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Antoni Gaudi, Part 2

2015-01-21 | 🔗

Once Gaudi's work was displayed at the 1878 Paris World's Fair, his career took off. Through his connections to industrialist Eusebi Güell and architect Joan Martorell, Gaudi was given opportunities to work on impressive projects that are now his legacy.

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Welcome to stuff you missed in history class from house works, TAT can only welcome that upon how we rethink and welcome part two of are to park absurd on and Tony Gabby, as we left off in part, one Gouty had graduated from market
your school and he had started his own firm and he had just had a really successful, showing a projects at the Paris worlds: fair in eighteen. Seventy eight and now we're gonna jump right in two, where his career kind of stricter really take off. From that points, Gouty was given numerous opportunities to work on all kinds of projects immediately, following the world's fair, he also take on an added responsibility. He became the guardian of his niece Rosa after his sister died rose that was sent to the hasty Maria convent and terror gona. Yes, so at that point, that was pretty much all that was left to the family. I have mentioned in the previous episode that, even though he had for siblings passed away, quite young, and so it is in his mother, had also died. So at this point it was him his father and his niece left and ITALY eighteen. Seventy nine gouty joined the Catalan Association of scientific excursions, and this served a sort of a social and cultural network.
and it arranged tours of sites of Catalan. Historical significance in this group was still quite a young organization. It was formed in eighteen, seventy six as part of a movement to revive the culture of Catalonia. I feel like we could do a whole other podcast on Catalan nationalism and the history of Catalonia, and we may at some point, but there are some pretty complex elements to discuss later and even events that reach into very recent history like as recently as last year, there was some pretty interesting discussion, go A mere so because Gouty, some sort of life story is a very rich one, we're getting a little glossy here and not talk a whole lot about the politics, the that he was to some degree involved in we mentioned in the previous episode that he was definitely still really tied to his catalan routes in his his home town and sort of the working class
that carries through. But now that you know, I want to acknowledge that there is a political stuff going on, but they were not. Gonna dig super deep into it, just for them, because beyond the scope of what is already a two part, Parker has done one man so ass. The scoop on that were a kind of glossing over a lot of stuff quickly. Here in eighteen, eighty, the architect was asked to serve as keeper of the group's archaeological museum and he accepted. He was very proud of his Caroline upbringing and from that point he frequently went on excursions with the association yeah. You will write like a time and of his life, it's like there's this constant and then they went here and then they went here. It's sort of populate you knows, threw out any historical account of what he was doing. He was always involve them going forward in eighty, Eighty one gouty became a member of the Association of Architects of Catalonia and he was sponsored in his entry.
That organisation by architect, Camille. The various again Sana during this time. He also started collaborating with another architect, Jawad Martyr Ill, and he was nineteen years older than Gouty. It was already established at this point in his career. You take on the role of mentor to the younger architects who served a third of a trusted assistant. Then eventually, Gautier Association in Monterrey would lead to the project that is perhaps the most famous. as the second out S, Amelia or basilica, and exploit or each of the holy family. This is an incredibly high profile. Project is a huge roman catholic church. that had already begun construction in eighteen. Eighty, two under the leadership of Francisco de Paolo de Ville, are who we
In the previous episode, he had been one of gouty professors in school. After a disagreement with the council responsible for the construction and more specifically, moratoria who was a council member they'll, be are resigned from the project. He left it completely unhealthy and initially the job of taking back over was offered to moratoria, but he declined, and he suggested that Gouty take it instead and so Gouty became the lead on the project in November of eighteen. Eighty three, although his role wasn't actually made official for several I think it was March of eighteen. Eighty four, when he's legally and completely like associated, is leadership over the project. and he would continue working on this church for the rest of his life and is he, on it. It seemed his religious devotion, continued to deepen. He became progressively
religious. The longer he worked on this one specific peace, so much so that in eighteen. Ninety four, so that point had been working on for more than a decade, he went on a fast for land that was so severe. He nearly died had a trusted priest not eventually kind of intervene and convinced him to break this fast for his own good and the good of all of his projects, he likely would not have survived another may event in gouty life also happened in that nearly half of the eighteen. Eighty five, we don't really know a lot about any romantic involvement on Gautier Part, but he did propose to a teacher at the cooperative. A matrona ants running was Perpetua Moreau, and this is an opportunity for you didn't get the answer that he had hoped for, though she was already engaged in their sea rejected gouty. She wound up we're getting married to her intended
several years later and Gouty never got married yeah. Most account say that at that point me pretty much gave up on an romance of any kind. It's really unusual in it, and when you look at historical figures for there's not a lot of story about their romantic involvement, there's often lots of lake Really everyone thinks that they were kind of into this person or that are they had a secret flay. There's like nothing it like theirs account there like a couple of people he may have met with, but it's really pretty so low life from that point on and we're gonna talk about his work, I'm sick about a familiar, but also a lot of the other projects that he had going on simultaneously in just a minute. That, first, would you like to do a quick word from a sponsor sure thing,
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and he was so busy that he began to delegate management of some of his projects to one of his former university classmates from eighty and eighty three, I'm Gouty stayed incredibly busy in March of eighteen. Eighty five, the first of its contribution to the cigarette of Milly, was dedicated. This was the chapel of thing And one of the other really big projects that he worked on, which was at the turn of the century, was the park you L and this was commissioned by his friend, you savvy Gwen. This the project, was and environmentally aware garden, city development and it consisted of a plan for five dozen homes intended as luxury living spaces for upper upper middle class dwellers as well as loads of green space. it really is a park community areas and a chapel. Once the parks model home was completed, there weren't any interested buyers, so Gouty purchase the home himself when he moved in with his father and his niece, which at that point we're here
only remaining family. The kind of weird irony is that this house was not even designed by Gouty. He designed a lot of park well, but his colleague French US bearing where was the person who actually designed that particular House, including Gautier. Only three families ever live that part go well. You say we go well and lawyer Marty Serious, a dominant off in homes in the park grounds for brief time. Yet there were two homes that were built as part of this project and then a previously existing house there and the previously existing houses, the one where dwelt moved into, and this lawyer had taken the other model home so that those me only people just a few months after they moved into this new home, Gouty Father actually died and from then on
nineteen eleven, it seem like Gouty just continued his work with a constant stream of projects that worked pretty much became his entire life. Things changed and nineteen eleven when he contracted maltese fever also called Malta Fever or more accurately, Marcello says this is a contagious bacterial infection, that's contracted by direct skin contact with thick cattle or sheep or goats, pigs or dogs Or consuming contaminated milk or meat from these animals here I never found anything conclusive about how he actually contracted it. We know that he was not a meat eater, so I'm not sure if he what his his She was in his vegetarianism, where, if you drink milk, or if he D had contact with a name
or if anybody really nos ten of how he became ill, but resources symptoms include fever, you get sweats, headaches, muslin, joint pain, and if you experience a prolonged bout of it, it causes depression and chronic. And so when Gouty became ill in nineteen eleven, he had a persistent case and he was convinced he was going to die
and remember he had rheumatism from a young age, so he already had sort of a base level of joint pain. So it's entirely likely that his body eggs at this point were excruciating. So, even though the the death rate from Brussels is actually quite low, I can see where someone in that deep level of pain thinks they're coming to the end, and at that point he made out his will. He did, however, eventually recover from this illness in the years immediately after his illness, counties lifeless really plagued by tragedy in nineteen twelve, his niece Rosa who, at that point with his last remaining family, died and nineteen fourteen one of his favorite collaborators and friends. Francesca Berengaria, who we spoke about earlier, also died. Berengaria death was a huge blow,
Gouty said to his widow. You have lost your husband, but I have lost my right hand also in nineteen fourteen. He found himself in a bit of a legal battle. He had a superior miller and this is a client for whom he had built one of his other famous pieces causa vila in order to rest payment from him. and the court did find in favour of gouty and once he had received the settlement, he actually He did all the money to the Jesuit communities. It seems as though you don't really need it. He just wanted things to be done, like you just wanted the agreement to be upheld in nineteen. Sixteen, the archbishop of VIC, with whom he was very, friends derived and then, two years later, his patron and closest friend you Seppy, dwell also passed away. Beginning a nineteen fourteen gouty dedicated the remainder of his days to working on the Sagrada Familia and as he aged in he dealt with his grief from
these losses. He really focused entirely on his work on the church. He kind of dabbled in some potential other projects, but they never came to fruition, and he really was all about finishing this church and he also kind of stopped being that dandy that he had been in it. When he first started out in his career, he seemed to lose all interest in his appearance and by the time he moved into a studio that he had set up at the about us, a media in nineteen twenty five, so that he can basically be they around the clock and be working at all hours. He was almost in this
Annabelle from a vagabond and unfortunately has shabby appearance would prove to be disastrous. On June seventh, nineteen twenty six Gouty told one of the construction workers at the end of the work they come bright and early tomorrow, because you're going to do some beautiful things we went out for its usual evening walk. He was struck by the city's number, thirty tram, while he was that an intersection because of his appearance being so unkempt. Nobody recognized him as the celebrated architect of the lunar, and so no one starts to help what they thought was a homeless man yeah. I saw one brief Blair, but I couldn't find substantiation
that eventually, the municipal police actually find several taxi drivers for not having assisted a person that was clearly in distress. He was eventually taken to a hospital. He was basically taken to a pauper hospital, but it that's what he was still believe to be a vagabond and he was given sub par medical treatment and, unfortunately, by the time he was recognised by friends who had been trying to find him. It was too late for better, better medical care to offer any real help, and so, three days after his accident, he died on June tenth of nineteen twenty six Barcelona Morn him on mass and after the funeral unseen, twelve, his body was buried in a quick at the unfinished to gratify Emilia. The magnificent structure was less than half completed, despite the decades of work that Gouty had poured into it had known for a really long time that he would not live to complete the project. But you really wanted to have
much of it as possible done in his lifetime. You're actually read that it was lake in the teams of percentage of completion when he died. So there is really a very long way to go, and next we're gonna talk a little bit more about some gouty most important projects, but before we do, you want a pause for a sponsor break. What's that this episode of stuff you missed in history, glances brought. You buy Norton three sixty with lifelong let's just say your shopping online with your smartphone? I do it all the time they sure feels like your personal info is right there in your hand, but that's not all info is right there in your hand, but that's not always the case The case because, as soon as you hit submit your personal information could start going other places. In fact, when you shop, bank or browse online, your personal info can get out of your control, which can demand, more protection why Norton and Lifelong are now part of one company, Norton three
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He tried to do your life and talk about like everything you ve ever suit and as they go K fair enough, but what we have to now kind of devote some time to talking about his work in greater detail. So seven of his projects are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. That is the most astonishing, part of this whole thing to me like right things, as in the things that are on let's go world heritage list are just so monumental and so critically important to the culture of the area that their in seven of them. So the UNESCO World Heritage sites are park. Ghul Palacio grew El Paso me love, CASA, descends, half about YO the credit and colonial and his work on the nativity facade and crept of less to gratify Amelia. So you really can't notice your can't help but notice
a lot of these contain the name of his branded benefactor dwell, so you ever going to talk about a few of them were not because we cannot go on for hours and hours We will not go into detail on every one of these UNESCO World Heritage sites, but we're gonna start a bit time up part dwell and it's the product on the list. We probably spoke the most about leading in the course of his sort of life story, and that was because you're trying to set up a kind of the lead up to mentioning father's death after they had moved into the park, and this property became city property in eighteen, twenty three after it had clearly failed as a neighborhood development, and it is now a public park and if you look at any Travel brochure for Barcelona Park Dwell is included, as I must see, there's a really beautiful playfulness to the design in the way that it uses the naturally occurring shapes of the landscape, to create other structures and sort of visual shapes. If you ve ever seen that
a photo of this mosaic tile salamander in Barcelona, that sort of famous that is part of park dwell and the house that gout in it park well, designed by his friend and colleague, France S bearing air is now the Gouty House Museum and you can we do a virtual online visit of the museum, including the gardens. It is really quite well done and we will put a link to that in the show. Notes passively sends was Gautier first, independent designs, those his first time working without a collaborator. This residents broke ground and eighteen eighty three it was completed in eighteen. Eighty eight, although it was expanded in the twenties by Fair Martinez, who consulted with Gouty the combination of brickwork, Valencia, tile and wrought iron, is really executed with just incredible precision. What could completely look like a big mess is a harmonious design. There is an increased.
checkerboard detailing on the exterior that makes it both visually and gazing, engaging and instantly recognisable as building you. I have never seen it in person, but looking at photos of it. It made me think about, like we have seen that one house in any given neighborhood, where the people tat they keep adding weird stuff on this, have the potential to be there I mean it's got so many seemingly disparate elements, but they are are just so beautifully orchestrated together. Then it doesn't look like well. That's crazy it's very striking and it may not be a style that for everyone, but it doesn't look like a crazy mess. It really is clearly designed costs about. Yo is
probably one of two of gouty projects that almost every single person has at least seem a photograph of this is a design that when people see it's that don't sort of know the background on it, they often come at that. It looks a little bit like something each hour gig her would have created the facade. Has this combination of mosaic toiling an stonework that begins to resemble skeletal bones, and I think it's nickname there is actually house of bones and the interior carries the exact same vibe. It's really spectacular. It feels both organic incompletely and carefully designed Cassa back. You represent the real shift and got his work. He divorced conventional design and a lot of ways in the early nineties, hundreds and really developed this equally braided structural style. This design approach focuses on.
The structures that are self supporting they require neither internal bracing nor external buttressing and cause a meter also on his lap address era, which is the stone quarry, is also emblematic of this style, and that's also the one that he had the legal battle over being paid for and when Causa Milos first unveiled, it was kind of secured. In the press. There were some support. it. But there was a lot of mockery of it. There were cartoonists that drew it with of insulting variations as wicked original I can give rise, they drew with cannons poking out of every window as a key, for there was full of animals. One did. It is an Easter cake, and it was you know it was controversial, as I said it was The last private commission that Gouty ever received from anyone other than his friend dwell and even
The bank purchase chasm Isla in nineteen eighty six in restored. It took great pains to restore it to its original design scheme, and it is now a museum that you can go visit. The big legacy, which is the church of Sagrada Familia, is based on a latin cross. As we mentioned when discussing how Gouty came to work on this particular project that was originally started under the direction of architect Francesca Palette of Belarus, and he had advised the project and a gothic revival style when Gouty took over in eighteen. Eighty three, he made really significant changes to the plan. His progress on this amazing work of our really happened in stages. The crypt was built over the years of eighteen. Eighty, four to eighteen, eighty nine, the nativity facade, was completed in nineteen o five before a bell towers were built and completed between nineteen, twenty, five and nineteen thirty, the transcript elevation of the passion didn't start until nineteen sixty so thirty six years.
Or gouty death. The start is actually still not finished year after Gouty derive work on cigarette a familiar sputtered, it was derailed by financial issues and the spanish civil war, and we mentioned when we talked about his devotion to it: kind of towards the end of his life and health of it had actually been completed that he knew it was gonna get finished while he was still alive, but he was just wanna, lay the design groundwork and make sure that all of the plans are in place that it can continue. But that was proud. There were some noise made about a revival, efforts in terms of construction to coincide with the hundredth anniversary of daddy's birth, but nothing really came
We wish in that they came and went as it stands now the church is expected to be completed and twenty twenty six marking a hundred years since Gouty is untimely death. When the churches finished, it will have a teen towers, twelve dedicated to the apostles for to the evangelist one to Jesus at another. To marry. Yes at the exciting thing is, we will hopefully get to see completed in our lifetime, ah provided. Nothing had happened, but it it's so beautiful, even as it stands unfinished. It's none of those things are you'll, see pictures and it looks really amazing but they're always cranes everywhere around it hopefully will get to see it in its full glory, because it is really really before, and if you would like to look at it, you can actually do a virtual tour
cigarette a familiar line as well, and that includes a really detailed you can really likes. You write em on it of Gautier too, and we will link again to that when, in the show notes as well and nineteen thirty three, the phrase museum with established in a space was reserved for Gouty as the most important artists of his home town, the year two thousand to was deemed the year of Gouty in Barcelona, and that was to honour his hundred and fifty eight birthday liberation advance included a sort of a surge of construction,
cigarette, a familiar as well as the park. Well, because there were still some elements of it that were not completed an educational campaign around his life and work in two thousand and three, a campaign started to have gotten named as a faint by the Vatican. The archbishop of Barcelona at times gathered an assortment of documentation to try to make the case the primary example offered to show the architects worthiness of the honour. This is beautiful and inspiring. Design of the cigarette of Amelia advocates feel like his work is beautiful enough to convert unbelievers and testimonials. Given by Catholic. murdered by their exposure to bodies. Architecture were given in Rome in early two thousand and three, the Gouty be edification society, which is a movement that number more than eighty thousand members. Ten years ago, I didn't see any updated numbers for them already. Leave in gaol divinity and they actually prey to him as an instrument of God, as one word to any other saint. If you are so inclined,
members of the society feel that the magnificence of the Sagrada Familia is evidence enough. That divine inspiration was playing out his work. That cannot just be a matter of human designing, something there had to be some divine element to it and as of twenty fourteen, the group and other interested parties were still campaigning for Saint Hood for Gouty, so if it is granted it still on the table, I believe he will be the first architect to be canonized. As far as how the man himself talked about the inspiration for his work, he said nothing is invented. Were it's written in nature? First, We ve talked about him for two episodes. I still feel like we kind of scratch the surface. While I know it's always difficult anytime, we have is a subject that has a lot of visual elements, whether it's an artist or I'd like a choreographer or whatever were there
A look at yeah like I'd. I'd, never wanted just skip all the episodes that are like that, because that's a lot of the world, but we know it's challenging, which is why will be talking about our pinterest alot, we'll, have lots of links and share notes to where you can actually look at the staff and see what we look at and why it's amazing how I was actually looking at reviews for a biography about him. While I was doing research and one of the things that people can say was like they dont describing them, his work there just talking about what he did and like the politics, and I wanted to hear about what the buildings are like them like. This is a really hard thing to balance lake. I certainly want to meet expectations that I am part of it too is his work, is so mind blowing I run out of the appropriate adjectives they can adequately convey its like. We should. We should distribute this pipe cast with like coffee table book
Yes, it's one of those things and look up anybody lake there were several travel journalists that I looked at their account like the first time that they a gouty building in person or they stood in a gouty building and they're all just like, I was a dog. I dont know what to say about it. It was my blowing up so likely said. Pinterest gonna be real. Is he? The also have some listener mail. I do. I, I almost feel bad because every together one about the economic riot, but we had some really interesting ones and ones that were not covering the same information so go ahead. This is from our listener, Kirsten Anne she rates high Tracy and Holly and catching up on your Christmas protest episodes, and I just finished listening Edna Wright episode, you both marvelled at the amount of alcohol and ignored, and it is indeed the case that ignore can be very busy. One reason:
Agnes was often made well in advance of the Christmas season and then with stored and aged until the holidays. The alcohol works to kill any potential bacterial. These which may develop in the eggs and leaving it to AIDS also dramatically improves the flavour and let the the whole blend better with the other ingredients. She links us to arrest me that she used she says. I am not organised or patient enough to each egg known for three years, but I usually try to give me a good six months of aging before drinking so make it in June or July. For Christmas, I can infer
The non doesn't need stay bacteria free, even if not kept in the fridge, and it is a delicious way to enjoy Christmas. She and her husband listen to the protests on the way to work, so I kind of love that that that something they share. So thank you kissed him that an even occur to me, but it makes perfect sense. It does make perfect sense and well what's a kind of weirdly ironic, maybe not exactly ironic ways. I think after we recorded this, but before it came out, there was an episode of Judge John Hodgman, that was all kinds of holiday, related, stuff, Eddied included this whole thing about ignored and how John Hodgman believes store, bought, acknowledged to be disgusting, and he got into this whole thing about out Brown having a recipe for acknowledging that uses lots of alcohol with
reason being that alcohol killing the bacteria and I was like I never really thought of that before. Does that really work if out Brown says so, then it must be true that the whole deal like with my brother got salmonella as a child, which he did not get from raw eggs, that that is a place that you can get salmonella and from now on, my mom was so hyper vigilant about rye eggs. That, like I still when I am looking at the Sorbonne, ignored that John Harmon fines to be disgusting, I'm always making sure it's pasteurized, I'm glad to know their alternate methods of making safe ignored that I think your mom might have been terrified of my house growing up Tom, saying yes,
I had a grandmother who was you know when we visited her shoots french background very open to tar. Tars are all things in an you know. They both my parents group on farm, so they were very used. Awake get the egg from the chicken and make a thing with it, and it wasn't a big right. which is probably why I have an almost cast iron stuff plead the polish. It was something only slightly dangerous once in a while you like correct few earth, with your favorite ignored recipe or dangerous foods, did not have a message for anything else. You like start around, you can do. His report as to how the first Barroso on Twitter, at least in history, at Facebook, backup slash american history, waste in history that Tumblr got real as we keep mentioning on fisheries start complex, written history, where it's gonna be a gouty festival for a little while you can.
So by Mr Brie goodies at Mister History that Richard Com- and we encourage you to do so few. Like you a little bit of research related to what we talked about today, he can go your appearance. I have the works, you type in the words construction projects in the search bar. You will get in article ten construction projects that broke the bank. Yes, what Familiar is all that lists as it had so many struggles that went on. You can also use it as a mist in history that com We have all of our archived episodes. We have shown notes. We have the occasional blog posts. And where they earning amount so come visit. You can do that. I missed in history that com or our parents I help more or less thousands of other camp Ashraf.
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