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Women in Science, with Summer Ash and Emily Rice – StarTalk All-Stars

2016-11-22 | 🔗
New StarTalk All-Stars hosts, astrophysicists Summer Ash and Emily Rice, share their take on “Women Crushing It Wednesday” - reclaiming a sexist hashtag by celebrating women in STEM and examining the challenges women scientists face. Chuck Nice co-hosts.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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I welcome our talk, alters where your home, I'm summer, ass, I'm an asterisk. Does that Columbia, University and I direct the public outrage programme for the astronomy Department there. And I am only rice- I'm an astronomer, the causes ten islands at the University of New York and at the American Museum of Natural history. First, I should introduce our co check. Nevertheless, ladies, are you gonna, be here anyone today or can we talk about women in science? We are welcome to participate. Thank you.
Thank you, and by the way, I'm looking at myself in in the camera here and I'm looking at this, whether I might just be a woman in size just say, and for those of you at home, that was a joke saying I have breast and ok here and we are actually doing it in the form of cosmic queries and the cosmic queries are all about: listen women Rushing it Wednesday. Now I'm going to say that I'm a little embarrassed. I dont know what women crossing it Wednesday is now I've heard of women crush Wednesday, which is a hashtag on Twitter. What is women crushing at once? We comin up, we did it. We are not the only ones that made it up a few. Other people use this, but we women crushing at wednesdays better. I do To be honest: if you look up what a crush is, Miriam Webster defines a crush. It's it's kind of. I don't think it's the greatest complement
especially when you're talking about women trying to break into a male dominated field and be treated equally, and things like that crushes like a temporary infatuation right and I saw women crush Wednesday It was like really like that's the way you know we got to know. Prizes out of a hundred Nobel prizes in physics and that's the best. You can do the temporary infatuation like now we're gonna we're gonna profile, women. Rushing it right in their field because now that is not temporary, because when you are crushing it that is it yeah, you have rushed it and that's that's the end. That's the finality of it like you, I just crashed. Dad is long awaited crash so there is. There really is a very different sensibility behind the two just by adding the suffix to crush so instead of crisis, it's been makes it much more powerful is Mars powering much less objectify
living too, I think meant to be complementarity by. Let me just say as a feminist. I actually agree with that. You know and notice I didn't say as a father of two girl which, by the way up it came as a father of two girls, I believe, shut up because here's the thing you should not have respect for women and their equality based on track of who you have in your family. Who is a woman yeah because I don't know if you know this, but if we Are you on this planet? You have family member, who is a woman, I somehow that similar things are the hardest things to wrap your mind. It's a paradigm shift right in our work Bulgaria is going pretty well, you know, I say those things because I really do believe them. You know, but I dont believe them as the father of two daughters. So anyway take so we have.
Cosmic queries and we take them from all over the internet, whether its Facebook and Instagram or Twitter, or you would have you and we always starts with a patriotic question and patriotic is a platform where you can support start talk financially, and by doing so, we will give you priority to the cosmic queries questions because, quite frankly, we can be bought. An all star, all access right in saying that britain-
patriotic visitors than cars with her, and I so startled all access dot com is where you can actually watch this package that we're doing right now and every progress that we do in video for media, as well as exclusive original content that you cannot see anywhere else by star talk, all access dot com. So thank you warmly for that are so we get into our first. One is a patriot question it. This is from Erika, Phthiotis or thoughts, I'm not sure, see their authorities or thoughts. Erika says this. I realize this is a bit off topic, but I can't stop thinking about it as woman whose grappling with the fact that our country has just voted for a man who at best has a sexist view of women, I'm feeling a little bit discouraged and defeated. I sadly imagine you face sexism and setbacks while pursuing your careers, as you ve worked to bring due recognition to female astronomers emphasis. Where do you
fine, the motivation to keep going when faced with such ugliness, and while there was a deep waiting for bringing us down shock, which your first question five in a deep anywhere at all, but let's job right off the west certain is that believe it or not. There are people who believe that, and I swear to God. This was so funny. I watched a panel on C span. Yes, I am that guy, I'm sayin that guy I was apparently seas. Where were they taught them there is no more sexism and it was for men and a male hose all of them. Washington. People like they have like big jobs. Wasn't it and they were light. There really is no more sexism, pretty good wasn't too, and they were light. There really is no more sexism pretty good. That's like one o bomber was elected the racism and they re right. Let's find anymore.
Even though this is a global heavy and she says little bit, all top it. It's not always. Now our topic at all about women in science for its part of the same thing like that's the like them. I think that lack of representation of women in science and other under represented minorities in science is really an extension of the rest of society. Like that's what the thing a lot of people think like oh science, is this: is this facts in this very pure per suit in in a very noble an esoteric sometimes, but science is messy. By people. Human elderly people have prejudices, and people have biases and indefinitely like arson. Piety is reflected in science for better or for worse. I think we wish it warrants and I think we wish even scientists that we could
No, because we think that we're logical were trained and raised in ways, and we think that we can overcome these things just by thinking about them right, but I wear were were showing that we can't and that we we really need to do better, so good to go back to the question like like in. Actually it actually can, we can make it harder to convince a scientist that their being biased, while as they say, yeah that there is because they think they're. They think that their may also think there are very logical people yeah, and so they have a heart I am of seeing the actual lino kind of mistakes that they're making. Even one percent with evident realities showing that when you provide data people, a more entrenched rationalize it away and because we do as we look at data and we try to make sense of certain things and we try to dismiss other things in order to The sense of being out of the physical scientific data, we can do the same thing about people which
terrible like this. Now what we want to do you know we wanted to handle dealing with people in a slightly different way right It's so science in that way is kind of a reflection of our society as a whole and boy this week has been tough. Now in its especially, I think, like the women in science and having dealt with this actually not like all admit that I've been a little bit lucky and that you know I can didn't realize that that women in science and in was a special thing or like needed defending or talking about for a very long time, which was nice. I did Lincoln, high school. I was definitely one of the only girls in my like upper level, physics and math classes, but damn it. I was one of the best too. So I was like what up like. I don't know where everybody else is, and then and kind of college it was a nice mix of of guys and not enough, but you know women and men in my in my physics, major and stuff, like that
and then in grand school. I actually had an incoming class of seven six women and one dude and so on. At school like early. The higher levels were also kind of well mixed in well represented in I wonder when did it all go to any? I did go to parts like the thing is with it with science. It tends to be like the hire you get, the the laws and balanced it becomes. The other less. The normalization here and then sell for whatever reason. There's some people call it a leaky pipeline on the ideas that you have this pipeline from you know student through to prevent, sir. The women drop out for some reason and the men don't drop out too, and so now that I am an assistant professor, like I'm one of the only female physicist asian my department. A couple of their female engineers and a female geologists and that's out of you know two dozen faculty members slow. Well, that's a little bit disappointing. You no need to buy you. You try to find,
your tribe a little bit like you, try to find people that also care about changing the representation and- and I live, I steal it from yonder rhymes, actually normalizing it. It's not diversifying because we don't just want you know we don't want, like a rainbow vocs. Franz just for the sake of having a rainbow like we wanted normalize that we want to have science be representative of the population as a whole, because that's actually scientific thing. If you have a random sample of you know me, people who want to go into science. If you randomly draw from people than science to the people that are, scientists should represent the overall population. If you don't, if you have only, for example, white males becoming scientists, you have some kind of selection bias there, our scientific words. For that many people say: oh, but women are interested in. You know,
Other people don't have the education or something like that, and it's like no there there's. It's a selection by us, you know, there's a large enough population where we should be able to analyze these things out and then so that it would be reflected in the actual field feel would work but the population summer. You everything were eyes. We did I like fire motivation. You know what motivates me as that now, because the internet, there's all these social channels and social communities, and so, even if your institution He has very imbalance, twit women are minorities. You can find those other people. That are like you out there in those other departments? And so then it's kind of like Emily said you know, you find your group, and I'm motivated every day by the work that there also trying to do to change how everything is in science in the world in general, and so that an that's away that, and sheer each other on, and that's the way that you can also just discovered that there are so many.
Other amazing people out there like I've, discovered so many amazing women crush again in science on social media and that its hands. It sounds to me like what you're, both with the common thread through what we both have just said is that the community is a big gap, big big help and overcoming these challenges. Yeah yeah. I call Erika I and Erika that's a great great great question. And a great way to start off. I don't care what advice as well as less. Let's get you something on a little a little pause, a little more than a little easier. This Dave's myth coming to us from Facebook and do says I'm doing an informative speech on black holes. What's a good attention getting Tipp, how you got this when I thank you, I yeah
I like to say black holes, don't sack execrate. I was thinking about how the little fervour for me it's a little double meaning because they don't sack because there are some right, but they also don't sacked, because if you actually observe them with radio telescopes thereafter blowing jets right so they're they're doing multi the types of activities does have an amateur and they also base energetic thing sucking stuff yeah data. You can happily orbit a black hole. Yeah like you can order, if you have enough energy, you can orbit a black hole as a buzz star. Is a planet as something as another black hole unable here outside of the dangers of your outside the times, all right, the event horizon you can, you can go him, so that's cool, and there is a perception, though, that a black hole is an all consuming to do that, no matter where you are in the universe at some point is going to get you. People are afraid
The black hole of the supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy there like we're, going to get eaten and we're not because you can calculate like a black hole, will eat everything within its reach, but it's reaches finite. Pretty than our growing at a very small rating has because those governed by gravity gravity is actually the weakest of the four fundamental forces, while thrones Physics, there remember all drawn loafers, take that gravity weakling. I also like the anecdote where you can say if I could set my fingers and turned the sun into a black hole. Oh yeah, solar system, orbits, everything would remain exactly the same. I mean there are other The reasons why we will not continue to live, but it would not be because we are either by the black hole, really sound, because it is fascinating. Ben HORIZON that black, I hope with the sun, would be tens of miles at the most.
LA matters yeah exactly it'll. In other words, we will be beyond the reach of that event horizon. We, therefore, we Mercury were rapidly away standard which is closest to the sun, so we none of the planets we get sucked in nothing. We tend to think we're just orbit which is operating a black hole period right in weight minutes after this entering into a black hole. We get very, very cold plants, my day otherwise he will still make your invitation only be fine, I'm very positive about their worst, we'll just become Chad's, we got, let's all right, we're doing women crossing it Wednesday. Questions from our cosmic queries audience, and this is Jay Bird Field, and she wants to know this. What seems to be the biggest barriers for women entering stem fields? Do these barriers seem too big?
and any smaller. So what are the biggest barriers and our other hope when it comes to the barriers that are being removed? I some people say that the dead, there's it barriers in terms of inspiring girls to be interest in science, like some people, think that the girls and women just naturally aren't interest in science, which I think is totally wrong I think, like everybody is born, naturally curious, but somehow women and girls tend to get discouraged away from it more than men are for some reason it feels like, and maybe it's it's a little bit of these kind of unconscious biases. It's also a little bit of I think self. How that women tend to have more than men have where they think I have to be smart to be a scientist, and so I'm not that smart, I'm not gonna bother. It's also been shown Women tend to have a little bit higher expectations for themselves, like they think you know. Is it may be increased.
Says I go. I have to get a nay or us, I'm not any good at this. You know I have to you know like they babe. They underestimate their skills and the kind of overestimated expectations, whereas a dude might men overestimate everything yeah sure you're, not rather by perform l? Do they really are a sea student and be like? Why can be a physicist and repression, including its happen? People receive due happening, but Women might get a b and be like I'm not very good at this, or something like that and switch to something that she might think is easier and then a kind of ino gets harder from there it at various different levels, but I think most of them
Most the barriers are, are not actually scientific but their cultural, so their cultural, so hot area or psychological, where you see them their second crowd. The part of the question was usually: do you see them getting better is exerting empirical evidence that we are getting better at at inspiring women going into stem the empirical evidence. Is there right as the participation? Ok, you go right in the end she meant and on their participation is increasing. Not you know, Only across the fields are not as fast as we would like it to, but it's there who want it other things I prize yeah, that would be in physics, yep. I think one of the other things is that there are like these studies that show bias in teachers. So that's gonna effect, no matter what subjects you're in but teachers calling on boys more often and just the the interaction between teachers and students is not in favour, sometimes of the female students.
And of building their courage or building their knowledge and allowing them to participate at the same levels of these things are meant to being. There not meant to be negative. Like I don't think people think. Oh, I mean there's nothin here is not a malicious aggressive euro Saint hairs, Madame elusive conspiracy, unconscious buyer is things these things happen, but you have one more thing: ass, we're out. It's like what we are talking about, one of them then that we also do the star toilets our science in astronomy fashion blog is because there is because science dominated by men, then there's a dominant type of scientists, that's pictured, and so there's women have a spectrum, and so some women think that if they are drawn to more things that are classically girly, that they that doesn't there's no place for that science right, and so they also hide that, like science, yes or no- change that yeah. Ok, we have to take a break and we'll be back with start off all stars right after this
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store toward start our stars, I'm one of your all star, Cobo Semele Rice and I've, another all sarka host, I'm summer ash, and thanks Chuck for being a third coast, for this showed him for any. You have all these cosmic queries for us about women, crushing at Wednesday women crossing it Wednesday and we went through the internet and ask people to give us some cosmic queries that we might be able to post you guys, and many of them have to do with women instead, and some of them just are general science. Questions in the cool thing is, you can speak to both of them can crush. You can cross it both us and has Mcqueen. Someone must know your particular state of being Emily, because
to this end. By that I mean that Emily is, is worth charred. Emily's pregnant, ok, not yours, state of being, like, you know anything else. Layer lie with my guy, that's right, I'm pure energy right now this is Randy G said Bury Twitter says this. Could you please tell us what a birth would be like in outer space and butter. Add that gimme zero g everything they say, I'm not that kind of doktor. I don't know what a birth is gonna be like period. Tell me, please, I'm a little bit era. This gravity it so thing that I do know is that their there's so much fluid around view that, like they, they tend to be floating yes and they don't seem to kind of care about gravity. Very much,
right, but that said, I dont know could somehow they like most of the time they find their way out, they get head down and then they get deeper in Europe. First and then they eventually they wanna come out because of the hormones that go. I make an stuff all parties I don't know. I could tell you, I actually no the question having three children and being there for all of it. It will be so, my god and every so must the inverted neck up. Just just stay MECCA and let the professionals deal with everything Well, yeah we're only. What would it with? What do you think it would be like the same as burthen about up or a birth in a birthing tub as they were? You are mutually boy entrance helps I mean that's how astronauts train right for an old gravity go into a pain in the deep water, a neutral buoyant facility. Yes right and let me tell you something: here's the deal in angle make a difference. Gay you can be mutually buoyant
and I've seen those of birth and the women are screaming. Just ok like they're just like thank God, knows this black I've gotta get up you and your mother. What I'm just take your time, I tell you I hate rather right now, because I can- and I don't care anyway. There's no more was said to me. That's all lab discard and outcomes that I was. There was a case, my wife and my mother. Actually, my mother legs. My way may not even joke consignment you married well, they or their awful saw this is one of the tools you could never, about giving birth in space. I, like we
you have to find out eventuality right because this idea and we need to go further and we go further. Oh yeah, like that's, I mean buzz austrian talks about mars- is a one way trip right and it's probably actually cheap, to figure out how to Ino procreate and give birth on another planet and set of keep sending fresh people. That's true exact last another one out of nowhere violence? No, why these people keep having sex while they're out there in space, where it's just not working out. Hey, hey Randy, I wasn't that was really calls us to number and I will stop here, but it was a really cool question right. Here's a personal question for both of you from Angela. Moreover, from Instagram and Angela says what kind of major challenges did you personally face to get where you are today?
So this is. This is your own personal story. I mean that no real right or wrong answer to this. It's not scientifically based, but it is experiencing base. Is there anything that you can think of data from a gender specific standpoint where you you, you ran into some obstacles on your part after your journey. To this point, I think I'm really lucky that I didn't faces major challenges, but I think unfortunately, like you know, for better or for worse, that's one of the isn't that I'm here as a scientist, because I didn't face major challenges. What grand? That is a very good point. The fact that you are where you are is because you received the kind of nurturing and assistance necessary to put any body in your position, and you were just able to do it. Times I kind of think there and I mean aims, but I do know other people have overcome major challenges and I know that their like some than me and tougher isn't me in life
and I know- and also thinking about the fact that so many people problem did face challenges than me: don't make it even though they want you, that's what I was gonna be fit right. I was gonna say there. The real problem is those who face the challenges and go to hell with this year. This just must we again you know and as fair I mean for us, because some of the challenges are just you know. I grew leg grew up with like a house and enough food in and things like that, and that is something that you know a lot of people don't have, and it actually frightens me on a day to day basis like what we could. Missing, because not everybody is taken care of not everybody has the same opportunities like what geniuses are not
living Anno out of infancy, or something like that, because you know we don't take care of everybody kind of equally across the planet. There is a price to be paid by human capital in human capital by this disparity disparity exact, a price upon all societies science is a product of society, as some of you have an actual I handle quaintest Our story tat Emily. I think in the sense that I was really fortunate to have. Basing women mentors all at every step. Almost even though We were collectively silver minority at every point as far as gender minority. So I presume raised by a single mother, I'm an only child. She supports she's, not in technical side this field at all, but she supported me the entire time, my pursuit of it one
My mentor as a college was the only tenured female engineering, professor in the department. I actually So I came through engineering. I have a little winding road story, but I worked in aerospace, engineering and my boss was a woman. She was one of the few women grad school. My adviser was a woman also, and that was that was kind of random like it. In my particular experience, I didn't get to choose that person. I chose a project in that turned out to be wrong. By one of the women who had been there since she was an underground gotcha. Those kind of me, thing and then do I think personally, which may have some ITALY been affected by gender. When I was in grad school, when I had like a major depressive episode- and that was my first encounter with depression, and I do think that there was being the minority in the group and also just not be confident enough to seek out help at various stages and also share
that information in the academic environment. I was in right thought have kept me back me that take a bigger Mimi take a big hit due to that yeah. Well, do you know? I love the fact that dumb what you both kind of focused on is that when you get when you get a proper push, Anna and and and assistance, it makes things easier, and I say this to everybody: nobody gets anywhere without help absolutely and that's all there is to it and so the the more help that is available for anyone, the better you're gonna, do add anything. So you are you an end just think of it. This way, when you look at the end of her in the NBA you with these,
oh shocked, to find how many players have a family member Father uncle somebody who play professional that professional sport just anger and everybody thinks like these guys are just imagine- financing came out of nowhere. After regret- and I are you gotta read about know that guy had somebody mentoring him from the time it was three years all put backbones Hannah footballers look at the map and brothers. I mean there's actually three of them, but only two, I always think about now put the browser and sales by there's something, but the frogs. Is there the son of Archie Manning yeah, fuck, you, okay, so did you know that help thing is a very big thing is what I'm saying. So that's a really good lesson tee for science and general. Like science. You know you hear them said the loan genius in that kind of thing. But science is a is a community and team effort and group effort
You can't get anywhere, and especially in grad school, so I used to work on a programme that helps post back students sort of get prepared for at school, and the thing that you really have to drill into them is that you need to ask for help right. It's goods ass, remember us where you should identify resources, outsiders You can't do it alone have source on knowing that it could that even the grad school ass, a thing like that grad school is something where you keep going to school, but you get paid to do it. And in so doing now, yeah my leave shut. My eyes might be going back to grant, but it's not you know it's not like. You know, law, school and med, school or kind of more popular. You to pay for those and it's a huge amount of money, but graduate school, especially in the sciences, is generally paid for you. You know you work, but you're working.
Teaching or doing research or something like that- you're not paid a huge amount of money is generally a payment enough to live on and you're going to school, yeah you're going to school to get a phd or to get a masters degree, and this is something that, because it's a relatively small most of the population that doesn't not very well known, that even a path right and so don't already have a scientist in your life. You might not even know it's a thing that you can do you know not a you. Also don't have to go to grant school and only become a professor. You can go to that's school, and then you know you can get a Phd in Physics, You know then work and finance or become an astronaut or you know, Workin fashion, all all kinds of things, because Rothe, wow, is a cool. Now, a major languages I'm gonna grab call ok, interesting thing. That too is actually a counters. The leaky pipeline example because I like to think of it more
it's not that you're losing these people, but you are for some reasons. The pipeline is not encouraging them to go on, but some of them are making these alternative choices. We shouldn't even call alternative, because the idea is that this is a huge range of careers or a lot of options at every level. People with isn't stitch, fix and netflix and get hob, and you know all kinds of software companies and all kinds of internet companies, and things That is so. You can really do all kinds of different things with the science Phd wow. That's amazing, that's great stuff! Will there you go kid, staying school for a long long time. Here we go
This is Benjamin Needle coming to us from Instagram. This is off topic, but I just want to get yourself your opinions on this. What is the best and possibly simple way, to review the climate change denial argument. I know you got a passionate about climate change and he came to us from Austin, Texas and climate change is gonna, be a very, very crucial and serious subject more so than it has ever been because of the particular administration that is about to take place or take hold here in Amerika, so without a mine. Is there anything that you that you kind of have a go too when it comes to climate science and climate deniers
climate. Science- is just another aspect of science and man. If you don't believe in science leg, then you don't believe why your cellphone works or why your computer works like goods and ninety nine percent of scientists of climate scientists in particular. This is people that you know have gone to school for ten plus years studied these. The these very intricate detailed rings and by the way that's all they do is climate. It is like the foger right. That's their focus is not like your ass a physicist annulling Anna dabbling. Besides these guys coms, their concentration is the climate of the planet, earth and sometimes, climate and and other planets is well that's the also. The thing is that you know in order to address in earth. We can also understand Venus. We can Stan Mars and all everything kind of it Then, together you know it's still it science and so as not to set. You know. We don't have an answer:
but we have a very good idea of what's gonna happen and of four. If our climate scientists, I don't think I'll, be able to sleep at night and its even you know sometimes difficult as an astrophysicist, because there oh yeah, this is like the best case scenario. Is you know, rising levels rising. Temperatures like you know. Extreme wind pattern are extreme weather patterns like soon like within a century, and it's like it's amazing to talk to them because their like, yes, absolutely have. No doubt however- and this is ninety nine percent of them persisting thing, funny thing is that where people don't understand about climate change, is that and by the way I am, I am implore everyone to stop, calling a climate change and start calling it human caused or man made climate change, because we keep calling a climate change,
if this stuff is just have a world, if it has happened- and this is one of their arguments- is that oh number one? We don't know what happened in the past while we do know what happened in the past years, not coarser than the data that we have now. But we know what happened the past right, a number two: what happened the past was these tiny little changes. You know big enough to cause ice, sages and the earth has been a very different place for them We even the last several million years alone. Billions of years, but these are very small changes over long periods of time and then he put the you know every two years on the same grass and it goes off charts and it's terrifying. That's it you, you know you can't. Even you know some people, don't even understand charts, and so you know getting this stuff crosses. It's a bit said, may admittedly a complicated thing and so there are a lot of details to get across and there's a lot of when something is so complicated. I think people tend to leg. They will
They want to believe what they want to believe, and so they want to believe that it's gonna be ok or that has not caused by us, as you know that it's not as bad as is these crazy people are making it out to be, but no it's terrible. It's it's only gonna get worse. Must we fix things sooner rather than later and its real and its frightening. It is somewhat I thought I saw you looking you when you sign. It add also, I think, a lot of times. People are talking when they say that climate changes and oh they're, talking about whether whether as a short term, local phenomenon and climate is longer timescales, larger geographic scales, right, and so there also looking at looking at a graph for just a tiny little person said of a big huge trends right you're, seeing right here and so on Why is kind of like finding out late? I'm just because you don't think is real. Does
make it real yeah, because it believes in new kinds of reality. We have to take a break for over backwards start out all stars right after that. Store, I end by czech name, I am here. Thank you. It's gonna be here. We are doing our cosmic queries and we're gonna jump right back into it, because we have we got some
joined by Czech NICE, though I am here. Thank you. It's gonna be here. We are doing our cosmic queries and we're gonna jump right back into it, because we have. We got some really cool questions about women, crushing it Wednesday It is now Wednesday, even if it's not whereas today, somewhere in the solar system- fine when things Wednesday, any earnest for like six Mormon right there, you can also women crush it everyday yeah you go are so this is red one twenty six and he says, or she says with us, I can't tell from Red
Actually. What is the possible way? What is the best possible way of increasing signs literacy for the general public? It seems people still do not believe in many scientifically settled facts. So what is the best way? Their increase science literacy for the general public that once you increase science literacy, you will automatically increase the appeal and the number of women going in the size. I don't think so. Yeah one of the things that that is discouraging people from going into science may be, as that they think sciences hard. But sciences, and actually that its it's it's hard in a different way than what were used to, I think
that's the thing. I think it's just making science more a part of like our larger culture. That's what I was gonna say to you that in the porch rail of science should infuse more things that we consume everyday hair. So more shows can have scientists as characters and still not be a show. That's about saying our sign. Yeah. Well, that's true! Amy maims running your actual have those too, but you can have just scientists. A science is a career or option we ourselves can have. You know they can be character based storytelling series, but they can also have characters that are geologists or No, even when you about, whereas an anthropologist was on fire rosters was worth zero yeah. You can have female museum in natural history. You know it's funny that was, one of the reasons why I love STAR Trek everybody on STAR Trek is a scientist there's not like somebody who isn't there every single person
is a scientist or STAR Trek. So here another right here they are already engineer or but they're all they're, all scientists, that's why they're all that shit, you know which is kind of cool. You know, but also shown to be more than just the scientist rights, which I think is also one of the things that scientists can be multi dimensional. So like Picard, you know, has all of these history books and loves, studying Shakespeare. An anthropologist, Ray and Riker, because that is a musician around even data the Android play music and tries to explore all these other things about humanity. So it is not a real boy, because that's great, I love that answer. That's what it's about! Ok, cool! Well, thanks, read very good question. Let's say on the same kind of top it- and this is of personal and your opinion, so you can open and you can add, actually answer for your own life.
Main areas. I believe that the names just men from Instagram says: what do you think is the most inflows will book show that inspires young women to become more interested in stem, and then she says especially astronomy. The two different questions there, it's like, why do if we were trying to identify? What do you think the best thing is we're China done? If I think that inspire us, both the both, I think at least for our generation. This is dating us a little bit by I hear from a lot of people. I didn't actually watch a growing up because I was in a Milo, ponies and of but you know, a lot of people say Carl Sagan Cosmos, and I think one of the great things about Carl Sagan is that he, you know addressed to like humanity in this very like big picture way, and I think that was you know fairly inclusive. Even for him.
Big Bang theory for solid stereotypes of the different characters on there. You know they they show leg. I don't know a handful of you know they have the scientists and the engineer lot moors pop culture, science stuff that is hopefully getting people interested in science even maybe maybe even the big bang theory for all its stereotypes of the different characters on there. You know they they show leg. I don't know full of you know? They have the scientists and the engineer and the theoretical examined arrow scientists to Anna, whereby out colleges and narrow scientists in at least it's it's a little there's, a representation grey. Primetime tv. I mean TV is not a thing so much anymore, but this is the fact that it exists is something yes, please, please make all my money from tv. Please don't say that
It's cool, that's great one hears ears. I gotta move on to the next question this occurred about. This is that this is for both of your experience in life. This is sweet Juny who says my four year old daughter asked me. How can I become an ashtray physicists for real, not returned, I'll call is that I just wanted to imagine a four year old pretending has backed, and others is that law school. I just see her four year old daughter sit around. Do them yield a grass twice in the impression just light here? Let's do this, there. She says further I'd like to grasp on how to help her follow up the path that she is interested in. What does in education for an extra physicist look like so what? What? What? What? What path can she expressed to walk that we? So we ve got a little bed, the night
thing. Is that not everybody takes this path, and so I mean I definitely design Didn't decide what I wanted to do when I was for. Thank goodness, I think I would be like an old puppies like still but the really have to at some point in your life, learn physics and learn math, and so there earlier in the better, you don't necessarily have to start when you're for, but you know by time you get to say middle school in high school Are you want to take as many math classes is you? Can you wanna take his monies physics and chemistry in computer science classes? Is you can my goodness by time she's for now and fifteen years, who even knows what there might be learning new things all languages and things like that, and then want to go to college?
and in college you wanna major in physics are math or computer science. Are you know? Not all colleges even have astrophysics is a major that can be ok and then you wanna go to graduate school, so graduate school we touched on before in graduate school. Is this kind of post, undergrad whoop school work hybrid, where you do research, you might even teach classes, you earn a higher degree of masters, degree, european d and that's kind of the professional qualification that you typically need to be an astrophysicist right, we'll call you doctor and then he said not that kind of doktor you don't put or you can put it on your magazine- subscriptions, don't put it in your that can flyer profile, because that's for other reasons, really undergone yeah. They want they want to know like they want to be able to face
the medical emergency, and we want to be able to call on you all trains, but is also useful to know if there's medical doctors on the roster is the whole that whole scenes or is there a doctor in the house at home there doktor on the playing out, but I've been astrophysics, how the negative an artist there's our I recently book deflate on Virgin Atlantic and one of the options for my title was baroness. I almost wanted to put that you see. But can I think, that's how they know who was legs Baghdad robbers out. So I wanted to add. You know she's only for at this point, and so I think one of the great things what science is a science is asking questions and finding answers and then ask more questions. So just help your daughter answer her questions like support her in inquiry and curiosity,
and then help her try and find the resources that will help her answer. Those questions, whether that's a person or a book or or whatever, but just sort of incurs, the eighty four eggs. The interest exploration and also that what we are talking about earlier, you know: don't let her get discouraged if she gets a b or see in a class here help her figure out, then what the resources she needs to in order to do better. But you know throughout that entire, academic career. You know she doesn't have to be perfect. Nobody is perfect, even if she decides that she'd. You know that she doesn't want to be an extra physicists, but she still super interested in space. Actually, these I've astute that I try to encourage even more because I want my lawyers and my doctors and my you know engineers and every but like I want everybody, they have an interest, journalists and fashion designers, I want everybody to know about space and care about space that a permeates kind of everyday life. If we only have astrophysicist that other people about the who care about space,
like you know, we might lose our funding. Are you know the pub public doesn't care about what we're doing. We don't have our tv shows. That more is something like that, and so I want everybody like you know. If, even if you're interested in space, you don't necessarily have to become an astrophysicist, you can like do some career and still share your love for space and incorporate space in astronomy into that career. Who arrive? That was a good question. I waited go. Sweet Juny. Let's move to where these people they they gimme these names just a mess with swear. They do this as Sabah Ids Ids Cyber hot.
Ids who says what is in the black hole and if all the matter of everything that goes into a black hole never comes back? Where did it actually go? What will happen if we actually get in a black hole too to see what would we see caring? So what's what would have as what is in the black hole? Let me what happens to the stuff when it goes a black hole. Can I give the scientific answer? Yes, you don't know you go. I think that part a life and I loved you answer things. I also don't now in part c. We don't know, I guess what that's it. That's! What it is that, what is it then it is. I mean we have lots of different theories, but because black holes eat everything and take everything including light and light, is basically are messenger. Astronomer beside, though we get our information from light, so we have no information coming out of the black hole. We have information going earlier, getaway rising and we
on I've information coming out. So then we'd have to turn to theoretical physics of physics and mathematics right for predicting Einstein Base. Clay with relativity space time is doing. And what is happening to mass and energy in those regions and which is funny because, just because of what people are to have a theoretical physics is Bristol mathematical models and those mathematical models are predictive of something that could actually happen in the physical world under circumstances now. With that in mind. More than a hundred years ago, Einstein told us about gravity waves through his mathematical models and we're habitation- oh I'm sorry, Julia different thing, that's interviews with gravity but He had no way. We now know that he was right, but here I've had no way of knowing that he was actually right because he's got these models that he put out what models they make predictions and then
go observed to see. If we can verify those prediction TAT s. What makes us the last like Leap Frog between like when we can predict something and when we can actually have the technology to find that right and sometimes that can take you know a couple years. Sometimes I can take decades right essentially weaken yes centuries. Maybe so are there any mathematical models right now are the pervasive relief on what is happening in a black hole or or are we had a place now where's this light. Yet while you that we really have the we don't have the information that do that, I think there's a lot of different models: ok There's a lot of people working on this problem in some of them are going out. The same way, and some of them are coming out completely differently so I don't know I really know what those models say, but I mean in theory it's just one of those crazy.
Is about the universe. This whole idea like that the universe is expanding, but is actually the fabric of space. I meds expanding so there's things that are separate from our intuition and what we want to be able to conceive and picture right. So this whole idea of a singularity is basically infinite density, infinitely small and light, which makes them tell sanctions, as was theirs was aware, was no physical sense, but that's what the math tells us well, why that is exciting gotta look do is show me. Else don't fuck black all those baby. That's awesome. Thanks for listening to start talk, all stars thanks to check nice for cooperating with us today, my pleasure. Thank you. I'm only rice keep asking questions and I'm summer ass, black holes, don't suck and hobbled gadget
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