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The Science of the COVID Bubble

2020-11-06 | 🔗

How has COVID-19 impacted athletes? Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice investigate with cardiovascular disease specialist Dr. Saurabh Rajpal, MD, and Head Team Physician Dr. James Borchers, MD, of The Ohio State University. 

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Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now then start talks. What's addition and we're gonna an entire episode on covert nineteen and athletes. we know we don't over nineteen, we do athletes all the time we put them together. Yeah we're not actually we're not actually put them together. It's not like we're giving awfully sorry just just do so. People don't get confused those in voices nice to have, as always always apply Gary Riley, former soccer pro sports commentator and you lucky
Yes, I've never knows, jockers might be on time, Co House and I am near the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, director of New York Cities, Hayden Planetarium right here in New York City, part of the American Museum of Natural history. Now none of us have expertise in in covered nineteen, especially not covert. Nineteen. With regard to athletes, we have to bring. We find somebody with mine. Somebody who's got the medical chops to get us through this, and we found doctors, Storm Raj, Paul that doctor eyespot welcome to start talk the excellent excellent and so your cardiovascular disease, specialist and and as an academic, I always see and respect people's academics. How's your system, professor, at the higher state universities, Wessner medical Center, and your also in a system professor
nationwide children's hospital, and I therefore think we're we're. Is that what is there? Some nation maintenance hospital is a children's hospital, a Columbus Ohio and its success, speciality superficiality, husband, allies, at all, kids and honest evidence- am I I'm a part of their congenital? How does he is doing so? actually, yes, as as kids get off where they get into the adolescent and adult ages. There not gives any more. Of course. I'll, give you take out them. Okay, so part of it. The value that is, you get to see if the entire arc of his heart problems from, as you said, congenital up through adulthood, that's got to be an important date of Yes, that's right! That's right on that does, however, it gets us in touch with an who participate in sport and because that's the age group be analysing them the younger than you know, the competitive attitude, is group here. This is the birth of our right, basically adolescents in an hour
and so we ve all read that if you young, you know, the covert is not so bad. So so you had a study that came out recently that look at covered the defects of covert on the hearts of young athletes, and you know we're not trained to think of covert on our hearts. We think of it in our lungs, and you know me some other part of our circulatory system. So what what is this connection? And what did you find- what made you do it out like seriously, what makes you go covered. Athletes heart like Europe, young athletes, right young up with just somebody's gotta, ask request yeah! That's so are you know, early on in the pandemic, we were getting information that people who are hospitalized so situations they had a very high percentage of them had this market God proponent, because
and I ve learned about twenty two to twenty percent of patients- our seem to have forborne levels which were abnormal. that make people aware lie abnormally high, yes, abnormally high and also We must secure, seeing that go ahead, devastating consequences on people who underline heart disease, especially devastating. For the early is groups. that has lost outcome with Kuwait, where people were underlying hypertension, Andreotti disease and heart failure Many people think that is that it does have its proper some affinity for causing hot as we were going through. This was seen not. Multiple studies, similar findings came up Regarding water, when the icy exports clinic asked us what would be the best way to make sure that the athletes are safe to compete with one of the things that they don't like to see? A sudden.
I think that an athlete bees, neither the news items that we see breeders. bidding facilities headline whenever it happens here. Everybody knows when that happens. So big, this disbursement isn't gonna get away. You asked as your what how could we make sure that our athletes stay safe? dreaming wilder practicing- and these are these not regularly exercising evil, which is bright. Eyed visa people look beat and at a high level solution we decided at our university that to make sure that the athletes are safe, in addition to getting the usual order, which is a clinic wizard and asking symptoms and physical examination no I'm electrocardiogram an echo, What do you want a step further, besides, you now have a desk cardiac MRI magnetic resonance, imaging or the heart which can look at the structure of the heart muscle, and if
What you are looking for is my Cardenas are inflammation off the heart muzzle the best test to look for that would be an mri and it was just a quick question so so just to be clear when you do that, traditional decay, g you're. Only seeing the the heart beats, the signature of a heart beat actually analyzing the structure of the harp. Yes, yes, Switzerland, with the MRI, especially combined with the HIV Kgb. There's viewed, you know everything at this point about the horns at affair: assessment, you know be no large saw your echo programme is another step in Britain. Is e g anymore eyes easy. He will tell you about the electrical activity at the heart of cocaine. ravages? I'm ultrasound based? Let me tell you that being function of the heart,
and the MRI, in addition to that, it will show you the characteristic of the heart muscle. What is that issue like is the swelling in the heart issue, so that that is the advantage of tomorrow to rush pulled, don't athletes, often present with enlarged hearts anyway, because of their cardio vascular exercise? That's right! That's something! We call at let a cardiac adaptation at least and will have slightly larger cars, not to learn but I would say that in ten to fifteen percent larger than what is considered normal and that is acceptable daily journeys through the heart grow that large, because they were, they were tired at it. Or do they start out with a heart that large and thereby became better athletes. Bell! That's that's a good question. I don't think you know the answer to that request money. You know when we see that at least stop exercising some of these changes you I'll get back to it in the novel Ridge brokered so more. Like is the first thing that you set
What did you find so he found out of the brandy six, at least according to study or had evidence on cardiac mri of inflammation, which means swelling in the girls in the Senate and those athlete some blood, those have some doubts about. The other do not have any symptoms are letting my sentence when they had to call it ok. So so is this a bad or good? I mean inflammation and others like a bad word these days right, but what wife why's that bad with regard to the heart, so that's not far from it at perspective, if at least continue to perform strain, was exercise uncompetitive, sports Wendy. Then inflammation and heart, the biscuit worsen. The scandal something that is more sinister, like heart failure, arson and guardian that that some of those things that BC
and is there? Is there any damage to the heart? That would be long term, or is this something we are? We understand there is a danger associated with him for his sudden cardiac death or heart failure, but long term, if you suffer this inflammation, is their damage to the hard muscle. Is there a damage to electrical signalling? Is there anything that is long term from The inflammation yeah some most most of the athletes color, is what we have seen. This inflammation goes away. However, some of these some of these can ginger beer, heart failure or low hard function later on in life. Some of these changes can persist. And are in a minority of patients. I would say doctor did do said that the scar
to appears in a normal wounded or injury to skin appear in the tissue in the heart and therefore, and does that then bring it son legacy of problems that site? What do you see? I am I in an acute stage worse in the long term stage, it carries a different meaning, even though it might look similar, so another five things in an gotta get more either pc is called led, gotta, linear enhancement of algae. That could mean neck crosses, which says that or a dying heart, so I could also means car did you. Stage when you see that stand out, These are able to either end, and this goes away smilingly go away, but in a minority of bees, and turn into scottish late, you're saying and
longer consequences like heart failure what what is covered doing in anybody's heart. We always only thought of it as a respiratory on this year, exactly yes, features which are still having coin is primarily a respiratory ladders, and we see it that way. However, it has The problems are more affinity to the heart. Some think that this probably doodle is ever evil of an aid to the sector which it hard more frequently than other waters is. However, You know why does is affecting the heart is not new. We have seen that other viruses affect as well. Maybe then, if act of so many people having the slightest baby a seamless more calmly to it, what you're saying is the more people get the same virus? The greater is the range of symptoms you get to log for what the virus can do. That's right until we know what the connection is. America's you know there's some
here is a girl and I can't remember to study, but I read about certain bacteria that actually affects the heart and can lead to you know quite failure with respect to the dental care and not or or lack thereof, a lack of deadlines easier. So so is, do we know the connection between viruses and bacteria and the heart, because they just doesn't seem it just, doesn't seem right beside that. This delay I to up the worry about viruses, bacteria now my mouth and the heart, it shouldn't happen. I'm down- a short time to talk about the let's stop
that then I'm gonna- U batteries out! This cannot happen. One is that all these are you I get isn't that you talked about viruses bacteria. Are they talking about this widest can affect the hot directly it can invade the heart, so the heart tissues are directly and cause damage on other matters. These viruses bacteria can sometimes lead to inflammatory reactions, inflammation the whole body and heartening unaffected. Another situation, it can cause I'm autoimmune reaction, so the body starts damaging himself after infection, because the body ex inflammatory markers savers, from the lightest are detrimental to the body itself? Sets the boots could assume? Is it storm your sight, o my lord, that enlargement has been here just what ok, so the heart. This is me highly qualified in this field? The heart is a muscle right and if, by there with me
they start here about my heart, one or one. Ok, here we got so if I damage as die muscle and it gets inflame, I just tried to an anti inflammatory drug. I go to add I reproach then something like that is. Is this too simplistic to treat a hall or of wages? Should I just saying nothing it saw you know we want other people that is given if this inflammation persist for some time steroids, which is like an anti inflammatory brown Reinhard. Thirty do use it for all the hard as well, but the name has his other effect. Doesn't it if you take the steroids? Does that not damage your amused system it does damaging use have so begun, but here the immune systems going healer and causing doing things that we don't want it to do so. Tell me about blood clots that we read about intermittently. Could it seemed like the heart would matter in that one young? Definitely so so black glass, this code,
information that we talk about. Inflammatory changes in the body also lead to a problem condition which means that there is an increased and then see to foreign parts when you are ill with cord, so this cloud formation can fund blocks in the heart the blackness of the heart. the blood vessels asked the lungs reaches wanting all overnight and barbarism appeal, which is a very dangerous commission, so we are seeing. That is what the fresh information here for all of us is even people who got covered who thought it was mild and why I just get on with their life if they subject their bodies to some level of performance. Stress that might not be a good thing: So we see that there is a lot of sports coming back to television. You know at ensuring this recording. You know we just saw them vision of the world Series. There's some people, anybody, so athletes are trying to just be athletes. So whatever
this system was for the younger athletes. Could it be worse for the older athletes and you know it depends on how much more sport the play, what the type of infection they had, how long what their symptoms are depends on loudest eggs or if it's a jury, sport versus just one of your skill, presumably that matters as well. Yes, yes, every meeting it matters and when this horse come back. If people have sometimes out of their recovering from Kuwait, there need to be especially careful as they go back legally. Speaking of what you just said: Camp Newton monopolies wouldn't knowing when patriots, sir, I hate him, he got covered and he returned and we saw a significant drop off in his performance. Is it? Is it possible because I think this is the pressure upon all atlases to return
as quickly as possible is regulated under professional athletes and you're at the top of your game. Yes right on the and that's a stratospheric level of performance, and if something that gets taken out, you just be I'm an ordinary good athlete, rather than the premium athlete that you once were so Chuck I do know is that noticeable, so yeah yeah, something is NEO, maybe he's a franchise plan and the pressure on him to be there not away from the sidelines or in the game is immense, and the doktor will tell you if you bring an athlete who's been through this back too soon. You get that kind of performance levels shock and its because, where human funny enough, obviously need so, we need, like the covert Olympics, just lower expectations they're down. What is the timeline on legacy here for recovery is awake two weeks, you know what take the rest of the year off. What's the deal so far,
you have evidence of inflammation of the harder swelling of the heart real common dressed for three months. That's. How do you feel better? That's why that's why it's never gonna happen. You're talking about a whole season for four million athletes of your entire season. You gotta sit out because you got covered and they're not gonna. Do there. Yes, maybe we do me the covert olympics? Oh god, I love it. I'm sorry, you see daily. The Olympics is being postponed a year. Imagine you building up to performing twenty twenty one in Tokyo and catch covered in Europe for three months, that's ever gets really gonna blow your hoping that having a man there. What's this mean for the average person that guy on the couch I mean I mean we're talking about like ITALY athletes. What does this mean for that too? Eaten chips watching a football. Ok, you talk about
losing their. Secondly, athletes. The effect on effect on the people watching the up. Are you We know that people who are at risk of heart disease of those people who have hypertension pretension repeatedly other things like that they are predisposed to cardiovascular effects of gold. So if, if symptoms that also do so of heart. Disease may just being shot me Brad Abnormal pod random amputations, as we call it is you see, they should see their knocker. Ok. Well. So sore point is the couch. Potatoes, surely is on the brink of having some cardiovascular problems if they just sitting there eaten the chips are room will take away here. People is dumping, Cobb, don't don't get over your set, so we do this more. We pay attention to medical professionals, that's right! So thank you, doctor Russia.
For bringing us this information that none of us knew, and now we have more to think about worry about when we return to start talks or to dish and we're gonna talk about ways of containing cocoa
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RO plan live clear, dotcom slashed our talk, radio, that's pro plan live clear, dot, com site. STAR talk, radio. This add dedicated to Murphy. We're back start on towards the dishes secondary a host where you go, go we're not going to talk about just containing covered in the US, letting vistas, That was so, you know if we believe in realising over the months that life without sports is changed. The culture sport, as seems to be such an important fabric of of our social interactions and the things you talk about it, the water cooler, but does not even the water
right. So what are we doing? So we would bring in somebody in a medical doctor whose thought about this so doktor butchers, diagnose your name correctly. There should add: thanks are an excellent, excellent you're, a sports medicine doctor you're, my favorite kind of doktor. There used to be very active in sports, and you guys just knew you know you knew how to get us I got you didn't say I'll just take this bill and call me in a week no use best. Now, We don't have a week, gave me back out there tomorrow, rights, Europe, higher State Department, athletics and dear, the head team physician, as his team for all ethnic teams of Ohio state cannot scrapped and all my position and medical director further in the athletic arpanet elastic, so you handle football measures as well as Gulf injure her teeth and everything in between every big
Will you get here with a club is just as bad as getting hit by linebacker for us here, without that agenda. debasement I had been given him about Eliza, I'm speak from experience, so the primary reason why we have you on here is that you are one of the four executive committee, members of the big ten returned to competition taskforce right and remind me whose into big ten, or at least this even get five out of the ten just so we know We talk about here. So we're talking about the institutions, Ohio, state, Michigan, Michigan State and stay rockers, Maryland Indiana for do. I were Illinois. Nebraska Wisconsin, Minnesota Northwestern, always wants to gas, demanding ding Ding, Ding Ding Ding, better now, better known as yours Saturday afternoon, tellers
this is, the parameters are readily. That's all you have to say it was a big tat turn on tv on a Saturday afternoon. If you see somebody play and that's the big issues written so you listed thirteen which did fourteen should so the return or fourteen schools. That's begins or team Gus harassment kind of mass and- and you do play for Ohio State as a focal point. What position to display a long time ago observers linebacker. But I did all the long snapping, fur extra points, field, glasses and so on linebacker only the most under rate under under celebrated person on the team until they threw up his life. who cares about the long snapper goes out their play after play after play. Does his job gets the boy where it belongs soon, as he does it its high low his ground thinks there like that? Guy has gotta die, we gotta go
yeah. I back to the subject of this Egmont! Oh yes, oh, we just came off of a conversation with doktor rush ball, whatever your co authors, as we understand it on this study that we talked about finding that covert has affected the hearts of young athletes in ways that perhaps were not expected or imagined so that report influence in any way your decision, the decisions are made and the return to competition taskforce. it's just a piece of something that we need to think about when we think about this virus You know we said all along were not to be alarmist about things. We need to study them. We need to learn and understand them. You gotta, remember. This virus is really only been with us now fer. You know about eight months time and in this country, and so there is a lot that we don't know about it, and so too
make certain that we're studying at moving forward and looking at it and take in a cautious approach was important to us, and so that's exactly what we did do the task force task force the land with regard to. reengaged competition also are our primary objective is to make certain that for the chancellor's and presidents of the universities, as you know, we could bring to them solutions that answer their questions. So we landed on a very cautious conservative approach, utilizing number resources around labs Cartier, a damaging, studying cardiac functioning, Sadly, that will give us the best feeling that they were safe to go back to play if they did happen to become infected with carbon. So let me ask you doctor: what are the brothers standard protocols that around through the big ten? Not just there? Always you, but through the big ten, the the
basically mandatory as thorough enough at that, so that another athletic conferences held said hey, they did it right, let's use them as a model This was the answer. The first question you know every athlete that has covered positive has to isolate appropriately witches ten days of isolation if their asymptomatic or until their symptoms resolve, and then they have to go through a series of cardiac test, including labs and eighty cagey. An echo Cartier grandmother. Cardiac MRI scanners yet does have to be reviewed, and then they have to so you might not have thought to do that. Were it not for this other study is that affair statement. I think that the data we were looking at certainly was one of the studies that led us to think that we need to make certain were appropriate and law king at this risk back when we look at least Robin down on the field right, we should now see this ok, so weapons
The difference between your flew recovery protocol and say what you have put in place now for covered. Ask your question. Yes, I think with flu. We know a lot more about it. There's a vaccine out there we know in a week we have much more educated about it. What we don't know is what we don't know with covert, and so We have to continue to understand and study and, I think, to make sense. Now we were taken a safe approach. Shit! Oh you know, for our conference, that's exactly what we did and then, by the way that I couldn't emphasise your previous sentence- more when covert arrived on our shores and hadn't really been studied, leaked and make not by us at least there. I don't think the public fully embraced then how new and novel the virus was, because if you do and you will allow scientific studies to sort of run their course and is there.
We just learn this. We didn't know that a month ago- and here is doing this all in these people weed and, I don't think the public was allowing discovery to take place to. Did you experience that as well I think we wanted to strap allay, will be new about other viruses to this virus. In that just doesn't work. This virus acts differently. There's things about it that we had not seen how it affects individuals, so I think that you right we're still learning about it. Even now some sell out are you involved where any protocols for teams with respect to reducing flattening trends. fishing, because I would think, especially when you deal with a novel virus, the number one precaution you wanna make sure is that people dont get it. That's our best defence against this virus right now is don't get it
So what have you guys done and are you involved in that at all? You are really involved with that. There was a number one impetus for me. Put protocols out will is that all these products, I'll do is either identify people. You know that have already had the virus what they need to do or reflect the behaviour of those individual. So when we talk about testing in those sorts of things, so our number one priority was to make certain that the student athletes nude. They still need to wear a mask when they're out in public. They should be physically distanced at all times term individuals, you making certain they avoid large gatherings practice. Good hygiene, dont trap. Will frequent in all the things that are going to help them to, as you said, avoid getting the virus, and that is the best advice is to prevent the infection I don't suppose you you haven't, you know you have the antibodies to it. Can you are you still? Can you still transmitted
there. Can you get it a second time movies unknowns about the virus at these are unknown sisters. Scissahs exactly what we're studying and looking at, and so I think you probably seen even recently, we no how long immunity last there is just a study in the UK that was just published yesterday that the out tat you know, immunity. may not be as long as what people thought. So we don't know how long I mean today, maybe for people we don't know what viral load you need to have immunity and we certainly don't know if you can or cannot be in vain- it twice, and there are some rare cases, but certainly had not seen before fact about yet, where so the limit, the deposit the limits on your immunity is that because of some mysterious reason, Bristol figuring out or is it because the virus is meeting and then it is madness? I think rightly differently. Ethical people believe that that Deb similar to the flu virus, you know you might need to be vaccinated every year, because virus can change and become different and affect people differently. So
its unlike some of the other diseases where you in our affected once in a lifetime community doctor Some viruses elicit a stronger immune response from the body than others, and are we looking? that, with coded where there's a less of an autonomous antibody response Oh yeah immunity is not just an about he's right, it said. Yes, you know memory, t cells and other things that can cause immunity, but that being said, the viral load can effect that the type of virus can effect damn you know all those things become an issue and then we have to think about. You know that affect moving forward, and I think that one of the things that very challenging about this virus, this Sars goby to viruses that way, Dont know those answers, and so I may have to be more cautious. I think when we only approach that, especially when we're talking to patients are athletes, so sports, the especially the big
henceforth- is big business right, and so this surely financial pressure to get these athletes back on the field and they want to. Everyone wants them back on the feelings Madge. I want no mass Tommy unless they went back right. Is it at its win win win if you can actually make it happened, but here's my question: if you test everyone right now and everybody shows up negative for the virus, then to Morrow they all go to some spreading event and then return. What is the next time your testing people? Is it three days? Is it an end? By and it's too late so sure you have been testing people every six hours, or so I mean that's what what is the you know just stick, stick a swamp and leave it in their nose with a with their channel. lab I mean. How do you do this? Yes, we're testing daily do I look at me ass? If you, if you look at some of the epidemiological evidence, we believe.
if you test every day, you can isolate individuals even if they are infected before they can, in fact someone else that, as there is no, it is ok sweet for you get a positive while before their contagious innocence before they can, in fact someone else at school one of them which remove them from that population before they would in fact someone else. Is there a window contraction to contagion or is it a media? Okay, so that lets say it's twelve noon. I go out super spreader, then amend the White House rose Garden, we again and I leave right now. It's four p m. I the novel corona virus right now. Ok, I just contracted. Ok, I then go to another super spread of it. Let's just say some kind, a rally and dumb I'm in contact with other
people can I transmitter right then, or is there a window of non contagious and there is a late and see period so unite? Viruses replicate itself in your body and make enough copies so that it can become infectious and then you know we can become too a load where you can actually pass it. In fact, some one else without window. Yes, it viruses jirga, haven't you we're gonna, get it it's so many thought to be started to be around three to seven days well into the seven days so you can walk around with this for a while before you
actually that's part of the issue, as you could be ache, symptomatic walk around with it, not know it and then spread its other people. But if your testing people frequently right, you can identify them before they get to the point where they would spread it to someone. So in that period of latency, you could remove that person embalmed, that that leads to a greater containment and ask her out loud, and that has been that's, been a discussion on public health and we need to be approaching. If we really want to make an impact in you, no stopping the spread of this fire. Let's look at. You have listened to your football team and I wish you you ve got one hundred and fifty plus members where you look at staff as well as, fires. Coaches. First, here, whatever level you ve got round them the ball boy, Don Fernando Boring, audible to boy Am Adams, Adam Sandler! So then you ve got you got, testing daily for the amount of people
you already under pressure financially, because college force has been decimated. What is what is this protocol costing to be able to put this in place? must be immense died. I had another total cost, but I agree with however this is not an inexpensive bencher, that's for sure show their way through the cost of testing people. But then there is the opportunity cost of sports that you might have conducted that you're, not and not filling the stadiums which itself was revenue right so through to cost the cost of implementing and the cost of not make
Money combined costs of keeping these athletes and the stars in a coach is healthy and safe. Former asking you to do this and you know in a pandemic and making it a safe as we can't for them. Are you familiar with any of the protocols for professional teams? Now, of course you had the NBA had the bubble. Ok, but I'm let's look at fashion of football, and why does it with doesn't have? Are you guys are? They learn from you. Are you learning from them? Are they about the same ethic? We're both testing daily? I think we're both learning from each other. Their protocols slightly different than ours, with a combination of pvc, are any energy in testing in the end. So I think there is no perfect protocol. The protocol is that you have to stick to it, and you have to reinforce. Behaviour but we feel like what we're doing is, sir. His. Thus far, I'm helped us to identify with
our problems and stop them before they get out of control. We gotta take a quick break and when we come back normally chuck Gary and I just sort of reflect on what has just happened in the two seconds, if you can hang on we'd love to bring you as part of that is more a sort of virtue. The fat segment Tanzania should hang out for their sure, ok excellence. So when we come back on start talk, sports addition we're gonna talk about contain, the corona virus in these reports universe, when you return.
Rebecca starter. What's this, I got Garth abortions here, who is a sports medicine expert it there the Ohio State Universities, one of university and carries the proud like yeah, I think, there's the Johns Hopkins University a few. I grew up in the Bronx the other. The only new are already the only borough, with a definite article before it s exactly because we ve always been definite. About us it look at is is That's not get on your own, so so we use the segment to just sort of reflect, almost free form on what has just come across our table in the west. Who segments and amused
just what has led off this all its attention given to sports, because this so much money involved, Is there someone in the administration, saying hey you doing something interesting you found interesting result. Let's apply that to the rest of the campus. We are glad learning happens. I mean it's exactly right: yeah, agitate being able to take this information and applied to the community to the universe. aid to businesses. The schools is really important, and so as already in a part of the responsibility we have, and so your exactly right, but must be frank that you got the priority because you're worth more money than just a single, a simple student gonna talk by professor and flags, but also out you gotta, understand that they have a specific enclose community as well. So there are perfect microcosm to study Emily Athletic Athletic. We had the athletic you're going school, you know, so I can't really does
it is a smaller group and I think the other thing it's done is reinforced our university, the behaviors that you need to do and has driven the infection rate way down at our highest You become exemplars, and I think, and I think people want to support these athletes. They want to model of their behaviour, and I think it's It's great when you know sports in many different areas and again not just covered, but can be a great example leader and galvanise people for common causes, and I thank her. as one of the things that can do in this pandemic. They speak of winter as the flu season, and I presume that because we have more tendencies to stay close together and endorse, given the habits that most of us have developed, constraining the transmission of the corona virus. Will this be devastating?
who any seasonal flu virus that wants to infect us, because the normal ways it would have now been closed. Dockers were wash our hands and we ve got the ass on is that it certainly should have at the spread of the flu as well. If we can stick to those behaviors right- and I think we saw that even last year in the you know in the late spring time, fluid Sir down compared to where it had been a nurse. Certainly these measures don't just affect cobra, they affect other. You know infectious diseases well right right right right. Up till we ve told we talked about the body and the effect and how you protect it, but how? How are you doing with a mental wellbeing of everybody involved in this? Is not just the athletes. Not did you coaches, but extended family and literally coaches family and medical Department have habit of psychology division for the athletes. Are we doing
the significant support. Psychology group that works with our athletes- and I will tell you this one of the by products of the pandemic- is that mental health is to use an athlete, skyrocketed, anxiety, depression adjustment disorder stress, so it was a huge, huge dresser for athletes in general not to participate in their support and we lose actually, I think, sometimes the perspective of the other health issues around when work focused appropriately on this pandemic, any issues that can cause, but there we ve got a lot of by products from that that was certainly one of the largest. I think one biggest concerns of everyone involved, at least with collegiate athletics. Is the mental health of the student athlete, because I can say as an academic? Do you know if I can just stay home and study and I'm fulfilling
what I'm good at and what I like to do? But if I'm an athlete- and I cant do my athlete thing that has subtracted from myself- identity in some funder, well, how I express myself and how feed myself, but my own sense of even self worth, if I can take it that far so yeah got blanket glad to hear that you got off all sides of the house. A profile figured out tat, I must ask, is because you coming got such a massive and brilliant football programme? You'll have players in there that will be going to the NFL like that, good that their job? of the inhabitants every year rightly so. What are they doing? How would I coping in there with the fact that this thing is unseen and can t right not just me for the next couple of weeks couple of months, but it could take away. If I get a bad case, how are you coping with them? Are players dropping out of a programme of engaging? What's the deal haven't seen any attrition from our programmes.
Many players, I think hopefully that means that they feel that we ve communicated well, we ve been transparent, were discussing with them. What were putting in place to keep them safe, were continuing to communicate the frequently, and I think that that there's a lot of credit, the ghost institutions, their staff and their commitment to do that, not just with football, but with all the athlete certain to be out, an open about what the risk is. So let me ask you speaking of that out well again, communication and the psychology does the team. I think team players might here's the thing with covered the you're only as good as the person who is not willing to do with their spouses. Do ok, if we all say: ok guy, We created this also bubble, we're all call. Now we ve got to make sure that we keep this also bubble closed at this omission expounded in middle rang and I've gone, I just gotta go out as I need some onions
and you know that's without causing that's. What I do know is that anyway, you may have been in the bubbles along this path. That rapid anyway, of Ladys by is, is that. Do you find that advantageous the fact that these guys are as a team and is that used to help keep them? I won't say in lines ass aware that big, definitely, I think, when you're motivated when you have an end goal, when you have something that motivates you to behave appropriately, NEA Peer pressure and when you see that everyone else's acting that way. When you know you have to test the next day, he got all kinds reminders that you need digging a stick with the programme in the think that there is a further
real power and in being accountable to you know, you ve made me other people that you're embedded with this mission, so to speak from what we can do, and I am talking in a greater society if we would, instead of looking at this as a national thing as tat. Looking that business, like all, we got to test the whole if we look at this in each individual social construct, so I work with my company, my company, I'm responsible to my co worker. and then you create that same kind of environment. But you do on a smaller scale. In many many many places we might be able to. We might be able to overcome this day by day exactly right. I think you're being becomes a state of mind more granular and creating that the impetus to be a kind of but the people that your closest with the drives your behaviors and I think to think about it. Way, as you know, is a great way to think about it. We ve seen great success
with that happening on our campuses. Don't you spoke could be useful from the former professional sportsmen. Pretty leaves its about your network if you Good and everybody is trusting in the network and doing the right thing that network than springs out into that person's network in that person and it grows rose in Grozny itself becomes viral unintended. There's no questions upsets awaited the fetus, there's no doubt about the. So I want you to predict the future so how soon at Wordpress the MAGIC sphere be available. Thank you. Gonna see a back seat nurse become available on December and I think that will be available to the general population sometime in the spring of twenty twenty one. Ok, so that that time delay would be the discovery of a vaccine versus the production.
The testing is work going on now. Is that yesterday that's correct, you, ah me, that's cool, so so this is the lesson to us will be in the future. We want a vaccine before virus shippers, that's what we want gotta get back to work and that's what we were. So you can have this thing off in advance, and maybe that's how I understood the concept of a corona, This is a category of virus ass. If from other categories, where your hope and expectation is that what you would have developed for, one of these corona viruses could help the others is that affair statement? That's correct, yeah, yeah, ok, well, can forward. As one last thing are back down if corona animals are we got it from them today?
the fifth I'm not a veterinarian, so I dont know studied but I know that the you know, as you mentioned, that can certainly originate from them. You can really, but maybe they just chill with errant right and tat. I, from the novel human virus, We would know right quickly, put weapons, so the vampire branches who's next, to my mind, is that why you're so, please do not suffer. Does that mean we have to do? Is hang upside down?
Where do you get you have asked? Why would you do that? We will be able to get a full report back on your desk in the mortar versions able out sector so Doktor James. Thank you for joining us from their higher stay parts that we country loves her state university. It's like its benchmark university, academic athletic, example of America at its best, so glad to see you in the middle of that keeping that safe, so for joining us Gary Chuck as usual an hour Sharon's table with you don't start on meal deforestation. Your personal astrophysicist us always bidding you to keep looking up
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