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Technology and Us, with Ainissa Ramirez

2020-07-13 | 🔗

Do we control technology or does technology control us? Neil deGrasse Tyson, comic co-host Negin Farsad, and material scientist and author Ainissa Ramirez, PhD, answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries and explore how technology has shaped our world.

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Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Our talk begin right now. This is stark talk. I milligrams passengers, personal astrophysicist, and this is going to be a cosmic queries. Addition fan favorites and they ve been that way ever since we began these many years ago. My closed my committee, go home for this episode is nagging far and again welcome to start off I got hello in the corona, verse or all separated where you right now, I'm actually in a studio in Manhattan, are recording studio because I'm in the middle of doing an audio book with a solitary voice of mine, I mean look, I work here and I'm in the middle of a gag, its new India. Principally outside of my apartment, workers,
I knew comedians eggs. I do know they had actual job. Is this: a gig business they get known and comedians aren't good enough to have jobs. Come on, that's what I thought you just get. What comes your way day, so you You have a package with the greatest name ever fake. The nation left finally, I hosted wrote a book how to make white people laugh. Yes, if you gotta by their book, just just to know what- maybe because a little all you how to do it and useful information, go back to make your bookshelf? Look. Fine young people laughing is a woman up to receive other information that they might need way. I think you know a little something about that. Has there is an urgent need to make a black before you can just them with science, exactly exactly
and you're about four, if fans of the show you worry a recurring guest on employers, wait, wait, don't tell me, wasn't raw fan favorite out there I saw your ear here and you to help us bring questions to our special guest she's up a returning guest on our talk. It is any so Ramirez any so welcome back. To start talk hey NEO! How are you so glad to be here in the corona verse? There are no edison to on it's been years since we ve Padua, on your material scientist, an engineer and you The piper he's gonna pockets hosted the parties hints underground, it's not just studying caves or anything like that, No no games. You know just give you one sentence, accounting of signs, underground sighing underground, explained signs in two minutes, so will explain how tyres are made from Levison, how least change color while occur? What do I want some of them?
how either way. The name like science underground would be some sort of like punk science movements for counterfeiters. Uneasy yeah you there are ways to go there. Ok, I'm workin on baby steps don't get up. The reason why we caught up with you again is because you have a new book out just published this here. And it's got the title, the alchemy of us They are my baby. How humans and matter transformed one another gray, title- and When you read that book. Forgive me, I haven't read it because I learned about only just a couple weeks ago what how will you be changed for having read this book? You know technology differently. We want you to see that it actually shaped us so
but things like the telegraph shape language. The light bulb is actually changing our health and our computers and changing the way we remember things so wicked. A new relationship with the things it around us. An engineering thing to do to get thing. I'm an engineer I just, of people to have a new approach to technology. We were well by them in that's perfectly fine. But also know that were actually relationship with these technologies, and so what this is, what this book highlights but then again, do you have a relationship with technology I mean It could be that I have the strength and then, like all the time I ever love hate relationship with with tat? Now elegy. I am one of those people that like wishes, I died before computers like I was born to relate to sober He sought. Is there an aged threshold below which they
Thirdly, capable of uttering what looks just above, I wish I was born before computers. I haven't here that that would be a great quote on the spread of the book, which I was born in the way that the next additional happening here come on board it became area had examined for uttering such I know is that sacrilege right? I don't think so. As a writer I mean, when I was writing a book, I was using old tat. I was using pencils and index cards because that's what my brain could handle when I'm sure maybe younger books would use computers and in different ways and databases, but you also have to do what you feel but let us remember what we used to all I've handwriting. What's that do we actually know? How delighted hold pencils and is? Is this worries me here is whether we can dig computer started this issue before printing the printing press?
everything was hand written and so handwriting was an art and you would have illuminated manuscripts with art Mooney on his eye and then out you could write a word in a script anyway. To convey an emotion beyond just pure definition of the word right. So writing itself was. Was a multi dimensional motive? Communicating yet a printing press. Nap leadership get stand Now you can flourish them and then It took that out and now people with four lost how to communicate, emotions nay, have emerged right. Select. One of the things I discuss in the alchemy of us were actually losing our ability to empathize because, as you talk these different layers of communication that we use are being removed as we move from the printing press to to come to our computer stay and what we need is a need to look at each other and also able
communicate with our body language, so until the on board, with what you say, we're grammar look at each other violent. When you said that you can take it notes with my quail pan of everything you can, I tell you that it is. I think you would like us that when my dad about my mom, their iranian emigrant so in IRAN, he was really into calligraphy. And he wrote her a little book of poetry and with all the flourishes that meal talk about with I was on the side and little like he knows, though, that the stuff of calligraphy and be all of us and beautiful, you know far seat. And then you know it worked on her, she married you get yourself.
A quill emulation oil as it emerges, Japan Nigh Gonna have the same back. Oh wait! A minute! Wait a minute! You like I love, calligraphy and pens, and so I have a wholesome fly of them for free the emergency case where you need to. An earth we're looking at a bunkers worth of fish meal, Opis Library, for the cruel universe, printing office, some goods right he's making his own age again. You collected questions for for this coup aim, for colleagues, where you should get a moment's defeat. Would you just wasn't just technology in modern times acknowledging and how its connected to humans. Let's do that. So all these
kings or beef for any sir occasionally people slip in something where I can jump in, but basically how they were many questions that were free of late, Matter I was like I know these guys do that so guesswork, am, I meant, start starts with a question from a patriotic listener and all lean asks has technologies. Our biology, like our actual biology, has it has. Actually research. You say that we are slightly taller than our ancestors and one of the reasons. Besides nutrition and water in matters better medicines is actually the lights. It means that we have to move, we have a daytime mode and a night time we have a growth mode and we have Erasmus and growth mood is instil by blue light, which is from the sun, but,
also artificial light. Have a lot of blue waited since were under artificial lights. Most of the time we grow, and so here's how our biology has been affected by a simple, simple device of electronic. I am annoyed because I'm five with three and a half, so I feel, like my body, did not get that memo now get out war just get out more than it hanging out in caves, dramatic about listening designs, underground, told his report so that one aspect of it. But what about you something I don't. How will the two of you are, but I'm old enough to remember that if you were clumsy some of his say, hey you're all thumbs but then, when video games came out in the sun, is a fundamental part of the utility and your dexterity to say your.
All thumbs in a modern context might mean you are highly dexterous. That's a good point! It's true that in your book and only three hundred pages, I don't have to, I think, there's an exemplar, but maybe there's a new edition quickly but the hand I coordination achieve that aim. Age, you know you look at this the military drone. Pilots are back in some base camp and their their basic there, their control their flying airplane. As though it's a video game, did you is there any understanding of whether our brains are different because of technology? Well, What you use a lot, you enhance so they ve been training and been doing this for some time they will have a higher level of being able to do that, and if someone just walks up and tries to fly a drum ourselves
the whole world a video games where parents always complaining that the kids are spending too much time on through actually training for draw up, many much don't tell him that we stop their homework, alright, silk, so that the future of this I mean you gave you gave basic biological examples, but you can imagine a future which everyone talks about I'll think of coming. But people like to talk with a inject a chip into your brain right so you merge the biology and the technology into one functioning entity causes electoral chemical. Did this do you see that as an inevitable step into the future? scientists would like you know what good good idea night that still something that for debate I do know without even including the chip our brains, are actually being required by the internet, I can give an example. I often ask people, I see you don't tell me, tell me your mother. Phone number, and mostly
we'll say: will they don't know their management? They love their mother. But what are they brought his aid, but they all said that information to their cell phones. But I remember my childhood for number so, but because of the internet because of its pervasive, addressing the fact that we can recall having Should all the time our memories of change? We don't remember what the information is, but where the inference so we ve already been rewired ice. And is rumoured for. Having said never memorize, anything that you can just look up. Why isn't apple using that in their average? Ninety dined was born to early early hate. You should extend this was all messed up. Can I say about that? I don't think the idea. You know I do see like we're going in that being shipped direction away or talking about Neil, but I still feel like there there's a backlash too that leg remember: winning Google came out with glass
at first, I wanted all glass but then immediately one started people wearing them. People called those wearers, glass hole. All. You guys remember that there was a backlash we were like no dont merger bought, like don't have an on your body that does in and right now. I feel like Paul you now they have some limits. Should you're saying. Is that the words in your mouth? But you say if you remember me, because you had to look me up in your database, then the pretence. That you have some fun What about our last encounter a false and that fact was transparent to everybody? Is that what you're saying there I'm learning, because it sort of like a winner, Attention is due glad handling like a big rally and there's always like a person right behind them, whispering like this persons from either Sheboygan like those persons, one of your donors that like
we're getting, and we know that the politicians there is not very much since their that's about basic. Where does make it every year, just being a glass hall, I remember those people on place. I think, Also. The backlash is that they were reporting people in front of all the time, and you wanted to be able to have control over your image being captured off the timing and being lifted up into the cloud. So it was, it was both those things was it these vague interactions, but also use stealing my my whiteness. For? Whatever use? Ok, so how about this? Then like in the movie avatar where the aliens lifeforms there had like these usb ponytails break and they would have plug it into like the the right I plug it into stuff and it would connect and then they would be able to communicate, and so We had it like a usb port and we play then the internet, so that we can gain immediate action,
information, so I'm not. This really just my research, I guess, rather than social interaction. Would you think of it? What are we doing with all that information? That's my question was playing games you, I don't know who your hang out with a heel by seeing these emerges, you know it's candy. Fallen from the sky, so happy We are actually going to use that information to do something at you, create I'm all four, because you have access to the entire planet, but we, I use the internet in a way that actually meaningful. So that's the thing I wish backward You know I play this game. Was my friends called the human Google and its? Essentially, we have a conversation and never look anything up. We will do so
I've always wanted to introduce something similar to that. Not a survey, because an agreed here you're over your problem on a fire of what I would do. As you say, if, if an argument begins someone usually quickly goes to there too. The Google. I say no. We should argue this for an ice. Ten minutes forcing you to get too to dredge memory to figure stuff out and you get to learn that ever is the loudest, isn't always the one whose current calibrate people's capacity to argue based. I they think is true. This be disappearing. It is a very great because if you dont practice that you're gonna lose that ability, that's what we learned about the brain. The brain is this wonderful things called plastic. It will change give it a new talent and new skill will enhance it. But if you stop using that skill, it boy will lessen so issue.
Don't go my brain place, I'm glad you tonight isn't happily it's a common good way is abandoned, malleable, rendering value change and enhance bud but if you dont use their skills and it can also also stand a landfill for food is on trial, got not end, so guys go. Take a quick break when we come back more acute, four Anita, Ramirez engineer, materials.
We're Baxter folk restoration from here. Is my co host Magee Barsad again welcome. To start talks level without you, you tweet, I presume, was your twitter handle on twitter handle is again Barsad a name that is both easy to pronounce and spell any gee. I an f as I do on the twitters merging, say things Anissa, you you're special guest today. Often we have an engineer on the programme is great. I must I more scientist friends than engineering friends, not then nothing against you and you and your kind, where a special kind, with special kind, so Whitworth discussing. Ideas there are explored in your book gimme that
full title again here. It's called me alchemy of us how humans Atta transform one another possibility of title. You see. The complicated looks like the periodic table was his only to you very nice very nice, a U. There would be gold, hey what about thirty to me? You area for I feel alienated. I just want you both didn't. I would remind that the management and we we drift back this regulation. So this is cosmic we're its own again, you got another question for anything. You were waiting to take another question from a patriot listener. Richard Russo asks. What would you say was the single greatest advance,
Spain and technology, that propelled us further than any other requests to prove the tough one. That is a tough one and its really onto opinion, and so, as material scientist, I would probably say steel Steel allowed us to have railroads so that we can connect this huge country. Steel also allow us to have tall buildings with skyscrapers before steel Things were known taller than nine stories tall, so those two things? The railroad, skyscrapers department stores, that's commerce. Small material made all this this made this economy grows, so tat would be labour, so you couldn't bill taller Billy's, because the structural integrity of work was used before bricks and things that's right not would not support the weight you You can use stone, but the road is on the first floor would be very, very small because you needed a lot of stone to hold up all that way. But still you as I live in a building where it says it's a stone: building:
I look at the blueprints for every floor as it gets higher and higher. Many in my What is it you think I'm more space and have therefore this architecture. We would burden, but we have really thick walls, and you can hear the neighbours who are worried about you. But what would you think is the most important I mean I what at stake? EL thing really went by the way. When was steal. I am wondering data the steel you around for a while, I say: wait the leads thirteen hundreds, but when we the wave and make a lot of it, was an eighteen fifty in eighteen, fifty thousand southern. There is all this stuff that happen before the eighteen. Fifty years, and all those advancement- I guess I mean useful- man. I don't know you sort of engine, this reform, Neil but the printing press. I feel I feel
that's a big one, because people world all its former government like world how people even know what our hospitality is world grass right, like always gonna hand about like like brochures. What do you know what noise should learn a little newspaper, so I praising when the definitely the printing press, the printing press also helped to start religions, Martin Luther wanted to separate from the standard way. Religious religious practice we created these pamphlets issued from from Catholics to save on the cap, I'm trying to get attack, but I'll get everything on the technology but yeah we I mean the printed press deftly up there. I know I have two I've gotta I've gotta say about, will go way back, I'm away back. Guy, ok, save the wheel, an actual Oh man,
Why well, because they can move stuff you can build. I haven't been outside as you know, don't overdue. You know imagine life before we'll and life after the wheel, you would say: hey, I'm living in the future. Look what I can do you know as someone who has stood stroller a baby through the streets of New York, the wheel, does not always hold up against potholes agreement. Zone Madame Said- had worse than particles,
Do you have any legal wheeling? The way you do through like an airport terminal works like butter and you're getting through like, but that's not what it looked like. Four prehistoric man when you talk about switching the attitudes of track- so why don't you get another question who another question gin. Ok, let's go through this comes from Instagram small talk, small laughs. Do you think technologies of back at our very means of life. If so, do you think we as a world could survive in a world with minimal technology?
So another way to ask that maybe is how much of this is reversible. That's a good question I think technologies always been important to us. You know, starting from the wheel and from skin, that we use, I'm with you now make intensive near building fire these roll technology, so technologies always met important to us, but right now how much is reversible. I Ok in the eighties, but I dont know I live in the eighties right now. You know with less tat, I would be able to connect with my Hence I would be let her go to the bank. So I think what kind of on this escalator were all tat writing this wave to. However, the world will be but we could have less tack, but it would be a deliberate decision. Here's, what I'm wondering! Ok, I'm driving a country road and I see a deer bounding across the world I say to myself: TAT dear, doesn't have grocery stores.
Internet. I don't I don't have grown. Living mammal? life Franco here we are in the corona verse and people are hoarding. Toilet paper in water and and I'm imagining what happens if our great goes out ways, what would we do? Can we survive the way the dear can bounding through the woods? I dont think So could we don't know how we don't know how ray prior to know how I wait for the food to show up delivered. I don't go out for it. This. We have survivalist right, they got their lines and again do you know they'll survive. I guess the rest of us. I don't know, we were at work, were gunners now I've, honestly, no skills,
I can barely get the cap of a bus service, you knowing where everything was the earliest days of world too. You know, there's always been in need for comedians right and TIM, and I think because you can make fun of me as I can't get a cab off of a soldier who jester always her job. Listen to me, the king laughed you ve been long awaited. Had a guy have I ever recently not to promote by somebody recently wrote a piece further progressive magazine called the
being not essential, because I think comedians and also magicians are the least essential workers right now in my life theory. Is that if you ever find yourself in a bunker with a comedian or a magician like the first thing you should do is basically eat that committee idiot like that our car below two years after life raft funny and delicious let me try that funny bone. So you get another question for at least another question for any said I'm so this is also prevents the grand that boy. Trust in asked. We know that NASA has contributed to the public with some other innovations intended for space. How much has technology?
created an innovative first specific purpose: com at the round and improve everyday life sunlight. Nasa nay has it come back and made our lives better well, I don't have an example for NASA, but DARPA made the internet and they made that is away for a scientist all over the world to communicate with each other to send this crazy thing called email and then became awaited shuttle information and now we know the internet, so this is, it was for a specific use for more population for scientists are now everybody uses it eyes, darted that if the defence either I dont know then meaning about. I just noticed DARPA, but it's definitely party the did Department of Defense, the defence advanced research projects agency or something right. So there they have budget where they only fun things. There are
kind of out of the blue and have a low chance of succeeding cause. You need. You need to brisk takers out there. What is it a high risk but high return right, but you ll spend all that much money through budget is relatively low, but when you- and I was- if you, the internet as a thing with the world wide web as a thing, because I do know that at CERN led the particle accelerator. In Switzerland, the physicists their main major, contributions to this internet thing. And ass. I may be getting those confused, but yeah, essentially what I was trying to get across his that it was targeted for scientists to communicate, and so what more indebted was one to the rest of the world and it became the thing that means such as the questioner is presuming that we want invent something for its purpose and we do it and then it solves their purpose and then we're all done and we move on. Ok, so I got one for having withdrawn this answer. The pot in the Second World war. We learn that my her ways might be very good. It
as a means of communicating over long distances and in under the chambers were their experimenting with microwave someone as the rumor has it, they had left out a chocolate bar and when they hit us, frequency of microwave? It melted the chocolate that guy was like holder? Let me go, get a hot pocket and see you making our wafers benefit from these are so out of that concept came of course, the contain microwave ovens and the macro even exist, not because anyone tried to invented it exists because We saw the the the offer ramps from what it is working with microwaves to begin with, but my favorite example here is the physics, professor mine from college, whose specialised in the study
molecules in space, He discovered a new physics phenomenon called a magnetic resonance nuke magnetic resonance where, where the nucleus of Adam with vibrate in a way to pay, what kind of any do you passed across it and that Coralie was not previously known. Anyone they'll price for it. You clear risk, then a pay A medical technicians wait a minute if one nucleus vibrates this, wait another vibrates a different way. Maybe I can make a cavity and then we can identify What atomic nuclei higher in the thing did you put in the cavity and thus was born the m? Are I the magnetic resonance, imaging and hostile nice because now you can image things to you. Can image soft tissue that x rays could not, of course, the original name of it if it had one of the the inward
you're not supposed to use like nuclear me NATO has resigned, so they took out the hand and notes of magnetic resonance imaging, but the full expression of that would be nuclear mainly because its imaging, but now what I know we're going to cavity that hasn't nuclear on the two spooked Neil. I love that your example as Emma our eyes, because my example was going to be Tang, the Orange Adrian, even as we develop first space travel like the idea that you did take like a garbage orange powder as a large into it and create a drink. I bet I got. Something has changed our lives. Treasure lose interest you to know in this approach. And, of course, the hero, good applications in space, and it's been still used today
It was so much in space. You know you don't have to do. Things will stick to the wall of you know of the space station. For example, without glue without books without it'll just stay there and force required to. Chapter eight? It is not so large that you couldn't anyone could do it. So tuna be quite useful, so there's a whole list of these, in fact In fact, there is an organization called this space foundation. Which has the space technology Hall of Fame. You can just google this. We should not hold fainted in. There are products conceived and invented for Spain, there have been commercialized and are making people a buck just in there in the open marketplace, nice and one of them was temper foam, which was designed to before impact safety for the further cushions the seats in spacecraft, and now people may met This is out of it so right here we gotta take another break. I'm when we
I'm back will have our third and final segment of cosmic queries, the intersection of life and take hey we'd like to give a very special patriotic shout out to the following patriotic patron Andy Green, and he has been a terrific supporter of star talk for quite some time and we certainly appreciate his support and if you would like your very own patriotic shot out, please God patriotic dotcom slashed, star, talk, radio and support us we're back our talk, cosmic queries,
We got a good one go in here, because we feel that the past present and future is on our table. The game for saw my co host and comedian. These are remarries suddenly gave you got another question for I do from Patrick Lady on Facebook. I'm he asked. Do you think that there will be the day when technology will divide us even more that the rich will have the majority of it and the poor will be out cast and will not have any technology journeys are. How much is your job to get in there. I know I know I point. I think that I think them. But she's, very good. I don't talk a lot about the division of society. Critically that topic, but I do think that it's going to continue to stratified us in many ways, because it's a matter of access to technologies. You need money to do that and so on, The technology requires that you be connected to it and you don't have the money there's too good. He further divide between these two things, so I don't talk about them.
So much in the alchemy of us, but as I was researching it, I dont we saw how this could possibly be problem. Isn't the premise of Avatar Neil you mentioned avatar earlier there was a girl in X, military guy who couldn't afford the operation to get his legs attitudes in the future, so that Ray principle would be able to do that. So right there were, there was sort of he could not live the his fullest life simply because he didn't have the money to do so, and so that was sort of a sad element of it. But then you know- It needed to be righted was rated by the end of the movie rolling on his right now tat. Just that's a biotech of the future. Some have an avatar each staff and a quick note here. I'd love, I think it was deemed came and told me this unheard. It came in, I think, was the Cayman who
said that initially there's a big divide between the haves and have nots for a new technology, but new technologies, never really work. Well, and so the time they work really well, their prices trot and the company gets wealthy. Not because the selling it too rich people, but because the selling it to everyone, and so now that everyone has a cell phone, a smartphone, Basically, we looking or their rich. They have a smartphone know. Everybody has a smartphone right right and so, except for the poorest of the poor, and so I was walk in the street a few months ago, before the covert and a homeless person, stopping and introduce decline in the street and its oh, you. You knew the greenest yeah yeah. I saw you on Netflix, it's like you you're, homeless, legs,
explain, babbling motions marketing for left links need we get a Nobel prize early. Good, let's see how many questions we can squeeze it, we ve been luxuriously answering these questions can speeded up, ok, it was a little bit related to what were just talking about, but Virgil Heyward asks on Facebook, cumbersome question, but I often wonder if we were ready for the technological era. Do you believe that we in this time are mature enough in the way we use technology has been more harm full or useful good one, And this I don't know if, where its amount of maturity, I dont think were fully informed. So some of the devices that have come into our lives, we didn't know that we are actually giving way some of our privacy. I think If we knew about that to a deeper extent than we would make different decisions
and having those devices that record us and we can have a voice command there also recording us it same time and that information is being stored. Me if we knew that in much more detail, we could make different decisions. So it's not about maturity. I think people are mature. I think it's. They don't have all the information. So disclosure is a thing. Definitely, ok! That is a narrow thing. We're like we're so addicted to our phones because, like where there were sort of the guinea pig, cohorts we don't know how to put them down or how to like You know modulator use of them because word like guns, arms and it came to the West They also have design these things too. To be ended. They know that our light brains get fired up when we see things that give us a sense of success in a ward. So that's reason: why did we get pulled in so sure we may not be? We may not be the most
simply, but also that the absent alike Russell taking advantage of that sort. Country that wanted to take over another country just hand them free apps that logic and they won't even know, you're coming. I think that here you're supposed to say that I would say that about scratch that will cut that out in the attic. Looking another question, a question on this is asked of unpatriotic what he asked, and I love this because I have questions about conspiracy theories myself. I five g conspiracy theories. Just luddites, and where does their ideology bit into how technology shapes us fine, you people coming to my house. So
how to say that we need to learn much more about the connection between health and 5g. In the things a lot of people are always attaching to that new thing so that they can attach their conspiracy on. To that snow. Anyone when what is the fear and case listeners, don't know what the fear of the birds were going to die. That's what have you heard me? I've heard just two things about our hell. You look like you said a moment ago. This is driven by ignorance of technology. Any new technology. If it's not funny he explained, and people don't take the time to sit down and recognise how it works and why it works. You still have people today who put food and, microwave ovens say their new king. It as though there's some kind of you know the clear radiation going on in there and and not the gauge, a simple microwaves which you use every day when you use your your smartphone different frequencies, of course? But so China pioneered five g, the way
in America pioneers forty Don t. We I fear that which enable all kinds are streaming there wasn't previously available. Whole companies rose up within the marketplace, exploiting the bandwidth it that provided. So Five g would take that yet another notch, except we didn't pining their technology, so people are little spoke. China, people, their third, China, spook people and so on, but getting back to the specifics of the question Do you see technology as more susceptible to conspiracy? Thinking then other aspects of our lives? I think till because it so complex and people dont understand it. If I said you know, the light bulb is coming into our homes. It was built. Little bit of an extension what life was like before with gas lives in the fireplace and you like? Ok, I don't know about a conspiracy here, but now that these technologies that have tons of code that so distant in so unfamiliar easy latch onto something
million say okay. Well, this is the cause of my element or what have you so we can expect this for every wave until the technologies so absorbed that it's just commonplace no one thinks about it anymore or if we start explaining what has completely lost its lies, but also you know, what's weird, is that people are concerned it there. There under masturbate electrified she's gonna increase that surrounds whatever, like we ve already sore I've been under mass surveillance, so why are we not create it? It's like these conspiracy theories end up feel seeing I know it's normal or like rational, you know, and you know I think, if we really don't know it's hard, sometimes see that if you have maps operating in real time in your car to find grandma's knows something.
These tracking every how faster going and weakens rising and where you are this all the three, have information. Anybody wanted to know about you, so yeah you're, all it that's a great point. You already seeding this content into the work so anyhow tat. They can what'll happen, though, refuse to adopt. Finally, everyone else will not get left behind that. That's what happened at the up yet I have a question. That is the logical extension of this. One is from Jacob Outlet on unpatriotic and he has do you think that the rate at which we continue to progress and technology will continue or might drop off sometime in the future
I don't think technologies, not a slow down. I mean maybe now in this pandemic it it's lying down a little bit, but I think we're gonna continue to do progress. If not, what are we gonna do with all these scientists? We better compromising. The scheme was given. I am thinking of the prize. Do if you re going to find out, did we where the site, as during the dark ages weren't they just like churning butter and there were no scientists in the dark age. That's what is called the dark. Were you know they kept mathematicians busy there like will make these mass tables these very, very thick, math tables- and you know we use them today, so we gotta keep the busy. A programme for the important, a very smart one. I don't. I do feel like there's gonna, be a time where people are just like forget it I'm joining a calm. You like, I, can see people just being like I'm going to a farm. None of this is worth it
I've never met anyone hundred houses that are never met. Anyone under thirty who can close to having this thought then the second they turn thirty one that would it be true, and if it is about the food industry, because I'm over wound by all this technology, young people, dont, think or feel that at this is their life did not overload by it? If it is what they did their forests, in doing so. Maybe my generations, the one that's just feeling low overwhelmed by it. I take a break from like one Sunday, I'll just say: ok, three hours, I'm not gonna. Look at my phone just so I mean brain will come back to this brave of you. Something could have something can act and you can. I believe we could go by what happened to the old man. I gotta. Do we
the time, for we are just a couple more here: ok, so Todd Ambrose rode on Facebook. How can we make sure the technology used to benefit all humankind and bring it to a more peaceful, unintelligent raw other than just Toby in society watch some. You will be set in the future and it does so be it. The question of whether we can always control technology with our with our purchases. We don't like away the way something's gone, We did not urges it or we can encourage other people not to purchase if the other would bear things happened. It's knockers. Everyone makes a bad thing happened because one person in May the bad thing happen: exploiting the technology for nefarious, didn't bite resource, so? What should we do about that? I'm asking you engineer, I think,
we should keep an eye on each other. I think I also when we make technology we should we should. We often think that it's gonna be used and positive ways, and many people who do bad things to look at a technology and show is ok. How is it going to be used in a bad way and then put some failsafe in it too? this kind of silk. So it's like a hacker. Where I had thought exact like the yet, if I have as its basic secure assist I invite in the world's best hackers who they can come on end with. Try. Ok will fix that, there's a whole theirs and wherever taxing they get a reward absent Now that the bullet proof my sister, ok too, we need more than that and we need more than anything else. I think, like fashion ability and trends, there's a cultural pressure on certain technology. It's like you think, like like. I talked about Glassfuls before that
cultural pressure that ended that you know four or a beta verses. We age ass, seen like the horses were randomly. Do you trust applied for Medicare? You know that. I'm really glad you are my own cultural pressure was we do it, but I think from the onset as were making the innovation, we should start to think those hard questions. How can this be misused? so they gave you a fundamental part of the development and I think some very good is there ASEAN is over. You are currently worried will be misused in the future. Well, I'm a worried about driverless cars. They are being sold, is wonderful ways to take us to places, and I think that's great, but there actually ethical decisions that are being made in the algorithms. So what The car is at a place. Where can pass? We haven't acid
it will make a decision who is going to harm and I think the trolley car analogies rate- Those are humans, though Rob This is an algorithm and so on. I think that emphasis in philosophers should be part of that decision making when they talk the computer. Scientists like what is the best way, because, right now, it's a couple of people with low rate body older were making these decisions in another great to be made of what you say is true for car he's gonna hit two people. By veering right for one person by varying laughed, it'll be a decision, I want to make it. This is already the one person possibly kill them, but then I were net plus one life by that decision. Right right, but as you know, I used to be a lifeguard, they would say: look if there's an old person at a young person whose, in trouble choose the younger person Not the algorithms are doing that. So many It was some human interface and there too interesting
I want you to be my lifeguard saying me. I couldn't we could totally to more. We could end up. What do you think? I'm sorry, this comes from. Magneto has a gallon instagram. What do you think has been the single biggest missed opportunity for technological advancement due to other factors? I e that of the inventor socio political factors such as war disease or I got funding move. That's a good question. I think we ve come lived on most inventions. I can't think one that hasn't been capitalized even with death. Like I'm thinking about DNA, you know we. He stole Rosalind Franklin's picture. I saw, but people always capitalize on then she is? I don't. I can't think of anything at the top of my head, where some word weathers lost opportunity for just a clever it wasn't Franklin was
Not does it ever of the discovery of the DNA of DNA and had this wonderful picture that explained How things were arranged she had it the side it was actually taken for lack of better term. She didn't get the Nobel Prize, but we all know what the Washington corrected, but I think you do your buyer pick on her. If they haven't already I'm glad there is actually a couple films, the issues should get getting her do so. For me, the wax this in a can. Have the rap here is its nuts. Much that there is a single invention that could have been further explored in and was not. I think, there's tired or slow down. There comes about by p. All who are rising population people who just simply anti science, they think science somehow has made their lives worse when half are actually alive today and wouldn't have been alive two hundred years ago, because science, health medicine.
Security, all of this has been brought about so give movements that are anti science and high technology I'm going to slow things down and you don't even know what you could be benefiting from, because it's not there to for you to benefit from it, and it is one of these things so that I'm that's my worry that services it could be in a more advanced place than it already is. Simply because of these these regressive forces in society well, that's why we didn't get on board with electric car right like in the eighties or whatever the electric car was trying to be a thing and then all the forces were like no thank you and Now here I, like twenty years later or the electric car becoming everything we'll leave electrified was an idea back in the night it in the nineteen twenty his people thought about it because the electricity was are becoming more and more available, but by then Like you said, beta
What matters is that all the good governance LISA take us with some quick words of wisdom. Technology is all over us in and they ve always been used as a way to advance humankind. But when I talk about in the alchemy of us is that we are in a dance with technology, we create them and then they create us, and so all is up to all of us to make sure that these technologies are actually moving us in the direction that we think is best for all humanity, with beautiful kept up there. We got it ended there. Anita Ramirez great to have you back on STAR talk, could you write more books, so we can bring one more often just bad boy find another way that event an excuse to bring you back on and energy. For Saudi, we really enjoyed you for this and I hope you come back. I went
Come back. Also, unease. I just want to to you that the alchemy of us should be a spin off series to this is us, but it's like Austria Emily of scientists do you when you heard it here first address. If I cut it there, I am neither gravitation your personal astrophysicist. This has been star talk, cosmic queries, nearing addition. As always, I bid you can keep looking up.
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