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2015-01-31 | 🔗
Navigate the stormy seas of greed, politics, economics and the science of water with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Eugene Mirman and their guests Robert F. Kennedy Jr., The Gyalwang Drukpa, Dr. Tess Russo and Jason Sudeikis in Part 2 of our show from The Beacon Theater.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, With this is filled with secrets in industries in this with many questions to be answered, we find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what the Japanese, it's easy to mean the brakes. Daddy Glinda. Did you grandma South Ass do when they get last night.
We are back at the big inferiority we're talking about water in all its forms, in all their consequences: of too much water too little water, dirty water, clean water tests. You ve also studied disruptions to the ideological Michael. What are examples of disruptions to that? I would be trained snarly, this wretch. Ok, what do you do if you build a dam on a river? You are like what beavers do exactly humans do a too, but we learned from beavers for that's an example of disrupting the flow down the river or I always bad.
Ok, so what else would disrupt? If you can't lots and lots of water out of the ground, you might be redneck I don't know where to go to your words worthy continue Superman lots of water out of the ground, lower the groundwork, our table? It could start pulling launder from the rivers and the streams down into the ground, so water that used to make it all the way to the ocean, and now it's Sunday, I never knew that. Are you saying if you pay water out from other places, your river now, my leech into those places they didn't go before could be used to be one of them. That range or river before even gets through the ocean. So the surface water and groundwater connected, even though
don't see the groundwater or the connection, so some of the hidden costs of climate change would include what would you say well changing their water availability, so changes in precipitation patterns are gonna change, how much water seeps into the ground and recharge as our groundwater. It's gonna change. How much water flows down our rivers. Temperature changes are gonna change. How much water we need, which is a big problem. As you melting glaciers, sea level rise? That's another flooding appear melting glaciers too quickly. Ok, so the sea level rise is my horse, water back up rivers and make it wrap it yeah when it wouldn't. What when it wasn't that way before is that it can happen
and you couldn't have seawater intrusion into the aquifers so now you're pushing salty water into our groundwater, and then no one wants to pump anymore contaminated the well vertical my roper, yellow juggling most of the problems. Beavers So I m fascinated by hearing this and hearing Bobby, give the recitation GEO political answer. Your holiness, is there any history of how water is dealt with spiritually water as ritual is running traditions that you could share with us about how people think about water beyond Something to drink. I just wanted to ask you that question. Since you ass scientific man, do you really think that there is some sort of a connection with the spirituality spirit,
in connection with the water there's, a quote from J F K, John Kennedy, president. He spoke of returning to the warders edge. He was about salmon as we know, Bulgaria. This wrong. Correct me here is what and when why do you come to the ocean and he reflected on the fact that life on land started it and he hypothesize that this, point of origin of life continues to call to us and in its telling we are drawn to the boundary between land and water, and we gaze upon who here hasn't stared at the waves coming it? Not then, in conversation with anyone just transfixed nature, and how it moves water too. The land and away, and so I don't know if that's it. Spiritual reference to order as much as
but of a biological one, but it's a comment that I've never forgot ever since I heard him speak those to my understanding. The old elements has the spiritual existence. Definitely the water represents the energy energy of the growth, the prosperity and, of course, the fire represent something else. I don't want to take much of your time to tell all the things? But what kind of why we have you? kind of you do not want to take up my time. Why? Don't you tell us the secrets of wind? You asked for the secrets of wind. I did ok, that's mono. George Bernard Shaw said: wind is caused by trees waving their branch.
This right. Is it in water definitely has spirit, we call it Naga, which is of course, the holder of the water. When we, pollute the water. These guys are not happy. This is from superstitious point of view when it works. I believe, when it, We are all happy to learn if you need an evidence driven. Why so They share some example up in the Himalayas. There's a village As a very beautiful lake and the beautiful rivers, and then they were contaminating the river and the water, they don't have that many stuff to dump in water, but when people die, the dead body goes in there and hospitals in the dead Yak did Sheep's they're all dumping their because you know it's ease
for them, and I have noticed that so many people are sick, specially skin disease and every doctors goes there. They can't help. So they want me to help. So then I thought. Okay, there must be something to do with the water. So then I said, let's experiment, then I ask them to clean the lake to clean the river, and I ask them not to through the dead body? Then please can, in the symmetry I create a cemetery for them and within two years the whole entire disease. Stuff
Naturally, the saying go: go you're dead. Yes, water comes from the very first biochemical warfare. Ever it was figured out that if you had been carcass of some farm animal, that was pewter fine and you manage to dump it into the well of your enemy, you and then contaminated water supply and basically make them all sick and possibly kill them, is biotech warfare in its earliest. He really so what did change their waging biochemical warfare on themselves contaminated, their water supply dead part. I believe, because I saw with my own but there are many things that we can talk about: religious blind faith and all these things superstitious that I dont believe many things that are not believable what Morbo spiritual journey exists. This thing on earth like water does is sending to the heavens hanging out there for a few days,
the flowers back down and then helping people out again and see like a pretty common spiritual journey it with you. I got water cycles between there's a threes magic number school hours, rotten, etc, etc, etc, etc. There is another point about water. Water is a very stable molecule. It's really hard to break the each to O. Apart really hard takes a lot of energy. In fact, the inverse of that fact is what drives what was once the end These are the spatial the orange tank you'll take. Is hydrogen separated from oxygen? You don't see it but you're too tanks inside that day. One of them is twice the size of the other? One is twice the size. Has hydrogen age to be almost half the size of art those two chemicals funnel out of the engine?
when they combine they release entered exothermic reaction, and there in is rocketing. And that energy is the energy you'd have to put back into water in order to break a particle so because it so stable, every water molecule you in just has basically been around since the beginning of the earth. So you want to talk about spiritual. You take a swing of water. It contains Guatemala they passed through the kidneys of Abraham, Lincoln Genghis Khan. Geeks pick your person from be they holier otherwise Bill Russell.
There were no not far enough in the past, because the water you have to drink it to drink, it has come out of you. Those in the groundwater goes to the river river goes to the ocean. The ocean circulate, becomes uppers, raincoat back on so it takes a while. Yet William Mckinley, hundred and www gray Sellen water, this pass through. So, of course, my broader point is that water is communal, internationally communal. For that very yes, I wanna molecules don't carry passports, they will One part of the world to the utter I've, never been more scared of my life in moments in water, like when you're in a wave, you know you're there having fun and then you get caught at the time have been most afraid of my life and I ve been
highway and allay still being in the ocean. We fear death yachting and that's very scared. Frederick Jackson, Turner's at that an american democracy came that can bring life and death we all need some contact with wilderness with the wild part of the earth and if you want camping or have you been, why water sailing, or whatever it is, it's kind of a spiritual renewal that takes place and that everybody can document. Everybody knows one of the things that the water keepers zoos. We focus on what away as they go through. Our major cities of this country particularly, was founded on the idea, Frederick Jackson Turner's, at that an american democracy it came out of the wilderness and it was all movement in this country. After the revolution of our artists and our cultural leaders who are telling the american people you have to build public parks in your city, like Frederick Onst at our great painters,
penalties as landscapes, usually including water. Tell the american people that you don't have to be a shame, because you don't have the fifteen hundred years of culture that they have in Europe because of this relationship to the land into the water and wilderness, and that's the undiluted work. Create added is the distinction that you're gonna have as a nation, ass wheat values near virtues, near characters of peace, we do a little bit of that. We have the national parks. Are you not have it was how we divided up the last year in America, you're. Making me look like a, and the most important environmental issue is that we have livable cities instead of investing in you. The highways and subsidies that go out to settling landscapes around our cities, we should be investing in police protection, great schools and health care in the city of making people want to live here and then saving the landscapes to filter water and that's what they do and board languages
some of them are livable city in the United States. They ve made an urban boundary air from the Pacific, northwest close to it and whirling view. That about Portland. I I love it. You can do us. The line and you're in city a step out and walk into a redwood forest in a with sickest rules that are thirty feet around at the basin, you see the Eagles everything else. It is accessible to the poorest person the setting, whereas in New York, when Robert Moses Design, partway hope or those parkways was to get new Yorkers out their parks, and they can renew this relationship with the risk that democracy, but he specifically made the bridges and the merit low enough so that a greyhound bus couldn't bass under them because even want black people from New York, the board and that's how they are today and it's one of the most important civil rights issues that we have in this country
the access of poor people and minority communities to public works, and there is always the ones who shoulder disproportionate burden of environmental, and if you see those work with all the bridges are very low. So all you have to see is black person in a really low Lamborghini coming through his head. Would it's love anybody know what, lessons I salute, Many of us are old enough to remember. When you didn't just by water in the store me somebody owns access to water and selling it to you, your holiness, that offend you? When someone says I have declared this water, something I own and now for you too, freshwater. I'm going to sell it to you will be controlled.
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after hear me sing if you support us at patriarch doc arms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying, This is start. I want to make it a bit requested here, your holiness your understanding of human nature are you hopeful? but sometimes I'm not. I am very optimistic, but we have to educate and also me coming from Himalaya. The waters are all running down to the world. The biggest river the Indus River is just
its door to me is going down and elsewhere. If there's some sort of a tragedy that is connected with the weather and the so called natural disaster. Of course, it is not a natural disaster. Does a man made disaster? But when I hear this sort of disasters as well, I feel or or is it us who create so we feel very big responsibility. We means we people who live in Himalayan. We feel very been responsibility to take care of all these water and the elements. Then, here we are talking about selling and buying all these things and also the people in the city they bath a lot. I was hearing with Kennedy the other day that people are, heavy shower like four hours. They don't need to that's gotta reopened in the name of enjoying. We just stand there for a long long time wasting learn
I feel like equally strictly speaking- or this is my property- you, what reason not belongs to one person: it belongs to everybody, so we have to be careful and You have to be thoughtful good, so Bobby you occasionally said positive thing this evening: about the future of our species? Do you think- there were three would be for over water Einstein, to assess Mozilla last decade and the in both those assessments. They said that global warming in drinking water shortages are the principal threat to America's national security because of a disruption to global political systems and populations that has caused in
a senior water. Privatisation has become a trillion dollar industry, we australian down and a trillion dollar industry. According to the World Bank, we ve already water, wars fought all over the world and in Bolivia and coach of honor a lease and many other countries where foreign companies come in rivets eyes, local water supplies and raise rates, and literally Gill or people who can afford those higher water right. You know the interesting thing nail is look at nations that have water and those that, though the nation that has the most water of any in the world is Canada, which has about twenty percent of global water in Russia, has lived somewhere around twenty percent of all
so much the count up a we have three hundred million people there's only thirty million people in Canada, while you're gonna see, is a very, very strong demand from the south, western cities that are drawing up right now you get hold of the great lakes, but a pipeline down for the great Lakes water, and these proposals are constantly being made, and the Canadians well say or do they would resolve so that as the kind of conflict you're gonna have even in what we call the first world and other places in the world, a scenario you describe before, where you have poor farmers migrated this it's not that they are making demands on government. These are people who are going to die and somebody who is gonna die as that I think the web, for any of them are gonna decided. I violently is where our civil wars You Burma me out again
world. You were like: what's your favorite flower before we gotta? Let me again with a rephrase the question geopolitical idea, ok, what they all said, but happier communists said something we all embracing agree with. That education is key is always for sure. I dont know that education necessarily makes people less violent when pressed into violence. So what would you say in addition to education is the most? Orton thing we all need to do going forward with regard to water, but bit of wisdom,
share with us. We want to be responsible citizens, we don't always know how Europe as a whole, we need I needed through being carried away. So what would you education to me is that people have to understand how important the water is. That's all that's! That's it what it does. What will you haven't abundance? You don't know how important issue and the water now right now people most, like a majority people things that the water comes from the tab, but it is not true. What comes from elsewhere
You don't have to understand that have not yet we, you know, and it comes from the mountain and the river. I don't want to go into all the details, but of course you have to know much deeper than the tab. So it's hard to know that by being told it perhaps Maybe Americans should travel more other to him and not all invited via we don't know, I mean, not that we are currently, I blameless travelled to elaborate. They don't have to go to emulate. They just go to little mountain, they have here and they have to walk around and they have to talk the trees. There really be like a really that these will talk to you. Fees will talk to your plans. Will talk to your flowers? Will talk to you and water? Will
to everything: really, you just have to be friendly with them. You know, stop being rude to them, abusive to them. That is the thing you have to be respecting them each needs to be respected and, like all us all of us, we all need the respect. We have to understand that the good about everybody, nor not only me me me, everybody has a good think. Everybody has something to offer, and nature definitely has many things to offer. Not only did we survive when the nature, for example, supposing leave there's no trees? This
There is no oxygen, I mean I don't know. Please, curricula green life gives artists, drew a byproduct. There's no reason for the out of their waste products. Is our life products? That's it that's the education I'm talking about. You know that we should know how to respect the nature. We should know how to respect animal? Also, we don't know how to respect the animal animals the owner of the world. We are not the only one owns the world, but the animals over the world, but we always always somehow abuse the animal in the name of I don't know superior, they can talk so therefore we just killed them chopped them abuse them very bad. So we should respect them, not only from the point of view Buddhist or religion that Christianity or something no
We shouldn't talk about any other religion. We just talk about the reality, so this is the religion. This is what we should be. We should always be with a reality. This is what I'm thinking I don't know. You should correct me again. You sure a third point: lace, listeners, but not the dockers. Only this week, nothing. I can add or subtract from what you just
I think I can bring me some homeboy also that we should be at the end of their. Does anyone need a quick body break before we go up here. I'm not gonna use more water. Look like they are you ready, open this up to you to find out just what questions and comments you might have theirs therefore, on this I'll here, Sir yes, beyond the importance of protecting the scarce resource of small fragile one percent freshwater. That's available to us is these: pollination and option or desalination plants in order to try to reclaim part of the ninety nine
percent. That is an especially for some way. The areas in the Middle EAST and a prettier. Forgive me not even raising a topic during this So let's go straight to pass on that test. Why can't we just take this all down the ocean that will solve all our problems so diesel, Is I think, going to be one of the solutions? The problem is it still really expensive. It uses a lot of energy, The problem is, you have to We have a water source so that works for people on the post, but, like Neil said earlier, water is heavy and so moving that water inland and to the people who live in the middle, the countries. Vision of a regional solution, not a global solution right, yes, You said that there was a point where water is like. Solid and gas at the same time, so I robberies referred.
You people Belge, but call me out on what I said so, yes, maybe I wasn't clear, it's not a new kind of water that all three in the same spot, but That is something that is signed. Tat: if we saw what I guess, I don't know what that would look like, but when we about the triple point of water or of any other substance, get out of it just be happy having ice cubes water. And that water will be boiling creating steam. The ice and the boiling water are. Fine, the boiling water doesn't melt the ice. The ices just happy.
And so that is what we mean by the triple point of a substance. And if you can have something that was simultaneously salt, liquid. I guess that would awesome, superhero that's usually what happens to me and to talk about what I call the radio Besides desalination, are there any other promising technologies for improving people's access to clean water? Yeah good actors at a lot of really simple low cost, acknowledges that we can improve the way we capture water can store it using manage to reach out to the groundwater manage major
its managing the reach arch of the awful draw you, basically your capturing, the water and retaining so you give it more time to go into the alcohol or you actually pay, so, instead of pumping out for pumping it lies a lot of technologies out right now that if they were widely used dramatically reduce the amount of water that is needed, for example, agriculture, there's drew back or culture. We have been very inexpensive probes. I can measure the moisture in the ground and in turn on computers that tell you exactly how much water the plant needs and you can reduce water and agricultural uses by upwards of ninety five. To be over water, almost all agriculture water is, is really mine. Ninety five percent of that ninety five percent, because you only need one of its action plan. What you do is you saturate all fields, water, right, that water
vat rates or it goes into the ground which we spent such hard energy trying to get up in the first by closed at twenty percent of the water that is used, those dying caught, it's a huge use of water and air, now what are free dying methodologies that are being adopted by businesses, and you should make sure that when you buy clothes that they're using, either low water water freed eyes. It's a consumptive use because the water is so polluted at the end of the dying process that can't be recovered, except by the highest and clothing manufacturers. Can I add that went about agriculture is right on and we need to emphasise that you can save even a little bit of water in agriculture were actually saving a huge amount of water, because agriculture uses the most water. So if you're saving five percent and much more then I presented drinking, weakens labels that ninety five percent of it,
knowing any man that is around something room. Green space inside it down to earth you're listening to start. Let's go to another question. Yes, I said every seven years. The international panel on climate change gathers together all the leading scientific data and compiles it into some conclusions. And twenty thirteen was the last one and I think they concluded even if the human race stopped polluting, stop releasing greenhouse gases called Turkey?
the average temperature of the earth would raise one point, one degrees celsius and that two degrees celsius is irrevocable damage. So clearly it's an issue that we should be thinking about what the best thing we should be doing as regular people. The most important thing that you can do is to vote for all national leaves and much more important to change your politician than your life all before your automobile, because they're making the rules at all incentivize good behaviour, free market capitalism is the most powerful economic engine ever devised It has to be harnessed to a social purpose. Otherwise, leaders and actually the of environmental destruction and oligarchy in orbit clipped hot received, which is lower, headed for right now,
clever accuracy and TAT S where the CUP brothers run everything and steal everything where the wealthiest country in the world, we create most greenhouse gases, and we have the capacity to change. We should punish people. We should reduce our quality of life. We should, instead of eyes business people and others to make the right choices and to make sure that you can money in this country by doing good things for our community, rather than forcing people to make money by poisoning the rest. You were talking about how the pressure on the ice gate effects ice by thought. The jury is still out on how ices slippery that's that's all I got so. This has been eaten actually the whole time yeah it's possible for it to be so cold it. Even if you try to compress it, you don't
succeed and then you cannot escape so I not slippery because it's ice ISIS slippery for an ice. Because it is voted into water by squeezing. Why is it then slippery for just when you're walking on it? On your little to your house, Though I states is no for their there's a temperature blow which, if you skated you, would not melt the warder, furthermore, would not briefly freeze and it wouldn't be a breach of the act of scale walking around my slippery elegantly fair when I'm no good horse were scarcely five times my life blood slipped eyes yeah envisaged coefficient of friction, which is how one material intersects with the other, and if you
look closer if one is very smooth and the other smooth like teflon against some other surface and fortune is low. If the services are not smooth like rubber on asphalt? gifts in southern Europe high then you're the and that's. Why? cars have rubber Roads remain of asphalt rather than Caslon on House Yes, my high ranking is probably the most divisive issues that we have a country today with over five. Hundred thousand wells in the country. Now that use Polly three to five million gallons of water per Frank. That means at their running at capacity every day wasting our drinking water at a number of two point: five trillion gallons of water per day, and that's only in the United States, in the context of the amount of water used for agriculture or in dying cottonwood. Thank you. I learn that today is that a significant
because in my mind it seems insane. I wondered that as well. Thank we can argue about one topic or another, but if it's a tiny percent of the total problem we're wasting but So I want to know the answer to that question to with this racking abuses, water. It's about one percent of the total water consumption, which is not trivial. Now, like you, said, it's Chileans gallant, but its nowhere near what we're using for agriculture is why one of the answers? Your question is that it depends where you are like a New York's. A water consumption is something that we don't have a lot of ground complaining about. There's other reason:
to oppose racking, but the water consumption is probably not a good one, because other energy uses use more water per kilowatt hour produce. For example, the Indian, when power plant is a million gallons of minute in the western states. What it would be a huge issue, particularly when they have a drought as they I would love to use that issue. This is somebody on. We have time for a few more questions. Yes, so the question is along a similar vein, There are scientific consensus on the dangers of racking to individual water supplies, If you ask the gas companies Caesar consensus in here asking whether we agree with the gas companies now there's some gas, companies. That are honest. I will admit that their causing big problems by gas industry, trade associations. That will say there is no proof that our production chemicals in the protests.
Is actually getting into waterways by a science says otherwise, and a rigorous science has been done in Wyoming. For example, Democrats Evanna EPA has done very exhaustive reports, found out. There is tremendous leakage from the gas wells. Benzene coins always Zile. Protest. Water, salt and all of the chemicals that go into the fracture fluids that they can then fingerprint and identify in the groundwater, so a science, is very clear that it is happening The industry still well say that they don't believe, are repeating in so much yes, I would like to know if this climate change and water pollution its proven. Then it's happening. Why is it such a big political problem? Why does everyone have to debate about it when we know
this is happening other than greed redrafted up, while awaiting the debate on something that we know is happening and that we know it will affect us in the future. I would say that there is a failure of tomorrow a perfect democracy. You would policy that was driven by science and by objective criterion by empirical data in our democracy. At this point, policy is driven by money to insurance, and I investing a little bit of money in a politician and then some money in these so called free market, think tanks and they fill them up with these phony tobacco scientists. We all bios d'etudes, it? Will say: there's no such thing as by asked too I ass it is I like that, I think the answer is Greed Griffin, yeah, plus we
seem to live in a world where people want something to be true. Whether or not it is. And that's a peculiar state of a democracy because it isn't stable foundation for anything that would fall, and I keep wondering whether we just have to collapse as a civilization and from that state. Have all our pistons align and move forward together, the best template for what going on now on a massive scale and what happened at the tobacco industry the industry that was killing one out of every four of its customers. They use this product is directed, and yet they were able to avoid regulation for sixty years, I creating these phony think tanks and generating a phoney science. I petitions averting the political process, capturing
agencies that are supposed to protect us from the polluters and from the bad guys and making them sock puppets for the industries. There's must regulate and they develop this whole template they had. He are firm, called human knowledge and went out developed all these strategies for them, and those strategies have now been adopted by the carbon industry that have a lot higher profits at stake and big tobacco ever did, and you remember Eight years ago, when congressmen Waxman Committee, the heads of the seven tobacco companies, the ceos stood before Congress Ray, the right hand and swore under oath, and they did not believe cigarettes caused any health problems to human. And everybody knew they were lying, but they did it anyway. Why would they do that? It did it, as you said, because greed. Eight years ago I was being so my third graders for the demotion of PLUTO,
I had other I'd, always have the same issues that you do not have time for a couple more question. I will thank you, we'd like to talk about energy. What do you think is the real feature of energy. I mean I guess to this I insist on the panel I'd like to say for theoretical, far fetched question, do you think The years from now will have contain fusion and be able to use that, but in a more practical contemporary sense? What's the real status of the renewables particularly solar and wind? I didn't are bad recently with David Grain, whose of energy was thing. Is energy producer in the country? Has coal plants as lands?
lance oil and wind and solar, and he says that we, as a hundred million dollars to spend on a plan b, will build a solar plan because for energy now so cheap, because under three billion dollars, gigawatt to generate energy, coal cause it's rebellion gigawatt new. Fifteen billion a gigawatt, I'm taking the cabin Plaza building the plan, which caused about three billion cell disable. Once you ve builder solar plan, free energy forever, as they photons are hitting the earth everyday for freight on shipbuilding. We'll let you gotta go to Saudi Arabia, punch holes, the ground, bring up the oil refinery, expensively genuflect the sheet to despise democracy and are aided by their own people may get across the Atlantic with a military. I guess why doesn't pay for you and I do spill still it all over the gulfs between all over about these early
oil and poison, everybody who breeze the emissions and an rise in sea level, Mary have a nice day, many big it wants to go to point twenty, the slots caprice. Media entered classic Given that the Middle EAST has such low water and they spend a lot of their agriculture watering watermelons, it seems kind of silly. Why don't they plant things that don't require water melons? Is there any less water intensive crops? Exactly well? Did you sleep bees Nothing what they end up, exporting the lot of the watermelons because their subsidized, so it's a company.
Economics and science? So? Why don't they ever collaborate in order to form an opinion planting rights around the world prickly? No, Now you get an evil atheling I'd buy, but what is stopping? Why are they re subsidize? It depends on the country so like if you're talking about melons being grown in the Middle EAST, you could look in Jordan, Sakhalin, no honour and their guard. They should be, and then their exporting so they're losing all that water. If you look at North West India, for example, the government has told the farmers to grow rice and wheat is, I will give you a guaranteed price for these crops You have to worry about market fluctuations, nothing, so the farmers a rate a rice, and we, even though we don't have enough water for it so their power.
Their groundwater faster than they can use it. And it's all because government is say this is what you should grow in this part of the country, so you're right to bring it up in that it seems like we should. Just be able to talk to the politician change what crops they should grow and not something that we are working on. Politicians in these areas are starting to realise it because there are seeing their farmers facing the point where they are not able to keep army. Doesn't answer the fundamental question of why? Oh, why were they wrong? In the first place, So what created, Dallas, scrap and sea between what is allowed and what is not allowed? Some politicians that I can. I can make a lot of money for growing rice, and so they picked Rice Brooklyn Job and they should greed, maybe just greed ray? That's the answer to all forgive its long line here, but we have time for only one more question
we'll take it from the gentleman in the second. Rather please go again. Is there any point where we could get to a point where there were enough natural and man made disasters, that, basically, all of our accessible water could get to a polluted point beyond repair, and if that's the case, could we ass humans adapts to compensate for so you say yes, but a lot of us would like everyone else. My bike worry, so you say we hey Plan Why, then, is evolved to thrive and polluted water, basically origin, our genome, so there Polluted water, just fine, for I mean it would take- time for evolution, but is it possible? So may I feel bad,
I mean really ray. Just say that it's not a good plan. It's not funny lobby That was your most distinct answer, though, believe, and I think a lot about those kinds of issues, because the question is what is easier, harder or cheaper, more expensive finding a solution to a problem so that the problem is solved. Or adapting to the problems that you never have to solve it. But you can keep living with Whitson Trusting challenge that we face throughout the history of our culture,
go back a hundred and twenty years challenge among urban dwellers, where there is maneuver, all in the streets, flies when we produce on it back then, before supermarkets there were just carts with food and flies we get on the food. There is a health check So people did all this research. How do you put something in the sea? the horse, change the nature of the manure, so that flies will not we produce in it. It would be considered unattractive So all this research went into this and the fly pro We must by the invention of a car. Ok, the car solve that problem, and so solutions are not always linear, but That's a very different had its own problems but cars. Red flags right. So it's just interesting too. As I study human ingenuity, and the advance of civilization
How and when people decide what a solution is to something and whether they just leap frog into a whole other realm, and so I'd like to think that if we had the power genomics engineering too. Age our human physiology so that it could survive food and water, that world would have enough power to hand purify the water in the first place. That's what I'm just kind of thinking, and so this is why the stem fields of science algae engineering, a man his holiness spoke of the value of this- that's why it is so important in our future because a problem arises. What you're first thought
I think of it when the asteroid, the asteroids? What's your first thought? Is it one by water point, paper whenever people by whether escaping is that First. What is your first thought? How do I dislike that? Ask That's the world. I want to live where people, see a problem and imagine a solution to it, that solves the problem, rather escaping from the problem trying to prevent the problem from further affecting these are two different I want to live in this. Yet their employer literate culture not everyone has to be a stem professional. You can even be, an attorney. But if your stuff,
Literate, you can fight for causes that promote stem interests Maybe not a scientist, I'm on your a spiritual leader who can change the world by example? You are an example. He was taken up by Galileo job the organs. Which you can listen. The star talk, commercial free, joint start, our compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear? Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio.
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