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X-Prize (Part 1)

2014-09-07 | 🔗
The X-Prize is motivating engineers, scientists and private industry to “Make the impossible possible.” Get an insider’s look when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews founder Peter Diamandis.Read more and listen to the full episode at: http://www.startalkradio.net/show/x-prize-part-1

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now. Welcome to scar talk, radio, I'm kneel to grasp hasten, I'm an extra physicist and direct of New York cities. Hayden planetarium right here in New York City and I got with me coast- nay, nay, welcome back Emma thanks we're. Having always good to have you Michael always good to be today will be talk about my interview with the space entrepreneur is cool that that pair of words even exist. In our culture, a space entrepreneur, I'm just hoping that you have a side busy,
competitive more space entrepreneur? Does it doesn't actually conjure up? Visions are teaching, so I would gets my interview with space Turner, Peter DIA Mundus, and we had a monster talk before when he discussed his asteroid mining company yeah planetary resources, that's visionaries! You can get that really! But again, it is a pain as mortgage, for example, has not offer that, and you know the funny thing is the. I remember that choke as we did that showed again, and you asked him something that you said. Do you think that this is where the first trillion air there will come from river and just the
on such a loan. First trillion, first failure, but not next month homeless, until its neck. So in this this episode we're gonna focused on his more famous endeavour, the X prize and in this first clipped we talk about when he and I first met the actually track me down. I just started at the hidden planetarium and I was really deep into so to transforming the planetarium into its presentation, and he shows up, let's check it out. I was looking for Well, who had wanted to go to Jupiter Saturn PLUTO back if the nineteen Fifty's, I just assume the title direct. I didn't even know we had such need to call the librarian if he came up with a box of like letters products at does done. It were fifty years old. I'm impressed that you knew. How did you even know that I'm science fiction reader and at the back of some of these paperbacks was one
form that you could fill out in the nineteen fifties. That said, if your didn't robbing the planet's fill out. This work and submitted to the hidden planetarium and when this capability comes online, Panam or someone will fulfil it, and I said, while there is a great market place for space tourism, so I think we did find the box, but then would you do with it was useless. It has at they're all dead very depressing He told me that you are really thinking about the future in an important, not just I'm in the lab, which should in future be, but you were thinking a marketing sense right. Marketing sense I wanted to go to space since was born, extremism, girls. I was born, sixties came conscious if you would during APOLLO, are STAR Trek and at some point gave up on NASA being the mechanism of the space and, as a result I was the case of Hamburg and looks NASA wasn't going faster if we leave the probabilities things like there's an astronaut, I have a better chance,
big, an MBA all star at five five. Can I ask you not to jump really high? Maybe fancier? Ok, so you. Want to just watch it haven't you wanted to participate wanted to oh. I wanted you take other people with me. It's my mission in life to open up the solar system, take other people with me. It's my mission in life to open up the solar system. Why? I have that mission and it's a pretentious mission, but it's what drives I have to say this, it's rather visionary and put at this. Time? Is it? Is it really practical isn't? Is it really practical does? Do people really want to go to Spain,
joint squash demands dreams. Is this what you tell your children? I want to grow up and I wanna be now so you'll never be daughter. You'll, never know I kind of deal I'm like you know what you need the lower expectations you need to bring it down and that you know we don't dream like that in this house. So if it wasn't clear from that you'd have you Hayden Planetarium did have this? Will promotional stunt where are you, are right in your name and we we would collect this pile of names and the first mission to the moon, the back of the fifty, so we have been anywhere yet right right in the head barely been launched. So he wanted to use these names TED to contact these people and say: do you want to be the first to go after you do applied, here. We are her child and if they could come to the door entering the door with a cane ran an artificial hip, can't hear because those photoshop-
the eighty two eighty years, all by now, absolutely now so, but somebody was thinking about an that's. What really impressed me and if I didn't know you caught it, but he's actually ff. Five? Yes, I heard in these that he's got a better chance of being an MBA had been an astronaut zero height restrictions on not you can't be too tall. Ok, regional, sit in the castle right, I was gonna, say let he is he's to be better at Vienna astronauts. For being smart well, but I mean I don't. You might have some other reasons just that that statistics, the peer statistics, are being selected Raina one. However many, but he might have been That's a lot of people became astronaut d, never thought they'd ever get selected, so he might have been short sighted on that. Come on that, but it's always good to have somebody who, whose thinking about the future on on that level, and he wants to open up the solar system and have it become our backyard, and how could? How could you fall tat for vision? I liked the vision simply because its suggestions, it is. It is right that an end
Houses that go above the clouds, depending on the weather conditions. Where did you look weird? You pick this universe, it just over the jets yeah. They actually raise that like so ok, so you It's a cloudy day. You raise level the building, so it goes above. Lastly, we have someone who doesn't rain on your. Whoever has never reigns in the house. It seems to me if you have the power to levitate your building, that you have the power to change that you also have flying cars that fold up in the brief cases to forget, so I forgot all about it and you walk you dog. Treadmill at thirty thousand feet, so basically the dozens. Nevertheless That is what we say, walk. Ok, so maybe some aspects of it like push button. What got what gets me in the Chechens was that they then the maid.
Whereas a robot grows either over the maid was female. Yet it was a robot. Why would it have to have any gender at all? That's true desk. That's crazy was very raising the professor exist, but that was very sections of the gesture. The only thing she made it was a maximum access and that would have made it possible to complete growth in a minute as that's wrong, so prevalent those are just completed all cigarettes I their minds would go for if you gotta do go for both plus the made all she did was pushed buttons
Remember correctly, so the house was self, maintaining repetition, carrier of dust brush or something like four. Why? If I dont know because that that made it that made her useful the fact that she actually you know, actually get to sweep something up here. We are trying to invent a future that will never come here. Listening to start or radio will meet him back to more my unity with Peter DM on its price, founder. Welcome back Start talk, radio photograph taken my hope of today's shut nice. Hey, hey tweeting at nice, Chuck, Johnny, Chuck nice car metric nice convert; yes, wasn't always you're right. It used to be nice, Chuck mice,
and then people were like. That's not true. Web people called you. Grace I went out and let this go. Its utmost conduct, so today we're featuring my interview with the founder of the X Prize, Pierre de Mundus. You know at the export is your totally on it. But not everybody knows I don't think everybody knows where the ECB rises and so those who don't know what is the ex prime. Well, I think it's I totally loud You lie and this so Peter dear my he founded the X prize and and and I caught up with him, we were too, we haven't been a conference together, as I got it like getting rid of you with this guy Cosette the busy guy and so were interviewed him like in the hotel caught up with him and me so that that pick up on that interview where he talked about what inspired him too,
felt the x prize. I just read a book called the Spirit of Saint Louis friend of mine gave me to help motivate me to finish my pulse licence spirit of the airplane security avalanche. It was ever written by Charles Limburg in it was his autobiography, and I had no idea that limber cross it managed to win a twenty five thousand our prize. I thought you were one day in New York and decide flight Eastern ended up and leveraging. But that's not the case. There was a twenty five, nor prized by a hotelier Raymond or take that really but if nine different teams to spend four hundred thousand dollars trying when this twenty five thousand dollar prize it well, that's incredible. If I can tap into that kind of energy into sixteen to one ratio, and I thought was an extraordinary value proposition, but he's not evil responsible people crash in the Atlantic? Well, he wasn't respond. One fact for the nine teams perished, the most likely. Seems to win, didn't make it and Lynn it was by far the most unlikely Percy was called the flying for he had been flying for two years,
no one would summit airplane or an engine. The ended up. To a small airmail company in San Diego right aircraft. The told him in airplane they literally sign a one page contract, and he built airplane and sixty days right. You can't even get it contract negotiate sixty days. At this point, let alone building aeroplanes. To I tell you, I shall merely to fully grew thou, so Lindbergh makes history. Ben I'm seeing my guy that's an extraordinary way for me to stimulate spaceflight on prize for people space and I came up with Video- X prize, and I think you know now that the axe stood for a variable be replaced by the name of the principle of the money, and I didn't know I didn't know who was gonna funded. So it was. The x prize as in fill the annoying known and ex was in a regional ten for ten million eggs for experimental work really well. So
I am now looking for people who might want to back this idea of travelling the space and they come across this little hidden, planetarium page in the back of a paper back and I reach out to you various yeah. What he saying is, if you can put a prize money and everybody wants to win the prize, the sum of all the money they all invest vastly exceeds what you actually have to pay out and prize money right. So What you're doing its leave her? It's it's leveraging factor on are indeed money. That's actually brilliant! Really it's it's kind of like a like a Kickstarter campaign It really is like the early version of kicks out. I've gotta get everybody to put their money, and but the differences dare chasing after your money chasing after your money. Exactly and in some cases you get you get people who put in more
of their own money than the prize money just to get the attention right for having one. We call those peoples do its work, but it, but it still is still very really did you know the Charles Limburg did this for the cash? No, I did not remain that way. You not a hero, Limburg and heroes. Don't do anything for money right, they do it for a principle and mission. That is why I'm an Amelia Erhard fan out it's as opposed to a Limburg fat I didn't know you. You you'd show sides ideal because she was an aviator that a trick sorry Aviate tricks,
dominated dominatrix aviator aviators x, is for real. You don't know, I thought you just made, then all I did not. Yes, I learn. Some everyday life should be a life. Is about any and every day every Jesus Aviate trick aviator expand tests, but you know what that things I thought you'd have known from. Surely dominatrix, as I thought you would have. You are assuming facts that are not in evidence. However, you are society now you might be a millionaire her fan too I'm a millionaire Nigeria, the movie with things actually put now Charles Limburg, who would have thought because you know he is seen as such- a hero, correct before completing the first transit Let fly right alone. I love the first singular transatlantic flights, but he, he was just a greedy bears.
You know here is good a couple of problems flying across the Atlantic. Solo. Ok, ok notice! How long this flight took thirty three hours? And thirty minutes from got a landing rights and so a bathroom first thing they, firstly, bad bad. Why do it ok, satellite go? You could probably p anywhere, who always got him. You know tat. They did not have pampers back dead or dependent they did? Not so you thought about love diaper. That is that there are no word diaper, but he's also got he's. Gotta stay awake, and Gerda Saint Louis, the plane, the name of the plane, which is hanging for all, to see. Guess where Methode MRS Zone Tony and Mister Maloney by them are missing. Phony in rats
the mist phony. I missed slowly and museum in Washington DC exactly so. It's something with a right flyer with it. The bright brothers had flown in around two things. Of course it is so that had to be special modifications to make it aren't you needed a bigger fuel tank, of course, where they are needed to be more fuel efficient, rail? If you have a bigger fuel tank, your plane does not have as much lift because your plane is heavier. So you gotta make your wings bigger. Ok, right, These are modifications to what would otherwise be stock aeroplanes right that you have to put into play, and so it just so happens. I recently learned that his airplane needed constant steering because it was not otherwise and entirely stable so
So that's one thing to keep you awake. So not only was he greedy, he was stupid because you may seriously there's a guy who modifies play that you have to stay awake for thirty three hours in order to supply. Oh yeah, that's correct! That's we're heading petty, petty doses, I think those ought. I would have no doubt that it now it's possible to stay awake for thirty three hours I mean you know you put on ice while pulled all matters like Beatin college, perhaps- and I used to hang out with data Blaine all the time, so it s a whole week, just that ever go earnestly on the morning. Comes the sea, the sunrise waffles it's a new day, you're good for another twelve hours right easily right. So it's impossible thing to imagine, but there's no challenge here so the the engine, if you run at that long back, then re use up and it would seize our seas are they would seize an end. We need to be lubricated and this engine apparently had away to self lubricate. During this period
we are not so. This is almost like some advanced design in in a national. The latter would now. I dont have to fill up as much as you said that one this pit stop so now, I'm a little advantage that is, competitors didn't, have right self lubricate engine oil leak out, and you always know that their lubrication matters has any time some flying by in a movie and issued at the airplane, yet the first in the Ets. Typically, it's not the Gaston. The whole thing tat we just explosive oil oil is coming to its always, it's always anything or always the all right right and then the oil goes away sees us up in there and there you have it so this at at four hundred and fifty gallons of fuel, so give the man props for fur literally and figuratively profits for making this trip, in spite of him, having done it for money. That's all! I'm saying, and this thing about unstable airplanes: do you realize we ve gone full cycle less so,
we're not particular stables? You always have to be you, don't fiery dexterous to pilot right. Then we figured out how to make stable airplanes gray, but it turned out that stable aeroplanes are not always the most fuel efficient, ok, and so we now make aeroplanes that are the most fuel only when controlled by computer gotcha, and so It just is a fascinating factors, some airplane that require computers to keep them stable and yet, through the best design, planes out there and so get there. You have it, you have to computer, doesn't mess up and the pilot all night Actually it's dear that thing where we come back more of my interview with expertise, Vander Peter the amendments you have asked to start up have guns secret for you
I'm gonna, considers consider singing all of the ads on this shell. There's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and support. Where does at the five dollar level or higher, to listen. The star talk ad free, You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me sing if you support us at Patria Dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying River start out with your photographs takes in czech nice. Yes, always good always good to be using my interview with the founder of the X Prize, Peter Bituminous, come off a segment on Limburg,
the Spirit of Saint Louis yeah. You know every pound matters when you're airborne orator flying in space cause. The fuel is trying to keep this mass going right, so in his airplane, heat had to take out all the dead weight. That was there and he was a slender guy, fine and but he'd even got rid of his radio radios back then were heavy yet as right and wasn't turns out back in nineteen twenty seven, the radio wasn't very useful, it wasn't rely. Bull and who's gonna talk to the Middle EAST Atlantic, and yet, as anybody wasn't no hurriedly Mister and Missus America and other ships at sea, that's not how I was not happy. So when I wondered was who puts up the prize money for the X prize? Ok right! It's one thing to say: when this prize you invent
damn money right and that where we get the sum of all of this are endemic. Somebody's gotta put up the money, and so I talked with Peter Dim on this, but how he got the money. Who would win that eventually. Prize? Let's find out what he says. The original x prize was funny By the I'm sorry, family and a new shed Hamid, I'm sorry both bore in Tehran. Before in early sixties, inspired by appalling structure as well, but she's living in this country. That has no hope of a space programme. And she moves over the. U S when she is nice will becomes a serial entrepreneur. A number of hundred million dollar billion, our companies and I read about her bring her this opportunity. I have finished This is five years after I have announced the X prize onstage, with no money, no teams, little bit of goods by the greek word for no debts and the Greeks population.
And she says yes on the spot. After a hundred and fifty ceo of turned me down and Richard Branghtons turned me down twice Fred Smith, excess turned me down the people for whom ten million dollars is lunch money it is put em. You really don't believe you. Perhaps that was doubly the case, but their answers were wise. Nasa doing this. Can anyone really pull it off isn't something they die yet so they don't really believe in it. Scared about the risk, but my point to them listen. You only pay after someone does it don't believe me, but risk averse, killing us this country, you anything began bold and you know they already. Audacious really takes risk, and if you're not one Take that risk you're stuck I'd, so she can do forks up ten million the first enterprises. What restricts prizes. Ten million dollars for the team who can build a privately funded space should be to demonstrate ninety percent of your funding or more was from private sources. We don't want the government China coming into when his mother did not build a great space programme,
when it people who we're gonna worry, but every penny they spent ten million dollars because it We can build a private spatial, been carry three daughters, the proverbial people working in a garage philosophically that traps and wanted people reinventing how we do this because it was extraordinarily expensive right. The cost of going into space on the shuttle had reached a billion dollars, plus a flight and the number we're doing a year and a great year was five or six in an off. Here was two or three, and there were several hundred million dollars a day in orbit an extraordinary amount of money, while also color amazing things in their clip. First, I knew she Ansari comes here just from another country from and and just starts raking in the dough like creating entrepreneurial companies, that's what makes Amerika great American. What
a country like they're. So let s be so it's interesting that Peter The amount was turned down by all these Marquis billionaires Gatt, and what was up with that and it's funny, because what you said is true sites ten million dollars is lunch. Money completely argument is not a big deal, you know, but I think that you know it's been making around with my eye demonstrate how rich bill gaiters. I did at an lecture and someone like put it up on you turn you and what what? How did you demonstrate our demonstrator? Yes- and I know that you have just make you watch it or it should I dormitory out, will you I want to know why? But anyway, how rich of rich person is? So what I said was I own, a home, for I have a job right. So there's a certain sort, valuation of my life and made the established by that, and I ask myself
what is the lowest denomination coin in the street that our bend down and pick up is there anything lower than penny, because that our european, my answer so I make it am, I not pit big pennies when done with pennies. Nickel is nice and big, and but now I'm done with nickel and dime. If I'm in a hurry now right, but if I'm just strolling over I'm sitting in a park bench a bend down pick up the night, if you're already in this sitting, because hack, ok, vomit, if it's a quarter, I'm picking it up every time. Right is good for laundry parking meters, positive corner it's so I figured my mind boundary being pickin sum up and not is between ten cents and twenty five cents. Ok, so then I said, given bill gates wealth at fifty billion dollars right how much money would correspond to the amount of money, I would leave in the street to him. Ok, forty five thousand dollars, so he would not. He hated to too busy to bend over
pick up forty five he's gotta be sitting on a pot bent to pick out the forty five thousand made out bend over and lean over and pick it up made me. Maybe let's hear it for America? That's some just become a billionaire had its awesome and few refused. Real visionaries, even among them to fund the extra. When we come back more might unit with Peter dilemma. We're back and start talk. Radio Shack MAX, yes, always good to have you here. I got all distracted by saying how rich bill gates was, but we are sorry Prize and the woman who funded it not. She actually became the fourth space
rest. You point down twenty million and you get a seat on the russian soils and you get to go to the space station, not that not an american sector. This is like. The space station is like its own little world up there right now, we're segregated exactly what does wrong with us even sprays. Segregate ourselves. So in this next clip we speak who owns the airspace above your boots the conditions set for? Who would actually win the Ansari X Prize a country, owns aerospace, states can prevent a foreign airliner from flying through the air space, but you don't own space over your head, which means that a foreign government can fly satellite over aren't so Sputnik was able over multiple countries, as was our first Satellites United States, without any assumption of military retaliation within
having to look for approvals from all the countries that your flying over, and so there was no three definition. The you, looked at fifty miles, other people to two hundred miles. We pick a hundred kilometers knowing full well. Most Americans would indifferent bein a hundred prisoner miles anyway, It was a low enough attitude that allowed the current state of the art to work. You know composite materials exotic materials for the reentry speeds clinic fire clamours. So we announced competition. We end up having ultimately going to build a ship that will go to that out to connect combat, nor when the price of to build a private spaceship, they can carry three adults. Two hundred kilometers altitude lands ITALY and, within two weeks, make the same trip again to show reusability could ultimately that's that the game of its reusable low cost that meat we could open up. Spaceflight industry was reasonable, is supposed to mean walk low cost in the car
it has in the past and has not with the shuttle programme of the past. But in this case it was because the fact you're using the same vehicle in a very short period of time. Meet you really. Spend that much time or money between reef, so those are the rules we announced that it fully. Did with the backing of a notion, Hamid, I'm sorry and enriches brother in law, a mere two or three of them, passion about space and twenty sixteen from seven countries are rushing it competition, all kinds of different approaches. The beautiful thing about a competition like this is Emily that red darwinian diversity of approaches, but you just set up the goal, not the pathway, Finally, what ever you say, I don't care, how you do this as long as you do it privately. You win here we went to school with ever done before, where you're from fly. Twice in two weeks, you get the money. Amazingly these. Twenty six different teams are trying every
possible combination we have vertical take off horizontal, take off teams taking off out of the water out of land teams that were using a helicopter first stage, a balloon first stage, one team was being: it would, behind an airplane won t was sitting on top of an airplane with Iraq and the team in Iraq, splendid blown airplane with liquid engines, hybrid engine, solid rock and engines, literally every possible combination and wait a few to list flipper as That was not one of the lever for those who don't remember was a magic ingredient in a Disney movie did have anti gravity property properties. So this is a human ingenuity, doing the darwinian spread of possibility absolutely- and these are individuals as driven as I am about opening up space and it wasn't for the money they're doing as this was the excuse right, there's something they dreamed about doing since their childhood and when they would go and speak to their friends or to an investor and say I want to build a private space
people, look at them crazy. What you gonna do what, but one this competition, we got amounts with. Ten million dollars was backed by some incredible people. I mean you're supporter back then I said positive things about me: you said positive things about it later, astronauts who are with us on stage ahead Dan Golden ahead of now said: Patty Smith, the deputy at the FDA Lynn, family were supportive site collected a number of people whose reputation was far better known the mine at the time who said paused, things about it and credential this. In fact, my goal Who is to announce this bold, crazy idea above the line of super credibility, so people say wow, that's great, how can I participate and so at once it's got announced the p
were crazy, now had a rational excuse to go, raise money and try and make their dreams come true and it worked its anti grass. That's what exact it's it's the Wright brothers all over again, but in the aerospace, that's actually call tat. You gotta handed to and frightening at this the space ship might arise. Won't you. Okay, had you been around in one thousand nine hundred and two you would have said you could build an airplane in arrow, I in your garage you Polly, would have a union Not, I just admit: ok, our me I resemble those remarks. We come back more start My interview with X prize found retreated your money.
We're back reached our talk under hosting the underground station. If I'd start talk on the web and start on radio dot net jackknife. Here, yes, gonna be here: tweeting Chuck nice car, that's going on, find you my interview with Peter demanded founder of the X prize it worked. People did what they wanted to do. So brilliant idea have to set brilliant idea. Let's find out how much everybody spent collectively to try to win the X prize Yeah do we had twenty six teams from seven countries who spent hundred million dollars, trying with ten million dollars in aggregate in aggregate and yet typically the ratio of a great and enterprise prize. Ten to forty full deprived money spent in aggregate by the two, strengthening competition so October for two thousand and four in the mahogany desert just about Sunrise October, told fourth,
in October for Lilith and has to do in order to a before and, as you know, Neil you're too important space dates that These committees were celebrates its April twelfth, which of course, is the first human and space Gagarin in October for Sputnik bright enough. To do in October for being chosen, that was all but returned so Bert returned is the legend of aviation. The man who built the Voyager aircraft with built more words aircraft, that's the one they went around. The world went around the world on one on one thing: if you won't take a few one, take off one land as the gossamer albatross gossamer albatross was the human powered vehicles only ready confusing those too, but this one is: is it isn't? The Voyager aircraft was very long wing, it was the winter wheels after tat. He had another correct, because your film fuel and gravity pull them down at and until lift carried up into the air. It was.
On by Bert, returned brother, Dick Return and genii Agar. The two flew around the world- are related to turkish mediator, broke a sound area? No, no, not Berlin! Sober return was backed by Paul Owen of Microsoft, faint and Microsoft aim and who spent twenty six million dollars funding bird to build spatial. On that, ultimately, one to ten million dollars gets a little weird explain that went to me out: twenty six million. Was how much it costs and the end of the day. Paul was brilliant because he made back that twenty six million the ten million to free part of the cost, but he ended up licensing the design to Richard Branson, who you the design of the winning vehicle spaceship one to bill virgin galactic, which now sell tickets for Turkey a pop to go into space He also was able to donate the spaceship to the Smithsonian and got attacks got movie rights got tv rights, he did grey
He made his money back and then some which are very happy for, because I want to encourage other people to back these kinds of crazy teams, and space per SE is still possible for cod. To spend more and are indeed, then they will actually went in the prize, because perhaps for some of them there's the prestige of having one. It there's also the back into the business. So we designed the and sorry X Prize, whose very much The idea that the winning team would go into business for seeds to space. That was the purpose is to create this prize and have it be one and have it just be with all due respect to museums and museum piece, isn't the idea I wanted to keep off it industry, while he sure, as Hell, did gap the ever Google private enterprise space, just Google, that you get an entire list of all the companies that are currently involved in doing space without NASA we're doing in a way that Mass NASA might one day need them and pay them for that service. Correct
there's a new space race and end its private enterprise, private enterprise and you all heard a virgin galactic with Richard Branson. And the deadline. Musket space acts he's been, there's a reason. Cover of the new Yorker. Did you catch it? Now I didn't the space station of their and it's got a delivery messenger on a bicycle towards this, with a little sacho of goods right, so so delivering cargo to space is no one doesn't have the romance at once did. But it's a need and if you can create an economic model, and so people are doing it, that's what it is and that they are even some aerospace giants, involvement, Lockheed Martin and bowing. But the real story here is the fact that small entrepreneurs have decided that they're, not gonna, wait around for governments to lead their way right and they're gonna try to get into space and create a business model
because of it, and I still think we're not there yet, but they're doing it and I'm not going to stand in their way. Unlike you know, wait for it to happen. I just can't wait until we're all waiting in a line having to take off our shoes and go through the tea. I say that we can go to space, that's gonna be great and we note seriously that's where that's really rapidity, assessor trepidation safety, in Spain spaces aces. Yes, so you know, I think it to happen, but the fact is that when winter they gonna be able to bring it down to olive oil is the art of war, is always before rich people, that's really the deal right cause a scene on vertical axis. Two hundred thousand are exactly and you're. Not you know, who's gonna go up in there is what your name with the meat on her body, lady got. Lady Gaga, yet its policy She wrote it announced from additional sing a song from space. Ok, see now already I hate Spain
hey. What do you have a good lady garden, I'd wild meat that's it? That's what I am now I just kids jealous of her twitter followers You know I gotta be met. I have had the truth. There is doubt. Why is it that when I get away, I guess it away? It's a good thing that anything that actually promote makes a pot. It makes a part called them. It's a good there's a regular. I got you to agree that my whole point of this whole episode. You know what you will. I'm when listening to a star talk radio thanks for joining us in this hour. I want to thank Peter on this for be my guest, and I got here check nice as always good to have you and studio yes, Thyssen hitting as to keep looking We should listen, restored, talk, commercial, free, joint start
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