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StarTalk and Baba Booey Rock Comic-Con (Part 1)

2013-03-28 | 🔗
Join us from San Diego Comic-Con 2012 for a gadget geek-out when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Baba Booey, Nerdist Chris Hardwick, and the Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now we're going to start your home grass ice, and we are here alive and the egg two thousand as well retirement. Narrative is the one and only then, of course the only the inevitable Gary Bob. Probably have a brewery. There's your birth polygons, my party, I'm a cop, virgin. How is itself
I feel it I want to craziness does allow about every year the grass root through the unlike storm supervise what I am calling on twice warehouse, not look twice creature. It's ok, it's ok! It's ok, I'm sure people can't you got a really good ties, are really tell of this type of company. Me Lassiter said: what's the word a thing you saw COMECON nothing's, weird, there's nothing weird. Normal, but I have to save zone not got to start on, because I have good information. It tells me that you, like tech, gadget geeky, do those. Yes, I'd love the text. I love about you.
Everything I have a lot of stuff, but we too can order. Really I write a column provocative, so I do get enough. So let us go on top and I can I get the test about its greater. They call them is essentially the stuff of free, really gonna, sit back that's when you work with gadgets. They send it to you for a minute, and some companies are like you'll get call We gotta get anything back where you know they're serious when they give you the bubble rap sticker, to send it back the return of the exact origin. So what's your favorite gadget right now? Oh my gosh. So many I'm a big fan of sonar
the system? S aunt, o s? Sort of so many people want to do all reporting on the whole with it I wanna be chipping away. It was so. This is a way to all reward you through a wireless system and they really effectively better now you're surrounding neighbours can hide from you. I bring apple has a version of it called air play where you can get music from your device onto other device in your home, but so does they bridged all services that are better job prosaic, bordered with serious exam, rhapsody action, with all his life. Would ever devices have been mixed noise? We can now be and everyone we have well bias owners and you put the two pair makers and through your computer, why by you can feed it? What's on your computer I also your library music, but they really did a great job of keep going with it. They started like requires himself there's a guy station or your eye. If somebody comes over, so they put your ipod and let us know what your black and you could send music out you're back patio.
Why not run a wire from the basement? I guess that's a gadget that just On a previous capacity. I wanted to share music gimme, a gadget that I didn't know I needed. I didn't even know there's sonic screwdriver that someone has just really actually remote control and using a series of hand, gestures that will control your Ipad or devices and its from doktor who fans of particular it's like having a sonic screwdriver, because it does stuff yeah. Just you pointed at stopping to control illegal yeah. So did you get one of those? I do not know What have you for those, but I mean what is it what's a gadget? You didn't really needed. That's a great thing. Is you don't need any of them? This is a loss of revenue which are happening can't imagine life without, like the remote control maybe you're old enough, though I am ever get out house and walked to the tv to change. You you this
one channel all day I went to a place last week was like an antique place where they have all cooperation is an old you boxes and ultimately order predicted tv as science fiction. With that, oh yeah foggy front onto like going to Haggle- and I didn't even know this- because I sort of like that- a party and its it if they were so what they did is there were the head right, I've made by with this, fifty put ridiculous, looking cable and what you do. Is you take the box with you, so you could change to travel from that they brother were like all my guys. We're living in the future is technically a remote, some I really interested in those they're making a lot of advancement and liking. Inductive charging really just the move to wireless everything. So I see a lot of this the ring ourselves from our divided. I've wanted to pose the question: what are the title wired magazine
have you not retro, because there is rhetoric with ass wire. What is I was out of the consumer? Electronics. Your last year is a company that work on that a devil area, so they had a kitten I'll, at the bottom of your kitchen. Is this magnetic thing that just gets powers of your programme anywhere, so you can move it all over the kitchen, where the thing that got me is because they make it dry, worn out so drywall up, you can put these I thought right, that's just or magazine going to war and they're getting electricity from within the drywall. So for me, the way I say: ok, I gotta fiftieth tv. Now I got a hundred series. You don't, even though I thought we haven't really incredible. So all of these are things for the consumer. Hold electronics marketplace recent gadgets outdoor get Stop that just for the home? What there's an outdoor tv, which I loving patio, that's waterproof rules
even in a rainstorm. You got a once in a while, but it's out there all the time. It's like underwater other stuff that I would never doing what I got another war. And I would smoothed out with my kids and it was also a great what was agreed pictures and then put it away for three than sixty four works. Better, so exclude driver. Yes, you have more than actually can a lot to say not yet a good will some day some back to the cash machine. What exactly is the real me? Will you really could, like you know it's mostly with a lot of advancements in Annex II that near field communication, where you basically just need something on you that activates neutral? Well, they form. Therefore, communication, but not the near future. Indication that, like Apple, was rumored to have put in their eyes. Phones do you could just walk. There was stored, not even in a cashier. They would take everything about saving like it easy path. But now I don't know
you're buying something everything would have achieved minute of some type. That would admit signal, and then you know, if you remove something, it would be too much. But I guess it doesn't. Worship because you pick something up. That's it! You walk out that door registers gasps, makes everything It was one of those so, MRS Klass, if they descended to you, have noted what, with such back, they tell you what it cost over there, the price and everything one of the things about the gadgets that I love is there's a thing called on boxing and unboxing is when you get it. There's this moment Ok, I got my kid so the baby. I bet the smell of a new apple, broader, exactly is the best avoided slowly. It has other pick the classical up slowly to the bottom of anything other than businesses, Niger and him striptease. It really is the Azores. My like bad. The body works or people going
like all smell of these programs like just smelling new electronic city is the greatest thing. There's a big one night when we come back to start on the psychology of one box, equitable. That's right. Braced himself will wait for others to learn. A robot is God's will be carried. Tat, do Norden AIR and, of course, the nervous. Why five If I want to talk about what we met with the break every cells, because he gets technologies to write about very cool area, thereby show up on its doorstep and he's talking about
The emotional gets striptease of removing the gadget from the box was called, boxing and when you get about something you wanted for a long time of waiting, this actual psychological care I mean I video cameras hitherto by the way video gamers, like the actual unboxing of the video game, is a very is very ritualistic for a lot of people say what gadgets and I gotta think with a gadget there. There really is something to be said for how its package apple really has done to science. Take it out of the rapporteur is happening, doesn't ever down through size, their reasons, it would hurt they really well, it's something you can either be waiting a long time to come out or something you waited,
a lot of money to get the anticipation as its crisp and when you get an item that you want regarded as one it's Christmas really is up. Every time you open absolute, so what else you got what else have been even come? Coming you're? Well, I haven't been able to try this out yet because they're really not sending money about, but I went to the consumer. Electronics Yo January was in Vegas Vegas and there will be a rather area. They have this thing. It's cold emulate mechanical vital though it's a light thrown away. The light field camera.
I understand exactly worth produce its boldly taking light from everywhere, and I know that if it doesn't look like a regular camera and looked like a square kaleidoscope and you, what do you take the picture and no matter what the picture looks like you can always put it in focus because its gathering life of all different areas. Do you know about this? I thought it was a joke when it came out now and what you do. Is you take a picture? So what's the object, I don't know this is one way in this work. It's killing me because I think about it's like how would you do that? You take a picture and it maps every photon comes in and then, after the fact you can change the focus. So you ve got this data q by ass, and you can say
But where do I want to focus my feet? Ten point: twenty p m after the accident that somebody we're takin a pitcher of us right, we're all focus and the background without a bogus. That's probably we want better for whatever reason we wanted the back to be focused as well. We can change whatever crazy reason. We want to be out of focus and we want the back only focused. We can change that amateur. So what that means is everything to begin with and its deep focusing what you don't want. It's gotta be because a kick start out of focus and they get broken glass at the start out how to nano. I'm sorry, I don't know, I think I think it has it everything in as a focused few, but how does it? How do you read where there is no camera that focus on? You know that it's a pitiful can appear, however, as in the field of everything, is a problem. The problem is the pit also small and light,
to get everything there and so becomes a challenge. Always everything would be, but I've never
You get my hands on this camera to try right because it so that sometimes you know a future with very little nervous because in January and not see it, and I was wondering if those they come up with these big regular, where vaporware everywhere laborers. Basically, when a company or someone talks about some that's coming up within its like paper, never like it, never has ever to finally never got to manage work and never comes out, and you hear about it for your happened. Yes, all its, because what I think we'd have to seventy people start to see. Yes, with these grand ideas, a prototype event with their home, someone- I see it, I don't know I want to go, and what do you think? I don't know what it's like to be right, and this is why I have been able to figure out how it works. Maybe there's information about the web, but when I, when it was first announced, I went online and I think I want you to do something like what you're saying your creating your creating this this map of world. Although my country is a series of points and protect you always on, then you're combination acted points in their problems with light coming in from different angles, and it's really interesting, and maybe by now somebody's put up an explanation of this, but at the time when it was announced, I did not know her ass, one hundred and one or several tyrconnels like if you don't bother us up, go out of the barbarians Dark day. For me,
So there are soon going to lighten up. I would regret it there's a focused shelter in one way there is, and that is, if you know what a point source looks like. In other words, I have a point of light and it gets deep focused somehow by a telescope camera whatever. But you know it's a point of light and it's like well, it starts. Why, but later on its blurred, if you could collect that light back into a point, it's like your focusing it after the We have to take all the lights off of detector itself. Put it back The new knows: it's called the convolution. We had to do that when hobble was first built because otherwise- and I spent two years doing going- are you going DOT by Don T focusing yet sensual ritual pixel, but that's how that is
removing the light from each pixel, putting it back in the scientific version of like going in cleaning up old art, where's going except the problem without you can be given. You can kind of just say: well, it was brown on this side and brown on the side. I can just make that like round adored run its were interpreted exactly the problem here is that upon taking, one part in putting it into another, because it was started here and focused DE focused over here, but if there were, something here, I'm taking white away from that and put it over here, but now there's one over here. I can put back over and get it here and it's it's it's all. It was called nonlinear. You have to do everything all at once and it's very good within their issues with it that met way. It makes it really hard to just complicated mean it also takes a lot of time, or is it just? The notion is complicated. She's, computationally intensive, but now with more law, just ending up its regional capacity
Why don't you just happened, but on the floor I used to run programmes overnight that three years later I was doing over like a snack brain bombers are slowing down and I dont see process is really getting that much faster than they were actually retreating, because not it's all right, I wanna be twice as fast gets. What Roger who are the programme and in a way that all the processors conceal the calculation right. If you have to wait for one to finish after another word: processors, don't help me I mean, is programmers have to know in advance how to distribute what is being held I may have we ever achieved all we can achieve a current technology. I mean you know anything about quantum computing, I'm waiting for their little overdue. Whenever the video game- Cuba, not uber on cuba- and I know how it works- you gotta programmes that we look at what I do. I do have a list, those crazy. I do not have a future that you can carry around with you. So Kingston is a company that makes
dry memory. It all that so they just came up Medina literally testing out on this trip. So it's a hundred and sixty gigabytes Lou too little memory drawn sword already. Therefore, so I've got my I've had a snuff film on everything. I've got overload with movies dobler with music. I've been on the road we now. Can you keep put it back on your desktop where'd, you get what you big disarm, what what what happens is whatever's honour. I've had its full, you care what anymore stuff on it and you can't delete movies. Why you're on the road or even if you do, you know how many more room whereon so as a residence. I have this hard drive and I put like the attack. Our second and third season of outbreak, is bad for the cancer of on going I don't know what I am going to do so without the computer, but you can't do it. I bet I turn on blue. To have access to a secondary are dry, which is little etc. Credit sixty
and what s great about that is its it's not only good for movies. It's not like that, but also your on the road and you do and you want everybody could bluetooth into you for another desperate products like does the book? You have a usb work to go in there we go. He doesn't know I want more gotta usb port, it's gonna firewire to yours, be putting it into your computer and also rather less within NATO. Starting right. So isn't loading? Are you with it on again like ours? when I was a strip of thinking. Well, I got my video camera. I still camera, but I do want to bring my laptop, but if I'm taking a video upon the interview, somebody like say murders SAR Hardware right now, I've got it on my foot Tamar. What am I gonna do with this? I got my right you're saying I could take my flip plug it into this blue,
get it there and then I don't know if you like, I don't know if it's gotta be while systems they had that I'd be golden, because the Ipad only as that stupid worth to start off with Jerry began talking about his stuff just to have them secret, for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell. There's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player, and never
we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me sing if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking, I mean just saying:
That is very much about it, but nobody I dont, know what are the key in the words of a Louis. We know one of the only bought a bouquet. I got him right here talking about gadget. I got the nervous hardware, my colleague and friend, the bad astronomer, not your first time, so we will go down the list of these gadgets. You write about and we witnessed a behavior richer radical sounded vision, magazines sounded vision when I go into the carriage again get very little sure you're, ok, so now they make a blue to Cameroon. That's like a little boy and it goes up over your gear. Okay, so there's a couple of things that you
do without you like. Why do I need it? So I can be located as aboard alive. I do have to say as a little weird looking and you would be the weird guy and your kids recital with IRAN, but there's a couple years worth of all. You can bluetooth right through your phone right to anybody so grandma sitting at home in wanting and your daughter's recital you can have this camera going through. Go to the library or power going right so that there are those who say why it has to be stuck in your ear. Well, that's what they think they have because appealing what they wanted it to be small, they wanted to be portable and they wanted to be your point of view of the premises and look at it. Aren't you tired were like that's very similar to that you know Sergei Branda. Google is their developing the glad Goggles Gatt, which Google and he was there and it's weird he looks at me with the glass done they just like little sport, glasses and what you see a little flickering light in the middle and you feel like you're being targeted, yeah we'll just like you
No one has the feeling that they did where they took him. Yeah yeah created. They didn't think where they wore the goggles other guys in a plane over where they were. They were talking about what they're going to do their job, They were either on the roof where the amount was and then they got a bite of any road and everybody can see the whole thing via these glasses, big trance. Very sore point of view- is interest with the other interesting thing about it. That I love is its constantly reporting almost like a tv. Going thirty seconds, thirty secondary. Secondly, the baby. It's like a two minute buffer zone, they are all day and something really cool. I don't know it's right when what you decide. It was too late to catch up in the beginning, work! Fine and you go home. I gotta take pictures waging wait you hit by not being limited buffer, the previous thirty seconds, so, unlike our them about life, I worked with this guy holding up a story.
Electronic bring in it with one or two, and I want to get my camera business affairs, water, you're thing on. I wouldn't worry about it and I would say, but I would also allow us to go on with Bluetooth speakers. So I talk about sawdust, but even if you don't want to go to everyone and was the people that make jawbone we're the guys that Big Box job out of the competent boxes, it's about they just made a bigger one. What the speaker wittingly is always better in this business. What is really really good sound like shockingly good sound when you look at it, the little jail box had great does kind of robberies, so you can drop it so this, but you gotta run it. So you can- just one problem- I mean when I say that the other programmes so again like I built a house, I worried it to the hill, and I could not tomorrow just in daughter me that I'd want to sit on the board elicited music. So again I could go drilling a wire and employees makers or bring the damp works out. I take my
I usually do even solos over that. I can do serious accidents so that other ports- and I will stream it through the bushes meagre- has got great, sounds Ridgeway to get that sound without terrier houses are now already gaps, would you into a profound silence. You mean also blown away by them. Not silent is silence. You described is to distribute sound and music for anything that creates a meditative say no, I don't want. I want me visual or what are your experience? That's a good one up about some cool. I do that particularly thinking about work COMECON right now, so not just noise cancelling had both, but is there any kind of a device? The creator? without good reason Watch me: what did Michael Jackson had one it was at that time. I was I preparatory
there was the one that we heard gets into come not an alien and everybody knows about. It, goes into suspended animation gas You know what made me word claustrophobic ivory forgot about: when did you get it closely? Local derivation tamer, ignoring its complete silence? I couldn't handle that not all of which are in error. You walk into something babies, cry and traffic noise walk into this Total silence, I think they call the wife to have you ever been in one like that, for example, at NASA, when they tell satellites they do all these different shaken big test, whether he did know shaken Emily. What they'll do is also put them into these rooms, which completely done so, and they can you and that's an interval chamber there. They have those weird triangle foaming.
Things come back. It's what set the standard for the phone war, the escalation in sound studio when you go into one of these high pollutant ones in you, stick your head and between these cones sound is gone got any data are literally. We want here. I would like that. It's really distraught. I guess they probably get used to it. What do you think you're? Because you don't want to send the guy up to minorities closer problematic allowed. They transfer that before they're, like your ass, yet I've been unwanted lapse. Thirdly, the quietest place on earth in the address book we're just this. We are talking about gadgets.
Darkhawk live San, Diego Comic Con, two thousand and twelve. Astronomer. I got Gary the gadget. They got the nervous, so you'll go down your list of gadgets Gimme a couple more for me too. I don't want. This is a lot of the gadget or about making your vessel You said test their gadgets and write about it. You, ok, I would be doing for prisoners who does what but there's things ever practical tools are very big backing up the computer, because this I have so much music
Watch video. Now I have so much audio somebody important files, so I have re drives, is happening all drove up and its for rape. Rabies raiders were really awesome interface to hear all the way back of system. So what you do is you can I put? It were one terror by DR? If one of those DR dies, flax. Theoretically, you could never losing your stuff redundant, regarded as, however, as great as that is Others are not who I am. I still have a dry at once war by six months. I back it all right. Regular drama radar back it up and I'd taken to my bank, and I put it in the safety debate. By your bag, is a giant mountain. But let me point out here that we think are willing or add here's. The worthing arrayed drive will save you from a fire right, drive is lost, there was one
look at the have array drive. It survives a fine. Fire. So I thought I almost lost lot of my photographs ones and it is the most horrible getting an expert. He would weigh deep into the drive and thought if they weren't blossom about point you like, but but I have equally is as manic about my backups there's a back up. One hundred miles away from the other backups. So so I calculated what nuclear device would take over that's alone nuclear device, but I'm not really worrying about my mother, my three months after the vacant and so crazy and account for the MP that's going to wipe out everything back running cry. No, unless it unless it, unless it creates occurred, the goes through the dry they could have in views mercenary geysers, where I feel like I've been really old school. Does everybody trust the cloud, because
It is another way to back up the do try to what some of the cloud on its back up in Kansas City. I mean I haven't issues with the clock. I do I use it. I use it for accessibility are used. The cloud like United Dropbox than I have access to all about, but would you take your most important stuff just reliant? I seem to be getting people put their stuff on the club and that's their, but that's where it lives right. For me, It is just as there is the superhighway get it from the Ipad, the Iphone to them. You are of a certain age I have daughter who was in her teens and has grown up with the internet and sulphur that justice stop. It happens for me. I wouldn't trust.
Because maybe you corporate interests running all of my data is two things go wrong. It's don't know that their students we oughta bank. We put our body banks, which are like financial clouds, happy like the one that dollar go payments which lobbies and lays out he's got some honourable our greatest Mozilla. Chris aren't we're like, I repeat, my money under my mouth, which is to say the cloud that better where the first is your exactly right. How do I somebody's, not looking in my crowd, or am I right right where it is. I don't think so. I know that was wonderful company. Restores it did this temperature control where the Kansas City, when they got a bit laws because the Colorado Springs and what are you waiting for cancer sees in the middle of a country so that we're invaded you slept so to get ahead of the line and then Savior music about it. I'm talking about a business
like the ram accompany so bad that they go out of business. So what have you right and they have no money to dig it out? so. I think that increases on what you use a cloud for convenience, but I keep everything on my. I don't trust the cloud regular and also when I, when I leave town I take I take on my back, I'm drives them away, hide them just just in case someone breaks in my drives are protecting. Take my dreams, take my direct, but because they are too much of a system for your house has well my all. Well then, it's like worst case scenarios, the cloud right now so hopefully my house is getting a virus. I was allowed us we're gonna wind down their stagnant store Tom we're gonna lose you. Yes, I have
the ongoing doing my life noticed potash at about eight or ten years ago. We lose you for the next. We're gonna lose even a little bit, and I think it would have been such a lot of things in your area so brave upon collection. To do what you can spread. Your notice love, I don't. We for peace. I gotta go to my showed with one another gets on your thanks for and thanks for coming and Gary arise. When we come back to start on radio waves, launch this into the future and find out what gadgets we always wanted to have it. Have you around fanny? Well, I got a bad astronomy and I get Jerry the gadget otherwise known Bob Bob a boy
I have to say what they told me that I was going to show with an asteroid physicists at his astronomers friend, astronomer friends, on both. Actually, I thought like either there's nobody lecture, nerdy, guys you very varied you get that allowed. The people got. The people expect you to be socially watchword, which are now these and other settings where we about, but I think we're up yet we are working to get a better. Ah, yes, yes but not only that in extra physics, there's no war were being socialized. Even if people have the capacity to those untrained, many many servants do you want to big Magda reinforced, so Cameo Bank did you we want, but what so a guy like Sheldon is not that. I know we. We see that all that cassock have their their bit of a caricature, but still it's really true it. In fact,
scientists we see ourselves in. I think I have Not only have I known Selden and rise and how all those guys their me situations I've seen myself accurately capture the other party got a little drawn and realise that Europe over waning something to somebody who can comprehend it in all its say that when I first met my wife, but a party I was in graduate school. She was an undergraduate shows that a party I was actually looking through some that we're in that host house is, I was looking for something I need my work and she Mother is so. What are you doing, and I told her We want, and what we saw a guy like Sheldon, is not that I know we. We see that, although cassock have their their bit of a caricature, but still it's really driven in fact is specially with scientists. We see ourselves
it has rightly been worked out. You know we could marital device Mingling can make that happen. I won't even writing about gadgets. Five years five year, you said they actually pay you to do that they do not alone. Ok, what's the clumsy stupid, it's gadget you ever look at this is stupid. I bad see the eyes. Are you? Are you and ate her now? Apple is just as Socrates every other going to come here, so we would have you know, computers up will remain in a minute I haven't pc with an Ipad. I have an Iphone feeling yeah. I had a MAC for a long time and die. I gotta pc because it was alive What are you? Are you the money? Really weird? I got an eye MAC. I know I know I know I'm gonna back again. Are you we want a big MAC, is taking over the world, and you just don't want to be like, like everyone lemmings, take things as they com. I make my decisions based on what's goin on their things, I, like it
yeah I've meddling really dumb, but that's why, in a minute we're talking about future gadget, comet gadget, don't ask me questions also talk what you're you're sucking gadget. You know o gases there's some of them are just so stupid, but there was one whenever that its. I guess it was one of which was to be like a hot. It looked like rosy, the robot from the chances are we out. It was like a rosy roses. Europa remember, there's somebody was pulling on paper, but it was like a mini version of her and it was. It was supposed to help you lose weight and you're supposed to go talk to every morning and how it what you and it was going to tell you calories back. It was like I could use your brain like you know, they come up with all these different things for weight loss, and this was like a very expensive item. It was a good many computer and I just thought it was so Darwin haven't seen sense, so it was overcome. For the neat, there's a thousand apps
your drawing her. I want that will do the same thing for you with a little bit of input. It was losing my views, misguided tracking you, I have very low. Thirty thousand reminds you what you're doing so. This matter was right. It that's all losing weight really! That's all. It is united in adverse environmental aroma. Anything that felt was to heart. Figure out, because that's the big apple you just walk up to it runs its I will tell you no apple infrastructure man with the star over there are various to talk about. Very handy mechanically. Why don't you just filter house? Nor have we got there like waiter, gotta, be a breath the money to pay somebody else. The bills are merely arbitrary, born raising. There's a couple accompanied one leg locks so. They came up with this really cool law that again workshop an app
a wireless things that you put the door lock on and you can keep out. That's easy, it's pretty common or I could be traffic in our way, and my was a hamburger house where I can get the app and opened the door for him so that the door opened a remote or hope war. I can remotely set codes for the cleaning? Lady delivery guy people that you don't want to have it's great awesome? I have had it warm on. I have been able to test it out because I don't know the door, not in my travels Martin of taking out, I can deal with the stuff you gotta pull in two dimensions right: it's not all! You ever got all the shop when I was a guys
employment. They go running interviewed him like I'm getting tired of waiting for someone to come over, whose at all I got a friend who think I'll give you that, to put it into my, we gotta, why not even listening to startle San Diego COMECON, two thousand when we come back in our second we're gonna talk about that as we wish existing. Yet we want to be told what gets wish you could? Listen! The star talk, commercial free joint start talking patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio!
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