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StarTalk Live! Let’s Make America Smart Again (Part 1)

2017-04-21 | 🔗
StarTalk was at the Count Basie Theatre 4/17/17 on a mission to Make America Smart Again. Ft. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Eugene Mirman, Senator Cory Booker, former science policy advisors John Holdren and Jo Handelsman, Ophira Eisenberg and Baratunde Thurston. #LMASANOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, secrets in industries with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space. Science and society are converging here for the first time all work, What do you see the domain? The brain tat goes into Grandma South Ass do when they get lab.
Easy ways will be, has a bad side and reform of the marriage. Science policy and I've got a great PAMELA beer, but we're trying to do is make America smart. Again try to find an asylum policy come together to effect change for the greater good of us all and Eugene we're here for you? Yes, thank you. As part of their beauty. Merman comedy festival, we'll give reset age with me. One day, everybody
open your eyes, and bird and I've got drawn homeland working Obama's Office of Science and technology policy. Also from the Obama administration, we have a biologist, Joe, handles when Joe come on out directly for signs that the Office of Science and technology policy under President Obama, And now she's, a microbiologists at the University of Wisconsin, Jesus, yes, yes, so this event will be in three parts tradition. We'll talk about earth and keeping track what's going on, and why about the sign from the policy related to that. Next we will talk about biology and all how that affects health.
And get inside the National Institutes of Health in what they're all about, and why and will end up with a final settlement on the future a future space. The future high robust and so do at all all the science that matters in this country and wood bring. It now arrived earth day is in April earth April twenty six, and coincides with the site? March. I watch it so so John. They begin nineteen seventy right. Why not thousand sixty, surely care about earth and nineteen sixty people did What had happened during the course of the six? These as over the whole series of environmental disasters they ve got so we do in disaster area to protect, so we don't know how to protect something proactively.
Disasters help we're like the three best disasters are river catching fire when one down through the Lake Erie, becoming totally clogged with algae, so that most of the fish were dying was we're not going in and of course, the ear pollution in the LOS Angeles Basin, getting worse and worse so that on most days you couldn't see the mountains fact. I was a Caltech in the early linking seventies acid and there in Pasadena, I've been there for six months before I knew there were mountains, right behind you, ok so Joe. You were you worked with John Waldron officer sighted Technology policy, like what is it's always tv. I think most people never heard so. Why was what what? What do you do not do? Well, we obviously didn't advertise ourselves very much.
Our job is to mix policy in science, and that meant to things some of it was policy for science, how to make our science enterprises strong, as it could be using policy to shape it, but the other side was using science to shape policy on issues that work obviously about science like forensics forensic science is supposedly based on science, in fact, there's not that much science behind it, and so we brought the science to bear on that issue so drawn Europe. You were appointed by about two to drive to be approved by the said: yes, but there are two different jobs involved. Science advisor to the president is not subject to Senate confirmation. Director of the White House Office of Science and technology policy is subjective title and I had both titles, but I could start serving as the president
science adviser on Inauguration Day two day, two thousand and nine took two months to get confirmed as director of OECD and in those two months I couldn't setting the directors office. Couldn't give any orders anybody you know if, but I could talk to the present lap so drivers? Bureaucracy is going to be so how is it bomber among the presidents with regard to science, would you say Think President Obama was the Science savvy president, since Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, of course, was his own science via whose banners by war and hardy, never hears you by the president came into office under ending how and why, science and technology matter for the economy, for public health, for the environment, for national
security, food, everybody was pre loaded, we vote on it understood it accepts. Earth day I still forgive me, don't really know what you're supposed to do one thing, but what is supposed to do I think you're supposed to draw a picture of the earth and then get it on a toe bag. Around on the earth, appreciate walk on the arrests huts the earth because they are needed a hot butter ergonomic look at a baby for as long as they let you on this matter has has has biological moat? Doesn't it absolutely scientists think it should be renamed Soil day because it's about the earth, but the most important thing on the earth is the sole
That's where all of our food comes from where we didn't you study soil. I do when I saw how many want to call it soil they A few of us see, I would say, like water, was pretty important, yeah yeah, but so I can go more than a week without soil. Ten days ago, the earth is dead. Really fast without soil,. So you can't use yourself as the standard. Sorry it's ok I mean and Neil you can go for a week without air areas really or for that matter. Yeah So so so, when I think of Earth Day, nineteen, seventy that same here, the EPA Environmental Protection Agency was founded, and so was nor the National Oceanic,
administration so that thousands benchmark year for people care. So what I'm trying to understand. Well, slightly more serious note one more seriously. The hearing about the earth, no one of no more serious than you're going for a week without soil of brain vulgarity. On a more serious note, what its How about, I think, is talking with folks and remind about all the ways we depend on air and soil and water and sunlight? And you know the problem is most people today too many people think that materializes day Novo on supermarket shelves. You know they think that when you plug something into the wall, the electricity, coming from right behind the wall. Then there I think it is also connected to it and they think that most pest control is done by pesticides. They think that most availability of water is through canals and dance. I just don't get it that we depend,
Europe's for our well being and then put it really about. You guys worked in an office that, Did we household conversation and it's not help was partly because we backed up the president. The president was the face of always JP in many ways, because he rolled out the policy he represented. I remember how when was it when see every coop I told people how to not or how to use condoms whatever I forgot the details as again. I forgot remember how about sex believe you told me to masturbate and then the president had to take it back when I make no doubt was wholly wrong nano. That was the message that was the necks of measured enjoys my elders, Roosevelt Joscelyn elders. I remember the migration legends. Why do I even his name. So he was around. I think in the in the AIDS are aware
So we all know his name and so so Why didn't? We know your name, because you are, you must have an added that everybody, I know knows general dreams. You work with the guy well, but I know a few people who are outside the White House a nail think that Easy Europe, what so here's the thing there was some in the air, no pun intended a sense of concern for earth. They came out of those right right, the middle. When we go into the moon right, my thing we went to explore the moon, we look back and discovered earth for the first time, and in that discovery earth became a focus of our of our concern and our we want to preserve the spaceship floating In the boy we basically took a planet size selfie,
basically, this right from a quarter million miles away. So it looks like we. We exploited that fact legislatively. Absolutely that that blue marble photo that Selfie laboratory has referred to was critical and so EPA gets four Probably not under any controversy right, I guess. Well, you know it was interesting that no President Nixon actually thought is important to do that and I think he was republican last I remember is true. It was one of his better moments. I think I think today he'd be considered a communist, so
So- the commission an EPA to ensure that all Americans are protected from risks to human health and the environment from where they live, where they learn and where they work. So so this sounds like an important organisation, very important organisation and one which has been built up since its inception and which has done, on the whole a pretty good job, and what's the relationship between Noah and the EPA will know what is basically and environmental monitoring and science organization there responsible for understanding what's happening, the oceans what's happening in the atmosphere, the national, whether service is part of another four examples. Warm weather forecasts come from Noah and by the way, a member of Congress, ones famously said, I don't know why we have to fund Noah. We have the weather channel that was called unclear on the cards
So. I saw both organisations exist today and what can you comment on their support in Congress? Well, it's mixed. Obviously, Noah and EPA have had strong support through both republican and democratic administrations over the years, but now they are faced with severe budget cuts, most severe an EPA. If President crumbs budget is accepted by Congress and that's not a foregone conclusion, he's propose a budget free be able. Congress has to approve it, but that budget cuts EPA is total funding by over thirty percent and the research and Development Organisation. An EPA is cut by fifty percent. In that proposal,
No, as budget is also being cut, particularly in respect to ocean monitoring and research climate data. Now you don't have anything to do with that cause you're, not in Washington anymore, that's right! So why am I even asking you this ass tat of a politician. Is your politician in the house.
Will you can't come up in my house, Jersey, hello? I got work as you were in Jersey, video word across from the dark side of the Hudson. I crossed the move into the light across the Hudson River. Welcome to New Jersey rate to have thank you delighted to be in your home. State senator prove your former mayor. Newer directive have been easy. It was the best part of sea,
are you go, and so you are sitting Senator in MID term right now correct. Thank you New Jersey. Yes, we have people who previously, sir, and you are indicators. While they were served bristle, their names might not be publicly known, but they are growing people that made Obama, probably one of the greatest signs presence. Perhaps some people get around the tree bank because the fancy put in place- and so so we'd now talking about a presence, but because a lot of this, I think it's just a mystery to so many people are certainly a mystery to me, so the it puts out a budget and doesn't the Congress kind of have to go along with most of what that is read the article one branch of the constitution, the first branch of government described as the Congress. They have extraordinary powers, they set the budget, so that president suggests represents something to Congress. The Congress. Actually
the decision that is like a constitutional smack down. There was so polite, no one actually that, by the way that we could do Hamilton too, I thought I had I like your style and right now I will run it actually, yes, three! So so you and your fellow ninety nine other centres actually real real power on their budget, extraordinary power, stronger, I'm happy to hear that five. You have you have you. I was gasping presence, but I think it was wonderful.
Gary documents it basically put forth in one document, reflection of what his values are, which, frankly, if you look at his budget, the so called skinny budget and the way he terrorism part critical programmes would affect. Every element of Americans lives, even the base for the people that voted wherever it was. It was a patent betrayal, of those people who supported him and would in terms of creating jobs and economic strength, is what he preached in his campaigning days would have really debilitated this nations ability to compete globally in a world and now as a knowledge based economy, which means science and innovation and technology so critical, so to take away the government's role in that would really to be putting both hands behind our backs competing with the Chinese and the german Japanese were making significant investments, in fact, beginning to outstrip America when it comes to investing in r and D. So what is what is the I want to compare sort of what we're some
Successes for under an EPA and no one in Obama that We have missed right now. What I just wanna, let people know I mean everything we touch- represents your public dollars, everything here from the batteries to the touch screened, the gps. The origin of the all the science and technology to the private sector is now using to create thousands of jobs. Is, is public sector investment? I am sick. Knowledge is hardly anybody knows that parliament knows at dollar invested affect all of us, probably or fiscal conservatives I had to be when I was the mayor of Newark, every taxpayer dollar. Was pressures the reality is the best return on investment for taxpayer dollar one the best ones you could get in government investments is in things like the National Institute of Health. Is such things investing in science. You get almost more than double the return in terms of long term economic growth,
economy, and so the savage those programmes to cut their people, who don't recognize that the government is actually a good place where some kind money get spent rather than saying the government should have no money at all, yet will take a step back and yea. I mean we, I believe, in the principle of the free market, but Newark, for example, their environment is a testimony to the free market run amok, in other words, the river prosaic rivers, toxic, the soil in Europe is full of lead, the the the oxygen we have terrible ass worries and those are caused by companies that weren't properly regulated pouring toxins into the world and destroying not just the health and the environment, but also the fiscal competitiveness of a city in the long term. So by the EPA being savage like it is
not just the research and development side, but just older people accountable for the laws that their breaking out there and hurting revive and actually costs all of us money. So this is a message that needs to get out there. Ok, so you're, a senator with who was elected to office and you don't have a formal science background, so you gonna, listen. I've had a real political, So you have so. There are advisers, there's a National Academy of Sciences, office of science and technology policy, so you'd. We would like to think that when they speak the pub listens and he's. But somehow that's not happen
and I will bring any of us understand why so what's up with that. But I think that it is really important now more than ever- and I think a lot of votes learn this with his last election- that the only thing necessary for evil to be tried. Is for good people to do nothing and sound, but not in fact right. We learn that reach waiting is just not going to carry on as we go through the heart and soul as the age always but I just cited the reality: is we did not have an activist citizenry and a lot of votes, and you were too. We were joking before about this concept of love. Patriotism by definition, is love of country love, it's not a big word. It demands action and sacrifice, and so, if you love your country, you gotta stop issues. You guys
then you gotta let your ear elected officials, know that hey you can be overseeing a budget. In fact, the budget of this country runs out on April. Twenty eight and the budget decisions can be made public and continuous loosen. What are you gonna prioritize if you're not speak, not than letting your voice be heard and engaging in the process of your basic surrendering, precious vapor. Hey. I've got a little secret for you, I'm gonna considers consider singing all of the ads on this show. There's. Just one way to get out a hearing, they're good,
patriarch arms last started tall and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen, the star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and never hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me seeing if you're supporters Patria Dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thing and I mean I'm just saying. This is still lacking in order to make progress and nor is responsible for many many satellites in orbit around.
Monitoring climate, for example- and you would think that this would be sufficient, so that people- then, here about the data, learn about the data and act upon the data as citizen scientists. If you will so what where's the disconnect here Wilfer first of all- public, actually understands climate change better than many members of the Congress do. Right right now worry present. Its policy is no longer working in the government, as we can say that it is true that would pull show you know, polls Show- and I said Mr President, Obama, one point, polls show that, in the range of two thirds of Americans believe that climate change is real substantially caused humans already doing harm. We need to do something about it: two thirds by the way only fifty percent believe evolution is a fact.
And when I told the president that- and I said this was evils San you- scientists have to do a better job, educating the public, and I said what we ve done pretty well on climate change and its more evolution. These have definite constellation It's not a hundred percent, so people they seem to be so so the denial of data that they don't like. It's almost like they're afraid of what the data is gonna say I mean we have laws in Congress and were shocking to me that I found out we're we're blocking even study things like yours, we're blocking studying of gun, violence and understanding the effects of an end, so supporters of locking gunfire, etc.
That is why I wanted. I want to be very blunt with some of the things that we have to understand. There are large money interests, large corporate interests in this country that are very invested into the status quo right now and when elections they spend billions and billions of dollars supporting people who will protect fossil fuel industries and others protect the status quo. So you can't expect it with that much money being poured into the system that the people are often get elected as a result of that will be protecting that despite the evidence and try to do everything they can to fight given its like the tobacco industry. For so long, they would fun scientists to come up with funky science. It was wrong and try to debunk, or these confuse people as to what the data was showing about cigarettes Joe. If you knew my forward and infectious diseases is their right or you you. You are part of the programmes that top people about it. Yeah I stood here. We delegate
several epidemics like Ebola and seek a virus, and we handled at John and I were where the key people an ice tp. So so that's a case where, if something goes wrong, people get sick and die so there's and media cause and effect and climate change has a little bit more about her right, But if sea level rise and start flooding seems to me that cause and effect well and heat waves and droughts and wildfires burning, larger and larger areas, You know in the Arctic can't way more than the billions of dollars of advertising think we might be looking at this. The wrong way. First of all, thank you signed, sounds amazing why you did not want to go to oppose the science. My second, you started. You like the EPA and no were born out of rivers on fire, maybe they're trying to return to that level of disaster. Inspire us, so I know what's happening. I mean the reasons
So many Americans now believe that climate change is real and dangerous. Is there are experiencing it in there I've never seen it on their tv sets their seeing it on their Ipad and its stunning. If you look expansion of the area's afflicted by extreme heat every summer. If you look at the areas burned by wildfires for the first time in modern times, the tundra is burning in the arctic tundra. Meaning that never happened before yeah. It never happened before in the period when we were looking. I went to a doctor for science cold and she told me it was global war.
I swear to you. That's not Lobo sounds like I did report Rosy Jersey, endorsing the financial impact of climate change right now, so we must be worms and with a mass of fishing industry in Jersey, what's happening the acidification of our oceans. Warming of the oceans piercing fish that you use will. Finally, because New Jersey are now being found further, often Connecticut of We must find a place for New England as legally we often New England is complaining because our seeing lobsters and other things moving further and further, and and so far more than that we are at stake and lives in flood areas and now the flood maps literally, are now you're seeing what were used to be a hundred year, floods having more frequency which is costing Jersey is alive. More money. So I like what you are saying that you said it
Maybe we are, we are returning to the pre nineteen. Seventy state of of circumstances, where we ve got a draft low before we recover as one chinaman spires another major disasters are trying to inspire us, not interesting way to think about it. If only wait, if they snaky so easily, maybe it would help to just laid a few local We need a light. Rivers leg, trumpet more alive river? At my golf courses on? Is it? Is it now, I don't think it's too late and I think because the river on fire and that's all kind of local stuff right away. Climate change? Would talk about planet? Why? Yes, so
requires planet wide cooperation and participation. So is it? Is it too late? There was one study that showed that people believe in climate change based more on the three previous days, whether than anything and so there anyone there believe three, really warm April's away from people being like fine, let's fixed. So I've started return to this point that the cynicism is killing me. We are a nation that that the majority of us, the majority, Republicans believe that climate change is real. The disconnect is not the people of this nation, realising that there's a problem that disconnect is your king used or who say one or more more eloquent than I could ever so. The problem today, where we have to remember those who sell this mortal became more difficult. It will love repent wars, not the vitriolic words and violent actions
bad people, if the appalling silence and inaction of the good people- and so that's the problem- is that, if not at all Republicans that the majority of them, as you said, believe, climate change, the real millennial Republicans are so far progressive. One more peripheral women's issues, on everything: everything all issues about the way: the only major political party on the planet earth, every other nation there right party in their left party believe in climate change? The official elected republican leadership is the only one on the planet. Earth does not official. We believe in climate change. That's calls American exceptional was that leadership on a different idea. What we need is a very good you. Let me give you an example that this is. This is simple:
I've always if we believe in the power of the people is greater than the people in power, but fulsome exercise, our powers, Alice Walker, said the most commonly people give up. Their power is not realizing have it in the first place, and so the cynicism that gets thrown around is actually a toxic state of beings surrendering your ability to make change. Things can be changed with what we. This is something very simple: if just millennials alone, rock bottom set this in his speech to Howard students, forget republican or democratic, just millennium generation, the biggest population bubble coming up demographically right now. If they just voted the same levels, that x generously. Forty fifty percent a mid term elections. The entire congress would change an end, so this is not. Obama said this complicated. You look at the young people's that you'll need to occupy anything just vote and that this is not a problem of knowing what is right to do, and I
fear, but how do we get that message on to snap? So so I get this, I get that and remembering that in the sixties, huge protests, all the time and every major city campus unrest The time citizen rate was trying to take back the governor. And I get that into getting some of that now, but at the Today it comes down to policy. That's what it comes down to. Doesn't it Such policies are in place and we can all agree to resolve these problems, but you can win fights like I came in, and I actually took he even back here in New Jersey for arguing, that's ok, I gotta figure out a deal. The strike Republicans and I worked with a lot of my colleagues on this and saying, hey the problem, oil and gas industry, all kind of tax credits for it, for innovation, for renewable energy, which we are losing ground to the Chinese and the Germans in their innovation and technology, the jobs of the future we're losing ground because,
the tax credits for wind and solar, or one year there not predictable tax credits that industry needs, and so we fought with an exchange. We allow the export of oil, something we import ban in exchange for seven years and predictable tax rate. It will soon Congress did that. What did what you things happened that solar and wind industry, the United States? the investments are going up. The innovation is going up to now the art of compromises, and we won that battle in Congress doesn't mean that made the front pages of newspapers but we're in their everyday fighting, and I think that from the public, because I've watched this has only been a hundred days. The Trump administration. But people realise that day, Congress change New Congress came in one of the first things Republic has tried to do. The house was to remove the watchdogs ethics watchdogs,
and it was the public, its soul was outraged that they stop them in their tracks and the reverse course. I see that a number of times since then that the public and the press exposing what's happening as up and things back, and you- and I both know history when it comes to science. The ability for the white poets right inspiration to prick the moral conscience is the urgency of people, whether its Kennedy talking about going to the movies you all science like crazy or just simple Americans well known people that have powerful platforms like yielded Grass Thyssen, bringing frame fire fire. You are. You are guy this getting folk awoke on site
issues, and I think that that's really powerful woken folks were not what I'm trying to do is through forms such as this, and everything else is just try to not tell people what is true about the universe, but empower people to understand. Why and in that way. Ownership of that knowledge, without even having to reference me. If all it was was, this is true. Cost Thyssen said so that I fail there's an educated. We say this is true: It goes to be in this cause that that was that then you own that information and that shared and I'm not even in their picture. I don't have to be at that point and then everybody makes command of their lives in the country in which we live It also helps a lot of us not just wake up everyday screaming, because we know that there's someone out there that sounds scene
Ok, so so one point Carl Sagan was once asked about I think there were some of you have said, the senator earlier onset billions and billions That actually said that I heard that it was asked with regard to superheroes what was his favorite superior and he's not a fan of because you just waiting around for someone who has the power to solving while you're eating popcorn, watching movies, and so so so too, to the senators because you just waiting around for someone who has the power to solve it, while you're eating popcorn, watching movies, and so so so too, to the senators point, quoting wasn't Alice Walker, the biggest
is the power you dont know you actually have. That is the failure, this pair phrase, but he s ass. What most commonly we give up our powers, not realising we have it, not even knowing you had already seated it to someone else who is using this, possibly against you most likely. If you check out of a system of that system, is going to. It's like when Time magazine said that we were all personally year giving data. Remember that a mere right up- and I was laid out like a lame- is worth presented here ever or was it the best nervously? What's the generation where there are no losers and everyone is a winner, I think they have the editorial board. And that moment you think Carl Sagan secretly like Lantern, though checkers people driven coming under the next segment
we're going to explore and in fact celebrate the latest advances in medical research, genetics and help when starts out returns live on this count. Basing their new Jersey
this is starting. The universe is the main northern universes gender neutral human. We all understand why, from the outer Eugene do your Eugene is one of the proud represents. A great tradition in America is an immigrant from where are you from. I forget, know Russia you're from Russia? Yes, yes, you as citizens, you can't get rid of it. That's right through the first generation of these first erosion and were born another country
you came here and you're gonna be present. That's fine. On that subject, I will add- I just did this or that the average decade by decade average of first generation immigrants in the United States. Since one thousand nine hundred is about ten percent to the one in ten Americans were born somewhere else at any given time across the century. Now, another question: what percentage of american winners of the Nobel Prize in the Sciences was a first generation immigrants a third of all american Nobel prizes in chemistry, physics, human physiology, referring born also there three times is represented in the science. This
this prize of Science and they are even than the population, will give you an example of this. So people will come out of lobby in Washington. I love when people own higher lobbyists, but they come down themselves. You lots of New Jersey has come down and when I see college professors from Princeton to MIKE University Stamford come and they come to me and say: look this is crazy. We bring these folks in the bright mindset, studied or universities on student visas. We use our resources, given the best education in the plenary assumes that student these are runs out. Was our country now saying to them? out of our nation and that's ridiculous when we have a country that attracts of greatness out here in the. I would like to point out on that particular point that President Obama proposed in twenty eleven the staple a green card to every graduate degree in science earned by
pointed just stable, the green card to the great and it hasn't had once they have around Stamford, I was told her a billboard that says you can get your twenty visa state come to. Canada and some other countries are seeing. We used to do. To accelerate ahead of the rest of the planet, earth and one of those things which they saw was they had policies. It tried to attract the brightness of the US and its anti American. I could do that More, we want to do that. We want to leave just no fairness. Nuke angry said that, as well as stable. What I have just do not want to be fair. I went to a lot of these few say jobs. I am canadian and all my canadian friends now treat me like. I have illness. Being American, like how's it going.
On the stage in our foreign war- and I actually I'm I'm only on a green card- I'm yeah, I'm a new mom Ivan Anchor baby aggravate Lily S. You guys got science advisers here of a politician here. Clueless in how advice is obtained, receive at an acted or not. What is that dynamic idle up? Well, first of all, I had a great relationship with democratic centres, but not with only a few republican tenders. Many many fewer, but I mean properly way it works. Is there's a lot of interaction between the scientists and government and the Congress. We didn't scientists and government testing
all the time, if you run of the mill Anna committees or onward in front of the Senate and the house you're on a committee which you you're, the science community, yet someone I want two committees, one is called the Commerce Committee with a full name: clues commerce, technology, science. A lot of those things, animal on the Environment committee, environment, public works. So I went to the main committees it deal with issues of science, innovation and they hear a lot of testimony, but they also meet individually with scientists and technologists from not just the White House but from the Department of Energy from the National Science Foundation. From their staff mean overtones of these all the people they who the Senate approved So so you so they can. Someone you at will absolutely and just slap you when they feel like Well, you know when I used to say yes, I will. I will comment
on days when I was testifying, we used to call it can yadda yadda, they swing answer with a big stick. They hope to break you open in some candy will fall. Did they ever hope? You just help their kids with their science homework. Is I want to test the fight in front of the science community of the Senate, and you weren't there or you weren't. A senator. I was out he there, sir, but I am a citizen- has protested right. I didn't feel like a periodic. I forbid you just kind of gathering renovation. Commenting on the value of exploration, specifically space exploration, into a universe that has unlimited resources, especially kinds of resources, that on earth we fight wars over. So I just got out. I like this, and so so. I was intrigued because I see
I was making much of a difference and I ll just kind of going through the motions and then they were going through emotions and I didn't feel their energy. I dont, so it does this work. When you give advice, are they actually listening? Sometimes Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't Corey when they give you advice. Do you listen. Sometimes I want to know is: is one of the by partisan points of agreement, health, the National Institutes of health,
so is that what it there's gotta be in there somewhere will look at this bar. That's actually longer say: yes, better! Senator that's a week when we are we or screwing up in the larger sense, in our investment in biotech and coming from a biotech, an innovation, health space State where Jersey, Jersey is, we are really screwing up in so many ways of this system was growing up in not investing in other nations are beginning to pull ahead in their investments in this area were poor screwing up and in the way the free market is contorting and making people's pricked prescription drugs way too high price. I can go through the ways and this space frustrates the hell out of me, but what bothers me most is the fact that Alzheimer's, my father died of Parkinson's just a few years ago. All of this that is costing us these illnesses that are costing us so much money. We could be investing more in the curse of these diseases. We can lead
the out of the darkness of the pain like we look at other diseases we conquer, but which is not making a commitment as a society to to put our resources are energy or talents. Job sounds like you can combine that problem an analysis and throwing so economics and then you have an argument that hasn't all that happened just agrees with you. Create the policy than you move on. Why is it that happening we'll see you everything you say makes complete sense neo. Some of it is happening in. The Obama administration. We started the brain initiative, which is making tremendous advances in understanding how the brain works, which will help us ultimately figure out how to cure or avoid all signed inside it is or how to make better political decisions, because that still exist or is it just no intelligent issue? This may, because I haven't found out about this job. What what do you think a violent?
advances that that more people need to know about well, have the big initiatives that I worked on factors. My first initiative and the White House was precision medicine, which is the idea of using big data about big, locations, people to tailor medicine treatment and prevention to the individual. So if you can sort of parse people into lots of different groups and based on whether it's their zip codes or their genome There are micro biome, something like that. You can then make predictions about their health, and this is really the future of medicine, but I had kind of an interesting experience. This is my first Nemo to the president. We John and I wrote this memo and then we're invited a few days later very quickly to the oval office. To me, with the president most of the present commissioner, which ones will commit crimes and arrest them before I saw them. So we
This great meeting and president clearly had gotten precision medicine, so I walked out feeling pretty girl John. He got it and this is pretty cool. The next week I was sort of perusing some old legislation. I came across two thousand and six legislation written by the term o bomber on precision medicine simply corrections, but that I think, is an example of a bipartisan issue, because when we were all doubt, precision medicine we had as many Republicans as Democrats at the event and just in December, the twenty first century cures bill which supports precision, medicine and the brain initiative, and several other things pass the Senate. Ninety five,
I thank you very much and I will certainly by party he was in the five years they use our gas gazebo. Do you get your thank you very much so so we would seem to me that health would be the most by partisan thing going, but then I'm surprised to see a proposal to reduce the funding for the National Institutes of health. Understand I almost six billion dollars, so boring must suffer there. It is
it is. I got some I've. I've literally been this rum during these large budget. Deals where that exasperatingly you're fighting to try to say how can we be funding Ex wires Z, like these broken programmes, do anything and we're not funding. Something is obvious as this. Frankly, I work in a body that we're all get. No, it's kind of a of one of the more thoughtful Senor bodies were. A lot of these diseases are gonna, be visited upon us, and so I don't know senator you forget about. If you don't care about this country and Nunez much repatriated, we all should be but think about your family. Think about yourself. Why are we making more than a vessel
and even worse, are gonna keep repeating this over and over again. But we report on all about this present a promising that we're gonna win Bigley but but but the reality is our competitors are making massive investments in terms of percentage of their gdp. Investing in these things there overtaking us they're going to catch us an overtake us, and so I just look at what China is doing and what german is doing and what Russia is even doing in terms of what their investing and even in Russia have hurried up by uptight, something I'm I'm a yes ok, let your Inner jersey out just so, the day I realized it's a pretty. Upsetting but disturbing day. For me, when
Look back at America's a presence in the space race. Ok from nineteen fifty seven onwards, the launcher sputnik until we landed on Essentially, every decision we made to go into space. And what to do there? Was we active to what the Soviet Union. Had already done or was already plan. Every single move they put in a first satellite. We voted for selling. They put up a dollar, we put up a chip, they put up a human than we put up, are you they put, and we are reacting at every time every turn and I wonder, cannot democracy. Pro active or do we have to wait around it and we feel threatened and only then do the system's align rest in the way we should
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