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The Search for Aliens

2009-06-15 | 🔗

Scientists have been searching for aliens in our solar system and beyond, but have not yet found evidence that life exists beyond Earth. SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, has been scanning the stars for alien radio beacons for 50 years. Radio and TV broadcasts have been leaking from Earth’s atmosphere for over a century, and these traveling time capsules could eventually reach a broader audience than ever imagined. Neil and Lynne review the methods used to locate aliens, and discuss what to do if you’re ever abducted.

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Why are you? This is filled with secrets, mysteries, leaving us with many questions to be answered now more than ever, we find ourselves searching through. Those answers is the very fabric of space. Science and society are converging years with the first time it is. We give you the knowledge that breaks the barrier between what is sometimes in what is merely pop culture is starting to use your house astrophysicist doktor meal to harass Thyssen Media Complex STAR talk, welcome back, starter, yielded grass fighting here with my lady and after a little hot lips. How I mean you don't want to talk about today, idea
Finally, you talking about the search for alien life in the cosmos exile, alien life. Nothing like Anything we ve ever found here on earth and penal. Most people don't know that. Shoot for aliens is not a new thing, didn't start with Steven Spielberg. It begin now it's been going on for centuries There is certainly no I mean it was it's it's been about. People have wondered, they ve looked up, we're not the first generation to look up. We see the planets, we see other stars, you wonder or any other law yeah, but they wondered like screaming, like yeah yeah. How do you ok, what they always again on a mountain top unjust scream, or do you like take a torch more like like? What do you do by the way? What Most of famous crazy people, look for life, about a hundred years ago, Percival Lowell one of these but my need New England lulls it wants to. Rich for life. On Mars.
That I'm sorry about that? That's a science geek name. If I ever her one Percival Thou Wert were mixed with Egypt. Of whom you name your kid Percival, all your mace, basically saying he's gonna be lookin for farm unless he's just Perceval and then is like an mba player. I was all alone, one name, what principle our policy while he built, on observer, to be rich enough to admit Builders Observatory in Arizona and guess what you call the observatory First of all, I am no I'm no astrophysics theirs, but I'm guessing immunity. It turns out. He was actually what did he say, but little given props were Whitworth weird, they need to land. He started the search for plant. It acts that led to the discovery of PLUTO So that was one success. Yes, that one of his big activities Other activity was, he believed there was life on Mars and drew canal. And he believed it through a cities and their channeling water from one location. Why why I believe it will become
I mean that I mean that's awesome, but is there a reason to believe that he didn't speak Italian, italian astronomer, who believed he saw channels on Mars through his telescope in ITALY and channels in Italian is coming. You're not not? Cannot you know, I did you see that look at my rank them. I can only so he's got. Canale any sees this research paper canal. On Mars and he sees it in Italian thinks it's canals now the difference between a channel and a canal is that nature, cars channels life. Oh yeah cars canals, but are there canals? No? No He made it all up. He believed he he bookkeeping. To blows over how can about this guy than wisely important so hard in the in the last instance of life out there that his brain took over his data taking ability
You say that in your saying that what we do to let wealthier if you're too, limiting wants a man they want to leave that there's life. We ve been I now you can be wanted so badly that interferes with your ability to take data. Lets you buddy bill. Nigh has to say in his medical large down. I would check him out Bill my year and if you're like me, your human and there are two questions that come up. The moment you can start to think but we all get here and are we alone. The answers to those questions are what astronomers seek that's astronomy. Now I was recently interval Your honor international television show, along with for people who really believe that an alien spacecraft came to their air Force Base in Montana and shut off the electricity. Well of that, I am quite sceptical. Our billions and billions of digital photographs taken every week, not one of which presents us with a picture of an alien spaceship, but with that set
Are there other worlds? Absolutely are there other civilizations almost We do become here in space ship stood clipper switches, probably not. Nevertheless, we keep watching the sky to see it. Someone out there. I gonna fly Bill Nye the Science guy I love him. If you got an opinion about whether there's aliens out they want to give us a call at one, eight, seven, seven, five startled if you are an alien a but then you would need to use. You gets me, though everybody is talking about all in all the time, not looking for life on other planets, but when I get lies and all the wrong prohibiting settler, that's my story, but here's here's! What I'm gonna do is probably not going to be. An alien life I mean who at this point we does the compelling bacteria right wing company living in the old days. When you see what I'm looking for life, people would assume you looking for intelligent life with a lot of research for like today is trying to find any kind of life at all.
You know I gotta buddy, who works for the City Institute, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence Seti, if that's the acronym for that and its staff Shasta Yemen your session after This is now has a cool guy he's a cool guy he's like one of the leading alien hunters in the world, can commit an alien hunter well actual the timing, SAM Faxing, that's the tablet is recent book concessions have an alien hunter, just just released by National geographic books, and so, let's get it type of an interview I conducted with them in my office to check it out
so I'm here in my New York City Office with sets just like an old buddy, Saint senior astronomer, the Seti Institute in Mountain View, California, South welcome to New York. It's a pleasure to be in the big apple me out. I'm told you have a new book that just came out. What is its confessions of an alien hunter assigned to search for extraterrestrial intelligence? So is apart member what there is yet there is some buying autobiographical stuff in there and as far as confessions go I mean this is the kind of confession that you'd have to see a priest about, but bachelors wanting what're, you confessing that we should know about yeah well out when you're older I'll tell you it's not. You know just some of the sum of the email and phone calls I get there's some of that in their, but is also some of the sort of the behind the scenes history of this in the search for for aliens and An aliens was anything that's extra, terrestrial meaning beyond earth. Well, not entirely. I mean maybe aliens on Mars ride me neither the pond scum aliens, but that's not what
I do have my very nice to call in ponds, come from us, it is ponds, gonna cats and, as far as I can tell they don't objective this its bobbio get indeed I mean there is. There is a lot in their about why we think they're out there, and that requires going into the question of what could be life even by our own solar system. Some these worlds that might have liquid water Mars has an obvious when some of the moon, so the outer solar system. So we got real astronomy, and here just to the reader can learn about how we posed the question in the first place: yeah it in, and why is it that if you grab you know ten astronomers off the streets of New York, not that I ever recommend doing that? But if you were to do that, you know what fraction of them do. You think would say that it's likely there's life out there. I figger, probably ninety percent of the one hundred percent of its only ten would be all ten yet very likely give more optimistic than I. But yes do you forget. We see what life looks like in Times Square, that that allows all manner of possibility and limiting the world. I will comment on that that, yes, my big
the aliens have! Is it but they pop down in the middle of Times Square in Venice Beach. California, he just went unnoticed. Did it look different enough from anybody else was walking by rollerblades by so that they just went home, and you know that I think that was the premises of men in black innocence. You know that the aliens we're among us in a lot of people believe that the aliens are among us. I wish someone would bring one into my office. It be jobs just to be official. You are not an alien correct. No, I am- and I could tell you if I weren't no you're, not authorize the devil's right in front of us.
We're, gonna hear more from South Wales. I just like the idea of asking flat out asking people. Are you now and they are just a double check. You never know this star talk, I'm your hosts near the grass Thyssen joined by comedian, actress Linda. I like that if you have opinions about river aliens out there in the universe, I want to know we want to know when eight seven, seven five star tat, you just want to talk to someone other than me things. I would just like someone else, the kind and many traps that this woman and this around. So when you write the earlier, you asked to, or we just looking for a little green men or could it be microbial life and we think there might be microbial life on Mars. You just made me smarter than I am actually asked where this lookin for bacteria upon Come Hannah things, but microbial as great microbial school and there's recent evidence that there might, because there's methane emissions from cliff faces on Mars, recently found methane gas. Guess it's a kind of gas. That is that, if these you find in your digestive tract actually.
Like flattening fluctuates. Yes, yes, so might be one of land and a man might be one of my ex boyfriend minds that my view whose there that's. Why is it that represent here between seconds? So what do you mean there? It's like the little pockets. Have it yet? Well, if nothing were all over the planet, then you can wonder whether the some sort of geological origin of methane, but there's a pocket of methane that emerged from the side of one of the ravines right beneath the surface, where you think there might be water because Mars has always evidence of one have once having had liquid water and where this water on earth there is life of one kind or another. But we think the warders beneath the surface of Mars is a cut through the landscape. Methane comes out with this is not just cast, and that is utterly mission, but where what Their plants could have life on a nail other than MAR. You don't know, but we're looking word would be guided by the search for water Lomond,
ok, what about Jupiter today, but I find Jupiter Jupiter Business life. It's not only life, as we know it. Why workers it be, ash. What's wrong with you, I mean there. Would you please get moons? Maybe this I found losing their rocky surface moons under, but there's Europa there's Ganz emanate hot Timmy Jupiter his warmer than it would otherwise be it that is kind of like a failed star, so get some heat left over set. So what so? What you get you one of the places I wanna go open it it has managed to come of. One of them is called Europa Europa, which has an icy surface, but there's heat from pumped in their from jupiters gravity. That is melted the ice and is it liquid ocean of what has been liquid for Billy. Five years, so I wanna go ice fishing on Europa, look for any life that might swim up to the camera lands. That's for size. The Jupiter than I'm kind of this is my thing was trying to think of ass. The other day Jupiter would be. If I tried to compare that the planet's to real people
Why would you do producers? Because this is how I make things, makes sense of mediaeval there's like puff daddy, like other jail star, and it's got that moon hanging out with it whose like Farnsworth Bentley, puff Danny little man servant who walked around the Ambrosch Jew that's Europa. Like now, that's becoming famous Jupiter did have men. Servants in ledges was Zeus Head man, servants and super duper juice. Mars, Obey Mars will Mars Argentina we're looking for where life on Mars, but I don't know, I think, Mars's Weimar Lanterns- has its content, For me, I find other ways to remember my planets, so I can't come at one or another, but I'll give you other spots, Venus you're not going to find life. One Venus, its nine hundred degrees fell. The nine hundred degrees. That's hard enough. You did break support. Biological molecules, you would plop down there did you could cook upset? I did the calculation you can cook a sixteen
pepperoni pizza. On your window, sill and nine seconds I get here, certain venuses, Miley Cyrus. I had tat one of Saturn moons tighten, which is the largest moon in the solar system of one of the men of this sort, largest moons in the solar system, that a fascinating place, one of the few that one of the few months with an atmosphere and really really cold. So water is like boulders and bedrock on that on that moon, better, better, get you water is the rocks and methane in a so called that gashes methane have liquefied the rivers of methane flowing. On the proposal for signing, tighten it. We think it, resemble earth in early days deep. We I was watching total. We call the other day. There are people now right now listen to this ongoing. Why are these
people together talking cheese, sounds like some hooker they found on the street and he's a genius. Ah, I must remind people Lynn Complex because at commission level and that's the joy of the show people, that's what I'm fan What do you yourself? It's kind of like when you're watching Sarah Palin in the debate I make People feel like they made himself, could do to make it fit. What asked the princess and talk anyway? Now I forgot what over the military? What we're talking about? We were you with where we were left puff daddy long ago. Our time at Saturn? Chatters moon suddenly be Medina. You know the centre of its own universe, just the true actually Santer has its own ring system and it's got countless moons. I've lost count beyond sixty. I stopped counting sixty moved its own many sources to what we call that's what I was going to ask area Is there a way that we could create like a pod, that we could live in on another planet? Artist?
then, what's the point just just like, now we have to get out for a while. I got I mean I'd, be happy, disagree to portray cow, I don't need a break, but to be able to go to Mars. For a week or somewhere, we ve we ve tried to make these kind of pod places on earth, and it just doesn't work people model in potato chips and cheat over who thinks it doesn't work. I think that we have a call. I think I'll phone numbers, one, seven, seven five star talk if you have an opinion about aliens artistic, our first call, fellow. Hello, yes, are you there do you live on stock and rarely grass Thyssen I
this is Chris from Southampton. I was wondering if you could solve the Drake equation for me to call him now. I know it's not me. It's time I would say no, I can't about now now I'm Neil can. I knew I don't even know what it is. Actually is it to me the drink equation that have to do some sort of tasty catering. So what a strange drip drip given the bakery drink, the old thing, whatever you're right, I'm nice- this is this- is fun colony out. This is like yeah, you know come outside. Cannot, however, gets you Talkin Frank Drake was a famous astronomy still alive and he wanted to organize our understanding of the likelihood of finding intelligent life in the universe. So assembled these terms of inequality, which, when you multiply them all together at the end, the number you It is the number of intelligent life forms you
find in the galaxy. She first have to start out, for example, how many stars are there and then how many of those stars would have planet and how many of those planet would have life and how many of US planets, with light would have intelligent life and haven't? I was placed with intelligent life yea. I will get it then. Why? So Turn you dont meals can use our Christmas meals. China distracts out of sight of the crimes, and yet I think we just want to number. Neither am I getting gotta going about things that people are so you plug in all your best estimates for these these these probabilities and at the end you get Martin number pops out and, depending on how pessimistic we're through sciatic you're, it could be lower, We don't have a handle on all those numbers. The last two are the most mysterious of them all to US water that we have to build it up so so that the less number is. What is the lifetime of a civilization that has the capacity to talk to us?
because we were intelligent. We would tell ourselves two hundred years ago, but we could have had a conversation with another city searcher because we don't have radio telescopes. So what the most uncertain part of this equation. Is how long is a civilization capable of Surely sending radio singles out into space? And if you do that I'd say? Maybe there could be many where between twenty and a hundred tell just civilizations and our galaxy. The milky way galaxy that we can communicate with. Chris. Did you hear an answer? Your questions? Why don't I didn't hear on the twenty two one hundred and twenty two hundred, although that would imply, I don T it's always demand. It means when we, if it could be so smart that your industry actually kills you, because your by the? U bomb yourself into oblivion, where you put your environment so that you and your days it would have been like pooping in the cave, the union now a days we are into oblivion. Where you put your info Met so that you and your data, been like pooping in the cave, the: u nowadays we are, can destroying arm.
Just trying to save, you mean were easily yes, Chris thanks your call this is starting our phone numbers, one set, seven, seven, five starter: we love to hear whether you think they're killings out there and what you think we should do about it. If there are we're taking a break a start advance fans on March. Twenty fifth start, live is back. We are returning to the historical basis centre for the arts in Red Bank. New Jersey and tickets are on sale when right, now for you to join us in what sort of be a fantastic shell visit, start operating dot nets last tickets to grab your tickets before they're gone. Now Some of you may be wondering why the the only Chuck nice be at this time. Talk, live
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you're. A space cadet rocket scientist I want to hear from you on the phone lines are open call. Now this is start. I will come back to you start on meal. The graph Thyssen with my colleagues will be adequately publicly. I worry me out. I told me, number is one seven, seven five star talk if you have an opinion about our subject today, which is the search for extraterrestrial life in particular, search for extraterrestrial intelligence aliens aliens. You know its steady, is an actual funded programme that's going on today, and there are some serious site So the government does in fact that right now they used to actually, but then they pulled the funding because they were word how that would look in the governmental reports which were tax money is going
for little green men now has a rich people making contact eggs just like in the movie contact. Yes, will we They found something women the government swoop in and take. It will probably that's annoying the main job road want them like reimbursement for. If I would recommend that you put that much money and I want to be the first run like now, I will let you know what they say barrage. No, we! my good friend of mine, who is leading scientists at the setting institute, which is in California, we interviewed him for the show I grab them and snatch him into office here in New York. And I sat within this year we will see what she's got to say about the search for life. These radio now the leading way to look for an life elsewhere well and you another depends on whom you ask I'm asking you where, where I thought I was asking you knew this guy, I thought the yet night. I think radio probably is the best bet. On the other hand, I have to say thinking about
things recently. I think it is also quite a bit of merit in looking for flashing lights from the sky, simply as a signal that so visible light, visible light where visible light for not too far away. As you know, your visit light eventually gets absorbed and scattered by dust and hangs between the stars of their very far away to my use, infrared, but that's a technical point my question. We thanks. Any radio waves is kind of you know as they used to say the bee's knees. Cassettes awaited, sent, communicate at a distance. Railways are not absorbed by the gas clouds, not as much as other bands of light, but suppose a truly intelligent civilization found a much clever way to communicate with aid. Of their own intellect and bring us so far below that we're not even worth their interest. Is that possible?
course is possible, but it sounds like a call to inaction right because at that same well look they may be using technology that so far beyond ours that you know what we're trying to do is is communicate with the equivalent of smoke signals, but then what you gonna do just you know just give up. He doesn't want to give up. The guy knows think nothing. I again, I'm no astrophysicist, but I'm guessing small signal is a bad idea that way to try and get so the way. What we do. We now, as we use electromagnetic energy to communicate with aliens. It went electromagnetic energy digit code for light, light of any kind. X rays x rays of this form of like railways. Ex raises a form so, like my mammogram could go out there by accident. I hadn't thought about that, but if they deem it, They couldn't believe me. I've thrown these girls out before I may have brought back some interesting. I would
not be surprised if aliens would respond to my brought my right grass. My left one now that interesting, but the right one get lots of attention just wait: much information from I'm just getting. That would tell me it's light. Let x rays, these light think alive ass. Well, yes, oh there's a month, we want to send out on purpose. The radio waves are one way to do because they pass through the the gases of the interstellar clouds in and your mammogram would go a certain distance if you sent out the x rays, but so so their certain parts, electromagnetic spectrum that are more useful in this exercise than others. So this is what this is. How this is, how we now do it looks like gotta go another call where media Young Matt from Southern California
hi I m at what it would I would you have for your all our talk. I guess about much people and the STAR Trek girl out, so I always thought it was weird. They would always show up at this planet be able to breathe and water problems at all you're talking about life on other planets, how many different kind of life sustaining ecosystems? Can be up there how difficult it is going to be for us to get to another planet endless and then the inner atmosphere actually question. You know what's goin on their hears? What first something that is behind the question? You asked whether or not you are thinking of it if they just pop So down here on earth there actually contemning our biosphere with their biology. They could be like they could be like infected with something absolutely airborne, viruses emanating or oozing from them, and so Actually NASA has has funded branch of itself that prevents us from contaminating other plan.
It's that might have biology were interested in and it protects anything that we bring back. That has visited a place that itself might have had allergy. So you don't want to know and tape contraband you can drop like snicker, Rapporteur on the morrow surface. Wasn't our history of life on earth kind of civilizations honour tells us that the invading species, the species that is the first to visit a new place takes over and whoever was there that got visited the short a hint of that new counter. It's getting It is true because we don't did it will all throughout history. Like you know, we lay the American Indians. We do to ourselves like the Spanish did it and to the south american native peoples. I mean it's and you haven't faded. What's the idea in the UN's oh yeah, they showed us how to make horn and we weren't yours. Twenty five bucks for New York eat it. So we so so we it's a fascinating, soda GEO political question. What happens if aliens visit us First
It means they are more advanced than so. You won't have to believe their more advanced than ass. They ve been steady and ass. The way we are trying to study them, so they probably already now we ve got like in order to enter the atmosphere. We better not get out right now has will contaminate they'll contaminate, as this is very wishful thinking, because military forces invading other countries never gave that thought there too there. Plans for what they were doing so that their friendly or they'll just come here and should it s with whatever they have. Will thanks man for their excellent question, you listening to start talk and our toll free numbers, one eight, seven, seven, five star talk, I'm your host, Neil digress Thyssen and I'm here with lean couple. Air comedian, Anne, but then at tricks, the fashion of the family? You can also track. These shows on star talk, radio dot net if you're sitting in front of your computer, So when you know we ve been trying to send signals out there and we ve radio signals and want to, but we're not. The first have thought up away to communicate.
Two hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, one of those brilliant mathematicians of the more get him Carl Gauss. He the revised amendment. Unctuous up boy Edison. Has you really here my family? I take you. Some does not authorise. This is good. Gauss gone. He remembered his pythagorean fear him from like how money is pulled out. The provocative am honestly, the backlog of your memory was a square plus be squared. He will see square nearly I mean you're shaking now from the memory of it. So what to do was created forest plant, a forest in the shape of a triangle and put square he's off of each of the sides of the triangle: big enough: but an alien on another planet could look down with a telescope and see the pathetic Erin Geometry on the surface of the earth and I'll be evidence that intelligent people populated the surface, a planet, earth or weird law gathering with three weeks ago. Another thought, but because it is weight, is this because he thought math
was the only way we'd be able to communicate well, we could put like a nineteen seventy smiley face, but they will know what you believe I haven't they witnessed. So in order face, is that assumes even have a faintly plaques undecided, spacecraft gable. Yet so another effort was we put our first space if ever to leave the solar system, if their five now for authority, the first one is on its way out all the others The way that we ve ever launched did not energy to leave. They all the startling combat land, surface pine ten and eleven and Voyager one in two: they each have plaques attached to decide what kind of you there etched goal for them is like a new man and a woman they're holding hands together area, and why they're, not here, we have a standing next to each other. The man is the only one waving reader by its waving. Any love is planets getting along with one another, there is like a map of there's a like a Vulcan, be wary of science that they would then decode to learn where the spaceship came from,
what our biology is based on an The coordinates of the sun is in our view. Is that better, so desperate makes earth. Look like a bit o cougar. What please call me: here's how you can reach. It appears that we look for not at home we might be, and as they were not at NASA trial under which is true make nice with ill. I just plot down in Arizona somewhere home and visit as command over you gotta issue with this, I'm just saying. If it's your first attempt to communicate with aliens you might as well puts and by the way toward your wanted to not only have the sort of economic reform they had, there's a record album on it with edged in. It is music that Beethoven heart beats from unborn. I and I mean the things that are very human. Biggie smiles,
He had a lot of important things, one of my favorite college, of all time because chuck various even on them in this. This recording that examines actually captured the spacecraft and sent back a message to us. It send more chuck call, that's how larrea so One of them has decided to put on their work because this is those just somebody's opinion- would actually Carl Sagan was part of a group of people who thought long and hard about what basic information you might say aliens. One of my concerns about it is that map gave of where the sun is in the galaxy it gave our return address and I'm thinkin. Do you walking in the street give a total stranger? of your own species. Your address, I don't think so. So the audacity to do this.
With alien. You never met, I just thought that was kind of its kind of my gun on Facebook and harmony and on the entire. That's what it's like it's like does go out there and strike an upper conversation. When you can't really Theo, you don't really know where they are. We ve got another question on our star. Talk outline one, eight, seven, seven, five star talk Luke from ITALY, Look what you ve gotta Luke, We have to move some. I knew what ring out with the recent Kepler telescope that we sent in a space. I was wondering why we chose the area of the sky, that we did the search for a habitable planet, excellent question, so the couple telescope is a special scope specifically designed to look for earth like planets, in around nearby score, because if we just looking for Jupiters Riddle know how you'd put life on jupiters a big ball a gas, so you want to find earth like Planet Campbell questions great, then Joe widely. We send that where we centre right, so what you have theirs is going to church one hundred thousand stars in the solar neighbourhood.
Want to be able to look in his own of the sky, where the sun is not in the way. So not parts of the sky or equally so, have accessible to you Your telescope and you're, not indeed, It's about what are we hope it will give way to work. I mean honestly like what what what's the dream was uneasy with Kepler telescope vessel important question, somebody Wavin little Green. I marked an important question and so you gotta crawl before you walk, we don't even know such planets are out there. The capital emission is to be an inventory of their existence. Then, when we get the when we get the catalogue of those stars with her, if my planet, we then get the next round of telescopes that target those objects. Those planets orbiting those stars and when you think that is any look forward called biomarkers, these are signal. Signatures in the atmosphere of those planets that tell you that they may be life operating on its surface like methane emissions like methane emissions with italian
not necessarily, they are large amounts, as the sound of extra I didn't do. That now is that I would particularly when you were not Fletcher filled, so so many time you have spacecraft that are going up the sun is, it is in the way the earth can be in the way, depending on whether you are looking for radio waves or what are the form of light so that pre, determined swore the sky you're gonna end up looking at so look at, I was a great question. Thanks would bring in that. Thank you so lit. So let me out, Let me just say we're here: listening live to start off our toll. Free hotlines Eight seven, seven five star talk, I'm here with Lynn Couplets and I'm your host yielded grass Thyssen we're gonna.
Break, we'll be back, unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. Systematized brought them back to start up. I'm your votes, natural, physicists, kneel to gratify. My collars actress. Cambodia will not ask her visitor, like all those not Astro tablets are totally number is one seven. Seven five start on live are such as you know, is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. There was a search. There was conducted back in the nineteen sixties that led into a actual signal being sent out. Normally, the people who hunt for aliens are listening for signals that might be centre.
Way, but in the nineteen seventies, Frank Drake, whose a colleague of mine, a scientist now and astrophysicist end a guy called earlier and asked about him, yeah, ok S! What equation one of his equations with just got invoked a few minutes ago, so He actually said we Listening, let's try to would try to send out a signal, So in writing seventies. He He commandeered the airship telescope importer week of the largest single dish radio telescope in the world. And sent a signal back out through the telescope. He used the telescope in reverse and beans. It to a cluster of a hundred thousand stars called monsieur the it if cluster stars in orbit around the centre, the milky way in the home. That when the single got there are twenty five thousand years later so what he really work. What it takes twenty five thousand years, really give twenty five thousand years for the signal to get to the cluster horse. If received them. May they babe have like send a signal back. That's another,
five thousand years. It's radio signals travelling at the speed of light, so you can have we a party here now. What is it to its? It would actually and Neil, I don't mean any disrespect, we're dead soundly the worst dinner party ever to sit with Frank Break and listen to that Sir Science GIG Ewing, I sent in the bag lobby of our class fur messier, thirteen and twenty five thousand years a Frank Gehry There does not end here, you're, not getting your back from twenty five thousand years, they're not fallen back, here's what makes it worse winters what makes it worse our milky way. Galaxy rotates so well, we aimed at the gardener cluster and messy thirteen something lobby. Likewise, what's what is called its intellectual terrorism just sell funding, so our strategy clasping, methane, Turkey. We aimed the signal at the cluster, but twenty five year thousand years later, the clusters not gonna, be where the signal arrive and we're not gonna be here to get the message that too that's a problem. So here so now. Second best is
actually been leaking television signals, radio signals, it's all the same thing by accident from our communication has been going on for tat. Yes, like an in the movie contact as an example of the leaked signals that got sends out the Hitler things gone out, the Hitler things went out and in eighteen, thirty, six remembered the film. If you haven't, I strongly recommend, like you, Netflix, that tonight contact based on a store the boy Carl Sagan that, like weird step accidently in it, doesn't go together, Gimme getting out right, like Island Lucy Episodes in Nazi Germany, so the aliens could be like there's some, the Reverend One down on our planet area, Anti semitic or you just like a Corky render its work or the honeymooners. There's all this information or our culture, or at least our sense of what we can. We plot that's down is what it is now does not bring it back
There is no bringing back, though some like us now, like I'm honored, celebrity get me out of here now. Other reality, tv, that's gonna, bet embarrassing. It's there, except you'll, forgive common way behind I levels. The honeymooners, howdy duty and the early shows that are on the leading edge of what we call the radio bubble, which right now was about seventy light years out. It's an attack a sphere of radio chatter that, with things with strong enough detectors and if they know how to decode, our signals could deduce the nature of our civilization, we get that from aliens like Alien tv. How coolly I beg of you said, and we just get some- we heard alien. Knew so well at such drastic, who I was visiting me recently. He had a few things to say about Hollywood depiction of aliens. Let's check map. Why was never vinegar?
by aliens in the movies. Could they always have a head and two arms into legs and they walk and they got a mouse and most life on earth has none of these features or that's too, but suppose it the aliens look like you know. I know squirrels, r, r insects, or something like that, you know you could you couldn't read them in the movies you can tell is misguided, A kill me, you try to eat me, or is he just trying to abduct me for breeding experiments? So they have to sort of look like us a minute, a requirement forces whose an actor inside the costs in the old days for sure yeah that's right, but there they ve gotten away from editor labour saving maneuver, but the rubber lizards. Yes, it's all! It's all computer animation I, which is good, because you know they don't ask residuals logo Some of the best failings we ve ever seen were inspired by such an insect forms right, There have been any Hollywood knows what we don't like. Inherently, we dont like arthropods,
So we don't like insects because their annoying their vectors for this, where we, even though I work in a natural history museum when you say arthropods, nothing comes to mind absorb well dear. You know like lobsters or bugs yet bugs if you like, I mean these six legged guys. We don't like them very much and in Hollywood knows that, so they think if you dont like little bugs very much imagine if they something on the screen. It was a bug that was ten foot high at the shoulder that could eat you yeah you partly would like I'm even less than I am told that in We predator the evil each in that was inspired by some kind of bugger insect. I don't know that to do that, but it sounds reasonable. I mean I don't know it was completely creepy looking and aren't all had the best line in the movie. When you remove the helmet of the predator and says you are
a gleam. You just see him now these words, but I just like me, Will Smith when he took after the aliens in the independent states, seems outline my favorite scene and independence day was one Rosemont. Finally, pops the hatch or the ailing craft and punch of the oil in the face and has welcomed earth yeah yeah. That's it. You know, that's not really good diplomacy, but giving given their intentions. Probably just after this Dar talk here, listening to kneel digress, Thyssen near astrophysicist, hostile one with when complex toll free numbers, one eight, seven, seven, five star talk. If you have a question comment or an opinion about the search for alien life in the universe, you know what I want to give away. One of such ass textbooks he's he's. Really. We'll call is really interesting. Is confessions of an alien hunter published by Geographic and, in fact, when I give it to the very next caller
That was try that you give it to me. I know you like work here, I'm totally chemicals that are Ronaldo long beach. California, is that you on the line I see here many times on Libya, history, channel someday scientific, shows excellent thanks for voluntary bad. Will you say that, like a new Yorker, he told how you doing on now you how you doin the physicist Broad just won't, show that it, but I'm very tired things like the universe shows and all that they show the history channel in the knowledge base channels. You gonna get a book, no matter what question you have so go for outstanding research remembers when one is assigned to the community to demand that they put up a movie star concern like her office. I call for quite like that one would run which is long overdue,
excellent passed out. Ok, for that question will respond to that and you stand a line and we'll get your address that we can. Then into the air and thankfully Rinaldo and you get more reading material is giving in about exactly, will will answer that and you give your address to the term producers thanks Rinaldo for calling it so yet so he gives a voice. Good point, there's a lot of movies that are not yet made into science fiction into sight, love books so efficient. Not yet made into science fiction movies among them Darcy Courts rendezvous with one Rama, one of his best stories ever written I don't have an answer to that. I think the producers are afraid to be subject to the laws of physics as they are known in their storytelling and understand. The quota is that what you're saying as it is Why haven't all the science fiction movie website has been made in the movies there's crappy science fiction books out there and quality sites friction books and not enough for the quality books.
He made into the move its because the quality books actually care about the laws of physics, as we know them and then take intelligent steps beyond the things that could really happened. There could well yeah I'll. Tell you why I'll give you the answer? Why doesn't taken astrophysicist figured out what, because people who are smart and we, the intelligent, buckstone, I'm a money to make the moving from Georgia people who make the damages the like the books. I would read one be the ones that were at with proper astrophysics, though it would be this stuff that you read it the undecided of unknown the Hampton look at you know this approach. Will the National Academy of Sciences, the smartest people in the world are members of this Judo recently they have a collaboration with Hollywood. That's just not just started. Eight months ago just start transparent radio Hollywood people to become more fluent in sight. Difficult Myers so that they can story tell with scientific fluency and so that we may see a change God Rinaldo and what future movies will bring just
based on the way they use real policemen now to consult on like lawn order exactly and so on that and that we really you scientists to consult on science fiction movies. What an idea in that would be that in what am I worried, though, is: if aliens come, what would they do too are they there to make peace or they there too and slave us you're, going to make us their prison near prison girlfriend they get. Your prayers are going to have to buy a pillow and take it like a printing. The earliest need to start talks, one eight, seven, seven, five star talk as our toll free number. If you have an opinion, aliens, we're gonna, take a break seen last a cat ever wanted to get your cat back asked D lost it hides. I'm Andrew Hoffman! I went on this website called him that now dot or than I do I had to make an invention of my own called the loss cat magnet invention, so you can they are kept back after the lost it just
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That is the simple barrenness studies. Have a banana leading well have to playing a little Cody gather like best friends with the pyramid. Bearded says it is a living help me or easy, but brain look burn asserts that these live in, giving you just the right amount of great vegetables, fruit, milk and meat and beans. So right you eat your bill, a love, the way that they can be active and don't forget to have a fine. That's the way to be the best kid anything you do. You can go to my pyramid, Gov to play some games and find out more meal, but things to do this has been a message from the: U S: Department of Agriculture and the council.
You're a space, Cadet rocket scientist I want to hear from you. The phone lines are open call. Now this is starter. Welcome back! Do you start on your hosts, Neil the Grass Thyssen with my coastline, complex Lynne, I resent bad. Did you hear anything worth the internal I say: do your rocket fire disorders pace could at went one of my hopes. You could be a rocket scientist, so I think the best thing to do is lives simply go back to like amish life, so we have nothing that they want. Just like can be done, so there's nothing the aliens compliance What aliens my do if they visit ass? You know I kind of big. I think it be great if they visited us, but we always
these reports about people getting abducted, and I don't think it's gonna be created as soon as I think they're come in for our resources. I think the best thing to do is look simply go back to like amish life, so we have nothing that they want. Just, it can be done so there's nothing. The aliens compliant interactive now fly over. It's just a dark little planet. They go out of nothing there to leave us alone. I don't. Why does lives? Thought you'd show you think they're coming for technology if they flew we're flying saucer data. We, I assure you they will not need, or one hour to know not attain on saving is going to be like some gas are plant or something we have that they need or our blood or something, and I do think it's better able to military goes away the becoming for our women. Wow. Theirs I with good gun, I might be interesting tunnel back to assess? Just I asked yes, he's he's actually thought about this problem. Just what would you do with people see visit visitors from are they real? Do we believe him?
she was ass. It has to tell us so it would have the book. Leave you hopeful, Lord or doubtful, Well, I hope at least people with the sort of a sunny view of this enterprise, in that they understand some of the issues, but it s up actually with so speculation about what the aliens might be like in the fact that they might not be biological. We always tend to think of Vienna. Little saw squishy aliens. I dont think that debts likely. I think we'll find something that synergy synthetic because you know, then radio transmitters so that you can go in the end? We can find you, but you know, within a couple hundred years, you probably invent your successors, and that would be machine intelligence or they probably be machine, intelligence and they're not likely to want to eat us. If That's any consolation, but it but a kind of ends up there. Well that's a big leap to say will find intelligence, but it's not biological, but it once was, but it made its text. Logical emissary and we're discovering basically there there silicon based descendants, never their debts.
That's a likely scenario, so limb it might be machines saddened. Just make a things. I think you're gonna look like Michael Jackson He looks like seven area in the mean I didn't even over knows really well, I thought all right, so they might be machine that might be machines repay. I think the think about it. If your first emissary to some uncharted place. You can send yourself we're you going, send a machine that will then report back to you. So machine are robotic emissaries of what it is to be human now, this whole and me no one from the south, so people are always claiming see a europhile the on the back the tree and when it really is the jug us up members during my arm, the EU and you oppose for unidentified, wondered how deep self Virginia was not that suffer, but my point is that I went Testimonies and really I mean, I don't believe for you
an. You would think that I would be the one who was totally into ufos and believed it. But I don't really, I think, that's kind of crazy. The Ufos things because there's a lot of stuff up there right now, like the others, each link, it's silly to think you really. All manner of things are up there and if you don't know what you're looking at a new prince you prone to believe in fantasy, you had maybe you saw aliens, I wouldn't sets the money is not meaning. What wouldn't because in fact it means high is high evidence in a court of law, but in the field of science, is the lowest possible form of evidence you could bring forth weather is whether or not you are looking to the aliens in lawnmower. It's very important. If you hadn't handsome- and you say this test tube turned red- I'm saying I'm not going to trust you. So what's the best way, you you're saying, if, if your objective, you claim to be abducted by an alien, you should bring something with you. What first of all the best thing would be club it on a hidden dragged carcass into a lab? That's the best best way to do it of the cabin
You can't overpower the alien to people claim that they were the abducted you're up there on the slab and their poker Natur. I need some better than just you tell me. You got poked I'd, so here's what you do is what you do. You're plants, you point. You bet you point of view back the alien to hate. Look over there. Then you snatch him off the shot like feeling ashtray or something and ate it and snow, not use book. I worked slip it in your pocket. Then, when they release you, you have something to take to the lab that they're, not an intelligent em. You can like five fingers. Discount sunburn amateur here. What did the aliens I have been here already and they grab something of ours. And they haven't in one in their early in museums. I hope it was something good, analogous Joanie, let's touchy lunch, five, something ridiculous, that there are sowing as like. The thing from earth may now everything that anybody loses the gonna blame it on aliens having taken we ve got it, we ve gotta call we ve got Mustafa from,
Brooklyn New area Brooklyn in the summer of our you. Are you doing what I knew well, I was wondering if you had to bed which galaxy with these aliens becoming from and which direction can I look in the sky toward them away from them Machine learning, globular classmen. How so your folks by the way things were feeling book giving mood again. So why don't you hang on and will get your address and will send you an autograph copy of sets, just confessions? of an alien hunter? Who graciously gave his time for me to interview for this broadcast here? start a big embezzling, I haven't found when you so Might it becoming a first? I dont believe it would come from another galaxy because it wouldn't after our own galaxies got three hundred billion stars in it, so from the milky way for sure what part of the milky way likely in the plain of the milky way. Mercury is a very flattened spread of stars, like a pin, we'll so become within the EU
and I would say, maybe the or Ryan Complex of I'll go God meal and he just wants to know which way to look city look towards the EAST River went way. Guises was the know which way look up if we wanted to search out, say we're right arenas, it region of freshly foreign stars and its great. That's where you ship that's We should be looking around answer me, I'm know in a moment it so saloon welfare, I've been I've introduced. You isn't like an as an actress whatsoever of equipment. There's a committed, I'm an actress comedian, and I have to show that on tonight I've seen General Lee wrath. Please lot at eleven about reforming, much backup job. In case you get rid of me, so many nights excellent.
I have been listening to start off. I meal the grass station, your astrophysicist hosting it it's a programme funded by the National Science Foundation and join me. All this time has been linkup, led Lynn, thanks we're going to see you guys next to me, look at my back
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