huge one that basically sacrifices itself to save humanity. Honor, that's the guy I like well, there's also Wally right. The little tiny guy says who saved humanity also yet is both benevolent and evil worry parts of which one do you think we're going for a pigeon
not catching my Betsy there. Ah, it really depends also the kind of guy we're talking about. So you know we got. We already live in a world where the annex, to the worldwide mind we have when you go on I dot com, I you're you're using very narrow, I'd, find those flights. Your Telling the eye what you want- and it has a goal to find you the flights ally in theory, if you keep on giving it a goal that turn around and bite us in the goal should be fine. What, if you like? Getting bitten
Oh sure, you just told me about that. Lied about your family only show up up up up up up a new programme kayak to bite. You know, but now that's that's my hotel, nobody, but to the larger question you're asking is you know, for instance, we have people who give us warnings about HIV. We had Stephen hawking and you on Moscow. Hawkins concern is, in my personal opinion, a little bit concern somehow the people making. I will have absolutely no clue about what they're, making and it'll suddenly run away with itself. Old, Tron right, Isn't premised upon the fact that the a I itself becomes tension in that it self aware so now,
become self determining because it's a guy named Baroness, but then you got any consciousness all right that I don't know about your consciousness up up up up, ok, but sentences is actually quite difficult to achieve, and an Elon musk concern is that you must concern is that he doesn't want bad actors making. I actually different a slightly different concern, he's concerned that someone will consciously decide to create a bad, a sigh and that his big concern- and this is actually my where my interest lies- is he understands- he's developing neural lace right now, which originally came from in banks, culture series so he's actually making it. So it's and I write about in my next book- it's a literal lace that laser between the membrane
and your brain and interest connects. It creates a higher level of connectivity with the different parts of your brain neural net sized her right. And is also largely outside inactive in Euro higher net Euro. Here gathering up now another thing that Elon Musk is well known for its Spacex right and he's trying to launch stuff up there and spacecraft. Me recently made a bold statement about want to send people the Mars over the thousands and thousands of them the next several decades. Now Emily you, research has to do with things like Exo planets nearby objects that we can't find your sense of new on musk. What is your take that, whether or not that science fiction or science fact you have any ideas of whether now we could get the Mars in the next few decades? I have heard from my very very uninformed, and I think we can do it like what you know of somebody's gonna. The technology is there. We need the programme, we need the money, we
the interest of people willing to go, and I don't think there's a shorthand of people willing to go to Mars doing their applause and would like to advise you. No smoking Mars tat. There was actually very brave to my thinking it so the first astronomy on tap that we did in Baltimore? One of our speakers was not actually professional astronomer, but was one of the Mars one finalists that was a shoe it was she had made the round. She was on a very well more so I had seen her before and It was just fascinating to see her leg. You know talk about her career talk about her family and then be like. I want, oh die on another planet anyway, I thought it was,
really admirer of all we're all gonna die here right unless mom do something about it. Either. I'd rather live working on yet another debate on an planet. Another planet than die another planet, but speaking of other planets, of course, because you're doing things at her dim and nearby and hard to find, obviously we're talking Exo planets, and there was a recent information that, after twenty five plus years of searching in possible detection that were borderline here in there now astronomers in Europe have now ready. Certainly found some sort of planets orbiting. The star closest to the sun. Tell us about the illicit super exciting. So not only do we have some phenomenal places in the solar system that we should explore, but now we have the next place to go outside of the solar system. As everybody knows about this point has helped proximate, be ice. Approximate is actually the closest star to the sun. Theirs
the Centauri a and b, which are visible in the night sky, if you're in the southern hemisphere- and then proximate happens to be this much or mass star- that's just a little like orbiting. The two other the two other stars are more massive there more sunlike stars and then proximate b is orbiting them unaware. Very wide orbit, and right now it happened to be closer to earth than those other two stars are an that's like. Even this is just mind going too, that you know twenty years ago were so we only had an inkling that there was even planets around other stars, any kind aside by that involved. That was just you know. Maybe it's true. We think it's true, but we had no direct evidence and now there's thousands of planets that we know about, and one of them is right. Next door isn't riser. The whole time is proximate, be based on your scientific evaluation of the data was coming. Support
actually habitable casino news. Reports are suggesting. Well, it might be alive zone on the voting list on hold and whatever, but what you're? There are the subtleties it aren't being expressed right now, a lot of stuff, it goes into it. But I dont want to downplay anything because it is super duper in credit exciting that we have a planet for life the way like this is something that we can talk to all these other planets in everybody always ask how the way they are their hundreds, thousands of light years away, communication even difficult? And so you know- apple, don't even think about it, but this one is so close that there is a real possibility of Ino communicating on some kind of normal timescale as the target for this star shot. That's what it's called the star shouted actually sending something to their within ten years or something like that, a spacecraft there
So not only is it around not a star like the sun and a star that we don't understand very well as if an M Dwarf STAR, which has the lowest master the star very different from the sun, its luckily, the type of stars but I study, we don't understand them at all. So I like that, for jobs that curious have not or anything else. There are teenagers of stars a little yeah, but they also they they never become not teenagers. Their frustration, lentils and their legs and shot at nice of star there there s a good thing in a bad thing, they also like this. The sun is gonna explode and five billion years. It's got a really limited lifetime. We thought, but these star because there's, although mass they last forever, so there actually agree like inside terms there a great way to think about developing a really complex civilization,
found another around another star, because you dont have a time limit of the lifetime of that star. So teenager forever. Is this true? If you were able to live in a billion years on this star that won't die for a trillion years is there's something particular you would like to achieve. Under these circumstances, No I'm a teenager. Do you know what I wanted to stop heartily man? I'm gonna, make up my mind, maybe when I'm thirty but I'll never be well
well, ladies and gentlemen, going to take a short break right now, but more start off. All scars live from New York COMECON when we come back version bunch, hey. I've got no secret for you. When I consider singing all of the ads on this shell just one way to get out a hearing there go to
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Really space inside it down to earth you're listening to start, the airbag starts HAWK all stars, a wonderful crowd here today, and of course there are thousands of people out there in New York COMECON exceeds what a hundred thousand attendees every year. It's me, seeing group. It is and sober our while more a hundred and fifteen o
are you guys beat San Diego? I think it well and, as you know, the great thing about it is that the kind of time and effort the people put in two you know the costume in an a you know: it's there's so much inventiveness and the eight everyone display here really is astonishing and its there's there's nothing better. I don't care what anyone says: there's nothing more inspiring. There is nothing more hopeful, then seeing die in a flash outfit at is also well speaking. Abortion
Chuck lies Emily Rice, Pga, many PJ's, your book and you're sort of resolved that Europe has a lot to do with the future and a positive vision of the future come forward in the next few years. Maybe ten fifteen twenty had most. What do you see as one of the most promising and fascinating technological advances to benefit humanity that you will be watching with great interest? I don't write about a pigeon onyx, I'm really fascinated to see. What's going to happen in an ethical way, this is a big he technology, swords and ploughshares guys it's Morley Neutral. It's what we do at the beginning of humanity to the future of humanity. So with genome alteration,
we could do some incredible things: to stop horrible diseases, to create long jeopardy, to create a happier humanity, but we gotta do it right off again making a minute or her. I think my favorites comic version of genomics stuff are the inhuman right they they expose their children, their babies to the tarragon mists, and then they wind up with very unusual interesting mutations and is only the royal family that gets it, but anybody else who wants it than of over the decades. Of course, people of nest with it alive and you mentioned- is a little bit earlier. The idea, pluses and minuses right and good actors in bad actors using genomics is there a particular fear you have, or using genomics in a bad way, is in the next twenty years,
like far far future so that what could we really do? Bad aside from say, creating a super? Germany kills. Ninety nine point, nine percent of us into the rest of us into zombies right at the side by side from the classic side by runaway bug, a runaway anything scenario. I think it's the I'm actually fraid of the harmonization of UNESCO. I'm I'm afraid that people will think that there is a certain advantage. That's preferable that everyone will start to want that. I'm really interested in the therapy to value right now I want to see diseases go away, I just possible, but when we start making the designer baby thing, while in one hand you to argue that it's a moral necessity to create children who will not have the problems of the past, you could also argue that you don't want them to be created in a way that just guess river differences now Emily. This might resonate with you. Just a little bit
as we all know, you have a as my own designer baby accuse grades and what I want to ask you sort of the same question. You purpose: let's go with PJ's idea. First in this idea designer baby, some very personal point of view, as your thinking about the next month or years to come and then sort of your idea what may be a technological advance as some sort of scientific advance in the next few years that might really move us forward way that some remarkable, I think, looking comecon it's kind of hard to imagine that we could ever homogenous. I rather like this that this is my first comecon We had to give her a hand for Thou art arrived at the meeting. I have never like this it. You know I tend to dress like this kind of normally goodbye of my passion, blog and stuff, and I have never felt so underage breast, which is dear to me
as is acknowledging units technology and ensure children right now within twenty years from now. What will your child you'll be doing that we are like. I can't work this here, fix it for me and and about how it will be like novices easy look. This is, this is part of life. In I mean ok, this isn't a little bit personal, but also like I would not be pregnant, If I were born thirty years ago, because I had idea and so that's like something that did not exist was not readily accessible in my parents generation and did something like if you you know, ask like a handful of woman, if your more likely to do it on the Upper EAST side. For you know, if you ask the pregnant women like one, That's your words are bringing the using idea, and so it's like it's actually a fairly commonplace thing, which is fantastic and it's you know is now quite designer baby is, I think, a very, very ethical,
it's it's fantastic who think about. You know living in a time when so many things that would just work possible a little while ago are now entirely possible. I remember early was anything happen in the future. I remember, as a child, the first in regional fertilize Jill It was a huge baby. You baby yeah it actually like. In my view, it was a tremendous moral issue. People were protesting. Some of these doctors say you know you are creating Frankenstein's and monsters and so forth in a day, it later decades later, you Jake, it's always the same arguments. We ve had the same argument about the natural order of things that you could actually just take out the technology and we have the same arguments is them middle ages. For me, I believe that in the next ten to twenty years, the thing that we will appreciate the most is action. Police space travel interstellar. No, absolutely not. Ok, that's not happening the Martian, though yes
I believe that Andy we're and his techno knowledge and so forth is right there. But for me that opens up an interesting can of worms now that dj as aid and author- and you understand this people like anywhere, they got that technical knowledge that showing site by as it very likely will be in the next correct years. But then there are the the great like or Slovene Ursula was all psycho stuff and really understanding what happens to people as you go for that you have mixtures like Gregg they're moving Mars was one a seminal aside by novels of my youth, where you ve been talking about what happens if, indeed, people go colonized, Mars and and then they decide, they got the one Mars in the solar system, anymore, Anne, and what does that happened to society? And so on? From your perspective I mean you: can you see the same kind of psychological changes in humanity when we start going to the moon again,
Mars, again on a regular basis. I think he's gonna open up an enormous amount of possibility that we went to the moon and then we forgot about it and it was a you know. We had other fish to fry in recessions out if we had Our gold on the middle will not have forgotten about. We have that now we're going you gonna, asteroids s, resigning, asteroids, asteroid mining and actually going to happen. Guy us. That's not just! Oh I'm your hide the articles and stuff. I have friends who are actually in the companies, their developing technologies, theirs being the asteroids and that's gonna happen, so I do think we're going to start sending if not people, certainly a lot of stuff. That's going out into space.
Mary Clarence Matic Robots job, how many people cried when when filet died and roads that are, you guys know about the result of condemnation of the role that it just crashed into the common belay lander, like kind of made it under the carpet, and that was the heartbreak ass, the true Rosetta tweeted out. It's been a pleasure actor. We put for managing our machines right and an that's. Why to me when we explore the universe with robots, it counts, it relapses really counts, accounts job. You have a technological advance, you see in the next ten or twenty years that you think will improve and revolution nice our lives while in the next ten or twenty years I am just like for you. I am looking forward to being able to get pregnant. Ah, why not
and I just want to be able to say not without my baby you and Sally feel you and sorry very fine yeah. The bathroom I'm sorry if I cut anybody in mind for the bathroom that some of the individual mill, I think, that's quite frankly, we're we're already on the precipice with two things so that this this. He's right, you try quarter. Is this my try quadrant? Thank you very much and no longer flips used to fly like this I believe you have a blip, opened up and go curved enterprise character and abroad. That is still
I believe that we are already on the press, precipice of some of the most astounding technological advances that will actually stem from this right here, combined with variables. Okay, so and I'm talking about medical technology, where you will be able to monitor everything from your own insulin to get into your doctor, who will be in California because is a special was that will be able to treat you because you are holding this in your hand, while he is doing and making whatever diagnostic assessment that here He or she sorry, I gotta be gender, resolute role. You are correct. Well said doktor right now said doktor that kind of doktor astronomer, nodded
after a time, and so I think that that were already there and that the changes that are coming about are going to be absolutely massive, an astounding, and I also believe there were going to have to change the way we run our world economy because, along with these advancements, we're going to see a ship atomic ship in economies and economies of scale or why we do not get away from this mine mine, Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. You gotta get more type of society. We are going to screw ourselves, royally amen. What I love about COMECON is that when you bring the type of people who have this mentality that we have in this room together, We are looking beyond ourselves to a greater good, any greater future and in the hope of mankind, and that my friend s, corneas, it may sound, is going to be the foundation for our.
That's my going forward so said sir. Well done well on our way free space and sat down to earth you're listening to start
starts out, lies at New York. Comecon starts out, all stars lie, but the new comecon. Thank you also for recovery gear track. Nice. Thank you. So much for being the hoboes as always wonderful to work with you and user. Her daughter, Emily Rice, my colleague my friend, thank you so much for bringing us the science of the safe. I thank you so much for having in an age of many. So it is now time for us to move to questions and answers. All of you who would like to ask a question about this wonderful panel on any topic. Please come to the microphone and we already have one right. There go head, yes,
these. I saw my Christians busily about inequality and technologically technological advancements. Aha, so a lot of what you ve talked about, as we know, is only gonna be available to the top, whatever per cent of people soon, as you see this pushing the inequality gaps, the point where we have centrally kill off those who are at the lower end, or do you see technological advancements that appeals the younger early eyes just like the less equally lower and spectrum Pga? This is obviously in Europe strikes on their. There are two schools of thought and they work simultaneously and one thing you'll always here for the from me is, I often say both answers because the world is complex and we live in paradoxes and there is no easy answer, so the cellphones actually pervert example of a top down technology that now suffuses the entire globe. I remember My dad had the brick in the eighties like it was a giant.
Thing. I know one, how are you doing you're so excited to find somebody else you could actually talk to and it was ridiculous mobile operator. Robotic that's what I'm calling you with a cell phone. No really. So. This is a perfect example of a technology that did it needed the early doctors to pay ridiculously high prices or to venture ease of use to a ubiquitous technological. But when it comes to the stuff it goes inside of us and is considered medical technology, I think we can have a hard time because it how're economics of medicine, work and they're gonna be things that.
You can only afford if you're, very rich and medicine won't pay for yet etc. So the possibility is there for an eventual ubiquity, but we have to fight for it. Ah, if it's about human technologies, so that would be my answer is, I do believe we're gonna have to keep on top of our governments are institutions and make sure that these technical, these are not only available where the very rich nerves of the world's unites man? Your questions are poorest. Yes, if there were to be in exile, planet or a planet that sustain life that we can communicate with and travel to after we found this planet that we can communicate with.
And that there is definitely life on what would be the next step, always say we hired to ride over everything. You remember the tv show earth to aired on Sunday night at seven p m right on NBC. I, like there was great little kid called Ulysses, was lots eventually jump a shark, but it was cool idea for a few moments, yet Emily they were, so they were not there. Yet as a lot of things that you said, but I like that, you said all of the things we have to find the one that's or maybe we'd, they define when it's like honestly what we have to find one with life on it and we have to fight. And we can communicate with an at once You do that's a lot of big steps to take, but once we do. Oh, my god. It's gonna, be a game changer, throw all of our money at all of our money, all of our scientists seriously therein. I cannot think of a bigger. Seismic shift in our understanding of our place in the universe. We we and it's probably out there, that's the great thing there are so many planets there is such a thing.
Firstly, of life on earth. The there's just silly planets out there that there has to be life somewhere. I find Matt and finding it at the same time as we are the university two point: seven billion years old, we ve only Bunny refer, you know a flicker ten Here is a hundred years that we ve been able to communicate and Space is also a problem. We have to find something close by enough that we can communicate at the speed of light a regular at a decent amount of time. You know four years ten years back and forth for each message and after that just throw the at it. If we do find something that close and that communicable go for at every, but firstly we have you know you. Were there nothing like the board, I don't know about that young. I actually think you know if you're aboard you're pretty happy,
this is. As you know, it is up to you very much for your question very person. Thank you. I was wondering. Do you think will be possible to have an engineer ecology tariff forming? That would actually be a robust enough to be self sustaining a reforming Emily. I think I think you're the one who can think about environments most effectively. I noted their martian thinkers, who suggested a thousand years, would be a reasonable time. Lengthened eco, former or terror form hours? Let's do you have any inside and whether or not it would be faster, and then I mean we ve got one example of how quickly, where terror forming something, although it that it's kind of a tariff warming. Yeah. I know I can have pretty quickly and I think it like you know we ve gotta. Understand the one there were on and what we're doing, a with it and b b
honest about what's happening and what, because I think that Nineveh scientists now and for some reason we dont- want to believe that its. That is something that were we ve done ourselves so that is as catastrophic as it actually is, and it's pretty damn bad, but I mean that bodes well. Being able to do its other planets, because exactly what we're doing to earth right now is basically what we would have to do to Mars to make it a habitable pumps. Don't you into the atmosphere, you know what not the little bit banking shipping cows over to Mars check what you think. Yes without a guy you're, try hard to Mars. Thank you for your question. Yes, a mortal combat under that under underclass lock on her or I lie now give it to us. He said, ah ha ha, so my question is going back to our genetic alteration, oh assuming, that technology was in place or interplanetary travel and genetic extreme.
Genetic alteration would be the most beneficial human enhancement to exist on other planets, ever be call to read and write children wow. What he's knew tat is a great quack selling question on you know just just from a purely entertainment perspective, I would love to be able to genetically engineered so that my hands are gigantic. That is the way, Superpower ever has the same power. Donald Trump. Please take a guess. I wouldn't gas. Knowing nothing, but I am absolutely like. Even this stuff is a mystery to me. Still, I wanna, get that our biggest weakness is psychological. I wasn't gonna go there. I was, I was gonna, say tell that irradiation Thank you. Junkie took the wind right out of my sales, Upso Pga, you think ready.
Installing it to be a big issue. We already have a slight radiation issue when we're still within the earth's worrying in orbit and were so within the earth's rotational Paul and are a protective, These sums somebody's actually aid instruments, as other guys we're from the obvious right. During that we're going to Mars, we don't have the production, there's no ozone, there's nothing. And I do worry about the united degradation. So let's jump people, yeah Phil, random right. So as light like beat, you know even flying like going a little bit higher in the atmosphere you get more exposed than I am able to scientists, you re told you should know that you're more likely to happen at a deeper factors, but our astronauts, like Heaven in other will ask also have gone to the moon like having died of cancer. So far so good. They like it or not. There are long and we'll talk about two hours on sixty must so celestial lots of theirs. Like genetic studies like of the Kelly astronauts
writings and study. I gather that are being done and things like that, but you with a long term effect, are so what's engineer like a space rat that is completely resistance, radiation poisoning and then spice those genes in the US and then turn us into that. Right We are there in all did because they thought I M actually not worry about the psychological issues as much, because when we look at the history of humanity- and we see how many people have moved so far so long in small groups- We are actually by nature as a species wanderers, so I think we're gonna do pretty fine as we get gathers, gonna, be tensions or issues and etc, and you want the people were best suited to overcome those issues. But I do believe that we need much more getting medical issues because we also have a very reassuring act. I have never thought about it now. I, like that kind of a longer term perspective. Ok, look, let's go more questions,
Thank you so much a question. Thank you very nice. Hello. I'm John and I have a question for chuck. Specifically, oh ok, so I have been listening to your entertainment comedy in various ways for a long time since you were on the radio check back, Ninety two three was re at them. Yes, her home go way back at all. Since four on the topic of change today, I want to know what what had a meaning the comedy haven't you like back then I was a change now you can move into the nerd spear and where do you think it's gonna be It is now ten years. To be honest, so I was always in the nerd sphere. I was his closet. Five years is like I'm out and proud. Now, and work as regards its eyes, and has you know, allow that's a pretty much manifest itself, but no comedy and commute.
The UN's? Always it always stems from one thing, and that is the deeper thought. So how do I find a different perspective and that's how you write em present comedy it's always about we won Lhasa things. This way, how do I switched the view so that I can find a humour in it, and you know that I don't think or James ever. To be honest, I don't care how old I get by the way I'm trying to her. Thank you for your question has arrived. Yes I'll you protect me and, if I may, Mr Gold, the man? Secondly, my question is regarding may I and robotic ethics and robust psychology, and what do you see in the future for that, because, even with the relatively rudimentary eyes we have today, we are witnessing emerging behaviors that could not have been predicted by simply sifting through. Like heard your twitter,
but I certainly come not visas. I say there was a great example in other if, if you're not familiar with it, this is the Microsoft bought that they chat, but that they created on Twitter and they wanted her to learn and when she learned was to be an absolute NEO, Nazi, a sexist racist everything. Horror. Show, sir or are they quickly pulled it, but it was eight was extraordinary to watch in virtually no time So yes, when this was actually provides ample annexed,
They went whew wow, ok with that's, not the direction to choke there, there's something different directions right now, in terms of, if you ain't, I sleepy I from the robotics in terms of people who were trying to engineer, let me figure out what human consciousness is and then I can try to figure it out. I then their people who are trying to figure out just natural language so that the turing test is enough for them. It is long as it can chat and you'll, be there they're good with that, and then you have people who are looking to day. I from the neural net standpoint is actually learning to learn. All soon got all these different kinds of day. I've everybody's working in a different sphere is a race. I like many technological races in terms of robotics, and don't you know before you. Why, but in terms of human style, robotics, the person you're gonna, see here- and I don't know if I can actually say this on a family friendly ship sank spots. So no one's ever thought about before well, but
but you know there's a reason why that industry leads in technologies as I got a wedge into technologies, so I think that Mr Leinen, Oh my gosh, I think we're going to see the huge Lloyd, Android, that's where we're gonna start with androids invented. It then will become more and more. It's gonna be a demand for something right like we did. The reason we went to the moon was because we wanted to be the Russian there like the reason organ the road by eyes, because we want to have sex with thing with a sense of purpose, sounds like a good comes, let's go back to the moon and got away I'm getting with that. There is such an awesome alphabet. You could leave here and go to any.
This girl would lift the road for you. I thank you very much for a blue Beethoven them all right you and yes a Starfleet Academy, yes, which class definitely next generation hydrogen, so you gradually with Picard. No, he was ahead of me. He was a heterogeneous Eddie. Ok, ok, a vein of star Trek. You did mention that we apply what use all our resources revile life on our planet, but Don't we have as a species of responsibility to the prime directive. We would on aliens colonized us to come to us in our infantile stage before we begin before we achieved any kind of species. Awareness and edges How response or would it be ethically for us to go to the planet if there is life there? and impose whatever form. Life is I mean, don't we are responsible to let it evolved on its own path until
we achieved some of consciousness. Emily put our work, I mean we, it's more realistic to think about that in the solar system even and we ve really really careful about the enemy by us by me. Nasa we probably have an always, but it's like as our text ology advances are kind of bar for protecting pretend life and other places, also attire, and so there- little bit of worry with one of them older Mars mission liking, yeah Viking, though the Viking mission that we might have contaminated Viking before we Mars and so any kind of life might have been detected. Where would I forget exactly about was something that we put their summit We didn't calibrate well enough or something like that, but there Actually somebody whose job it is at NASA to make sure that things are as clean as possible and that things are like least disruptive as possible, because that, though we do
gonna get there, I'm sure, that's a am, I think of it A future amr or something like that, like the lander, like science, is the beloved bug as lands on the planet, and it's like that's exists, They will we don't want to do, and we also have to kind of keep an open mind for what life is. That's also the fantastic thing is that oh, you know we can talk about life as we know where, which is one thing, and we could also talk about we We even know what life potentially means and so keeping our our minds and our instruments open to detect something that my be living in a sense that total different from the way we live. I think, is really important to keep track of minutes. It's an ethical responsibility as well. For our own prime directive, that basically we gotta would adhere to it. We are out of time we are done for today. Thank you very much his job and Michael, has got nice. Yes,
I gotta Emily Rice, our friend and New Don T J Manny. Thank you. So much for all your ninety, so nice starts off your comecon. I'm trawls Lou universe. Everyone like Galileo job, the orange which you can listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint start, our compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio
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