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The Mystery of the Kensington Runestone

2020-10-14 | 🔗

Could a mysterious slab of stone near Kensington, Minnesota hold the key to a forgotten piece of ancient history? According to the true believers, this stone, discovered in the late 1800s, proves that Vikings made it deep into the interior of North America in the 1300s -- only to disappear soon afterward, leaving no trace but a grisly story carved in runes upon the stone. Tune in to learn more.

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This place. Look hunted think so about those two creepy girls, current stalemate that is truly free You know it's very sorry, Mister Grey Service, after you get to Germany for Senator faster, rising sages. Thank you. Creepy girls were to see her sleeping car now happy Geiger. We switch today for twenty four seven access to licensed agents, her with the main around as a weekly podcast, brought to you by cynical women, podcast network, and I heard yeah, I'm your host Amena Brown and each week I'm bringing you hilarious, storytelling and soulful conversation us entering the stories of black indigenous latin X women. Each week we are going to laugh, consider and reflect upon the times for me, as we remind each other, to access joy effect change and be inspired. Listen to her with
in a brown and the I radio at Apple podcast or over. You get your podcast from Europe. Those two psychic powers and government conspiracies history is riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or learn stop. They don't want you to know a production of. I hope we Hello. Welcome back to the show my name is met. My name is not there We then we're joy does always without were stupid, producer Paul Mission Control Deck and lose them. You are you you are here, and that makes this stuff. They don't want you to know, as we ve Lord in previous episodes, our species knows roughly when and how
when beans first reach the continent we know of as North America, but we still continued urge for more concrete scary, such a horrible pine, later answers about who these people were, and as most of our fellow conspiracy, real snow, many of the thing children are taught about in north american history later turned out to be either misleading or wholly walls of the best example. This is probably the tale of Chris. Four Columbus. Your crystal Ball Cologne dig without dating yours, guys: do you remember being taught about Christopher Columbus in Grade School, elementary middle setter, Denny Sally Ocean, blue and fourteen ninety two, forever. I that year, as the remember into our psyches yeah, that That's what I remember it might yet in the name of the Peter, the Santa Maria all that stuff and
member. How exciting was to say that quickly, outside. Of that you know, as far as the actual exe operations and you know who was behind them. I vaguely remember, details but the but yeah yeah. It's it's strange because a lot of a lot of kids, especially in the West, in the U S and Canada, were taught a somewhat simplified version of history right of Europeans, transatlantic exploration toward this continent and towards South America as well, but obviously curve historical research indicates. Columbus was far from the first european to reach what we call North America right But if this war was not the first, then who was wording to one group of researchers. The answer may be and in slab of rock located of all places,
in Modern Day Douglas County, wait for it Minnesota. It's called the Kenzie did room stone, eaten We pointed out this reminded you a bit of the Georgia Guide stones and I definitely see the similarities with the first off Minnesota, its inland far far away from where a ship would be at that time. Right. Well, It is a bit, but if it does offer us a really good approach. because it's in medicine, and it involves nordic or scandinavian runes, I think we get to do both Minnesota of Anna Scandinavian accent, it is, it is pretty between Minneapolis in Fargo Happiness I almost in between there loser of Argo. So here are facts? What are we talking about? I know some of us listening.
be our heads exploded when they said I will finally they're gonna, give us the truth about the room stone which is cool, very high Sweden, sorcery fantasy sounding word, dates back to eighteen. Ninety eight as a swedish immigrant. His name is love all men and he, like lead that year he were. He said that he had stumbled across a mysterious stolen. While he was clearing, trees and stumps from some farm land he just acquired Olaf himself came to the EU in eighteen. Seventy nine. So we ve been here for a while. This wasn't like you didn't just off of a ship and then go find a tree with a stone in it. So he was, he was just like an, uprising farmer, We know the story of how he found the stone. So, yes, the tail those that Olaf found this stone near the crest of a small, no, not
nor butter, actual k in oh well, L and it when he found it was laying face down. So you don't really understand what it is right, at least when he first look. I oh there's a stone there. It was tabled up in there. root system of this tree. That was there on the Norway poplar trees, and that is the way this tale goes. You'd, think, ok, it was just one day, but experts now can't relieved agree on what day was actually found when it was truly discovered. They put it somewhere between best of eighteen, ninety, eight and the eighth of November of that year. So that's a pretty big chunk of time at at at some point at which it was discovered. And you know in its really one of those things If you're hanging out somewhere near a tree may be by your house, doesn't matter where you live. If you're, if you get a routes still going on in some trees, you dig a little bit just a tiny
or even not, dig just brush away some leaves in and stuff. This has been lying on the ground. You might find some fairly big stones, yeah yeah, it's not abnormal start. Unusual will define stones the jury. World war workshop lower job it, but but yeah you're right, according to this story, there's a reason that this stone didn't just get. You know tossed aside or used to old, some rough structure on the farm. It's because Olaf's son, Edward Rule, ten years old at the time noticed something weird I could just make out no This is covered. Endure right in this story is true. He could just make out what here to be markings, not not just the patterns of time or Roshan, but listen. What singular purpose.
Markings on one side of the stone, so they clean it off. That's the sound effect for clean stop off. Everybody knows have been so there are there on the stone and they find These markings are an inscription and it appears to be made by human beings, and it appears that they have written in some, so some sort of message for posterity. in some kind of language bites. The farmers Joe recognise the alphabet which also be important later their farm is in a rural area like the closest settlement is Kensington, then so yeah this words, Brad pretty quickly through Douglas County on New year's day of eighteen. Ninety, nine, the mayor of Kensington Minnesota, a Swedish born gentlemen by the name of John P, Hedberg Maybe a disruptive of mitch- I don't know it's possible well, John,
he wrote a letter recounting this story to Svenska Amerykanska american Scum, Posten, witches see way of saying swedish american newspaper essentially, and that was the name of the swedish American Newspaper in Minneapolis and Hedberg in his correspondence in closed pencilled sheet showing reproductions of the two hundred nineteen characters from the inscription they were talking about. In his letter in the body of the letter to Hedberg he gasped the inscription might be in ancient Greek, which, language he couldn't. Rape value is not yet right, but he was it trying to put one over on this guy. He was genuinely interested from what you can tell from his letter to the papers. During publishers, Hedberg was really just trying to get a little help. Solving this mystery thought. Maybe there would be some experts there. That could mean us
point him in the right direction. At the very least, he wanted to know the surface. What was going on on the surface of this range stone that they found early right service scraped into some sort of pointy object they need over. they get into a later, but you write to any paper doesn't matter how no well, they are known throughout the land. Your right to a publication in use say, look at this thing found its really strange. What do you think it is? I mean you're, letting your letting their publication know that it exists and it could be. It is a mystery right, no matter what Julia planting that seed as well as with the mayor of a of a rural area. So this is one of the strangest things to happen problem
Lee during this mirrors tenure, but it also lets, let's assume, that the editors and publishers get a lot of letters in the post. no maybe there's a two headed cow report may be the crops are failing or overly abundant. The reason the publisher reads: this letter is because He is a friend of the mare, the guy who publishes the paper yeah, well. You know that time that that one big fella through that fell in the wood chipper remembered when that happened. There was a big story: at the time that is about to go. There Margo Raphaelites ahead, but would evidently eighty hundreds remember they didn't have a lecture. We pay our shippers whichever way as it had grown, so yes, the these spread this I appreciate your point about possible motives. Since they are met because, of course, the art of the con teaches us,
that. If you want to pull a good time, if this guy's more nations where anything less than sincere. Then you aunt Shaw all your cards at once right, the mare who is talking to a personal friend of his so he He in the most objective way possible just as ok. Here we go. What do you think? I think it might be ancient Greek, but I don't speak it because you know if you want a real people in you, let them feel like they are making the decisions you control them making anyway, the stone is at least real. It's not a stone itself. Its existence is not a hoax, the same way that Euro we went through a spate of people claiming years ago to a found, Bigfoot corpse and there loving yeah there's something something one case was like a gorilla soup into cooler, but
there is a real stone here and we have very great descriptions of it. It's made of a hard gray type of sandstone called the gray Whack W Ac K E. I it's about the size of like your typical tombstone. I mean your greystone, not the pizza, which is impaired in its its is irregular. Rectangle shape, regular rectangular shape. I it weighs about two, two pounds, each thirty his high thirty thirty one inches high six. thirteen inches wide about five and a half the six inches thick. So it's it's hefty. It's done some new casually carry around and it seems like it would be a difficult thing to lose in the first place. Right, but again our species loses cities, civilizations entire areas, history? Who were the sea peoples?
Anyone who can I had asking the question for the rest of the show that it examines zone We can keep saying see. Peoples are to know why that strikes me as delightful. The sea peep I'd think of a picture Pino underwater dwelling types of gills and where we beat I picture see monkeys. I'm just be honest. It is hard for me not to say that during the bronze age collapse thing, I was pulling up images All school see monkeys which really some kind of Shouldn. It's all. I see persons for me, you know tat. I guess the murderers and bird person, all the heads, only good ones. So it does. Everybody agrees. This stone exist it as something carved upon it: radio something carved into the face of the stone and the. If you look at pictures of this, which are widely available online, you will see that the front face looks partially damage
as possible. There was more to this original message and Now we get to. The very strange part: We know what the message sets sort of. We have a bunch linguist. We ve been looking at this since eighteen, ninety nine at least, and they they agree kind of on this message by Olaf first he didn't. According to him, he initially thought that this was some kind of in almanac by women, meant native American Almanac, but later people said wait, those look like rooms, was that a quotation, sounder engraving sound noses and intentions, cause raving sounds more like
you made a sound earlier in the US, there was not a scrubbing, sound, humane and investigate leaning, that's a fish. I was always clarifying our sonic terms. Here, yeah they was Runes rooms, you, I don't know I'm issue. We have encountered ruins. Many a time I think more, commonly when dealing with research on Need Nazi Party, I think at least for me. That's when I type of ruins the we ve been in frequently the notion that they have power right, isn't that border this rights? have power in quite a literal way. Ah, brooms are used in various magical systems. Sort additional believes. They have also been kind of. What's the word appropriated by political move, or by metal bands. Yells
Maybe they would say that's not appropriation when they cases Nazi Party. It's definitely appropriation just just from a form factor from like, if you think about fonts or something the ruins such as these, do there is something about them that is striking. Almost it. I don't know almost in the way the hieroglyphics have the same kind of feel where it feels like there's more inside. Whatever's ring nor inscribed, then just letters. It feels that It reminds me of the same with a lot of asian character see now where their their feels like there's an imbued meaning within The system I mean it's much more- that there's more to it than just a straightforward, a shape or a letter in how it feels like it's got because in the way they will make certain japanese characters can tell a story you now with with some brushstrokes sooner there's a lot more contained
now one character than with just a letter. There would then be used to spell out a word right. Get rules you're crazy. I get I watched We watch I've been watching like two Halloween movies, one to our we movies a day in October, and I stumbled upon a film. They had never heard of cold spell It is about a guy with the OECD who spouse passes away. None of this is the spoiler, and so he just sort of impulsively goes to Iceland any gets really wrapped up in Iceland. Folk, lore and rules, and I fell into I fell into the rabbit hole of Iceland, traditional beliefs and I spent I swear. I spent lake, two hours this past weekend wondering how we can make it a stuff, they don't want you to know episode until I said I'm just going to have to I'm just going to have to be content to name drop that thing cuz. There's not. I can speak
first place. I remember hearing about, Runes was in the air, the Hobbit move. Where, where than the one of the nomes is like, those are stones, as a friend I can as they they do happen, There also have been a lot of arbitrary, like our Pga type games are emerging Zelda their way you can power up of sore by adding a room stone to other, gives it a special property or whenever outside the scope of today's discussion. But still the point is that language and be imbued with meaning and power in the right hands, at least in theory. I really hope some of you also tell pour it on ruins in autumn online. The way I did Castello, no, I fairer things delicious. Let us talk about, ruins for a little bit rooms. General an agent north european writing system rise? Probably first developed in the second century, see
and most likely, under roman influence. There also taught in several places. Rather, specifically in scandinavian schools, schoolchildren and and tenth century were learning what rooms were, at least in a general sense. early education. In that way, more as a history lesson, I think I mean that's it that's my understanding of it would be more of a less learn about our artists the hour now, it's a skull amounts thing their teaching. Those kids spell I hope this power over the elements are vital. fortune in love and Lee Enemies, waste no you're right, the rooms are real thing. A very, very popular fiction, but they are very much a real thing and they were taught in various or of Scandinavia to school children in the eighteen hundreds at least we know that for sure. So, here? Is the trend
malaysian. This is again. This is a generally accepted translation, they're gonna, be people who go back and forth about this specific here. But it's it's like a it's a confession, we only need we don't near prologue here it is. We are eight Goths twenty, two Norwegians on an exploration valley from Vinland through the west? We had camp by a lake with two scary that small rocky once one days journey north from this stone, we're out more fish one day out he came home. We found ten of our men red with blood and dead Av M, standing, probably for of a Virgo Maria Hale Virgin Mary save us from evil. We have ten of our party by the sea. to look after our ships. Fourteen days journey from this island year, one thousand three hundred and sixty two one thousand three hundred and sixty to these rules are describing a couple of different journeys. Were taken by one specific
exploration journey like how they put that from Vinland through the West we're gonna, Spain, at the same as Finland we're gonna spend some time discussing what that may or may not mean I'm sure. Where is Vinland, you say, but yeah really interesting, stuffily, giving almost in sunk in trade or in hidden treasure map kind of viable, like we're this, where this distance away from this stone from where we were also this other distance in his other direction away from the stone for this other thing, stating that this thing this message would end up etched in stone in this place or wise it there. How do we get there? What does it mean? Will tell you a well at least as much as we know, afterward from our smarter
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by unrelated to any Goths or Norwegians that I know of, but the many apple S journal actually scooped the sweet this paper, that we discuss the swedish language paper that we discussed earlier on that Translation referencing said goths and the Norwegians eight and twenty two in number and it was kind thing I'm, the stone itself was put on display in a bank. Although this accounts, the we found on the internet incorrectly refers to the bank as a drugstore and super important note that Olaf Omen never actually saw was looking to get paid for his discovery. The Minnesota the society actually has a bill of sale showing that omens sold the stone to them for
ten american dollars in nineteen eleven now, which would be around three hundred bucks in twenty twenty closer to two hundred and sixty dollars. While so, what's the deal? Where do the facts and fiction meets and and of which is there more The glamour degree effort today. The first thing I would put forward is who's to say Wasn't a combination bank in drug store I mean I ever you, everybody seen those model the drug. Yo. You certainly will see banks in grocery stores and drugs and pharmacies grocery stores, though I cannot say ever met. Seen a bank any freestanding drugstore, but or maybe we just need a pop up Euro banking institutions are stressful for a lot of people. Maybe we need a pop up pharmacy. Right. After you sign thirty years of your life away alone, I think I think
there is probably a law against that for good reason, but it's not a bad idea. There's a lot of money to be made, and then you go next door to the combination. Pizza had taco bow and get a little snack seriously. Yes, absolutely, but also you guys, are familiar with the concept of minute clinics right, where ya shrugs or essentially will have a physicians assist Jim Cairn type situation, but in a drugstore. Why aren't there minute clinics with psychiatrists in them by having a crisis or the has its own interest installed. Just waiting for you come come to me prescribed D. The probably because I was probably because its tougher to help. he'll a wounded mind than it is to help bandage up a broken Why do I know what I mean? I don't mean to actually do good for any pay. I just meant to poverty push more pills.
I gotta okay, let the less the arctic cotton tycoons rare diseases, revenues dream just like oil companies figured out plastic. I hope we can come back to this point, though, that I don't want to lose. Ok, we'll get you far from the translation, and that is that the Goths are swedes. Garth is a word sweet they're, not the there. Neither the motley crew letter, Kenny or South Park there, not an auxiliary, be cure fans Zena with their email, haricots and potential like male belts or something like that black finger nail polish- maybe that Gmail sure likely on more than their belts, though I would, I would imagine so unless it was something of religious or spiritual, cultural significance yeah. This is an excellent question about fact. Versus fiction,
because, if the Kensington Room so is what its ever say it is, and if the message on it is true and is from thirteen sixty two, then it's hugely important for our understanding, with american history of forget them of world history. This would be a big deal because would. How would this group on Swedish? people and norwegian people vikings working together. How would they would they reached? MID west from then went right. Even say they did it a great personal cost. They paid him blood for this trip on it still its it still long journey. Maybe we maybe we should pause for just a second to talk about Vinland we ve been through. In this round. You ve you been Probably heard of Greenland Probably heard of Iceland may be there.
if the little story behind their names, Vinland is, is kind of in that same heads space, It's an area of North America that was explored by Norse, Vikings, Leaf Ericsson landed there around one thousand c E. So you know you don't have to be a math doktor D. No, that's way before Columbus. I mean, as it's incredible, to have that inscribed you know were allegedly in the thirteen hundreds it. So I guess turn around my had reading this story from the is it, what is it a Minnesota post? in their discussing Vinland and the round through the west from Vinland in what, where that would be free where, where would actually be located and I'm genuinely a little bit confused, because it seems? As though bit unknown, wherein Windows gate banking do we have.
Maybe I just don't have it in my research like actually where it is located sue. Incur? U s yes, right now. Right now, popular consensus is that what we, what was described as Finland's my leave Eriksson and CO, is Probably an area that includes Newfoundland and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and maybe goes as far as New Brunswick. So really it's canadian, ok, ok, but but but it is, it is. A wide range is accepted, as fact that that these people, right there in one thousand c e, we just don't happened in the thirteen hundreds. Why,
If you definitely want to learn as high historically accurate account of what Vinland was, there is an anime manga series called Vinland saga, so that would be the place to go I'm kidding, but it is interesting when a country like Japan, it you know, portrays a culture like the then the Viking type situation is bad, and I remember entreat by this because it does appear to be like Viking ships and swords, and that kind of high Jenks looks pretty interesting, but so what would we land mass? Will we attributed you like, if this is still exist, her can have encroached on line and cutting about always just North America just want of it. Ok, interesting it would be like the Easter Upper Upper eastern coast of the north american continent.
But from what we know in the earliest accounts of inland, it was described as it was. First written in ten seventy five and it was described as these remote islands. So imagine you get close. you find some islands and you think we ve gone really far. We should turn around. They didn't real from what we understand the they did not. Oh the enormity the land mass that they were very very close to that makes sense. So then wines that this point is We should also see it's in the idea these early Viking explores one thousand c e it it's a very popular idea. It's in a lot of conversations in the site Geiss than the eighteen. Ninety is in Europe and in the U S so someone would probably know.
Someone in Minnesota would have heard this story, especially given the massive swedish population, and they would have been familiar with this and that's why I got so much interest. From the media. There was a flurry of investigations. Were talking scholar, linguists. They dive into this description in their fight and back and forth, What kind of runic system is this? How old is it that's the big question right and then historic The scientists are doing the same kind of thing, the wheat we were just doing where their their essential pulling up a map and they're going ok fictional boat. How does it get to neither suit you know India or do there's it's it's fast. Maybe if you just read that translation, doesn't it call the place where the tablet ends up an island and not just a hill,
right, so that right, that alone makes the mine star wondering where we were was this flooded in. Unless you know the historical record of the area, you have extremely accurate information on that year. you may think will. Perhaps it was a lot of a lot of this was flooded at some point even if it was only in it on a temporary basis to wear in this bought. This whole area could be traversed by ship or by boat rather than on on foot on land. Yeah to good boy Emmy. We know the geography can change right, especially over over time. I do that the thing if you're, if your hearing about this- and you are not a scholar of Ancient Lange judges that are somewhat obscure and if you were not a forensic experts
or a professional a story, and then this sounds like it's at the very least sounds like it's an interesting thing and it sounds very possible. The stone itself ended up getting sent to some professional. Specially wine proof Mister George, O Kerm, who was the largest at North Western University in Evanston Illinois, and so so he looks at it. He looks at this draft people figure it out about based on what we know about the inscription and when he looks at this first draft he is he's got a little mark of hope Right are we about to learn more about hidden history, but then he inspected delay wage on the stone itself Euro when he did it and when he did a first investigation, he can't really really puzzled and it led him and many others to ask what
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forget it. It's its fate might just like that. Just like that, he gets crazy, gets fake pigs well. It gets a little crazier than that, but the stone itself as well ninety eight percent. Ninety eight point- nine nine percent hoax, I ass, it might be an historical hoax like this return or something spoilers blight, but this is proven pretty definitively their big problems with the stories? There's not just problems with the this story. The or finding it is a problem with this that's on the stone, may problems right: leg problems, near the farmer, silly for ten bucks, even if it was two hundred and sixty bucks come on. This is things incredible. Ten bucks
yeah look for the Vikings ships to have made a fourteen day journey from Alexandria to where they ended up here. possible route they could have taken was from Hudson Bay, which is a two miles as the crow flies longer. If you take a more winding like a river and having to pick up the boat and put it back down. Aware I learn today called Portage and a particularly difficult distance to manage in fourteen days, in the way that it was described here in this house on the stone the route through the West from Finland that whole situation location in sick thirteen sixty two would have been unknown. That's a thank you we've all kind of struggles with us. We were trying to pick this thing apart and no other record of this expedition has been found literally anywhere. So why would a florist you would just suffered such a massacre, stop to carve
in these beautifully or and organise characters this stone inscription. I would you know just to counter a little bit too, that, alas, poor there I mean if maybe the belief is that all is lost You want to warn anyone else is going to becoming this way about something maybe go out of information. So as one of man is dying, he's carving, furiously trying to get a message into this stone before he leaves or before his part. leaves or end he perishes, just put it out there. This feels very video game like to me or my, but just as a possible reason to make them look like that. Maybe a testament through the lives lost, are you gonna be some way make a mark before they themselves disappeared. I would say that we do need to point out the window bodies found
this in any of the stone, though we know of an immense, also each it's a good question, Dont know why this would happen in a vacuum. Why It would be no other. No other secondary source. If it's a true story, then perhaps the grizzly fact matter, is that the author, along with their cohort all died. maybe knowing made it back to tell the tale of their mutual There are woefully unfortunate trip bites. Ok, that's it! That's a huge problem: the math didn't these folks were average if they were able to if they were able to oz sale. through this very specific place in a way that required them to at some point pick up their boats physically carry them across the ground.
And then another water source and continue on their merry way. That's a lot There is another problem of the story and I hate to say it's. This problem with the farmer is very, very strange. I'm call him alive This is very strange that Olaf would not have recognised something, familiar about rooms because remember He grew up in Sweden is during the time would say, the Navy children were often talked about rooms. He was not a guess who wouldn't call my the educated man, but that doesn't make em. an intelligent. He was literate. He had a small library at his house in some of those books. Had you guessed it right means in K. So then we have the wonder if the inscription itself, the message, if it was genuine, right. Well, if someone were
to inscribe something in a boy. Did we call it that this fund word the region great gray cry, while gray whack, if someone were to, you know inscribed this thing in gray whack. They would have to at least have an understanding of what these ruins meant, how to put them together to form you know, sentences with me meaning, and you know if the farmer does have these books. he did grove in a place where you learned at least parts of this language. I don't if he had the nerve or the where, with to pull up a prank tor, even a quick way to make ten bucks only in this way to make ten dollars ever It's a lot of work to put his like. How long does it take to look I've? Never, I imagine it
take a long time to carve something into stone right. So if you average out this is this is maybe us being cheapskate, but it's a if you doubt out the that ten dollars across our many hours, it would have taken to make this a sound, a great gig. You know where you live to tune. Sixty like, if you're being commissioned to build a piece of art in stone for two hundred sixty dollars. That feels that feels cheap to me for an hour eight piece of stone, but I dont know, some kind of an odd prank right leg. I mean I was you were talking about it. I was laid down some attention. You know it was put up in the drugstore slash bank. When it would have shhh everyone who was combination, drugstore bank, but will you would Think the end game was just to make a fuss just to get people excited their up.
That's a good question. There have been some people and guessed that this conspiracy and it is a conspiracy if it's a hoax happens, people guess that have more than one more than one person. That's why of omens. Friends passed her former pastor named Zinn global blob, Fogel blood, I may have helped him out. Sweden had a knowledge of rules and, according to a couple sources again, this touchy. This is like this is like the series sources! Writing about the assassins. You know their sources. say that both of these guys spin and Olaf didn't like academics, then The ivory tower they resided for summaries so maybe this is like a little a little Philip toward them You know a bite of the thumb, just a quick, Philip
that's the way I died, hygiene I will never heard anyone in twenty in whenever this area is referred to flipping so quickly, it's funny. We we mention the tablet show How the sort of reminded me of the Georgia Guide sounds I think one misconception about the Georgia Guidelines is there a hoax is that they are meant to be interpreted as some sort of ancient artifact like some sort of a stone, and type situation, but you know, is certainly something that the mind might jump to win just seeing it cold because they do appear be these ancient kind of carved, you know granite slabs, that the very much resemble a stone him but obviously we know at the very least that the mystery behind that is what the identity actually was of the man who paid to have them directed and design, but we know that a man did have the moroccan design with full cooperation of the city
and the Mena bought the plot of land and all that stuff, so that's different, but still vary thing in that they are both the other. The guide sort of men to resemble something that would could be taken as ancient, but it sir, a much more modern purpose understand the meaning and the point behind the guide stones. I dont understand the meaning and the point behind this. If it were a hoax right right yeah. So that's that I mean that's a key question because we don't have definitive proof that Olaf omen made these things as a jolly prank. In fact, he never admitted I even unto his death bed again. Is tat he was a clearly was not out to become wealthy from this and he He was adamant. He stuck to his story was steadfast about
version of events until his death and he stopped Sorry, even when the academics studies, reputedly resented came back with problems with the inscription itself. They ve, analyze it in eighteen. Ninety nine rape same year gets from imported and a lot of these experts dismiss it is fake back. Then they say there are too many discrepancies in the warm and the vocabulary of because they're like the Indiana Jones top men. They get together, and they say: ok, look We are experts in a very specific field, the known languages of fourteenth century Scandinavia and we check with each other and none of us think this is legit. There were saying that back and eighty,
ninety nine early, nineteen hundreds hundred most experts since then have agreed, but even if you say, even if we say well, maybe this person was just riding in a weird way because about half of their friends were dead. It was, trying time they were very stressed out. Even if we accept that we have to ask ourselves about the age of these things. They condition the rock yeah. So there you know their picked up. in eighteen, eighty, nine right and if he, if you're talking about what is that five hundred years, they would have been laying their here more than five. It appears that they have been laying their you'd think that their stone inscriptions would have just been worn into nothingness, or at least worn heavily after all,
All that time of just the elements and laying their being you knows, raped, I know, doesn't selling much bobbing scraped by routes in by dirt and his water runs underneath it every time it rains and all these other things the way It is, though, to me is if its laying on its face- and it isn't Rex Lee being hit, rain and debris all that time. I don't feel like it would degrade less so than if it was facing up, but maybe that's just my ignorance as to how things actually get weathered in what five hundred years can do to something but you know I know that's certainly in question here: why. Why were the room still so intact and seemingly pristine icy you're saying if it was, like did like a tombstone upright. Then it would be spared more Where then than if it were like a mountain,
on the ground facing up there probably that amount of time, the ruins would have been completely wiped away, you know why I guess what I'm saying is because of how was found. I owed correct me if I'm wrong, but by thing was found face down. The rules and you don't need a runes. You see just the rest of the grey whack stone. You pick it up, and then you see the rooms, that is certainly would have preserved it. I would imagine that's my thought, but I know that experts at the time were just sing. I hear you, don't I hear you're saying that these were the efforts which have set here. Are you saying that boards imo five hundred years will also oh yeah over five hundred years would root systems of other trees, not have brigade off debts of the broken more of the stone into bits, or We know a road it time, where's on things on all the. Of man, as so many.
we can say what about the most popular poplar tree in town in eighteen. Ninety, eight. How old was the tree? They did an interesting thing, not super scientific, the tree tat held the stone was destroyed by nineteen ten, but people went back to the site They looked around the area, they saw other other poplar trees like a near by groups of poplar trees, and they they had local, say? Ok, these populars around the same size, their around the same age and then- the experts knocked down some of those trees and through the magical no chronology. They figured out those trees were probably between thirty to forty years old. So the age of that. If that gives us- mission at the age of the tree, where the stone was supposedly found then We know that that root system had engulfed it within thirty to forty years, again
If, if this is true because another person who was at the excavation site later, who who did it county school superintend? named Clean Vandyke, said hold on those. Those trees are only ten or twelve, result nearly said that the Minnesota accent I had ever been attempted a nor a nordic acts. Any other Scandinavian out, you Ben you, promised us a barrack off my We were talking we are, I don't mean to throw you under the years there we where is it Do I hear about the trees like that? That makes a whole lot of sense as to why it would have been ended up was if those trees were only that old right, just a jump back quickly.
The inscription in the age possibly of that there was theirs in analysis in two thousand three done on the actual ends perceptions, the rules that are Minos inscribed into into the rock and there's person, Scott S, Walter who conducted this analysis You know, according to him, in his study, they were around two hundred years old, so that word, them and eighty hundreds we're talking about eighteen, ninety, eight, eighty, ninety nine, when there you know first discovered and studied it's an interesting thing because to me I know that you under two years, isn't it come on this, not an exact number of years that these inscriptions abound there. But that gives you a pretty at least a good idea, of how old they were, rather than seven hundred years six hundred years five hundred years. But it is interesting to think that
least in one analysis, it the range of own. Only around two hundred years, rather than you know, the five hundred six hundred year range right in not even that measure is controversial right. Pa you'll find a lot of people over checked that I just have to stay with the cast of characters who who's who's. The guy, who made spinal tap best in Show Christopher Guest, feels like Kensington Ruin would be a great Christopher guest them. eyes are ideal would be really great, very small part in waiting for government where David Cross plays like a story, and Any second of our aid is like a UFO enthusiasts. Said in this circle. It it's always too degrees colder with a five percent chance of
He could not let you out in a field, as the only daddy here from David draws, a member, but I love that part such a window. Shut, shot, a bunch of other Duff and then it just ended up getting cut, none the less they cutting floor. How can they play? They have a good time with those movies. It's all been mostly improv, I think we'd, like sky skeletal ally, so I wouldn't doubts that this probably some good out, take somewhere out there in the world, well Chris, if you I've, you're, losing your show. Let us know when we can expect your of feature film on the Kensington Room Stone and whether or not it is a hoax- this there is one thing that I held back on the I think I think, is substantive and should be mentioned. There are a lot of people in the we are today, especially who say they even the veracity of the room. Stone now is
A measure of sincere belief or is that sort of like a regional pride thing right like I was gonna, say like how Atlanta still supports the falcons, but what their legs like blame, Missouri and their stools. That was another Christopher guest referendums. Let's gave it was good. both in butter. There was one great comparison. I read from Linguistics expert about this. I just can read this line to guys just the one I remember when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in nineteen. Sixty nine in said, Ella Mayo. This is tight, the hats that language is off by about fifty years, says linguists, Jackson, Crawford and his argument is that the language of the Kensington Room Stone is off by about six hundred years. He's these old nurse specialists with a phd
So, in his professional opinion this was written far after it claimed to be written as better fact. It me written regulating hundreds strange and suspect me really just. brings you back to the question: why? Why would someone do this and if it was, the farmer was, then why would you de I mean why didn't you sell it for more money wide? Didn't it become a tourist attraction? of some sort. We ve seen on this show several times throughout the years work in places across the United States. A hoax of some kind will begin and it takes on a life of its own, and even if it has proven to be a hoax, it becomes a museum or a place where you can go and see it, and you know the person who founded or the family can prosper from even if it is considered a hoax by everybody, I mean it it it's it's something that can happen.
And it didn't seem to have, and that way for all of it. Just is very weird, and you didn't come forward to say: oh yeah, this was a hoax later on in life. Nobody else either so maybe Olaf did discover something that someone else Hoechst, which is a possibility that we can't completely throw away, but It's just I don't know, no, if it feels right or maybe it, Be it just doesn't amount to much. I guess that's why there is such a problem with it. When I'm thinking about it, however, you can go and see it right now it's still like this and is in museum in There- stone? Vizier right? Oh yes, the room Stone museum that you can visit. Now, though, maybe you don't want to go in person, maybe you can do it virtually but if you were going to go in person, it's at two o six Broadway Alexandria, Minnesota five, six three, oh eight
you know, there's a phone number. You can call- and you can see all this stuff and learn more about the room stone itself, at least according to the museum at room. Stone a museum, dot Org he up and are you there? Why not make a day of it? the Room Stone Museum is just across the way it's walking distance from the legacy of the Lakes Museum the guy. I did you not a gigantic Viking statue eyes then the roost, oh by the way at the museum, is displayed beautifully. It looks incredible on their website. You can, as you can see, lots of pictures of it there's some videos in their theirs. I think a few ships scandinavian ships and there whole scandinavian heritage exhibit there. That's I mean, I would say, is probably gonna be worth your time. I'd love to go yet I agree. I would also love to check this out. the story of this- you can get a map of the cap
de there. You can also Is it the Kensington Room Stone Park which is short I from the museum in You can learn more the Kensington Heritage society. Once again, there are people like that. There are people who believe that this is an honest, the GOSH, this liking relic, and then there are other people to become Did the majority of academics to believe that it is in some way and historical hoax, but don't let that ruin a good trip to them You know what I mean. I I that's what only things I miss thy, Miss museums now miss handshakes. Really does have always been weird yeah legs are weird but museums regret Decisions were nice, in zoos. There certainly is
Is you earlier they land, as he was back in running its Ischia, covert, safe precautions in place with the they only? Let us certain people in and I went to, and it wasn't Tibet and that's a good you. I think you leonards Digg is a lot of the animals that are in their wooden survive in the wild, which may me some people take issue with that version of events. I understand that, but it does intended it's. It's ok with me and just because the cleansing room. Stone is likely a hoax, it does it mean. Viking relics, other Viking relics or real. It doesn't mean that there are not more strange tales of Free Columbus era exploration from Europeans. You'll you'll see all kinds of arguments. There's there's one is pretty interesting about greek contact in the fourth
century Bc Ii, because a guy named J, Richard Steffy, looked at the construction of a greek ship from the fourth century only used a mixture of garbage leaves and pitch. Where does yeah they grow. you're staying right, it's not proof, but it is the fire but its smoke. You can also learn more about theories about priory of sigh on and things like that which are. a varying plausibility agenda the legend in Saint Brandy in the irish monk. The list goes on, but I think if we are, doing due diligence and emitting when something seems like a hoax. Even though the the story about it would be cool, I think, or doing our due diligence there. We have to be careful to remember that this does not in the sense that
does not automatically mean every other controversial historical relic is somehow a hoax o, a hundred per cent none. I think it's important that we keep that kind thing in the back of our minds whenever were exploring something like this, even if, even if everybody says it's a hoax, let's at least think about it in on the base context of what everybody else's working with before past. judgment I think that's important, and to that end we very much want to know what you think about the Kensington Rune stone. Do you know. Any other thing just mentioned a few moments ago by the Kensington Ruin Stone in particular. Have you been? Have you seen it Have you heard any tales about it and love? No, your experience at the museum again, just like him, live through through your experience. As I miss museums along with Ben nor in part, but give You know what other kind of stuff about pre contact, Pre Columbus contact.
from Europeans here in the Americas? Woody? think about all that stuff. You can contact us we're all over social media on Twitter and Facebook. We are conspiracy, stuff on Instagram. We are conspiracy, stuff that's right! If you want to get a hold of us in a different way, you can join our Facebook group, which is called here's where it is easy easy as pie to get it just a name, a name. Any name will do an interesting my name from the conspiracy history preferably a name of myself or Matter Banner mission control or Doc holiday, in your in our just make them laugh. Yes, yes, some one had a great again pine and I was laughing so hard that I just I just approved you at him. Sorry should save it for the air vote. Yes, yes, let us know we try to be easy to find. I if you do ship, the social means going on line? Is not your baggage badgers? The we
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