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Zombie Apocalypse (Part 1)

2013-06-02 | 🔗
There’s no escaping the Zombie Apocalypse when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Max Brooks, author of World War Z and the world’s leading “authority” on these nonexistent killers.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now to start talk: radio, your host Neil, the grass Thyssen Norman Astro physicist with the American Museum of Natural history right here in New York City, where also serve as director of the Hayden Planetarium this week. My co host the one, the only Eugene, Merman Eugene Rate, to be back, you you, you, like my colleague hostile often now I know, is that a good thing or not? I don't think it's a great thing for both of us and for the world at mostly the world and then, as you know, this that show
how big is long overdue. You know this to be about the zombie polyps? Yes, the living coming back, well I'd. Never quite dying is to really not dead enough, and you know zombies. I I have to I am. I am a little surprised how popular, the genre has become how popular zombies I'd. I don't understand it. I mean it's not our zombies, the dead risen or they simply sort of very sick people who buy and our powerful so rather than me being the one who answers that we thought I'd like check with others who thought long and hard about this on pen will get that in just a moment, because zombies in fact have been analogies to viruses, the spread of disease and, if you think, of a disease not as a human being wanted to buy two with their limbs falling off but is as high as the vector
every vessel of a way to get sick as a tiny, invisible human being the size of a virus. One way, Do it so you know it's a week home the land and we want. We to find the most virus flew in person. We could and we can, but with doktor, IE and lipkin. Doktor welcome to stir talk, radio, a pleasure to be here. I gotta read your type. You aren't like professor of epidemiology, neurology and Pathology at Columbia University and you also direct the centre for infection and immunity which is lab focused on microbe hunting and chronic diseases that that you know, and now I noticed you'd and shake hands with any one when you walked in her out on what petri dish human dignity before your coffee at first, I thought it was the save yourself now I realize it to save me to save up here been beings from yourself, and you also director of the North EAST Bio Defence Center. I don't even though such a thing existed. What does that mean that,
that part of our role is to make sure you don't know who we are ass fact, but your bio defending me, for I will love you ever consulting the movie. Contagion, yeah, but many times Did you do your homework before Joubert? Guessing I mean look at the thing in ok, so you're, not only you don't normally, professor. We study the staff, but even tat by pop culture, for this expertise, so the contagion. Do as a movie did they get it right did well, it did what it Norman I mean scientifically today did well scientifically too. I mean, if you says or yourself well, you know I didn't have any the back end. If that's what you're asking, but I was bade well. I guess I didn't know that at the time by now, but actually it was fairly accurate. We did not echo zombies, not then the movie, but but we wanted to find out why they relate to each other at all. In fact, for the show I
view, as my sort of export in house scientists commentator on an interview that I captured with MAX Brooks, who, if you into soda, whose genetically related to whom, out there he's the Son of Melba works. It turns out TAT one of the top Brooks in the world. I d, and I didn't know this guy is like one of the world's experts on zombies, and it was my interview with him. Were I first learned of this sort of socio natural analogue between on bees and disease, and I bumped into him when we were at the comecon tune. Twenty twelve in San Diego crazy places, crazy don't ever imagine it to be. But let's pick up with my interview with MAX Brooks and we ve got a doctor in here, to help us react to it. Just to put MAX Brooks on your radar he's the author of but the zombie survival guide and world Wars Z, which has an oral three of the zombie war. In effect, that book is becoming a movie title.
More z, storing guess who met David what's that Brad Pitt you're one of the leading men of the day, let's check out my heart off, let's check out my first clip and see where he takes us and leaves us in this story. I based, omby virus on AIDS. You gonna Transmutability Transmutability, I wanted to make it very hard to get just like AIDS was very hard to get and therefore, from storytelling point of view, the machine its were made by us because it drew them. Let's face it. If in nineteen eighty Reagan had gone tv and said my fellow Americans there's a disease, it's real, r d get, but if you get it You really bad. Here's ten things you can do avoided boom. It would have been a paragraph in the medical journal. Exotic cases drank. It would have been alarming that we're disease in the eightys we got a grid. I wanted to make it about our milk exercise. We could have rendered AIDS extinct. We could have made AIDS extinct with a pamphlet, that's how we
Stop it I'm not talking about influenza, we're not talking about a bowler resting What are you saying? It's really hard to get like airborne viruses, sneeze born virus or it's not coloreds, not waterborne, it. So hard to get, but through our mistakes as a society, we let the Genie the bottle. So this warrant faction, disease model. For you yeah down purely my model. Is I'm forty years old, so I'm a child of the AIDS generation, yeah! Ok, so there's a zombie virus. I guess zombie that sets out you just declare it and then Ryan. You could treat it like. It's a violent took a weapon in a sense right and my attitude is I'm not as interested in the origins as I am in the reaction because quivering I don't care where AIDS came from enough. I love green monkeys good for you guys, but what I care about is how reacted to Doktor Dixon. First time. I heard
these analyses to infectious disease and he went right out and implicated so that AIDS is something that could have been stopped on the spot and I think, it her that in some of the circles, but you this youtube- you live in this who at work. Where do you see that assessment? Well, then, if If that were true It was all over simplified. So in Nineteen eighty one to eighty four I was in San Francisco when this virus first beard, first of all, to swap forget what it was and that's also true. Growing in the dark right? You have no idea and we were looking at whether or not people add the overexposure two different types of drugs and we the wrong virus. A couple of times we finally figured out what it was, but even then I dont think a pamphlet would have changed the course
If the police, let was huge written what, if it is it that it is just too small at an interesting thought. I hadn't consider possible mandolin answer two feet by forfeit: likening the United, so your yes, she was not that it wasn't red enough, but that even a pamphlet there was red quickly would not have worked, because we already knew about Stds and data care about them. Stds had been with us since the beginning of time, and I don't think they're going anyway. That was one reason. Mineral beginning of time. At the beginning of humans, on early deliberation in lieu of a star, dignitary bang might have been an orgasm who knows very well
quick ratings. God will come right back rift, doktor Lipkin and my coach Eugene murmur we're talking zombies, we're talking about viruses, we're starting. Welcome back to start radio, I'm the other grass tastes and I'm here and studio with Eugene Merman alone, as always tweeting at Eugene moment. Yes, yes, I sort of how you make me laugh. Thank you not. Every go to eat but enough. But I stated earlier exactly and I learned from you almost every time- a journey me straight from Colombia, Columbia, University, Doktor, Ian Lipkin, who'd, like studies viruses. This is what this man and does he bathed every hour. I know no disease
I don't know what we're he's been where, where he's going but he's an expert on this stuff and we left the last segment with my inner. With Match MAX Roach Maxwell's. That's the guy from Little rascals, wizard MAX Roth's MAX, Brooks omby at he's a zombie expert and we in our skies on bees to the AIDS virus, and you are concerned about how he oversimplified this, rapidly, it could have been the spray couldn't granted. I think I want to go on record as saying that I am very concerned about zombies. Hook. Has access to the data? Keep me up at night acts like the only apocalypse whenever should ever actually worry about you ve heard here first, so, I guess, a big challenge. You were in San Francisco and age broke out and Charles there is finding that the patient zero. I guess right and at some point this theme from animals right, I mean yes,
Seventy per cent annulled smothered in humans. Yet, yes, seventy percent of the diseases were concerned about these emerging diseases. A come from animals like. I guess that well cow disease was now virus. Influenza. Raby he's sorrel sources, an acronym for what severe acute respiratory drove over. That means you don't really know that's kind of setting a little slowly away, you're like define it right now for everyone, but nobody made it doesn't have a fancy name. Yet you just spelling out good name disorders are bad, but I like its catcher. I would have a band with that name. If I literally blame you, so all disease aren't spread the same way clearly, and this must have been part of your greatest challenges at the beginning of this year. So their disease, that is spread through the blood supply respiratory tract fickle
the terror of urine all kinds of ways and people do weird stuff with human excrement. People do very we're yet out right. There's a lot of punk rockers in danger of getting a bunch of. We does the right right. So you got time for this, but the most efficient one is always blood, that's the best. They really mean if I was gonna get somebody disease. If you wanna be a virus go but the other one of course of sexually transmitted diseases. They frequently a lot of overlap because people you know, People want exchange blood every day now that it is true as a typical, but isn't it responds everyday, but they certainly do exchange other bodily fluid name for forced marriages and getting these notes. So how did you go about finding so the first AIDS was isolated. One with the virus. Lassa virus is discovered in eighty three, but I didn't discover that fires have discovered really by Owens blaming it by French. Do so. I
observer, but I was impressed by the fact that it took so long to figure out what it was. How long has it been infecting people before you guys isolated, o? The first document in case of HIV infection goes back to fifty. Nine but it really surfaced in a major way in eighty eighty one, so you went back to fifty nine once you knew what to look for and again that the journal of symptoms gets the royal we. So I didn't do anything. I gotcha science, yet medical guy, that's my buddies! Your bread, the community s yes, so I'd so you'd. The earliest cases, once you dig through the books, are nineteen, fifty nine, but it's a good start showing a big in early eighties, hardly correct! You isolated, and eighty three then along with new wave, not blaming just saying. Well, then, first thing you want to try to do is to develop a diagnostic tests. He can figure out who, as it too, yet have symptoms and you can protect What supplies you can test blood, overbooked, blood donors our desire for and then and then
everybody is starts. Focusing tried to make a vaccine right. I remember heavy a conversation Eddie for with something you're virologists, who said to me you should, work on HIV and we're going to solve this one with a vaccine within the next six months so this is now twenty plus years later end she'll, nowhere near a vaccine. So what what? Why were they overconfident? They just had to hire higher? Ideals too high, or do they think I left the thought there are smarter than they actually were this really knew. I mean nobody really seen a virus and have the ability to choose. Judge, shape so dramatic, so quickly changed aiding via a shape shifting virus, but I'm glad they were coffee about how quickly they could solve it. Nonetheless, like I've never seen this before, but I'm pretty sure I get down as a battle of really cocky and and AIDS from what I can tell this for what I could tell what made it part is:
you can affect it, but you don't know your infected for little while so this is probably you keep infecting people before. You even know your susceptible to re, write years like decades, it candy well, that's illiterate. My interview with MAX Brooks who has an for us the zombie apocalypse with this spread a virus and the my whole conversation with them fuse was wasn't few with these kinds of references and why said we met up with Emmett COMECON, twenty twelve in San Diego. Yes, a check out what more he has to say, In my stories you have to get bitten or the virus has to get in your bloodstream. You get sick. You die you wake up again ass his arm a zombie, your body has been carjacked by the zombie thy waiter and forbidden by a zombie people kill me, I have to say, to die for someone who knows it will kill. You welcome even killer within hours your days, but you're going down by the way there's been about four hundred and ten billion people who have ever lived
Not all those people are eligible zombies now, because the bone almoner Adriana be fresh. It sound like suddenly, the graveyards of the world are gonna erupt for half rash alive negative. Live and die and then come back. So fresh really for light can bombs. Not even that. If a zombie walks into a morgue South Asia our big works is, I wasn't or more for some reason starts. Biting dead bodies is dead bodies working to come back to life, they're gone once you die, you die literally if I'm running from zombie and he's about to eat me, and I certainly have a heart attack and die at Benny. Bites me ain't coming back, ok, so zombies crawling out
grace is the wrong image that euro, especially because, let's face it, how many people today are buried, especially in America, in these sink box of even if it was a wooden box, then I get out now. That's it! That's a cemetery bodies. You rumour thermit, can get out of here. That's it! That's it! That's it not lie. We say: cemeteries want to save as places to be dissolved. Dead bodies are basically locked up in safes occurs, we shouldn't fear, cemeteries, anymore, dont, fierce, ok, so just to clarify yours, army, chasing me, you bite me, I become a zombie right. I buy an I owe my muscles are intact right step, one. Ivana Zombie and chasing you up to I buy you stuff for you get away. I got to wait. I got snacks to buy stuff for you, get sick and die set for you. Wake up as a zombie The time between die and waking up? It depends on how badly have bitten you. If I've, let's say, tore out a major blood vessel, you're gonna do very soon. But if I scratch you had made a day's gotcha and so
When I saw I dont forget, I remember, one movie is causing so many many higher films out there, so One of them was the best friend got a scratch, and they knew you gotta get out, and so he said, shoot me. They had now there's a there's, an interesting dynamic. Tension right was ever your friend and do not get a zombie to me it is what's a powerful, it builds on the dream storytelling, it's like! Oh, my god. I mean it's not like you know you go to. The doctors off and he tells me you- got something and You'Re- not gonna, recover from it, but you ve got six months to live. You'll have it's must be. You won't really living to be thinking about die every day every day, so that my interview with with with MAX, Brooks there so Doktor lipkin view The fundamental variants here is that some diseases have a longer incubation time where you are dangerous to others. Where there not you know it and that's that's gotta, be what kind of Irish there is well, it depends on me.
We have got an onlooker Wallace S, pretty bad to your life. You have years. We could still make omelettes, let's not as bad about like what blood comes out your face and he dies Duns worse yet other into me. There's some viruses. It caused very little disease, but they spread rapidly in very easily and some viruses. I think the Eddie Murphy talked about her be simplex. You know you oughta frontiers, he's ever like loved located like luggage. You know you never get rid of but Molly Beverly. I have. I normally die from Herpes any bullet. Definitely a bad one day have yet my major concern with his. What's your least favorite if this is about, if you're a zombie, this sort of like a ponzi scheme, because actually run a body scrite yeah right in also you bite. Somebody if I sell you the valley, Leirus, yet soft feeding by not just particular concerns once you know you are infected in a responsible person, could keep their distance or they could. If you don't no! You like AIDS and you are infected. That makes you a spy.
Really dangerous in society is Necker. It is truth, so virus has, if different lifestyles saw. Kill their hosts very rapidly where they killed Unfortunately, I was like the respiratory tract flew viruses, things like this, but because I always find another victim easily? They survive they evolve in the they take over. They do quite well throw it out of your body through the air and chinese and an hour in some of them are spread in fissile materials. Soforth Sheila gets all. We gotta take another break, your listening to start on radio, the zombie virus addition, Ruby right back, have secret for you. I'm gonna. Consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one. And where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support.
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It's probably something clearer. Folks, scary banks were beyond star talk, we're analyzing sort of a zombie apocalypse but a that to this viruses and we ve got clips from my interview with MAX Brooks whose in fact he wrote the book on which- you know what a zombie apocalypse stories have been based if somebody catches this interview in the wrong place, they're going to think that you are really getting information about actual actual Zasada actually survive ages. Have the lesson from the beginning now I'll call the realign far to the poor. They don't. Let's go straight of my my clip with MAX, Brooks and we talk about how you spread viruses not through sex, not through kissing or other traditional bodily fluids, but by the simple bite with find out when you sexy by wide. Is the zombie compelled to bite you? Why did even care it's their violent? the imperative to spread the virus through the eating their not adjusting nutrition, but it
an act that is familiar to their dna they already know how to eat and that's the best way to spread the viruses to bite so they're, a perfect viral organism right in that respect our walking plant. They have no other. But to spread what they are. They are literally a virus. Ok, so why does it seem like in some movies I've seen where zombies attack a person and it looks like they wanted like vultures around a carcass there's more than one of em, don't have to attack the same way you know, and they are they are eating their knots enough to know that if you eat too much of the person it be mobile enough to keep going, but there's nothing more, prime, in the human mind than to eat food to your mouth. That's it that we know that infringe. Do that from infant and neighbouring at your mouth, even if it's not food exactly and therefore the virus doesn't have to teach the zombie to do that. So darker aids is
transmitted sexually, but it's a blood exchange at some level correct its at some level. So if you are, you have aids and you bite someone you can give the maids through your bite and prince no, no, no not even a little, what if by their Ding Dong, that's the after our show. We can try that so, but but clear we know rabies is among those that are bite transmitted. That's the way, typically transmitted, so it's a saliva to blood right, so the virus grow. Very, very high levels in the savary glands. So it's in the saliva and one of the things that happens is as animals get in the later stages of rabies is that they have difficulty swallowing. And they also become very aggressive a bite, other animals not to eat them, but again, just Sir Aggressive, so this feat- of the virus changing the behaviour of the host
in the service of the survival of the virus. Yes, propagation hasn't way that certainly way of looking at any bill had rabies. Would they want to buy people? The second question that that you another aren't. A lot of people have been observed in those days. You re like rabies colony is right, you out of your time most attentively. We should do with prisoners just to see ok Eugene, the times I just job that idea, so that's it so have I had a virus triggered dogs to rest peacefully in the corner Van the rabies virus would render itself extinct. Probably so why so all the variations of the rabies virus, the one that makes you wanna bite? Other dogs, her mammals, that's the virus that Bill gates itself did not answer. The legendary net The virus is proof of riot virus to succeed, it can't kill, all the hosts before any. Certainly can't kill those in which its living until
as an rude until it has an opportunity jump into a new one. Yes, you have to live long enough to spread. It were exactly otherwise. It will die, because I heard that that's true about cholera, for example. If color is too effective, You can't even moved too the place and in fact someone with it, so the virus kills you and nobody else. That's gotta just have a little bit of time to let it yet, but the other thing that that cholera does which his? which is really interesting. Isn't it the die yeah so that so that what's a virus spread out into the environment so that again into the water supply eyes nervously doing right so well that I guess that that the collar that major constipated, would die. Wouldn't do arrive that made you Pooh lives right, that's slogan! If it had a
its power to lead in the attitude of this little girl, I'm just trying to help, and I already automated so now I can't get out of my head: no viruses with slogans. Eventually they can have to fight each other once they kill absolve. So for a profession They what viruses are you that most worried about today is the twenty first century. Does all the top You can order. What is it HIV ivy? Still? still for me as much as is the big one has to bear it, I mean it's not something like Ebola things that lake make. You bleed out of your face. If you look at someone or, however, well if you're? If you ask me what bothers me most in terms of the state of the world, it We as HIV is HIV and number two would be influenza and numbers. It would be the one I dont know about because we're military was all the time and one of the greatest sources of unknown viruses is other mammals. And that's a reminder how genetically related we were related to them, because if we can jump species this further,
our concern- is just another kind of mammal right. It's not that's correct we're not going to ever catch Dutch ELM disease. I have, I have a question and where was hold it hold out with a break after the break. Your listening to start talk, radio, we're talking about viruses, we're talking about zombies, returned again written and dying, we'll be right back. Welcome back to start talk, radio! You know we tweet that start Australia check it out. Find out we're all our lives shows are and when we're on the air when we're not who Yes, sir, and follow us there now we're subject is zombie, his viruses, so
at the zombie expert in clips that we obtained from my last trip to do recorded image, comic COMECON, answer that side of it and I got the viral side of it with doktor in Lipkin from up at Columbia University one of the world's experts on viruses and how they transmit- and I could you give us some virus one or one here. Are they alive and how what the hell are they just you know in thirty seconds. Can you do that? What do we do when we start off with the MAX, Brooks Clip because he's gonna the science of zombies, inimical to the science of the virus, I'm looking forward to the coming right after that lets. It might let's hit that clip with MAX Brics Jack, and I soon you saw that research paper on Zan bees. Maybe a year ago or so we did zombies in a predator pray. Yes, calculation,
with a lot of mileage in your circles. I'll get you know what I love is that you're starting to get genuine thinkers. You shouldn't get genuine academics and smart people already looking at a zombie plague from manure Dammit point of view. There was a canadian mathematician, who did a model. A mathematical model of how the zombie virus would spread of that was rightly goes paper. I saw yes, yes, uh, there's a gentleman from Harvard Doktor Steve Flaws Man who wrote a book on the brain patterns of zombies and now. What is now come on? It's from the medical world, medical medical school and I mean look. You gotta, give me a break, I mean it's not like. He went forth to Yale or brain functions? The more based lay sick survival right, Eads Eatin move, which is what a crocodile brain is in that way, calls it that fella cargoes on her forehead brain functions of gone with them. It's the lower brain functions, the more based lay sick survival right Eads, either
which is what a crocodile brain is in that way, calls it that public what goes on her forehead- thanks, I've never out of one another gotten close enough to ask one doktor lived in what what is a virus still trying to get my brain around a crocodile pocketed a virus is, is a piece of genetic information. That's wrapped up in protein ways to colleagues. We are very Miss virologist once referred to a virus, is a piece of bad news, wrapped when a protein coat, they do is they gave all beef jerky, evil, very evil beef turkey were working, good viruses you can have good far right down, so not implicate. The entire group is what's the best viruses there, one that makes you super stronger. You can t I had a virus and makes a smarter what you can get one of those who are like a spider. Who is also a man just an example? That's reflect I'll, get right to work on it
sure Colombia be excited about the intellectual property with everyone. If you make it actual spider man, you then re owns you get it from stand in a virus is a much much smaller than bacteria right, but I had a thousandth the size or something so they sang large ones. Now that had been ever recently that you can actually visualize under a microscope, reside mileage an antelope or a human of a hand. Together with the rest of us, do under a microscope, but with, if you can but you're, so small. Most of them are very, very speculates one of the challenges of dealing with him. I guess so what they do is they go into a cell and they jack the machinery of the cell and I turned the cell over to their own design till they start making genes proteins and basically a jack in the south, the not only evil the diabolical, they are diabolical Saddam Hussein of whatever that would be in an elegant, o Brien Mallow, whose recover science comedian, one of my favorite jokes of his words virus walks into a bar.
Our tenancy. Sorry, we don't serve viruses, so the virus. Turn them into a bar tender that does and in order to drink a little bit about I owe humor there so so so, but most I assume that you care about the bad kind. I presume yes, and so what is the CDC? Do the centre for Disease Control, though they protecting? or is it only you with your organization up there, I'm sorry I can touch that when directly, so the CDC has they have a mandate to protect us against all sorts of things, including tracking viruses all over the world bacteria in the safety of the food supply tracking viruses. We gotta know where the common, what were the going so you can put it a gate, their presumably eminent metaphorical gate where we have to be able to figure out where they're coming from, where they're going other evolving. Nor can you know we have Look for viruses, North Korea, who can't get LAO, can't touch this an interesting idea. Let's go the three of us in my jet, sir.
That could be viruses brewing that you know nothing about, because they haven't actually spread to notice to know some places. Yet we asked that there is somewhere between five hundred thousand million viruses that are yet to be discovered, we'll get to work man So it's a growth in its a growth industry. When we come back Star talk, radio right meanwhile, with we're learning about the biology of viruses and why their bad- and I didn't know that there are some good virus, and I can't wait to find out about you- did virus it written with the american courts, got Eugene Mermands for start talking. Welcome back to start talk, radio, I'm your hosting Neil digressed, hasten your personal astrophysicist. By the way, I also
tweet the universe. Don't expect them to contain current events, although they occasionally do it's mostly cosmic brain droppings, really at all, it is I've got Eugene Merman here my co host and the continued clips for my interview from COMECON with MAX Brooks who's, the world's leading authority on the on existing thing called zombies, which we and our job is to the spread of disease self appointed. As agrees ELF appointed a good doctor. You look in here from Colombia and let's go straight to my final clip with MAX Brooks, I think, used about if you know, you're gonna die. What does that do to with anxieties descend upon you? Let's find out, so wisely, design. These are always they look like they're in pain, though they had died, a horrible downright look for me, the slouching thing from storyteller point of view. It builds the drama of anxiety because you know the difference between fear and anxiety. No, I don't,
for me? It's it's the detrimental literally, but surely is a storytelling well, in my mind, the difference between the reason. I don't do- thats armies its this twin, getting shot getting cancer. Your time I first saw me you'll be dead before you know it, but slow zombies. You can't run him, it's a tortoise and hair, but you know they're coming you bought at the windows and doors your house, their banks. So it's all about exploiting the anxiety, edgy, tell your story ass! It's about pulling out that anxiety, the sleepless nights of knowing that it's coming for you that diabolical your evil man I'm just expressing my own obsessive, compulsive neuroses, because every time I see zombies struggling down the street right, I say to myself when we make it I made it can run right, outrun, you that's no fun now and they do and if plenty of fast Andy movies. But to me that's not scary, because it's over you done. It Difference also like when you skydive zero, my god- oh my god, oh my god, boom you're on the ground. When you stupid I've there's plenty of time to think of all the ways you can die
if you are so much faster than zombies, why are there was kept to people. You underestimate them. Do you think I'm going to spread and then you tyres about voting and get some distance and over the horizon fight and you get complacent and you go taken out and you wake up and you're bringing this dolls zombie thing could be solved by simply going to Marthas vineyard respect, It's really are once, but I it's such a doctor, lipkin, The underestimate the threat of viruses and our culture I'm sure you don't underestimate them. Could you work with them daily, but you think other people are too complacent and they will catch up with us. Well. We don't fund research and viruses, we're gonna be in in difficult straits all vote to fund it. Are there any good viruses and what do they do ya, We heard about bad viruses, there's gotta be set off Campi bad known other there. Several the there people were now using viruses to introduce genes for people have disorders like also
version, diabetes and Parkinson's, so out, using viruses to make vaccines and as a recall selling viruses are clever than we are about how to make that happen. We know we engineer them. We put things into them and use them as delivery vehicles, rikers how to get in a virus and mess with the dna in ways that we can't write and they can produce some product. That's useful and their people, abusing viruses now to purify things like gold and make electric circuits so the use now for nanotechnology, so fires. Are very interested in this other bases in use. A virus to make better gold. You don't say, you can make viruses that was specifically bind to gold or platinum, and you can Losi seawater off, captured and concentrated wow yeah, our economy, viruses is our future, You will never ever steal a virus and put it in someone's soup, not like a deadly one, but just like I don't like you and I'm gonna make you sick for an attentive, die in soap,
despite your, that call go on about legal solution, so a virus so extraordinary, so that future via virologist is one not only carrying disease but of transforming life? We're alchemy left off, virology picks up, apparently Here he said he answered yes to that question. I know it's true. Viruses are great there, the best I'm gonna, get about AG of viruses and sift through and asking the questions. Oh, ok and set out any viruses to fight other viruses. Maybe I mean true now there's something I always wanted to sort of confirm we Annie bodies to viruses when we're exposed to them at a very low level. Correct that correct. Ok, so why not with? Why does network for every virus that we ve ever found, because some viruses it we haven't seen before, so we can mount immune responses to them now. Fortunately, We have recently discovered, and you should tell MAX books about this- a virus it on Sundays and weep.
And disseminate this virus. Who was the virus? Is it likes It isn't it I raised that prevents people from coming back from the dead, but I promise we're not gonna. Do this prior to the release of his movie area guy, you do it after and then even closer interview and for how to secure this. I'm I'm sure the movie has its own solution, like you know, cutting people's heads off A nice simple solution blow up the had everyone's finder soda, there's anything we're running low one time anything we you need to tell us that tell our listeners. From the point of view, are someone who plays with deadly virus is daily support. Our work support
nothing more ominous could be said not where content not wear a condom, not not aware condom everyone fun, someone trying to cure wearing a kind of that's what he say that you give me money, you don't need any more fond of saying you doctor have your basket doctorate. Thank you, doctor lifted for and start talk? Radio, you pleasure you now we gotta, kill zombies and stay more healthy. You been listened, Eugene, you're, always good. Even listening to start talk, radio brought you in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation, and I and the other s Thyssen. As always. I bet you do you keep looking wish. You'd. Listen! The star talk, commercial, free, joint start, compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio!
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