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Adolf Lorenz, the Bloodless Surgeon

2021-07-12 | 🔗

Lorenz is credited with developing treatments that addressed pediatric orthopedic problems. During his lifetime, he was both celebrated and protested within the medical community. 

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You missed in history, glass, a production of Iheart radio. hello, unwelcome broadcast, I'm Holly for I'm am Tracy, be open and this topic- is a topic that actually came up because of another show one episodes on the current season of permanently to different show that I do. We are impostors this season and there was a topic. An impostor whose son, he made mention of adult lorens, the bloodless surgeon vienna- and I was instantly curious about that, and I was not really germane to explore in that episodes that popped over here. So we're gonna die a little bit about the incident that connected Doktor lorens to a fake doctor, but really His life story is plenty compelling. Even
out that odd little detail, including lots of surprises lake. You know some protest see him with it is industry his life. Life story how he was received and perceived by people. It's a good one. So we'll jump right in adults. Lorenz was born on April 21st. One thousand eight hundred and fifty four and wide nose Delizia, which is today but never part of the Czech Republic. At the time, though, it was that Then the austrian empire. This was not a wealthy family adults. Father Johann Lorens worked as a Sadler and as an innkeeper. His mother was Agnes Ehrlich Lorens. And after elementary school, at all moves south to the city of grass to live with his uncle from his mother's side and he also, as part of that move, started an apprenticeship as a shopkeeper in a general store. He didn't really like that very much and while his life's work became medicine in some ways. He got air because
a child. He was a decent singer as a young boy, his vocal tell it led him to be chosen as a member of the boy choir of Saint Paul Benedictine Monastery in Corinthian, Austria, and that meant that he could attend cool there for free. He did not have to pay a fee for him. and it was through this move that he was able- to gain really a strong enough foundation of early education than he then go on to higher education when Lorenzo sixteen. He moved the monastery at Corinthian too high school and Claggett near Austria southern border. During this time brought in money by working as a tutor for students from wealthy families. He really better, we got by financially, but when he finished at the age of twenty, he started his formal medical training. He moved to Vienna for that and this was an area where Atoll florins showed promise from just the very beginning, while still a student tea was offered the chance to take a job.
As that anatomy instructor, because he demonstrated such a thorough knowledge of the subject. This really helped keep em afloat financially, while he worked towards the bigger goal of wanting to become a surgeon yeah, I read some accounts the sailor he got so skilled in subject of anatomy, because that was one of the things he was tutoring student sat in his his prior school lorens. Great, we for medical school in eighteen, eighty at the age of twenty six, when he got a job as an assistant to an orthopedic surgeon named Johan Van DEN rocker at the Rudolf in her House Hospital in Vienna tumor her died not long after Lorens began working with him and he was replaced by Edward Out Bear who kept at all pharmacists assisted, but his therein became more and more indispensable to EL bear. A problem began to emerge at this time in history carbonic acid was routinely use during surgeries because of its effectiveness in killing bacteria, and it turned,
That Lorenz was allergic to it. He develops fear dermatitis Emmy time he was in contact with it Edward. call Barry, didn't want his promising assistant to abandon medicine altogether because of this problem. So he asked him quote if you cannot get along with wet surgery. Why not try dry surgery- and this is the Genesis point of what would eventually be called blue list surgery by Lorenz. So we should note here the term bloodless surgery has a very different meaning today than what we're talking about here. If you, Google, it, you will very different things. To do a bloodless surgery, is an approach to surgical procedures that uses no transfusions of blood from a donor source, but for lands The term was used in a sense of no blood being drawn. He did not make incisions in his patients. So the work that he dead would be me accurately described in today's terms as orthopedic. Manipulation is carefully
moving and shifting a patient skeletal structure to correct problems and improve their mobility. And this was a really. Very new area of medicine and eighteen hundreds and Marines, with his master. Full understanding of anatomy was really drawn to it. Early on in his career. Therein started working primarily with children, he developed once that used a series of plaster casts to correct pediatric orthopedic problems as his patients grew over several years he developed treatments for several congenital conditions, including Scully ISIS, hip dislocation and club foot and soon Lorens began publishing books about his work detailing, for example, the various Mackay, go means that he used to correct Scully doses. Entreating club Lorens developed a system that stretched the pay
since tendons and ligaments over time and then put the affected leg and a final stage leg cast and stay there until it was killed in the proper position, but it was really hip dislocation that became his specialty. So this situation where, during fetal development, the hip joint, does form as it should it's not aligned properly and that creates and instability in the joint that worsens, as that child grows. You also see this referred to as developmental displeasure after the whimsies approach was, as with his other treatments, all about slowly, forcing the head of the femur into its proper position. Using series of casts, along with traction and surgical manipulation. Again, no incisions, one contemporary description of the Lorens myth for treating congenital hip displacement describes the first stage as one where the child is placed under amnesty
and the operator manipulate the leg to stretch and sometimes even tear the muscles of the legs of their not pulling on the femur next. The operator manipulate them shifts the femur until it quote, drops into the socket van quote: to prevent relocation. The leg is drawn out sideways to an angle of ninety degrees and is held in this position by a plaster casts after a brief period of recovery, the child would be encouraged to use. The leg is part of recovering, although there was an anticipated six month to two year period of being Anna Cast Lorenzo estimated the success rate with this is about. Sixty percent seems loaded me, but, but you know, my knowledge of orthopedic procedures is no so
in eighteen, eighty four lorens got married to a woman named Emma Liquor and their wedding took place on October fifth of that year. Eleven later, the couple had a son Albert on September. Second, eighteen, eighty five hour eventually follow his father into orthopedics and then much later in nineteen o three and Emma had a second son comrade who went into the animal behavior field, one thousand. Eight hundred and eighty nine Lorenz was granted a special professorship position at the University of Vienna, so he could share his methods with the medical students there. He taught his approach to the students and researchers and other doctors among his colleagues in Austria. He gained the nickname. Gibson, doesnt or plaster teacher you that's one of those things that people often note like hey. That sounds almost kind of lake an insult, but he didn't really seem to mind
According to Lorens, he was asked to consult in the case of young King Alfonso, the thirteenth of Spain. I thought who had been born a king. His father had died not long before he was born in his mother, Maria Christina. It was serving his region was austrian, so she reached to the austrian doctor, who is already seen if something is a miracle worker to treat her son probably just generally sort of weak. After a childhood bout with the flu during the eighteen, eighty, nine one thousand eight hundred and ninety pandemic, he did have course. You know after treatment continue to live and rule. So, presumably things in the late 1890s and early nineteen hundreds things were very busy for at all. He published his book on the healing of congenital hip dislocation and one thousand eight hundred and ninety six that year he also became an advisor to the austrian government in one thousand nine hundred and one he co founded the
I'm an orthopedic society. He gave numerous lecturers that medical conferences explaining his techniques and then he started traveling the world to meet demand for his treatments, In just a moment. We're gonna talk about the wealthy patient, whose treatment rocketed lorens onto the public stage, but first we're going pause and have a little sponsor break You are three audio presents the new series- art bust, scandalous story, of the art world. In this investigative podcast Uk author and art expert Ben Louis explores the shadowy and staggeringly lucrative global art market, throwing compelling new light on an abiding art mystery. The World is a bizarre and dazzling space. There is beauty and glamour marble, museums and White Walled galleries, but beyond this sheen there is a grimy dark side filled with greed, disregard and scandal. Any
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no to add ONS Lorenzo reputation, was so well established that he was requested traveled to Chicago by the wealthy armor family too. eat lolita armor. That is incidentally, the same armor family name. You have likely seen in your local grocery store because they made their fortune in meat packing Lolita had congenital hip dislocation and Doktor Lorens treated one of her hips. She had already had surgery on them, performed by a doctor named John Ritalin and well First surgery was initially reported as a success. following long one of her hips was displace again, and that was when her parents reached out to Doktor Lorens
the arrival of a doktor from Europe and tending to practice medicine in the. U S got the attention of the Illinois Board of Health. That board insisted that he needed to be licensed in the state before he treated any one. There were both supporters and detractors for this, and plenty of Lorens supporter saw as an insult to the man in his work. But Doktor Lorens didn't seem to mind and consented to take. The state bored exam which he passed, an issue that comes up again. Labour. The Chicago Tribune ran a lengthy article shortly after the procedure in which large described. The whole thing up. that first initial treatment in detail. He told the Tribune quote it quiet about two hours to perform the operation. The right leg was, run down until the end of the femur reach the socket where it could rest there
I turn to the whim out at right angles and applied a heavy dressing over. This was placed a thick plaster appearance cast which will hold it in place until spring. The cast is so place that it will allow free movement of the knee so that it will be possible for the little girl to walk after two or three weeks she will. Able to sit up in a few days and will not suffer much at any time. I was reported in the papers that Lorens received a whopping. Seventy five thousand dollars retreating, six year old, lolita armor, but also in his time in Chicago he visited, numerous hospital wards to consult and treat patients for free. This was something that he did any time he was in the states throughout his life after World WAR, when he told the press, he would always do it because the U S had helped the children of Austria with food and supply
eyes during the conflict. This treatment of the beloved child of one of the richest families in the United States came with a significant amount of media attention. I mean this is like a head: an event in a lot of papers after his with my leader when he was expected to visit a city. There were always multiple right ups and the local press about it and, as a consequence, lie means of people would form outside of any hospital. He was expected to visit to give these free clinics made up of parents just hoping that he could offer They are child a little bit of hope and possibly some treatment. when he moved on to Baltimore after Chicago to see patients. Their interest was so great among other medical practitioners that one of his blood surgeries had to become a ticketed event, just to try to manage the crowd that wanted to observe it in charge money for these tickets, but it was basically lake if you didn't get a ticket. You cannot come in why
he was a Medici area. He was also invited to meet President Theodore Roosevelt. So that gives you a sense of just how big a name he was at this point, but they were also plenty of doctors who were really flummoxed by all media attention around this doctor. Who was doing things they didn't feel like we're groundbreaking at that point in the list Mary digested. Nineteen, oh two and article was included titled the significance of Doktor Lorenzo Visit, quotes from another article in the independent. According to that right up quote, Professor Lorens does not come to teach our american orthopedic. Surgeons are specialists in the treatment of deformed children, something they did not know before, no answers operation has been practised in this country for almost, if not quite a decade of years, and some of the best results attained by the use of the method invented by the Vienna professor have been exported from America,
the point made in this writing is that the significance that was reference than the title of the article was really that the press around lorens as work meant that a larger number of people in the? U S new about that work and they might seek treatment, not suggesting that the significance was that it was really all that new No, they did credit him for really pioneering some treatments, but they really about. We ve all been doing her while at his book and I was one of those things were for a lot of families, particularly families that did not have a whole lot of income. There was kind of an expectation prior to this, that if you had a child had an orthopedic problem, you kind hot them to live with it well bred and in getting a treated him at the shifted that idea a little bit lorens was asked to visit other cities when he returned to the: U S in nineteen o three for his followup care with Lolita armor he was invited to,
we get the american Medical associations annual meeting in New Orleans in nineteen o three, and he accepted that he, also visited Dallas Texas right after that appearance and bad visit is credited with inspiring the construction of what would become the bachelor medical center. That press and the public. Clarity that Lorens had gained in the. U S came with some problems. Many members of the medical, community in the? U S thought that lorens and showing up, and only seeing patients briefly, was really creating more problems than it solves right. Member. These are long term treatments, they're, not super cool, so as lake you're, giving them home can it really be the follow through? If you then go back to Vienna twenty years after he had been called to Chicago, to treat lolita armor and having returned in North Amerika repeatedly to see sometimes hundreds of patients a day at any hospital he visited. He was
again planning a trip to the? U S in nineteen twenty one when a public statement was issued by a group of Chicago doctors who thought that this should not be allowed to practice medicine in their facilities in an art, cool covering this Chicago uproar, the New York Times listed Saint Luke's Presbyterian hospital children's memorial am a home for destitute crippled. Children among those hospitals
They were very adamant in their stance that Doctor Lorens was not welcome mare. This statement made by the collective orthopedic surgeon switch honestly, like the name of the hospital that we just read, contain some very outdated language. That's offensive by today's standards. That statement reads quote: the proposed visit of doktor Lorens will accomplish more harm than good, and we are opposed to any plan by which countless numbers of cripples will have their hopes raised to the skies only to have them blasted when they find they have been misled. His visit will serve
leads to make every cripple in America dissatisfied and disappointed. Some would be disappointed because they were unable to reach the quote miracle man, others, because he would not be able to treat them. As a matter of fact, all those who came in contact after he left with the many cases which Professor Lorens operated upon during his former visit saw many results. They were glad they were not responsible for and for which they felt. Professor Lorens would have been heartily ashamed. Could he have stayed in the country to take care of them? At the end of a statement, the group firms. That Lorenzo presence is an insult to the author, Peters, sorry working in Chicago that he can't do anything they can't do themselves and that they will not give follow up treatment to any patient. He treats
yeah, it's an interesting thing because on the one hand there saying he's doing things that are hurting people and then they also say those are the same exact things we are already doing, and so it's a little like wait. A minute. There's some. Your contradicting yourself a little bit controversy around Lorenz's, one thousand nine hundred and twenty one trip to the US continued and when Lolita arbors case was brought into. The discussion is not having been the success that it was counted as in the early nineteen hundreds the armor areas herself at this point in adult married women who came to his defence, she said quote. I cannot say that a perfect cure has been effected in either hip but the hip treated by Doktor Lorens is far better than the other one which he could do. Little with because it had been too badly mishandled. He said I myself, but
If that had it not been for the work done before he was called on my case, he would have affected a complete cure. She also gave the statement to a paper quote after Lorens is undoubtedly a much better orthopedic surgeon in any we have in this country. He proved that when he cured me you're all others here, failed Lorenzo problems with access to. U S, medical facilities continued well beyond Chicago. He was invited to visit various New York clinics by health. Commissioner Royal S, Copeland, the staff members that several hospitals protests did. There was also a statement from the State Board of Education, making clear that Lorens was not licensed in New York and warning him not to perform any surgeries. On top of that controversy, news, bread, December third, nineteen, twenty one that the assistant had been helping doctor. The rims in New York was not a doktor assigned to him by the health commissioner, as he had claimed to be, but wasn't
act, a man with no medical credential, simply posing as a doctor that man Stephen Weinberg, who was a serial impostor. This is the story we reference at the top of the show. In a case Doktor Lorens. He had met Lorenzo ship at the dock when it arrived and he introduced himself to Lorens as Doktor Clifford women who was sent to assist the visiting Orthopedics and in his guide, Weinberg, was accepted at his word, but to be clear, he was performing any medical procedures or therapies in this ruse. He was basically handling administrative needs for lorens, such as managing appointment, and taking notes during meetings this route I stood a week before an anonymous Tipp was called into the hospital where Lorenz was working and the impostor quickly replaced with a more appropriate assistance, but this whole thing
was more bad press for Lorenz, which did not help his situation. The protests eventually led the city health Department to rule on December tenth, one thousand nine hundred and twenty one. Then Dr Lawrence could not perform any of his surgeries himself in New York, but could direct other earth in what to do and they could do it and remain within the letter of the law. He was notified of this and sent the forms he would need to fill out to apply for his license. The New York state border regions, you who supported Lorenzo Work, accelerated the process and issued him especial licence to address the matter. As a consequence, Lorens did perform an estimated twenty orthopedic surgeries and his visit to New York and saw more than two thousand other patients throughout his years. A visiting
you ass crowds had continued to gather in the hope of getting treatment from him during his charity clinics. Yet there are press photos in even some early newsreels of literally just crowds outside of hospitals. Waiting for to arrive in hoping that they can get their child in to see him and never lacked for supporters. Even when protests against him within the medical community were at their height on J, where a second nineteen twenty two so just a month after all of that hubbub than me. Your daily news ran a short peace that was titled better late than never and that peace and with quote Lorens viennese surgeon, has been granted a licence to practice and the state of New York. Thus, after Weeks of delay, the state border regions has started to make amends to a man came to the american people in altruism and who was paid in abuse, hidden behind the adverse criticism was professional, jealousy at all flora,
suffered his name and pictures to occupy countless newspaper front pages. It isn't done in the american medical profession. It isn't ethical we're going to talk about it. Actionable surgery that backdoor lorens had to try to treat is lagging energy, but we will pause for a minute first to hear from the sponsors, but keep stuffy missed in history class. Going. This episode is brought you buy linked in learning within my career Different from your career in your career is different from anybody else. You know we all have different paths and sometimes, when you decide on a goal reaching that goal can take time but linked in learning offers courses based on in demand skills. So the back career goal that you set can become the one that you get engines, for example, our learning cutting edge languages to build better products and salespeople are learning to asked better questions to make their number. So what courses will you too eggs at the job that you want becomes a job that you have. Are you
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Mit twenty three doktor lorens made headlines not as a medical practitioner but as a patient when he had a quote rejuvenation surgery that was performed by Doktor Eugene Stomach. Also, Vietnam in the jury followed, a period in which Lorens had collapsed from exhaustion several times, while visiting hospitals in the? U S, but this not procedure which was touted as a means for aging men to regain their useful energy and vitality, was to a partial, vasectomy Steiner who had plenty of problematic ideas about sexual health and gender identity and de aging treatments believed it, his procedure would cause the body to be flooded with hormones and result in increased energy this procedure was a fad for a time, but it was of course, eventually discredited
As for IRAN's, he always spoke very highly of the results and how much better he after having the surgery, but the reality was that this had been done as a secondary procedure that he had, while also undergoing prostate surgery. Sits. There likely that his improvement was really the result of having a more serious issue addressed this one of those. That kind of gets talked about It involves, I imagine, personal things and also because people don't understand it in these very certain hazy, cloaked France's, and I think nobody really understood what was being done in the jail press, and so it is one of those things like the surgery fix everything room. They didn't really understand what was done or what else he was having done it. Same time the year after the rejuvenation surgery at off, Lorens retired from active practice, but he kept visiting the. U S Similarly, for the next thirteen years to consult with doctors and patients, primarily in New York and the early,
and he and Thirtys Lorenz was asked by the press two way and on whether paralysis would negatively impact a person's ability to lead his part of an effort to create a commentary on the Health of Franklin, Delano Roosevelt. What asked about it Lorenz he was speaking specifically about infantile paralysis. Stated quote: this disease does not in the least affect mental qualities. It has absolutely nothing to do with the brain. A person stricken may get crooked limbs, but we'll never get a crooked brain. The person who was had infantile paralysis could never be your run champion, but he could be King Emperor President Executive or whatever else needs like qualifications. Lorens cited the thousands of pay
She had seen him his fifty plus years of practice. You had some level of paralysis, none of which appeared to have to be mentally affected. He also worked on his autobiography during this time, which was published in nineteen thirty six and was titled. My life and work in this book got pretty mixed. Reviews most write about. It knows that it comes off, is really self aggrandizing. Fellow orthopedic doktor, Frank De Dixon Road of a review of Lorenzo Autobiography in the October nineteen thirty six issue of the can journal of Public Health in that review. Reads in part quote There were feeling side of a book lies in its frank egoism and egotism Doktor Lorens gave himself undue supremacy in his thoughts is evident from the very beginning of the book that he gave self undue prominence in speech becomes a conviction, as the last word is red. The doktor Lorraine. Contributed greatly to the advancement of orthopedic surgery is unquestioned.
but he was a super ma, am accomplishing cures that were beyond the skill of others is open to debate. Yet his words can leave no other impression, then that he felt that he's it out. Above all, others of his guild. Bachelor ends died on February twelfth nineteen, forty six at the age of ninety one and Altenburg Austria, which is with West of Vienna and the water, the treatments that Lorens developed have been refined, of course, significantly over the years. But one of them still often resemble Doktor Lorenzo Approach. the common treatment for club foot in babies is still a series of cast to correct the position of the leg and foot as the child grows. Poleos is has a wide range of treatments. Now, depending on the severity of a patient's condition and their age from spinal bracing to surgical procedures and genital hip dislocation is treated in a variety of ways today, from a soft
went known as a public harness in infants to full surgeries, and now we touched on this earlier, but I just made me think about how also there was a common treatment for Scully hostess, which was to do nothing which, I am pretty sure was the course of action. For my grandmother, Yeah, I'm lots of people never got treated re hemming all of her skirts, because they were an inch too long on one side, because her hips were uneven like yeah. That was the level of of attention paid to that so Lorens, as we discussed, drew criticism as well as praise during his lifetime, and even today it becomes difficult to grapple with some of the things that he said over the years. One of the most difficult and one which is often left out of discussions of his life, is really able list views on children who were born with all kinds of medical challenges and his book my life and work. He asserts that its
weather for children, with some conditions to die than to live in quote untold misery and suffering. He also stated, while visiting New York in late, one thousand nine hundred and thirty five, that two members of his family, a daughter in law and an uncle who were quote in cure Ubly disease. Heaven an excessive narcotics to hasten mere deaths as a form of mercy, killing and that same interview, he said he believed it Every physician has probably been a mercy killer and that he would the same for himself, in contrast to those controversial
troubling ideas. Lorens also had some strong feelings about quality of life that are far less problematic and actually fairly insightful. We believe that the quote american way of life, as he witnessed it evolving in the early twentieth century, was at its core unhealthy. When nineteen twenty six, he gave an interview in which he expressed a belief that the pursuit of prosperity that was driving culture and the United states, was only going to make life worse for most people. He noted that, while at home in Austria prior to world, where one he was considered well off and successful, though not rich by U S standards, but he lost his small fortune and world where one and was able to continue, with his life without much anxiety, because he felt his greatest assets were his health and his ability to find happiness, not his finances,
Some of his words on this topic were laid out graphically almost as though it were a poem as the leading to an article in the Miami Harold in February. Nineteen. Twenty six in it reads in part quote: you to swiftly and your ever increasing pace kills and is killing you your great fault, as I see it, is the tendency to overdue. More and more, you make life of fitful fever you regard, life is a race course allow which you must tear at heart, streaming speed you refuse to stroll in its happy veils or to tarry in its peaceful gardens. You're almost sterical motive living may be productive of financial results, but you will pay penalty in nerve, racked bodies and shortened lives. If you would be hell the unhappy and leave your allotted span, you must practise moderation in all things. You rush for your work. You rushed through your play. You rushed through your meals, you rush through romance and you rush to your graves. In the last decades of his life at Florence,
nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine eight times he never one, though his younger son Conrad did the Nobel Prize and Physiology and medicine for his work and animal behavior in nineteen. Seventy three there's always secret whore well with the west. Definitely yeah the listener mail for us. Yes, this is also medical R. L exhorted harking back to r r episode, I'm John Dome. It is from our listener, Erika who says. I really enjoyed your episode on John Dalton and especially how note about learning that her dad had anomalous, color vision, very late in life. It reminds a friend of mine we were in a week and gathering and someone had brought a bag of, was sobbing dried peas, which were brownish red or brownish green. We,
I'll debating whether there was a difference in the spice levels between the two when my friend walked in, and we asked his opinion, he ate agreement and gave it a thumbs up, and then we asked him to try a red one and he laughed like. We had told a joke a bit confused. We, asked him again? He chuckled again. With far less certainty and after one more round it came out that he thought we were messing with him and that they were all the same. Color said free, was at the time of this story, a thirty something engineer at a big software company in immigrant the country was married. He had generally lived in the world a great deal Emma. He discovered his own anomalous vision by way of a party snack Incidentally, his wife came in shortly after and upon hearing this story laughed and said. Well that explained some things. Thank you so much for the Pike ass. I am not keeping up as well as I did. Prepay Endemic is my commuters. No more we all have fall off. There's no I do apologise for me, honestly,
but I do enjoy listening to it while running and have turned my mom onto it as well best Erika, thank you so much Erika and like it said nobody ever apologize for falling behind. Time is finite and whatever you need bids eager to make the most of yours is great. Do that but I also my path castle sitting fell off because it was normally. What I would have playing while I would walk to the grocery store or the library or you know, the pharmacy or whatever and during the pandemic those walks greatly reduced. None of us were transiting in any manner quite ass, much light. We thank you so much erika I was there to go back to you. If you would like to re too, as you can do so at history podcast at I hurried Yoda com. You can also find us on social media as Mr History, if you have not yet subscribed to the park ass, some think that Like something you'd like to do. It is easy as pie, you could do it on me. I hurt radioactive or anywhere else. You listen to your favorite show
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we'll find him is very activists, found her son hanging from the tree and police are ruling it a suicide, but the mother believe it was a lynching. He was not suicide. I'm reign over Shell ski starting. Only six weeks after Daniel was found hanged by a bed. She, my colleague John Duffy, and I spent two and a half years working with Daniel Mother Melissa, to follow the trail and find out what exactly happened to him: the lead in the case he was laughing from double asterisk. Now this and I heard radio comes an unforgettable new investigative outcast series. After the uprisings, all episodes are available. Now, listen today on the irate you up apple pie, guest or wherever you find your pockets
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