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The Digital Revolution with Arianna Huffington

2015-08-09 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the information age with two of its digital elite: Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington and BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis. Chuck Nice co-hosts, and Bill Nye shares about sharing.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming air space and start were science. With me, is my co host check nice to welcome back Ria, it's great to be reading. I shut my eyes comic that is correct or right, very nice. You know we hear you know you talk about it. You know they didn't tell me I am interested to know. I snared interview with the one the only Oriana Huffington check as much as I do. I need more expertise. I want to talk about. A journalist makes a pioneering. Oh go journal accepts, and so I found a professor journalism good thing about being in New York City, They're, like we're, surrounded by tons of universities and its economic close, my eyes
grab somebody and they will be export of some. We need right here. It is an epicenter of learning who that's a beautiful phrase. It is at the centre of learning, and that means earthquakes, so you're, happy means above and centre means it so happy centres of point above the most powerful section of an earthquake. You know what I'm gonna be very honest, I didn't know that. That's why you had that. I don't know what he was talking about. Look I mean I've. I've, I've always known epicenter, to mean the actual like point of origin or sentimental. The point of Europe happy about this epigenetic, which is a force above all, we can do another show on glad to help this this. Why I'm here so we brilliant professor Jarvis thanks Serbian unstartled. I feel automatic.
The greatest right where we have special. We have special certificates for the evening school certificate, you're professor journalism at the City University of New York, excellent and well, which how would you describe your specialty? I teach journalists to make money. That's a good because we gotta eat our rules. You know what he's entrepreneurial journals you gotta do you have the most popular course at you. I turn commies in the capital of great phrase someone so you wrote a book geeks bearing gifts, imagining new futures for news, ok, arguing that there is a future for new excellent. Sometimes I wonder, and our guest
That's my interview around our ancient invented a whole other way for it to bring news. They laugh when she sat down on the keyboard, but by God she made an empire. Didn't you certainly did that? That's what it is, and so, let's find out from my interview with her she had visited the museum. I've got brought her to my office. I just wondered: what is the genesis of this empire? So let's go to the beginning and find out where she came from where she's going this year? We had years old habits, thank you so much and when a barn am the converse. She had not yet moved on, live in the way. It has moved on line. Now am one of the first things I do kind of elevated blogging because say before they have even pause. Bloggers tended to be stereotypes. As people who couldn't get a job blogging. In every job losses in their parents baseline sewing?
Why did he know a lot of people who could have access to the New York Times and thereon books to also blue. We wanted them to be part of the online conversation and theirs. Though hierarchy, so that is so the magic of the internet that you didn't know who would be ready what and what would happen such ass. She events in entire branch of news effectively that I don't think I exaggerate when I say that no, she didn't that blogging, but she then took blogging and used her rolodex to bring stars into it and give it some measure of legitimacy missing, We see because before that bloggers like she said, we're just people in their underwear and the ban on here my pajamas today, yes and thinking that everyone cares about what they think yeah, but there were. There were a few steps in blogging. I started blogging after nine eleven. That was your new Yorkers. We were cold war bloggers at the time there were polluted
Bloggers there were food bloggers and money bloggers. There been these phases of bloggers, but at the end of the day, it's just people owning a printing press, we're all Gutenberg now interesting. So we you say that we have entered a new era of news. Is blogging news not yet that's really I mean you, you can say we ve entered a new era of news, but is blogging news or is it or more opinion driven it's just a publishing tool. It can be ended we literally, we all have a good word press in our pocket. Now we can all published to the entire world. We can say we want to that, can be news. Me. Information can be opinion. It could be anything we want to believe. It was a day when we hadn't tools in place or filters and place to know if you didn't otherwise, no for yourself whether but he is speaking truth or insightful opinions when you vengeance, we ve got our head up directly so that entire construct was not more than a mirage
while I was partly been neither guy about but know who's to, say that that just because I own the printing press, I'm the guy, who knows everything that you don't know We want to avoid a minute wayward if, if I think of Ben Franklin, he was a printer, ok, you don't become that unless people trusted what you said, Are you going by oppress? You got the money he had the money, you buy a press that would undermine the number that argument. We're done there. So is it just a matter of speed, or is it fundamentally different in kind? I think so
really different, because now our little microcosm of the blog world, the blogosphere, we're in networks and an that's critically new, isn't network anything different from the fact that we, in the day, when any big city had to three sometimes for different competing newspapers. One set of people read one kind of paper, another kind of peoples and not a kind of paper, and not the news was not always reported the same way. So that news, your access to the news, defined communities in d and work they linked together by the news they had common right and I think we're coming to the end of the idea of the mass there's, a good there's. There's a couple of academics of universities in Denmark. We talk about the Gutenberg parenthesis. The Gutenberg was a six hundred year exception in history. And and from a time when knowledge was passed around mouth to mouth and change one,
way and then log in Gothenburg and changed everything in a changed the way we see the world economy the world now in packages beginnings and in love ever caught continent right now, as we all cognate or just in private. On Twitter is debating what we see the world differently. Now now we come to the other end. They argue where weird our knowledge passed round, click to click has changed the way we mixed on other anywhere in Europe that the other parentheses is kicking in its founding. The era of the Gutenberg influence exact so now. I think we were turned over time or not seen as a mass. All the same now were seen as individuals and communities. Again, we Reese, we redefine ourselves in communities, is really a redefinition, or is it just the fact that, because you know, when NEA was talking about newspapers, what you was a very particular bias for applying the newspaper on my way.
We are going to view quietly, but it really is a bias. Ok and each paper had its own biased and that's how they printed the news according to their biased and now what you find is, instead of that particular biased p. Just seek out the news that they already agreement. Not only that, but let me Then you have little faith in your fellow member number two to actually do no harm a comedian. I have no faith in my fellow man, so I know that you are here to think. So what are we also did was aggregate news so cute, so that means she's picking news that she's collecting under this one umbrella. So when you talk about point of view, she could pick points of view that she likes so tell me aggregation as a as a movement in the internet age of news. Well, if you gotta The story on Google NEWS right now, they'll be two thousand versions of the same story and gonna big story. Brian Williams repay
say news hounds would primarily rhyme Williams. They'll all be lies. Finally, a resigning from his position. Rights was big news for virginal nanosecond of our life and and and we we'll have to write. Only really is of a second, if you use that word literally. Nanosecond. I can't you wait here today, such as a short job. Just now you know it's cool. I have no need for so long. No, that was threatened Asian just tries to find the good stuff in this huge pile, ah, hey right, and because we have is a overabundance, you could argue Until now, somebody these come along and find the good stuff. That's aggregation. It's not a bad thing. Ok, so here's peers what I'm peers. When I wonder if I am a new source and I'm known for my aggregating and everyone reads me- then who's gonna pay for the people to be.
The investigative journalist. Oh, that's a very good way of uncertainty and everybody raking holding together news who is going to go out again the loose. I asked area that question Uncle Jack. Right now. Nation doesn't mean what do you think it means, because Do it right and we do em. You drive traffic back to the creator of the content and that the king of the web. Yes, it's their web, so our promise to I read their asses will bring you the best of the web. Even if we had tens of thousands of journalists, we cannot Claim that we are going to produce the only worthwhile things for you to consume
So, ok, that's a good point. That is very good right there. So let me ask you, though, what of rumours that people then treatise fact what is your responsibility as a journalism professional to contain rumours becoming facts? That's what keeps us employed right. You have a flow of information that is occurring without media anymore and the journalists are here to add value to that, to debunk rumours, to confirm facts to answer questions to ask The questions that are being asked and answer? That's what a journalist needs to do. In essence, I'm sorry, have you seen Fox news. Hooker that did you define was journalists, Ok, I, like forgotten majority owner of national Geographic. Just to give you get an answer is as follows is, as I say, have you seen
the next thing I know I'm airily remain by men and black. So you you see yourself as the keeper I'm putting words in your mouth is the keeper of the truth. So from this river of rumours or park, partial truths that which the public should receive as their filtered information not anymore. We are not the gatekeepers. We are not. The holders of the Holy Temple approves the gay. There isn't one? That's scary, it isn't a little. I know, there's all kinds of sources of information, there's all kinds of signals of authority, and often today and and and what do you do in the academe? You real academics right, you use citations. What Google do Google came along a set of their content is, is more often cited. Its problem we better content is probably more reliable, except.
Oh wizard earth. If I lose not, if I search Google for flat earth, it will find me every website in the world that celebrate a flat earth, and I will think that my views are mainstream or that I'm not weirdly outside the four outside of the fray, because other forces are operating too no, my law, professor doktor, it is your response, is only only you, it is your responsibility to blog more so. You rise up put more good stuff on to drive the bad stuff down. Ok, we're can put He put it back on me,
the universe. You have all worked up, get to work on that matter. When we have sort of high profile guess, like Marianna, Huffington four star took, I always like asking them whether science played any role in their lives either good or bad, because we're science like seeing with those forces gamble nature we'll be checking that when starts all comes back start on the nose, do not start on rear grey area, their beautiful all of the universe, so the rose and diverse as being absolutely up feeling the cosmic forces here. Every time you said I feel like
should be wearing costume, Sabres area in the hall of the universe. If he's your father I'm your father, so I got check night here, Jeff Jarvis, professor journalism, and what to title of wanting to find out for the real journalism? Entrepreneurial, so did you. Journalists is our businesses to feed themselves, and also we have a new measures to reinforce journals, so they utilization information media. That minded turn journalism on its head to listen to communities first understand with their needs our first before we think we're so big that we know what you need. So that's good! That's what I wonder is the I'm always curious, whether someone who is successful in one job or another, how much influence science literacy may have had in their lives to enjoy their science classes, did they not? So? Do you find journalists to be better or not what what
What is there anything in there that you can say these make a better journalists? If we have that kind of background, oh yeah, I think curiosity ethically ability to listen first but unfair. It is true that I wasn't there. That's next various areas, people, but we need to teach journalists how to appreciate science right about science, understand science. We don't have enough frankly, so so with that. In that spirit, I approached Marianna and I said to science, where science, literacy, recites Korea did any that impact your life with checking it wasn't me and they later in life that. I discovered science and fell in love with it in a very, very unusual way, actually because I've always been drawn to spirituality I have always been drawn to religion, and then I started saying and weirdest how many scientists actually had a religious foundation.
Where did most difficult foreign of back its most of them are drawn to sign and throw Wanda AIR which I sought. It considers that the foundation so That sounds kind of my unusual connection, designs and after having been passed, we launched a science section, but I asked our editor too far: a lot of these intersections. We're doing science and religion and to break the illusion that science, These are all anti spiritual and that science negate spirituality because a desert one of the things, of course the religion of cites- would have in common. A sense of wonder and finally, the wandering about different things, but nonetheless the there the feeling is surely similar and a sense of mystery, But let me nothing. I find scientists the best scientists, a humble because even though they discover some ice,
They are always aware of how much is left to be discovered and for me, that's probably the essence of religion that em we Don T really know a lot of what life is about in the universe? Is about so that's kind of an the connection, and you can't get more humble then staring into the abyss of the universe. No, I'm not I'm not stared into the abuse of a universe as much as you have, but I I bet that's the gaze so interesting that she I ask about. Science and spirituality comes up right in that same phrasing, written about religion before some my sister, the good child is oppressor. Minister, all the Reverend drivers, I'm the bad child I'd, be kicked out a more churches than you cared. No, the evil but it had a minute I'll go to your site, evil one, but I think is important.
My blog, I haven't about page to goes on ridicules length, but I talk about my religious history, because when I do right about religion, I think someone needs to know my worldview, my perspective, so that they understand and can agree or disagree wherever they choose. So, what's what's interesting to me, is I would see their describing the commonality of feeling, perhaps bands of wonder and she says that there is no conflict between site. Well, there is a conflict if religion is going to make a testable claim and then signs tested and it's either true or not most and time is actually nice treaty. That's where religion wins. Mr De Grass Thyssen Doctor
because the claims they make, I'm not testable itself in there. You have it we're done so. Let me use this, then is metaphor for dialogue. Dialogue is not the right word for conflict that unfolds in public spaces, especially journalistic spaces. I say something about religion and the people just jump in and they fight and they argue in they scream, and I just watch this go on. Even when I didn't see anything controversial, I'm just said something observational. I wanted my tweets on Christmas day. People people lost their minds on this tweet rights Christmas day on this day. This much we on this day long ago,
Child was born, who, by the time he turned thirty, would transform civilization, happy birthday, Isaac, Newton, twenty, sixteen forty two as a great loss to more than one hundred percent accurate statement to guess, but people lost their minds. Ways. How has the main has because I, how many wonder how many of you I can quantify not yours, my three thousand retweet average and a good tweet make a ten thousand that tweet on Christmas day got. One thousand retweet. You know why, because a media source online, what are your people? a headline said Thyssen christian craftsman about my mommy Isaac Newton, who actually has the benefit of action
having been born on you know and as we have Broadway Jesus was now, and this is what makes the whole thing. So that's what I'm saying so people said we demand you take down the two as it is an accurate, a true tweet. So the next day, I'd like want to fight back in a polite way- and I said I dream of a day what little black boy, com, It is unbelievable dream everyday objective truce, with our dream of a day when people are enlightened by an objective truths rather than offended by ok, here's an issue that we have always been bozos, rules and idiots on earth. Always you can hear them a little easier now
grow level than just because some small thousand number said something stupid. Do you on Twitter? That's the end of the universe. It's not your okay, it'll be ok, but that was enough get people fighting so in the modern media allows people to scream at one another, whether or not they have a background to justify their arguments. And what do you do with that? In your journalism? Analysis? It's hard, because I think that these days we ve got to take a stand for what's right and sometimes things are right and take I have this discussion the classic day, where you tell me scientist. I believe that we're pretty set now that that measles vaccines are the right way to go. So if we, as journalists, want to deal with the truth that's pretty clear. It's not a two sided thing get one side and he has not as yet have other argument now, and so how do we judge our successes?
it was then I will be cleared. The journalistic ethos. Is you only? You must give equal time to the other side story swinging lying out because it? Why is that the withdrawals? What was their word? Will plucking Abou penalty didn't hear that one in five origin or you do not want a growing up in a hood auditor site Odette his boots So we we, we entered a digital era, Post Gutenberg Eric said Fair, yes, we're on the other side of the parental. Yes, where pole other challenges before us simply because of their will learn more about. Next on start off. Hey I've got no secret for you
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for giving me a handle is well something I know each other's eyes. Some do. That was our avenant. I, like my fellow recover, the professor of comedy. I would let you keep like I can't leave me so we want to explore here. Is we ve got this digital age? So information is instant. People can celebrate in an instant people, can argue in an instant and these these these elements, did not have a precedent in the world of media reporting every There's a new major technology. We go through what I would call techno panic, but the first civilized discussion that happens that every time it does the first serious discussion of a legal right to privacy in United States occurred with the invention of what technology the cadet camera because a freaked people out suddenly you're casually tat feeling my sole right adequate appear in the petty press. This was off. What do we do? We think
without we got our norms in straight now. So now we all take selfies. Now we all like or photos taken what happened when we will last came out o my god. People can take pictures of us, no nobody wants picture that you're gonna go through that your mobile people that way the obstacles. They don't speak for you. That's that's all. I'm doing somebody comes virus, So we see again and again and again manoeuvre. Don't you go back to the hospital after this ice visitors, good, there's, no, our it just gets out a few hours a day. I think there's a real benefits to society sharing. I because the internet is not just a means for us to all publishes a means for us to share and connect with each other as society, and I think that's good. It's one thing for individuals to resolve that taking a picture one another is ok, but when the an essay is taking information from the internet that you are stored in what you thought was a secure cloud, but now everybody finds it was someone breaks in to them
the Kurds of Walmart or came art, and they take your credit card data. What what are you? What are you there? Ve been criminals have always been criminals and they have new mechanisms to operate. We need better systems. The government fancies itself, the protection of privacy is the worst gimme a privacy is manifestly how like a farmer criminal, I can take your credit card. If I have access to the cyber verse, I can take everybody's critical. So we need we'd. We all we need. We want technology to change the way we do transactions its worst, opera you, an old old means. How shows we give up this one? Knowledge is because some bozo, noble owing to some wrong, but I will send a part of that problem- is the fact that this is a technology that is widely used and little known. Ok, because there is a lot of precautions that we can take as individuals to stop that from happening, and we don't take those love affair that rule more seconds you're right that it takes time to understand technology Gutenberg. Once again, there's a drinking gamer only agree to sound. Like you, a which Gutenberg
That is my hero. Now the thing is that it was. It was, fifty years after the initial the press before the book took on the four we know now it was a hundred fifty years before anyone invented the idea of a newspaper. It was four hundred years before we got mass media. We No, what the internet is. Yet it is too young. It is too soon to define it and limited and regulate it. We need to understand what this wonderful new thing could do, so so what about up forget to cyber security for them? Because that's that's why they talk about about just simple private, We grew up in an era where there are spies, they were secrets and so you didn't want anybody, know anything about you. Now we have a next generation of people, anyone, twenty and hunger under where everybody knows everything about them. They were pictures at parties. You know flashing each other. Do
shots, and these are pictures that are now permanently available on the internet. Ok, what's wrong about that mail! At some point I was an observer have you ever do anything embarrassing as a child? No, I don't yes, but I had the good sense to make sure that no cameras work. That's we all did and errors in things when we were younger. What's wrong with this picture of of taking it out on you when you're over it means your intolerant, I think at some point we become a more tolerant society. We recognise that everybody has therefore rivals and will learn from But you know what happens because we create our own online presence is not created by someone else who took a picture of us. We can paint whatever image of ourselves. We want whether or not its accurate. So I brought up this topic with our having to him the check it out. If you look at the way people your social media, a lot of desertification, as someone said, there's no human being who is as happy as an instagram? No
human being. Who is as upset, outraged and miserable as on twitter, and nobody was employable as on Linkedin, so exaggerate forbidding daddy's amendment of manufactured identity, river It's always me- and this answer me in this- let me add me you know, but nobody as a life. That's highly like devices are looking. Plotter food have taken the picture there In my view, not alpha Taiwan I'm about to eat, but there are times when you have a fabulous meal and there are times when you may be upset about something you don't think a bit. Are you being upset? Does she just wrapped up right there? That's exactly what we're talking about that, but that is human nature. We show our best cells, no matter what that's got to have a wee wee mature out of this to come to.
A world where we are more honest with one another, there's no guarantees either way, but I hope so, I think it's possible. I think, there's there's value There's valuing you find the person who has the problem you have. You can share that with understand how someone thinking I'm less than what I want to make people think I am where's the value in that right because at some point you're, not your true self and you'll lose credibility, but see that's the whole point of actually being online, I dont want to be my true self. That's why my I'm dating picture is not me sitting on the outer edge of the bed clipping might only area. All I know is it like. Nobody does just like nobody takes a picture themselves. Cleaner, toenails, just like call me now, because they combine some voice. We need credibility as human beings with each other, and I think that's what's gonna come out on the internet. I think we're gonna be real with each other or else we're just a whole budget need
millions of others and others were emergent force out there. It's not just people who were creating aversion themselves that isn't real new species of life has arisen. Turn a troll, and I wondered what we all Rihanna do. How to handle trolls. I won't do that. Cause she's got a whole empire only their trolls movement in and out of her situation. I asked for that
that point of view to removing when it starts off my life cycles, instead of so keen on the weekend just start drowse online trial sales is only go, we're back, jerk Jeff again, thanks are being on the show global reach. My interview with area having to him in my office, which is great issues like she, and I just talking smack about jerk bricks, and so what came up, which was unavoidable. I think you had to land there at some point. If you're talking about the health of and industry internet journalism in there or internet presence of anything person place your thing you park, the curtains, there's a troll,
an end date. They don't go away. So I thought area would have deep inside perhaps into this, because she has a media empire. There must be trolls moving in and out of what she does. I had to get her perspective on this jacket fully aware of the problems with success internet and really that's why? In fact the Last year the having imposed and that anonymity, we do not allow anonymous comments. You know we had them and still have the most advanced and worries me technology to a moderate comments, but the ongoing wasn't smart enough now to be outweighed by trawls trials that incredibly ingenuous some of them. They once we basically have neither life except to circumvent this technology. So
actually also Wednesday original trolls didn't live under bridges. Exact well said anything about that live under the boy s gonna go shopping; they don't go this would never lie so thither aptly named troll and they and their who, shall we third, a human moderators to supplement the allegories and that didn't work, and then I thought one day you know it's really worth it. Why are we spending all this money on basically daily with a tiny, infinitesimal, percentage like like zero, zero, zero, zero one percent and that so we ended anonymity. And who can invest their resources of this thirty. One moderators in more productive ways they something about unlimited and brings the worst out in people and We believe that you have the responsibility to allow them
unless they have a particular region, why they need to remain anonymous, and we have made allowances for that like if you a blower, though you can come back to, Jean Valjean added a why you need to remain anonymous, but then you met. You reveal yourself obviously to the others here and, of course, their famous experiments. Psychology experiments on the conduct of people in the face of anonymity verses. Not yet how do you administer punishment if you'd, if the person, your punishing, knows that you write verses, you being behind a door and wit we're meeting people a mean species? We are both at twenty five they are about human nature, were mixture every one of us is a mixture differently, mixed with sound, very differently Meigs. Where there's nobody was not mix in some way, riper exactly She saw hopeful there. Man, I'm ready to indict whole groups of people should know everyone. Has a nice
yes, she's wrong, so who more trolls, and why do they? Why do they do this? Trolls are sad souls who want to go rise on a people who sometimes need their meds, let's be honest and- and I think that we have to deal with them in a lotta levels. One is that the rest of us than the undrawn, the civilised, p beans on on the internet too often in urged the trolls. You feed the trolls, you say all marcobrunner, there's a fight over there. All we're doing is giving them the nourishment. Don't watch feed the troll filthy, the trolls took them attention, don't wore them, don't laugh because you're giving them what they want and what it means is that the rest of Us Bear response,
guilty. If you end up pointing to a troll, then you are an accessory to the true you're part of the crime is the problem we give. We give attention to these moments of bad behaviour. There's someone whose name I forgot, who hypothesized that every every chat thread degrade. To a point where somebody mentions Hitler or Nazi God? Wins law goblins lot? What is goblins law given enough time? Any chat threat will disintegrate into a mention of Hitler, Annie Extra every gesture at some point you can we talk about to tell a chubby longer. It goes, the more likely it will end up in here. Thank you. Winkie was really a browser, so why? What is the attraction of Hitler Nazis to make its way into every block? Because you run out of arguments when I'm not arguments the first thing that priority
I'm just yet. When I run out arguments I know I'm talking to my wife and my interview with area. It became clear she's, a successful woman and I'd like hearing wisdom from successful people, and she recently wrote a book fry we're, sheiks wars. The challenges are being successful but still leading a life They say, let's find out what you told me when you start talking. Starter:
we're back all the universe. Jerk Jeff would be a good so so wish. We did leave off. We ve got my interview with our own having too, and she actually published a book called thrive, she's a successful person. Everyone wants to know. How do you do it and you know she had wanted. I call it a secret if she has a revelation revelation is in our western society there, basically only to measures of success. One of them is wealth and other is power
in our society. If you have those two, you are considered successful, no matter what else might be true about you and shakes concern that, if that's the only measure and metric of your success, what about your mental health are? You are you burnt out? Are you do not have time to love for a family to go to the beach? What, where is the rest of completion of your life. I, after all, is question. Let's find out what she said, all the signals getting the lives of their region path. Well, then, how do you climb the ladder and so people as a result, I live in now under the collective delusion that burn out is the prize. You have to pay for success, so that's really. I want to read the book and when I looked at the science and all these ends the wisdom- is validated by modern science. Now the engine do
them about the importance of renewing and sleeps and dreams. And then meditation or whatever you want to call it pray. You know, met mindfulness whatever word you want to use that time to be alone, to be silent to be connected with ourselves. So now we have had an explosion of science around this things and we move had reached every time the universe of Wisconsin using am arise on the brains of buddhist monks to demonstrate the plasticity of the brain, and the generation of Gama waves and to show that giving is a short got to happiness. I mean that sounds like they share. But now you have a wage roving gave
yeah, so she's she's on a role there right she's ready to like redefine success at you do do I get agreement that we live in a world here in Amerika today that if you said last night, I got only two hours, sleep, our work in all daddy's ass, a hard working person you'll go far you'll climb the ladder you will succeed. This is how we treat it. You know that's because people they don't they don't realize that that's not true. But I have my father has passed away and he was a workaholic and that is a real disease. Just like any other addiction. He was a man who felt like he had be defined by what he did, and so she just worked Oriana had mention sort of buddhist meditation.
As a thing you might fold into this, and I had to take her to task on that, but I think she had a good answer. Let's go she had a shake up. The buddhist monks are not inventing airplanes they're, not inventing computers. They didn't invent much that I know of of anything of what we call modern society. They are not the ones who invented the internet. It's a bunch of restless people who getting much sleep and who were not meditating per night. He had now increase or what it ain't a book. I quite a lot the people who created the modern age like Steve Jobs, who said that his best ideas that led to the iconic apple, that's game after then meditation because and I am quoting him. She said. That's one I could hear Sattler thinks it's not going to why you're processing your email,
a while you're dead, and with all the distraction of modern life. It is inevitably going to be in a moment Why, then we then move you look through science. You know Newton came up with They have gravity while in a contemplative mood he was not going these guys heartier, he wasn't doing email rabbits and who have so many examples like that. So it's not that we should all just meditate. Is that this aspect of introspection? the file on ice pops are looking at me now that way we can still event the internet in a moment of meditation. Because of all we did was meditate? Nothing gets inventive I was awesome. I think we're. I absolutely agree with her is the weak
have an epidemic of anxiety in society. We have a huge problem among our youth of ourselves in how we treat ourselves and what we expect of ourselves, and I don't think that's about just simply getting more sleep or working less. I see I guess, how will we expect of ourselves so it is. There is also an information overload. When we think we have to producers, know there's ever since the library at Alexandria. There's been too much information for anybody to taken, does agonies way MA, am he went examined by Alexander. I wasn't Tugela Sixth Avenue public library. These horrible scrolling always had too much information. Forty one person did you take in that, information being like we over eat food, and we get that we have access to too much information and we need to go into information diet. Let me ask you this. What I would you agree that we have too much stress and anxieties
absolute, I'm, pretty mean a university and I'm really relax your get in the presence of the cosmos, but you were harder than anyone I do, but but anyone think that I'm sure you're working on our today allow do. I come across as an uptight, personal, you don't know how you can say, and this is why I feel it really is about what works for you. Yes, an end, and so I do agree with the stress and anxiety that that put you in a position where other things will not work. Sleep doesn't work, relationships, don't work, and it really is due to stress in exile, soil without doing sublimity. Happy not know. Tell me this comedians have a reputation for being internally sad people I did you love and he was just like hey man. I know you are
names, so what we do is spend a lot of times in a round thinkin about stop that nobody else x, ray and I'm kind of makes you alone, nuts and out of outcomes humor everybody out of their coming. You give people a relief from their stress yet ass. You do give, We made him happy well rounded up. Oh no, you made a monopoly situations like this. I always turned to my good friend bill minds. If he's got some take, life in the information age. So we're gonna check in on it. From the start starter.
You got him back from men, tat off from city, North America, western Hemisphere, earth solar system Sagittarius arm now galaxy next local group v, super cluster, our universe, and we don't. You have a coordinate within the multiverse, we're working on so much my friend building. He moved to Tony. We started to Seattle, went to allay but he's in New York or now and his love in it, and he sends in these dispatches from around town. He has some thoughts about sharing in the information age, as we knew he would check it out when it comes to share information humans are classed by themselves. A dog may walk up to a tree and take a p. And other dogs know that it's his territory,
bodies may how to communicate. Monkeys may screech. To what other monkeys in the barrel now that there is a predator, thereby were a whale, can swim real, fast breach up out of the sea, flock back down with a rapist flesh and a great big sound, but humans. Shoe as we share all kinds of information with everybody all the time we, these big wide thin sheets, but the best you can do with a piece of paper is sort of last night's new. Now we get news twenty forces every day we can share information in a flash Y all over the world. That is as long as you got one of these and you're connected
is there why fire my bill? So you have you wrote? You wrote a book, geeks, nearing gifts. Imagine new future for new. In that one of you imagined I've. Imagine that we move past the idea of mass media. We get treated again as individuals and communities with respect we fall Well, what are you just make? It will actually looking at trend lines and extrapolating no I'm say what I think news needs to do to survive I should have, as we continue to try to replicate, are all mass media models in this new thing. We call the internet look at this way. I have my dear father and I go home tonight, I'll put in ways and
way. I love you Aisy. Will you have a new fund is now on the floor of the whole of the universe, TAT Babylon anxiety. So so way we get it. You have a cell phone ways will tell will say: are you going home Google through ways its traffic app? knows where I live and where I work by local newspaper does know that that's ridiculous by local newspaper tracing the same as millions of other people, whereas big Huge Google sees me as an individual. I think media asked a shift to seeing people's individuals and communities and giving us greater relevance and greater value, and I think that in there is a new business model, that's kind of support journalism and create more value Is this the next media billionaire? I hope so in the meantime, what do we have? We just have a lot of cats online if I've I've joked it. If aliens came to visit earth and observed all that goes on, they would conclude that the
It is powered by kittens there'll, be no other conclusion that could draw tenured abolition of something in its infancy. Yes, now its final, what our own Huffington had to say about the future of journalists. Check it out here are the New York Times famously as all the news that fit to brained and my concern is that all of us in the media are not really giving. I read our view. Is all the news we are giving them all the bad news days, a bias towards them crisis. Beheadings rapes may have. Obviously we have to cover all that. Obviously we have to uncover corruption and am dysfunction, but we also feel it's about time. That would do a better job of bringing to our readers solutions. Journalists,
things that our nations journalists, as we want to focus on what is what king, because a lot of things are working. But you wouldn't know that so that's kind of my new priority for the Eu and then passed can you catch people's attention with good news ya. Do you get to know you? Can you know what you can capture their attention with use? You got it is our job to call on the powerful and the pompous and tell them when, therefore of it, but we don't do that enough now. In fact, I'd like to take this one step further, that as an educator and as a scientist, one of the great powers of the mind is a level of is achieving a level of science literacy that can enable you know, empower you to know when someone else's foolish,
guys thanks for being on Startalk having great just. I learned a lot left to us and I didn't know that was depressed. I'm your hosts, Neil, the grass Thyssen and, as always, I beg you to keep looking up did you like Galileo job the organs? we should listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk, I'm patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio,
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