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StarTalk Live! at the Apollo (Part 1)

2015-10-09 | 🔗
It’s not your typical night at the Apollo when Neil deGrasse Tyson and Eugene Mirman welcome Senator Cory Booker, science evangelist Dr. Ainissa Ramirez and comedians Maeve Higgins and Phoebe Robinson to the historic theater in Harlem, NYC.

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Skip the commercials support. Star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, The first is filled with secret cinemas trees. This with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space, science and society of converging here for the first time. What what will you please the tv show me the brakes, Daddy Glinda. Did you grandma South nasty when they get lab,
wild. Goose guard live at the APOLLO theater. Thank you for your energy, weird man. It is now my incredibly great leisure to introduce euros Iraq is wonder of science. Get me outta gauge Ed. Dr welcome to start out, so you dream, I guess you have on your side of it weakens their way.
Have you g Merman, ladies and gentlemen, she is here on a visa. The alien of extraordinary ability away from Ireland. The incredibly funny may again he's very, very funny, I'm very excited she could do this gentlemen, Phoebe Robards tonight's topics, we're going to Talk about social media and technology, we're gonna talk about football talk about education. I have someone who's formally, professor chemical engineering engineering Yale who wrote look on the science of football and has specialized in the role of technology and education in stem and all like the right ingredients policies expert in the science of football,
give us a warm welcome to a niece, I remember, is richer. Guess this evening is in fact, a former college football player tight in was its position. I also thought a lot about science and technology in what force that could play in the future of the country and also active in social media, in fact, few triangulate on those data. You get one person, and that is senator.
Worry Booker from New Jersey. Let's get busy system, Newark law that sure it and bring bring them, and I would just stout stubby, the ADI of their virtues are open. So Corey, you, I think, is a true. You have more twitter followers they like anyone else in both houses of Congress is correct. I am, I am pretty sure that is maybe as many as the sum of all twitter followers are now actually know what that is not true. There's a guy that ran for present in the Senate can, I think, still might have a little bit more than me, someone name but
about no longer kicked him upstairs account like if it really wants to intervene with no, it's it's John Mccain ran for ran for president and has a whole bunch of folks are found. You know that our only mostly tweets fix not you love translator. What he means is picking up Dick Cheney translate you're here you can get off. This doesn't make up. Your last name said the Senator Booker. For those who might not know who you are you you You make it sound, almost would listen, the work with the new legislature new people Kip.
Let's get out of there, and that kept going, and you became mayor of Newark, yes and mayors, my favorite political position. It is because its above that you don't really in when's the quality of an individual's life in a town you you'd, do pay. I see and things what mayor. If the garbage isn't collected the mayor you're talking to me, you gotta pick up the snow. You gotta pick up the garbage right responsible for just about every, and you were mayor as recently as like for a year and a half ago exactly why, yes, and the Senate next and then Central Frank, Lauterburg passed away now. State Senate seat was open and I ran for that and
and I got elected I do know you slipped into an empty seat. You tell me that you make it sound, almost list that will be the there's. The seat was bake it and there was a special election called I ran, and I got inaugurated rated on an honour on the auspicious day of Halloween, two thousand and thirteen. What You drive, as I said before, he you just gotta, get off your where's, all Newark people, idling Thornberry, it's ok, f, when you're, when you become a certain age, is ok to tell what are called Dad Rhodesia,
I think this like you're getting, I think you ve, got to be a dad. I'm tonight, I'm here to tell you when you marry, you get cold mother, often, but usually so. If so, let me just ask you what you, if you tweet and you're a politician, what are you tweeting? I vote for me. I mean what what where you go on with this where's, it we're just gonna land. Well, for me, I've used the platform started to use it when I was mare, and we found out that it was in a phenomenal way to be very responsive to constituency, honesty, exact, so in New York. What we found was we start using social media. Is that my residence, instead of just two driving pass appall, they
take a picture of it and say quarry fix this you'll be out there, for example? How does the realities I started to find out about potholes before my road crews? What I found out about traffic lights out before my engineering grew. It went from just being sort of e government too. We government everybody began to participate, and so we sort of increasing the efficiency. Of our response time. Thanks to everybody getting involved, you have a million eyes watching the city, thousands of eyes a want of Sousa Waterman Break. We would hear about it before people, often even The news got their news. News cameras got there, and so it in in in really bad situations like a hurricane sandy, we started getting tweets from people out of the city. Out of the state I lost contact with my disabled seniors is in a great art. Could you please find there, and so we located people in that storm who were increased?
situations, often through social media okay. So this is a whole other I mean, rather than I'm, having a hamburger. Now I'm going to the movies. Now this is us. Civic social good that you're describing what am I I do still tweed about moving, a bit of a movie attics, but we also you gotta geek, and you too, I that's why this is like when I got the call to be sitting next to this man no, you cause, I don't care about a heated debate. Ramble rainfall. Would you ve got you got two weeks. We ran all night. I read, I really John Mccain Brigham bring and I will I would shortly with love, because in many ways science should be above politics
right and we should be my view: a warming, My legs is global warming. Yes, there was a snowball on the seventh floor, so that was an injunction, oh yes, or no to the house. That was the Senate that was Astir yeah you're sent yes, those your peeps built over those. So that's what I call them as ago was so we had something big stone. Just a cool name is amazed, he's the one of the founders of twitter. Yes, we had amongst our talk, and I didn't know where that conversation would go and he took it to a place. I hadn't even imagined just speed. Twitter as an engine of social change. Things like that, the arab spring, the like you said people try to get the neighbourhood neighbourhood fix. I know, and is, is very active in social
you're, trying to promote stem interest in stem education, and so. Would that with what this means that you would encourage everybody that kind of do this? I am a big believers. We ve thought about before. I said you earlier that Ass Walker said the most common way. People give up their power is not realising they have it. In the first place, there is a profound state in its in it and it's true. We all have the power to influence our surroundings and in fact I look at this from lots of different social science data Even in voting the molecular you'd look you're in Congress and look at data. I could read that just just get that out their rights when I was there when I favour savings to my team was sitting God. We trust on the manner faith, but everybody else bring me data. Let's make decision.
I think that an opinion but based based on the facts and and so socializing shows that the most powerful influence you have is with your circles of friends. If I show you ten camping commercials, Beaufort Ex that's nice, persuasive your friend saying hey, I know Corey he's a really good guy. You should really glad vote. In fact, if you know your friends are going to know, if you voted or not, you are much more likely to vote. That's interesting, so so social media then becomes one on Facebook pages and and Twitter pages and all the way we connect with each other. You are a very powerful, persuasive forts in this world. I was going to
technologies had this role for a long long time its new to us, but you know Martin Luther when he wanted the reformation. Damn you go back. My browser seem already Martin here and we had to do with wood cutting and paper. I mean that was knew that was hard at one time and that's how you know at that point. There was this discontent about something, so we spread an idea. That's and hammered out, adore, that's right and similar to Twitter is simply with arab spring, so weep technologies helped us in terms of changing things for a long time, but the power you to understand is that that technology, wherever the platform is radio tv, they are neutral forces. What effects the reality is, what we pour into them or what we have. We influence them in a sitting on a on in a committee hearing and Sub committee hearing on how well ISIS is using social media, the running circles,
in many ways around us in terms of their ability to use socially the influence, other people and Recruit, and all we have is that rating, as is our American AIR America, an old fashioned way. Did they spend tens of millions of dollars using this old fashioned way of communicating when the majority people younger than you when I return millennials they're getting the majority of their news now and their information is coming from social media? And so we don't change with it. This is not the mighty forties were putting out radio. It's now that you know the two thousand fifteen. This is a radio, yet we have no disrespect anyway. So it's so it's more than just. The social media. Three rights also podcast Ok, but but you are so it's also applaud. Guess you can download yes
like a radio and analysed and on the trade, and so we need basically the U S. Government needs to take some of the money we put into like weapons and put it into snapshot. Are we as well, which is more than that? It's not just watch the tweet you put out it's easier tweet, me. My viable right is Edward What is today goes from. I think this man he's got become something that people want to repeat, and gets in their skin but think about technology in general, and you see this powerful way throughout every element of society. The democratization of society- and it goes to a simple understand. The power of the people is greater than the people in power. So what I M doing. That's actually effective. Like I'd get everyone talks about other, really gray. You should suggest they get teenagers.
Come over there talking to people all over the world and they are sending like, like its people, that wouldn't have access them. Otherwise and like you, don't even know who it is right that what you're a big, how they're they're using very persuasive propaganda, these means of communicating a relentlessly just to be clear, and the word meme was invented ten fifteen years ago to be fought counterpart to a gene If you knew that, so what you you would inherit genes from your genetic parents- and these are- this- is a property of you, physically or or biologically that could carried on a meme is sort of a mental Jean it's something that becomes your head and you can't get it out. So it is all tasty, and so to reproduce the E3 say that he goes to summon up, and I can't get it spreads so that further We get. The word mean relative to gene, but glass. I interrupt
it's like Instagram to worthy on twitter so I've seen I've seen breakdowns but they're using a lot of different platforms and the changes during the indifferent countries. So, while some platforms or big here there might be a different platform in it, and I'll do that research to figure out what is the most potent of its research? It's it's the fact that if you're in a country that has no infrastructure video and all of a sudden, you have a cell phone. This becomes the most popular told. So that's why countries are able to do that. I mean solar is big and other countries, because they didn't have power people on this report, because it might have guns secret for you. I'm gonna, consider singing all of the ads on this show
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This is a start, I m sorry, you you're you're a great shape today and you probably even better shape back in your day
Russia, roughly, I know one athletic body when I meet and I'm completely comfortable in my masculinity saying so so you play football for this. This college, more colleges in the West Coast, Junior Stamford, yes, yoga just checking and you play tighten yes, and so that meant you
But you're not only would receive a toss ball, but you would also that's not really how he said it is deliberate. That's what I think of you. That's all you and that's the only point of making is that you would run with the football or occasionally block for someone else. Yes, ok, so if you block that means you are running into people, yes, very hard. Ok, you hit him his heart. Is you can as hard as you can't? Yes now and the hearty you hit the better a player you are
No, ok, because, because an end, there was a day when you hit people like with with your shoulder, but there's. If there really is a physics that we are taught on, feel you want to get leverage you wanna hit them in the right places. Tat are certain places hit that our legal and so was not just a hot. How hard you hit? It's really, how effective you hit? Ok, and so lately people may hidden other people with a hit. Yes, ok did you hit people with your head? I had very bad head collision experience. Ok, that's all voted yes. Now is that so did tell you that your brain is in your head.
They teach that it's. Ok, you don't mind my most nightmarish experience in full, but tell me what yes it was that we play you see allay so I'm running down on on the kick off team. We're just gonna kamikaze they would for was called a wedge. They bring the poor the biggest guys together and that wage is protecting the the guy with the ball was recently received. The kick off and I was running down as fast as I could. I put my head down blast that wedge hit it with the wrong way. The way that I was not taught and my guess my spine compressed, I used my whole body blow neck with norm. I fell to the ground and I remembered lying there. Thinking praying to God that I would be able to get up again and walk so everything below your neck is Adam.
Chronic now nobody else is doing very well be kilometres are to be good at anything public's, be fearlessness or courage is the is the absence of yours going one anyway, but my fear after that. From that experience you need that sort of fearlessness for their courage and I lost it, and so I became very ineffective on the kick off team listen pulled off. I don't think that's fearless and I think, that's being smart, like I was afraid variety people with my super reasonable. I saw you and you went none so that with some electric neuro electrical impulse When down your spy out an end, I got from where you taken off the field in that way. No, I I sort of I watched a videotape inaccessible got up as I started to feel sort of my body again and I I just work generally walked off.
This to the sidelines. There's some controversy in Ireland we don't have american football, What I mean about like concussion in sport and because lake in broke. Beware, it's also like really big tackles, didn't, have helma and state that used to be. If you got about concussion, you would be off the page, for we And then they were like actually just a game: the eunuch as they want the prayers, but actually football. It has the greatest concussion in it, because we have a home and see what's wrong, yet there. Let me ask you something tat. There are other animals in the animal kingdom that abandoned their head, like there's nobody's business like a woodpecker yeah Why doesn't woodpeckers brain get scrambled everytime pecking at its head at the sight of a jury? What would take a text twelve thousand times a day, the next day, twelve thousand times? That's crazy! That's great! So what's it thinking?
What's up with that. So we talk to some folks, you study, birds or intelligence. Just use the way is now your actual myself and my co author. When we wrote you will fall, we talk to our intelligence, justice be Corey, Booker look like and what they want to solve: one studies, birds ones who studies birds, like you very much. If so, what they told us that the bird has smaller brain from the sides point of view when something smaller can it can undergo greater force. So if I had my laptop here- and I had my cell phone here- and I drop them both myself and would be fine, my laptop- I probably have to take to the store.
Well, that's! What's going on, smaller brains can handle larger forces, bigger brains like what we have can't handle those bigger forces. So we get concussion. Also around me the brain of a bird. They don't have that fluid, so the brain doesn't sloshing around in their tightly fitted. So those are some the reason so woodpeckers don't get concussions, but there's nothing that we can learn from would back packers to make it so that we know what the reason for concussions is the face man such right, so the home of the helmet. Check this out our itself, and this is the reason why we had helmets to begin with is that people you should die from the gate and they died because their range were being under the bed small fraction. Yes, that's we're helmets came from
Stop playing that gave me just say we still want to smash. Heads now must protect the has protect ahead, let's put a leather head on top of it, and so that letter home, whether helmet that's right, and so that became a little bit more sophisticated until it got to like a hard show. Now, in the nineteen fifty there was a player Otto Graham, he had a gash on his face and his coach wanted to protect him, and so he put this plastic around space. That was the first base mask, and then that became a standard issue. What they did is that change the way that we tackle we should tackle with our shoulders. Then we start tackling their heads so by putting the face mass, the helmet became weapon eyes. So that's what gave rise to touch it. Does you get on it? I think I see that you can recall.
I can't really doesn't know what I did so center. I mean you have a sense. I didn't notice, but more the committee's you serve on has oversight over professional sports that we'll just so you understand it. This, the Commerce Committee in the Senate Overseas sports and science, and so so that very excited somebody. I got no money from that part of the Congress years time, both tweet. I need to talk so much so tat means you have you. Not only have the fact that you were play ball as infusion of interest in this, but yours have your interest in science. That's that's great! You, the right guide for the job. I really enjoyed the committee's one of my favorite ones, coming to full name and a committee just in it's got a lot of words after a commerce sign. This regulation is rendered, doesn't use commas
The committee I testified in front of about Nessus budget right yeah, it's over you weren't, you weren't there that I was not a newbie universe. Ok, sea area, scholarship, isn't guaranteed for five or what have you done? Scholarship doesn't cover the full cost of your poor. Kid coming the two year, but doesn't mean you have to worry about concussions and, and I fell. It means that we worry about concussions period and, in the end, a fail, but also we worry about. I mean the NFL was granted a lot of authority by Congress like Antitrust,
exemptions they were given. The SBA is under the under under that. We have this illusion in this country that I think was created a purposefully that fit somehow the young people that are doing those sport or amateur. So we don't pay them, but yet they are working. Fifty sixty seventy eighty hour weeks that ship sailed back in the seventies when amateurs any Olympics. What makes an amateur amateur this an amateur, my father ran, track and there's amateur there's a amateur athletic union I mean everything was lit up amateur professional now that that boundaries gone its blurred in everywhere else. But the answer look, my my football was my ticket in many ways I guy joke, but I gotTa Sanford because of a four point of sixteen hundred four panel yards prepare sixteen hundred receiving I'm so of hundred would be a perfect score on your ass
I think everyone here knows that monopoly has great because it allows three parts, and so it's not sixteen on exporting. Yet when I had very poorly so what do I look here? Ass tat lay is yet I gotta think hog scholar, I didn't waste. So what what a privilege? It was not a not taking away from that mobility open doors. For me that works ordinary, but my point is that it is growth, in my opinion, is grossly unfair. The way the anti AIDS treats alot of our scottish matchless, politically football players, best players who work full time, jobs and go to school, and let's assume that they did get an injury. Now you can find yourself ten years after playing football. By the way, did you drop you like a hot potato, because not even a four year scholarship to one year renewable scholarships, for you have kids that are promising occasion. They serve the football team, the pact's stadium seeds they get blow out their knee in their losing their scholarship or the they have injuries. Ten to fifteen years later now, medical costs that so universities not covering date. They work so much during school. They may not be a finnish and for years, there's scholarship isn't a guaranteed for five, or what have you done? Scholarship doesn't cover the full cost of Europe, a poor kid coming there, your parents may be the fines. Are you playing games? You? U dont! You can't work on a series of all these injustices that I see about the way the answer treats athletes. We held a hearing on it it, but how much of that is is to use the phrase hoop dreams, people wanting to go pro one day rather than just ok, I'm gonna be exploited for four years and to go onto a regular job, a high percentage of individual one athletic.
That they think they're gonna play proud. Ok, look that I think the ambitions are there from a lot of folks, but the reality also lead you to do what go pro out. You know I always said: if a board be my ticket, but not my destination, I I thought as an opportunity- and I was the most highly overrated highschool football player in history of Amerika. You know somehow I was high school american on the same team of guys like Emmett Smith and things like that, and also what came out of different staple. We made the same. You say today, all american teen, so the blessing of choices and the reason why I chose Stamford, I said look in. I could get a full scholarship to one of the top educational schools. I said, let me go that when an open up more doors for me in the future, I was very clear on the stats that may be to three percent of kids.
I'm gonna make from college gonna make it saves you you look at the data. I looked at. The dead he's had that have got a bad habit, and so you know look, there's gotta, be some balancing here, we're folks, because they often find themselves five years later with no degree with an injured body. Medical costs not prepared to enter the real world and a competitive way in, and we should not honest with ourselves about the exportation of the students in that room. Really one right very best. Safety concerns at your bringing up their real as well, and we and we need to begin to really take that seriously and some of it has to do with again at the college level. How much is that kid actually playing? How much risk are we putting them? Should they have, we were doing today's were three days. What is the measure of success for student athlete? Imagine Hidell! That's yet.
This measure success how many games they win or how could have an education? They receive an end. So that's that's. Americans. Millions of people globally, children, young people- I when I was young, I used to dream these guys inspired my dreams and the point is not if they how much they one by one of the points on the board, it really does matter the entire itself and if so, how can I be careful? What you wish so suppose we changes and then we say: ok, let's get Morebury high salaries and then they buy homes. You know as undergraduates in and then what is that the normal, but that's that's. It often happens in my sins or racial debases people want to debate. You buy leaping to the extra
yeah and what I'm simply thing is this a middle there's. A Middle EAST is a large malaria that you said when I first will give a scholarship. That is the full were the full cost of an education at school with, because even now the is even emits of hundreds of hours blow to the living costs. Why not have instead of one year renewables? So if you get injured or something happened, you are you when you sign that letter of intent, you are guaranteed no ex numbers of years or degree or at least five years when I say they are going to cover your medical costs. If you get injured and a lot of those things as tell me about the flacon,
What was that all about man that was crazy, but that was not with science losers, growth? Why weren't online? I mean those out an accident. We had one this morning, a figure that we know. The thing we know is that pressure in temperature and this dance wherever temperature goes pressures and budget goes down. Pressure gets so we knew that it was a cold day, so the temperature went down. So the pressure followed our. If you do the math you're, not gonna cover for the two p s I that was missing. So what I want to say is mother. Nature is off the hook. You didn't do ok, so so just sort of San Francisco Corrie, I don't No, why deflating a ball would make a team win by forty was the slorc. It seems to me
you're, really. You really region here now try to say that all you that's why you won by such a great moral. I think you're missing the larger. I thought I saw em and I need you to help me out here. This is not the point, but any body has ever played nerve football. You can grab at better it's easy to catch a deflated football. As of what I used to play in our view of people like this, one had had a lot less pressure than it should have either growth. But that is not this point. The point is this: this is a professional that has millions of Americans, millions of people globally children, young people. I, when I was young, I used to dream these guys inspired my dreams and the point is not if they how much they one by one of the points on the board. It really does matter the integrity of the game, what message or you giving to the public and if you choose to cheat your basically saying it is when at any cost necessary, even to cheat and so what you the damage you due to the game when you cheat for that little advantage with its pudding with your pitcher, putting vaseline or or what have you on your arms, that is, that its injuring export and in during the games, I don't care if they won by fifty point, sixty point: seventy points they cheated, and that should mean something you should have a consequence. I'm with you.
I just didn't know why a two p s I lower pressure ball would be better for winning. I just to thank you for Tony, so it's because you can grip about. Oh, my god, if you go on play with a nerve football verses, it's the same football fully inflated you'll, see the difference between a and b of the grip and throw the accurate. Ok. So I know is a reality and it was also very rainy day. So is a slippery slope revolves I really would have been doing that and it works so so also so then it that's the case. Let me just take this a few physics steps further. I think you want greater friction. That's why it's easier compressing Better, better grip, that's the physics given I wouldn't have put on catching a guy who spend one of my ears catching those the pupils of the fleet of all for me was easy to catch. But the report had one paragraph that everybody overlooked. It said: can you take thirteen balls deflate them in two minutes and they had engineers do this test and there lay. Yes, that was the tax. What you could do it you could do it.
In Rome, where you get one of those needles ages, even deflate it. That was the classic. Ok, so, and another point is this- is what it tells me, because we wrapped the secular its. It tells me that the football players themselves didn't know enough physics to realize they would get caught gotta. You gonna, explain now into blown up. If, if you knew the physics of this, you would say yourself. If we deflate this, you cannot see mother nature, and the laws of physics will ultimately indict us, not the laws of the land right at the laws. If it sire said when they try to hide behind science, the first you know back in January February, they would it we're talking about where this can happen. But they were really given the higher, but they didn't do the calculated had they down it. We ve got to stop this right. Yeah yeah that wrapped up segment, two on football with Senator Corey Booker more start talk when
come back. These relate it to you Yeah. Are you a hip, hop fan when you react yeah. I was wrong when I was around, the oldest one time, martens like he was your flame. Are you using like gramophones attacked? So not so we are talking about your favorite haven't. I was like the sugar you're going. I recited every line of your rapporteur. Do I ask what was the first album tape, eight track that you bought in my life?
First recorded music listening in those cylinders, Edison yeah, the first I bought was Simon. Garfunkel rigid What was the first party you like this. Start on water policy bitter and all your star,
We now on its subject is near dear to everyone, and, if its, not that should be, or just before you even human and its education, just education, an u what one for me, one of the most noble causes that was written all over you in New Jersey, as it has a mayor. It's still there is how we first met its trying to reduce recidivism in prisons. By educating prisoners while there there so that when they come out, maybe they got a new thing they can do is right. Why hasn't anybody been doing that since prisons were invented wise at a new thing right will? First of all, I wish.
This is an area where the data should be controlling our decisions, but what was controlling our decisions was fear and, I suspect, a lot of other or baser emotions. America went layer of a criminal of a value of a criminal. I think there is a lot of race issues. Also in this will be, as I keep it, real that we have gone through the right around the Indus of Rights Movement. We have this explosion and in incarceration fuelled by a failed war on drugs over a hundred percent increase in the federal prison population, and we now led the planet earth dramatically. We are four percent. Forty five way, as in the United States, is united. We really nice he's as forty five percent of the global population, but we have about twenty five percent of the global incarcerated people and and then, when you start breaking down about who gets arrested, you begin that's when you start to see that this affects everybody rifle to return to this system blacklist returning the system, but there is no difference between drug usage of marijuana use it. For example, the last three presidents have admitted to using marijuana, but if you are an african American in this country, you are almost four times more likely to be arrested for using drugs. You know there's no different, statistically between blacks and whites, using it almost four times more likely to arrest for using drugs in somebody white, and so we ve got this massive increase in incarceration disproportionately in communities of poor poor communities. Disproportionately blacks. We have states like New Jersey that have blacks are about four percent of fourteen percent of the world's population, title of less that make up over sixty two percent about sixty percent the prison population. But then the problem is is, as you said, then we let people out of prison. The member the majority of people arrested. These are not murderers. These are not violent criminals majority we arrest or non violent offenders than we let folks out, and then we immediately put
into a caste system in which their punished for the rest of their lives. Because when you get out of prison, you have a felony conviction for non violent, say: drug offence. You can't get upheld, grant you can't get a job. You can't get a business alone. Maybe this us lies house was that it can you how about you you, your voting rights are restricted. Your serving on a jury is restricted. Prisons are business. Their business model is crime right right, so you want people to come back. You don't want to edge that railway as private prisons and President of the problem, and so now you have this large population is going to find it very hard to reintegrate into society, and we wonder why two thirds or more of our people that we release go right back into prison, fuelling this prison industrial complexes. You as you seem to be putting it, and so this is. This is an apparition. It should not be, and there are logical things based on facts that we know there are ways to do better if they are in prison.
Somebody's paying for them to be imprisoned right to have a job there, earning money and their pain and their pay attack on Treasury right by rights. So is there now we're we're in a century where fluency in stem is gonna, make the difference between what you led the world economically or not? So so, did you get push back from non stem people say what you know about the other subjects to let you know return, lip liberal arts, I mean I I don't push me. I do get pushed back. My my one, my favorite one Sunday morning put the book about independent rather than arts. There is there something that it's a zero sum game, I'm saying when we we need everything is going towards them, but we don't forget the other things as well, because we need to know things in context. That's why urban spitting out all this history, I'm a scientist, because we have to know that how things are related and how things are interrelated as well. So I dont think those things get left out. I don't think we have the perfect model. You commentary this evening is living proof of why the resolutely subjects are important. That's right!
why you would have no way to think about how what you do know from your scientists fits in that's right through our thinking. This is inventing than you're the first purchasing and it's never been done before. But if you look at history is a hey. We ve been here before twitter yeah, that's fine, but that used to be the pamphlet some time ago. So we have to know how these things are all interrelated till. We need all this, but the tragedy, I think in our country- and I love what you put it nets, doubling whether it really is again what I was saying in the previous segment about the global competitive. Does America want to stay as a dominant global economic force? And if we do, we ve got to change our ways dramatically, because we are failing to gradually people from the
subjects and we're leaving. Nobody would feel the football team with only six players, you're, the one, the tweets with less words, but most people want to put the full team out there. If you work were viewers, we started a big as a key words. We met Sputnik behind is about making that galvanised every everything was alive and just to be clear. Russia has public, the global World Roca, but my point is that we're we're fielding a team and in science technology and leaving large amounts of our team on the sidelines, a women only about one out of ten September, adulterated filled by women. That's that's outrageous. We the genius relieving on the sidelines, and it's all outrageous, it's more outrageous that you realise again. I spent not history, but in the eighteen, ninety you're more girls in a stem class and voice fifty seven percent. What happened is a home economics moment sucked them all out?
and by the time, the bubble collapse guerrilla, gloves speech. We will do Pie and then they will go well just do that instead, instead of math, I want you to be my mom. About. Eighty ninety there are more women stem fields. We, however innocent and classroom fifty seven percent in an eligible classic chemistry class was girls, then home economics movement pull them all out and then, when that bubble loud and even though there was a home economics movement oh yeah! It was called domestic science and my own- and I was I was like I don't know about this time ass. I wait a minute it at the turn of that century. That's right! Then the suffrage movement was warming up, so women were ready to claim voting rights
UK here in Amerika. You tell me: women are ready to want to go out and vote and changed the world, but they just go in droves to become polemic, because we were sold villa goods that this is what we need, and this was a way to empower women, so they can run the home, run the farm and doing away that's very business like anyone. Just did everyone did it all the girls we had to go to this class, but then that homer economics bubble collapsed. Girls tried to go back into the science classes and they adopt. They got this bad reputation that they can't do science. So when we talk about girls and stem it's it's it's erroneous, I'm turning is a big word. I'm sorry about up to Romania's were right. It's because it's because we girls can always do stem. We still rock stem it's just that. There's! No! No! There's no memory in the system, ransom for stem team now missing fifty plus per cent of the population, and then, if you take blacks, Latinos native Americans, they make up less than ten percent about temperature system due to your leaving that pipeline dry as well, until we're not getting everything on the field and so
We as a society have to begin understand. We have to figure out how to prime these these sources of our genius, because this country smoked valuable natural resource is not well or coal or gas anymore. It's the genius of our population, but we're not doing enough to cultivate. Nor yet out of you, ve gotta, you ve gotta programme, my new size, Pike S, all science, undervalue splain, size topics in two minutes. Why not take for our, Because people schools can use its one at over explain it does not help people to note in the middle even that fact that, like girls, you stay number boys and stamped like. I never heard that before, like if you get that message is like one girls heads powerful latest: that's just like one line. It took a few seconds to say, but if you don't know where stand like, you don't know exaggerate, but if you think that we ve always been at the bottom, but we have a regional market, but you can't say that for two minutes: ok, so
we got these these two minute, a biscuits, really wisdom and incite basic Ethiopia and Home Economic Mary part. That's right! If it happens just so, you know that because many foods, especially fruits or spherical, went oranges, apple and many objects in the universe or spherical food becomes a potent way to reference things, and I feel. And the same so food is always in in the mind of the additives in food and orbs. They all go together in your pockets in progress. Now it's one
to teach people and then they learn something but there's something. Every kid has- and it's the why I say this often you know we spend the first year or so of Charles Life, teaching them to walk and talk. We spend the rest of lives, tell them to shut up and sinner, and that an end and this this inquiry, which is a fundamental part of childhood, get beaten out of us. We're gets bored withers on a vine and so Maybe it is it's not how much science do you know it's? How long do you keep asking questions, because what worries us is scientists, ass, pleasant. I think actually kid toddlers go into an elevator right and and with a rabbi leg is a calmer walks. In one hour, No,
we'll go to like push one of the red buttons in there they and the parents are no don't do that. Let the kid push you see, but now what arm could then irony go off and then we will never do it again, but the word something about pushing red wasn't what is the fire department doing anyway? Let us meet this trial, so I didn't like. I guess, I'm not my kid. My wife and I choose a Phd in mathematical physics. So people was ass. If what we are really messed up kid, but I don't. I don't think there, MR, why you're saying is that we should give young children screwdriver and show them an outlet and say hey. What do you want to buy? I think that that idea that you learn so much by my experience, world met me, might cut yourself. A journal learn a lot and I'm still one of those guys was out of a big kid, and I say: should I push this button then, when I was first came into, the Senate might be things on the international stage,
But senators in their offices have a panic button and I didn't know what was this button and so capital. Storm my office and so rightly said. We can't like rapport children and bubble rats with parents. Do I let him do any good wrap your child? The bubble refugees, Denise breathing with is another great studied it out or you can random kitten bubble study about over the years. The radius in which children are allowed to walk over three generations has been shrinking, so much more user such wimps. Today we are when we we did this Idaho Aztec when I was your age right. One of them was measure age. If you fell off the monkey bars, you landed on cement
Am I right now tat we saw, could you and all the locomotive you know? clip if you know cement is waiting for you fired soviet playground happened when I was with you guys play dodgeball, and I was almost ass. I said a dirty word: we don't play dodgeball anymore, I think this translates to this kids are afraid to be to fail and that's what you need in the twenty our century, if you're gonna make something. This is how you learn stuff, but if you, if we bubble, wrap them there, there are reluctant to do that and also we test them, and we tell them that you have to get this right answered, no one's willing to try. So what kind of scorn ourselves with essential when it comes to innovation,
talking about the funding side, but it also be the mindset, if you're not willing to try, because you want an answer to the back of the book and by the way there is no answer screwed down on my old job. The orange wish you could listen. Mr talk, commercial free joint start talking Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriotic dot com. Slow start talk. Radio
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