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A Cruise Through History's Ghost Ships

2016-10-26 | 🔗

There have been numerous instances of ships found adrift with no one on board. Four of those nautical mysteries are featured here, with some truly chilling details.

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will continue stuff you missed in history from has stuck and welcome to mine, I'm crazy. They will then I'm Holly. five years ago, a colony research than we recorded and so on, the merry Celeste, pretty cool, a story about a ship that was discovered adrift without its passengers or crew in eighteen. Seventy two- and there are lots of Martha theories about what happened to the merry Celeste, how it came to be adrift and apparently a ban No really a hundred percent, definitive answer, though so, but Mary is less than the most famous of a whole collection of similar nautical history. Mr you so much so that a lot of other ships we are about to talk about are described with names like the Welsh Mary, Celeste or New Zealand, make haste
she's famous that Mary sue last year I was, I know, the ships that we are talking about today were all either own or captain by people from Europe. North America, and obviously there are nautical mysteries from other parts of the world to set aside for a more recent stories of go ships, often full of bodies men made headlines in the last couple of decades. A lot older stories from the rest of the world, don't quite put the definition of what we're talking about today. So for Example, numerous japanese vessels wound up off the coast of Northwestern nor America in the nineteenth century, but all of them when very obviously wrecked in a storm or their worst I was on board to explain what happened so they don't quite fit into the ghost ship. John talking about today. However, if you know about some historically substantiated ghost, ships from other nations send us a note that we would be happy to hear about them, because I looked real hard. It did not have
This so we're gonna jump right in and the first ship that we're talking about is the resolve them in this merchant brig originally built in Nova Scotia, and it worked as a cargo ship between Canada and Wales. In the late nineteenth century, its home port was ever asked with whales and carried a crew of about eleven. In August, of eighteen, eighty four sailors from the Royal Navy, gunboat H, M S, Mallard spotted the results off the coast of what's now Newfoundland and Labrador, and it was moving kind of a radically. so the mouse hailed the resolving and didn't get a response, so sailors Mallard boarded the other ship and they found it absolutely abandon these erratic movements or because sales were all still set, but there was nobody at the helm
abandonment had happened quite recently to the time that they discovered it. There were, fires still lit in the galley and lamps were still burning and a table was set with food in preparation for a meal that looked like it was just about to be eaten. The last entry in the log had been made about six hours before the mallard, spotted it adrift and contained nothing that suggested a problem. There was no sign of struggle there with no indication. the ship was or had been in some kind of serious distress. A yard arm was broken and there was some tackle that was dangling, but none of this was anything to suggest the ship were. The crew had been in some, of major peril. The lifeboat was gone there was really no clear reason that anyone would have taken it. There was not a reason that was evident They would have abandoned the ship and plus the light. The lifeboat itself was never. covered, nor was any crew who might have taken in a way. It also didn't see
like the ship had been robbed. A bag of gold coins that was kept in the captain's locker to secure cargo was still there, but the personal fortunes of the captain, John James, was missing. Of course, speculation about what had happened started immediately. The initial theory was it the resolve and had run into an iceberg. But the mallard screw had spotted near by an idea with the inexperienced sailors aboard had been panicked and abandon the ship. There was even a theory that the the ship had actually become a lived on the iceberg and the crew thinking they were permanently stuck had abandoned the ship, but then the result had worked itself free after they had already abandoned it. Another theory was it: the crew had taken one of the boats and left for some reason intending to return right away. But then something befell them on route. But that raised the question of why the whole crew would have gone and why they would have done so with all of the ship sails set.
There was a third theory that sense Job James. This fortune was missing. Maybe it had been a case of mutiny and theft, but then that raised the question of If you were going to steal John Jamesons Fortune, you would not also steal the ship's purse. Tragically, the disappearance of the captain's funds did mean the widow died and poverty eventually the resolve and was towed into harbour and put back into service sailing out of Cardiff after a series other, less serious accidents, the re outfitted resolve and was lost off the coast of Nova Scotia in eighteen. Eighty eight So, a little while, after this all happened, people started to sort of think that the story of their resolve and with apocryphal it became part of the local, lower and family stories. But there wasn't any kind of written record to back it up that changed. Thanks to will Wayne who's the great grandson of John James, he started trying to research. The ship and figure out
had happened to his great grandfather and while he was doing this research, he found the eighth Mallard Log book for the period of time that included its discovery of resolving. The strange discovery was indeed the detail bear in the log back. So finally, a primary source account from the time that this weird thing happened Ass, the story of John James's mysterious disappearance had been handed down through, will wanes family another fame. in Newfoundland, had a story of its own, a few generations prior couple of men had found an unknown sea captain in uniform deceased sitting under a tree. They didn't report the fine and instead buried him in an unmarked grave later on members of that family were mysteriously in possession of gold coins. The discover. we and burial was about a month after the resolving was found adrift in
Fifteen Wayne was planning a trip to New Finland to try to figure out if this families, mysterious wealth and this sea captain had purportedly been bound and buried was really related to his great grandfathers lost fortune, although he didn't seem to have publicly announced yet what he discovered when he went on this trip. So this could be a developing go ship story. It could be a developing ghost ship story, the part of this. The previous to me, as the part where the fires were still it NEA bid is oh certainly indicates very recent. Keeping the Lahti Boards is there of. Yes, we are going to take a brief break before we get to the next story, because you don't want to jump into it and then immediately stop for a pause so we'll be back after a quick word from sponsor
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south from New England to Central America back in seventeen. Fifty as it was returning from Honduras The sea bird ran aground on etons, Beach, Rhode, island and the reason it ran aground. Once again, nobody was on board here's how it's like a slightly amplified version of the Well, then, the resolving had had the fires and lamp still with the sea. Birds still had coffee brew in tobacco smoke in the air, although it had. No human occupant still aboard there were a dog and cat there. So the dog in the cap made the coffee and had a cigarette, reality is excellent because they were, they were setting up a sort of dogs playing poker ethics. Clay does Blair Puppies, where this gets really
Ah, it is at the sea. Bird was on its way to Newport, Rhode, Island Etons beaches in new poor and is one of the city's public beaches today. So the seaboard made it through the last leg of its journey, navigating shoals rocks and breakers and came to rest on the beach, basically at its destination, rather gently, but apparently with no one at the wheel. The sea birds bout was also missing, which led to the speculation that the crew had abandoned ship for some reason, but just the same, there was not a reason that was clear why they would have done this. There had not been many rough weather in the area and the ship itself was basically undamaged, even considering the fact that it had come to rest on a beach with no crew their steering, it had come through all that more or less anew
with neither the longboat nor the crew were ever recovered. After all this, the merchant who owned the Sea bird, Mr Isaac, steel sold it to another merchant named Henry Collins. I don't think the reasons for this are really documented, but I rather imagine him going nuts It is a little too weird for me. Haven't I want this boat anymore There are a lot of different versions of the seabirds story because it happened so long ago and because it became part of the local lore in Rhode, island, various specialised versions of it, print written and printed in a century, or so after it happened. of those were then sort of picked up by people who thought they were a historic account and not a fictional eyes story. So if you go and look went up. You might find some discrepancies in things like the years. Various other details, there's one that that says that, in addition to the cat and dog there was a canary
oddity. You are slightly different from one telling to another and are a coup and does not there to be a virtual kooky animals that have a ship. I love it we're coffee and smoke. Yeah I mean this is the start of a great show, the next one going to talk about. Is the envy joy eat em and it had a bit of a history before its mysterious final voyage. It was originally built as a luxury yacht for director, Roland West and Film star Mary Pickford was a frequent guessed. The? U S, Navy acquired the yacht just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and put it into wartime. service patrolling in the Pacific. After the war, the joy ADA was used as a cabin crews are in the southern Pacific Ocean, its captain. Henry Miller, was from Wales and most of its crew were from the southern Pacific, including New Zealand Cure Bass and Samoa.
one of the twenty five people aboard on last voyage were from the island nation of Toke, allow which, in nineteen fifty five had a population of only about sixteen hundred people, those twenty five people who were word that day included sixteen crew and nine passengers in October of nineteen fifty five, the joy EDA left the port of appeal in western Samoa, now simply Samoa, and it was bound for toke allow with oil, timber, food and supplies in its cargo hold the trip from western
I should have taken about forty hours, but on the way the joy you to just vanished with it made any distress calls those calls were never received and a search was mounted, but they didn't find anything and then, on November, tenth of nineteen. Fifty five thirty eight days after the joy EDA set sail from the port of appear, the Tuvalu spotted a badly listing ship off the coast of Fiji. In spite of a huge hole in the side, it was still afloat, but it was almost six hundred miles off
force. This was, of course, the joy EDA. The too believes in a over to investigate and when the captain radioed Fiji to make a report of what he had found, he said quote: it sounds like another Mary Celeste. We have no theory yet what happened? There was no sign of the passengers or the crew. The lifeboats and raft which are more than adequate to remove both passengers and the crew were gone. Although there weren't enough life jackets for all twenty five people aboard along with all the food from the galley, the ship's log and sent were also gone. The ship was told to Fiji and all the water was pump out of the hall, but that has deepened the mystery, They originally found the boat. There was an obvious conclusion, which was that the whole that was obviously there had caused the shift to take on water and list, but once they actually pumps, the water out back inclusion was quickly dismissed,
instead, based on the position of particles in the condition of the rest of the ship, it seemed like the ship had actually taken on from a rain and possibly very waves on rough seas. The damaged hall had been a result of those pounding sees not the cause of the boats taking on water. The lights, though, not working, we're all set to the on position and the ships clocks, which had been powered by generators, had all stopped at ten. Fifty three, it seems as though the generators had taken some kind of damage. There was a mattress covering one engine and the other looked like someone had been working on it once all the water had been drained. It also became clear just how much was gone from the wrecked shit in addition to the lifeboats in the wrath the sextant food from the cargo hold just about every else that had any use or value and was movable was gone. The refrigerator Then the galley, on the other hand, still contained meat
there are lots of theories about what happened. A lot of them hinge on the idea that there had been some kind of problem on the ship, mechanical failure or a collision, and the crew and passengers had ended it. But the big issue with that theory is that Captain Miller was high, we experienced and it seems unlikely that he would have abandoned a sea worthy ship in a well travelled part of the ocean rather than waiting for rescue. The other big theories all tie in some way to criminal activity that pirates may have wrought. the vessel and murdered everyone aboard and left derelict, or that some on board might have mute, need and stolen everything and enforced everyone who wasn't part of the plot into a lifeboat. There was a whole conspiracy theory involving a fleet of murderous, japanese fishermen and the captain with action. scheduled to be in court in Wales, because his wife was divorcing him and some people suggested that he had tried to orchestrate a quote accident. To get out of that, there is
no evidence at all. For any of these, and in particular, the story of the murderous, japanese fishermen probably a lot more related to the recently concluded world war. Two than anything based in real events in two thousand to David right, published a book called joy. Eda solving the mystery in which he concluded that a corroded pipe engine. Cooling system had been leaking water into the ship for some time before any one had noticed and then broke and flooded the vessel he theorized that the crew had sent me Signal, but that the radio wasn't actually working, they did that before abandoning the ship. The lifeboats and rafts
If there really is what happened. It's probably the fastest possible scenario, since it means that the people who were on the rafts would have slowly died of hunger, thirst, drowning and sharks, while waiting for help that wasn't actually coming. In addition to that, this was devastating for the island nation of took allow because Units population was so small and there were so many people on board. He were from there. I've been memorials and things set up in more recent years, but, like that was just a huge percentage of the population to be lost in wine. Maritime insight
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lots of White Simpson lighthouses to try to guide ships, and so they passed the lightship that was at Cape look out and the White shopkeeper Captain Jacobson later reported somebody aboard who did not seem to be an officer told him that the ship had lost its anchors. Now, Captain Jacobson it was kind of suspicious of this of this situation. the crew was kind of milling around aimlessly and the fact that the person who was telling about. My missing anchor did not seem to be in charge, was kind of odd, but Captain James and radio
So he could not radio the coastguard to tell them of his concerns about five. Forty five p m the next day, the S S, lake, Ilan, spotted the ship and notice that it seem to be on an odd course and then at six thirty am on January thirty. First, the schooner was spotted once again. This time it was a ground on diamond shoals of Cape Hatteras, C p. Brady of the Cape Hatteras Coastguard station was the first to spot the boat and suspected that it was the deering. Although the sea was too rough, that data really investigate it would be February. Fourth, before erector named, the rescue could get close enough to confirm the ship's identity and verify Brady's report. as has been the case with all of our other ghost ships that were operated by sale power, the sails were all still set. The anchors were indeed missing, as had been reported to the light ship keeper at Cape look out food with
as though a meal were about to be served and the crew gone along with all their personal belongings, their navigational equipment in some of the ships papers. The lifeboats were gone as well. There were three cats on board, but no other signs of life. I would be the fool that tried to take the kiddies been escape boat. It wouldn't go well, I'm just saying I know it's foolish. The daring continue to rest there on the shoals until March when it was starting to break apart and become a hazard to other ships, and at that point it was told out to sea and scuttled. This was scuttling was only actually effective, like a big chunk of it floated back to Ogre folk island and the mystery contain you'd, even after the ship had been destroyed. That April Christopher Columbus, Grey for tat. He had found a note in a bottle that detailed the daring haven't been taken over by pirates. Ultimately, this was confirmed,
to be a complete hoax and gray had actually been the new himself. A month later, the wife of the ships, Captain Lula, Wormhole teamed up with its former captain, William each merit and her pastor, the Reverend Doktor Addison warmer to try to persuade the government to investigate what had happened. They started with Senator Frederick, hail of main, and then they met with Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover, and although an FBI agent did visit, dare County and found plenty of people willing to speculate, there were really no conclusive results. Leads that he tried to track down included bolshevik pirates and rum runners. One frequent theory and this whole situation is that the crew was dissatisfied with its captain, W B wormhole. He had actually replaced merit just a few days after the daring first departed Virginia in August of nineteen,
Honey, this is because merit had been taken ill. Suddenly, captain balance of the Cape Hatteras Station theorize, the crew had taken everything of value, abandoned it and then wrecked it into the shoals on purpose. On the other hand, the prevailing opinion of the coastguard was that it was a terrible location for doing such a thing, because the seas were so treacherous there that it would be incredibly difficult to bring in a lifeboat safely whose yet another mystery These are the four goes ships that I found the most substantiated information about. There are many others, but a lot of their accounts boil down to we found about. There were no people on it. The end like that, We don't know anything else about the history of the ship or the history, the people on it or what the theories were. It's like a paragraph yet saddened spooky, but not so much of a narrative, yeah yeah. We can. We can just list off of us more since also with another ship in the south
people on it. Next year will do spooky liners. I also so listen array on this snare. Mail is firm Erika and it is a throwback all the way to August twenty fifteen when we were doing some african history and Erika says dear Tracy and Holly. I recently started listening to your podcast picking and choosing from the older episodes with titles sound most interesting. I was exceptionally excited about the August twenty fifteen on Dahomey I was an art. Major increase Instead, it studied a lot of african art history by mere merrily missed obtaining a minor in african studies by just one class. Anyway, I took a short winter breaks study abroad, trip to Ouida in the winter of two of two thousand six and have been to the museum power you spoke of an episode as well as many other monuments to the slave trade, including the arch and gay,
a return on the beach of ouida. This study abroad trip was specially organised by the african art history, professor. I had taken multiple classes with who had lived in Ouida as part of her graduate studies. thus gaining connections with a prominent local family who fat and guided us. While we were there beneath is, or at least was ten years ago. Hardly the placed quote, tourists went and I really cherish being able to visit such a historical place that not many westerners cannot do travel to the spot cast brought back so memories. For me, I even went back and pulled out. My o old travel Journal M read my entry. From the day we travelled to the museum wrote about the Amazon Warriors and the throat. I saw that sad atop for very real human skulls. My experience and benign was my. This time travelling out of the country, and it forever changed me in so many ways. Words can hardly described the feelings one has walking with same road. The slaves walked standing at the same spot. Where the auction
were held, although I dont have other real insights about the topic of share and the podcast this for quite a while ago. Now I just had to tell you about my experience there and its power cast really really resonated with me. I can't wait to listen to the follow up episode in the Amazon warriors next to lighten the here are a few catastrophe photos I took during another outing from our trip to the village I'll be also known as the village on stilts, as well as the Venice of Africa aptly This is an accessible only by boat, there's, a lot of interesting history with the founding of the spillage and its link to the slave trade or attempt to escape the slave trade more accurately. That might make a great podcast hit hit, but even if not certainly it is another interest. as to the slave trade history out of beneath, but I'm sure you'll be interested in learning more about for your own personal, amusement. Take care, Ladys Erika! Thank you so much Erika. For this note and these pictures I cannot love it when people send us
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