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StarTalk and Baba Booey Rock Comic-Con (Part 2)

2013-03-28 | 🔗
The geek out at San Diego Comic-Con continues when Neil deGrasse Tyson, Baba Booey and Bad Astronomer Phil Plait turn from gadgets that exist to gadgets we dream about.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now that start Aung San, Diego COMECON, two thousand as well to special guess we got, bad astronomer filled, my friend I feel like everybody man, it's great to me. I love you back, I'm going to get married but tat gadget. Extraordinaire writes about technology for sound of his magazine envision magazine very for this hour. I want to talk about gadgets that we still need, not ones that
exist today, but ones we wish already existed, or we think might be alone just beyond our horizon. Why start with maybe gadget jump right off and I won't writes a star trek. That's what I want to ask you guys seriously. Scientists Rather we twenty years away, fifty years away or a thousand years away from teleportation what the hell I'm bored under way to New York, re, calling it the William shot or cubicle teleport into New York? Patrick Stuart, cubicle, about what's the difference, there's the teleportation room are you really need? Is your own portable normal? you can call it a location right and then you just traveling you don't have to decompose yourself. There were high hopes that we assembled erectly on the other side. So how do we get a worm? Oh well, it's a doctorate. There we start,
we're gonna, converted from matter into energy, which we can, then you don't send off as a beam or something to some other blames. The prom with that is. You can put your mass and energy that would be closure larger than every nuclear bomb on the plan that would be less energy contained by Eagles empty squared. His Adams would take out the squandering of earth. Yes, yes, that would be bad, on the other hand, There is an equation that describes the way you're constructed and if you could write out that equation exactly then I can redefine you someplace else. The problem is that sort of impossible. If ass, losing here just duplicated in another place, equations defined so that you can just gets essentially unless there's a term in the equation for location making some loose, so that I can see is only himself here this time in daily, that's gonna be part of a day s.
I'm so so it's a great writers tool, writers and ass. I said I wanted to get landing a ship buried, what it's impossible diggers filter possible times that were, I would say, thanks There is a more but ok but its sale anyway. Two thousand and one prices right, radical, but one year in eighteen, fifty in the year, eighteen fifty which is written seventy years ago about a war someone, and I told them that forget about the telephone, the talent. The television sets up the rear, have devices where, some weird thing in the sky. We can look at each other acumen, that way. That would have seemed is outrageous, but I just told me: ok sought not become a little later like meeting nineties, because by then we're the telegraph and so we knew how to use electronic energy, to send information and if you said one day, we're all information in the world will be transmittable
this way you can essentially extrapolate to that point. There's no way we can extrapolate metallic right, that doesnt break the laws of physics, more engineering, but to tell border, as we understand physics right now, little nice he's kind of like faster than light travel, using a worm all to create a workable and go through it. Physic says doesn't work as we understand this. That's not check with the twenty first century, depending on which yeah. Well. However, come later years a couple of years ahead, so when I'm energy by our can just they have that we invented and now we're beyond thrown the Mcintosh this, I mean those little is said they had it was they Mark Adam right? I just when we watching with my kids from beginning the first varies and they talk about storing data. And so that itself with glass, when I first started the most believable parliament was not the one Dr Photon torpedoes more than what it was that you can't just walk up to a door,
I said you, it doesn't know, given the enterprise by their because a year of the they were able to do that at my local, but without unnecessary pressure. Infrared sensitive. What, if it's a weightless being, that is at room temperature and it just waiting for somebody to walk up and opened the door for weightless temperature would not be able to have to think detected itself. We have read of much detecting your thermal reading. I know its breeding reflecting like you're. Isn't infrared absorbing, ok, you're? Ok, do we really want? Nor does it want to know what that one of these that I come to my house, it never has come to hamper upon the door to open up work on for another one went on
of biometrics. I suppose you, you know servers are right. Then I will follow those worries where they cut of the gods. One of the guys I get a bit baggy or the retina what it for me. I slice my hands up all the time. I'm a complete lots of single parents have actually programme into saying what about leadership. What about? I read? You remember the scene in two thousand and one the movie where its a romance of the future that as he's coming on space station they have to go into this area is welcome to widespread died, the vacation state, your name, Name first, given name second derive any says it. Thank you voice, provided this is all going to take five minutes relish In the voice- but I didn't when whatever he's very ambitious, MR doesn't work ever do anything. That's wisely, he was out of business, how jobs out of business
Am I right, but we do have a shuttle, but you ll notice on the ship when they're going to Jupiter. I believe this is true. They had little flat screen It is that sat on the back. Everything but there were some, they were sitting on a counter and yet a look just like I and makes you wonder, and maybe Steve jobs or whatever is looking to that going we'll on access to the moon What have we done so? What often contract you want? tell a we don't have sorry, I want a bigger away, not sit traffic adolescence move to someplace. We will have to sit and trafficking of organs, but I never actually my I always have always had this dream, like work in the city and I live in Connecticut. I wasn't this dream. Zadig. York, city or since I've been, I would get my car and I would hit the buttons via some sort of underneath the ground. Whenever I could. I put my chair bag
and it will just take me home. We could do that. That's not an unimaginable future growth that did you take your faster than you can drive it because a computer can take you faster with greater precision. The human mind is no accidents, because, theoretically, if the greatest big not run. Actually that is just a simple computing power thing right. My card would be on driven, come back Dateline San Diego Comic Con, two thousand and twelve I'm Neil Degrasse Tyson your host Blackhawk today were talking about gadgets. We always wish we had gadgets of the future gadget. Imagine by creative science fiction writers, and represented demonstrated Unlimited, infinite out of cinema and I'd go with me, the bad astronomer Phil play
yeah man Jerry right here Gary what Mr Doorn, and so let's Sakharov STAR wars for these How wasn't around here as far as they have been like Sabre Roy AIDS? Did you have in your gadget? Guy do was anything they use that you said you wanted or should have we wanted them. I can't think about that. There's nothing! That's children out of either because worthy audiovisual stop. But will you write in well? Ok about the holographic thing right now. What would you would you use that to send a message to somebody the way they do in the movie? I guess so, but remember when they did it in the movie. You didn't actually have a look at them and we just an audio. What mattered was the audio right right how to show off that they either. It was confirmation that you are actually getting it from the right person.
You don't have any other than that of making a big one. You think you could say that the right person you're my favorite part, that's the future equivalent of the ring selling, was very good. My favorite part of the whole thing is at the end. You see legislative work because right, the empire is coming and she turns the thing on like no no time to edit. This is getting away and sending it. Ah, I think maybe exemplar was right. Honourable you see that allotted Youtube videos now, so they were fairly well out of the two issues was with simply fail because he's a robot right, but a robot doesn't have to look like a human. Why is really poor at so many tasks. Why did it became even run well, but there are a lot of different robots
it will be some smaller, a bigger. They run the garbage, and I do think that there are some things that are human robot humanoid. All Roma, we're just additionality without taking in the way they have links to remember he's a protocol. Drawing and most of the aliens in star wars are human. So you want to see something that looks familiar but doesn't get into the uncanny valley freaks you out, so he's Bagley and annoy you laughing any legs in Africa to anybody and that's what I'm gonna look like the bar sacraments true and on the other hand you was the favourite Android, payment, robot in star wars, everybody, our duty as well, which is basically a trafficking in and everybody will not everybody hates you through the opening is irritating its character, so it doesn't really worked out the way, maybe I'll fix you want out of this lifesavers issues with the lights, twenty one is about. I mean if it's why and of light walk like light, is not space spilling. So
lifesaving past ruin that doesn't mean we, make a powerful to cabotage, punch it is to be a dangerous weapons, but you wouldn't have a sword fight which is being so. Why, then, someone said or will it reflects back and it's got some magic lit a five, but I think that those only combat there's a lot of literature on the web, of course about how white savers work and I would call it yeah. I write a letter to knowledge on something that doesn't exist now. Yes, exactly I we think what Maybe the name is just wrong. Maybe they just call it a lifesaver doesn't mean it's made of why? If it's a force field that comes out and spilled with plasma or something like that, then they they will interact with each other. But if it interacts with you what Slicer imaginative Plasma containing some suspended, we're magnetic field or something magnetic field like you have a hard time also knows that,
the lines never cross. You ve never seen a bar magnet with me it feels crossing with your with with iron families. I remember from school right. They always have a beginning at an end and you don't touch each other at any time, and if you tried across these two things, repellent each other. When my back on the sun, we may do something on the sun. The sun has its one flares sunspots turbulent activity when the magnetic field, its invaded within the gas. How do you know that does not rotate as a solid wall, its gas, but the equator rotating faster than other regions of the walls, so that, in fact, magnetic fields that are in the gas wrap up on each other and they start coiling has it reaches a break free from the surface of the sun and it takes
asthma, fleas it into space with it and so magnetic fields, don't like getting messages and so that we can work on this or call an engineer? I lost my out magnets out of the bag magnify understand what often storm well, you know I just any kind of spatial would be awesome. Two people actually go nature being just gonna hovering monopoly. That sort of spatial speeders hover say how, but you know we then technology now just a magnetic well yeah, the Mai, a fact which, where you have a superconducting magnet where you actually you're sort of freezing the magnetic field into two things, and so you can magnet that usually did these in liquid nitrogen in there really call, but sometimes you don't have to, and would you can put these two men together and then just like, go and they float. If you try to do the richest irregular migrants, they flop
But if you freeze the magnetic field- and it's like you- ve locked him together and you can actually take this magnets spin, it it'll spin in place- and it is the best thing- is to place just a mere just sitting there. Yet awesome and you couldn't you could actually bill. We're board or or a car that have a board from back in future. Yet so, if you act but be deck is very complex: we are trying to move something. You're not Reverend Mother Magpie, what happened to the speed of trout, that's one of the things that will be so we got to the point where we're the S S day. We stop going faster, why our islands a pistol? What I mean, I know, there's something wasn't closet back if there were not a brain, but I would like to think that we got no place where we can recreate that more cost effective way to more compliment. I never fluent argument a reason why the SSC went out of this part of the reason it was uncomfortable, it was part of the reason. Was our airplane, and so we do not allow the concord to fly. Europe rests
supersonic speed to the West Coast. We send you can fly supersonic over. Ireland was an airplane, and so we could you just cross upon and then I takes two and a half hours instead of seven. But now the internet on the airplane. I've only parable, invest window discharged, watch movies, right, alarm writing, but you may have more weight and I'm by that because we imagine the future as the time when You would continue ever single, fair, I faster and faster, and we got that we start the natural limited that would be sub warble flight, so lying where I was going to fly. Here's. How bearing a brain here is our goal. So Orban takes about ninety minutes space shuttle. Space station ninety minutes toward the earth. That means you never more than forty five minutes from any
it places on earth if a faint orbit is so whether you want to go. If you go sub orbital you get in forty five, and so I wanted to data. That's some. I wouldn't like to enjoy today we can't do right. I would love that accept that I have to get into my rockets and be blasted into one hundred years. Others want to get into a play that lasted into the atmosphere and writing on playing socks. Go about getting a technicality. Nobody can travel thing again when you travel a lot like. I still want that thing. Total recall? Why can't we just want passed a screen one to stop but my arms. I'm doing why can't we wanted.
The screen, you really want to start talking about here, saying to relax you're feeling unplaited on this trip like so. What we need is a device that here's the problem you weren't system, where everybody presumes that was I going to the animal be, and everybody walk ass, its green. You could see what was what did you do? You saw bones tackling rise because of that kind of what this thing is. What would you call No, I think it is, but it's but it's. Where did you know? My wife says that the reason there are doing justice to get us used to holding our hands up so when they come to get us we'll just do this service exactly so so and I'm gonna lose. You have been a segment so other than instant probably some other handheld gadget you think needs to be invented. This dump. I do. I can't really think of of I don't. I don't have the wouldn't. You want your own death star
I recently had not the answers, the ability to read women's minds O O. I believe that that would make social really efficient. Have you tried listening, I tried being sensitive, I will very thanks to hang out- starts out a lot of what had. I will find you again in New York or Connecticut, fine, where you're hiding next gadgets come round. Wanna get a fuller, boring, arrived man. This eventually excellent. Thank you that european City guides me not operating back home in conversation with the bad astronomer, more about them super for you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one
and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support, Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free? You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here another commercial on star talk ever again, you will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just say welcome back of it goes right. Well, baby I got my friend and colleague will play the bad astronomer through the bad astronomer at them. I only too bad. But if your permission we need a subtle
There's gonna be one way arouse. Calling me our hearing arm radio lose that coordination of you before the little dog to meet with the big big work right will find some way STAR Trek, trivia content of suitable years. Something you'll find it, so we which I ve been gadgets and but you took it up a notch over the break. You are talking about whatever gadget it is that could destroy a planet such as NASCAR does brain, and did you do a calculation about yeah it's actually not that hard, you a little bit of physics, but basically does what is doing is completely destroys. All of the material connectivity of the solid object. Why would you need to do that? a ten mile wide asteroid. Pretty much takes care of up when it pretty well over these years service. Surfers like it. Why but everything on every living thing, uncertainly, thirty or forty miles across- would do it, but to completely blow up a planet. That's an error device, it's over
yeah there's no reason to do unless you're trying to scare the crap out of some kind of like a nuclear weapon in today's standards of war yet and it turns out- will persuade you don't need to do it and also its almost impossible, You could take something the size of Mars and hit the earth with it and not completely destroy it to completely destroy planet. Think about it right. You get this planet hearing you take a rock and if the fling that rock off to infinity, rocks heap, jump right, ok and look at what it took to get three guys to the moon. It took this rocket, so it huge amount of energy? To do this when you calculated, more energy than the sun puts out at some outrageously huge number, so you can't just blow up a planet. So what so? What you did was calculate, the binding energy of up when and pretty well pump more Even the binding energy into the planet will explode in the way the deaths varnished. If I break it to stick, the molecules are bound to get
Are you a snap unbind and take some amount of energy and so the whole and binding at a planet, so that just overkill, so why this is the future, a lot of other things happened in it. Then we just accept including sound in space, so she would accept that their deaths dorking killed one well. If, if it's just turning to like throw being at the plant and blow it up that doesn't work, you can think of other ways. This might do it, for example, if this being actually converts one, percent of the planet into anti matter. Blue right, that's gonna blow the plant of any matter matter. When you touch them, We send this week during this anti matter that whatever it does not stop at the outer, but certainly so why not just have an anti matter for Peter? So then you can blow up a plan why why are you telling me what its ultra takes a huge amount of any man? I mean the men of animals we made in the past few decades, ten percent I've mass of the planet.
I don't know the numbers of time. I hear what you can calculate that and that did it's still a huge amount. Planets are dreamily dense objects that one stating. How did you tell me that I hear you write that you tweet about the deaths are yeah? That's that's. Have you been checked out Do you know how many people want to read tweets about the dust, our regular, so you're tweeting it at the bad astronomer at bath in Riyadh astronomer. So tell me, want to hear more popular death. Star tweets will need as I just said, because I do it a daily fact- be a fact about astronomy. And today was in honour of comecon- and I just said basically don't tell Darth Vader, but the dust our cannot blow up a plan and that link. To an article I wrote: where do the calculation article show your hours? In fact this was written on the channel portal called blaster you. I do ok, I'm gonna love your blogger blog, not a huge following this.
This is a blog I haven't got. Do you have a huge? that's not what I'm a writer I didn't go to decent, also on discover, discover, magazine, Discover, met Geronimo Block, there's a boat metaphor blogging, their blogs blogosphere. Yet right Ok, so they have a series. We have a series of blogs: do, there's a cause. Malagigi blogging there's one about current events and that sort of thing- and I do the astronomy they let me about whatever the fuck I want in this way I did write a gig yeah that was part of was almost in my contract. I said you know, about doctor who and are like absolutely right about dark who does so you know you can do you can do these calculations into a lot of fun. I mean you must play with numbers in your him. I was never attracted to star wars. To do to calculate how many workers it on your right now, you know I try to be a little more real than the fantasies of star wars different, but to put a calculation out there for the problem right. Any you can. You can call, star wars, space, opera, calling science fiction, maybe a diminishing
to find things I want to get into the whole fan work on a thing, but If you can withstand something the desk darkened blubber planet, the enterprise to move faster than light, we can beat from point a to point B. There is some math you can do with that, and I know you and I know that you study the same things I did when you were in grad school and it's fun to play with that. It is fun, is definitely phone. I just need. The fund is still to me has to have some connection sure to what could happen or crap, and that's all I feel the same way. Ok, that's good! So would also star wars gotcha. You know, I think the Hare bun. Your mouth technology. There was every advance for this being so long ago, and so far the nailed him your mouth. You know their headphones. You can get like you can buy these things. You can see. People walking around with them is awesome. Ok, so that's what we think of the future will never bring probably well. We come back in our next segment, I'm here with my special guess, Philip,
we're both here in San Diego, I'm overwhelmed a newbie here COMECON and it. This is what com account for you you're in my territory. Now this is my fourth or where the word we come back more from standing, we're back at the heart of the underground station. I thought you find us on the web. Our talk, radio dot net Not only that start talk, tweets, start heart radio, I tweet about stuff too. Pops into my head at Neil Thyssen and is a twitter. Good right here as well, my friend and colleague, add astronomer still play so thankful, been unstarched. I've been tweet, I'm always revenue to bring you up to twenty thousand tweets are Toby. I know you're just out there, you have it
followers and I do when you gain followers faster, and I got a lot to learn. Tweeting per day, when you got to twenty, thirty per day per day. I'll. Take lessons from you later. So, where does referring on gadgets? earlier we have Bobby I'm a movie. Buoy Talkin about Gaddafi's reviewed- and we took this into the future we're in the future now the real or imagined future of gadgets. Let's talk about doctor who doktor he's gonna extra rights while who doesn't want Us Sonic screwdriver. I do not understand this annex I not well what I like about it is it does anything. Needs to do open a door, it's really a plot device. Worker wind? I mean I'm wonderful work, my cash machine, right down, that is done. They didn't one episode in a Christmas special. They get cash out of an atm. That's right,
was it did ensured there's. Another thing is that makes sense to me you can in code stuff into a sonic wave, maybe a little its galifron. Ology ineffective might not ever have to be sought it. When I first came out Sonic was there we're gonna, get microwaves right? they also do dotterine laser screwdriver in a couple of hours. That's the doktor who franchise goes back to what the sixteen nineteen sixty three fine, ok, so that back then and I think, a microwave transmissions. I know a lot about doc who apparently, I've been watching the show. Since I was a kid and I love the new stuff in every ok. What do you know? It Be that as it may, the transition, without paying oh yeah I wonder how much our budget shows now, but the writing is fantastic means. Really, wonderful and the thing gets me, as you know,. The door and let us up. I believe that you can manipulate things with sound was the thing is
scan somebody and he will look at it, I'm thinking it's just a green light is seeing in there, but you did there there's other things like psychic paper, where health flip openness. The thing looks like an idea badge and it's a blow. Piece of paper and you will see what you want to see on it and I'm in the inspector general for the we know the planetary dependence on language ever whatever it is now so this here affecting the mind of the person.
You showing the bad, you know, I don't think I've ever explained, and I think it just it reads: the mine and we'll find well it'll, nearly as it is pulling out of the head, because the person obviously knows whether need to look for yet exactly great Dita and when they first use that as a block device to get past. The guard I was I was dying about that is so far for you don't need the force now. This is not the time you're. Looking with hard issue before elsewhere in the great tech harnesses is the target sources and acronym it's for a time and relative dimensions in space, which is like quarterly May fischler, cooing sound right, but it's a spaceship and a time machine right so, but it also can change shape, but its stuck in the shape of a nineteen sixties police box, where people blocks callbacks, where people could go and closed the door and call the police and be safe from whatever is going on outside, but it's an iconic shape them. The idea that you know being bigger on the inside than the outside that so it has access to a fourth dimension or
some high observer dimension, the air, and they actually explain at one episode in a brilliant scene where he put something on a bar on a pedestal anyway, ten feet away, as which one is bigger in the persons, as will the one in the foreground. Mrs that's right, it looks bigger now. Imagine I can keep it looking bigger but put it back over there and that's it. That's how the Turnus worms, and whose, like that It sounds like it makes sense, and then you go away to not only that, but they often work out rice, growing rate That's what I love about doctor who they explain things, but you don't really gain any knowledge when you walk away, but other that did not many gadgets is just he's, got the tortoise and its annex who drive everything else is right, figuring out how to succeed the universe pretty much in the targets. The charges is generally a plot device. It gets them twenty one thousand, eighty eight or the far future whatever, but it's become a character on its own. Character on so much like enterprise on start, but, unlike other classic franchises like Joe
bond or bat manner. Others where this kind of all about the Gatt gadgets are kind of. You can't wait to see what the its gadget, Nepal, when I was a kid Jane it out of the compartment of the car. So when we come back, let's talk about an absolute, we come back to start or live from San Diego, on two thousand and twelve, I'm here near the grass Thyssen, your hosting astrophysicist. I would American Museum of Natural history in New York and fill you write a boy. I write about astronomy bond for discover, mags and really work if I were to find from home I'm a blogger. I work from home. Don't weapons, ok, but we, my pants for this. What are we where exactly aren't we here? What's the framing I'd be wearing we'll be back in about.
The Gatt gadgets are kind of? You can't wait to see what the next gadget Nepal, when I was a kid Jane it out of the compartment of the car. So when we come back, let's talk about the absolute yeah, we come back to start or live from San Diego COMECON, two thousand twelve, I'm here near the grass Thyssen, your hosting astrophysical where one side of an object can receive light and trim? minute around the skin, of the object and projected out the other side. So if you're looking you're like pass actually did that, but you never think that alike path. Curves, you think that's a straight line, so your brains and eyes right. So I thought that they would try to stay ahead of things but with a foot in reality I don't even think you need to do it that way. Now there has been subject knowledge you, where you can, you can create this device and they can be microwaves added in them.
Who will go around this thing come out the other side and it's as if that object doesn't even exist. You just it. It just looks like the marketeers are coming to you from the source need some way to guide the microwaves around it. But do you this idea. If you had an I've had this idea a long time and its actually seeing it implemented in some very primitive ways that still really cool. It's not you need to guide. The light around you can stop that white. I say so when you Seeing something I see something over. There is like coming off that serve yet so there's like coming at least one has a direction rights coming from their not theirs was commuted direction and has a certain color and certain brightness, and if I can record that information, if I know the direction it came from the color in the brain then, I can say all like to do is now haven't emitter on the other side of electronically, send that continually atoms just ended and I said I dont send that photon I send. The information to the other side is somehow recreated sends out. We have interaction now
do it, so it electronically communication, this information at the other end. If you want to be invisible to everybody right, you have to know where every Photon is coming remembering direction and send him back out. It turns out. We don't really know how to do that, but you could go coherently, but not from every direct. Yes, if I wanted to hide from you, I can where your eyes are, I could do that you're looking around me. I can. My computer could figure out where you're looking for someone to his decided me, it's got a mother. I still gonna seen another angle in your life and it turns out in mission impossible movie. They had something like this. It was actually registering where a guard was looking and then projecting the latest one. Yes, and it was there was very well done. It was that sort of idea, and I really like that because it was something I thought of my own and thought and made a billion dollars, except I didn't think about telling Tom owners about any and all, but what some people are doing, and this is a really clever application of it, as they will put a camera right here and there
monitor on their backs. All it out like like we're very another stomacher whenever a solar plexus and then they have a monitor on their back and so, if you're standing behind somebody. Looking at them. What you're seeing is what the cameras seeing projected onto the monitor and it looks like they have a hole in the at its summit. The first time I saw it. I think that its great cosmos, you can be like a zombie or something like that, and it looks like you have a wholly. We only differences, it's only a whole if you're looking straight on, if you try, look at an angle to the other side is not going to get right years. This is like looking tv from society and doesn't work, but I love this idea. It's you can imagine a way of making an object, invisible to everybody to find a way. Of course, what no one talks about is that there are bands of life that render most of what we interact within a day completely transparent. So a car is transparent to radio waves for
Large, these walls are transparent, microwaves. Otherwise, my phone wouldn't work. So we're COMECON your doesnt order? The circulatory completely overwhelmed popular everybody tweeting on everybody. At the same time, but we forget that certain solid object, are actually transparently visible light like glass right when we do more I wake up in the morning. I can see through this solid object. Oh I think that it's completely and we just glass oysters glass, but there we all want to see through this wall well Palazzo, microwaves and you'll see through the put a window or put your ways hard. So what else we have I complained about one of the James Bond where he had a fountain pen and you said it, had an extremely strong magnet at its tip,
they might use for any number things, so someone shoot a bullet at him and he deflects the bullet with the magnet on his pen like in. What's the bullet Let me therefore, whatever whatever is not certain magnetic navy was cop, no copper and got his ex not making it you're not going there nickel, you trying to say no to bail them. Just say they messed up saying oh, be happy to slay them today. There could be a little boy, could do and Momentum is an issue as well I mean, if you are trying to push a bullet to the site, I guess you're pushing to the side because it deflection and not yet you try to stop at that, would blow I end up, but if you just want a push, the Soviets that's right, because I know it is yeah, because that bullet is moving so quickly. You have to play huge force to the side to be able to move it from here too
time after time, the time so it still he still that we don't have to. I would really like a punch in the face, will work right. He kid all the magnet and have a magnet do its work, he's gotta, be behind the magnet and you have to relay the same problem and to show people firing heavy machine guns and not showing the recall. Yet I mean that you need. The physics still has to work, which is what Terminator got right, because when a shock to terminate everybody felt the recoil of these, but of the limits of the shop. There was workin so filled with a rapid thing. We are taught I loved you and then it happened so quickly, as always happens without talked him. I don't talk to get your back on a great there. Haven't you been listening
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