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A Brief History of Time Capsules

2015-05-25 | 🔗

People feel very strongly about time capsules, even though the contents are often a little underwhelming. What actually qualifies as a time capsule, and what are some of the most notable ones? Read the show notes here, including a correction about some State House confusion.

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every Monday, three thursday I'll be joined by some of my fellow gossip reporters and maybe even a celebrity or two to server the freshest and hosted subscribe on the eye heart, radio, up apple podcast or where ever you get your favorite show. You continue in history, missed in history to welcome to the pine trees, wealth and I'm Holly FRY in October. Appointed fourteen I'm capsule was removed from a lion statue that normally is on top of the old State House in Boston message. You said this statue, taken off of the roof for restoration, and while they were added, restores decided to check on rumours that there was a time capsule in its head. This is something that had been committed.
the unknown until a couple years before, and they wanted to see if it was really there. It was these two fiber optic camera to me. So that was really there and then they very carefully removed it and during a private opening archivist. Lifted the web and immediately realise that what was in there was this pact way too tightly to be taken out safely in studio where the statue was being restored. So they took the time capsule to the Bostonian Societies Archives Centre, where they could really take their time. Removing the contents and a more controlled environment. Holly, You remember this they do right, because when we put the story on our faith, people got so mad. They really did. There were some very You no immediate response. Sort of anger notes yap this. At this time, capsule had been inside the statute for a hundred and thirteen. here's that people felt like I was not merely long enough for it to be opened
Their people interpreted this decision to take the box somewhere, control to be the actual unpacking. They thought this is a fine incompetent amateurs had been trusted with this delicate task, which was absolute. not true. It was somebody with a master of library, science and an archive. The management like people also argue that they should have just had the whole statue removed. Some are safer or of it but there is a lot of questions about why the time capsule needed to be removed in the first place. A lot of people want it and its contents to go back where it was so, then Another time capsule was removed from the old state House a couple of months later in this one dated back to seventeen ninety five and it had been put behind the cornerstone by Paul Revere, then of of Massachusetts, SAM Atoms and Colonel William Scully. So, based on what had happened with that first time, capsule, we were really
careful about what details we included. When you put it up on our facebook, we noted that it had been taken out as part of Europe here, too, a water leak behind the cornerstone, and we specified that professional professional conservators had removed it it's going to be accurate and open under controlled conditions and that it was going to be put back after its contents had been displayed for the public I'll Holly, do you also remember this? Yes gives people still so much, they were there's a fascinating reaction. I think that people have with time capsules in it. If I couldn't down the psychology of it because it varies a lot, but there were definitely some angry responses. Yeah people were still really mad. This time they were mad at that time, capsule always gonna be put back, which was what people had wanted to happen with the other time capsule. So at this point I kind of never wanted to mention time capsules in the context of the show again, which is one of
reasons why neither time capsule was in the unearthed and twenty fourteen episodes, but then this April I got the chance to actually see the contents of that cornerstone time. Capsule, while they were on display at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and there literally a line all the way around the room to see it. It stretched way out into joining galleries. Was this the wickedness little display case that was full of coins and newspapers, part of it because the time capsule was really small. So there was a little display. It is people were waiting to see into, but part of it is because ok, apparently care a whole lot about time, capsules. Yet compelled to that. This sort of interesting special in that sometimes got a little. He did on our Facebook page. That is not the only place at these were happening. If you looked at new sites that were posting about it, there come
sections were having very similar. Things lay out the other resist angriest everywhere, so we're gonna talk about time. Capsule today, maybe explore some other reasons. People get so it about that in the tradition of burying stuff, really goes back almost to the beginning of human history, the most This example is that most of the world's cultures have at some point, buried, artifacts letters. Three and other objects as parts of funeral rituals. People have also been deliberately placing objects and building foundations and cornerstones for thousands of years For example, in Mesopotamia common practice was to bury objects and building foundations for the purpose of sanctifying space and protecting it or need to commemorate something that was related to the building or its builders are where it was being built. This practice has continued throughout the ages.
and all over the world, and it has also included embedding items of religious significance in church cornerstones and the idea that these deposits might one day be discovered again, has also cropped up at various times throughout history, for ample around the seventh century BC: assyrian king as her Heaven had relics and clay tablets put in the foundations of monument, saying that he quote deposited them the foundations and left them for future times. But all these burials of stuff are a little differ my idea of a time capsule, although people of the past did sometimes think or write about how you generations might someday stumble upon their unitary deposits in their foundational deposits, which are what there's things are called. That was really secondary to their purpose. They were being buried for some other reason and the idea that somebody might come, Damn later was secondary to that, but it
time capsule? On the other hand, people intentionally gather and store objects with the specific I met someone else, is going to open them later and usually there's a specified time frame for what later means and for the first time, capsule purists. It's only true time, capsule, if there's a specific end date for the thing to be opened again, this is that, while a letter from a six year old to his or her future self, to be open ten years later is a time capsule, according to this definition, a giant room of artifacts to be opened at some undetermined time in the future? Technically, isn't me, our time have sold that include those same sort of things, but her shot into space to be when they open by aliens. Maybe so, basically, the end date is really like the defining of what is in his time, capsule. Another aspect of time capsules is that their
varying usually a snapshot of everyday life when they were sealed, and while there are definitely time capsules that have a much grander scope than that, they almost always also include things like coins, newspapers, photographs letters from notable people and everyday items that are kind of men to give future generations a glimpse of what life used to be like this. including of everyday life in, is also why accidental preservation of everyday life, like say, the ruins of palm pay, are sometimes described as time capsules. although there are time capsules varied all over the world. The practices hardly a tradition that came from and flourish in the United States- and there are a couple of reasons for this a big one. Is it the first most famous examples of time capsules which we're gonna talk about in just a bit? We're all developed the United States, but physiologist than psychologist
both the arise, that another reason that the United States has been so intent on, encapsulating history to send it to the future is that The nation in the history of the United States is pretty short. There were definitely people in North Amerika long before the United States was a thing, but european presence in North Amerika only goes back a few hundred years. So the theory goes that people kind of subconsciously wants you instantly create something counts as history in the eyes of future generations and work. Talk about some specific examples of time capsules after we have a brief word from a sponsor. Hapag has listen. Have you ever wanted to share a love story with someone, but you may be wanted to do it in a really unique in interesting way, or you were struggling to get the exact rate words in place. Will you not always have to worry about that? You can put it into a book, and that is where love book comes in love, books help customers expire those sentiments that their working on
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only for our listeners. Once again, that is love book online dot com, slash I heart to receive a special twenty percent discount only for our listeners. Going to talk about the first true time, capsule to start off with first time we know of that people feel things away with the specific intent that they would be brought out again at a particular date in the future was for the centrality, exhibition and Philip the Pennsylvania and that took place in eighteen. Seventy six. It had a century faith that was meant to be opened in nineteen. Seventy six. There might be earlier examples of time capsules out there that listen to having been buried. Her sealed away also had a specified opening date, but this is the first one we actually have documentation of. And the century safe, looked just like a safe, but with a pin, velvet lining. This is a detail. I personally love
the safe contained photographs, a book on temperance and measures have visitors to the centennial exhibition. Among other things, it was under the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol and opened in nineteen. Seventy six, as intended a new car, so buried in nineteen. Seventy six is to be opened in twenty. Seventy six Even though the century safe was the first through time, capsule the words Time capsule had not been coined. Yet that did not happen until nineteen he ate, leading up to the nineteen thirty nine worlds, fair, Edward Pendril, who was a public relations executive for Westinghouse, electric and manufacturing gets the credit for coming up with the term also for a while, because of the shape of what they were building. You thought about, calling it a time bomb but but but but the chronicle
that didn't take off before the word time, capsule was coined. People normally call these sorts of things. Safes were boxes or similar generic terms, Westinghouse was involved with all of this, because it was constructing the physical container for the world's fair time capsule, which was to stay underground until sixty thirty, nine, otherwise known as thousand years from its started, because these capsules we're supposed to they buried for so long that containers hands? impervious to just about any kind of damage that you could think of the end result was a seven and a half longer two point: two meter torpedo like few but made of a non corrosive alloy with several interior layers meant to protect the contents that these contents included cigarettes, men's and women's grooming tools, magazines and samples of season and fabrics. There's also a twenty,
thousand page microfilm essay and their letters from such figures as Albert Einstein and then MIT President Cruelty Compton, there was huge, huge, air around the burying of this time. Capsule others also a total replica of it and its contents act. The George Westinghouse Museum rubbing currently with the creation of the first Westinghouse time, capsule was the cryptic was asian, and I know a lot about this one. This is an incredibly huge and involve time: capsule it Oglethorpe University, which is here and it, and where I used to work Oglethorpe President Thornwick Jacobs led this project, which is an attempt to document all of human. His the idea is that future archaeologists could just consult the material from this vault instead of having to pay taken, we re Cree an idea of how the white work, by piecing together information from lots of different dig sites. They crept of civilization.
Today is on a lower level of the administration building at Oglethorpe and in addition to all Physical items which are inside, which are a lot thing, is enormous. It contains more than six hundred thousand pages of microfilm, which document all sorts of historical information, so this script was sealed on May twenty fifth. Ninety, already, and it's not supposed to be opened again until the year. Eighty one thirteen- and this is six thousand one hundred seventy seven years from when it was filled up. The idea is that, as of nineteen forty, there were six thousand one hundred seventy seven years of recorded histories. This crypt acts like a mid point between the beginnings of recorded history and six thousand one hundred seventy seven years in the future. When people can just open the thing up, find out all about the past year and its to stay a big door, a big muddled, were that you walk by when you're in the admin building
the engraving on it. But this is the door that's their than ever opens because people were inspired by the first Westinghouse time, capsule and Oglethorpe script of civilization. The time care hey Day, really stand from nineteen thirty five to nineteen. Eighty two because of this Antonio exhibition, one for years, became a popular time limit for time capsules to remain sealed. There are also some connection between that First Westinghouse Time Capsule and then click the Oglethorpe. so G, Edward Pendril had actually called for public support of the the crypt projects as it was being developed. And, conversely, one of the letters inside the first Westinghouse Time capsule is a letter from Then Oglethorpe, President Thorn while Jacobs, so there
If there was a lot of cross over between those two projects, which I think is pretty cool, rather negative. About some other notable examples of time. Castles- and this is not at all an exhaustive list. Not even funds that are really big. An impressive Westinghouse created a second time capsule for the nineteen. Sixty eight New York Worlds fair and it's almost like an update to the first one- is the exact same size and shape and its buried about ten feet away, but its contents include things that didn't exist when the previous time capsule had been put into the grounds includes birth control pills an artificial heart valve credit card information about atomic energy and other more modern as I've. Nineteen sixty eight stuff, both the first Westinghouse Time Capsule and the second one are supposed to.
Opened in sixty nine thirty nine together, so that, second, when a sort of like a supplement to the first one rather than a whole, separate thing with a separate open, experts in a soccer, Japan and one of these is to stay sealed for five thousand years and the other is intended to be opened. Just stay sealed for five thousand years and the other is intended to be opened every one hundred years after an initial opening in the year two thousand and one we for this plan is too back in and make sure everything's, ok, but the other is to us the time, capsules content, so it kind of becomes an ongoing living archive record, and these two capsules are shaped like kettles and filled. They way, two point one to metric tons and other Purpose- was to detail in a very broad cross section life and ninety seventy, which means that they include lots and lots of everyday items theirs storing information, including leaflets, films and other recordings.
Colluding artifacts from the bombing of Hiroshima you can actually see the total contents of all these things online. Are available and there is so much stuff damned into them there. I really I had this moment where I was lummix, because I stumbled across the thing that had you know, I can't a comprehensive list. Everything is in there and their pictures of a lot of it, and I am used to when you see older pictures of things that were taken with earlier digital cameras. They look kind of terrible- and I had this moment right- just forgot that there were there were film cameras and nineteen. Seventy you can. You can scan picture, from nineteen, seventy or film in seventy. It like that still exist that didn't go away, so I had this does moment, but I feel silly confessing, but I still want to confess rose like wow, where they get all these pictures from all right.
Numerous they were stored thing had been a long day there, This huge because it was created using thousands of items that were collected from Juno residents, its housed in a converted lobby Thousands of items that were collected from Juno residents, its housed in a convoy the lobby of a government building, and you can see them of their contents through two windows that girded outside its also lit with electric lights. That can be changed from the outside silence. It can be lit, while still being totally sealed up. That's a pretty cool feature, there's a fortieth anniversary time castle that was buried in Disneyland in Anaheim California on July. So heat of nineteen, ninety five and that is to be opened on the same date in the year twenty thirty five years, helping I'm there for that year, this link is finally going to go. It does look like a castle, which is why it is called that.
Really a hundred years is a pretty standard form for a time capsule now, and then we have these really fascinating millennial ones that go on for a thousand years and beyond, but when the internet took off and started phasing out of super rapid pace. Mit made a tie, after all of the online world, certain ninety ninety nine at this loan school of management and that one was to be opened after five years, because the internet was evolving so rapidly aside Those that we ve just mentioned all over the world. There are boxes of documents, coins and household items, just waiting to be dug up and what about what can do wrong on that France after we have another quick word from a sponsor. This happened Stuff you missed in history class brought you buy Norton three sixty with lifelong, let's just say your shopping online with your smartphone, I do it all the time. They sure feels that your personal info is right there in your hand, but that's not always the case.
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percent or more off your first year, go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton, DOT, com, slash history for twenty five percent off, so the sad It is as much as people like the idea of burying things for posterity. A lot of time, capsules just fail. In some cases they haven't even made it to their burial or their ceiling. There was a time capsule made for the: U S by teddy. All that went on a national tour with signatures from all over the country that we're supposed to be collected and put inside, and it made it through that whole tour, but then was stolen from the truck at the burial site before it could actually be buried. Capsules and their contents have also been lost thanks to weeks, demolitions and people forgetting that they were buried in the first place or that they existed at all. So, in addition,
trying to preserve all of human history. Up to nineteen, forty in the grip of civilization, Europe is also trying to keep track of all those time capsule so that nothing else gets lost in that's via the international time camps. Society which was established in nineteen. Ninety one of that they really wanted to get that time. Capsule out of the lion said, statue was because they did not really know how it had been packaged and whether everything in there had already been destroyed because of water, which it hadn't, which is great, but there is also the fact that a lot of times what's inside a tip, Time Capsule turns out to be really underwhelming once it opened the very nature of time. Capsules means that a lot of times their full of newspapers and coins and photograph people of letters from All who were famous a hundred years ago, but nobody knows who they are now and basically obsolete, junk even a ninety ninety nine article in the onion title
newly unearthed time, capsule just full of uses old crap, which made fun of both peoples. Responses to what you usually find when you open a time capsule and the types of things that people select to put in their like there's listeners, several layers of humor going on this is actually kind of funny to me how often people open a time capsule end like no one impressed with what was inside, because it's just newspapers and coins, and yet when the time capsule was made. There were knocked down, ragout fights about what's put inside, of their failure. people are angry about what they put in time, capsules as they were within half of our facebook posts, but about, but he got out because they, make sure the exact correct picture of that time period is created with the contents, but Even if people didn't find their contents boring more often than not the same objects placed inside time. Capsules are also present
the better at museums and other archives. It's very rare that someone over the time capsule too, cover something that's actually a unique find that usually can see a better preserved, one of the exact same thing and one or many museum However, all of them said time capsules, usually inspire and interest in history and some civic pride, at least in the short term, and that counts when there, created and again when their opened, and especially for the ones that are meant to stay sealed up for thousands of years. The containers themselves can involve tremendous sweets of engineering. This is especially true for all of these ones. They're supposed to say feel that for many thousands of years, so while people by classifying their contents into the category of worthless, jog. Their creation has a different type of work and back to those time councils that heart about at the very beginning of the show, the lion
That too, is back on top of the old State house, complete with a new time capsule and this time it's in the lion squirrel, so future generations will have easier access to it among the contents, A council are an Iphone. Five apple apparently would not provide an Iphone six for this forum. nations of the United States nineteen, seventy seven to nineteen eighty volume, three to replace a copy of foreigners. The United States, one thousand eight hundred ninety six- that was in the prior box, basically space a number of letters and photos, Anna Boston, Marathon, metal, Regional items were on display the old state house for several weeks over December. Twenty four in January, twenty fifteen, the
inside were delicate enough that, after that point, they were returned to the archives for preservation there. They were actually preserved ex incredibly well, considering how all the time capsule lies in how it had just been in this statue out in the elements for so long, but they did want to make sure that they lasted long into the future. So they didn't stand public display for all that long, but time capsule that were removed from the cornerstone at the old state house is also going to go back. In June and it's gonna included for regional contents having been cleaned and restored along with some new items along in the same vein. Basically was there before were newspapers in coin, so things of that nature, its original content for displayed at the Museum of Fine arts and Boston. During in April of twenty fifteen. The bostonian society in the Museum of fine arts also both documented what was inside those boxes and put lots of pictures Details on their websites set people felt like.
We're being hidden away from public view. They really really work. see ya. You now have a little bit of was their real for a few have little bit of listener male before I do that, I have a correction No, it is a correction to our Louise somehow got episode in which, in one sentence, say that she got typhoid and in another sentence we say that she got typhus and we those are two different diseases and have even talked about there's being two different diseases on the show. Yet I messed up at my no taking, if I I didn't tell us it either so some days more than others, you didn't, and I didn't and airport
so now I didn't know one caught it. It is the thing that happens. Sometimes, though I apologise for that error. Our our listener mail is from Katy and Katy, says Dear Tracy and Holly. I love your pod cast than I was so excited to good episode about the history of special education as a moderate, severe disabilities, special education teacher, as well as an instructor for college level. Special education courses exciting to have. You share this information with your listeners like in other civil rights movements, are countries come a long way and improving the treatment of individuals with disabilities? One part of the history of special education that you did not talk about is standardized assessment with no child left behind. We must administer estate assessment to all children regardless of disability. This includes children that have the most severe disabilities, like other standardized assessments. These are created by the state that administers
While the sounds like a step in the right direction, often these alternate assessments are not valid. Measure of student learning for low incidence, students, many of them involve using common core standards, presented, a level that most of the students taking it cannot access. At the end of your podcasting made a comment that even those special education teachers have good intentions. Often it's difficult to get. I appease written and implemented for many of us, the teeth students with moderate severe disabilities. The assessment play a large role in this struggle. The assessments often have a portfolio component component of some sort that require the teacher to create and implement work, samples and probes for the assessments whose very time consuming and often takes away from the time that we have to work
the students and functional skills and interact with them at their level. There are a few initiatives in the: U S that are working on, creating an assessment that would be a more valid measure of student growth for amnesty students. These initiatives are still several years from being completed and it will be up to the states to adopt them, and then she goes on to suggest a topic the future. Thank you, Katy for writing in this was actually my mom's experience with the children that she worked in with when she was working in residential care for children with multiple disabilities. She worked with a lot of people.
He like there, I e p goals would not be about things like learning to read or write. They would be about things like learning to swallow independently or like learning, to make eye contact with other peoples. There is definitely a different world than what people usually think of as education, but those things all still counted as learning, but definitely would not be included on some kind of state assessment of their skills. So thank you Katy. If you'd like to write to us about this or any other topic, we write history, podcast asked of books, dot com for also on Facebook. At Facebook background Flash must in history and on Twitter at Lisbon. History missed industry, tether, spread, shirt store at Lisbon, history that spread forgot palm of tone, peace, movement, shirts, and what time, if you like to learn more about, we talked about today, you can come to our parent companies web. If you would like to learn more about we talked about today, you can come to our parent companies website. That is how it works at home, but the word archaeology,
in the third part. You will learn about how we view most of our learning about swing- comes to figure things out with his more through archaeological study them through time, capsule, which are often tool, but not often actually archaeological notable
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