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The Salt of the Earth (Part 2)

2013-03-28 | 🔗
Before you add some extra flavoring to your food, sample our show on the health effects of salt.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now welcome back to start or radio on your hosting the elder Grass Thyssen Monash Rufus. Faced with the American Museum of Natural history in New York City We also serve as the director of the hidden planetarium my co host. This is the one the only Eugene Merman hello, hello, as you know, were continuing our discussion on the science of song begun in the previous, our so lucky, you found us comedian
from the yellow pages. You know, I know a lot about previously, a previous our we discussed how salt has flavoured human culture in human history we did yet within phrase it that way. Luckily, but yet at this I want to focus differently and salt and what further, what role, it plays in our human biology, jet and life in general, not so much culture. Although the cultured discussion, was I mean I've learned a lot yet I didn't know all that stuff here. Here is tat. It I mean I figured but now I know for sure and so we can ask the general question: why do we love salt so much? You know so many people love salty snacks and they even prefer that over sweet, actually, it's they combine and rightly have like the sweet covered, salty presently rat right there alters. The original heroin is not heroin,
female hero, but no heroin, the drug, that it makes a great great songs, and so I wondered from biological reason, for preferring salty snacks. I mean this is it. This is an important point. And just remind everyone, salt and table salt sodium chloride. Each of them rather deadly on Iranian. What about? I saw? Isn't there something I'd with iodine? I'd was sorry, Sir, what what happens is I'd I'd. And is. It is a is an important nutrient in body and back when we were trying to figure out how to keep the country. Healthy most they haven't just before, but mostly after the depression, people On ways to link certain nutrients to different foods that are common right, and so you I sought and not would not have it effectively earn any fundamental way still get. I dine into the body and vitamin d dissolves well, in fact, so in not fat. So you add vitamin d to the milk. You open vitamin d in salt right right.
You divide it all up, and we have vitamins coming at us from every direction we turn and but salt, you note, salt seems to be everywhere. He has a huge. What happens we once you, it's all, your body breaks it and two sodium chloride audience lions are like it's, where there's a net charge and in the autumn yeah, so that you can do interesting things when you turn it into a party inside your body what it makes a little more reactive Ets is when, when you have I and floating around floating around your body into sodium irons, art or like really important for me in your blood pressure- and this, this issue with salt in your blood pressure that we always hear about. There's a intimate really between the two? So, for example, if your blood pressure goes down just take this as an example, blood pressure goes down, then hormones in your body till the kidneys too. Retain sodium and when, retain sodium that leads few to retain water, which increase the volume and the pressure of your blood bringing the blood pressure backup. Would you also yield
just eat a little salt would that have a similar effect or no? I won't look well that's death, so that both of them, work in the same way right, because now you have the extra so instead of retaining the the sodium, enforcing the increase in the water retention. You gettin sodium for phrase that right rights of blood pressure is just all about having a perfect lad. Assault in the end and running a lot the long have you been eating healthy, but but with some salt and sodium ions playwright muscle contraction in in the firing of your nerve. That's all that Europe's or electrical system and in your electrical, I think of his electrical says to shore of the body of the body. What you get your plumbing, that you're, like their intestines Uganda, got your carpentry in that's what let your fingertips luxury that your bones. You, ok right I mean you're carpentry and you got your electrical and you got your electric right. Right ran the roof so
So do I said so they play a role there, where it's important for controlling the press inside of your body cells and what happens if the pressure gets to hire too low to sell wall can just explode, and that would be bad. Yes, it would be terrible, if you had so little salt, you exploded, are so much wrongly flowed in either one sounds bad and the corridor, those are great. Those are used for digestion. You know, you know what the I said in your stomach. Is the digest with its high choric acid? Is it really it's gotta get the chlorine flew through a table, it could at the right concentration right and it in a mystery over all the years. Why doesn't hydrochloric ass? It dissolve your own stomach line. Yet that's that's something I would like to ask you I don't have an answer, we're all walking time bombs would melting swelling. So, let's check out our clip,
learned. In the first hour, I had a long interview with more Kurlansky author of salt, a world history, not only all the role that salt played and cultures and wars and love and deity's, but also just the health of salt to the health considerations and this to pick up on that interview with Mark Kurlansky taken in my office, the Hayden Planetarium Obviously, sweat is he tears are salty, so when you are low and saw your body tends to craves off. If you lack salt in your body biologically your body will will have this need for sale. But you won't crave salt in the same way that if you didn't have enough water, you would be thirsty or if you didn't have enough food, you would be hungry became aware of this by interviewing world war, two veterans in the Pacific who got very sick, very bad headaches and just were feeling weak and on the verge of collapse, and they went to doctors and the doctors
why it's a lack of salt and they gave them salt tablets, and then they were better and to a person. The people I talk to were absolutely amazed by this because they, had experience no desire to eat salt. So this is a core lansky theory with no scientific backing whatsoever. But you know we really like salt, and almost anybody left to their own devices will eat much more salt. Then you need to survive. I think the reason for that is we have this built in desire salt, because our system doesn't tell us it doesnt, warn us of a shorted, so it make sure that we're just always getting enough. That's the current gps, the core landscape ferry so you know Full grown adult contains about two and fifty grams of salt, which would feel about three to four salt shakers. Just in case you want, I did not. I will
both wondering and didn't know that had procured, but I now can't wait to go and tell people that myself, you were burning to know this and all the question about drinking sea border. You know why we cantering seawater. Why not? Grizzlies all sea border is four times saltier than your blood. That's that's bad debts and so give you are thirsty insured. Added to drink sea water It means would use up the warder trying to flesh out the extra salt. So then effectually just counterproductive you'd actually die from thirst faster. If you drank seawater courage. Turn with this restore talk, returns more about all the ways.
Start already facing the microphones, this Eugene man for joining me, your very well again and you tweet at Eugene Merlin. I do. I am I r M an exact and I follow you. Yes, you do tell me of Gore at all what I know about science, so you cause you don't have to requisite find an idea by co host here. Just so you know, and if I do it of my own free honest, I tweet at Neil Thyssen, if anybody's interested the just cosmic brain droppings, so our topic for the show sought and the flavor. It adds to our lives. He s and in a previous saying that we learnt why salt is important for a health in that I had in my office with marker Lansky, author of salt of world history, but the real question the plagues us all is how much thought is too much sought. This
What I don't know how much is definitely a glass of seawater through my as it has four times as we learned excellent, that's great I always wondered why you're entering somebody's pain, good attention to what is going on here, Leon taking so let's get, let's check on the cliff with Mark, you find out how much salt is too much that's been raging, debate among nutritionists and doctors and the people who just love salty snacks. Let's check I find out what he has to say at that basic cellular level. Your body would not function without sodium chloride. So how much sought do we actually need gonna talk to a doctor and this one? I don't remember the exact amount, but we're talking about very small amount. As I said, a few red meat, you get all the salt, Janine Red Meat and Brussels corn ban, all these other salty things so totally in your way over, you could just eat the practice and popcorn you need the meat. The more difficult
the question is. How much salt is too much? Here's where you get into big debates, because it's not the same answer for everybody. Our kidneys are designed to deal with accesses of sodium chloride, and if everything is working the way it should You should be able to eat enormous accesses have solved without any consequence, and many people can but some people can't. So your point is: we should not think of too much sought as a general health problem. It's only health problem for which it's too much sought yeah. You know. The health community gets very angry with me about this, because the problem with health officialdom is that they want there to be ass. We being rules so that they can catch everybody and they don't like it. When people like me say that some people can eat excesses of salt with impunity because then you know ever
I'll say. Oh I'm one of those people, but some people can in the end some people can't you get these comparisons. For example, when I get into this debate with health people they start making. Comparisons to smoking is not the same thing smoking. Any amount of smoking is bad for you. Any amount of salt isn't bad for you. A certain amount is for you and how much that amount is depends on the individual limits you're, so the the? U S, the food and Drug Administration suggest an upper limit for salt intake of fought between five and six grams per day. How much? what's that, the equivalent of what was an end, they munching taken less if you are known to have high blood pressure or some other no issue, so a gram, is one thousandth of a kilogram, yes
so five meaning light vaguely like when you ok wave. So we don't so watch so a kilogram is a little over two pounds. Two point: two pounds is call it two pounds sure. So a thousandth of two pounds is a five hundredth of a pound. And announces a sixteenth of a pound. Sir, six says the thirty one gram is a thirtieth of announce approximately just doing it off the top of my head, so a thirty to renounce its name amount. A teenager needs to get high to enjoy contrary its objective to guess at so, but the but action, data from people's real food consumption tells us that the average American, a man, consumes more than ten grand saw per day, almost twice as much as that in their coffee alone. It's Rex herself, so here's a promise of course increase all gives you put your at risk of high blood and heart disease and stroke and some people, salt sensitive than others, and
reasons that aren't always well known just a genetic spread is that of what people are in this world is there are tested find out if you're, one of them we're gonna eat unlimited sought with it having no heart rate. That is that it has, they wouldn't give somebody what's funny, some test, you know that they don't work for you because you died from it. Yes, yes, I guess I'll eat a pound of salt, later this evening, and if I live, I know that I'm fine young, solid, you're cool eating eating saw now here's an interesting study so last year and the New England Journal of Medicine, which you read every night before you good satellite yeah, falsely without reading some some glorifying medical information, they reported that if people removed a half a tea spoonful of salt from their diet, okay, so that would be like about three grams four per day that it would prevent nearly a hundred thousand heart attacks each year. As you know, if it's weird his people freak out remember the hour scare with apples there was like might have been
from our apples and enabled stopped eating apples, yes, and the risk that you would have experience and I was really low, but that any risk at all. People react in, and so here we have, we can prevent four thousand heart attacks and just by reducing it right lighting of apples, whereas one assault, it will never been treated like that, but here's a problem it's hard to reduce that much off from our diet, because percent of assault we consume is already in the food when we buy it right and the food that to put up the list not who doesn't like potatoes. I'd look potato chip yet who doesn't like soups in cheeseburger I'm reading from your name and another thing is with potato chips. I've tried the most operated as yet. Why my wasting my dad I can't go, then you have to add other spices to cover for them being tat which areas with the barbecue flavour and aim at me. Barbicane shows very salty budgets. The vinegar
Labour, maybe I mean polity chips. Maybe ships is that the thing that you can understand? I can't you know one eight potatoes. I can't think of the others vinegar, just not a thought I ever have. I think there's nothing ever eat. Nor I said this needs vinegar, I dont know vinegar, makes the soup dumplings delicious, but pasta, and his allotted that there's a lot of salt and cheese and, of course, soups yeah pizza yeah. I know- and you are you're saying as if you, if you make food for yourself, you'll, be fine. Another view eat at a Delhi's. Where do you by like pizza, Things are left to live here to help you to Delhi should have warning salt, Sir Yellow assault. I think that was a thing wasn't. I think that that there was talk of there being stalled warning or limits unsolved actually buy them. The able in a way, given the previous, our that we discuss all Delhi's are like the hold out from another era. We must preserve. The meets Yarmouth saw
then smoke in all these other ways, and so the Delia's, Canada and weep and weep obsession particularly in the in the in the in the big cities in New York and away? Yes, there's this early work, I tell you got it, you got a slowdown in May, be step in there and rang out and get some salted, polecat and the delegations, have you can't kill yourself they going for the kill with those huge sweet, desserts right, supposing good enough to killing the dessert we'll get you. Cultures that there is not a habit of adding salt, though they have food and other cultures, America by countries with less glued, and we may get Alzheimer S. At a destroyer either, but think of in China and other asian cultures than others soy sauce its into sauces. It's not theirs notes. Salt, shaker on the table to rally in a Chinese, restaurant and and big yeah, but chinese foods problem is not lack of salt. Delicious leaves all the let's find out when I was a great learn that in a jar jar bottle of of
We should also know the active ingredient in the fight is an inch of really are dissolved. Anchovy sums delicious. No wonder I like it here, and so you know it's it's wouldn't when were you dont like For now. I love it has great it's great and I let him I love anchovies there so salty. Are they naturally salty? It's probably a little salt added, I think they are from salt water, so you get some sulphur free, but about right and an end in itself. So it saying Well, when you taken the salt separately, so what you can do. As you can say, since so much alters coming from my diet, I will remove soldier acres from my table. Yeah that would be very good way to do staff some force on what it on, what you, what avoiding the hearty at that. This study show right right, just don't have assault shaker, do who, but who heads like salt to their pizza? Who does that radio? This pepperoni is not so we're not gonna get. You know you got it, you gotta do this again,
rightly so, of course, Martin sought with mentioned earlier. Has some additives yeah, there's the the Lee Pouring I don't want to use, for that is its ingredients that they put into the salt will continue to poor, consult low of water and lives kicking and that's why some soldiers are full of rice. Also, yes, exactly the rice absorbs that and That was the Morton sought motto when it rains it pours a clever. Yes, now you, don't understand that your whole life yank, because I ain't grub figuring out- it's all was messed up in the fifties. And so they, those added and of course they had iodine to also prevents goitre. I mean the good wait. I think we have to wrap up
Lastly, we hope it will rapid now, but we have another segment coming more about solved more. My interview with marked romancing author of sulphur history will be back in the star towards tracing here, have secret for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell. There's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here? Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying
Welcome back to start radio, this is host with me. This is Eugene Mirman Colonial and our tasty topic. Week is sought yes and the science behind it now you're an expert saw because you one of the voices in Bob's burgers. Yes, we're just based cartooning, yet animated feature on Fox, yes and and when it some before after the Simpsons in family guy would outweigh honest. It's it's after the soup, before they likely don't air three shows at once and space the mouse simultaneously s so its eight thirties, eight thirty on Fox Eastern Pacific right yeah.
The central general, seven thirty, and no one cares about mountain time, for I know, but they know you don't know when they hear me say this telegraphy skipping mountains, its More people live in the metropolitan area of New York. Then an entire mountain timezone see there. That's that's that's why I don't even bring it up unless my hand is force, so bobsborough stagnation expert on sought We cannot rely entirely on that. I have my interview. Clips remark. Polanski, who wrote sought a world history wise choice, the spread of the experts? So you know, as we know, we have a basic need for assault and enter study our researchers found that the the biologic, hard wiring in our brain for salt, of the same pathway is a nerve cells as some addictive drugs. Yes,
so it really is the original Harry. That's actually or Emma's g follows the same outlay, something where you gotta come back and have it and need more of it and even more and if you reach a new plateau of it in a really put more on it right I mean, oh just like an actual drama. Hats hits This is not working anymore. I need a whole bottle of salt and a bottle of wine. And it's interesting. We complain. Complain about saw consumption today, but you to be much higher right with you because they had no other what yeah, but people died at forty wine. I know about this and I, as a word so so I asked marks command ski about this, just a just to get some insights into the decrease in our saw consumption. Let's see what he tells US data shows that saw conceptions down fifty per cent per capita from couple hundred years ago. Is that entirely because
because we're not eating preserve foods in the way we once did, we much less often we used to because we don't live on a diet of salted food. For instance, you know in northern countries in the winter time almost everything you ate with salted and assaulted much more salted than it needs now. So in prior censure, his people, eight enormous enormous quantities of Saul loved no It doesn't seem to be any way of researching this. What they comparison is on blood pressure by their people. Earlier times had higher blood pressure. And with higher blood pressure, the ribbon more strokes, yen, strokes would have been more severe and so in heart problems. You go to an old cemetery. Half the cemetery people died of between fifty. Sixty or earlier so make sure when yes, but that's also
reflection, honour and proved ability to treat diseases, not necessarily that were health there, but you could ask the question: if we opt saw consumption today given We know about excess or to the levels of two hundred years ago. That would be a fascinating experiment to at least do on paper. What consequences? How many people would die? More people die each year? That's it! That's gotta, be a doable thought expert yeah if you up people salt, but then you had better treatment for on high blood pressure and heart attacks and strokes, how it had all level out the fact that we are even discussing this, I should tell you means that we have brought on the fury of the American Medical the which doesn't seem to think that people should be guinea pigs. I don't know, that's their hang up right. I do really
like the idea of assault town where one thousand people intake of salt goes Scotch Irish, I we see if they die or not over a period of decades, it funny that Guinea pig S as a metaphor isn't think people should be guinea. Pigs right cause there, people right, we should. We should maybe first give salts a guinea pig see how their blood pressure is and then try it on kids, human children so too. If you knew that the United States is the largest producer and consumer assault in the world, we produce forty, million tonnes a year, I will be that we are the largest producer and consumer of a lot of church, even probably firmer, and that's a billion dot billion dollars worth of salt and guess what only Eight per cent of that is used for food more than that,
private use. While half of aid is used for de icing, roads right had how'd you like TAT, you ve, driven by these big salt- oh yes, salt repositories in municipal centres, where they just back up the dump trucks and and yet a let load up the salt and because had had a bad environmental impact plants along the side of the road art. So it is all too easy sought. A decidedly the industry claims, fourteen thousand uses of salt and two thousand I mean, I believe you Mogyns name just two thousand, so some people still but salt in the to raise the boiling temperatures includes a little faster than I think, that's a good one. Also I do this to put in a dash of salt, while you boiling vegetables- and it keeps the color of your broccoli, bright and green, but did not rather than a faded green you getting carried away, I am and also use it I'll do it. This even make helps make ice cream. Freeze gather salt is not in the ice cream, but in the surrounding bath and his
Why not have known you use the salt, because it melt the ice at the temperature of the ice and liquid at that temperature absorbs he faster than solid chunks do in contact with the ice cream canister. What do you think that I think you're lying? riding with me and more. When start talk continues. I tell you how I make my ice cream products certain showed devoted entirely to salt, welcome back to you start facing here studio me with my hostess, we Eugene Merman hello, and we are talking about salt in the way it flavour. Otherwise I was going through a list of the
what industries claim of fourteen thousand uses, and you asked me to make two thousand and are prepared to do that now, great others and, of course removing rather than making so go right. So I wanted to continue that icewave thing isn't because it's important thermodynamics that goes on an ice cream. Yet if you have the ice cream batter that I mean that the mixture in the canister, you start churning it if it's just so Billy ICE, that's around the canister edges of the ice touch the canister, and the heat isn't pulled out of the mixture. Very, very efficiently: you can punch her hand into a pile of ice, it's cold, but you don't. You know you're, ok with it. All the idea view melt the ice with salt. You. Raising the temperature of the ice, the ice becomes a little at the same temperature. It used to be, as ice said. Thirty do degree, one or even its whole rice, it'll melting ice had twenty five degrees
No you have water at twenty five degrees and water will sucked that heat out like these nobody's business. That's why you're freeze much faster in water than in any other bath. You could better lives terrible to fall into the ocean of a boat off of the titanic. Yes, that's just one blow, but I bet enable even a small boat. It would return. Yes, even small boats yeah. Well, they might. If you with marker Lansky who wrote, saw the world history. He actually has recipes for food in his book. I had to ask him about it. Where is he going with this? Let's find out I think that recipes our great archival material and mechanic its misunderstood. You know this, isn't a cookbook. I'm not saying that if you cook this recipe, you'll have a great dish. Many the rest
I don't even try I'm interested in the ingredients they use. Often the way things are talked about. You can find a lot of interesting things in old recipes. When I did my cod book, I almost put a disclaimer there. You know don't try this at home folks and when the vote came out in ice, and I went to reykjavik- and they did this big dinner in my honour into my absolute horror- they prepared all these dishes that we're recipes from my papa. What a horrendous meal that serves me right. I guess Is there any recipe from your salt book that you have tested and you would recommend further? Listen! Oh yeah, some of the chinese recipes, which I got from chinese shops in session, province are really good and there is a medieval italian recipe for sardines with salt and oranges, which I make all the time it's great,
I noticed that in chinese restaurant there's no salt shaker on the table, so their salt, as apparently infused into the condiments wealth for the chinese way of thinking. It's not a bad with a king. Actually, the chef decides what the food should tastes like what a concept I bet you go to the issue of what is the importance of individual choice, which historically has not been prize thing and China, so you know early through its history, its very likely that the things were much saltier than they are today. Being they hadn't had the chance to have these long, sustained and long earned salt deposits. That then, give me underneath the earth and locks them away and all solve used to be in the ocean oceans there, then spread into the lakes and they valleys in and when those dry up these
ought stays. There gets buried under our May layers of Lucy, so the ocean was much much saltier, much saltier. Very it's likely. There was much saltier than it is now, perhaps twice salty. Could you have walked on it? It could be walk across the Sultan the open at so so everyone because all the salt would have been in the ocean. He can do that. Experiment. The solidity of the dead sea, and you said you could sit in the wounded said in it. Yes, a double lock, yes, a doublet movement. I set up a double solved, we'll see what which what comes of it right. So so, if you think about that back and that's when life form, so life back then, would have been quite saw, loving, yeah in its day and what we wonder is whether the Jupiters Moon Europa has it has a liquid, ocean beneath a frozen icy top that has been good for billions of years. We wondering, if that's assault, salty lake, with some of the same kind.
Life that existed here, billions of earth, possibly and so one day. I want to go ice fishing on Europa and find out well take you spits, I will fold all the stars and we will fly their kids and find out. It comes up and links the camera lands, because this is exactly the conditions are, that we ve gotten the that Britain spawned life here on earth. When we come back in our final segment there's more on what role salt has. In our wise, and what sort might be in future Welcome back to you star, talk, radio, I'm your host Neil Degrasse Tyson, and I'm here with my co host Eugene Mirman and we've been trying to discuss
figure out and SALT Pope Probe probe. How sought has flavoured human history? Yes fairly, good, that's every area back! I've tried to just you know: that's tread upon it out there so you not have you been to like Paul foods lately you know like the salt section and you get salt and like ten different color, have you ever done. I know, but I'm aware of that, and I am aware of lots of different kinds of salt and colors and flavors. Unlike yes, smoked, solemn troubles in salted socks, roughly systemic, that's the thing I think I have yet to preserve solve some selling its head labour. Not nobody. Salt salty, so, of course, not all them are one summer: black, blue, red, green, yellow and effect. Some dies actually come from soft, and when I spoke with marker landscape is he wrote the course
all the world history. We ve been using clips of my interview with him for both of these hours. I asked him about the color It's cuz. We say I see it in grocery stores and I wonder if you know how they make these sort of backhanded claims like the color salt is healthier than regular sock as you fine, always colored salt in the healthy parts of healthy stores right. What are they claim? It legates like like magic one of the claim that it does look healthy out like less all now, I've, just as Martineau Marinos, let's find out Marker Lansky says about other stuff that you fine insult, some of which changes its color. I see. Salt holding tank is just a piece of seabed that standoff and whatever is in the bottom of that bed sand dirt. Minerals can get into the soft, and then this process you can wash solve.
Salt there's lots of amazing properties, and one of them is that it will only hold water to a certain point, and so, if you have enough of a density of salt, water can go through without washing away, so you can wash salt and it used to be until modern times a goal of salt producers to try to get all that stuff out and try to get it as wide as possible. The gray salt of Google in Brittany, which is now very fashionable and help people keep telling you eat discuss. The gray is so good for you. It was considered a huge problem in the french government tried to work with them to clean it up, because the spanish we're out selling them there are able to get their salt light.
But I go now to whole foods and there's a wall of salt and it's a spectrum of salt, colors, pink, blue gray. Yeah. All of these colored solve is history, reversing itself the Red Sea solved from July. The Polynesian never ate it, and if you read James cooks I raise the explorer James Cook. The british explorer travelling in the Pacific found the Polynesian had this red seesawed. He tried to eat at any rate the stuff tat terrible, but what he did. You stand as they were needing it. They were using it and rituals, and you know it made that one red clay there used to be all kinds of different salt and all kinds of different colors, every colours and impurity so alright is white and then they figured out largely the Morton company how to make salt consent then both in crystallization and in color also the same, and we had that for half a century.
I guess arrogant, decided cited. This was boring and now people they wanna have solved. That's different colours, and you know a lot of this stuff was rejects of early in this trick, was so when in doubt you sell it at a whole foods. Nature play some people just Vida yeah. Absolutely, and you know it's fine, it's not bad for you, but I find the claim that is better are you to be a little bogus. So all the college you're just like dirt and set him leftover in the salt. I didn't know that there was a world of people trying to make salt more fun. I didn't know that that was like a thing you could choose to do with your life Did you know that? Because our body has very high salinity salt water is a very good conductor of electricity, which makes you an awesome tar for a lightning and then love people, some unrestful, unaids, cats, there's not a lightning. Much rather go to you than through the air, and it should have the option to reach the ground and you provide six foot of nice conducted.
Solve demonic body, fluid hooligans, it'll go side, these into you to get to the ground, rather than go from the from the ground to the cloud as it looking to lighten strike by backwards yet starts at the grandmother exactly my hands. So in a way you can shoot lightning as a person you does do at once, and then you prefer and plus. You know these all these sort of wet, wet, invertebrates that don't like salt, like slugs, put salt on I have not the wood, I haven't you dont know what it does not we were talking. I don't see how that's possible, you're a comedian. How could you have never done this? Why figures May as the amount that you think it would be more reasonable than I had puts slug, because I don't know I mean I don't know Do you get a slug? It's not like. I grew up like a slug e grub in a forest raised by war, slugs what happens when you puts all other sluggish? Doesn't like it. The idea kill us. Why did you kill areas? What happens
its shrivels up it sucks out all the warder feels like you know, if you let it on fires, they think I'm gonna stop ere I need a tweet of the week. We run into that's the end of our hour. Here I got one rehab oceans, lake beds, mine grocery stores, blood, sweat and tears? bloating stars, Sir Of sodium chloride, when you need it that my star talk tweeted a week even less to start to radio brought to you in part by national science Foundation for it's on the web STAR Talk: radio dot net, I tweeted Neil Thyssen, Eugene Merman tweets at Eugene Merman. Yes, thanks Eugene for another episode, start heart rate has always look. You wish you can listen to start talking. Racial free joint start, talking,
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