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The “Science” of Zombies and the Walking Dead, with Robert Kirkman

2016-11-11 | 🔗

What can we learn about anthropology and physiology from zombies? Neil Tyson interviews “The Walking Dead’s” Robert Kirkman, anthropologist Jeffrey Mantz, Harvard prof. Dr. Steve Schlozman, co-host Maeve Higgins, Chuck Nice, Mona Chalabi, and Bill Nye.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode. Commercial free, Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now idly overdraft ice in your personal astrophysicist and tonight on start talk. We're going to talk about the zombie apocalypse Nobody to feature I interview with Robert Turkmen, who is the create, of the hugely popular tv series was walking dead. We're gonna find What makes zombies so creepy and what we should all do to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.
Let's do this. I got quickly here may begin my co host in comedian and we have with us a professor of anthropology jeff- remains everything what are you doing you Washington, your professor at George Mason University? Now we did some. Work on you, you actually taught a course on Zan bees, and so can you tell me what Anthropology has to do is on these, but meet the print professionally speaking quite a bit, so it's just the course, which is basically a gimmick for teaching different ways of thinking about how societies deal with fear how they deal with.
The things that are sort of foreign to internet around the orders. Armies were hook for you so resolve these were hook, yeah in and so depending on how Sammy's are treated in storytelling there, either the main story or how the rest of us react to one another. We can have a story and that's where you come in yet that's where I come in, ok and so You also teach about the origin of of zombies. Today I do quite a bit. I wear. What does that mean? I hear it's? Is it by haitian voodoo? Is us The term came from Africa dead, there's debates about where it came from, but who is probably from the Congo from a key Congo word or another west african language word I was imported into Haiti at the end Eighteenth century and then flourished into a full blown, what they call socratic religion had brought in parts of Catholicism parts of west african religions, so socratic mean synthesizers
yet synthesis alcoholism is one thing that matters to that culture at that time. Yet so that's also dead people rise up and hang out in Haiti. Is that what you're saying actually, no so look at the head of the idea of a revenant corpse corpse it comes back to life actually probably comes that. Well, I wait. There's a word for corporate comes back to life, yet revenant there from the french revenue that doesn't help me. Revenue from eleven. All it's going to Heaven help learn anything more help here. What what is the word? What is the word me? So, a lot of west a lot of european, particularly northern european folklore, has some figure of the dead. They comes back to life. I usually be as they lived a bad light for they were? They died badly, like a ghost, like the other kind of like a ghost lance accept today come back in a corporeal form which is worse
can be relatively harmless, sounder ghosts virtual right. They pass through things. If your physical thing There is a dead get up yet as this is, fine, this throughout Europe. That's actually why we stick nails in coffins, I mean like now. Are you going to think we're gonna be in a runaway or simply do not know about it? A little bit so little rather just jump in the body Thank you put it on a box. You have a way with to accurately lop open, so you put it didn't able to have you seen how many nails input in this seems more than was veterinary agreements unpopular it there's like more just. You're? What I thought I heard that that, and you know, the idea of zombies originally came from hazy, but Was there a Andy there? What what? What? What was the thing that was there so zombies in Haiti that were we with what are called zombies, repeal arise by the West Cravens adaptation of a book called does serpent in rainbow.
Are a sort of these. Historically, those figures are slaves, so they are kind of put into trances and We need to do certain sorts of things. The early american zombie films, like the nineteen thirty two film Victor helper in Dark, directed called white Zombie, actually kind of more closely depicted that One thousand nine hundred and sixty eight at shifts to this new figure which actually for a while after one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, are called zombies. They were there or didn't call them anything, but that's when the modern zombie a sort of emerged early. So it's me it's been at our culture ever since anyone thinking about the culture indebted movies in tv just lore in June, and so the walking dead is the most successful tv series ever right. Thinking what's so on cable Serbia, keyboard, cable issues after qualify there and I sat down with the crew
Peter of that show the creator Robert Turkmen, he wrote the graphic novels on which the walking dead is based, and I asked just why is this? The most popular show cable. What's up with that get up, but I did so proper. I was like what people kiss while zombies in trying to eat them. The people were like like this romance tat is a relation race. Really, I'm not an eye. I mentioned in that guy stuff, I mean I'm a huge fan of Zombie Lauren Zone, stories, and There has never been You know, there's only one way that never ends as what, if I said walking get, is there never been a story that focused on the character and showed how they lived from here. Two year to year after the fall of civilization, in almost zombie stories are about the initial outbreak and things happen and they trying to survive and that women in place for a while and then they die or that all relevant sunset? You never see him again
and to me not only like seeing people trying to find food and try to build shelter and trying to protect their families, as does very fascinating, but also like living in these extreme situations, and just check fundamentally how interact with each other and how we relate. To each other and in all, because in walking dead it becomes very scary very quickly to our new person, when alone is You have no idea what other people have done to survive and how their mindset is change because of this and whether they want to rob we're kill you or whatever is happening, and so seeing people gale struggle through this world in I was fascinated. And as a writer when I'm like. Oh, what happens next, I think well believe me some readers out their viewers out there. That also want to see what happens now. So what it does is your life
in extreme conditions when the zombies are coming, and it's not just one thing: it's not just the flood or crash. These things are out there and they want your brains. So what does your study studied? Anthropology tell you about how we civilized people behave under those conditions, Anthropologist would probably tell you different things than than some creators of omby shows, I think, with interest. About the way. What links aid just well, but that success of the show must in part be due to how convincing the portrayal of our behaviour are. So how different can Europe research be from how much we know we identify with characters that he portrays. She's in question, if every characters we're not believable nobody's gonna, watch it and always gotta care. So tell me what you're people say
Some people say that your people, my people, get my people say that, we human beings aren't is inclined to sort of kill one another under conditions of scarcity, as we think they are really that's very hopeful. I gonna believe any of it, but it's how I think, I'm not America people will open up the gun cabinet today. No law and order. Then the guns come out specially America and even then we'll have this conversation again. Yells yeah I'd be careful. How do you know who to trust and are there any analogues from very early societies that you can upon yeah exactly so. This is where the answer look at fear rise, release. Societies might have looked like and there's a presumption, sometimes that if we don't have a strong government that we're all just gonna eat each other and in fact there are philosophers who said exactly that.
And the answer of kind of long argued we ve been sort of an outlier in the social Sciences that kind of contended that actually it's only when resources are scarce or when people attach value to them that we start arguing over them. So we know of people but figure out ways cooperate with one another, then there's no reason for them to kill each other and there's they're not naturally inclined. Ok, that's, though very hopeful I mean I'm glad some people such as you still exist in the world now able to make further So, though, if I've got a potential gotta, you know I can see why they have to be like everyone, a go: crazy, we're going to the buzz, kill the socialist. So is there some sociological anthropological reason why a zombie, a scary to us? Why do we fired dead things cause they look like us, but they're not- and
I sought there's an episode of the Twilight Zone where somebody dies and it put him in a casket and then some Twinkle dust honour that no one knows about, and then he just pops up out of the casket and he's just alive again and people run out of the church. They freak out and if it weren't he's alive to love him they're not having to mono little what they know you dad didn't want. You will. I began to reach agreements. I was a tv show, but still you can't down it. Road like it's like, goes against everything like the one thing we're sure of is that route we'll die the spoiler, but then, when that when that happens, and then it's happening you come back to life. That's a terrifies me right zombies. They still look like us like a terrible version of us. That's what so scary written to me. So the walking dead is is posted
accepting right this zombies, I'm already collapsed society, that's that's, ok, and so what Kirkland does is try to explore what the struggle is to survive. Under those conditions- and I asked him about this- let's check it out a lot of what happens, walking dead is the terror. I have from the fact that I am completely independent on the distance of civilization around me and that there really scares me I could not girl garden today. We never mind a virus. But I can actually see that could wipe out everyone. I know he's very real possibility, unfortunately, like I couldn't do any little thing. To actually survive at this point. I think that we have we ve I'll make ourselves so weak so terribly week, so dependent independent
yes, and so can I need, is for again I like the euro at the cost of a like analyzing in that definitely does go under the walking dead and seeing how people can kind of change and adapt its like a like a hopeful, like a very many people, can change and adapt if these bad things happen, which I think they can, but I would certainly not be able to so. Maybe that's another sort of strong point that you know implicitly and explicitly that so much of the story telling that you capture is reflective of how We actually rose up from the caves to defend each other. To create true I belong to and what happens if you're out and while you're at risk you gotta come back in the wall. There's a lot of soda anthropology going on there, yummy Rick often says you know, you need people to survive. I think that's the story of civilization people realizing when you were
together on bigger and bigger levels. It or you can accomplish more so our dependence on civilization is at a bad thing yes and no Civilization does wonderful things like it symbolizes, but it you'll see through good zombie film, is depicted for a good number of years, the sort of loss of creativity. So you take a film lying down and the dead, and it said this sort of showing you know, people shopping, who are kind of that. They they look like zombies at the windows and they started. You stay this obvious at the windows later, look like the people who were shopping into people with cell phones. I like to set an apartment, Sometimes you why you my lunch and wait to see how long it takes for two people to run into each other. I wish I could have no all their others, although we are in themselves that funding is when I was when he said like that we get so weak buying. I rethinking without my phone.
When my phone runs, I d battery, I just lie down on the ground, but about producing food source. Your phones, no, for your smartphone tat mattered on better I'm gone jointly. The grand? Maybe someone could tides and from other about regret, so in a way out. One is the epitome of our civilization because access to our other people, it can tell us where the nearest Starbucks If you can play games on it, and so I have to agree, I don't know how what I would do. I have no idea, I'm too dependent on civilization. Is that you're saying it's not a bad thing? Well, I mean with the concern, is that these things are turning into some us into something this post human, which is, in effect a zombie. What's turning interposed human technology. Oh yes, it is it's a next step, an ex point in our evolution earn, etc.
Yeah revolution is essentially towards put so that the fact that we stare at our devices is a measure of the zombie vacation that has descended upon us, yes and it that way than walking dead is so popular now because that's like in the culture that we're all afraid that we are turning into zombies, though we're like. Let's just watch them on tv and forget about what's happening. Maybe if we We see them on tv. We won't be afraid that that the weakening sort of say. Oh it's there they're dead. I was at a card shop around very fourteenth to Valentine's day. So one of the cards was there was no one. I would rather get in bed and look at myself next to the new. What's a romantic! So are one of our man about town Chuck nice. He sent us a dispatch because he wanted to find out more. About the zombie phenomena was check him out.
Yeah, I'm here in Washington Square part to talk about the scientific issue. That's on everyone's mines, zombies, a zombie apocalypse breaks out right How do you survive baseball bat filled with nails wrapped in chains, and I have a whip. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse, Well, I naturally Livin was cancelled. Smiling I dont think Wisconsin is high zombie target a zombie apocalypse happens how it you survive. Oh man, I would probably just hide, because I wouldn't know you know that's not abreast, not a bad strategy. You do. I would offer my children. Ok, I can run pretty fast. I saw some good track speed in a sort of amble along. I think so. I think I could outrun yes basically evasion. Is your strategy wrote for some kind of Harry
links. I don't know that I'm is like high, so grossness grossness you'd gross them out. Let me give you a little conundrum, you're, significant other, whoever. That might be because who's a zombie. Do you stay with them and loved them in there is obvious and honestly depends on the type of zombies, very of them viral infection ones. So you could keep them until you find a cure if you're goin for that route, but if it's, the classic knight of the living dead raised from the dead, mythical, even use done, if intelligence makes brains more delicious, how delicious, with the brain of meal the grass Thyssen oh yeah, he prior pretty delicious brain, but yours zombie chef? How would you cook meals rank prized our friends there? You haven't Neil. What have we learned your? rain is delicious and stop certain.
This bad wasn't worth more and is only a part which went start talking to have them secret. For you I'm gonna, consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free, You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying:
That's all right! We're talking about zombies, zombie apocalypse and walking one of the most popular shows ever on cable television. Now you study how people behave under those situations. How do you study something that doesn't exist, you would see how they would come behaving comparable situations of scarcity or crisis gets or to speculate. How they went behave in those are ok, so you haven't examples of human conduct. Indifferent stressful situation should bring it together and say, and you have an you suggest plausibly that we would behave in exactly that way, people in MECCA certain kinds of inferences, but they might like look it up. It does
Esther situation ago, following hurricane or some other earthquake or some other natural disaster, so that there is the need to coexist. To support one another s and the risk of that one person will try the five I don't their such a word. It become a tribe and not in the tribe, and we have resources and you don't. None of that is good. None of it. I asked Robert Kirkman about the fears of what you will confront just trying to coexist under those six situations, and in that stress with check it out. I think another strong point of the walking dead is the exploration of individual and group dynamics. The Epp group dynamics is like a really fast, in view. The way that you know whether you want to or not or even without realizing it, you can change your opinion of things just based on the way people are acting around you and it's not necessarily com
just desire to conform, but it's like it's an evolve behaviour in us to keep, from standing out so that we don't get kicked out. Open dialogue and of Europe. You don't get called from the herd bright right and that seen in that light, The evolutionary things that remain in us today, just its awesome, just being reminded how much we are really just animals it at the end of the day, but you I mean: is it I didn't want to vote because the others armies around other danger- and you know people or are willing to do whatever they can to survive. But you know it, it is the others. There's a lot of work on a group thinking a lot of things going on that I would change people's perception so things in it. It's other thing that car from the show true to the audio yeah yeah yeah. I feel it is real so Jeff Group think in society, that's gotta, be a major.
Topic of study and among so anthropologist returned. To focus on the value of the people much to developing affiliations with one another so that something like hoop exchange is not grounded in barter, but its grounded in the importance of establishing relationships with one another. The foundations of economic anthropology of, for instance, are in that. But so let me ask if, if group think means, we think alike, that's not always good for the group. If The thinking alike is based on a wrong idea, yet only bad that that would be not good. You agree, yes, okay, so that would just to get rid of the whole tribe. Now this is a topic that is touched upon in walking dead, ok, either, there's a character called the governor. Ok, he's just a little suspicious. I mean initially you looking at. I heels.
In nice and people like him, but something is not right and I can't quite put my finger on it, and so I think Kirk minutes put some deep, anthropological analysis into this, so it so. I ask them: you where's, he balance the storytelling but check it out in the governor Was this horrible character who did horrible things by his daughter had died and he wasn't able to deal with the fact that his daughter dine became a zombie, so he was like key in his apartment and feeding her anyone like brush her hair and stuff and end in careful way, so he doesn't get bitten exactly and rigorously You know our regret. Has his coral as I always thought lake, the governor really, is just right crimes if something bad happened, a coral at the right time that would have led him. Often this different path.
And those relating to the kind of thing that we're doing one of the cruellest things about getting the walking dead season? Six. Is that, if, as a view if you ve never watched the walk again before. If you sit down, he just wants season. Six gonna go it's Rick crimes. Guy is a lunatic. These people need You ve been for every little things happened to changes, happened to changes moral compass to get him to this point, so you're watching season, six going she's one. You ve been there for every little thing, that's happened, changes moral compass to get him to this point, so you're watching season, six going. Why are they listening there? He knows, but through good Lord, people. What are they doing besides? It's a lot of So tell me about moral compasses and Anthropology well the examples there really relate to how charisma as established to and how you can get a Rick's group.
The governors group to essentially go to war with one another. There's been a fair number of anthropologists who study you exactly who tried to study exactly how that emerges, how people devise certain kinds of morality, relative eyes that outward get as word of it was a mean to make road. Ok, you got to do it like something bad happened to the Governor S. That's what he's acting this way! It's ok! kill him because he is the governor and that would be a good thing because there's some sort of I see little railroad these the moving the changing platform of circumstances. Gives you I was. U empowers you to change your mom. Your moral compass, exactly the face of that new infamy so certain rules are established. For example, you're allowed to kill anybody who is actually killed. Someone else before, which seems very sort of counter intuitive on its face value, mean
and don't do then becomes a thing that you're getting than killing, but these are rules that are established and curtains universe. Ok, so if that changes Where does our morality come from? If he can turn on a dime based on what happened that you just witnessed, then there is no more the morality, just whatever we kind of agree to from one moment to another? Six they were then, and morality can become completely perverted, as viewed by us, but be completely normal is viewed by them. That's right. I didn't want you to agree with. I wanted you to know Neil there they hire morality. This founded in my research. So this is the power of a system like civilization, because it's an agreed upon upon morality that you know with a certain kind of code, unwanted axles. So that's what contains that's what contains it though, the larger civilization is the more we can agree on a morality but once civilization fragments, yes, then,
moral centres can rise up that are not in agreement with one another. Yes, as those moralities can change from day to day, absolutely that is spooky. Spoken. I gotta think about how we gonna take a break we're on the analysis of the posts zombie apocalypse when start talking, welcome back to star talk here in the hall of the universe for the American Museum of Natural history, and we talked about zombies featuring my interview with the walking dead Creator Robert now, I want to know how did they all become dumb, I ask check it out. The work dead. To me works because zombies are alive is the only by. I think that once you start dealing with explaining.
Farmers are alive and then coming to you, then you get into the realm of science fiction. It's it's a sport from space. It's it's an alien thing. It's it's! A radiation and seal then it gets in the more of the realm of science fiction and makes everything less believable. So my A thing is zombies. Are here deal with it, so for your story telling vocabulary its unnecessary to know how and why they became zombies. Yes drives gonna people crazy. It's here is frustrating that kind of keeps it keeps the interim. Factor high yeah, I think so I mean to me. It needs to be dairy queen from minute want anything has been that this is not the show about a group of people, looking to find out what caused the zombies, because that's interesting. Shown could easily be a show. Our gonna stop this broad. We going to find this out instead, it's a bad thing happened to these people. And their lives were ruined and their dealing with it, and we do it.
Roger that they can't really move and in its it's, you know, you kill you if you don't keep things as well, muscle tissue. That's actually moving limbs, that's not likely things can magically. You know, operators Thousands are you do encounters areas that are so rotten that they can't really move, and you know it's it's. You know, you'll hear you You don't keep things as believable as possible than things aren't scary, and so aside from the fact that zombies exist embodies operate in a very real way and new that makes things all the more terrified so as to bring it up human physiology into this equation and about the physiology and viruses we gotta bring in a medical doctor, not just any medical doctor. Ok, I got a medical doctor These known by his colleagues as doctors, Zombie, Tucker, Steve Slabman, Eleazer darker X, Ray my travel me. So you wrote a book called a zombie autopsies which intrigues
greatly because as a work of fiction but you're, a medical doctor, you can bring a out of knowledge into making that an interesting story. Yes, when I wrote the zombie autopsies aid just to be clear there, not real zombies don't exist, but you can't look at a zombie and be a physician and not think yourself. There said So I wanted to try to explain as best I could, the medical etiology of the zombie process, knowing that zombies aren't real. So I started with the brain: is I'm a brain doktor there frontal lobes are gone. They they can't think in any kind of complex wake, they can't open doors. They can open windows. You can eat a sandwich. Why you're running away from a zombie, they are ravenously hungry. That's the remedial hypothalamus! That's the real the brain that responsible for hunger now there's other issues that I actually find really fascinating, like how do they move their muscles decay
You'd have to have a virus that preserves muscle processes, the acting in the mice in the two proteins at the run past each other when it for Brussels to move, and there are viruses that do that uneasy example that will be the rabies virus which still creates chronic movement. Were you jerk around a lot and you have decreased cognition, but you mean mobile because a good virus watch. Stay more by a long enough to spread resolved other people. So I tried to address each of these issues in the book, as I told the story of essentially the impending end of the world, so it in your note, you work at the Harvard Medical School, the correct he, I do I'm add Massachusetts General Hospital and I teach at Harvard Medical School, though in you're in your professional opinion. What is the prognosis? The psychiatric prognosis for a zombie which I'm just curious- and this is the future-
You know it. So it's not good. You don't want to get the zombie bug by like any disease. It has a natural history. So if you are noticed early in the progression is disease, see, you presented emergency room with the early stages of what Already recognizes a zombie outbreak, then we have the opportunity to interrupt that outbreak. Both general population asked when the individual, the longer we let it progress and, more importantly, the more frightened we get the worse. The prognosis become for the individual as well as a society. Ok, so the the bottom line here is its whatever attempt we can all in invest to preserve civilization, but really civilization is gone. That's that's! That's the prognosis here. It seems to me a topic that I have heard doctors zombie thanks for
don't start talk with us. It get you. You have a unique expertise here. You might come back to your case. We need it. Just I don't know what what city zombies will attack first, New Yorker Boston, but we'll call on you first, when that happens, I am always on call excellent economic on call everyone. Thank you doctor say thank you My pleasure thinks you're have so when we come back to start off. We gotta get hard data on the zombie apocalypse. When we return, from the American Museum of Natural history right ear did your city, we ve been talking about the zombie apocalypse and the sociology, the anthropology, the biology of zombies, astrophysicist, your commitment
we got the anthropology sided put. I need some data. I need some more anytime. I feel the need. We need some Mona mode Can I get some data, please everybody Mona Jalopy and she's, a data, journalist and she's. To enlighten us bees by the numbers so Yes, we have worse, say so, exactly that is a formula that I have for you and it's a formal, the consumer mathematician called Robert Smith, and this is You need to know. If you want to understand. Zombies is be an imprint disease s over an imprint disease, multiplied by Zayd Equals B s edge. Say the b is the risk of transmission. The end is the time to population. S is the number of people who are susceptible slicing. That's basically humans, ass, us and as it is the zombies and base
The outcome of that formula is that humans and zombies cannot peacefully coexist. There's no such thing as a stable way: coolly broom, because zombie population growth happens so quickly that in an office is them story. They're gonna win, so is this like a predator pray scenario is actually rises, the other falls in there and when they don't coexist peacefully he's always eaten somebody else exactly and the number one question for that is how many princes, although so now we want to try and quantify how many on bees that would be if this were to actually happen, and to do that, you need to and how many people have ever been born on planet earth. I'm guessing! You probably already know. That's not my total. We know that this is where this region's notice actually does. Certainly, but isn't it like between seventeen, three billion people. I would put it at the opera if that was the reason you two hundred and comes meant to make a further point nation reference burn heated with you took as his starting point. Fifty thousand, Bessie and that's when the new and thinks that a first about, like the homo sapiens, best appeared and of its you're gonna
all the way up to prison and they asked me. The population growth was pretty much steady until eighteen. Fifty when was and famine stereotyping and is quite possible, but there wasn't famines before eight and fifty. We just don't have good statistics on the middle ages and and then going on from that we have about hundred and eight billion people who have ever been born poverty. We want to subtract from that everyone who is alive today, which I am sure you know this number now- seven seven plus billion. Actually so what we left with is the kind of overall ratio of the dead, the living which is about fourteen to one which is kind of crazily, know that they fourteen people dead for every single one of our twenty thousand day. Europe, so that interesting interesting fact, so I once tweeted about this using some of these numbers. I said if, if Everyone who has ever died is a ghost. Then there's like fourteen goes
per person, I would just be annoying when we get out of here. You know the bulwark fighting was kind of more interesting is how Americans think they would fail in an apocalyptic send our and again we have data right. Last year you have asked a thousand respondents how they think they do. If there was an apocalyptic and Americans a kind of confident about they say that only eleven percent thing than they die. Anyone forty tube something that do as well as everyone else and third thing than it out lost other people. You have, of course we all have guns pretty to America. I get it feeding thing, however, disagree. So the CDC spoke a centre for Disease Control, that's exactly the one and the centre for Disease Control and prevention, one if they spokespeople said the CDC does not know of a virus or condition that could reanimating dead, or could produce zombie like symptoms. That's a final word on things occur so Mona like you
for sharing your data. Yes, the centre for Disease Control, they're ones, you have something to do with protection us learning us. If there's a problem- and I ask the dead creator. Robert Turkmen about us the outbreak in America and what role the centre for Disease Control might play in this. Let's check it out the cities, actually we issued a zombie preparedness guide. What that yeah, as the things that you need to prepare for a zombie apocalypse also the things you to prepare for hurricane and earthquakes when asked tornadoes there was no universe, mean there's nothing? You can do to forever asteroid right. I'm in the aftermath of the asteroid out just enimont you're cheeseburgers like it's over I can eat, has many cheeseburgers as I want, but the CDC put his guide out that I think crush their website like people.
We're clamouring to get this stuff in and if any part of what the walking that has to do with a zombie phenomenon leads to people being more prepare for natural disasters, because the CDC is tricking them and to reading this cool thing about zombie apocalypse like I think, that's the literally that it might be the best thing. That's come out of the working day. So so he's got to see these he paying attention to what he's doing now. We actually have possession of this of this booklet. It's it's amazing, just check it out, so there is- and I am in physical possession of this book. Let me underline the american people, tat salaries and painful
because we know what's important here doesn't mean America. We do important step, but he ate like about how to survive a hurricane and after rice they get. Your matches has looked your pack, so there you have the official guide for surviving the zombie apocalypse brought to you by America. So I thought you were terrified of zombies, new I hate, then I named scared that ok, so have a break We got it
you're in turn up, so what happens? If you work too warm that's what it was. What are these real break? This doesn't this. This is my hurry to actually do anything, but so coming up will answer your questions about the science. Does the apocalypse when STAR talk, we're back startled at for this We have the ever famous cosmic queries. A yes, maybe get a request that were drawn from from fan base. Yet- and these are all about the zombie apocalypse directed to me, but I don't cling
I gotta bring it up, bringing some anthropological insight. If we you're allowed to ask a friend rubber Lawton S got a lifeline here: ok, bring it on ok, ready, James Coolness from Arkansas. If zombies can't I could we put them in a giant hamster wheel for energy? That is brilliant, brilliant, yes, look here? If you got a little zombies, let's put em is putting the work. Ok, what you do is you dangle some brains in front of him and they just keep walk in and they like on a stick. Sticks in front of them and there too stupid to know that it's baggily, don't they say, resolve nobody likes veal for them on breeze. Yes, I was so do that. Go next MIKE H and faintly. We wouldn't undead zombie violate the laws of thermal dynamics by reversing the Iraq irreversible process, as we call death so is only irreversible because we do not know how to reverse it. I don't make any proclamations like
Somebody would have a that conversation. Let's talk about the physics, ok, the physics he's an why zombies network, ok, yeah they are moving. They must have a metabolism. They do not get human brains there. Resource whatever it is, it's gonna run out and they will die. That's how to act. That's how that goes. Ok, that atomic them parents in Western Australia are yours. It is zombies, climate change or an unseen asteroid collision with earth who ok, I have equal fear of all three were not. I share all three fears, as a second place, fear to my number. One fear, mice Meissner. None of us. I am thinking of the giants, and so my number one fear
is the consequences of leaders of the world who are not scientifically literate. That is my biggest sphere because if you're scientifically illiterate, all the rest of them we'll happened, but if you're, There it you'll you'll, take precautions and you'll understand and you will put in the kind of legislation and changes necessary to protect the future of the human species, because that's what science has been doing ever since it was invented neck. Why did we get up Let ok you're one more ok, since this is just the Andersson in Seattle, since the living pump tonnes of co2 into the atmosphere and zombies. Don't is this earth way of saying healthy so to bring us extinct and put the zombies is that part of the gay, a hypothesis where earth is, wants to take care of itself,
its own equilibrium, no matter what else is happening if it has to render us extinct bike it zombies, then why not? What we don't know is what The zombies will do with the earth once they eat all of our brains, that I don't know that that has been researched. So I will not assert that a world with zombie not spewing co2 is better than a world with humans who are canker so coming up bill. I, the science guy good friend of mine, as you know, is going to explain why science will save us from the zombie apart Wednesday, the role of earth and we ve been talking the science of zombies and a zombie apocalypse, and we ve been through
My interview with Robert Turkmen the creator of walking dead, there's nothing like it, just nothing like it and talk to him about science, characters that he, as in a shop, let's check it out. You got a scientist character, Eugene Porter, there's no pre requisite to having a science character on a show such as one about zombies, so Where did it come from what I mean, I don't know, I just needed somebody who could accomplish things. I mean you're, sorry, and not just wheeled weapons and heads off? when you, when we get indices in sexual, see that behind kind of starts in season five and has been going on for a while and the complex, but they they have. Some semblance of civilization. The story is gone on long enough that these people are getting to a point where they have. They ve that is established in the world
very dangerous bite, in the comic now they're there, windmills mill on bread and and having assigned to the character there. We always borrow from the knowledge that came before right so and adding to it So if civilization, waterfall someone with limit scientific knowledge like EU joint border who's, not the greatest. Just in the world, but you know he's got some scientific knowledge could utilise all that has been established to very easily get us back to civil so who are the most useful people to have around comedian, I mean. I know that we're not needed in an emergency. You know those that, like expression, laughter, is the best medicine. Ok, public medicine is the best medicine Thank you. I would agree with that. Probably be the first to go. I don't know, I guess you you would you say: anthropologists are useful in
now now I mean we're a step above like actuaries, but but you so you ve studied cultures and civilisations. So if you were to make an arc of people to survive whatever happened, but the Ark would would move on what mixture of professions which you put in it. I think you would need people who were capable of servicing basic needs for the rebuilding of society. Ok does. Include leaders who have no such talents, leaders don't have any talents zone. Are they do they bring people together, and I am amazed that NATO's exist at all and not everyone can be a leader. Some people like not leaders right and so you go to a leader and a leader can compel communities to stick together to bind and so, even though they can't build a windmill yeah
well. If I guess you might need a psychologist, social psychologists, you can identify, who are non tyrannical leader might be someone that's not like the guy Vigo. So that's why we need you to help us know who would be a totally messed up leader yeah take I found it shows build. I we catch up with him. He has a dispatch from somewhere in the city, and this one is on how science will protect us from zombies check it out. This is the ruins of the old maybe you're you're arc. I promise thank you now, as you know, every one of these shows bill. My we catch up with them here, as a dispatch from somewhere in the city, and this one is on how science will protect us from zombie check it out. This is the ruins of the old smallpox hospital, its isolate on an eye. Right in the middle of New York City is we're smallpox victims, to come to try to recover or die.
The horrible disease your skin is covered with fluid filled. Pox scars you for life, if you survive now by all accounts, smallpox victims were low. Energy sergeant, exhausted zombie like in this may have led to certain cultures, believing that you could bring people back from the dead or the nearly dead They tried all sorts of things incantations in witchcraft. It may led to the belief in zombies, but, for my part, I've, never seen any evidence of zombies or witches, except for this one woman I used, but that aside small, This is serious business. Three hundred million people around the world died from there has been german Jesse who realise that milk maids women who milk cows were contracted, the non lethal cow pox never got in did with smallpox, which lead
we're Jenner, inventing the world's first vaccine. Word by the way comes from the word for count there. Is anything is scarier deadliest smallpox the zombie Apocalypse science arrived when I think zombies as this pop culture phenomenon. I recognise that sometimes studying one thing give you deep insight into
nothing else, and so when I think of zombies, I think of them as an analog, as others have to disasters that could otherwise befall us and one of the powers of science and mathematics is certain problems that don't even have to be real. If you can represent a mathematically and if their science analogues to it, then the fact that everybody is interested in this even Let's not real, can give you insight into solutions for that And the zombie phenomenon has done just that: how quickly today does it spread at what rate? Who does it affect, and why and how? Some of the greatest discoveries in through the world have come about simply because somebody had a little side interests and we saw the new math and the new. Signs that arose from it and it transformed civilization- and these are the lessons from start talk this evening this
has been start off from the American. Naturally, I yielded rather nice in your personal and have always been keeping wish. You'd, listen, star, talk, commercial free, joint start, talking Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio.
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