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Antoni Gaudi, Part 1

2015-01-19 | 🔗

You probably know Gaudi's work, even if you don't recognize his name. His distinctive architecture is featured throughout Barcelona. But his life started humbly, as the son of a Reus coppersmith.

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has really we're watching us making a short film about the design influences in the Disney movie, Racket, Ralph, and it came up and then one of my friends often rightly mentioned its as well, and so at that point I felt like I. We clearly need to talk about this topic, because otherwise this is gonna keep putting itself into my life We believe in you know fate. but I do know universe. If you're trying to send me a message, I got it. So we really talk about an architect who is pretty well known. His work is left an indelible mark, particularly on the city of Barcelona, and then his Antonia Gouty I can tell you right out of the gate. This is going to be one of the best episodes for us in terms of pinterest content of all time, because there are so many beautiful pictures of his work If you think that you do not know gouty work, I would actually that you do, even if you do not recognise his name or These have a lot of people, they recognise his name and they know he was an architect and they even those, maybe some of the buildings that he worked on. The data
kind of no the whole story there. His work, part of the Catalan Modernist movement is incredibly eye catching it's really creative its. Unlike almost any other architecture, you will ever see. It often shows up in lists that will appear on line of like crazy buildings made in history that they look super ultra modern, like they were craft you know in very recent history and in fact there quite old he built right then says he built public spaces. He built places of worship, All of them are really really incredibly breathtaking. so for just a little bit of background, the modernism movement or modernism, if you just wanna, do the slouch version, or even from around eighteen, eighty two world war, one and it developed in tandem with the naturalism movement and the arts and crafts movement and aesthetic as well Our new, though, and
So you see hints of all of those echoed throughout and it combines the ideas of traditional with them with The usage of modern technique and really modern materials. So that's the set up for talking about Anthony Gouty, born on June twenty fifth eighteen. Fifty two and tony placid Guienne Gouty Cornet, was the fifth child of Francisque Gouty Sarah and Antonia Cornet Bertram, the Father, France, Ask was personnel and Gouty. His mother was also from a copper sniffing family gaudy would later on say in his life that his ability to perceive space than to think Threed eventually came from watching his family members at work. Yeah, you know watching them sort of bill. these various metal pieces, relieved gave him a sense of how things go together and
We tree actually traces back to the south of France, so one of his fraternal ancestors settled in re use in Catalonia, Spain, in sixteen thirty five. So they were there for quite some time before he was born. Counties actual place of birth is climate debate of all so biographies say that he was born in Greece, Spain and others say that he was born in his family's country home, which was dream that city and rode on, but we do know sure, is that he was baptized the next day in raised at the church of Saint Peter, the apostle. Yeah. I'm part of the reason that there is a little bit of debate over his birthplace has, The fact that he is really a very beloved figure and I think everybody would like to claim him as the sum of their city. as a child, he was actually play health issues. He had a room of rheumatic issue that limited his mobility and I met his interactions with other children were also quite limited.
get a ride on the donkey to get around and walking was really too painful for him to manage much of it, and likely if you look at it through the lens of modern medicine that he had juvenile Idiot traffic arthritis, also known as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis there's an auto immune disease which can cause damage to tissues and severe inflammation of the joints in a really a great deal of pain. The arthritic condition, which held Gouty socially left him a lot of time to himself, and this is often credit. It is the reason that he developed this incredible set of observation skills as a boy basically sidelined by physical problem He just watch the world around him and really focused on drawing and observing nature. And while his school attendance was spotty because of his medical condition, Gouty did in role as a student first started at a rooftop preschool near his home and then at the age of eleven he entered. Hello, which was housed in an old convent, any
He could have started to do pretty well in his studies, particularly in geometry. He did really really well, which is not his presence. He talked about his sort of innate ability to perceive spatial relations and he wasn't really a star student. But if you look at his school records, there's a clear upward trajectory in his grades over the course of his studies he kind of got better and better as he went as he matured. He seemed to improve glee enough. That mobility was not as much of a challenge for him eventually turned to a vegetarian. Lifestyle is a way to help manage this hell and he adopt the habit of taking long, regular walks enduring time at the Aesculapius school is that school. He attended leader He really started dabbling in design, so he started illustrating the school news letter which was called eloquent He also started working the schools, Theatre Department doing said designed for them. He asked
at one point in his his sort of high school years, hatch the scheme that he was going to restore the ruin monastery of publicity, which he did not do, but that project was undertaken in the twentieth. Three by another group. Eventually, Gouty was feebly religious as an adult, and some believe that this commitment to his faith really started at school. Then the architect himself even said as much. Editing has time there as the point where he read lies the value of divinity and religious history and the potential for salvation through Christ. interesting, reading different accounts of his life in preparation. For this some say he really was a very religious. As a kid other say he was, He seems to have not exhibited a particular. Over of religiosity at that age, but according to him it was still going on in his head. He was still thinking about what those things civil
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this was a lot like it had been in his will record in his younger years. He missed the lot of classes. Spending has I can sympathize with that, but have grades were ok, but he had an occasional spike on specific subjects. Clearly he had skill and talent, but maybe Clearly he had skill and talent, but maybe not always focus nonetheless, eventually, move on to the upper technical school of architecture. And in addition to his architecture courses, he also opted to take classes in subjects like philosophy and history and art, and he seen from the mindset that understanding, the social and political aspects of any culture was key to understanding that cultures, architecture in law, and without approach to things he'd. Sometimes drawn atmospheric elements before any actual architectural design and his assignments, theirs
Sorry that when he was tasked with designing a cemetery earth, he drew a horse and mourners to set the scene. He often left teacher scratching their heads as to whether he was a genius or a kind of range here. There's one quote that I saw at some point: they didn't, including verbatim that's when he finally received his diploma, that they had written something to the effective. You know you're either the greatest genius of our age or a madman. I think it's kind of how generally perceived. He was definitely out side of the box, even as a student. In eighteen seventy eight. He was finally recommended by the director of the upper technical School of architecture to be We, given the title of architects and graduated and apparently gouty already considered himself an architect and heat
his friend, luring mother, Mala that he had in fact been an architect for years now. This might sound like jerk, three and Gouty was by all accounts, pre pompous. He also temper, but in truth he had been working for builders and Barcelona for years. In order to finance is education from eighteen Many Threed eighteen, seventy seven. He was often collaborating on commissions with his teachers. and I find that a sort of fascinating. I didn't find a lot about how common that was, but it seemed interesting to me that a lot of his professors in his teachers were kind of like we don't know what to make of you, but we would like work with you. Even though you are still a student, it seems a good fascinating. Situation in Iraq If you five, he served as a draftsman for Master builder Joseph answer. Mr he on Barcelona, Acute Adela Park under fancier anyway
continue to work with the master builder. Well in that eighteen eighties, after he had set up his own firm starting in eighteen. Seventy ex. We collaborated with his professor Leandro, thoroughly moss their work together, are included. Designs were never built, Villa Arcadia. eighteen. Seventy six garrulity also worked with the company that developed in built Barcelona Tram Way, He collaborated as draftsman with his professor Francisco the Paolo de La Elizondo on the monastery Montserrat? Even so, wasn't officially an architect until the title had actually been bestowed upon him which it was The immediately had fancy cards made up. That said, though, a kind of love that, but before we talk about the next phase, argument came back There's some overlap in the timeline here. I we're gonna talk about his military enlistment in the first years of his professional career. For we do. That was to another quick sponsor break.
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Was actually also serving in the military, and this was compulsory first, Spain's young men at the time and in fact, military service was compulsory in Spain until Pretty we like in the two thousands he enlisted in eighteen. Thirty for. He was a fine, the Barcelona Infantry, though the Third Carlist, where was under way while he was enlisted, he never saw any kind of combat because of his medical conditions. He did serve The military administration is spent the last year of his three years of service. And because of his medical, we usually that still have arthritis, even though it was not as debilitating in terms of his mobility as it happened. When I was a child and he was able to kind of sit out a lot of normal military service activities, he was also able to continue with his studies throughout his entire and in the military and the previous segment we mentioned several of the prize its gouty was able to work on while he was in school and eighteen. Seventy six was a particularly busy year,
However, it was also a year of great personal loss. In July of that year. His brother French asked I suddenly and in September he also lost his mother after Antonius death, galleys Father closed his business and he moved to our solutions to be with us. The other family history, is actually quite tragic, even though Gouty was the youngest he had his siblings died as children and his other two siblings died fairly young. The other will mention a little bit later about so at this point This was really all that they had left of their family, and one school was over and tony though he really shifted into his professional life, and he did style. We already mentioned that he had fancy cards almost immediately. He is most his own architectural firm, immediately after being rendered the title and keep it something of a dandy he was, I was extremely fashionable. He moved in society circles, he was always impeccably, groomed
kind of enjoying the wife of a young professional, though, is star on the rise. Gouty retained a strong connection to the working class, one of his first large scale projects with the workers housing project that was intended to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants. It was called the cooperatives How is he was also commissioned early on in this first year by the city of Barcelona to design lampposts. These were prototypes for gas, which are indeed too late. The city's highway gouty is vision for the co up with pretty ambitious, that featured a small to bettering home for each worker. Well as leisure and cultural area is only one of the homes that a small of the factory made it actual completion of a time, though the social club he designed for the co never broke ground, while his grandest play
for the co up. One fully realized he continued to work on projects for many years, yet he the core whatever my parents still pretty new endured in his heart, he were done a lot of stuff for them for a long time and he presented the plans that he had made for the co op project at the Paris Trade Fair in eighteen. Seventy eight, We got a great deal of attention and it really put gouty on the map Also on exhibited the world's for that year was a display that he designed for a glove shop, so he kind of had two different stuff lots of things. One was his grand design scheme and one was this sort of cool display that he had put together. Daddy's work that he did, and that was on display there at the world's fair, really peak the interest of Catalan entrepreneur and industrial. As you said, the girl bicycle Lupi for being introduced at the fair, the two men became lifelong friends go out.
Sophie one of Daddy's, most lucrative clients, and eventually his main patron in a stroke of good fortune for Gouty, dwell, seemed really concerned with the expense of supporting such a creative. his efforts at one point, while working on a home for Google, the cost had kind of startled the project's bookkeeper to the but he thought you should probably intervene. He said this massive growing I'll of bills, to Google hoping to stop the money out well, but gradually said to have looked at the papers and said. Is that all he spent He was pretty forgetting of this kind of you know, extravagant tastes, and I mean it was paying off. He may really beautiful things. Problem in the late nineteenth century is all of this was happening. Barcelona was really in love with art in intellectual is them, and it was also experiencing a huge financial boon thanks to a very busy and successful text, industry and in fact that co
they got he had been working on was intended largely to house textile industry workers. This process that Cotonou and the hunger on the part of the bourgeoisie to be seen with artists and famous people really turned into the perfect environment for this young architect, and before we get into all of the sort of exciting things they have, in some of the huge projects he ended up taking on as a result of his growing esteem, weakened, and for all and you'll have to wait for the second pillar on this one they have them was normal before we take break idea listener meal. This is from our listener. I think her name is pronounced sherry, but it's an alternate spelling. So I apologise if that sum is pronunciation and she It's crazy and Polly. I wanted to thank you for your recent broadcast on the ignore riot at West Point: I had never heard the story but found it depressingly unsurprising, as
tale of young men and alcohol. Afterwards, I double check their family history and yes, my husband's grates times. Three grandfather was a freshman there that year, although he was not among the nineteen named found this a little amusing, because his family was already a bit sceptical about his choice to a ten. They were a passionate New England, clergy, family, more just on souls and salvation than military matters a couple of excerpts from letters between his father and grandmother earlier that year illustrate this there below. There is no mention in the letters that I can find or elsewhere of their reaction to the riot, but I don't want anyone than it was a pleased one and so she includes this letter from William Penn. Father George to Williams, mother Ruth, we lock Patten in Missis on January, twenty, ninth eighteen, twenty six and he writes- I am not yet convinced that it was best for g to be fixed at West Point two We qualified chiefly for the army, it does not accord with my views or wishes. He
However, made application of himself and procured many letters of recommendation if he should work permission to go. It may be well for me to acquiesce, though I have done. nothing to promote the object, and then Ruth response to him two months later, is I hope our dear G will be prospered, though his call seems to be out of our line formed their religious privileges are good at West Point and they have a worthy chaplain. Your son The same god to protect him, as he has here and perhaps get Associates the young gentlemen who are to accompany him, have good characters and legible. Sing me attend them I love that letter exchange so much it so sweet. I love you and apparently George, to amount to have a successful thirty four year career, the army's though it did go well for him, and sure he goes on to write mostly unrelated Ruth. We lock patent ran a school with her daughters in another son and Hartford the females
students learn embroidery along with other subjects, and you could see examples if you do a Google image search on MRS Patent School, the subject has been by Susan P, sure were in Connecticut neither work. Women are in family seventeen. Forty two eighteen, forty if needle ambrosch schoolgirl embroidery from the Connecticut River valleys. Seventeen. Forty to eighty forty, I told Read those books by the way I have not gotten to yet. She said. She'll wear make some interesting observations on needlework styles, traced through maternal lines and relationships among women in different families. Thank you for your work best for having a year. That is the cool letter, I love that she was able to give us that exchange because, as I said it so charming The grandmothers, like look here, gonna, be who he is hope for him to have blessings. I think it's so sweet. I love it.
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